Sienna’s Forgotten How to Wear a Dress

Poor Sienna Miller. She’s gotten so used to wearing her TJ Maxx leggings and ratty old t-shirts that she’s forgotten how to carry herself in an evening gown. While attending the Metropolitan Opera in New York recently, Sienna arrived with her lovely dress in one piece. But by the time she was leaving, she was lucky it was still hanging onto her body. Apparently, either she or someone else stepped on the dress and ripped the skirt away from the bodice. Maybe next time she’ll remember to hold up her dress when she walks, or better yet, get it hemmed by a tailor to fit her petite frame.

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  1. millie says:

    LOL.. I can’t stand how they get those super expensive gowns and can’t bother to get them hemmed. Not even for the Oscars! I’d also carry a couple of safety pins in my purse. I like the gown though her extensions looked cheap–her furiously smoking during the intermission was a sight too (Wenn had it)

  2. Gnes says:

    Those gowns are usually borrowed from the designer. Then they are sold to some unsuspecting customer.