Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore love guns

Ashton Kutcher has revealed that he and his older wife Demi Moore won’t cheat on each other – because each of them has a gun. He also said he carries a gun around the house when his stepdaughters bring their boyfriends around. He was probably joking when he said this, but it’s an obnoxious thing to say:

The Hollywood actor has revealed that he and Moore purchased pistols just after they got married, and that now he’s convinced neither one of them will ever stray.

“We got guns and that helps… She was working on a movie in Louisiana and so we went out and both got (guns). She got a Glock and I got a Springfield,” Contact Music UK quoted him, as saying.

Elaborating upon the utility of the guns, Kutcher further said that it ensures Moore’s daughters’ safety, especially when they are with their respective boyfriends.

“It’s also good for when the girls (Moore’s three daughters) bring boys back to the house; I take them out and show them how to shoot.

I actually took this boy that Scout was dating out at our place in Idaho and I would, like, carry the gun around in my side at all times just so he knew… Subtle hints,” he said.

That sounds like an overdone stunt out of a movie or something my parent’s generation would have done. It’s hard to believe a 28 year-old guy would carry a gun around the house to scare his stepdaughter’s suitors.

Ashton is having a good week. His films, “Open Season,” and “The Guardian,” are the top two at the box office.

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  1. Mr. T says:

    Obviously AK is lacking any male authority figure head leadership skills. If a parent or step-parent needs a side arm to convey their authority to their daughters boyfriends or provide security for their children in their home, they are missing the mark. That said, I am the parent of teenagers, one is a 16 yo girl, whom I do NOT need a side arm to make sure her male friends are kept in line, I am quite capable of doing that myself.

  2. some guy says:

    Well of course he has to carry a firearm, you think his real “guns” would scare away anything but a murder of crows in a corn field?

    (and by real guns I mean his scarecrow arms….I was making a joke, people, god!! Lay off me, okay!? it’s been a rough week…)

  3. Celebitchy says:

    Yes, I get it now that you explained it to me. ;) hehe
    And Mr. T, I agree. It is pretty ridiculous that he is using a gun to convey authority. Lame.

  4. rachel says:

    He was probably just trying to be funny when he said that. I’m sure he isnt seriously trying to scare boyfriends off with his pistol. Considering he’s kind of a joker, I’m sure he is just messing around.