Chaz Bono shows his moves on the Dancing with the Stars premiere

Last night was the big premiere of “Dancing with The Stars,” and a lot of the new contestants really brought it. Most notably, Chaz Bono showed that he learned a thing or two growing up with Sonny and Cher. The judges praised him for his footwork and timing, and he and partner Lacey Schwimmer earned a judges’ score of 17 for their cha-cha, placing them the bottom-middle of the pack. Chaz looked a little nervous to me, and he needs to work on not holding his hand over his belly, but you can tell he put an effort in. David Arquette fared a bit better with a score of 18 for his Viennese Waltz with Kym Johnson. I just loved watching him dance. Here’s more, from E!:

Knowing he was the one that audiences were most anxious to see, producers craftily saved Chaz—the show’s first-ever transgender contestant—for last. But he was definitely not least!

The author and Becoming Chaz star made the most preseason headlines, but he showed up ready to rumble, er, rumba! Under the tutelage of Lacey Schwimmer, Chaz wasn’t the best dancer, but he may have been the most pleasantly surprising.

Not to mention “cute and cuddly,” as Bruno Tonioli duly noted.

Clean-shaven and looking like a teenager, David Arquette waltzed two-time champ Kym Johnson around the floor like a guy with something to prove! (Or at least with someone to impress—daughter Coco and his still legally wedded wife Courteney Cox had front-row seats in the audience.)

And his effort was not wasted, with none other than head judge Len Goodman saying he was “very, very impressed” by what Arquette put out there. Of course, he’s got the energy of an unbridled pony, so he has to tone it down a bit, but the eight-months-sober Scream star had great lines and infectious enthusiasm.

[From E! Online]

There’s more of a recap at E! along with the scores if you’re interested, and we have some of the videos below. (Search on first dance then the celebrity’s name in YouTube for the official videos from ABC.) As in past seasons, I’m sure we’ll be surprised by someone out of left field. This week, Iraqi war veteran and soap star J.R. Martinez tied for first place with singer Chynna Phillips for a high score of 22.

I guess George Clooney’s ex, Elisabetta Canalis, really tanked big time. You can watch her below. She looks like a drunk stripper with those moves and will be voted off in no time.

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff. Check out the spin at :50. This is the guy to beat.

David Arquette and Kym Johnson. I love his faces!

Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovoloni. She can really dance but there’s something off-putting about her.

Update: oh here’s Carson Kressley. I can’t believe I forgot about him. (Thanks Betsy!) He does the chicken dance at one point!

The screencap below is from a video at Radar that also features the judges’ reactions to Chaz.

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  1. ShanKat says:

    I really love David Arquette.

    Elisabetta’s armband tattoo makes me Cartman-laugh.

  2. Betsy says:

    I expected Elisabetta to be good. She danced on Italian TV, after all. Man, she sucked.

    I thought Carson Kressley was a hoot. Wouldn’t he be the best gbff ever?

  3. OriginalGracie says:

    Go Chaz!!

  4. Abby says:

    David’s music is kiiiiind of ironic. ANd he needs to close his mouth. Loved Chaz!

  5. jen says:

    Elisabetta was horrible! And her voice is so annoying-how did the Cloon put up w/her for so long?

    I have a feeling she’ll be the 1st to go.

  6. Sue says:

    WOW was Elisabetta bad really really bad.

    Chaz was really good and I think the more weight he losses the better he will get.

    It’s great that Courteney same out to support David.

  7. Judy says:

    Thought Chaz was GREAT and deserved much better scores.

  8. tracking says:

    Go Chaz!!

  9. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Chaz definitely was quite cute and cuddly! He was so happy to be there, and it really showed in his beaming grin.

    I did not expect the elegance and fluidity of J.R. Martinez. The way he carried himself with his beautiful posture and smooth moves made his disfigured face actually handsome. Gorgeous!

  10. European citizen says:

    Elisabetta is the best!!! Wow!

  11. gee says:

    Chaz was ok, but I’m stanning for David Arquette and JR! They were great.

  12. Lucy says:

    I think it is great that David and Courtney keep a united front for their daughter. He does have something about him that makes you want to mother him…I can see how Courtney felt that way, and I’ll bet that gets old fast when it is your husband…

  13. tia says:

    Chaz or JR will win.. 🙂 or should win. George’s ex.. poor thing.. I was so embarrased for her.. ick!

  14. Mikki says:

    Chaz was better than I anticipated, but my fave of the night was Chynna Phillips – she was great! Also enjoyed David Arquette, surprisingly. Elisabetta was just bad…she and Val make a pretty couple, but that’s about it. Despite my saying I wasn’t going to watch, I can feel myself getting sucked in!

  15. Rhiley says:

    I love David Arquette as well. I wish he were my best friend.

  16. anait says:

    @ Betsy

    that’s the kind of thing Elisabetta “danced” when she worked as a velina for the satirical tv show “Striscia la notizia”: dancers do other things.
    As for her dancing… there is something wrong in her posture, it looks like she is pushing her shoulders backward and that makes her look stiff – and honestly she has never been flexible – she’s trying to be sexy too hard and the worst thing for me is that she’s not having fun. That’s the main difference with her and Chaz Bono. He’s having fun. I don’t think Elisabetta loves dancing, it’s just a way to show herself to the world and work. I can understand that, but sometimes the results are… meh!

  17. Hollowdoll says:

    I can’t be the only one who finds it hilarious that Clooney’s ex call girl starts her number in a bed. Had she stayed there she would have done a lot better. not good at all.

  18. rosmarina says:

    Chaz – go Chaz! He’s definitely got the moves.

  19. cindigirl says:

    Chynna and Tony were the best IMO. Elizabetta and Tony’s dance was too fast paced and it seemed she put too much “sex” into it.

  20. cmc says:

    Team Kristin? Just me?

  21. Dusty says:

    Folks need their eye glasses adjusted because Chaz sucked just like Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin did.

  22. Kermit says:

    Elisabetta was horrible, and it was quite obvious she was counting in her head. I think she had a wardrobe malfunction, too, that she conveniently covered up with her hand at the very end of the dance – her top was getting turned sideways.

    Carson’s dance actually made me laugh, in a good way! He’s fun to watch (the Jagger faces!) even if he isn’t the best technical dancer.

  23. Diane says:

    The Italian Queen needs to go home. I kept watching her in the background all night. She seemed bored to death (this sure isn’t Lake Cuomo). Not only that, no one seemed to be talking to her. Ciao baby!

  24. nan says:

    Chaz did better than I expected. Elizabeth’s dance was embarrassing. I like Hope the best.

  25. GiGi says:

    Thanks for putting all these up! My Mr. tried to get techie and Tivo something and it stopped the timer! I didn’t speak to him for hours, lol!

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    GO CHAZ! Out of all the contestants, I think he has the most pressure on him, so his nervousness was completely understandable. I hope he relaxes a little and just has fun!

    RJ has scars on his face? Hand to God, I didn’t even notice them.

    Anyone who has ever seen Eli dance knows she sucks. And of course, she wore the skimpiest costume on the show. I expected nothing less.

    I don’t watch reality TV, but I watched the clips here.

    CB – Did you notice who was sitting next to Courtney & Coco? Pee-Wee Herman!

  27. Diane says:

    Where the hell was Cher to support Chaz? All the other dancers had their support teams. It was great to see Billy Baldwin, Courtney Arquette and even Team Kardashian. I thought Rob looked the best I have ever seen him but he couldn’t dance.

  28. Christine says:

    Eli was laughably bad. The rest did not embarass themselves, and I found their nerves endearing.

  29. 4Real says:

    Wow CHAZ way to go!!

    David Arquette was pleasantly suprising!

    Thank you for putting this up CB I would have never watched it!

  30. Bellooo says:

    I love ♥ JR Martinez! He did Great!!!

  31. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    A few things…. I thought no one could be as obnoxious as Maxim, until I heard his brother talk! Also Carsons “chicken dance” was a Mick Jagger impression (and it was awesome). JR was great and, the few times I saw him on All My Children, he was pretty good. Finally, what did Kloe yell to the judges after Rob’s performance?

    @the original Bella, my husband pointed out pee wee and cracked up laughing for some reason. I guess he’s a friend of David Arquette?

  32. irishserra says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by Ricki Lake. I thought she did a pretty nice job! Yeah, Lizzie looked awkward… made me think of Kate Gosselin when she was on.

  33. kelbear says:

    @cmc, team Kristin all the way!

  34. Franny says:

    I don’t watch the show because its like AI where 3/4 of it is fluff and 1/4 is the actual dancing/singing. but i really liked this recap so I can just watch the dancing parts! please do it for all the episodes 🙂

  35. Stubbylove says:

    This is great just seeing the dancing bits cuz I don’t watch the show due to the cheeseball factor – on board with @Franny there. Chaz did really great – he’s definitely got some of his momma in him. Carson totally makes me laugh – good for him!

  36. DetRiotgirl says:

    Omg, I loved Carson! He was easily the most entertaining of the bunch!

    Chaz was alright. I was amazed by how pretty Lacey looked, considering what a mess she is off the dance floor.

    I thought David Arquette looked quite handsome, and it’s sweet that Courtney and Coco showed up to support him.

  37. Seal Team 6 says:


    I know Chaz’ girlfriend/fiancee was there. He’s also very close to his stepsiblings (Mary Bobo’s kids), so they may have also been there.

  38. Ashley says:

    David Arquette forever. He was so surprising.
    He, Rickie Lake and Chaz Bono were my favorites.

    And I find this cast (with the exception of Eli) to be INCREDIBLY likable.

  39. bagladey says:

    Carson’s dance was epic; pure entertainment and I loved it. Elisabetta was as horrible as I expected her to be because I had seen video of her “dancing” on stage in Italy before.(Nancy Grace has more rhythm and moves than Elisabetta does). Imho either Elisabetta or Ron Artest should get voted off tonight.

  40. Annie says:

    The dancing is comming along really well, but what’s up with that beard? Is he turning Amish too?

  41. Jaxx says:

    I’m sorry, Chaz was just bad. He’s going to get a lot of the “been down a hard road vote” but I don’t think he deserves it. His dance moves, especially the hands looked like a girls. He just does not move like a man.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    Morticians – Yup, they’re friends from way back, I guess. (I thought David looked adorable.) And yes, Carson’s chicken dance/Mick Jagger impersonation was priceless!

    I meant JR. *wipes egg off face* I just watched it again on full screen, and I still barely noticed. Too busy watching him dance! He has an innate grace, and it’s beautiful to watch.

    And Eli’s hands-to-head roll looks like she has a headache, but less natural.

  43. MissVJJ says:

    I wonder what will happen if Chaz doesn’t when DWTS? Lots of “OMGZ THEYRE BIGOTS!!!”

  44. MSat says:

    I can’t stand the crappy cover songs on this show…good god, they’re terrible!

  45. hatsumomo says:

    OK, Im proly perverse for bringing this up, but….how the hell does Canalis manage to snag the men she’s banged if she has no rhythm? I mean, its obvious the woman is stiff as a board. How do you have a good time in the sheets if you have no rhythm to keep things going? there is only so much being super skinny can get you.

  46. Playlist says:

    I thought Chaz was terrible and the judges over-compensated for him because of all the controversy. I could care less if he male or female on the show, but even for his size, he didn’t move much.

    I seriously think they should have given Carson a male professional dance partner that would be the one to lead. He is way too feminine to look comfortable dancing with a woman.

    Elisabetta totally sucked. Even with professional instruction she still can’t dance. Her English must be really terrible, as they asked her few questions.Her skimpy costume didn’t help since she has no curves, no personality, and zero sex appeal. She looked extremely uncomfortable dancing and hanging with the rest of the cast.

    JR and David did really great. I can see David going on to win like Drew Lachey did, by being charming, graceful, and getting really good at dancing.

  47. Tierra says:

    oh my word Eli was embarrassing to watch.
    Aren’t dancers supposed to be looking at their partners and not giving the eye to the camera thru the dance?
    You could clearly see she couldnt keep her eyes off the camera. Her dancing was atrocious, especially the hand to head thing she did in the beginning…wtf was that suppose to be? I thought she was going to fall a cpl times, you could tell her feet werent sitting well in those shoes.
    I thought Chaz did well for his first performance, not a great dancer but he actually looked like he was having some fun on there. I hope he stays on for a bit.

  48. Mikki says:

    @ Diane

    I read/heard somewhere that Cher didn’t want to take attention from Chaz’s moment in the spotlight, which is why she wasn’t there. Maybe she’ll show up for the results show tonight.

    I’m wishing the Kardashians had done that…Rob can leave anytime and take his sisters with him!

  49. Anne de Vries says:

    Can’t watch the videos as I’m not in the US. Sadly that’s happening more and more on Celebitchy. I know there isn’t always availability, but if possible, could you please use videos that are available internationally?

  50. jill says:

    I really, really like him. I watched his doc on OWN and enjoyed it a lot. He seems to be honest with himself and others about all aspects of his life.

    And on a side note, he looks EXACTLY like my uncle. No lie. Same smile, facial hair, body type, everything.

  51. Kim says:

    He needs to lose weight. He is obese. I hope he loses weight on show to show people it can be done and they should try and be healthy. We arent talking a few pds. He is in dangerous for the heart weight area.

  52. Kim says:

    Nancy SHOULD win because she is donating the money to charity. Forget dance skills – Ill vote for the person donating the $ to a good cause anyday =)

  53. Dawn says:

    Team Chaz!!!

  54. ZenB!tch says:

    1. You can tell Elisabetta was or is a high class call girl by her moves. Those hips should be illegal. She has no rhythm but she has moves. ICK

    2. Chynna Phillips botox is off putting.

    3. I like Chaz inspite of myself but I thought he was terrible

    4. I loved Carson. Team Carson all the way, baby!


  55. Alix says:

    @ Diane: No doubt Cher did want to steal Chaz’ thunder on the very first night of competition. He’s had to live his whole life under her shadow, and she’s being thoughtful enough to try and give him a break.

    That said, I thought his dancing was uninspired at best and the costume department didn’t do him any favors.

    Carson was hilarious fun, JR is this season’s Hines Ward, and David Arquette made a surprisingly good showing.

  56. Eden says:

    I thought Chaz did a good job. She looked nervous but she was smiling & looked like she had a good time. She deserves to stay.

    Btw, I’m NOT going to call HER a he, him, etc. Chaz was born female & still is a FEMALE! Hate me for stating the truth but I’m not going to deny the truth.

    I hope she stays & continues to improve.

  57. neff says:

    Yeah, Chaz!!!! I thought that he had both rhythm and musicality. He moved well and will probably get better with time, practice and, hopefully, some weight loss. (Everybody loses weight when they do this show. Except, of course, for that despicable sack of moose dung, Bristol Pukelin.)

    Unfortunately, some people have already started to say, (after 1 show!!), that if Chaz wins, it won’t be because of his dancing. Fortunately, I doubt that Chaz, who has certainly heard it all by now, cares. That smile on his face said it all.

    I enjoyed watching clips of most of the others too.

    Clooney’s taste in women is certainly unusual. And bad.

  58. palermo says:

    Why was my earlier comment not posted? Is it because I didn’t find Chaz’s dancing very good? I think JJ Martinez was the best by far

  59. Mary jones says:

    I hope that KardASSian is the first to go. Dont care how good or bad he is. Sick of this family please go away and take your awful family with you.

  60. sandy#1 says:

    my fav was david A. so cute, i liked carson, even chaz.

  61. KLaw says:

    I can’t see the videos either, because I’m outside the US (in UK). 🙁

  62. gg says:

    Good grief, no wonder I don’t watch this show. The music is beyond horrible and nobody can dance. yeccch.

  63. Jeri says:

    I am a faithful viewer of DWS but this season is so not credible to DANCE. It’s a dance show in which they are judged on dancing…not political or social views and this is what it has turned into. Chaz is by far not a dancer…it’s just very unfair to the other contestants.

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