Frances Bean Cobain, 19, is lovely and tatted up in new portraits

We get requests occasionally to cover Frances Bean Cobain, the 19 year-old daughter of batsh*t crazy Courtney Love and the late great Kurt Cobain. I think it’s because we covered Frances’ suicide-themed sweet 16 party after she posted the photos on MySpace. It was dumb and arguably insensitive to have a “suicide” party, given how her dad allegedly died, but Frances was just a kid and you would expect her mother to tell her “no,” which obviously did not happen.

Anyway it’s a few years later and Frances is older and hopefully wiser. She’s been estranged from her insane mom for some time, and now she’s ready to step back into the spotlight. MTV’s style blog and Stylecaster have run two series of photos of Frances by photographer Hedi Slimane. Frances is wearing her own clothing and styling. She looks stunning. In one series she’s a little rough around the edges and looking rock and roll. The Angelina Jolie comparisons are obvious. In another that was just released she’s elegant in vintage-style clothing and looking a little like Evan Rachel Wood. The NY Times called the first set of photos “one of the most anticipated comings of age in recent pop cultural history.”

These are beautiful photos, but they feel wrong to me somehow, like she shouldn’t be out in the public eye like this. She’s old enough though at 19 and she looks so self-possessed here. This is a young woman who can definitely hold her own. Frances has a Twitter account where she doesn’t post much and comes across well when she does. She writes that this photo is her favorite:


Frances’ mother Courtney Love has of course chimed in. She quipped “I don’t know how the entire f’ing news media has my phone number. It’s like when Amy Winehouse died — everyone called.” Then she bragged about herself randomly and ultimately said she was proud of her daughter, but didn’t realize how many tattoos Frances had. Frances hasn’t seem her mom in ages obviously, and that’s surely the best course for her.




*Thanks to P for the tip! I would write your full name, but I didn’t ask!

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  1. skilo says:

    She has stunning eyes. I hope she is able to make a life for herself without the demons that her father succumbed to and not end up a wasted drugged out mess like her mother. Good luck Frances Bean Cobain.

  2. gloaming says:

    She’s so pretty and she looks so much like her Father.

  3. poof says:

    I have my fingers crossed for her. Hope she does well in whatever she chooses.

  4. Eleonor says:

    Oh God she looks soo Kurt, she’s got her dad’s nose. Beautiful shoot, I love it, and I have to give her credit for not being a coked out mess à la Peaches Geldof.

  5. gee says:

    I love that last picture of her. She is really beautiful, she inherited all the best features from both of her parents. She looks just like both of them.

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    She is absolutely beautiful. I hope she fares better than both of her parents.

    (Oh, yes. Because Courtney was on EVERYBODY’S speed-dial when Amy died.) *bitchpleasesideeye*

  7. Samigirl says:

    She is gorgeous. And I’m super jealous that MSI never played at any of my birthday parties!

  8. mln76 says:

    She’s beautiful but I really think Kurt would have preferred she didn’t go down this public path. I hope she’s healthy and takes care of herself.

  9. constance says:

    Good luck Bean, your father still wants the best of everything for you.

    I’m glad Cuntlove isn’t in her life anymore. I couldn’t imagine the stress of having that thing as a guide to life.

  10. margaritachum says:

    she looks a lot like courtney before the plastic surgeries.
    she’s gorgeous.

    @samigirl i’m jealous too.=)

  11. suggabugga says:

    @eleonor, yes, she bought herself her father’s nose with her father’s money, silly, she had a nosejob years ago. and … she alrady looks troubled as any 19 year-old would growing up in the mess her parents created. I know I would be worried if my daughter would want to be photographed like that. and wait .. why is she in the public light… oh, yes, because her parents were famous.

    • Madeline says:

      She looked much more interesting before the surgeries. Now she’s another standard beauty. Before she was distinctive looking and her eyes had a haunting beauty that didn’t need surgery on the rest of her.

  12. brin says:

    Beautiful pictures, wishing her a happy, productive life.

  13. TXCinderella says:

    She looks like both of her parents. She is a beautiful woman!

  14. jinni says:

    Okay, she’s cute and all but does she have any talent to merit her getting all this attention. I ask this because I’m tried of all these offspring of people who have talent getting attention solely because they’re made from the DNA of one or two famous people.

    If she’s going to just get press only because she looks like her dead dad than that really pathetic and we need to stop giving her attention. It’s already bad that reality “stars” have inundated the gossip world with their crappy, no talent having asses, the last thing gossip needs is to add new useless celebrity sprogs to the mix.

  15. Bermuda Blues says:

    In case anyone else was trying to figure out what her arms say… she has the first two lines of Jeff Buckley’s song Grace tattooed on her right arm, and the third line on her left arm.

    “There’s the moon asking to stay
    long enough for the clouds to fly me away
    well it’s my time coming, i’m not afraid to die.”

  16. says:

    She seems to have the same long-limbed body as her mother.

    Can I also say how refreshing it is not to see a mouth breather for once?!

    She is beautiful and I wish her the best.

  17. guesty says:

    What a gorgeous girl.

  18. Jezi says:

    God she’s gorgeous. Really stunning girl. I hope she doesn’t fall prey to Hollywood and her family’s demons and does well with her life.

  19. LadyBird83 says:

    Beautiful girl. And as for the “Suicide Party” get over it people she has a sense of humor about the whole thing. You have to. It helps you deal with it and it’s better than being angry and sad all the time. And all those people that mourned Kurt you have to remember you didn’t know him, you mourned the idea of him. Her father, her way of coping. (And yes I too lost my father at a young age)

  20. Jamie says:

    Frances always had a round sweet face. (You can still see it in the “Sweet 16” party photos.)
    While obviously beautiful here, she looks all skin and bones. Hope she isn’t starving herself to get that way.

  21. Maritza says:

    Her promoting cigarette smoking is not a lovely look at all. I just hope she doesn’t follow neither one of her parents steps.

  22. k says:

    The cigarette stuff is stupid.

  23. lucy2 says:

    She’s a very pretty girl. I hope she does OK with her life.

  24. Katyusha says:

    @ jinni

    Who cares whether she has talent or not? She’s very easy on the eyes – nice to look at.

  25. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Frances is very pretty, the tats, not so much.

  26. Tierra says:

    wow, she is really pretty, the camera loves her. Hopefully she has a good head on her shoulders to go with all that.

  27. silken_floss says:

    She’s beautiful, just like her daddy was.

  28. Roma says:

    She is stunning and both sets of photos are breathtaking.

    I’ve read that she wants to pursue music but I’ve yet to hear anything.

  29. jinni says:

    Great because there aren’t enough average looking celeb daughters who think they’re models. Most wouldn’t have even been seen by those agencies if they didn’t have a famous last name. But I guess certain celeb spawn can get way with being useless as long as their parent is considered a sacred idol to the public.

  30. laura says:

    gorgeous, but she’s definitely gotten a nose job. Pictures of her just three years back showed a very different look on her, she looked much more like her mother before she changed her face up herself. I hope she does not go the way of her mother in terms of getting more done, she’s too lovely and young to mess with such things.

  31. Karen says:

    Please! With her troubled parents, I don’t care that she’s posing with cigarettes. I’m just so pleased to see her make decisions for herself and make headlines for her own reasons. She can’t help who her parent’s are but at least she didn’t make headlines for having someone pee on her.

    I love Courtney’s music (and don’t get me started on how much I loved loved LOVED Nirvana) but she saved herself by untangling from her mother’s grasp.

    Go Frances Bean!!!

  32. Pyewacket says:

    And the interest in her is because…………?????????????

  33. teri says:

    errr…I’m not going to praise her for already tweaking her face as a teenager. She has completely rehauled her face in the last year, google pictures of her and it’s apparent. Not only has she tweaked, she looks like she’s already doing some unthealthy things to herself to be skinnier than she naturally is. The poor girl has some serious addiction genes on both sides of the family pool, and I hope she’s not going down a dangerous road, and I hpoe people don’t reward her for taking such steps just because the end result is more traditionally beautiful.

  34. ladybert62 says:

    She is quite attractive – however there seems to be some blank space on her tattooed billboard-body that has no graffiti – her face – I suggest she get some Mike Tyson-type decorations for her face and then she will be perfect!

    ha ha (Just a joke folks!)

  35. Jen D says:

    She is beautiful.

    As for the interest in her, I’m wondering if some of the people asking this are a bit younger. Maybe not, but I grew up in the grunge era. She was a mini-celebrity in her own right, because I think everyone worried about her just a little bit. I’m not interested in how she’s doing because she’s Courtney Love’s daughter. I’m interested in what she’s doing because she’s Kurt Cobain’s daughter. Whether or not you enjoyed grunge he was an immensely influential person in the early 90’s. He died at the peak of his career, and I think a lot of people who wonder what he could have done with his life look at her and wonder if she’s somehow going to take after him. I don’t think she will, because I don’t think that kind of talent is genetic, but I understand the interest.

  36. Sam says:

    She is really pretty but stop with all the “duck face” poses. Reminds me of an Olsen.

  37. says:

    That’s a fake Twitter. She had a real one two years ago or so but dropped it. The one you linked isn’t FBC.

  38. Turtle Dove says:

    I had high hopes for Francis Bean years ago when she seemed level headed. This tattooed, druggie look is a big disappointment.

  39. dina says:

    Aw, she has her daddy’s eyes. Great lips too. I do agree she’s done work on herself though, because she had her mother’s face shape and nose before courtney went under the knife. Don’t think she should be doing stuff like that already, she was adorable before too.

  40. LIVEALOT says:

    LOL @ SAM

    @TERI – i honestly don’t think she’s been tweaked. just weight loss.


    @ JEN D – cosign!

  41. CandyKay says:

    It will be difficult for her to find work as a model, since people are likely to look at her famous face instead of the clothes, and difficult for her to disappear into a part as an actress.

    She doesn’t need money, but she’ll need something to do with her life. I wonder what it will be.

  42. Relli says:

    That last picture is so Kurt, man i cant believe she is 19… has it been that long… every time i hear Nirvana i am instantly in 7th grade again.

  43. dina says:

    livealot: I think she’s definitely lost weight, but I also think just like the fact she inherited her father’s gorgeous eyes, she also inherited her mother’s face shape and nose before courtney changed them up. And there’s more than weight loss going on here, because she wasn’t overweight before, Francis just had a naturally fuller face. Courtney was skinny when she was younger but had a fuller face still:

    I think francis is a dead ringer for her mother but with her father’s gorgeous eyes. And I think like her mother, she may have altered certain things too.

  44. Derpy says:

    Still jealous the lucky bitch got MSI to play at her birthday.

  45. kiko says:

    ok this will sound weird but she kinda looks like megan fox..i mean it took a few seconds to realize that this was Frances Bean.she obviously had some work done.what happened to her round face?

  46. maggie says:

    AS women grow, your face becomes more slender. She obviously lost some weight, and took on a Megan Fox look. the reason why we are intrigued with this young girl is that we remember the images of her as a baby, and those of us that knew the music and hell her parents went through, we wanted to see how she would grow up. I for one, remember thinking “I wonder how this child will fare”. She looks beautiful.

  47. corey says:

    Faces do slenderize. Not usually to that extent though, come on. As her own mother’s adult face with the full cheeks on a skinny body can attest to. She had a bigger face, no biggie. I’m thin but have full cheeks too, their fullness have nothing do with my actual size.

    She looks great though. At least the tweaking worked in her favor. lol

  48. palermo says:

    Covered in ugly graffiti and dangling a ciggie from her lips, sorry, she looks cheap as hell

  49. moptop says:

    Looks like she got her nose ever so *slightly* worked on. Very nice job.

  50. Dominique says:

    “Allegedly died”? Really?

  51. LeeLoo says:

    If she did tweak herself I only see she MAY have gotten a chin and/or cheekbone implants. Personally, I think she just lost weight, her face thinned out and she grew into her features. But I can see there are some dramatic changes and if she did have surgery she found an awesome surgeon who only enhanced her features and she was smart and didn’t overdo it. We’ll just hope that she doesn’t overdo it with the surgeries like her mom has.
    I went and read the article from the NY observer and Courtney really irked me in that. It’s like she’s trying to take away fom her daughter and make this all about her. I hope Frances turns out okay after the shoddy parenting job her mom did.
    Of course people are interested because she is Kurt’s daughter and she is not nearly as in your face as other celeb children. I know I’ve worried about her whenever Courtney goes off and does something stupid. Maybe these photos are a way of telling the world she’s alright. Maybe they’re her way of attempting to earn a modeling contract. It’s hard to say. But at least she is working at it and using her name recognition to her advantage and not acting like a spoiled entitled brat.

  52. mln76 says:

    @jinni honestly this is a different case than the Kelly Osbournes out there. I do wish she would pursue a different field but I remember when she was a baby…When they had her on the cover of SPIN all those years ago. Alot of us feel invested in her and actually care what happens because her father had a big effect on our youth-I don’t think there is anyone out there like Kurt Cobain who truly was the voice of his generation. It would be really sad if she ended up following the same path as either of her parents and I hope whatever she chooses to do with her life she is healthy and stays away from Courtney’s self-destructive ways.

  53. Kezia says:

    I thought that was Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Carine Roitfeld (ex French Vogue editor’s) daughter-she looks stunning!

  54. pollar says:

    sigh, another celebuspawn that’s been nipped and tucked before she’s even old enough to vote. I loved her father, I feel bad that she grew up without him and that courney love is her mother(man, what a twat in that magazine article she is!). And I’m so glad that she is doing better than expected, and got away from her mom.
    Courtney’s put her through hell.

    I just don’t like seeing people fawn all over her NOW only after she gets cut and resewn and is finally deemed “pretty.” When she looked like her mom’s doppelganger just a year earlier, no one cared as much.

  55. Me says:

    She’s beautiful, I was in LOVE with her father when I was a teenager, and she does seem very grounded and intelligent… but I just dont see what her purpose is. Does she do things?

  56. girl says:

    Yeah, I was wondering about that “allegedly” stuff also.

  57. jdao says:

    She’s gorgeous!

  58. 4Real says:

    She’s beautiful…until the cigs pics…that’s just gross! Why not pick your nose and eat it in a photo too!

  59. MariPily says:

    Beautiful girl, but I can’t stand the cigarettes. They’re not cool. You don’t have to have one dangling from your mouth to look edgy and rock and roll. Sheesh.

    Us thirty-somethings are interested in her because Kurt Cobain was our hero back when we thought we were so misunderstood and troubled. End of story.

  60. Bronson says:

    today is actually her birthday! happy birthday beautiful girl!

  61. jinni says:

    mln76: I’m just tired of celebspawn that get fame because of their parents, but never actually show any talent of their own because most of the time these kids act as if their parnets success and accolades have been transfered to them just because said famous parents gave birth to them.

    I understand that Kurt and Courtney have had a big impact on a lot of people, but to me that has nothing to do with her. I could see if maybe people just wanted to see a picture of her and that’s it, but that not usually how this kind of thing goes. Next thing you know people will be acting as if any mediocre artistic endeavor she does is a masterpiece because she has a famous last name.

    I’m not picking on her, I feel this way about all celeb kids until they prove to be different.

  62. mln76 says:

    @jinni I don’t disagree I wish she would have kept working behind the scenes (I think she was writing-not sure though) I personally don’t want her to be famous and I know her father would be turning over in his grave if she ended up another useless twit like Kelly Osbourne or Rumour Willis.

  63. Tazina says:

    Her, Lindsay, Miley all stuffing cigarettes in their mouths. It isn’t cool like it once was. Yuck.

    Frances is gorgeous. I think she has enough tats now.

  64. zephyr says:

    Terrific shots, especially the ones sans cigarettes.
    She’s really lovely.

  65. melymel says:

    Definately more than weight loss going on here. I vote plastic surgery.

  66. Samihami says:

    Well, take away the overdone tattoos, the cigs, and the “look at me! Im so deep!” expression and she would look kind of cute. Gorgeous? Not even close. The Angelina Jolie comparision? Well, they both have brown hair.

    I feel sorry for this kid. A pair of selfish, drug addicted assholes for parents-that’s gonna be really hard to overcome.

  67. ams511 says:

    wow haters!!

    she is a really good artist. she had a great show out in cali. pretty bad ass shit she does… and her work sold out before anyone knew it was hers.

    so there!

  68. Happy21 says:

    I want to know what she does! Does she go to school; does she have any particular talents? Kurt & Courtney were huge in my teen years and the music world needed them in the 90’s but why do we need to see them now. Can she not just live her life out of the spotlight? Are we going to be seeing photos and shit of all famous people’s good looking children? I think she is beautiful and I think she probably has a brain too. She should use it and get out of the public eye and do something with her life!

  69. Jenn says:

    Hole was an incredible band in their time- “Pretty on the Inside” was sheer brilliance. Not trying to deny what Courtney is, but so was Kurt. And I was a fan of Nirvana and blessed to see them way back in 1991. Courtney seems a useless parent, true, but it’s not like Kurt being a drug addict and checking out of his daughter’s life absolves him of everything. People talk about him as though he were a saint, but he failed Frances every bit as much as Courtney did. Yes, Courtney is a *mess*, but she was also an amazing musician, which people forget.

  70. serena says:

    I don’t see any comparison with Angelina Jolie. She really resemble her mom a lot.

  71. tori says:

    I agree you can’t treat kurt like a saint, cause most likely had he lived, he would have been a mess of a parent as well.

    As for what she “does?” Hell, if your dad committed suicide when you were a baby, and your addict mom raised you and taught you how to call 911 whenever she was in the middle of OD-ing-her just coming out the other side as an adult who is functional is “does” enough for me. Talk about having a stacked deck against you, and everyone knowing the gory details about that stack on top of it.

    And yeah, she’s gotten surgically altered. and I hope she knows when to say “when” unlike her mom.

  72. Katija says:

    Why do ALL of the alt-rockish vaguely punky girls in Hollywood look like Evan Rachel Wood?

  73. Cherry Rose says:

    I agree, I highly doubt that if Kurt lived, he would have been a better parent than Courtney for Frances. Both he and Courtney were heavily into drugs.

    Hopefully Frances will stay away from drugs. She has her mother to show what happens when drugs control your life.

    As for the pictures, meh. Faux hardcore, just like every other photoshoot in Hollywood.

  74. Gretchen says:

    WOW she’s gorgeous!!! *girl boner

  75. Joanna says:

    Beautiful girl. I think she will regret her tattoos later in life, as I do. My born to be wild tattoo doesn’t really suit me anymore. lol

  76. kmct319 says:

    Was always curious about how she’d turn out under such poor parenting circumstances on both parts. Am glad to see posed, artsy pictures as opposed to a photo catching her at a party with a straw up her nose.

  77. Violet says:

    All that plastic surgery has paid off — she looks great. Except for the cancer stick hanging out of her mouth. Hopefully, she doesn’t have any of her parents’ other bad habits.

  78. mln76 says:

    Wasn’t she in effect all but raised by Kurt’s family (who has had EXTENSIVE therapy) and nannies with Courtney only a peripheral influence in between rehab stints??

  79. *bRaZiLiAn* says:


  80. Ari says:

    She actually resembles Linda Hamilton a bit –lets hope she doesn’t get all nutty like her :L

  81. loveyourwork says:

    Calling it:

    She’s f*cked.

    It’s only a matter of time.

    Just look at her artwork, her weight loss/ plastic surgeries, her try-hard tattoos…

    “There’s the moon asking to stay
    long enough for the clouds to fly me away
    well it’s my time coming, i’m not afraid to die.”


    she’s totally contrived and nothing she has done thus far is even comparable to the scene-stealing shakedown of her heritage.

    here’s a link to her art (which I think is shitty and would be unworthy of accolade if she were anyone else):

  82. mln76 says:

    @loveyourwork IT’S LYRICS TO A JEFF BUCKLEY SONG!!!

  83. ER says:

    Genes make no sense. Courtney Love is a travesty of epic proportions, yet her daughter is quite attractive.

  84. loveyourwork says:


    so? it’s still overwrought when it’s tatted so obviously.

  85. Ivy says:

    Gurl, I get it. You smoke. No need to keep reminding me. You’re too kewl for school and you chain smoke. Got it. No question. Check check.

  86. mln76 says:

    @loveyourwork a 20 year old is a bit overwrought well I never…considering what she was born into I would say that is the least one would expect. Let’s see what she does. If she ends up Lohaning her way through life then that would be sad but if she’s got something to say good for her. I’d say the fact that she took some time to do some work on charcoal whether or not you like them instead of a sex tape already bodes well. On the other hand she does look like she’s had work done which I find disappointing.

  87. LindaLu says:

    IVY- HaHa, Love it! Definitely the most insightful comment on this whole thread!

    The rest of you are simply speculating. You are passing judgement on her based on what you THINK you know about her. But I highly doubt any of you know her persoanally.

    You guys are forming theories about her well-being and mental health based on nothing more than photos and tabloid gossip (which, don’t get me wrong- I LOVE). But let’s face it foks, this is definitely a far cry from actual “FACT”.

    Only time can tell what her future holds…

  88. Hibiscus says:

    The guy who did her lip injections must have worked overtime on her.

    She had more her fathers lip naturally.

  89. LeeLoo says:

    @LindaLu You’re right. At the same time I think the interest is here yes because of her parentage but I think it’s more because her parents were so messed up.
    Personally, I think the world wants a story of a girl who overcame her father committing suicide and her mother being a drug addicted mess and I think that’s the story we WANT to hear from Frances. At the same token we also judge her based off her parents rather than being her own person. In her case I think she has a little more going for her than the average celebspawn who acts entitled. But at the same time I think we need to quit looking at Frances’ parents and take her at face value.

  90. Aurelia says:

    Yeah, she’s been worked on. Looks all the better for it though. Looks like a cross between megan fox and Julia Restoin Roitfeld on a bad day now.

  91. tori says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say she’s effed, or that let’s see if she ends up like lindsay.

    By Francis’s age, lindsay was ALREADY Lindsay Hot-Mess, so Francis has that going for her.

    You don’t hear much about her, which is slightly good. Whatever she’s doing she’s not doing it in epically public fashion.

    She refuses to see her mom-I’ll give her points for that.

    I hope she is doing well, and has a good support system, and is self aware of the challenges she will have as soemone with two parents who were addicts. I hope she stays away from all that shit, and if ciggies are the alternative, have at it to be honest.

  92. shane says:

    Lovely, absolutely lovely. The camera loves her.

    The child has sense to be estranged from her mother, I hope she maintains that because it seems to have done her good.

  93. Chris says:

    If some of you resent the off spring of famous people getting attention just because of their parents why did you click on to this thread?

  94. FingerBinger says:

    Cute girl, her eye brows need to be a tad thinner.

  95. gg says:

    She’s smoking because she thinks it looks cool and gives her an excuse to pooch out her lips in every picture. She used to have lips like Snookie (none) and is overcompensating. Also looks like maybe some work has been done on them, which in her case, I might have too. But the tatts look a bit tragic.

  96. Cirque28 says:

    The fact that anyone says, “so that’s Frances Bean” is a testament to how much she DOES live her life out of the spotlight. She is a talented artist and born into fame, yet she turns down most requests for interviews.

    Agreed that Crotchney is a loon. And Kurt came off looking better primarily because he was so reserved. However, both were/are very gifted in multiple creative disciplines, so it’s not a surprise that their offspring is too.

  97. Nymeria says:

    Looked at her artwork. There’s talent there, but my artsy friends from high school (who went on to get BAs from art colleges) were doing work far more impressive than that (in terms of concept & execution) when they were fourteen. It’s just that their mommies & daddies aren’t famous, so they aren’t getting high-profile art shows that are getting waaaay too much attention – not because of the artwork, but because of the artist’s DNA. So FBC is the daughter of two famous people. So fucking what?

    We’re to applaud her because she’s not (supposedly, anyway) an addict? Congratulations, you’re not an addict! …Wait, lots of other people aren’t addicts, either. Congratulations to everyone who isn’t an addict! …Don’t you love how hollow that sounds?

    And she isn’t the only young woman to have had fucked up parents and a disastrous upbringing. But she’s one of the few young women in said circumstances who have a LOT of money to fall back on.

    We’re to oooh and aaah over the results of her plastic surgery? Oooh, aah, her nose looks different! And someone decided to photograph her, even though she’s no better looking than a lot of people out there. It’s just that she’s the daughter of Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love.

  98. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I’d just like to ask the person(s) trying to make the term “girl boner” happen, to stop. You sound like a prepubescent douchette and/or jersey shore reject.

  99. Carolyn says:

    How did the genes of Love and Cobain combine to produce a beautiful daughter? Forget Love, the interest in Bean is because of her dad. Those who weren’t the right age to be into 90’s grunge wouldn’t appreciate the MASSIVE impact it had on music. Considering the mess Cobain’s life was, and Love’s still is surely this is a wake-up call for Bean to stay away from drugs and live a productive healthy life. Hope she does OK.

  100. reg says:

    Vapid and looks exactly like her ugly mother. Her lips are naturally thin, so she had lip fillers to get that pout, and a nose job to thin out the giant nose, which looked exactly like Courtney Love’s nose. Her face still looks askew, even with best angles and lightning.
    By the way, Kurt did not have a bulbous nose.

  101. blu_planet says:

    That last photo stunned me at first – she looks so much like her father.

  102. tori says:

    nymeria-if you need a pat on the head about not being an addict, I’d be happy to do it.

    THere’s this little thing called empathy, see. This girl’s been through a lot. There are many like her who have been through a lot as well, and may not have the same money or support to back up on. There are many who have been through worse, yes.

    But that doesn’t take away that she’s been through a lot. Her father killed himself knowing he’d leave her behind, and her mother has been awful. There’s nothing wrong with being happy that so far at least, she looks like she’s doing okay.

    The cool thing about empathy is that there’s no shortage of it-I can feel that for her and still feel for others.

  103. Camille says:

    Gorgeous, very Jolie’esque. Love it.

  104. Alix says:

    Lovely girl. Too much ink too soon, though, and a shame about the smoking.

  105. Samihami says:

    Wow, she is a terrible artist.

  106. Bill Hicks is God says:

    She has her father’s eyes and the rest of her face (before weight loss, requisite nose-job that is a must for employment at a 7-11 in LA, never mind work in anything else…) is all Courtney, before her plastic surgeries.

    Cripes, Jolie references again. Do ‘Loonies see images of her Holy face on toast too?

  107. AcesHigh says:

    She looks gorgeous in the photos. Although it’s fairly obvious she got lip injections or something. I remember how she had really thin lips when she younger. Doesn’t look half bad though. And I adore her “Beam me up, Scotty. There’s no intelligent life down here” shirt.

  108. Camille says:

    @Bill Hicks is God: 🙄 . I do believe that Kaiser pointed it out first, and the comparison was more about the way the pics are styled etc- not that she looks like Jolie 🙄 .
    Not everyone who mentions Jolie is a ‘loon’ by the way either. Sigh.

  109. Trillion says:

    Thank goodness she takes more after her dad.
    I happen to think her tattoos are interesting and she wears them well. In other words, they suit her.

  110. Cirque28 says:

    Well, I think it’s refreshing to see a child of famous parents who is at least attempting to work and create instead of just tanning, partying, and pure famewhoredom. Is FBC pretentious? Probably. Like many 20 year olds. Give the kid a chance to find her way. The name Cobain comes with plenty of blessings, but a few curses too.

    @Bill Hicks: so funny about 7-11!

  111. Boo says:

    She’s ridiculously pretty. I’m hoping she escapes her dreadfully destructive heritage and finds happiness for herself.

  112. robyn says:

    when I look at these photos she looks like a spitting image of young
    Courtney Love.

  113. Az says:

    Definitely a nose job and she had something done to her chin as well. However, she lucked out and got Kurt’s eyes and that is all you see pretty much.

  114. Adrien says:

    Face is totally mommy’s, but the daddy contributed the jaw.

  115. Mary Stevens says:

    Paula Fox, the noted novelist and children’s book writer, still alive in Brooklyn, is Frances Bean’s great grandmother. She gave Courtney Love’s mother up for adoption when she was an unmarried teenager. So the dysfunction goes way back, in odd ways; Fox had a dreadful childhood herself, traced in her wonderful memoir “Borrowed Finery.” Look up P. Fox on Wikipedia if you don’t know who she is.

  116. Venefica Delirium says:

    Now, how is it that she was left in Courtney Love’s care all those years and yet we don’t hear any tabloid drama on her? Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Momsen, take notes.

    She’s a split image of her father. She looks unique. Pretty.

  117. coucou says:

    I literally have tears in my eyes…so sad, so touching, her father lives on in her…thank you Frances Bean.

  118. Victoria says:

    She has her daddy’s eyes…

  119. Cleo says:

    Wow, Rena Sofer, Yasmine Bleeth AND a silent film star. That nose is really prominent.

  120. Brooke says:

    obviously enjoying that lap band. worthless personage.

  121. LIVEALOT says:

    just read that she turned down tim burton’s alice and wonderland lead, so again kudos to her.

  122. Chloeee says:

    shes beautiful but she definintely doesn’t look the same….weight loss is evident. i wanna say her nose and maybe lips. i don’t know if this one is simply a case of getting older and looking different. in any case she looks pretty so if she did lets hope she doesn’t pull a megan fox

  123. Nikki Girl says:

    She looks like an exact cross between Courtney Love (pre-surgery of course) and Kurt Cobain, it’s amazing. And she really is pretty, she’s got huge lips!

    I’m glad she’s away from her insane mother. And I hope she’s able to steer clear of all the demons her parents ran into. 🙁

  124. Nikki Girl says:

    P.S. Love the second picture. And I love the dark, heavier eyebrows- stay natural, girl, don’t let anybody tell you to get rid of those!

  125. John Wayne Lives says:

    I really, really want her to be happy.
    god, i loved her father. his music changed everything.

  126. Hunchback Geek says:

    Her lips are loaded up, so she aint happy with her lips anyway.

  127. Seal Team 6 says:

    She is absolutely stunning and quite hot, and I feel very dirty for having written that. I remember when she was born.

  128. ebraca says:

    Pretty but what’s up with the “duck face”?

  129. alicia says:

    Yes, she is very pretty, AFTER the surgery. She was so homely before the surgery. Looked EXACTLY like Courtney, before all her surgery. But, hey, if you have the money to make yourself pretty, go for it!

  130. Bintang says:

    Wow, Unbelievable she’s now 19. Sexy and beautiful. Smells like teen spirit.

  131. chechina says:

    How her father “allegedly” died? There’s no verdict out on Cobain’s suicide. Enough with the overuse of allegedly!

    As far as the kid getting surgery… All of you look at pictures of yourself when you were thirteen and then when you were nineteen. You will see your face change. Especially if your nineteen-year-old photos were shot by a professional hired to make you look pretty and you did a whole lot of duckface.

  132. Dawn says:

    Absolutly amazing photos! She is a true natural. True Beauty

  133. Mike says:

    She is overrated and needs tons of makeup to look even halfway good. Besides, it is obvious she has had a ton of plastic surgery done.

  134. Jennifer Christner says:

    Apparently Frances is a Jeff Buckley fan. No one has commented on that. She has the lyrics from “Grace” tattooed on her arms. I wanted to get those too…only I wanted the lyric: “she cries to the clicking of time.” At least she has good taste in music. And plastic surgery or not (who cares???) she is a lovely young lady. Glad she is away from her nutjob mother. Poor kid. It was so hard watching her grow up like that…even if the view was skewed by the media. I remember the “Save Frances Bean” t-shirts. Poor kid. I hope her career as an artist will take her far. Her art is really quite good. 🙂 Go Frances!

  135. Louisiana says:

    All of the hateful people negatively commenting on this girls’ tattoos need to be sterilized. Big shocking surprise the daughter of 2 rock legends has some body art. Wow. Yeah, sure…that makes her cheap. NO IT DOESN’T! FFS let her express herself however she wants to! It’s her body, and no indication as to how many people she does or does not sleep with! It’s more telling of who YOU are by leaving such judgmental remarks, the hateful commenter, than who SHE is for choosing to adorn her body however the hell she wants to. I challenge you to live your entire life in the public eye, and have your way of life be acceptable to everyone else on the planet.
    Frances is a beautiful woman, and if Kurt could see her now, all he would say is WOW. I feel pride on his behalf. Rest in peace, Kurt.

  136. sed says:

    I cant believe some of you are sitting here judging her. No one asked you to comment or post about why shes famous. if anything youre just showing that you’re envious. anyone can see that shes a beautiful girl. she has had to deal with a lot just likw most of us, except in front of millions of people and so what if she chooses to embrace it. who cares if she has a nose job? its her nose. worry about your own face. Who cares if she has tats? Are they on you? Okay then. You have no clue whether she did drugs or not or if she has an eating disorder. why cant people just support each other and know when to say nothing at all? its this type of crap that lead to Kurt being so withdrawn from the art he loved so much. artifice. people picking and stuff that doesn’t matter. we are lucky to see what she grew into because of who she is. she isnt shoving it down our throats. We shouls support her. But humans lack humanity nowadays.. Good luck to you Frances Bean, I say. And R>I>P to your amazing father. I could relate to his music a lot and it still sets me free. and to your mom, I only hope she fixes what she has become. I’m proud of you.