Elisabetta Canalis speaks: “I’m looking for men who can give me security”


Elisabetta Canalis speaks! She spoken before, of course, but the last time she gave any kind of extensive interview, it was the now infamous one where she talked about how she wanted to get married, and soon after, Clooney dumped her. Since the dumping, Elisabetta’s family have spoken, as have many of Clooney’s friends. This is the first time we hear how Eli has been doing – and it sounds like she still wants Clooney back:

George Clooney has moved on — to Stacey Kiebler. And his ex Elisabetta Canalis has also moved on — to Los Angeles and Dancing with the Stars!

Three months after she and Clooney, 50, confirmed their split, the Italian model and TV personality opened up about the end of their two-year romance and its aftermath.

“At the end of the day I have always seen the end of my relationships as a personal failure,” Canalis, 32, tells Italian magazine Chi. “There is nothing ever pretty [in] saying goodbye.”

Multiple pals told Us that Canalis was eager to take her relationship with Clooney to the next level — i.e. marriage — but the Ides of March actor and notorious bachelor balked. (His new romance with Kiebler, 31 — another DWTS alum! — is also going strong, pals told Us.)

Canalis hinted at her side of the story in her freewheeling chat with Chi.

“I’m a bit of a tomboy, but when it comes to love I am a doormat,” she said. “I’m looking for men who can give me security.”

The beauty added that she might have bad, unhealthy taste in guys. “I have always seen cold and controlled men as the right ones for me,” she sniffed. “You have to accept that Prince Charming who is coming to save you is not going to happen — it works against you.”

Her Dancing with the Stars gig, it seems, arrived at just the right time.

“The end of a relationship is complicated,” she admitted. “I went to the United States, because at the moment I could no longer face the world. Watching my life being dissected was not easy for me.”

She’s surprisingly discovered peace in Hollywood, though. “Here in Los Angeles I have found serenity. I’ve also found work. It was a difficult time for me, but you have to get on with things.”

And Canalis is hopeful about future romantic prospects, too. “In the past I would self destruct when it came to love – I was immature, throwing myself into things but now times have changed, I want a relationship where you understand the other person.”

[From Us Weekly]

There’s so much! “I’m looking for men who can give me security” = I go with the richest guy I can find. “I have always seen cold and controlled men as the right ones for me” = Clooney is cold and controlled, and Eli thought she could change him with love and a great ass, but he still remained “cold”. “The end of a relationship is complicated. I went to the United States, because at the moment I could no longer face the world. Watching my life being dissected was not easy for me” = ???WTF??? Granted, I’ve personally had a lot of fun making fun of Eli and her cocaine and prostitution scandals, and my theories on why and how Clooney dumped her. But Elisabetta could very easily exist anywhere in the world (maybe not Italy, but that’s it) without being bothered in the slightest. She’s not some jet-setting internationally known celebrity, hounded by the press 24-7. She’s just a chick who “dated” a celebrity for a while.

By the way, In Touch has an absolutely hilarious story about “the real reason” Eli is doing Dancing With the Stars. Apparently, “George Clooney is a die-hard fan of the show, rarely missing an episode, so Elisabetta agreed to compete, hoping to make George jealous and win him back.” Oh, it gets better! A source says: “She even told the wardrobe department to create the sexiest and most provocative outfit’s the censors will allow since she knows George will be tuning in!” Oh, girl.

Here are some photos of Eli leaving Mr. Chow last night. Clooney used to take her to MR. Chow. I really think Eli would love to get back with him.




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. heylee says:

    Damn Gina!

    The girl looks smoking…

    I love the entire outfit, and she looks less “hard” in the face.

    Her legs are making me want to do lunges right now!

  2. Bubulle says:

    Why is this woman relevant ? So what she used to date Clooney and now she’s in some lame show, who cares, make her go away.

  3. brin says:

    Cue the violins.

  4. Happy21 says:

    Is it just me or does she not look older than 32? Not like in rough, LiLo kind of way but just older. Maybe its because she’s more mature…lol! I don’t really know.

    She is gorgeous but really who the hell gives a crap? She used to date George Clooney…ooohhhaaahhh! Are we seriously giving the ex of a famous man a second thought? Um, yes, why?

  5. mln76 says:

    LOL I have to admire the fact that she’s been able to turn the Clooney association into any kind of career considering one of his exes had to go back to waitressing. She’s got zero talent but I still have an odd affection for her.

  6. lucy2 says:

    She couldn’t face the world and her life being dissected, so she went to…Hollywood? Hilarious – I love when celebs think everyone is as dumb as they are and won’t see through their nonsense.

  7. Jules says:

    Wow, she looks more mannish than ever.

  8. Madisyn says:

    I just don’t see Clooney watching DWTS. Gay or not. Good try In Touch.

  9. Turtle Dove says:

    Perhaps she already knew about Stacey and Clooney hooking up and wanted to try and upstage her past appearance? Seems kinda coincidental. Was there some overlap?

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    If she “could no longer face the world” WTF is she doing on a primetime TV show? Bitch, please. More like she wanted the world to face her.

  11. Ellie says:

    I just can’t believe how these woman become famous just because they slept with George Clooney. It’s ridiculous and kind of embarrassing.

  12. laylajane says:

    I can’t wait for her to confess that she is REALLY A MAN!!!She is a pretty tranny. I won’t believe for a minute that she is a REAL WOMAN, unless she is a hermaphrodite!!

  13. CanCan says:

    I so agree Ellie. It’s embarrassing and pathetic. If George Clooney asked me out I would run run run. He’s got issues obviously. Bi or whatever he is…ISSUES. I could do a thesis paper on his issues.

  14. Bad Fairy says:

    Yeah there’s a good privacy move. Go to Mr. Chows. Or how about The Ivy?

  15. Jayna says:

    All of a sudden he’s cold lol, when right before he dumped her she said she was still living the fairytale. Too funny. But I like her honesty and humility on being dumped. As far as taking advantage of opportunities, come on she was in the biz trying to make it when he met her. Unfortunately being in LA, she will be a dime a dozen pretty girl being hit on by narcissistic actors or wannabes. Probably slim Pickens for a relationship guy.

  16. normades says:

    yup, security = sugar daddy

  17. LucyOriginal says:

    Jayna: I thought about the fairytale story too. She said how loved and secured she was thanks to her man, didn’t she? I think she did. Anyway… The ex and the soon to be ex on the news. Canalis is funny and annoying at the same time. Cray Cray is just scary.

  18. april says:

    Glad she’s giving interviews and not intimidated by George and his rules about public speaking. I think she looks gorgeous. Yes, it appears she still is very hung up on George but that’s rather normal when you’re dumped and it’s only been 3 mos.

  19. Mary jones says:

    31? Yeah right.

  20. GeekChic says:

    In spite of my glasses-wearing, geeky exterior, I’m actually a softy romantic at heart. In confessing that, I have to say I actually feel badly for Elisabetta. From the article I got the feeling that she actually loved him and was genuinely knocked on her ass when he dumped her. I imagine we all know what it feels like when the ground gets ripped out from underneath you. It’s not a good feeling, at all.

  21. BW says:

    Does she have bicep implants?

    Please tell me that’s not Octomom hanging off her arm?

  22. Nikki Girl says:

    Yep, she still looks like a man. And is George Clooney seriously obsessed with Dancing with the Stars? Why? It’s awful, and none of the people are ever really “stars”! If he’s into dancing, he should watch So You Think You Can Dance!

  23. i.want.shoes says:

    Yes, Hollywood is the place you need to go when you need to flee the paparazzi, and spend some peaceful time with yourself to mend a broken heart.

  24. The Original Ashley says:

    I read security as financial too. And seeing as how she apparently slept her way through Inter Milan I’m probably correct in my assumption.

    GeekChic – you shouldn’t feel bad for her. She dated George “I will NOT get married again” Clooney. All of these woman think they can change him and when he dumps them they go running to the paps crying that they wanted to take “the next step” and they’re heartbroken. Really Krista Allen could use that excuse but these waitresses/playboy types, need to get a clue.

  25. 4Real says:

    31 my ASSSSS! Oh yeah the poor thing…she dated CLOONY and is now somehow relevant and she’s whining about it?? GET IT TOGETHER!

    P.S. lazer those trashy tatts they look like shit.

  26. skilo says:

    Gold Digger

  27. Kelly says:

    There is a lot to that “I’ll be the one to change him” mentality. However – and I’m sure I’ll be pilloried for this, but I think it’s true – the truth is usually that “he’s just not into you.” If she wanted to get married, and he’s been clear as day that he DOESN’T want to get married, she should’ve moved on and found someone who cared about her in that way. I know I’m in the same position (without the gold-digging or biceps of steel, LOL).

  28. serena says:

    She’s really delusional, isn’t she?

  29. april says:

    Kelly – I agree with you. “He’s just not that into you.” Except, George will never be into anyone. I don’t feel sorry for any girl who dates him from now on and gets dumped since now everyone knows how he treats women.

  30. P.J. says:

    I’m sympathetic for Elisabetta. She fell in love with George and had a fantasy of marrying a prince. What’s so awful about that? A lot of little girls and women do, and for awhile it looked like it might come true.

    I’m glad she now sees that the “prince” has a heart of stone, and is not really the best type for her. Getting one’s heart broken is a tough lesson to learn, but she’s a smart girl and will figure it out.

    As for Clooney, he’s already moved on to another young woman who no doubt wants to marry a prince, too.

  31. Carolyn says:

    She is the doormat and wants her man to provide security? I don’t think she’d be happy with a normal job and a normal house in the suburbs. Security for her equals $$$$$. She’s so transparent. She kind of sounds bewildered that George dumped her. She thought she’d found her gravy train.

  32. palermo says:

    What a golddigger, a disgrace to women

  33. Playlist says:

    OMG, Canalis is now playing the sympathy card, just before she appears on a dancing show that requires votes. Well played Elisabetta. She can talk about what a cad George is without actually mentioning his name. Control freak George will be going crazy trying to re-construct the gag contracts drawn up for future fembots.

    “I went to the United States, because at the moment I could no longer face the world.Watching my life being dissected was not easy for me.”
    So she decided to hide from the world by moving to pap ridden L.A. and going on a televised dancing show?

    “I want a relationship where you understand the other person.”
    Stick with those English lessons Elisabetta or pick an Italian next time.

    “You have to accept that Prince Charming who is coming to save you is not going to happen”
    You can bet she is already shopping for her next Prince Charming who is loaded with “security”.

  34. Jeannified says:

    Am I wrong in thinking that perhaps Elisabetta COULD get George back? I somehow think it might just be possible.

  35. J says:

    I feel bad for her . I read somewhere that she is Stacy Keibler’s neighbor . If that’s true , George is one cold basterd . Her birthday is on Saturday . I hope she has something wonderful happens to her . Could you imagine having you ex dateing your neighbor and having to see them together and hearing rummors of how in love they are ?

  36. LucyOriginal says:

    @Jeannified: Yes, she can. he has a history of going back to exes… She is trying really hard, doing everything she didn’t do in 2 years of relationship: learning the language, working hard at something (in Eli standards showing up to practice the routines for DWTS means a lot), pretending she is sweet and nice, always smiling to the cameras (will she ever address the argument she had with a paparazzi in Italy? there is/was a video on youtube she was saying people work a whole month and he gets money like that), but now she loves to be papped, she is no longer believing in fairytale (3 months ago she did). George is cold and controlling? Wasn’t he better than plastic surgery? Wasn’t he supportive of her career and made her feel loved and confident than ever before? For those of you who are not used to her antics, she loves to flip flop her stories/ interviews. She is doing everything she can to get him. In hopes of showing to him that she can be loved, embraced by Americans and fulfill her Hollywood dream on her own (cough!), she will get him back. After all, she is just his type…

    @Eli: Girl, be careful. Cray Cray is here to stay… for the George Clooney time being, there is…

  37. rachel says:

    ewwwwwwwwww he dumped her because of that arm tattooooo!!!!

  38. CooCooCatchoo says:

    LOL she had to go seek serenity in LA – the most paparazzi-friendly city in the world?!? It’s also full of rich old guys who are well-connected and looking for trophy wives. CHA-Ching! Perfect place for her next “career move” – er, I mean for sugar daddy shopping.
    She’s 31 – you’re not the sweet young thang you used to be, dear. Maybe you should get an education and start, oh, I don’t know… thinking about getting a real job?
    It amazes me how little self esteem gorgeous women have. Her comments are so telling – she feels that her only talents are her face and what’s between her legs. Some of those women endure such gross stuff just to pay the rent. Yuck. They all seem so lonely and desperate. They put $$$ above love for so long, and wonder why why they can’t find Mr Right. She doesn’t strike me as someone who’d allow herself to fall in loveedith a regular 9-to-5 kind of guy.
    Oh, and I really do love her outfit. See? She got a nice wardrobe from GC. She got to travel the world first class, rub elbows with the rich and famous – not a bad parting gift. Most regular girls are left with a box of mixed CDs and some Victoria’s secret undies. And maybe a cat or a plant.

  39. Firecracker says:

    “Here in Los Angeles, I have found serenity”. LMAO! Really? I used to live in the valley and serenity was nowhere to be seen.

  40. Poppy says:

    “I want a relationship where you understand the other person.”

    To really understand George you would have to understand his medical issues first Eli and I’m not talking about Syrian injuries, STD’s or recurring bouts of Malaria

  41. CC says:

    I smell horse manure….

  42. gg says:

    Oh my god now she is hanging out with Octopuss looking for men!


  43. Kath & Kim says:

    I live in LA. It is many things, but serene it is not. Me thinks Georgy-Peorgy may be batting for other team?

  44. taxi says:

    She’s looking for “men”, not “a man”. She’s already had a lot of men but none who’ll support her forever so she doesn’t have to flaunt her meager talents.

    I think she left home because she can get more press here. Over there, nobody cares about an ex-party girl who’s trying to get back in the game.

  45. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Woah, man arms …

    Also it’s documented that he is a confirmed bachelor and always will be. You go into a relationship with Clooney thinking it will last more then a year and you are a fool.

  46. newtsgal says:

    That dudes adam’s apple is bigger that my ol mans.

  47. stella says:

    Still can’t believe George was hangin’ with this chick and her tattoos. His infatuation with Cindy Crawford is no doubt finished. However, I could see him callin’ on Eli again because she is going to be in his face on DWTS and flirting up a storm. She’s very endearing in an Italian sort of way. George will never get someone as classy as Monica Belucci so he will have to settle for the other types.

  48. Camille says:

    mln76: I agree lol. I have no hate for this chick.

    Best of luck with the hustle Canalis lol.

  49. Dawn says:

    Oh sweetheart,let the dream go. He’s never coming back.

  50. Tazina says:

    Other than the tats which are hideous, Elisabetta is very pretty and her body is incredible.

    I know Clooney never opened his cold, bastard heart to her and I feel sorry for her. She was as gullible and ready to love, unfortunately, as the ones before her, and just as this Stacey Kiebler will be after her. It’s a game they can’t win.

  51. Flan says:

    Get your own security, dumb bitch.

    With attitudes like this it’s no wonder other countries (read Germany and the smaller north-west countries) in the EU will have to pay to Italy AGAIN, after they lazied about while spending all the money they got the first round. At least the eastern european countries are doing something more constructive with their gift money than holding longer siestas and beautification of squares.

    Oh and take note, the US is not part of the world, gals!

  52. justine says:

    Clooney’s new girlfriend seems to me a cross from Big Gim and Barbie

  53. shea says:

    Wow she looks conversant in this interview when she really doesnt know how to speak English… remember when George is parading her in the media; George would do all the talking while she would just be standing beside him like a “cactus” – utter fakery!

  54. Rose says:

    Did she used to be a man? – i’m genuinely asking

  55. atlantapug says:

    That’s a man.

    Clooney really likes those hard bodies mannish ones, doesn’t he?

  56. tia says:

    Her constant prayers… ‘oh please, oh please let George watch me on DWTS. oh please, oh please let that make him love me again. That is the only reason I am doing it. Oh George, please watch the show. I am going to win, I tell you.

  57. European citizen says:

    She is very beautiful! Good luck Eli!

  58. Lady_Luck says:

    There is nothing remotely likeable or endearing about this woman – no matter what angle she is coming from. It’s very hard to feel sympathy for her. Her cocaine snorting Italian
    escort past aside, she just screams ‘egotistical agenda’ for every word she utters and every photo she poses in. Geoge Clooney had confirmed his bachelor
    status long ago, and all these monotone women he courts with remind me of lemmings all walking up a small slope to the cliff’s
    edge….She’s had her 15 mins of famewhoredomeness, why doesn’t she just disappear now? Must be crushing to see George move on so quickly. George is the epitome of the male inspired phrase: “why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?”. Interesting how she uses the phrase “looking for men..” rather than “looking for a man…”

  59. Liz says:

    I think you got it all wrong about Canalis. For the past 10 years she’s been Italy’s darling. Lovewise she is rather masochistic, falling only for men who can break her heart. Rumours in Milan had it that she lost her virginity at the age of 21, to the great love of her life. A football player who is a true dickhead! I think she only got over him after meeting Clooney. But the sooner she moves on the better. He’s too old for her!
    As for the bad stories she was involved, she had nothing to do wit

  60. Liz says:

    As for the bad stories she was involved in, most of it is plain slandering by namesdropping starlettes who do not have her popularity (in Italy). Yes, she may have gone to the wrong party or occasionally smoked some pot. But who hasn’t in the business/fashion world?
    Compared to Italy, L.A. is a safe place for her, because most people ignore her…

  61. Liz says:

    Eli is a typical Sardinian beauty: brunette, slender frame and lean body. She is one of the few – if not the only- Italian showgirl who has not messed with her boobs. “I’m the only woman I know whose tits have gone smaller and not bigger over the years”, she said. That’s because she keeps losing weight. As a teenager she was a pluplish girl..Are you satisfied?

  62. pallu says:

    I don’t understand it. If the breakup was painful, if she could not face him and the world why run away from Italy and choose to live, guess where….in Los Angeles, the city where George lives, and where she could bump into him any time. I think this interview is a soap opera. She landed in LA hoping to bump into him, went to DWTS because she knew it was a program George watches on TV hoping 1) the possibility to get him back, or 2) a revenge if she wins the mirrorball since Stacey Kiebler did not. She dated George 2 years and was hardly with him, she dated Bobo Vieri 5 years and she did less crying. Does this make any sense or you think it is only PR???

  63. Liz says:

    I speak up for Eli because she is a great supporter of my football team. She comes from a well-to-do family, is educated and VERY well connected.
    She needs no American sugar daddies, there are rich people in Italy too!
    I wish her luck, but she is too insecure, shy and tongue-tied to make it in the show business.

  64. pallu says:

    you mean a “series of football players”. She was with Bobo Vieri 5 years followed by Ferreira Reginaldo, Didier Drogba, etc. all of whom eventually dumped her. Her boobs might be real but the “side B” and her lips (now shaped like a dinghy or “canotto” as they say in Italy) are not. Her choices of performances have been soft porn movies and nude calendars. Now she wants to become a Hollywood star. Her English is improving (classes 2 times a week) but she is 33 and getting too old for Hollywood.

  65. Liz says:

    She cried a lot over Bobo Vieri, God knows why! She only stopped after meeting Clooney, it was sort of revenge on a big scale. Proving to herself and to him that she could be loved by someone bigger than him. Luckily she got over that big dickhead Vieri. Now let’s hope she moves on from this fake playboy, too!

  66. Liz says:

    ok, Vieri (5 years), Reginaldo (6 months, she declared to be in love but found him in bed with somebody), Droga on off for a while, Clooney (2 years). That makes 4 boyfriends in about 10 years. What do you want her to be, a NUN?

  67. Liz says:

    Her mouth is not shaped like a canotto at all, it’s just the glossy makeup. She always had strong features.Honestly I cannot see why people are being so bitchy about her. U.S.A floods the world annually with tons of plastic, botoxed pussycats. Why does this girl annoy you so much!

  68. J says:

    And on the day before her birthday George makes his relationship with her neighbor public . Wonder if he got Stacy a ring . Poor Eli .

  69. Flan says:

    @Liz. There are rich people in Italy too?

    Wow. So other countries can finally stop sending THEIR euros?

  70. blasted1 says:

    Hey, if I were George, I’d hire a couple of armed bodyguards! Fabio Lite sounds like (s)he has become a stalker. I’ve lived in L.A. and loved every un-serene minute of it. Seriously, George, watch your ass.

  71. Liz says:

    Flan: Do you mean YOUR euros? Interesting! What’s your bank account!
    Actually, rich Italians don’t pay taxes and keep their money in foreign bank accounts. So, maybe they’re making your country rich too. Whatever it is. Not Ireland, Greece, Portugal or Spain I take it?

  72. Lorenzo says:

    She is annoying, because she is doing nothing than running around almost naked, stripping in front of cameras whenever there is an opportunity and then writing comments by herself that she is soooo beautiful, posting links to her butt pictures and so on.
    Always looking cheap and vulgar, no taste, no class, but still thinking she is the most envied woman in the world.
    Jealousy is her biggest issue, but seriously I really don’t know, why somebody should be jealous and of what???
    Why should people show respect to somebody who is thinking that presenting her naked butt to the cameras or showing her boobs makes her an important person?

  73. Kosmos says:

    I’ve heard that she was really just an escort or a high cost hooker in Italy just prior to being with Clooney. She’s no angel, folks. This is how she supported herself, as she apparently has no other skills. I’m not surprised this was just another fling for Clooney, but why is she blaming HIM for not giving her security. What about the millions of other men she slept with who had money, too? If she wants security, I’m sure there are plenty of men who could make her feel secure and marry her and take her in, so is it that she just wants millionaires? I agree, if you suddenly feel you want privacy, you do NOT come to Hollywood and go to DWTS to get it. What she really wants is fame & lots of money and after he dumped her, she is milking this while people still remember her name.