Brad Pitt’s attractive assistant, Lara Marsden, gets the tabloid once-over


I’m not trying to start another WAR about Brad Pitt and his assistant. Too many of you threw fits when I dared to suggest that a young, attractive assistant might need to be reassigned from her Brad Pitt duties on the set of World War Z. Y’all defended this girl’s honor, saying that she’s just doing her job, no one should be fired (I never said she should be fired), and Brad would never cheat. It was a difference in opinions, let’s just say that. Personally, I think Brad would and could cheat, and I don’t think he or any other man is above feeling like they “deserve” a little strange. Just because I think Brad could cheat, doesn’t mean he is, and doesn’t mean he is with this assistant, whose name is Lara Marsden. My point was lost amongst the Brangeloonie warriors – so I’ll try to clarify: Angelina makes the effort to avoid looking “too friendly” with other men, because she knows the gossip, and she pays attention to the gossip. I think she also avoids looking “too friendly” out of respect for Brad, who she adores. Why can’t Brad do the same?

Anyway, as I predicted given the new photos of Brad and Lara Marsden over the past week, the tabloids are really giving this girl the once-over. So now we know even more about her. According to OK! Magazine:

The mag has discovered the truth about Brad Pitt’s “mystery woman,” otherwise known as his assistant. Lara Marsden, a fetching 25-year-old, is constantly by Brad’s side — because that’s her job. The editors raided her MySpace page and discovered that she bites her nails, declares, “[I] don’t read books,” and once wrote on a boyfriend’s wall, “We’ve f-cked more times than there are drops of water in the sea.” Her mother must be so embarrassed … that she still has a MySpace page.

[From Hollywood Life & Jezebel]

Here’s one of Lara’s MySpace photos – she’s a pretty girl. Doesn’t she look like Jennifer Morrison, formerly on House? You can see even more photos of her here, at The Superficial.


Here are more pics of Brad on set in Scotland. You know what’s weird? Brad has been getting pap’d constantly on the Scottish set, and Lara Marsden hasn’t been photographed at his side in DAYS. Interesting. It’s almost like Angelina ordered Brad to get the young hottie reassigned. Weird. So, obviously, Brad’s probably trying to bone this soldier/actress:





Photos courtesy of Fame, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Bite me says:

    Major eye roll

  2. mln76 says:

    I am one ‘Brangeloonie warrior’ (LOL) that gets that any man can cheat even the great Brad Pitt. I still think it’s unfair that Brad can’t stand next to a woman …and in some cases has been accused of screwing co-stars he hasn’t even met. Meanwhile Ben Affleck, Ashton Kutcher, and others are very probably screwing strippers left and right and the tabs never take notice. It just ain’t right.

  3. lem says:

    i really really really really hope that AJ didn’t ask Brad to have her reassigned. I would hope that even if the production company tried to reassign her, AJ and BP went to bat and made them keep her where she was.

  4. Ally says:

    Center parts are only for supermodels. Otherwise it’s like a big arrow pointing to the flaws in your face. You too, Brad.

  5. Bermuda Blues says:

    check out the callouses on Brad’s hand. I bet thats from motocycling.

  6. anon says:

    @mln76: “gets that any man can cheat even the great Brad Pitt. I still think it’s unfair that Brad can’t stand next to a woman… and in some cases has been accused of screwing co-stars he hasn’t even met” ITAWU

  7. Maritza says:

    Brad is looking old and tired.

  8. shawna says:

    man…he is not aging well at all.

  9. ladybert62 says:

    I agree with @Maritza.

  10. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Don’t worry Lem. Angelina would never do anything like that. I can’t even see a woman of her caliber getting all insecure and coming to Brad like…”ummm baby that woman who stands behind you, doing her job is to pretty, can you like ummmm get rid of her?” Then Brad is all like “yes Angelina, I am gonna get rid of this woman standing behind me all the time while we work on a movie so you don’t feel so insecure.” Durrrrr. Please. Brad and Angelina are like so passed all the bullsh*t. They are a family and they do humanitarian work and they make movies. Thats it. They love each other and they are raising kids. Brad isn’t gonna fu*k around on Angelina with some girl on his film.

    Brad has been in this business so long I don’t think a random piece of ass even appeals to him anymore. Maybe I am the only who views Brad and Angelina as these two people above all the BS a lot of us can’t wad through. I just get a vibe their so above all the generic and repetitive crap Hollywood has to offer. I just feel like they are fully evolved humans who just don’t do low down things.

  11. tiki says:

    what’s the weird bump in the middle of brad’s chest? perhaps a tracking device implanted by angie?

  12. Sue says:

    The girl was not reassigned some days we see her some days we don’t if you look at the pictures that have been taken lately you will see Brad is filming his part, you only see her when Brad is doing behind the scenes work. Was she supposed to be their when they were filming him running or inside the mobile home?

  13. Mia says:

    @mln76, I agree.

    @Sue…the story doesn’t sell if she’s doing her job and staying out of camera range.

  14. SANDIP says:

    I don’t believe that Brad would cheat and destroy his family that he really wanted. Angie would kick him to the curb so quick, he would scrape his knee.

  15. Ellie says:

    Pa-Leeze. She isn’t even in the same time zone as Angelina.

  16. MK says:

    I’m no brangeloonie, but I think you need more than BP standing next to his assistant on set, and occasionally engaging her in conversation, before you scream cheating.

  17. junk573r says:

    LOL @ Love Angelina. You speak as if you know these people. Like you sit down and have a glass of wine with AJ and girl talk about her relationship.

  18. WTH says:

    She hasn’t been reassigned. I saw pictures of her talking to OTHER MEN on the set yesterday. Those pictures weren’t circulated because they won’t help the tabloids little smear campaign…I mean story.

  19. Cherry says:

    @Love Angelina: I know you love her and all, but please… ‘Maybe I am the only who views Brad and Angelina as these two people above all the BS a lot of us can’t wad through.’
    I’m sure Brad and Angelina are nice people. They are definitely beautiful people. And they are good at their jobs. But come on. They do not have superhuman powers. Any couple has its struggles and there is no such thing as being ‘above all the BS’ (i.e. never being insecure, never make mistakes, never sleep around).

  20. Goofpuff says:

    If she doesn’t like this tabloid attention, she probably hides when she sees a pap. She is a pretty girl and all this invasion of her privacy is pretty terrible. Though she might parley this into a career.

  21. Adrien says:

    So I guess the galvanic spa he was endorsing does not work. Kudos to Brad for embracing his aging looks. Though if he’s banging his assistant, then he must be suffering from midlife crisis…or total emasculation from Angie.

  22. Jo says:

    What’s this about Brad will never cheat, he’s done it before and it’s likely he’ll do it again.

  23. Lindy says:

    @Ally–THANK YOU for the center part comment. Why do more people not realize this.

    Also, the only thing these pics demonstrate to me is that Brad Pitt seems to have lost any last shred of hotness he ever had. Which, hey, everyone gets older and aging just does that sometimes. But it still makes me a little sad/nostalgic.

    As for the idea that Brange is somehow above it all and totally immune to any of the marital stresses and tensions and challenges that we peons experience, well, I call Bullsh!t.

  24. Toe says:

    I dont care how old he is…if i was his assistant, i’ll put spanish fly in his coffie and abuse him till oblivion.

  25. BlackMamba says:

    @Love Angelina lol…Are you serious? You must be very young or something to think like that because NOONE, not me, not you and not AJ is immune to insecurities. Often times the most beautiful people in the world are the most insecure. No relationship is exempt from problems because you have two people merging together and there is no way EVERYTHING can be perfect all the time. Anybody can cheat if they let themselves including Brangelina. Come on they’re human, just like you and me. They just happen to be on movie screens and rich.

  26. Mary jones says:

    That girl is not cute with her weird gummy smile. She is not in the same league as Angelina.

  27. Violet says:

    @Kaiser, I think you’re being a bit unfair.

    All the shots of them are where they’re walking or standing, most of the time not even side by side — they’re not holding hands, nor does he have his arm draped around her shoulder.

    There isn’t a single photo of Brad acting “too friendly” towards his assistant. The tabloids have literally concocted something out of nothing.

  28. WTH says:

    Jo, how do you know Brad Pitt cheated? Unless Jennifer says outright he did…I’m NOT buying it. And don’t give me some story from a tabloid or a book hack motivated by MONEY. Brad Pitt is NOT going to throw his family away for some random piece of ass from a PA.

  29. BlackMamba says:

    As for the people that are saying that since this girl is not as pretty or bombshell-y as Angie that brad wouldn’t give her the time of day, you clearly don’t know men very well. When the need to hunt, chase and conquer kicks in they will f*ck whoever and often times the jump off in not nearly as hot or has anything going on for them as their woman do. I’ve seen it happen time and time again, men cheating on their women with lesser chicks.

  30. Alex says:

    Brad looks hot. I love a man that is embracing his age without going the route of plastic surgery. I will take a brad looking old and tired any day that some of these HW men going under the knife to stay young

  31. Alex says:

    here come the haters….lol

  32. Toe says:

    @ BlackMamba. True, thats because the ugly chick will never think twice to do nasty things to please the man.
    thay also say they sometimes cheat with a fat girl when their GF is model material.

  33. lem says:


    my hopes have NOTHING to do with Brange being some sort of super couple– i actually don’t like either of them (and you’re delusional for thinking you KNOW these people…that’s certifiable). it has more to do with the fact that i would hope that they don’t punish the poor girl for doing her job just because they are a) insecure, b) concerned about their image, and/or c) concerned about his wondering dong.

  34. layla says:

    Is that even the same girl in the two pictures? striped top vs swim suit??? Doesn’t look like it to me…. or otherwise that swim suit pic is old.

    Either way … non story.

  35. Rhiley says:

    Her pictures and the stuff she posts on her my space page make her seem like she should be working in Myrtle Beach, as a dancer at the Pink Pony.

  36. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Kaiser, Your Brangeloonie privileges have been suspended. Please hand over your card on your way out, loll!

    If you get right down to it, Every. Single. Person. On. Earth – “could” cheat because it’s a biological function to mate with someone. However, just because you can, doesn’t mean that most people do. And Brad has never cheated on anyone, he has a family that he loves and has waited so long for, and it’s obvious that he loves Angelina. So tell me again why you think that he would do something now, after 20+ years in the biz when he had ample opportunity, that he has heretofore never done?

  37. Cheyenne says:

    Jo: What’s this about Brad will never cheat, he’s done it before and it’s likely he’ll do it again.

    He has? On whom and with whom? Do provide us with all the details. Legitimate sources, please. Tabloids aren’t legitimate sources so you’ll have to come up with something better than In Touch Weekly.

  38. I call BS on the tabloid rumors.When is the movie gonna be released? I think Brads aging handsomely.I always thought Robert Redford and John Wayne were handome at any age,and I think the same of Brad Pitt.

  39. srs says:

    @ Love Angelina… By “her caliber” you of course mean ‘heroin addicted freakshow’…right?

  40. 4Real says:

    Dayum he looks road hard and put away wet these days.

  41. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ lem, I agree. They seem like the first people who would tell a new commmer.. “f@ck em. just do your job. you’re fine.”

    @WTH… “OTHER MEN”?! No! Affairs!!! everysingle one of them!!

  42. John Wayne Lives says:

    And I think he is HOT!

    @Horsepoor Hanna… *swoon*

  43. blonde on the dock says:

    Jeez Brad looks rough. Why be so defensive over whether he cheated on JA with Angie? Who cares? My educated guess says he did. No one will ever know for sure but Brad and Angelina.

  44. LoL says:

    He looks really old and ugly. Angelina should give him to that girl … If she wants him. I’m sure she could find a better looking dude.

  45. John Wayne Lives** Hey,girl!!

  46. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    Oh so NOW Angie has ordered him to stay away from the assistant or have her reassigned? The ridiculousness goes on. And also, why must everyone who doesn’t hate on Brad and Angelina be labelled a ‘brangeloonie’? Sometimes it’s just plain old common sense. Nothing ‘looney’ about it whatsoever.

  47. Eve says:

    Brad Pitt’s third picture, the one where he’s waving…dude looks like a monkey for crying out loud!

    Anyway, the girl is cute, come on!…That’s a picture taken when she was coming out of the water and she has no makeup on.

    Again, as I said on that previous thread (about the same subject), I don’t think he’s interested in her and I still think The Jolie doesn’t give a flying f*ck about her but…sorry all those who are defending the girl by saying she’s just doing her job but I have to say this: I think she’s probably just doing her job but with a side of “I’d hump that till there’s no tomorrow”.

    I think she looked a way too close to him in those pictures — I know she’s his personal assistant but does she have to walk around if she was his shadow? *I* think that if he decides to give this one a chance, she will be all over him.

  48. John Wayne Lives says:

    Horsepoor’s almost Friday! let’s line up the drinks ;)

  49. Fefa says:

    That’s the hole point of these stories. Men married to beautiful woman can always cheat with other women that are much less beautiful then their wives. That’s sad. But it happens :(
    Anyone can cheat… Brad probably won’t, but he could…

  50. mln76 says:

    I don’t think the girl has been reassigned there were pictures of her doing work on set just not standing right next to Brad. Anyone think she may have freaked out being on the cover of Star and other tabs and having her MySpace page linked to. She is a civilian and probably would be freaked out by the attention. Assuming she’s innocent of all charges I say leave the poor girl alone.

  51. tracking says:

    Jolie’s and Depp’s oddly distant behavior caused other kinds of speculation though. Most likely Pitt would hide someone with whom he was actually cheating–this feels like more of a ‘nothing here to see’ though I’m sure he is enjoying the, ahem, admiration.

  52. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Lem Well like I said. Angelina isn’t that caliber of women who would be insecure over some PA and she wouldn’t have the woman resigned. A) Angelina is far from insecure…hello…she is ANGELINA MOTHERF*CKING JOLIE, she isn’t insecure over anyone. Just face that fact. B) They don’t a give sh*t about their image. They are good people who do good things and try and raise their family and be happy. C)Angelina has that dong on lock…Brad would be fool if even he thought about sex with another woman. From what I have observed Brad only has eyes for Angelina. There you go.

  53. Mimi says:

    Not all men cheat, Brad probably could, but there’s no reason to think so- in this case.

    She is doing her job. Not hunting for a father for tons of kids.

    Just because he cheated with Angie, doesn’t mean he would cheat with every woman near him.

  54. Xantha says:

    That’s it? No signs of major flirting, inappropriate glances, or anything off the set?

    The whole basis of this story is that since she’s pretty there must be something to worry about?

    Are the tabloids that desperate for some drama with Brad and Angelina? I mean it’s obvious now that if she were chubby and homely that no one would notice her.

  55. Shy says:

    It’s just too funny. And remember how we all though that it would be Mireille Enos from Killing (I’m still mad about ending :) who would be called Brad’s lover by Tabloids. I thinks it’s because we still don’t have clear pictures with Mireille and Brad together. There were only few blurry pictures from long distance. If Mireille would stand this close to Brad then she would make cover :)

    1. I don’t think that Brad and Angelina really care about any rumors. They love each other, they are happy and they trust each other. I can even picture them sitting home and laughing that it’s finally not Aniston who is Brad’s lover.

    2. But since Brad was photographed twice with that woman in the background and all those tabloids suggestions then he really should find another assistant and not be photographed close with this one again. Remember how Angelina and Johnny Depp were funny avoiding each other so that rumor would not start.

  56. Becca says:

    This girl can’t hold a candle to Angelina. If he strays there are many men (and women) waiting in line.

  57. Camille says:

    @mln76: Great comments, I agree with you too.

    @HorsePoor Hanna: I also agree with you :D . Brad is looking gorgeous IMO. I’m loving his hair for this movie too. He’s always had such a sexy and cheeky smile, love it.

    I’m looking forward to this movie.

  58. eternalcanadian says:

    Yeppers, Angelina is getting karma biting her in the arse. She got Brad to leave Jennifer, and now Brad has other much younger and in some cases prettier gals to get him away from Angelina.

  59. DetRiotgirl says:

    Um, I think everyone here has missed the greatest thing to come out of this story; Kaiser’s last sentence about Brad boning the soldier girl. Haha, I almost spit out my smoothies reading that. Well played Kaiser, you’ve still got it!

  60. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Someone has SEEN a monkey that looks like Brad Pitt? Were you alone with that monkey? What happened next?

    This man is known as handsome since forever. Age does NOT change that. As his fans get older too, we grow with him. Not sure about that monkey or are there more than one. They live long too. So when they get older what do you do? I have ZERO experience why a monkey, but know a thing or two about handsome men. Care to learn?

    As for the assistant, Are there pictures of Brad being overly friendly or flirting with her? Why did’nt the tabloids use them as evidence. If they don’t exist, why crucify her or Brad. And last week folks said Brad and Angie were too tired to have much sex, now he has energy for an assistant.

    Brad rode hard and put away wet, you say, well love the image and Angie may agree with that. She put it on him and keeps him smiling. Oh, that’s not what you meant? More monkey talk, I guess.

    Angie seems not the least bit troubled by it as she is in the Netherlands at THE HAGUE International Criminal Court today Thursday. That would make for the weirdest form of jealousy. To LEAVE on a couple of trips when she does not have to.

    This BS stinks like a monkey, maybe the same people are feeding it and buying it. Please help the poor monkey and leave Brad to Angie.

  61. Chris says:

    With that hair and beard he looks like he’s related to Kid Rock.

  62. tina says:

    Geez let’s get real.
    Christey Brinkley’s husband cheated on her. She is absolutely gorgeous. Men cheat because they can.
    There are just some ridiculous comments here. Brad Pitt cheated on his wife. He had an affair, whether it was physical or emotional, he cheated.
    People here talk as if Brad is some gift to women. the man was voted in the top ten of celebrities who smell. The man is greasy and unkempt. He is no prize.
    Angelina Jolie at one time had a very pretty face. Not anymore.
    Do you people actually LOOK at her. She is skin and bones. Her kneecaps look like doorknobs. She has odd groves on the side of her face by her ears. I have no idea what they are but they are ugly. She has a giant vein in her forehead and the ugliest arms that i’ve ever seen. Be for real.
    Angies hair is just awful. Limp and dirty most of the time. Her hair is in need of nutrients that her body isn’t supplying to it.
    The people working on Salt were terrified she was going to hurt herself by running.
    She is not healthy but people commenting here just don’t seem to see it.
    Hopefully she will get some help.
    I don’t dislike either of them but good gracious at least be honest.

  63. bugsy says:

    Think what you will about the story, but PLEASE stop calling this girl ugly, unfortunate looking, “lesser” than, etc. She didn’t do a single, damn thing wrong by signing on to this movie. The speculation about how “he’d never cheat because she’s not as attractive” is laughable, and downright cruel. Not only is she everything FAR from ugly, but looks usually don’t have anything to do with a person cheating. If the rumors are to be believed, and Angelina has his balls in a vice, he just might act out once in a while and get some. All that aside, this girl has to endure the public humiliation of these stories, and will no doubt hear about how “ugly” she is compared to Brad’s skeletal anatomy study. @Love Angelina: I’ve read your posts before and I think you sound like a really sweet person. I’m all for someone who gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. But there’s no way in hell that Angelina isn’t insecure. Insecurity is part of being human. And though she doesn’t look it these days, last I checked, she IS one.

  64. Lina cap says:

    Brad so much looks her twins babies

  65. Eve says:


    Someone has SEEN a monkey that looks like Brad Pitt?

    *I* think he looks like a monkey. One of those marmoset, to be more precise. MY OPINION. You don’t have to take personal offense just because you think he’s one of the handsome men in the face of the planet. That’s YOUR OPINION. Let me break it down for you: you don’t have to think he looks like a monkey just like I don’t have to think he doesn’t. Because we have different opinions regarding his looks. Care to accept and respect that? Or is it too much to ask from you (respect)?

    And I said so based on the way I perceive some of his facial features: *I* think he has simian features (and so do Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage and the guitar player from ABBA). Something I noticed when I watched a movie called Cool World (and I watched it for Gabriel Byrne).

    Were you alone with that monkey? What happened next?

    No, I wasn’t. There were other people taking pictures of it as well. Just like what happens when people meet Pitt.

    P.S.: I never said he smelled like a monkey, you must be mistaking me for someone else. Don’t put words in my mouth and, please, Chill. The. F*ck. Out!

  66. Lolita says:

    I had to google what a marmoset looks like.LOL It is hysterical and I had the same thought when he was filming Cogan’s Trade, with the mullet, that he did remind me of a monkey.

  67. Mila says:

    Brangeloonie warriors < ha ha ha :D
    Funniest thing i have ever read.

  68. G says:

    If there was any truth to this mess, Angie would have had that girl sent off somewhere LONG ago. She doesn’t let anyone f-ck with her man, OR their image as a happy family-oriented couple. That poor assistant is a private citizen, and now she’s getting dragged through the tabloids just because she walked a bit too close to Brad Pitt, her BOSS?!? How is any of this fair?

  69. Sakyiwaa says:

    This entire premise is complete and utter Bullsh*t. Goodbye.

  70. shay kay says:

    I posted earlier and didn’t make the cut for some reason. So I’m going to reiterate:
    Angie wouldn’t kick Brad to the curb for cheating because Angie is a focus of media attention, interest, and debate only because she’s had six children with BRAD PITT.She’s garnered the “serious actress”, “earth mother”, “humanitarian”, “sex goddess”, “badass chick” titles because she’s involved with a major Hollywood power ie Mr. Pitt. Angie can’t replace Brad with someone else who’ll give her what she needs from the relationship: press attention, power, public interest.
    No one would give a rat’s a** about Angie now if her 6 children were with Billy Bob or Johnny Lee. She’d be an oddity at best. Brad Pitt legitimizes her. She can’t get that just anywhere kiddies.
    Also happens to be that most people aren’t deluded by Angie’s reputation as a hot, sex goddess so most men would see what is there:
    a tired, color blind, overly skinny, mother of six who has seriously let herself go.No time for anything but black or white clothes, no hair brush, cut or color, no make-up, and just basically no interest in her own looks.I think Angie buys her own PR and thinks she’s such a goddess she just doesn’t have to try. Yeah well the mirror would tell her a different story.
    Has Brad cheated? I have no clue but he’s got a d*ck so chances are good that he’s gotten sick of his neurotic, anorexic/bulimic, restless partner and found someone with a healthy body and mind who just wanted to have some fun.
    We’ll never know because BP is far too PR savy to let his picadillos become public knowledge. Both Angelina and Jennifer have some serious haters as a result of the triangle with Brad while Mr. Pitt has come out of it pretty d*mn well.That’s not be accident.

  71. Kassie says:

    @Shay Kay
    Angelina is nothing without Brad?…Ok hon, whatever makes you sleep at night :lol:
    If I recall correctly, she became a mother, humanitarian, sex goddess,badass chick, serious actress waaaaaaay before Brad Pitt. She only became MORE POPULAR after hooking up with Brad. Same for Brad as well, he was popular but he is now even MORE popular since getting together with Angelina. They COMPLEMENT each other.
    The End.

  72. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Eve, I actually get that Brad is not your type. He IS NOT mine either, never has been, but MY opinion knows he does not look like a monkey. I never said what I thought of HIS looks, just how he is regarded. The Handsome man I know of, I married.

    He’s not an animal/primate is what I am saying. I can respect your opinion, just comparing him or anyone to something NOT human is harsh. And I used NO foul language and would also request the same if you can find it in you.

  73. YourPhoenix says:

    No, Jo, Brad has not cheated before. The whole tabloid lie about Brad having an affair with Angelina was debunked long ago. He was innocent, there was no affair.

  74. YourPhoenix says:

    I am so laughing at tina, eternalcanadian and others who repeat lies after lies after lies as if fact. Seriously, if it hasn’t been proven true now, its false and no matter how many times you repeat the lies and gossip it still will be false. Its old, give up.

  75. Eve says:


    He’s not an animal/primate is what I am saying. I can respect your opinion, just comparing him or anyone to something NOT human is harsh.

    It may sound harsh, but it is definitely not wrong or too far fetched since he is an animal, and he is a primate. Humans are primates. So I don’t think the comparison I’ve made (that has NOTHING TO DO with the idea I have of his character, it is merely about his appearance) was insulting.

    However, your insinuation of zoophilia (“Were you alone with that monkey? What happened next?” AND “I have ZERO experience why a monkey, but know a thing or two about handsome men.“) — whether was done for comedic purposes or not — now, *that* was offensive (and I hadn’t even pointed that out in my first response, decided to do it in this one).

    P.S.: I assumed the “why” was a typo. You meant to say “I have zero experience with a monkey, but know a thing or two about handsome men”.

  76. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Eve, we are not going to agree on this. I still feel it is your right to NOT find him attractive, but HE IS A MAN. A human being and can be left out of animal references.

    Not sure about ZOOPHILIA, I suppose it exists. Too lazy to look it up. But, I am POSITIVE I have never seen any animal that looks like a man. At the zoo, on tv, in a movie or anywhere. No kidding.

    I will bid you well wishes and thanks for omitting the foul language and hope you bid me the same. Difference of opinions makes for a better world and as a adult I can appreciate that. Not interested in arguing, so peace and respect.

  77. Reality Bites says:

    Angelina got her reassigned? No try another guess, try the security complaining to the studio and the producers about the flood of even more paps then usual attempting to get a picture of Lara and Brad together to perpetuate the rumor. Lara is a dime a dozen PA and easily replaceable, so her 25 year old ass got canned. Doesn’t matter that she wasn’t doing anything other then her job with Pitt. Doesn’t even matter that Jolie liked the girl. She got fired. And she has the tabloids and gossip sites like this one to thank for it.