Sir Paul McCartney dedicates his new album to his late wife

In a classy ever-so-subtle dig at the harpie he’s divorcing, Heather Mills, Paul McCartney has dedicated his new album to the memory of his dear wife, Linda, who succumbed to breast cancer in 1998. He held a press conference for his new classical album, Ecce Cor Meum (Behold My Heart). He spoke of how he poured his pain into the new album and used it as a way to work though his sadness. He ended the press conference good-naturedly when a reporter asked about his divorce:

McCartney, 64, spoke at a press conference in London for his new classical album, Ecce Cor Meum (Behold My Heart). Asked how he’s faring these days, he said, “I’m doing fine. It’s okay. I am enjoying music. It’s something I love to do. It’s something that sustains me.”

The new album was inspired by McCartney’s late wife, Linda, who died of breast cancer in 1998. “It was started when Linda was alive,” he said. “It has a lot of my feelings for her in it.

“When she died it stalled me and it took a year or so to before I could get back into it,” he continued. “And the interlude in the middle, the sad melody, is what got me back into it. So her spirit is very much in this. It would have been her birthday yesterday, so it’s very appropriate.

The press conference came to an end when a reporter asked about a story that had appeared in the morning’s newspapers, apparently quoting McCartney as saying he found it hard to cope with his split from Mills.

McCartney said, “Now wait a minute. You’re a little renegade, coming out of the corner here. I haven’t read the Daily Mirror today. Have we someone breaking away from the script? I think we have.”

Paul had such a bond with Linda, and it’s sad and bittersweet that he is dedicating this album to her.

There was a report that Heather Mills was banned from a supermarket this weekend after being recognized for shoplifting there as a teenager, but that was undoubtedly a story made up by the British press, who are now free to make fun of her openly. (I may not believe that story, but I do think she was a high-paid hooker in the 80s. NSFW)

Heather and Paul’s divorce is said to be moving along amicably, with people speculating she could receive up to 200 million of his 800 million pound fortune as a settlement. Paul and Heather did not have a prenuptual agreement.

Thanks to Best Week Ever for the header picture of Paul showing us his real worth.

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  1. Linda says:

    Wasn’t Linda his second wife?

  2. Celebitchy says:

    Yes I suck. Thanks!

  3. Angelika says:

    I didn’t know that he was married before Linda!? But well, to me, Linda was and always will be his one and only love, his one and only wife! Their love was special and I’m still touched and sad when I think of the way he lost her.. They had a special connection, they were meant for each other, and you don’t find something like this that often in life! I think Paul never got over here, and he never will..

  4. Viv says:

    To me, Paul McCartney is a stupid pervert who took the memory of his wife and desecrated by marrying that one legged hobo.

  5. Jasmine says:

    That’s kind of harsh Viv. I think Paul would only be with someone who he thought was a genuinely good person. Heather is the mother of his child and the media has made her out to be what she probably isn’t. It’s always bad on the woman for some reason. It takes two to have a relationship fall apart. Maybe he rushed into a relationship too soon, but that’s his lesson to learn.


  6. docweasel says:

    uh, are you guys thinking of John Lennon (previously married to Cynthia before Yoko?)

    Linda was Paul’s first wife. Period.

    He was briefly engaged to Jane Asher in the 60′s, but they broke it off long before any real marriage plans, and they were certainly never married. This was Paul’s only serious relationship before Linda.

  7. Angelika says:

    Jasmine, don’t even bother to reply to Viv – calling a person a “one legged hobo” makes HER into a stupid pervert, not Paul McCartney!

    Who knows how his relationship with Heather Mills was like – I’m sure he loved her, but certainly not the same way he loved Linda.. Marriages can end, no matter why – and it’s not our business why or how his marriage with Heather Mills ended!

  8. Poor Boopie says:

    Excuse me, but if I was worth over 1 BILLION DOLLARS, I would sign a pre-nup with whomever I married! This horny idiot deserves to lose all of his cash to “that one legged hobo.” You go VIV!!!

  9. ER says:

    Wow, he’s worth a butt load of money – I had no idea, apparently I’ve been living under a rock :)

  10. rubygirl214 says:

    docweasel, you are 100 percent correct!! Linda was his 1st wife, she was married prior to him and had 1 kid, which he adopted when they married. Everyone always gave her such crap!! *sigh* “Maybe I’m Amazed” chokes me up to this day! What an awesome song! Miss her!

  11. Viv says:

    Thank you for your input, Jasmine I appreciate it. I was a bit too critical about Heather Mills (chalk it up to one leg envy I guess– okay sorry, that one was for you Boopie), but the fact that Paul married so soon after the death of his wife (a year or less, I believe) to someone nearly 30 years his junior, is lamentable. But yes, Heather Mills has done a lot for land mine victims (she lost hers in a motorcycle accident though???) and is a crusader for many charities.

    I was a real big fan of Linda McCartney and everything she did– she left her fortune which was a massive amount to her husband as well which was for naught since the new Lady McCartney gets a big ol’ chunk of that as well.

    I really don’t think I’m a pervert though, Angelika. Maybe just rude.

    Yes, he’s worth 1.5 billion dollars; I believe she can claim up to a quarter of that… quite a hefty sum.

    I feel sorry for his family and their daughter.

  12. Clarimonde says:

    Angelika says: and it’s not our business why or how his marriage with Heather Mills ended!

    Of course it is! This is a gossip blog. That’s why we read it!

  13. Fleegle says:

    I do prenuptial agreements and estate planning for a living. I find it really shocking that Paul wasn’t smart enough to have a prenuptial signed. People get divorced and screwed out of family money every day.

  14. Angelika says:

    There was someone calling a person a “one legged hobo” and I AM the one being attacked here? Duh, that makes sense..

    By saying that it’s not our business, I meant that whole pre-nup thing – all these horrible rumours that were spread about Hearther Mills and their marriage in general. It was just awful and unfair, in my opinion.. I’m all for celebrity blogs and gossip, but being this mean to a person or a couple is completely unnecessary.

  15. Jasmine says:

    I don’t believe anyone is attacking you Angelika. We all have a different opinion we’re just expressing it. Some people have a bad day and they write things they don’t really mean. It’s venting. It’s healthy, and I think it’s always entertaining when you,I and others stick up for the strangers that are sometimes brutilized on this blog:)

  16. Angelika says:

    Alright then.. I had a bad day when I wrote it, too, and just couldn’t accept the fact that someone used such an expression for a person we don’t know and shouldn’t judge.. Of course we all judge celebrities on here, that’s the sense of a gossip blog, but it just went too far, at least in MY opinion..

  17. ChrisB says:

    Paul was an ass for getting married to Heather too soon ( if that’s the way it REALLY was.) How would any of YOU feel if YOU had to live in the shadow of a dead woman? Heather has a right to be angry.

  18. In Her Shoes says:

    Heather Mills had to withstand hearing over and over how Linda was the love of Paul’s life (how would you feel if you heard that about your husband? That another woman was the love of his live and it was not you?)statues and memorials. There would have been nothing Heather could ever do to live up to a saint’s legacy. And I am sorry…NOONE is a saint, you only become one when you die because people make you out to be one. I think Paul is a jerk…a marriage is about 2 people. Not 3.

  19. Poor Boopie says:

    Too bad for Sir Paul…….losing your hard earned fortune in a divorce. These are the things that happen when “little head” does the thinking.(especially when you are a billionaire).

  20. popet says:

    I agree with In her Shoes. It is easy to elevate the dead on a pedistal. Why was linda mccartney so great? It certainly wasn’t HER singing. She should have stuck to photos. Awww poor paul the widower.

  21. Sally says:

    Paul married Heather two years after Linda died. He was lonely and may have wanted some companionship and he thought he found a good replacement in Heather but boy was he wrong!

  22. Alexi says:

    Not a fan of Mills…I think she saw humongo GBP signs and a ladyship.
    if sir Paul wanted a real lady, he should have rung me!

  23. Viv says:

    Alexi– hahaha, that is great. Humongo GBP, I like that.

  24. Alexi says:

    Thx Viv. If you can hook me up with Sir Paul I’d be most grateful! Have a good one!

  25. Jim says:

    With regards to ‘pre-nuptual agreements : since the early 1990′s, women no longer have to adhere to previously arranged monetary awards. As noted, the most famous of these examples, Donald Trump, Ivana signed for 3 mil, but recanted on the agreement to recieve 10 mil. Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani, another one whose future earnings were tallied on top of the divided amount, a ‘pre-nup’ being disregarded in both calculations for Rudy. Apparently the new rules are as follows : woman sign these agreements under duress. Forced by their innocent ‘poor me’ inner ogre to reluctantly sign these horrible things ! They had no idea ! These are stories I hear. They work for the woman 9 times out of 10. Men, however, must adhere to a pre-nup, no ifs, ands or buts!!! By the way, THAT’S THE LAW, not my personal ideas, check it out for yourself. A pre-nup would not have managed to do anything but create a longer drawn out trial, (which Heather would’ve won anyway with the ‘poor me, I scrubbed his socks, cooked his meals, cared for him when he was sick and opened my legs whenever he gazed at me’ stance!!! Too bad for Paul…

  26. Paul:

    Not all women are like Heather. There are women who love you for just being you. There is no amount of money that can compensate a mans love for a woman, his kisses, his arms around you. I have written the ten commandments to achieve a happy marriage. I believe that if you adhere to these rules your relationship will never fail. Marriage is an institution created and blessed by God – between a man and a woman. Hopefully, the person you marry speaks their vows with love, honesty and is sincere about their feelings and committment to you for life. I pray for you every day Paul that you find love and happiness in your life. That God will guide your in your earthly journey. As Jacqueline Kennedy once said, “I have had some good times and some bad times in my life – they have been combined for me . . . maybe . . . there is no need to separate them.” God Bless.

    Dolores Kuzniar
    1499 California St. #214
    San Francisco, CA 94109

  27. Viv says:

    Wow, do you think it’s safe to put your address up Dolores?

  28. Jim Coleman says:

    What I would like to know is what Paul’s worth was before he married Heather. she should not be able to claim any of his assets he had earned before he married her, only what he has earned in the past 4 years since they got married. How much of his 1.5 billion dollar fortune was earned before 2002 ?

  29. disco says:

    haether mills sounds like up the hills.

  30. Rebel_one says:

    The guy should of had a Pre-nup. PERIOD.

    Where did he find Heather at ? I think, if the guy had any smarts he’d return to his hometown and find an older lady his age to just date. Or, if he likes the younger ladies – he should go to Ukraine and check out some of the ladies in the rural area. Avoiding the city girls – as their getting westernized and getting a lousy attitude.

    One must ask a personal question… Why did his marriage fail in the first place. Did either of them seek counseling ?

    I guess in this day and age, it’s easier to part ways verses try and work things out.

    Who cares what she was before she met him. Don’t all women in some regard sell themselves in order to get what they want ?

  31. sharon says:

    i agree with Jim Coleman completly…anyways i really think heather mills just married paul for the money and for the title.period.