GLAAD calls out Chelsea Handler for mocking Chaz Bono

Yesterday we heard that Chaz Bono’s mom, Cher, had defended him against some critics who were going overboard in trashing Dancing with The Stars, and Chaz, for the fact that he is transgendered and has been named as a new competitor. Cher promised us that Chaz would win us over, and I think she’s right. In the interviews I’ve seen with him, he’s come across as very down-to-earth, likable and in fact a little shy about speaking to the press. So it must be very brave of him to not only come out as a transgender person but to compete on this very popular show.

Enter comedian Chelsea Handler and her dumb-ass minions, mocking Chaz and making all sorts of ignorant comments about him. GLAAD has asked for an apology and that Chelsea invite Chaz or another transgender person to appear:

Last night’s episode of Chelsea Lately repeatedly made a mockery of Chaz Bono’s transgender identity when discussing the transgender advocate’s upcoming appearance on Dancing With the Stars. Host Chelsea Handler herself started the discussion off with a joke about Chaz Bono’s identity and anatomy, but was joined a few moments later by two members of her all-comedian panel in using transphobic humor to mock him.

Handler’s introduction:

Chelsea Handler: The Dancing with the Stars cast has been announced and, this is season 13, it includes Chaz Bono, otherwise known as Chastity Bono [laughs] before she got her penis [laughs]….

Out comedian Fortune Feimster soon said that she was personally most looking forward to watching Bono on the program, saying:

Fortune Feimster: I’m, I’m like you, I’m excited about Chaz Bono. Cause I used to watch the show…

CH: I wonder why. [laughs]

FF: It’s like reality gold, he’s like four reality shows in one, like who doesn’t love that?

This was immediately followed by jokes from comedians Bill Bellamy and Jo Koy, who has previously apologized for using anti-gay language:

BB: I mean who do you vote off? Him or her? I don’t know which one you want to do. [laughs]

JK: Does, does he/she have both parts? Like, like he’s like ‘I don’t want to use my penis, let’s use the vagina tonight.’ Like [laughs] I don’t know.

Of the four people onstage, Feimster was the only one to make a joke about Bono that didn’t simply mock his transgender identity. The “humor” utilized by the others hinged solely on using both male and female pronouns to describe Bono and reducing his identity down to anatomy in order to ridicule him. In doing so, they are effectively making a mockery of anyone who identifies as transgender and contributing to the already dangerous and hostile climate many transgender people face.

This is especially disheartening coming from a show whose host has made a point of being publicly supportive of the LGBT community, though the content of her show has skirted with crossing the line on more than one occasion. After learning of the incident earlier today, GLAAD reached out to the show, which has yet to respond.

GLAAD calls on Handler and the show to apologize for the jokes, and asks them to invite Bono, or another transgender celebrity like Top Model’s Isis King, to make an appearance and offer viewers the chance to get to know them beyond a few hurtful punch-lines.

[From GLAAD’s blog, via Instinct Magazine, ONTD]

I don’t know much about transgender people apart from reading Middlesex (which was fiction) and seeing a documentary on HBO called Southern Comfort. (I saw part of Chaz’s documentary on OWN but it was kind of slow so I didn’t watch the whole thing.) I also used to work with a transgender person, although I didn’t know him well apart from work. It just seems like we should treat and address people by their preferred gender. The way I make sense of it is to think of it like a medical issue. It’s not someone’s fault they were born in the wrong body and it’s wrong of me to judge them or tell them how to live, just as I would expect the same. It’s hard to look at this issue logically and with compassion, though, when it’s the first time that someone semi-famous has really come out as transgender in America. I think it’s important that we try, though. It’s not like jokes about Chaz should be off limits, but there are ways to make jokes that are actually funny and don’t mock his gender identity. The dude’s mom is Cher for God’s sake and let’s face it, he’s huge.

Here’s Chaz outside DWTS rehearsals on 8/31/11. Chelsea and her Botox forehead vein are shown on 8/26/11. Credit:





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  1. angee says:

    Ding ding! Another round of the Overly Sensitive vs. The Insensitive.

  2. Kelly says:

    That forehead vein, holy crap! I used to think Chelsea was funny, but now I think she’s odious.

    I think Chaz Bono is a class act, and has handled this situation in a very graceful way, bringing the issue of transgender identity into the public consciousness. I’ve only seen him on a few shows, but as CB says, he is very modest and funny, and seems like a person you might want to have a few beers with.

    Then again, I’m a huge supporter of people’s rights to self-determination, I guess you could say, and I don’t have much patience with those who make no effort to understand gender dysmorphia, which is a very real thing.

  3. yt says:

    Chelsea is unable to look or act like a lady, so she has no business commenting on how someone else looks or acts.

    Chaz has chosen a hard path, and more power to him for doing what he thinks is right for himself. His decision to be on DWTS will help many people: those in his situation and those who will learn and understand more about his situation.

  4. Stubbylove says:

    Gotta call a bs on this – in my humble opinion everyone and anyone is open game for comedy – that’s what makes comedy pure and keeps it funny. No matter who/what/when/where/why should be fodder for comedians – if not, then we’re sunk. I realize my sitch is not even close to Mr. Bono, but I’m a single woman in her mid 30’s with no kids – not the status quo and I expect to get made fun of by comedians like anyone else.

  5. Kaboom says:

    He’s prettier than Chelsea, that must have set her off.

  6. Whatamess! says:

    Chelsea Handler needs to call God&ask for a new face..
    I wonder how she will feel if people made fun of her abortion..
    Yes..I havn’t forgotten

  7. Oh_Mr._Grey says:

    Wow. If there is a higher power, she won’t procreate. Sick.

    I can’t imagine what it must feel like to go through life knowing that you were born the wrong gender. I commend Chaz for being so brave.

  8. serena says:

    I’d love to see Cher beat the crap out of Chelsea Handler.
    She sucks in so many ways, I find her offensive and not funny at all (not to mention she has no talent). She should just quit and quietly forget Hollywood, tv, and such.

    I hope all of her shows fails.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    ROFL @ Kaboom! I’d rather look at him than her any day in the week.

    Somebody needs to backhand this bitch across the mouth.

  10. mln76 says:

    She’s mean spirited as hell give me Kathy Griffin or Sarah Silverman any day of the week over that bitch.

  11. Relli says:

    Thats kind of surprising because Chaz and Jennifer Aniston are old school friends. I believe they went to high school together, i know i have seen pictures of them together way before they were ever famous.

  12. yepp says:

    i really hate that old crack face bitch. ( and for once i’m not talking about lindsey) she is not funny! if making fun of ppl is ur only bit then ur bully using the word “comedian”as your cover.
    But i have to Say we cant police what every one says, we cant go around demanding an apology from every one that offends us.

  13. olga says:

    I am about to throw up. This Bono is hideous.

  14. gee says:

    I hate Chelsea Handler. I’m all for jokes, but I hate when people pick on others. Like, there are ways to say something funny about a touchy subject, and then there’s just being an asshole.

  15. spinner says:

    Cannot stand Chelsea Handler. UGH!!

    You have to admit though…Chaz has put himself out there in a big way. He has made his personal/private affair very public. He is inviting comment & he is receiving it.

  16. irishserra says:

    Making fun of anyone and any accompanying conditions is insensitive, people do it all the time with everyone and many of us laugh at it, so I’m not exactly sure why Bono is supposed to be hands-off.

    That being said, I do believe that perhaps we should re-evaluate what we find as “humorous.” It’s way too easy to mock of those whom we deem “different” or of whom we just have no understanding.

    As far as Chelsea Handler, well doesn’t specialize in rude, obnoxious and mean? So I’m not sure why her mocking is noteworthy. I’m sure Bono surrounds himself with loving, understanding, and supporting people so he’ll be just fine.

  17. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I never thought there’d be a voice that sounded more like nails on a chalk board than christina aguilera screaming christmas tunes but Chelsea’s voice is far more annoying and she is not at all funny. Perhaps she was miffed that she didn’t get to do dwts, I’d rather watch Chaz anyday.

  18. Exactly says:

    I agree w/ Stubbylove.

  19. BB says:

    I don’t consider myself overly sensitive, but where is the humor in all this BS? They don’t sound funny, they just remind me of clueless bitchy teen high school cliques who mock everything that they are too ignorant to understand. Joking about having “both parts”? This is like when we were 14 and giggled while we were taught biology…

  20. toto says:

    whats the difference between bullying and such kind of comedy ?

  21. theaPie says:

    I guess there just isn’t enough hate in the world already for some people.

  22. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I’m rather insensitive I think when it comes to humor so I’m not so much offended by the jokes as just not amused. They aren’t funny, they seem like cheap shots without any point of being funny just being cruel. I’ve watched her show a few times and I think I’ve laughed maybe three or four times. Most of the time she’s either clearly kissing ass of celebrities she likes and the rest of the time she’s just being a bitch. Why is she still on the air?

    BB: My thoughts exactly. Sounds like the jokes of 12 year old boys.

  23. Dawning Red says:

    Chelsea and her gang remind me of the girl cliques in high school who did nothing but cause trouble all day by spreading rumors about people they didn’t like until someone ended up crying their eyes out or committing suicide or something. Really, if they were ten or twenty or whatever years younger, these would be the school cyberbullies.

    But, I will admit that Fortune’s comment on Chaz – “It’s like reality gold, he’s like four reality shows in one, like who doesn’t love that?” – was rather clever and funny.

    The rest of them? Just hurtful.

  24. 4Real says:

    You know what that’s just MEAN and I hope she crosses paths with Cher one day and gets her fugly ass handed to her. I’m all for offensive jokes if they are FUNNY but that was just cruel. You know what Chelsy maybe this is why you CANT KEEP A MAN YOU BIG MOUTHED COKEWHORE! Nice penis on your forehead too by the way….BITCH!

  25. Cara says:

    I can’t believe people are defending Chelsea. Her comments are so wrong, prejudicial, and just cruel. Personally, I’ve always found Chaz a little annoying, with the comments on Shiloh, but he does not deserve to be mocked for what is inherent inside him. What Chelsea did is basically the same as making fun of gay people or minorities. I have a feeling she is finally going to feel some backlash.

  26. Lady Satan says:

    Classy Chelsea, very classy. What’s on next weeks show? Kicking the crutches out from amputees? Making fun of Autism?

    I am all for low-brow humor and for insulting everyone and anyone (a la South Park) but those “jokes” weren’t funny. They were just thinly disguised homophobia of a level you would expect from a bunch of nasty grade-school kids.

  27. Cheyenne says:

    #Whatamess: Her abortion was probably the best gift she ever made to mankind. Can you imagine her spawning a Chelsea Junior?

  28. Chereth Cutestory says:

    Chelsea Handler is rancid. Every time she opens her mouth, she proves it.

  29. Stubbylove says:

    Clarification on my earlier comment: I was not supporting Chelsea’s latest rant as funny – in fact I didn’t think it was – funny is relative – but that doesn’t mean we need to place restrictions what comedians can say and what they can’t – that’s going down a very dangerous slippery slope. Same old argument – if you don’t like her – don’t watch her.

  30. Kloops says:

    Love Chaz! Saw his documentary and he’s a total sweetheart. Now fiancé on the other hand is a tiny bit crazy and I worry about the emotional stability in that marriage.

    The biggest problem about the jokes is that they weren’t funny and sooooo obvious. There’s not much that I don’t think can’t be fodder for humor but it takes a deft hand and clever wit to accomplish. The only one on that came close on that roundtable was Fortune. Love her.

  31. b626 says:

    Now that Chastity has changed the 1st name to Chaz
    the last name must be changed
    from Bono
    to BONER!!

  32. !!! says:

    Oh, so let’s make fun of his weight? What kind of psychotic hypocrites are you?

  33. Amy says:

    Chelsea Handler makes fun of everyone–black people, gay people, disabled people, etc. I think her jokes are always in poor taste but I think it’s a little unfair she gets called out on this and not some of her other offensive jokes.

  34. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Chaz doesn’t have a penis, so…that’s where that’s gone.

  35. garvels says:

    Chelsea is a pig and I am shocked that she is still on the air. Her humor is comparable to that found in a high school locker room.

  36. ZenB!tch says:

    That is what Chelsea does. It’s like Howard Stern and all his pervy comments. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. I don’t but obviously a lot of people do or else she wouldn’t be on the air.

    Here is my bad Chaz joke of the day: Chelsea is just miffed because Chaz is so much more delicate and feminine than she is.

  37. Lenore says:

    Like some others here, I agree that everyone and everything is an acceptable target for comedy – to borrow from South Park a little, if it’s okay to make fun of one group, it’s okay to make fun of them all.

    That does not mean, however, that people can’t call you out for being rude, assy, insensitive, ignorant, dumb, or just plain not funny. Freedom of speech exists for Chelsea’s critics just as much as it does for her. There was nothing but unfunny, witless ignorance in what she and her guests said; they added a little more hate to the world, and that’s all. Go Chelsea.

    What she said basically translates as, “Look, I’m a moron, okay, and my shock value as an attractive [arguably], young [ish] woman, telling filthy jokes, is wearing off, because people are starting to see that I’m actually kind of a dick. I really haven’t progressed much beyond high school, and saying mean stuff about other people to make myself feel better is basically all I got. I’m too dumb to understand the simple idea that if someone’s made the transition from female to male, then you now refer to them as He and not She – sorry, but that just throws my brain out of whack; I don’t have the IQ to handle the concept, so I’m just going to make jokes about it to conceal the fact that I’m a vacuous, poisonous, bigoted moron. But stick around, I’ll get off the subject soon and back to the homewrecking whore who stole my BFF’s husband back in the day…you like THOSE gags, right? *swallows tequila, wipes coke booger from left nostril, vomits, passes out*”.

  38. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Lenore: Well said

  39. tracking says:

    I agree that celebrities who put themselves out there are fair game for mockery, but also that these jokes crossed the line on an issue where there is a direct correlation between comparable bullying ‘jokes’ and the suicides of young men and women. To my mind, the vulnerability of this population differentiates it from most other categories ripe for comedic scorn. And yeah maybe there’s a way to joke about this that is actually funny rather than cruel, but this was a miss.

  40. says:

    I’m sorry, but if you really want to be like every other person, you’ve got to realize that it doesn’t protect you from public criticism or mockery.

    Cry baby cry.

  41. atlantapug says:

    I have utmost respect for Mr. Bono, however, Chelsea Handler mocks EVERYONE.

    Can’t take the heat…… well, you know.

    Just because you are gay/trans/bi you can’t be made fun of???
    Being made fun of in the mainstream means you are accepted, does it not?

    And everyone does know that CH is a friend of the queer community. I’m sure Chaz isn’t offended in the least.

  42. manda says:

    the character in middlesex was born with both sex organs, I think. can’t recall for sure, but pretty sure there was no taking of hormones or surgery.

  43. *apple says:

    Lola: That is the single most ignorant, judgmental and hateful comment I have ever read…
    Who are you to deem someone to be a “mockery” or an “abomination”?
    What has Chaz done or said that has indicated to you that he identifies as a “new race”?
    You have used some mighty powerful words to express your hatred and just reading them has made my skin crawl.

  44. Bobby the K says:

    Chelsea’s ears are weird. Too big, too high up.

    Why does calling something ‘humor’
    (even if it isn’t) make it acceptable?

  45. Marianne says:

    I just don’t like that people “demand” an apology. To me,it doesn’t seem genuine if someone has to ask.

  46. Seal Team 6 says:

    @olga —

    Why is Chaz Bono “hideous”?

    He is a very articulate, intelligent, and funny person.

  47. Seal Team 6 says:


    So, honest question: then, by your logic, it’s okay to make fun of mentally and physically handicapped people, use racial slurs and racist stereotypes as jokes for Blacks, Hispanics, etc., make rape jokes about women…..

  48. Seal Team 6 says:

    @Lola —

    Chaz wasn’t a woman who decided to be a man. I suggest you educate yourself and TG issues and read Jenny Boylan’s excellent, “She’s Not Here,” or watch Chaz’ documentary on OWN or read his book.

    Gosh, that is some mighty fine Haterade you’re sipping. Put the OT down and go volunteer at a soup kitchen or something.

  49. Charlotte says:

    Yay, Leonore! Agree totally. I just don’t see what the big deal is. Chas Bono deserves the respect that should be given to each and every human being on the face of the earth, period. Chelsea Handler is an ass.

  50. Stubbylove says:

    To answer your question @Seal Team: Yup.

  51. pwal says:

    September 2nd, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Thats kind of surprising because Chaz and Jennifer Aniston are old school friends. I believe they went to high school together, i know i have seen pictures of them together way before they were ever famous.


    I thought the same thing. Now, it’s the moment of truth – will Aniston continue to schmooze with Chelsea, given that she was disrespectful to a longtime friend?

    And as for Chelsea – she’s a unrepentant, unfunny b*tch who deserves all the bad karma that’s coming to her.

  52. Ruffian9 says:

    Lola: Time for your lobotomy. Seriously. You’re f**ked up.

  53. lee says:

    lenore said it best: chelsea has a right to be a bigoted unfunny asshole, and we have a right to call her on it.

    and as for the whole ‘everyone gets made fun of’ line of thinking, yes. they do. and so should chaz. but there’s a difference between a joke that is related to race, sexuality, gender identity etc, and a joke that is racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, etc. and the latter is lazy and shouldn’t even be considered comedy.

    and i just wanted to point out that it was GLAAD that asked for an apology, not Chaz.

  54. Ruffian9 says:

    Stubbylove: “To answer your question @Seal Team: Yup.”

    So, hatred and intolerence disguised as ‘humour’ = good. Gotcha.

  55. echolocate says:

    lola, pretty sure no one has asked to have his/her gender treated as a “new race.” Perhaps your confusion stems from your own belief that “male” is a race?

    And Chaz isn’t doing the complaining here, GLAAD is. No reason for you and others (looking at you olga–lola’s twin?) to attack him. And for such an important principle, no less–the rights of Chelsea Handler and her guests to be insulated from criticism when their jokes are nowhere near funny enough to outweigh their cruel costs. Plenty of comedians use insult humor; complaints are fewer when they’re actually funny and insightful.

    Chelsea and friends are perfectly free to use Chaz as the subject of their lazy, boring jokes that any immature 13-year-old could make. And GLAAD is entitled to complain.

  56. Kelly says:

    @lola, you are an odious person. I hope no-one hates you as much as you hate people whom you don’t even bother to try to understand.

    @Seal Team 6, RIGHT ON.

  57. Firecracker says:

    I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Chaz, he didn’t ask to be Cher’s offspring. I don’t think he likes all the attention…but then he’s going to be on DWTS so maybe I’m way off base here.

  58. eternalcanadian says:

    Good on GLAAD. It is people like Chelsea that make jokes and stuff which make it an ongoing battle for GLBTQ to get social recognition and civil rights just because they are not “heterosexual” males and females. Also good on Chaz’s dance partner Lacey for telling people to quit it with the jokes and stuff. I do wish Carson was dancing with a guy, but perhaps next season we’ll have same-gender dancing! 😉

    By the way, to all the people that say Chaz is huge, try living all your life under confusion, loneliness, and whatever, and see if you don’t comfort eat to that size. Maybe DWTS will help Chaz lose some weight as he finally begins to live the life he always needed and wanted. 🙂

  59. Kelly says:

    Chaz is cute and seems very nice, people should leave him alone

  60. wunderkind says:

    More publicity for Chaz!

  61. Az says:

    Chelsea Handler is a piece of shit. I wish there were a more polite way to say it but there’s not.

  62. Amanda G says:

    See, those lame jokes don’t bother me. What bothers me are ignorant, hateful fools like LOLA. Educate yourself.

  63. Someday, someone is gonna stomp a knot in that bitches ass. chelsea’the douchebag’handler

  64. chantal says:

    GLADD demands…? It’s not like these comments come from a government institution or a highly regarded philosopher, it’s bloody TV! Well, yes it is strange that a woman becomes a man! There’s no fiddling about it! An guess what? That’s what comedians are here for! Eventhough, some lack emapthy!

  65. Blithe says:

    Handler has a serious case of The Jolie Vein on her for-head. That’s pretty much all I noticed.

    Here is an open question (please, I’m not looking for an argument, but I’d like to hear some opinions): In a society that largely rejects the idea of God and the notion that we all had a preconceived identity before we were born, can someone explain to me how a person can believe that they were born into the “wrong” body? *blinks* How exactly would you know?

  66. Kelly says:

    Blithe, gender is biological much more than cultural; it’s as simple as that. In fact, most traits are biologically determined (see studies of identical twins who were separated at birth). Not sure where God comes into the picture, LOL.

    How would you know? I think it’s apparent from hearing transgender people speak that they just KNOW; for Chaz, he felt masculine. End of story.

  67. Cheyenne says:

    Agree with Kelly. Gender identity seems to be much more biological than cultural, religious, or anything else. Many little girls are tomboys, but most tomboys feel comfortable being female. Most little boys who aren’t “macho” are still comfortable being male. Transgender people appear to feel from very early childhood they they were “born wrong”, in effect trapped in the wrong body. How this happens, I have no idea, let alone how God factors into it.

    @Blithe: I totally disagree that this society rejects the idea of God; I think what most people reject is the Christian right’s narrow-minded religiosity.

    Are we getting into a whole new topic here?

  68. Dana says:

    The veins on her forehead are her devil horns ready to sprout.

  69. RJ says:

    Move along, nothing to see here. Just another white, straight, cisgendered, privileged comedian making her living by cutting others down.

  70. LittleMissSunshine says:

    Middlesex was about a hermaphrodite, not a transgendered person. They’re very different.

  71. Kris says:

    if Chelsea had made fun of Chaz for her sexuality thats 1 thing but Chaz is a grown adult and im sure knew she would encounter thiese types of comments. GLAAD has zeroright t demand anyone do anything. If Chazwas offened and contacted chelseas people then so be it but GLAAD should mind their own business. maybe Chaz is pissed GLAAD is beinging even more attention to the comments and its her life not GLAADS.

  72. foozy says:

    who is this crazy bitch handler anyway? why is she still on tv? that amount of wrinkles at her age = mean bitch!

  73. VintageBum says:

    another oh my moment.

    Okay, GLAAD has some done some amazing things and I am all for the equality despite sexual orientation, but this is ridiculous. I am in no way supporting the mockery of people in that sense. But GLAAD is tainting the image for the rest of the LGBT community. They are jumping ALL over someone almost irrelevant comedian for an ignorant comment. If we all went around reprimanding people for every stupid comment they make, there wouldnt be enough hours in the day! How tiring! People will always talk and always have something to say? SO what… it wasn’t as if she was telling the whole world that they should hate LGBT people. Now the real haters of the community can come forth and say that they ARE overly sensitive tisk

  74. Shoe_Lover says:

    Chelsea Handler is pure trash. I hope Cher kicks her ar$e

  75. Emily says:

    @Shoe_Lover, I would pay good money to see Cher fight Chelsea. You know Cher would teach that hateful bitch a lesson or two!

  76. Blithe says:

    @Kelly & Cheyenne: thank you for your responses to my post. I appreciate it. I don’t think I was clear in what I was trying to ask. What I meant to convey: from what I’ve heard of transgendered individuals, a lot of them state something along the lines of feeling like they were “meant” to be a boy/girl, and that they feel they were once these opposite genders before. I’ve even heard someone say that they had distant memories of living a life as a different gender before they were “placed” in the wrong body. I was merely remarking on how those two worlds tend to collide. So yes, I was talking about the spiritual aspect/argument, rather than the physiological or natural aspect/argument. But thank you just the same for the courtesy of responding. I’m really not looking for a fight and I hope I didn’t ruffle any feathers.

  77. hahaa says:

    Dontt get why everyone is mad at Chelsea. When Chaz put himself out there like that what do you expect people to say. Of course there going to judge and not everyone will accept it. No it doesnt make her comments right at all but its Chelsea handler and her wack show on E! not some diplomat or high profiled politician. I just honestly dont get why he is on DWTS, how is he a star? Is there any good stars on DWTS these days? I guess you could say im pretty insensitive because I honestly dont see what is bad about the comments. ” I wonder if he or she will get kicked out the show first” Oh mann thats so terrible, I’ve heard worse. But let me remember what my mom says “what wont hurt you may hurt others.” Damn it! *sips vodka* ( since all of people are all Team Chaz i prefer to use devils advocate, so please dont reply back to my comment attacking me and use your big words that i dont understand to insult me. im not looking for a fight i just wanna state my opinion) PEACE!

  78. whaaaa says:

    Celebrities ( and i use that term loosely) get picked on everyday on these comedian shows all the time and get attacked a lot what makes him so different from the others to the point where he deserves a apology and sympathy? Just because he is transgender or born with both parts Or whatever he is doesnt make him hands off and unattackable. And if you do say something you are horrible and insensitive. Please someone correct me if im wrong but how are these comments overboard and insane to say people say way worse!

  79. whaaaa says:

    Celebrities ( and i use that term loosely) get picked on everyday on these comedian shows all the time and get attacked a lot what makes him so different from the others to the point where he deserves a apology and sympathy? Just because he is transgender or born with both parts Or whatever he is doesnt make him hands off and unattackable. And if you do say something you are horrible and insensitive. Please someone correct me if im wrong but how are these comments overboard and insane to say people say way worse! I think out of all bad things people say about people in situations like these this is the beginning stage of critisicm. But if wasnt funny though…..

  80. whaaaa says:

    Nvm i take the last part of my comment back. i didnt read the article fully. but it still wasnt funny!

  81. Ashley says:

    I think GLAAD wants the apology because of our current climate and the way society treats and views LGBTQ individuals.

    But mainly, Chandler is just offensively unfunny.