Tom Hardy in all-black: still hot, or doughy, gangstery and unappealing?


Last night, there was a screening for Warrior, that film that… (whispers) I kind of want to see. I know it’s a boy movie, I know I’ll probably hate all of the boxing/fighting crap. But it looks interesting. That being said, the star of the film, Tom Hardy, isn’t really selling me in these photos from the premiere. I know his head is shaved for Bane. I know he looks so meaty and Shrek-y for Bane. I know it’s just a temporary thing. But does he have to do the all-black gangster outfit too? He looks like a 50-something mobster with a prostate problem. Sigh… and I was back to liking him after that funny interview. Now I’m back to declaring him “The Anti-Biscuit Tingle”. Look at this grossness:



So because I’m not hot for Tom anymore, I can pay some attention to his Warrior costar, Joel Edgerton. Hello, sailor.


And here’s Jennifer Morrison (she plays Joel’s wife in the film) in a pretty party dress. She looks nice, but I’d like to see her go darker with her hair.



And Nick Nolte, looking like the strange old bastard that he is.


Here’s the trailer again:

Photos courtesy of WENN & Fame.

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26 Responses to “Tom Hardy in all-black: still hot, or doughy, gangstery and unappealing?”

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  1. smh says:

    he looks like a fat mobster :( and has aged visibly because of this role…

  2. desmond22 says:

    YES. Yes! Tom Hardy. Yes… That is all…

  3. Me says:

    The thing with Tom Hardy is that he can morph into anything. The Hurt Locker to…err… what was that movie where he plays the British prisoner? Bronson? I could barely tell that they were the same save for two things. His eyes and his lips.

    There’s something about this man… doughy, old, whatever. He’s incredibly sexy.

  4. Laura says:

    Everything about Tom Hardy is unappealing (to me). From his meatiness, to his gross lips, to his dalliances with Lindsay Lohan (which his publicist even confirmed) to the totally chav-y and douchey pictures he takes of himself posing in front of fancy cars and crap.


  5. Bubbling says:

    Usually I’m all for some bold action, I just don’t see this look on Tom, and I even liked Mat’s shaved head. He can still call me when his hair grows back

  6. Laura says:

    “The Hurt Locker to…err… what was that movie where he plays the British prisoner? Bronson? I could barely tell that they were the same save for two things.”

    Of course you couldn’t tell they were the same person, since Tom Hardy wasn’t even in The Hurt Locker.

  7. chris says:

    He’s so brilliant in all his roles, I don’t even care that he looks like a BAMF Pillsbury dough boy. Hubba hubba.

  8. WT says:

    #3 Said it perfectly. I admire the commitment it takes to change ones body so very much, and this man is like an iguana. Love him – and all his 2000 parts.

  9. Harley says:

    I’d take him-doughy mobster and all. As Me said-those eyes, those lips…yum!

    And I want that dress!

  10. Hollowdoll says:

    I’m sure he’ll bounce back to his usual look eventually. A boy movie? Really? *sighs*

  11. kerfuffles says:

    Too beefy, I agree. But he still has such lovely lips.

    As for Jennifer Morrison–can’t stand her as an actress ever since she was on How I Met Your Mother. Maybe not fair, but good lord was that character Zoe annoying. I also agree that she looks much better as a dark brunette.

  12. Katie says:

    Tom Hardy –

    For the sake of biscuit tingles everywhere, PLEEEEASE revert to your much more handsome alter-ego ASAP.

    Thank you.

  13. Kelly says:

    He is a chameleon – of the hard-core Christian Bale/Robert Deniro school. Anything for a role. Gotta admire that – especially when, as in Tom’s case, there is so much pretty underneath.

    I had to watch the Masterpiece Classics Wuthering Heights again the other day – sigh. He is a Heathcliff for the ages.

  14. malia says:

    when the boy has hair and is fit but not too bulky, he’s gorgeous. Without the hair and too builky though? Ugh, it really kills my lady wood for him.

  15. C-DUB says:

    Whatever….I still want to sit in Tom’s lap!

  16. Me says:

    Yeah Im shit at the names of movies… point is, he’s still sexy.

  17. Firecracker says:

  18. KJ says:

    I kind of appreciate that he’s more into being an actor than being a heartthrob. I’m sure he knows he looks way better when smaller. As much as I CANNOT wait for him to drop the beef and get a little more svelte (he’s on the shorter side too so he tends to widen too much with all that muscle), we DO NOT, I repeat, do not want a world full of Kellan Lutz’s. All looks and zero else. What attracted me to Tom Hardy was his amazing presence on camera (he looks so different from role to role), then his adorableness off. And that’s what’s going to keep my biscuits going til he sorts this whole muscle situation out. Cause…yeah, he’s looked better.

  19. Yasmina says:

    He looks like a total chav. Well, he was anyway at one point. Remember those Myspace photos where he posed with a duckface? Just awkward. He brings those memories back in his current form…Eeek…

  20. e.non says:

    ick… and once that shirt comes off to show those ugly tats … double ick…

  21. fallen says:

    I agree with the other poster I don’t like Jennifer Morrison ever since How I Met Your Mother.

  22. filthycute says:

    He looks like a fat lump of philo dough left out in a hot kitchen.

  23. lu says:

    I think he’s the best actor of his generation and only transforms for roles. He doesn’t care how attractive he looks, although he probably knows he looks good in his normal state.

    Watch Stuart: A Life Backwards (it’s on youtube) to see a brilliant skinny performance with that Cumberbatch dude.

  24. Sue says:

    Tom Hardy is an actor. A real actor. Not just a pretty face or body. He transforms himself to act, not to model shait for gossip blogs. Why all the Hardy hate lately? I could care less what this man looks like, he is probably one of the best actors if not the best young actor in Hollywood. Seriously, if you use the word ‘grossness’ to describe Hardy you have no idea what the hell he can do as an actor.

  25. kikay says:

    his head looks like a tip of a giant dong,sorry ,not digging his looks here.