Chaz Bono rumored to be on Dancing With The Stars

We’ve heard some interesting “Dancing With The Stars” casting rumors recently, but since I don’t give a whit about that show I haven’t bothered to repeat them until now. Rumored new participants include Kim Richards of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and none other than Chaz Bono, Cher and the late Sonny Bono’s transgender son. Both of them could be interesting, with Kim entertaining us with her red-faced drunkenness and Chaz helping shatter stereotypes. Other potential competitors this season include David Arquette, Snooki (ditto the drunkenness comment for both) and George Clooney’s ex girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis. Rob Kardashian, Mike Tyson and Christina Milian have also been mentioned. Here’s more on the latest casting rumors:

Chaz Bono’s name surfaced on Thursday, when it was noted that the reality star (nominated for three Emmys for the documentary, Being Chaz) had just begun to follow Mark Ballas and Karina Smirnoff, two of the DWTS professionals. However, the rumor has no other corroboration, and a recheck of Bono’s Twitter page shows that he is no longer following either dancer.

Is this an effort to squelch rumors? Or did the DWTS producers ask Chaz Bono to remove the indicators of his potential involvement? We will find out soon enough.

The next name to pop up from the DWTS rumor mill is Kim Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Celebuzz reports that Richards has begun practicing her dance moves in anticipation of next week’s official cast announcement.

Considering the uncertain state of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills following the suicide of Russell Armstrong, it’s not surprising that Richards might have time for a little dancing this fall.

[From Buddy TV]

Buddy TV has a whole list of names that have been floating around, and we’ll know soon enough when the official cast announcement is made tonight at 8 on ABC during that Bachelor Pad show. Does anyone watch that? That’s not just a rhetorical question.

I like the thought of Chaz on DWTS. With grandmothers and kids all watching the show and seeing him as a regular big dude paired with a female partner it could go far to advance the transgender movement. They’ll show footage of him as a girl, and will push his story for all its worth. He might really be able to dance too, having grown up around music.

Chaz and his fiance, Jennifer Elia, are shown in May (casual pic) and July (dressed up). Credit: Fame and



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  1. skilo says:

    Wow! They really use the term stars loosely, Chaz is the offspring of a star. I don’t think that makes you one yourself.

  2. poopie says:

    but it’s just not right. would he wear a mankini bottom or a tutu?

  3. Schnauzers!!! says:

    Ok, I’m just sayin’ the name of the show is “Dancing With the Stars”. Not “Dancing with Someone Striving to Be A Star”. Try booking someone REALLY famous.

    However, I think Chaz Bono is an EXCELLENT choice. Maybe they could put Cher on to compete against him! Awesomeness…

  4. Schnauzers!!! says:

    I think Chaz is an excellent choice, because he is a star in his own right because he has made his transition so public. A lot of people look up to him as a role model.

    Granted, some people have their prejudices, but whatever. To each his or her own.

  5. Jackson says:

    Dude needs to get into a little better shape before he goes on DWTS. I know most lose weight with all of that practice but I think he might need more of a head start.

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    Good on Chaz! If he’s on the show, I may actually watch it this season. (Unlike any other season before…)

    Jackson – He’s been going to the gym as of late. I think ROL has the pix.

    Please don’t judge him for his physic. I’m sure he’s gone through quite a lot to get to where he is.

  7. Kellie says:

    Chaz is gross. He/She does not look healthy. He/She looks like a heavy breather and a total glutton. And his “girlfriend” was never a lesbian if she’s with a “man” now.

  8. CG says:

    I watch the show and I would totally vote for Chaz!

  9. someone says:


    that was hilarious. thank you for that morning laugh!

  10. Pyewacket says:

    There are plenty of transgender people who have done the same thing as Chaz, and they are not considered stars. Chaz is the spawn of a star, that is it.

    Sorry, but the demographic of that show is old ladies from the midwest, so this choice, while interesting, will not fly with Mrs.Jones, the 70 yr old voter in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  11. Dorothy#1 says:

    i think Chaz is a fine choice, better than Bristol Palin! I only hope he shaves that facial hair.

    @Kellie, the meds he is on makes him gain weight and his girlfriend fell in love with a person not a gender but he still has girl parts down below.

  12. Jackson says:

    @ the original bellaluna – I don’t think I’m judging him, I want him to do well and he does not look healthy. I want him to have a good run and if he isn’t in semi-good shape going into it I think he will have an extra-difficult time. Then again, the only season of that show that I’ve watched was the last one and I won’t be watching it again so….it kinda doesn’t matter to me. I wish him the best though.

  13. Redd says:

    Chaz Bono, nor Bristol Palin are “stars”; maybe they should consider changing the name of the show to Dancing With Whoever Comes Cheap?

  14. curleque says:

    Oh please. Transgendered or not, he/she needs to drop a ton of weight.

    Chaz looks like a walking heart attack. Probably not even healthy enough for the show. All the weight around the midsection is not good at all.

  15. Maritza says:

    I would have rather see Cher dancing than this mess.

  16. bored says:

    You know what, Kellie, Bigots are gross.

  17. neema says:

    Rofl, sorry, just because she can grow a really pathetic neckbeard doesn’t mean she’s a guy.

    I know a lot of REAL neckbeards that I wouldn’t consider men much less her.

  18. spinner says:


  19. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I think Chaz is an excellent choice. There is an author Ivan E Coyote who does excellent writing about the gender issues. Looose ends and The slow fix are excellent reads.

  20. Catherine says:

    It isnt the fact that he used to be a girl, it is the fact that he is now insanely obese that I find totally disgusting.

  21. the original bellaluna says:

    Jackson – Oh no! The “please don’t judge him” wasn’t directed to you. It was just a general comment on the thread, not to you specifically. 🙂 I also want Chaz to be healthy.

  22. Whatamess! says:

    How is S/He a man if he still has ladyparts?

  23. Ashley says:

    Not the type of comments I expected.

    Let’s not all clutch our pearls and act surprised that this season’s cast isn’t filled with A-list celebrities. When HAS it been?

    I’m super excited for Chaz Bono – it’ll shed light on a subject that isn’t often discussed. I hope he does well.

  24. Ashley says:

    For those who are curious – Chaz Bono created a documentary (that premiered at Sundance, and was debuted on the OWN network in May) called Becoming Chaz.

    Chaz has been undergoing the female-to-male transition since 2008, and was granted a legal name and gender change in 2010.

  25. Stacia says:

    I’m sorry but she is one fugly looking dude!

  26. Ruffian9 says:

    Honestly I’m a little surprised (and disgusted)at the vitriol directed by a few posters towards someone who is transsexual. For some reason I expected the folks commenting on CB to be more open minded. Naive of me, I suppose. The fact that those comments are in the minority is heartening, though.

    That said, I don’t think true “Stars’ have ever been a part of this show, have they? I mean, really.

    Ashley, thanks – I had forgotten about the documentary. I’ve been meaning to see it.

  27. CatT says:

    Chaz looks so much happier… obviously more comfortable in his body. He radiates an inner joy. I would hope once the hormones find a better balance, a healthier outward appearance will reflect his inner contentment.

  28. Emily says:

    @Ruffian9, most of the commenters on Celebitchy are more open minded than most other sites. For some reason, Chaz just seems to bring the crazy out, even from people who have spoken intelligently about other queer issues in the past.

  29. Westcoaster says:

    If Chaz Bono is actually going on DWTS I say good for him. How is he being on the show so different from Bristol Palin being on it? Oh wait I forgot, Bristol is famous because she got knocked up and her mother is Sarah Palin

  30. The Bobster says:

    #16, so are sanctimonious asses.

  31. Ruffian9 says:

    Emily: Fair enuf. On the whole, CB certainly isn’t the worst regarding issues like this.

  32. Jersey Girl says:

    Haven’t watched the show since Khate G. was on it.
    DWTS has sunk to a new low. Will never watch again.
    Anyone that watches must only do so in order to throw up.
    Chaz -obese.
    If Chaz still has female parts then he is just another homo.
    People that watch DWTS only watch to see dancers humiliate themselves.

  33. Dee says:

    That woman Chaz is sleeping with also must be a homo.
    What a weird bunch.

  34. Diana says:

    Chaz and that woman with him –
    wonder how much Chaz pays her to go down low.

  35. Bethanne says:

    If Chaz is at the present both male and female (still has his female parts but a beard and don’t know about breasts) then how will DWTS know whether to give shim a male or female partner?
    Wouldn’t it be a riot to see him in a skimpy female costume? Hee, hee, ha,ha.

  36. David says:

    @Diana: wait a minute. Chaz would be the one to go down low – he has no male parts.

    Some of these posts are hilarious – thanks for the laughs.

    Before anyone says some posts are mean just remember – Chaz and the woman with him have put themselves out there for the world to see.
    Let’s face it – they and others like them are not normal.

  37. Dee says:

    Will DWTS put a dress or a suit on Chaz?

    I hope he/she doesn’t get Tony for a partner – the poor guy suffered enough with Kate G.

  38. Magsy says:

    It’s definitely dancing with C-List stars. I think Chaz and Kirstie Alley would look good together.

  39. Zsuzhi says:

    What exactly is a “STAR”?? Those bumbling idiots from Jersey Shore? Stupid people on Big Brother? The Bachelor/Bachelorette, The Apprentice? Give me a break! Cher is an ICON, Sonny was an ICON and their child grew up in front of a camera. I think he is an excellent choice for this show, and I APPLAUD DWTS for having the courage to make this move. It is an important move for everyone. I have never been a fan of this show but I will watch faithfully this season. As a mother, my husband and I teach our children to accept, understand, and stand up for ALL. Some of you are like ignorant little kids. A bunch of BULLIES. Don’t you think this young man has been bullied enough the past forty years?? Give me a break! Go CHAZ!!

  40. Dee says:

    I am not aware of “Chaz”/Chastity being bullied for the past 40 years.
    Actually it appears “Chaz”/Chastity” has been spoiled.
    Better had “Chaz/Chastity” had gone to therapy instead of going for sensationalism.
    It’s my opinion that the only person close to normal in that family was Sonny Bono.