George Michael caught passed out in his car – again

This morning I read the news that George Michael was found slumped over in his car with drugs, and figured that it was mistakenly re-published from the old story back in Februrary, since it was under very similar circumstances. I was wrong:

“A man was cautioned by police for possession of cannabis,” a Metropolitan Police spokeswoman tells PEOPLE. “He was bailed to return on a date in November, in relation to being unfit to drive.”

Though British newspapers have splashed the news of Michael’s arrest on their front pages, British police customarily do not confirm identities. Scotland Yard would not reveal what day in November Michael must return to police.

Representatives for Michael had no comment when contacted by PEOPLE.

According to the BBC, police moved in once they were contacted by drivers who said a car was obstructing traffic. Police tell the news service that an ambulance was summoned and, following his arrest, Michael was taken to a west London hospital as a “precautionary measure.”

After Michael’s release, his partner, Kenny Goss, told the Sun newspaper that the singer had no comment. “He’s fine and I’ve got him a McDonald’s,” said Goss.

Back in February, Michael was arrested passed out in his car and was charged with possession of “class c” drugs. It turns out he only had pot and poppers and got off with just a police caution.

In April Michael hit three parked cars in what he called a “tricky hill maneuver,” and drove off without notifying the drivers. Many people assumed the incident was drug-related.

In mid-May, British tabloid News of the World busted George asleep at a traffic light while listening to an iPod. The photos from the incident reveal that he was really messed up.

Then in late July News of the World caught Michael wanking off a pot-bellied 58 year-old guy in a park. They interviewed the unemployed guy Michael hooked up with, and he said that he had some big sexual “secret” that Michael was open to. shudder.

George Michael is in the midst of a comeback concert tour, and word is that he still can perform. Many people were offended by a giant blow-up George Bush he trotted out on stage that opened up to reveal an English bulldog giving it a beej, but many other people just thought it was an asinine stunt.

Michael’s hot partner, Kenny Goss, has stuck with him through all of his scandals. Kenny and Michael were set to tie the knot in an extravagent Elton-John style gay wedding at their tenth anniversary this summer. Rumor had it that Kenny called off the wedding after Michael got caught with that nasty old dude in the park, but Michael said he bought Kenny a nearly $2 million anniversary gift to make up, and that the wedding was still on. While Kenny may be sticking by his man, he sure isn’t marrying him. They were supposed to have a ceremony before Michael’s tour, and we haven’t heard anything about it.

George Michael will get off easily again for this latest offense. If he only had pot he probably won’t even do community service. If I learned anything from paying attention to the Pete Doherty debacle it’s that the British legal system isn’t too hard on drug offenders.

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  1. How much you wanna bet he’s listening to old Wham! tunes on those headphones?

  2. Poor Boopie says:

    He looks homeless. He’s aging very badly.