Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux pose for Terry Richardson: cheesy or cute?


Back in June, photographer and pervert Terry Richardson released some photos of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux looking especially loved up. They were interesting pics because of the conspiracies going around (the length of Aniston’s hair suggested that the photos were taken months before, back when Justin was “with” Heidi Bivens), and because Justin and Jennifer really did look cute together in the pics. So JustJen decided to pose for Creepy Uncle Terry again. Judging from Aniston’s ensemble, I guess these photos were taken just before she walked the red carpet for Five, two days ago.

I like all of the photos, really and truly. I like them on a superficial level because both Justin and Jennifer look nice, and their body chemistry together is cute. I also like them on a gossip/conspiracy level because there’s still other stuff going on. Justin’s in his hipster leather, Jennifer is in recycled Dolce & Gabbana. She’s just had a blowout and Justin probably hasn’t bathed. Still, they sort of work together. I told you, months ago, that I didn’t know if she and Justin would end up getting married, but I knew at one look that Justin would be her Oscar date. That still stands.

Speaking of marriage, OK! Magazine has this story:

The past few weeks have been a real test for Jennifer Aniston: Has she moved on at last? After six years of romantic misfires, is the actress so crazy in love — giddily planning a wedding with beau Justin Theroux — that she’s finally over her painful divorce from Brad Pitt?

Jen’s trial by fire has been Brad’s September media tour. Supposedly promoting his film, Moneyball, which is generating Oscars buzz, he has also repeatedly invoked their failed marriage. It began with a now-infamous Parade magazine interview in which Brad extolled Angelina Jolie as a partner and mother — and by contrast, seemed to call his years with Jen soul-crushingly dull. Next came Brad’s backpedaling, insisting his ex-wife is “an incredibly giving, loving and hilarious woman who remains my friend.” Then Brad hit the talk show circuit and tossed Jen more faint praise — he told Today’s Matt Lauer, “She’s a valuable person” — while admitting he should be more discreet: “I have a knack for stepping into s***.” For Jen, all of Brad’s chatter — apologies included — only dredged up bad memories and picked at old wounds.


Her response? Maybe she’ll send Brad a postcard from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where insiders say she and Justin will marry before year’s end.

“Why should she let stupid gossip get in the way when she’s finally met a guy who’s better than Brad?” one source tells OK!. “It’s true that she was knocked sideways when Brad’s interview first came out — who wouldn’t have been? He said some horribly insensitive things. But Jen is convinced that Justin is the love of her life. That’s her focus, not wallowing in the past. That’s Brad’s problem — he made an idiot of himself.”

Indeed, while Brad spills all over morning TV, Jen and Justin have been settling into her new penthouse duplex in NYC’s West Village — and fast becoming fixtures in the quaint neighborhood, cuddling and handholding in their jackets and jeans.

“Justin’s getting ring ideas from Jen’s friends,” a Jen pal tells OK!. Adds the first source: “His total love and support made it possible for her to move on from Brad — and she’s losing herself in wedding plans.”

Jen and Justin considered a number of nuptial sites — from the roof of their new Village digs to Kauai, Hawaii, where the pair recently vacationed. But in the end it came down to one of Jen’s favorite places on earth: Cabo.

“They were seriously considering Hawaii, but Cabo is winning,” the first source explains. “It’s tropical and it’s only a 90-minute flight from L.A., which will make it easier on friends [like Courteney Cox and Sheryl Crow].”

[From OK! Magazine]

In Touch agrees – their cover is all about how Justin is going to propose. Something about a long drive to Santa Barbara (where Brad and Angelina have a home, btw). Oh, and Justin doesn’t want to give her a diamond ring – apparently, he’s looking at rubies and amethysts. There’s also something about how Justin wants to make sure that his proposal isn’t “cheesy”. Ummm…. LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS.




Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson @ Terry’s Diary.

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  1. Moi says:

    Ya know, she does look genuinely happy in these pics, and so does he. I think the pics are really cute.

  2. kas says:

    Creepy Uncle Terry, partying at Joe Francis’ house in Mexico….. Jen really only likes the cream of the crop perverts.

    These pictures: “I’M SO HAPPY, BRAD!!!”

  3. Rose says:

    Aw, the photos are cute, I really wish the tabs would let the triangle nonsense die a death.

  4. nelly says:

    Cute pictures. She looks happy and so does he. Hope it works out for them.

  5. CG says:

    I dunno, I don’t think their body language is that great in these photos. In two of them she’s totally leaning away from him and in all of them except the cheesy posed “we’re at prom!” photo, she’s got her arms crossed in front of her like she’s protecting herself or closed off. (And is he grabbing her boob in a couple of these shots?) Yes, I’m aware these are just “playful” photos, but still. They do look nice though. This is probably the most attractive he’s looked since they “got together.”

  6. Callli Pygian says:

    Agree. They look like they are having a lot of fun together. Good for them.

    Neutral about JA, but man, her guy is hot. And he seems totally into her, but…

    What’s with the “doesn’t want to give her a diamond ring…” statement? She has been sporting an enormous rock on her right hand recently ( don’t many E.U. national wear their symbolic marital tokens on the right hand)- just sayin’.

  7. Heatheradair says:


    You know — they look cute, and happy, and yadda yadda (these ARE adorable pictures. totally adorable), but there’s something so….I dunno….ASEXUAL about their particular brand of chemistry? It’s like flipping through a junior high year book of cuteness, but they never seem to have much “up-against-a-wall” sexiness between them — it’s more, “aww, aren’t they happy and sweet.”

    I think I just put my finger on that.

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    I think they look cute! (And if they get married in Mexico, it’s not legally binding in the States, if memory serves.)

    I have a sea-foam green Amethyst, and it is beautiful!

  9. Kimbob says:

    Despite the seriously hipster douche vibe this guy puts off, I do think he’s good looking. Yes, the pics are good/nice…..but……CHEESY. Why is this damn affair “so public?”

    I’m getting tired of looking at them. I’ve been bombarded too much. I feel like the victim of a “hard sell.”

  10. WhiteNoise says:

    I like these pics a lot. They look good together.

    And I hope they get married just so the madness stops…

    …or at least so the tabloids have new material to work with in order to feed the insatiable loons.

  11. mln76 says:

    The pictures are cute. The fact that they were taken by a perverted creep not so much.

  12. lilibet says:

    I like these pics! Also made me realise that I’d never seen a toothy smile from Justin before!

  13. Toot says:

    Terry Richardson is a major pervert and looks like a child molester.

    The pics are cute, but I couldn’t associate with the photographer.
    Aniston doesn’t have my issue because she associates with a couple of people I find replusive.

  14. spinner says:

    I love these pics. They look great together. I find myself partial to Justin because he & my husband look very much alike. SWOOOON!!

  15. ladylala says:

    oh no. I love Jennifer Aniston but these cringe me out. SO MUCH.

  16. Cali says:

    I am SOOOO in LOVE with this couple and I was never into her other guys post Brad, but Justin seems special and very handsome and they both look equally happy to be together! GO JEN!!!!!!

  17. madpoe says:

    Please for those that will feel bad when JA gets kicked the curb. Please don’t cry. I don’t wanna hear it.

  18. Wresa says:

    gawwww these are cute! I like JT’s smile in the 2nd pic, it makes him look un-hipster dbag for a change.

  19. snappy81 says:

    Don’t know why, but I’m still not buying these two…? :-/

  20. Heather M (Heather) says:

    NO, JUSTIN! Get her a DIAMOND; women love diamonds!!!! If you get her a freaking ruby or her birthstone and think it’s “special,” well, we think it’s cheap.

  21. Julia says:

    Cute pics, nasty entourage, creepy association.

  22. Ell says:

    They’re combination of goofy and cute. It’s good to see a happy celebrity couple, especially since her two co-directors on Five are drowning in infidelity rumours.

  23. Hell says:

    Luv the pics. They look great together. Im so happy for them.

  24. layla says:

    For a hipster, too much try douche … he is looking good in these pics. Can’t dent that1!

    But why is THIS necessary?!
    Why is this so very, very public?!
    And don’t just say “oh,she’s living her life”. Living her life is being pap’d on the beach etc.

  25. layla says:

    @HEATHER – that IS sarcastic right?!

  26. Never trust a perverted photographer,who wants to take your picture by a brick wall,in an alley…

  27. FreeLoveForAll says:

    They look like a couple in love.

  28. Firecracker says:

    I think Justin just wants to be different re: the ring. Love the pics!

  29. Ashley says:

    They are cheesy photos but they do look they are having fun.
    Your comment (These pictures: “I’M SO HAPPY, BRAD!!!), says more about your inability to let go of the triangle than it does about Jen.

  30. BigHair&Pearls says:

    Younger and cooler than Brad Pitt! It makes me laugh because apparently (according to a crew member on one of his film sets some years back) Brad is quite vain about stuff like that.

  31. Iggles says:

    Ugh! I’m so sick of them…
    Doubt it will last. I give them 2 years tops. Maybe a year an a half because they’re already been sneaking around for 6 months…

  32. Turtle Dove says:

    JustJen are looking so good together. I’m really becoming a fanGirl for this couple, and Justin is looking boneable in these shots. The hair looks good.

  33. Nancy C. says:

    great pics and hope she finally found someone to settle down with. as for brad and angie, they have the kids to focus on, so they dont have to be alone with each other, except for their hotel dates.

  34. Pat says:

    CUTE! I think that if the tabloids and Brad/Angie fans let it be the triangle is over!! Yes finally.

  35. sassenach says:

    What happened to his bald spot?

  36. Cammie says:

    They do look cute, but she is really putting this relationship out there

  37. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @Layla, kind of…I mean that after all off the hoopla over whether he bought the stupid painting that she paid for, it is my opinion that he will get the same kind of DBag press that Eric Johnson got when he bought Jessica Simpson a ruby ring.

    Obviously Princess Diana had a gemstone (that Kate now wears) that was gorgeous, and my best friend has a gemstone diamond combo that’s to die for, but I suspect that given his lesser financial stature, he will get bad press if he gets her a gemstone.

    I also, personally, LOVE diamonds and what better diamond does a girl get to wear than her engagement ring? :)

  38. BELLA says:


  39. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    You can bet that if Brad and Angelina suddenly started to pose for random photoshoots that were then released to the public there would be an outcry and people calling them attention whores. Jennifer Aniston does it and it’s “cute”. Go figure.

  40. tracking says:

    JT gives off such a different vibe when he’s less guarded–sort of sweet and nerdy. Very appealing. They both look so relaxed and happy in the pic with him kissing her on the cheek.

  41. N.D. says:

    Is she officially promoting her love life now? I mean it’s the second time since they went public that they’ve released official staged PDA pics taken by proffessional photographer. Clearly it’s well planned advertisement campaign. I think come Wonderlust there will be another set of those.

    She’s got the game to a totally new level. Don’t remember any other celebrity doing this. Well, not A/B list anyway

  42. Heine says:

    The pictures are cute and they look happy and relaxed.

    I don’t think they’ll get married any time soon though.

  43. WhiteNoise says:

    Heatheradair – “…but they never seem to have much “up-against-a-wall” sexiness between them…”

    This is what I’ve always felt with JA. She’s attractive, cute, but not remotely sexy. No smouldering, no hint that there’s some raw passion going on underneath. Not a criticism, some people just aren’t sexy. Like those ads she does where she tries to look sexy and they just fail and look kind of tacky and cheap because she’s trying for a look she just imo can’t pull off, whereas when she just goes with her natural kind of girl next door look, she fares much better.

    He however is sexy, and it’s apparent in these pics. Not overtly so ie. not red hot sexy, but it’s there. And I like the pics for that reason, in that for me they reflect well the reality of both.

  44. Pat says:

    ND – yes it is the new thing to release pictures via twitter or through a blog (ie. Beckhams, etc.). This way the paps don’t get the money and yet fans get to see what is going on in your life. I think that it is a great way to play the game. Don’t sell out to People Magazine or to the paps and let them know where you are going to be. Simply post pictures.

  45. Dusty says:

    I agree with all the smart folks on here – the ones who get past the “cuteness” and see this photo op as for what it really is- a sham!

  46. layla says:

    @Heather – I see your point (re: perceived cheap out – haha!).

    Personally, I’d take a sapphire or emerald over a diamond any day and would never look down on them for being “cheaper” – But maybe that’s just me.

  47. shalibali says:

    Do they ever look good together. and her hair sure grows fast!

  48. N.D. says:

    @Pat Professional photosets? I’ve seen people post their iPhone pics a lot but like this – staged black and white photos made by famous photog? Repeatedly? Can you name the names – who else did such thing?

  49. Canuck says:

    Even just kissing the side of her head, he closes his eyes. Awwwwww

    If and that’s a big If, the ring thing is true, it’s nice he’s not going for a “traditional” diamond. He needs to skip the amethyst though, there’s a reason that you don’t see them in engagement rings very often. Ruby, yeah I can see that. He looks like a smoldering red hot passion kind of guy. Somethng like this: would be perfect. Or since she likes the sun so much, maybe an orange sapphire.

  50. monette says:

    Monday I had gossip nostalgia and found myself on youtube looking at videos of how the infamous triangle started. And boy were AJ and BP hot back in the day and even hotter together, than AJ got pregnant and everything got out of control:a baby with the features of the most beautiful people in the world! I finally realized the fascination with Brange. It’s clear that JA lost and she has been losing for the last 6 years, every battle. But now, seeing her with Justin… he is hot. Maybe it’s her time to win, just this once. I mean look at this:

    so freaking hot:

    She deserves to be happy, no woman should have to face this kind of hotness

  51. 4Real says:

    Cute yes…in a you-are-my-bought-and-paid-for-piece kind of way.

  52. glyrics says:

    It’s not even worth discussing

  53. vgdgerg says:

    She sure is desperate for attention! Can she keep any part of her boring life private?

    She is trash. She hangs out with trash like Terry and Chealsea Handler which makes her pathetic.

  54. layla says:

    Pretty much Lainey’s post sums it up:

    1. Its completely staged
    2. Knowing it will hit the airwaves
    3. For publicity
    4. And a F U Brad Pitt (right on the heels of a JA comment on how she’s not going to comment on BP’s blown out of proportions comment)

    And perhaps most importantly….

    5. Justin may be the biggest player in this triangle (quadrangle?) yet. He has come to play, and play hard.

  55. Canuck says:

    @Heather: re: “cheap” rubies. Unheated and untreated rubies of good colour and over a certain size are NOT cheap.
    Don’t let Ebay fool you, the vast majority of what you see there is glass filled garbage.

  56. Zombie Nurse says:

    Louis Theroux will forever and always be the only Theroux for me. (Although it’s not like I’m so inundated with offers of hot sex from the both of them that I have to choose. But, you know, hypothetically. . .)

  57. Canuck says:

    @ND: Re: professional photographer pix… Ah, but I guess photos of your family, some of them barely clothed that you took yourself doesn’t count right? Although technically, the minute Brad sold those shots, he became “professional”.

  58. Green_Eyes says:

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one that notices Jens been wearing a huge diamond on her right hand lately…. I don’t know after 7 yrs of bitch fest vacations w/ all the girlfriends dogging on Brad in Cabo.. I think somewhere different would be better for a ceremony…Something w/ no memory of Brad (nix on Hawaii as that was His and Heid’s getaway). Someplace that can be theirs alone w/ no bad memories of exhubby bashing parties or vacations w/ ex partners… Or maybe that’s just me…i would want something special for us.. Not mine or his w/ shared histories of someone else..just sayin

  59. Esmom says:

    Staged or not, they look cute. His hair looks he best I’ve ever seen it and he doesn’t seem to be trying as hard as in some of the pap shots.

  60. Mnj says:

    Wow dey are fukin cute together. My husband and I dont like takin pics like this cuz der kida cheesy. But they are beatiful. He looks better then when he gets his pic.taken by th paparazis. I dont think he like all the attention and he just gets mad that they keep on takin picsof him. When they started datin he was more hapy in I think maybe is too much for him. But he really loves her he will get use to it. Im happy for dem

  61. Sherri says:

    I’m a JA fan, but why is he in a zippered sweatshirt underneath a leather while she’s wearing a sleevless vest? – it’s off – it’s forced . . .I don’t like these pictures b/c they are trying to behave as if relaxed – but they come off just the opposite . . .

  62. Erinn says:

    I don’t like them, but I really like the shots. They’re cute, and they seem happy.

  63. badrockandroll says:

    Gad, 2 Aniston posts in one day – can we trade them for one vintage Hollywood?

  64. Ell says:

    Of course they’re staged, they posed for them! I love Lainey but talk about stating the obvious. I thought they were in part ways PR because she’s promoting Five and partly the photographer getting his work out there.

  65. Maritza says:

    They look really in love and very cute together, I hope they get married, be happy and have lots of kids.

  66. mln76 says:

    Justin may be the biggest player in this triangle (quadrangle?) yet. He has come to play, and play hard.

    Please elaborate. His actual feelings for Jen aside.
    He obviously has the most to gain from entering the field.
    He is cute(although douchy looking)and moderately successful but he isn’t going to win an Oscar or get nominated, He isn’t going to ever be an A-list player. And although he is photogenic he doesn’t have the star power of Brad Pitt, so his notoriety will always be in how happy he is making Jen. If he screws her over he will have alienated a whole bunch of women if he stays with her he will remain Mr. Ex-Mrs Brad Pitt and not get taken seriously as an actor because his career was dying before her. His best bet career wise is to date her until the Oscars and quietly break-up after the hoopla in a friendly manner ala Vince.

  67. ViktoryGin says:

    I usually don’t give a rat’s ass about Aniston, but because I like Justin Theroux I’ll be nice. They make a cute couple.

  68. thinkaboutit says:

    He looks good here because the photos are black and white, so we can’t see the awful contrast between his orange skin and dyed black hair. But real life is full-on technicolor, so let’s keep it real on the “he’s SO hot” tip!

  69. gee says:

    He is infinitely more hansome with a smile on. These pics are adorable.

  70. layla says:

    @mln76… the biggest “game player” in all the reasons you cited. He is the one with the most to gain. So he will play this game, and play it hard, to get ahead. This is his chance, his moment to move from “that premature ejaculatory guy” to actual name recognition beyond industry insiders.

    This match is good for gossip – finally an equal adversary to the game play of the Brange! :)

  71. Cheyenne says:

    shalibali: her hair sure grows fast!

    Can you say e-x-t-e-n-s-i-o-n-s?

  72. Minx2 says:

    they look like two really good frieds but not like two people in love, no romantic feeling here. I think he loves his newly found fame though and tries very, very hard to look hip. So hard it hurts to watch. I hate when a guy puts his hand over a girl’s shoulder like this and lets it hang.

  73. JulieM says:

    Go Just/Jen! You look great together.

  74. Canuck says:

    @mln: I don’t think his focus is on being an actor, nor winning an Oscar as an actor. He co-wrote Tropic Thunder. I’ve seen people here poo-poo his credits as being because of being friends with Stiller, yet he got the job of writing the script of Iron Man 2 because RDJ was impressed with him and his work on Thunder. Currently, another Tropic Thunder alumni Tom Cruise (Oscar nominated for Tropic Thunder) is filming something Theroux co-wrote.

    That said, I’d kind of have to agree with Lainey in the sense that he’s probably quite happy being as in-your-face FU to the Brange as is necessary to make sure his woman isn’t going to be stepped on. And you know what? That’s what a partner is supposed to do, so good on him.

  75. mln76 says:

    @layla I guess I see what you are saying but I still disagree. They are cute but they aren’t ‘The Brange’ as long as they are still happy together and building an Oscar campaign(possibly two) they are always going to be the bigger players because the public fascination will always be with them-people will be looking to Aniston to react because everyone acknowledges she is the underdog(TV sweetheart vs Oscar winning actress/Lifetime short vs Full length feature film etc). Again I am not presuming what his genuine feelings for Aniston are but in terms of the Hollywood P.R. game it’s not like Aniston landed the next George Clooney. She landed a C-list actor with screenwriting creds who is under her thumb. The iron is hot for him only for as long as they play the will they or won’t they marry/have a baby game. I’ll leave you with this from the other post.

    “She introduced [Justin] to me and I’m like, ‘Who?’,” Spheeris recalled. “Someone was like, ‘That was her boyfriend!’ ”

  76. Julia says:

    What happened to his bald spot?
    Hair plugs…

    A guy’s got to do what he’s got to do. just like ladies and hair extensions !

  77. Heine says:

    mln76: His career was not dying (eyeroll). Quite a few people who have never won nor been nominated for Oscars have careers that are perfectly fine. An Oscar is not the only indication that your career is going well. And he’s not only an actor so he doesn’t have to worry about people wanting to see him on screen in order for him to have a successful career in showbiz.

    He’s had steady work as an actor since 1995-for any actor in Hollywood, that is NOT a dying career. Beside that, he has writing credits on Rock of Ages, Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2.

    He’s doing fine, she’s doing fine. They seem happy. Why can’t you just let it go?

    layla: I’m not an industry insider and I knew who he was from Mulholland Drive, Parks and Recreation, Charlie’s Angels, Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, American Psycho and as John Hancock in the HBO miniseries John Adams.

    So no…he is not only “premature ejaculatory guy” to non-industry people. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  78. mln76 says:

    @layla but I do agree the match-up is good for gossip it’s fun to watch this all play out like a game of chess.

  79. Pat says:

    Mln – I disagree. Aniston is a huge player in hollywood. Look at her movies: both movies she has been in this year have had an opening weekend of 30 million. No one in hollywood is a bigger player then Jen. It does not matter who she gets with because even if that was your local garbage man the press would go crazy. It just is the way it is. I don’t agree that the fascination is with the “brange”. They have recently over played their hand. Multiple pictures of shopping trips, multiple interviews by Brad, etc. The public is getting tired of them. This is the reason Brad had to mention Jen – he knew that it would bring more press. He and Angie just don’t have the same power they used to with the press. This is why they are rarely on tabloids anymore without Jen. To sell the Brange you need to have Jen in the picture or they are quite boring. Their last People magazine of the family did not do well – it was way under what the magazine usually sells on a weekly basis. Jen having a baby would be a huge deal regardless who she had it with. Angie on the other hand it was only a big deal because it was Brad’s baby. ADmit if she had a baby with Billy Bob no one would have cared. I realize the that you think that the Brange is the top – but Jen I think actually has more public interest and good will.

    And this trying to make this guy look bad – give it up he has money, a great family, loves Jen (that is so obvious), is incredibly supportive and is willing to stand up for her. They are a great match and will be in movies and tabloids, and the press for years to come. And by the way not every one wants an Oscar so badly that they have to sell themselves as desperatly as Brad.

  80. mln76 says:

    The person who said Justin Theroux who? was a DIRECTOR I think that speaks for itself.

  81. Heine says:

    mln76: I know you hate Theroux for merely associating with Aniston but come on. Does Penelope Spheeris know EVERYONE in Hollywood?

  82. layla says:

    @Heine –
    if you knew who he was – name recognition, not just…ahhh yeah, that guy from – face recognition. Then great. But I think most people, especially outside the industry, would have a hard time placing him, let alone knowing his name before JA. JA has definitely given him name recognition.

    @mln76 –
    The iron is hot for him only for as long as they play the will they or won’t they marry/have a baby game.
    YuP, agreed! And in that sense, I think he is completely ready to play that game for all it’s worth to get “him” to the next level.

    chess game indeed….. who’s move next?! ;)

  83. Cheyenne says:

    @Canuck: ROFL @ you! “Making sure his woman isn’t going to be stepped on”? He won’t even hold an umbrella over her to keep her from being rained on.

  84. Miss Marie says:

    Gosh, she always tries so hard. It is embarrassing, reeking of neediness. She chooses to have the paps around her, she chooses to be highly visible. Look around at all the other celebrities who are at the top of their food chain. Only a handful are constantly papped – that is because their people set it up that way. You CAN have a private life, relationship,etc., in the Arts and Entertainment Field!

  85. mln76 says:

    Jen isn’t the biggest actress in the industry by far. In actual box office and prestige ignoring the obvious comparison she’s outclassed by Sandra Bullock, Reese W, and Julia Roberts all of whom have Oscars and work with prestigious directors which Aniston has never done.
    I am not saying she has zero influence-what she has is a powerful PR team and a vocal fan base and a natural ‘likablity factor’. She gets studio roles in films which would be made with or without her and her actual asking price PER FILM is low in comparison to the press she’ll garner. However in cases where she’s the sole star-Management or the Switch she can’t deliver box office. And she hasn’t proven her acting skills to garner the attention of an acclaimed director-she will always be a second tier film actress. Now if she’d ever return to television it’d be another matter completely she’s A-List legendary TV actress no question.

  86. Ashley Temple says:

    i just threw up a little.

  87. Cheyenne says:

    Pat: No one in hollywood is a bigger player then Jen.

    Please do your homework before you make such ridiculous statements.

    You can check for a list of all-time top-grossing actors. The highest spots on the list are the main actors in the Harry Potter movies which grossed a bajillion dollars. But these numbers may surprise you:

    #253 — Angelina Jolie
    #293 — Brad Pitt
    #370 — Jennifer Aniston


  88. HannahF says:

    I just can’t with the triangle thing. And, actors do work on their public persona—it’s part of what they are selling. Do they stage shoots and photo ops? Of course. I think it would be naive to think otherwise. Is every pap shot of an actor and their family/significant other staged? No. They have lives outside the 4 walls of their houses.

    With respect to these pics, I think they look genuinely happy together. With some of Jen’s previous men I recall pics where she is holding onto the guy and looking up at him with a lovey-dovey expression. These two seem happy to be in each other’s company. Good for them.

  89. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: Oh let me guess… You looked up the wind velocity and direction and then calculated that on that day, in that spot, at that time, the rain was falling at a 90 degree angle to the pavement. Therefore the umbrella was only protecting JT. Or let me make a more likely guess… You don’t see any farther than the small little box you’ve installed your brain in. Why is it so important to you that Aniston’s life be miserable?

  90. Evie says:

    Perfect couple: two famewhores

  91. texbrook says:

    I know Terry is supposed to be a perv, but he used to frequent a shop I worked in and was always very nice and normal.

    Oh well. I still think JT is a poser. They both are.

  92. Gigohead says:

    I second that Hannah, they look genuinely happy. Good for them.

  93. Ally says:

    Emeralds are brittle and can break, so it wouldn’t be a good idea for an engagement ring. But in this case the ring might last as long as the relationship.

    I can’t think well of a guy who strings a girl along for 14 years, then five minutes later acts all lovey dovey with some Hollywood tart who helps his career. It makes him seem fake and desperate. He may be the K-Feddiest of them all.

  94. Nymeria says:

    @ Miss Marie (#93) – “Gosh, she always tries so hard. It is embarrassing, reeking of neediness. She chooses to have the paps around her, she chooses to be highly visible. Look around at all the other celebrities who are at the top of their food chain. Only a handful are constantly papped – that is because their people set it up that way. You CAN have a private life, relationship,etc., in the Arts and Entertainment Field!”

    Rest assured, I’m not accusing you of being on either side of the Jen / Brange drama, but your comment did make me think. If what you said is true – for a lot of people claim that if the paps want you, they’re going to get you – then are Brad & Ange are constantly papped because their people set it up that way? And COULD they have a private life in the A&E field?

    As for the photos, they’re cute, but I agree that they’re for publicity. First we had Angie with her “I fly planes and I’m awesome! See? SEE?” photo op, now we have Jen with her “I’m super-hot at 41 and I have an ultra-hip boyfriend who’s totally into me – FU, Brad!” photos. Whee.

  95. Cerulean says:

    Corny as all get out. Ugh. They look like pals not lovers.

    She has to be with a man with a lesser career. She’s too insecure to be with a bigger star. Or a successful A lister. They can’t wait to bolt after a few months. This guy NEEDS this. So he will put up with her nonsense for as long as he can.

    It’s time they go away now. Overkill.

  96. whitedaisy says:

    There is too much public about this relationship. Maybe it is Huvane arranged and fake?

  97. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    (Well of course. Diamonds are not for the artists, they are for peasants.)

    However, let’s not forget in all the cuteness and excitement that Terry R. is a perv and a molester. Don’t hire him to take pictures at the wedding, Justjen.

    edit: For the record, I do believe they’re in love. And I do believe they deserve each other;)

  98. lisa says:


    do you seriously equate Star Power or talent or success in the Entertainment business by how often you are on a tabloid.

    I have seen her fans spouting this off a lot. Well here’s to hoping that Jen will be on the tabloids every single week and they leave the JPs alone.. As a JP fan I can say we would not be upset one bit. Hope it works out for you all. I always wondered who in the world was still buying those pieces of crap. well now with your comment it is clear where the money is coming from; the Aniston fans

    Brad promoted his movie like every other actor. Finished then went back to work. I guess only Jennifer gets to spout off about her past life. But hey as you say she is at the top of the food chain. I guess that funding for Goree Girls is just in limbo. And all those offers for roles outside the rom com are just hidden under some junk mail.

    But you keep believing your hype. Hope reality doesn’t hurt too much when it bites you.

  99. spinner says:

    Astrology is a hobby of mine. Have been doing it for years. I compared Jen & Justins’ charts & this is indeed a very good match, Astrologically speaking. After comparing elements, planet placement & aspects…This couple has a lot going for them. I wish them luck.

  100. Runs with Scissors says:


    “@Canuck: ROFL @ you! “Making sure his woman isn’t going to be stepped on”? He won’t even hold an umbrella over her to keep her from being rained on.”

    Ok THAT, was epic.

    Those pics of him hogging the umbrella and leaving her in the rain were simply irrefutable and hilarious.

    How exactly is Justin keeping Jen from being ‘stepped on’? How exactly is he defending his woman? By coaxing her up onto the roof to take cheesy, posed PR photos with a creepy child molester? These two guys are like vampires.

  101. Miss Marie says:

    @ nymeria. I am on neither side. I only find constantly photographed celebrities their own worst enemies. They claim they want privacy, yet they make sure they don’t have privacy to stay relevant.

  102. JV says:

    These pictures are TERRIBLE! The guy that took them has absolutely NO TALENT–unbelievable that he gets incredible amounts of money and presige for being an absolutely HORRID photographer. These pictures are so FAKE looking–he totally missed the correct time to shoot EVERY ONE OF THEM. But then again, it’s just like Hollywood—-all about facade. Perfect. Terrible photos from an absolutely un-talented photographer for untalented actors. And Hollywood calls it “art”….so apropos…..

  103. Cheyenne says:

    @Canuck: There is a very telling photo of them on this blog walking in the rain. He’s holding an umbrella over HIS head and leaves HER to get wet. Yeah this guy is a real prince. What are you going to say about him when he takes her for everything he can and then dumps her flat? Oh right, you’ll dredge up every blind item you can find on the internet to prove he’s gay.

  104. karma says:

    @Cammi, i also think that she is putting this relationship out there. that proves that shes a famew@ore.

  105. Patricia says:

    Oh my – Cheeseball anyone?

  106. anne_000 says:

    When I see these pics, I think how hurtful they must be to Heidi.

    I think Heidi & Justin’s relationship was more involved at the time Jennifer came along than Jennifer & Brad’s relationship at the time Angelina came along.

    I think Heidi was more hurt by Jennifer & Justin’s relationship than Jennifer ever was by Brad & Angelina’s relationship.

    I think Jennifer & Brad were already separated before the time of their official announcement & that Brad & Angelina hooked up only after Brad & Jennifer were completely separated & not a couple anymore. And I think Jennifer, for years, milked the HELL out of setting up her ‘poor abandoned wife’ image which in part helped her career after “Friends” was over.

    I think Heidi & Justin’s relationship was more real, not only because of the 14 yrs of committed involvement, but also because, imo, it wasn’t based on public relations, which I think Jennifer & Brad’s was in part. And I think PR weighs heavily into Jennifer & Justin’s relationship too.

  107. Jen34 says:

    The black and white style of the photos suit them. But to me, they are posing like a couple of reality ‘stars’ eager for publicity. I don’t think it’s necessary.

  108. crtb says:

    Really don’t get all of the hate. These are the best pictures I have seen of him. He is a real cutie in these pics. No mater how long they stay together:
    2 years, 5 years, 10 years, people will say, “I knew they wouldn’t last.”

  109. original kate says:

    kind of cheesy, but aniston has a body that won’t quit.

  110. Cheyenne says:

    @Canuck: It’s hilarious what you’re smiling at now. Check it out. ROFLMAO!!!

    Honey, you just can’t win.

  111. Runs with Scissors says:

    @anne_000: Word.

  112. Meadowlark says:

    Can we just NOT anymore with Terry Richardson?.. Can that creep/mediocre photographer stop being famous?

  113. Cheyenne says:

    I don’t get it. Why are they trying to pose like two teenagers leaning on a wall?

  114. Isa says:

    Cute pictures. Creepy photographer.
    Dude has some serious evil eyebrows. He should be cast as a villian in a movie.
    And she has too much hair in her face.
    P.S. whatever happened to “someone?”

  115. Camille says:

    Isa: Shhhh! We have enough crazies here now as it is ;) lol.

  116. Nymeria says:

    @ Miss Marie (#110) – I tend to agree with what you say (although I do think that random, AKA “unscheduled,” papping happens). I, too, find myself on neither side of the Jen / Brange thing. I would be lying if I said I didn’t find it all interesting, though. ;)

  117. mzjask says:

    i LOVE these pics, and i think they show a really affectionate, comfortable, playful couple. they look GREAT together, and i hope it lasts and they are happy together. i wish the same for brad & ange [altho they seem to be doing fine together] and the same for heidi.

    ok, now CHEYENNE – hunnie, darling, sweetie…
    what did jennifer aniston ever do to you that you must constantly bash a woman you have never met and defend to the death another woman you have never met??
    FFS, you act as tho the woman kicked your dog or ate your friggin baby!! do you constantly refresh your page to see what other posters say that actually have input on the topic which is being discussed at the time?!!
    for someone who claims to hate the woman, you sure do know an AWFUL LOT about the day-to-day comings and goings of her life!
    and furthermore, hunnie, for as pathetic and desperate you want to make JA out to be… you SURE AREN’T doing yourself any favors. get a life.

  118. Pat says:

    Well as for her box office – she is doing great. Lets look at Jolie’s last box office – both her and Johnny Depp made only an opening weekend of 17 million – Brad an opening weekend of 20 milion (just last week – and by the way with millions spent on advertising and him having to sell his privacy and throw his family under the bus). Jennifer with a variety of people (none of them big stars) made 30 million – as well as her movie in Frebuary. The truth is that Jen makes more money for movie studios then must movie stars out there. Not only that but as you say she is a huge hit in television. Few actors and actresses can make it go in both TV and movies. Jen is only one of a few. As for the fact that she is less in the numbers then some others. Of course so – her movie careerer has been much shorter as she was in television first. Reese and Julia’s movies are doing very poorly lately. They may have been big a few years ago but not now. For star power Jen is really the top of the heap in hollywood right now.

    I know that it is hard for you guys deal with. But what I suggest is that you forget about her totally and ignore her and any post about her. I think that some family went shopping today (an obvious I called the paps moment) why don’t you find someplace to post on that huge event and not worry about a very sexy couple posing on a roof top in New York.

  119. mzjask says:

    oh and PS.
    dude, what is with the Terry Richardson/Perv thing??? what did i miss? someone tellllllllllllllll!!!!!

  120. Cheyenne says:

    @mzjask: You know what? You could turn that question around and ask why some of Aniston’s fans hate Jolie to the point of wishing death on her and her children. But I supposed that never occurred to you.

    The comings and goings of Aniston’s life are no mystery since she puts it all out there in the street for everybody to look at.

    Google Terry Richardson sometime. And make sure to have a barf bucket handy. You may need it.

  121. Chloe (not chloe) says:


    of course, you’ll have people saying it’s art. or a European thing, you know. cause that’s what we do in Europe.

    anyway, that’s just a random article I googled. put his name + molestation in the search window if you want more detail

  122. Jayna says:

    They’re posing for photos to be released to the public again for no reason? Bizarre.

  123. Adrien says:

    Terry Richardson? Not cute nor cheesy but creepy.

  124. kibbles says:

    Two hipsters past their prime and desperate for attention. That is what I think when I look at these photos. There is a reason why Aniston has built a reputation for being desperate, clingy, and dependent on men. She loves to shove her love life down our throats. These two haven’t been dating long enough and this guy isn’t that important to release these photos to the public.

  125. Moi says:

    Sweet Lord, Cheyenne. You are the looniest loonie out there. I love how you put Angelina as the top earner when you know damn well that Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2 are the only reason she’s coming out on top, and she can’t take any credit for box office draw there.

  126. lisa says:

    Funny.. here is the name count in the article.

    Brad =11
    Justin = 3
    Angie = 1
    (could be off 1 or 2)

    Yeah I counted, funny huh. And to think it took 7 years and 3 or whatever guys after to get over that painful divorce she said was over 100 years ago.

    just to beat the dead horse. Brad didn’t say her name in that Parade interview. but whatever.

    @pat.. please post your last part on Brad/Angie thread. hmmm I think if you going to throw balls you better aim at more than one fan base.

  127. Cheyenne says:

    @moi: Calm down, loonifer, I didn’t put anybody anywhere. The numbers put her there. If you don’t like where the numbers put her, that’s your problem. Her movies make more money than Aniston’s movies. Nothing personal. Just deal with it.

  128. T.C. says:

    @kibbles: I’m with you. I don’t understand the point of take ‘couple photos’ and having them released on a blog for the public. My couple photos are in our house with a few given out to family members. Nothing against Jen Aniston but it does look like she is trying a bit too hard to go against the Brad Pitt interviews and show us how happy she is with a man that is not Brad. Why? Just go about your business, let him promote his stupid movie. Honestly who cares?

  129. Cheyenne says:

    @Pat: You want to talk numbers? Fair enough.

    Aniston’s last five movies: $637 million

    Jolie’s last five movies: $1 billion, 687 million (those last five don’t include Kun Fu Panda)

    Pitt’s last five movies: $1 billion, 178 million

    So whose movies are more successful? (Hint: numbers don’t lie.)

    (Same source:

  130. DenG says:

    Hi, #128. “Jennifer with a variety of people (none of them big stars) made 30 million – as well as her movie in Frebuary.” Did you mean “February”? No big stars? Clueless. “…then must movie stars out there.” Did you mean “than most movie stars”? Remember, Justin is a screenwriter, and he would not approve. English, please.

  131. Larissa says:

    Oh the hatery! lol Call me a freak, but I like Brange just as much as these two! hahahahaha
    He looks HOTTER than ever, what happened????
    Love it and moving on.
    btw, Id love to show OFF my couple pictures to the world,ha!

  132. Larissa says:

    and some of you really freak me out with this Angelina x Aniston scheisse!
    Its not football , nor politics nor a religion so CALM DOWN FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. laura says:

    Love the pics; nice to see him smile, finally! I hope this is the real thing for Jen – I think she’s great, Brad is a dbag, AJ has proven herself many times over to be a callous, wh@re…I can’t imagine Jen bothers herself with those two anymore. Justin seems awesome.

  134. Alix says:

    @ layla: Yes! Everything you said! The minute she gets a new man, JA turns into a high-school girl who has to show off her new boyfriend to everybody. It’s bizarre.

  135. Victoria says:

    Stage op or what if this dude will shut her the hell up, the more power to them.
    Dead @ ..”Jen’s trial by fire has been Brad’s September media tour. Supposedly promoting his film, Moneyball, which is generating Oscars buzz, he has also repeatedly invoked their failed marriage. It began with a now-infamous Parade magazine interview in which Brad extolled Angelina Jolie as a partner and mother — and by contrast, seemed to call his years with Jen soul-crushingly dull. Next came Brad’s backpedaling, insisting his ex-wife is “an incredibly giving, loving and hilarious woman who remains my friend.” Then Brad hit the talk show circuit and tossed Jen more faint praise — he told Today’s Matt Lauer, “She’s a valuable person” — while admitting he should be more discreet: “I have a knack for stepping into s***.” For Jen, all of Brad’s chatter — apologies included — only dredged up bad memories and picked at old wounds[...]”

    “[...] “Why should she let stupid gossip get in the way when she’s finally met a guy who’s better than Brad?” one source tells OK!. “It’s true that she was knocked sideways when Brad’s interview first came out — who wouldn’t have been? He said some horribly insensitive things. But Jen is convinced that Justin is the love of her life. That’s her focus, not wallowing in the past. That’s Brad’s problem — he made an idiot of himself.”
    BP repeatedly brought up his failed marriage? Since when does one interview equal to more than one. I’ll wait. He’s been repeatedly apologizing and I wish he would stop. We already knew Jen was a Basic Bish and he didn’t even say she was. Huvane is working the shit out of this one.

    Meanwhile, JUSTIN is better than BRAD. Yeah, better at cheating! I guess in her mind the fact a man left their woman for her this time around makes him the better man. Whoever that “source”
    was did not make JustJen look better to logical thinking people a all.

    While Jen is still looking for that moment when one of her movies does one third of Brad’s entire cinematic career, The J-Ps are still winning, still doing their charity, still raising their rugrats, and still brushing their shoulders off. They don’t have to constantly use their evil PR rep to badmouth Jen because the bish makes herself look bad quite well.

  136. Deltona lakes says:

    I get the cuteness … The photos look like an ad for

  137. MzJask says:

    @Cheyenne – you just further illustrated my point :)

    @Chloe – whoa, feel like I need a shower after reading that!!

  138. Sue says:

    I agree the numbers don’t lie.

    The Tourist: 278,346,189
    Salt: 293,503,354
    Changleing: 113,020,258
    Wanted: 341,433,252
    Bewolf: 196,393,745
    A Mighty Heart: 18,935,657
    The Good Shepherd: 99,480,480

    Total:1 billion 341,112,933

    Total Cost of Movies to Make: 596,000,000

    The total of money that comes in is cut by half from the theatres. So total made is 670,556,466

    670,556,466 – 596,000,000 = 75 million

    75 million then it the money made off of Angie’s last 7 movies.

    Now Jen:

    Horrible Bosses: 206,000,000
    Just Go With It: 214,945,591
    The Switch: 49,830,607
    The Bounty Hunter: 136,333,322
    Love Happens: 36,088,028
    Marley and Me: 242,717,113
    The Break Up: 204,999,686

    Total: 887,914,547
    Total after theatre take: 444,000,000
    Cost: 294,000,000

    Money Made: 887-444 = 150 million

    See I did not say that Jen’s movies made more money – but that she makes the studios more money which we does. I also believe that if you took almost all others actresses and compared them to Jen she would come out ahead. As for Brad not worth figuring out. I pretty sure that you included Megamind in that and probably Oceans as well. His other movies Burn Without Reading, Jesse James, etc. have done very poorly.

    The truth is that Jen is respected and known to make money. She is at the top of her games, dating a sexy new man, and loving her life. Move on Brad/Angie fans, move on. Jen is a movie star and here to stay.

  139. shay kay says:

    If Jen wants to have pics of her love and herself out there and she is being above board about doing it than who’s complaining?Clearly she’s got a man who is totally into her and she’s proud of that.Nothing wrong with that.They aren’t showing me “private” moments but IMO are just sharing their happiness.

    BTW I’ve often read of how Jen’s fans are mini-van mom’s who are defending someone who they think has something in common with them.The thing is that what is most appealing about Jen is her freedom and independance from children, a husband, housework, etc.Most people envy the things they don’t have which mean mini-van moms envy Jennifer her time for herself and her friends.If mini-van moms were going to admire someone more like themselves supposedly it would be Angelina Jolie who is, regardless of nannies, the mother of six children in a committeed relationship with their father.Angelina life would, by definition, be more compromising than Jennifer’s.
    Maybe since BP is “satisfied” and AJ is clearly “satisfied” as well than it’ll be o.k. with the Brangeloones if JA is actually Happy.If it bugs the stink out of them though we’re going to have to hear more about how Huvane (who is actually Merlin the Magician) arranged this and all of Jen’s previous relationships, how AJ (who is actually a Saint or a sexy Temptress) both respects BP but keeps him under her ballet slipper or siletto heal, how Justin (who is actually….well a paid companion) can’t stand Jen but would be homeless without her money, how BP (who is actually a mortal man and not worthy of Saint Jolie or Temptress Jolie) was only a contracted husband before the Great Angelina Jolie made him realize his life expectations and turned him into Mr.Saint Jolie’s saitlike almost husband or Temptress Jolie’s whipping boy(I guess it depends on the day of the week).

  140. Isa says:

    Camille-I kind of enjoyed reading her comments! They were all about the same…like “Haters need to get a life!”

    Then she would go post mean stuff on the Brangelina threads.

    Made me laugh!

  141. Heine says:

    I think people love to forget that her “stupid romcoms” make tons of money for studios. They don’t cost much to make and they only have to do reasonably well at the box office to make the studio money and her romcoms always do reasonably well or better. That’s why the studios hire her and that’s why she’s considered successful.

    They also like to keep attributing Kung Fu Panda’s success to Jolie when that could have been anyone’s voice and those films would have done very well. The draw was and is Jack Black and the gorgeous animation. I actually didn’t know Jolie voiced a character until the end credits.

    And before anyone says anything about Horrible Bosses or Marley and Me, both had advertising campaigns that heavily featured Aniston. So regardless of whether there were puppies or that she wasn’t really the star, people were not put off by the studio pushing her involvement and the studio clearly correctly assumed that pushing her to the front was a good idea to sell the movies.

  142. dj says:

    Her PR people are really shoving her down our throats lately. STOP!

  143. Deltona lakes says:

    If JA makes so much money for the studios Why is her salary $8mil and Angie’s $20 mil ?surely the studios must use your calculations to determine which actors makes the most money for them..Also, I read somewhere that only a handful of actors get a backend deal ie will smith, Leo, Tom cruise, Johnny depp and both Angie and brad are on that shortlist… The A listers as I recall the article stating..

  144. aggielena says:

    i like his hair. nothing much else.

  145. justathought says:

    These two hams are cut from the same black “cheese” cloth.

  146. miss_bhaven says:

    I am so happy for her. She deserves it. She’s had a rough go at things.

  147. badrockandroll says:

    Sue, RinTin Tin made the studios money. So did the Charlie Chan films. They are not good movies.

    Brad Pitt is not a great actor, IMO, but I love that he is willing to stretch and take risks and be ugly on the screen. Until his ex-wife does those things, I don’t care about the money she may make a studio, she will remain a television actress and not a movie star.

  148. Camille says:

    badrockandroll: Excellent comment. I agree.

  149. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:


    Problem is we have seen it with every other man too. Shameful really.

    He can NOT walk the red carpet, but they can pose cutesy on a roof. ON A ROOF, to appear like it’s not staged. I guess the professioal photographer hangs out on roofs with his camera and they suddened upon him. Really, her fans accept being played like a fool and are not offended?

    Stop trying to compare him to Brad and her to Angie. It can’t be done on any level. She was always loved up to Vince, John or whoever. She poses like this with her female friends. It’s just that, friends. No passion. When this charade is over it will be more of the same.

    I did not know her portion of the 7 minute short was co-directed with someone else. Oh man, the comparisons really need to stop. This is her 2nd one and both were co-directed. Maybe, her fans need to defend her. Enough.

  150. Kloops says:

    Cheesy stuff like this makes it hard to believe this is a relationship where publicity and public perception isn’t their primary motive. Why release these types of photos? It seems desperate,

    He’s kind of a Brad Lite or 1990′s Brad. It’d be more believable if he was a departure in some way….

  151. Cheyenne says:

    @Sue: Burn After Reading made well over $100 million. Jesse James was never in wide release. And if you want to talk about bombs, one word comes to mind: Management.

    Aniston’s movies have made a profit for the studio because they are low-budget films that are cheap to make. And as already been observed, she is basically a rom-com actress who can’t or won’t expand her range. Until she does, she will continue to be known mainly as a TV actress.

    @mzjask: You had a point?

  152. teddy says:

    I speak from experience, and that is, not all women consider every other women as a sister, and not all women honor the “already taken” man.
    It can be an extremly sexual high to take a man from another women and have him completely in love with you. a fresh self fulfiled ego that “you are the better choice over her” is a real big boost and it is an ego women thing for some of us,,, we need this and feed on it
    JA is one of those people
    she is showeing us = That she can do it and be happy with the results.
    this sickenes comes from a really bad relationsghip with your Mother–I had it and I beliebe JA had it.

  153. teddy says:

    She is so full of herself and what she did that it really shows–she feeds on this. and glows with her achievment Love? yes? lust? more yes? newness of the undiscovered? yes
    but I feel sory for Theroux—He is nieve to not look further into her and this hole thing went way too fast– on the Lust part -for him to relly know if this person is someone that he could be with for 14 years like he commited to Heidi I think It will last about as long as it did with Brad at the most–but probably less—The problem is life will become ordinary and she can not stand ordinary or kids maybe they should get some more dogs.
    she is shallow to the bone–
    Huvane made her and continues her and feeds her to the press to make her seem relevant
    come on she is a C or sometimes B caliber
    she is not and never will be able to stand in a real actresses shoes she is a person that plays herself over and over and over. at least she removed all the extra hair —-so her boyfriend can run his finger through it — without a weave
    she is a phoney always will be a phoney achiever
    and can not act I wish she would go away or run out of money to pay Huvane to continue pushing her on us.

  154. Memphis says:

    She looks happy, he looks good. Who cares if it’s cheesy.

  155. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Sidenote: I totally don’t believe JA isn’t going to comment on Pitt’s interview. She’ll do it in her own “classy” way, of course, the way she didn’t talk about the divorce.

    Like I’ve said before, we’re dealing with someone who at some point decided not to talk to her mother for a decade. I don’t believe she’s just going let this one slide.

    Can’t wait for the spectacle.
    /rubs paws

  156. mzfilo55 says:

    Looks more like they are trying to hard. It’s pretty lame & not fooling anyone…what’s she trying so hard to prove?!

  157. Addie says:

    I see what Jen is doing here with these pics and I think it is a good gessture…

    Her fans always want to SEE that she is happy, doing well and not lonely and miserable, I think this is her way of saying to people ‘see… I am fine, let’s move on’

    That is a pretty great thing, cos she TRUELY looks happy.

  158. lee says:

    Neither Jen nor Justin released the pictures. They were released by the photographer.
    And my goodness, Justin just keeps getting hotter.

  159. kira says:

    They released the pictures to the photographer the first time so he could send it out to the world (days after his cheated-on girlfriend moved out of the home they shared, no less. What a slap in the face.) Now they did ANOTHER batch for the same exact reason. Two famewhores who are in love with attention..ummmm, each other. These pictures are so posey fake, and it
    smells like tit-for-tat. Brad opened his dumb mouth and out comes Jen to retaliate and grab some attention. Just like little children. No wonder relationships never work in Hollywood.

  160. lisa says:


    I think the pictures are nice. but don’t be silly.. the last pictures he took of them were released. If you think they didn’t know he would release them, yeah of course they knew. That is why they posed. It is a PR move. To put them out there again. To say I’m happy with Justin. Stop using double standards. If this had been any other couple then the screams of PR stunt would be heard by her fans. We didn’t see her or Justin for weeks. WEEKS. then right after that whole silliness she and he have been seen pretty much every single day. OH please don’t even do the Paps are stalking them, because when that is said about others we hear the “oh they call the paps”.
    they love the attention.. look at them smile. well I guess Jen and Justin have them on speed dial too.

    I don’t give rat’s butt about her and Justin. Just don’t understand why he is being compared to Brad all the time. Her last guy was whoever.. so why is it always that ???? is hotter than Brad.. better in bed than Brad, more whatever than Brad. Brad and Justin are not in same anything.

    JA fans should just enjoy her guy. Stop putting him up against Brad. Makes him look less than every time. It is dumb. And it has been done with every relationship she has had.. real or made up. Vince, John. Remember the fake thing with Butler and Cooper That was the narrative. Go back and read the old comments.. it was the same silly things. Vince is taller than Brad.. John is more talented than Brad. Well when those ended then her fans were all Jen and Brad should get back together.. they were so great together.. well we know that was not the case, now they are trying so hard to pit Justin up against Pitt. Let it go. It won’t work ever.

    I’m sure Justin is a talented guy, but to compare him to a man that has established himself for 20 years and is world known is dumb. Justin will not be that guy. And I don’t care that he wrote Iron Man.

    Brad didn’t use her to promote his film. The man has not said her name in an interview in years nor referred to her. Something that can’t be said of her in the past. But long live the DStandard.

  161. pwal says:

    September 29th, 2011 at 5:24 am

    Brad didn’t use her to promote his film. The man has not said her name in an interview in years nor referred to her. Something that can’t be said of her in the past. But long live the DStandard.
    I absolutely agree with this statement. When you look at both the Parade and Entertainment Weekly articles, he was all about taking responsibility for his professional and personal dissatisfaction, which coincides with many of the themes in Moneyball. How anyone could take this as some sort of an affront… I will never understand.

    Mind you, some will accept a certain someone as finding a role challenging just because she ‘has’ to be brunette (with the help of wigs)because she is a ‘natural blonde’, you know.

  162. mln76 says:

    @Sue. Thanks for agreeing with me. She’s cheap which is why the studios use her in the studio drivel that would be made with or without her. Rom-Coms with 50 screenwriters and the like that have a built in audience. She plays the same character in almost everything and is the definition of a hack in her movie career-which may not mean anything to your taste but does say a lot about her actual footing in Hollywood. Since she hasn’t stretched herself in years she gets no interest from actual filmmakers,or directors who drive the industry. She isn’t getting calls from Christopher Nolan or the Coen Brothers because they have no interest in her. Even Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson have been nominated for Oscars and have worked with more prestigious directors.

  163. Ell says:

    Addie commented ‘Her fans always want to SEE that she is happy, doing well and not lonely and miserable, I think this is her way of saying to people ’see… I am fine, let’s move on’
    That is a pretty great thing, cos she TRUELY looks happy.’

    I think so too Addie.

    Whatever you think her intention is, I don’t know why some people insist in calling her boring when she generates so much interest. As I write this comment, this thread alone is up to 173 comments…people are obsessed with her:)

  164. Katherine says:

    “Pat: No one in hollywood is a bigger player then Jen”


    Unless you mean big at game playing. She barely has any respect left in the industry.

  165. Dusty says:

    Doth not any of yee wonder about her ailing mother and why not JA be at her bedside. Recovering from a stroke is no small feat and support from loved ones in addition to those in the medical field are crucial!

  166. MSat says:

    They look great together, but they’ve been together for all of five friggin’ minutes…why the rush to have them married already?

  167. Sakyiwaa says:

    I think the pictures are cute! Staged or not. They ACTUALLY make a really CUTE couple!

    Look, I want Aniston to be happy. so BP and AJ and their family can be left alone.

  168. nan says:

    This so-called “source” (Huvane), is a very chatty person. I wouldn’t be surprised if the homewrecker and bobblehead phrased those quotes for Huvane to “leak” out.

  169. Kara Ann says:


    I don’t think that Brad and Angelina will ever be “left alone” in the sense that their relationship will always be tabloid fodder. I believe that interest in them, and Aniston for that matter, exists outside of the ever-stupid-media-driven “triangle”.
    That said, I am with you as far as the Jolie-Pitts and Aniston being “left alone” as far as sites like this where each fan kingdom attack each other continually.
    I believe that the “triangle” is on its last legs. It’s obvious that these three don’t give a hoot about one another (i mean, that jen doesn’t care about brad and aj and they don’t care about her).
    It seems like posting “arguments” about this stuff is some posters full-time jobs. I wonder what they will do when the triangle is no more?

  170. blonde on the dock says:

    Oh the jealousy on here reeks!

  171. Cheyenne says:

    @teddy: That’s not really fair. Aniston didn’t take Pitt away from Paltrow. Pitt dumped Paltrow after he found out she cheated on him. Aniston caught him on the rebound.

    BTW does anyone know what’s happening with “Goree Girls”? It’s been in “pre-production” for the past two years — meaning that she can’t find a studio to back it. If she was the “biggest player in Hollywood” as Pat insists, you’d think the studios would be breaking down her door.

  172. blonde on the dock says:

    @Cheyenne: I think you got your facts wrong. Paltrow dumped Pitt after she cheated on him. Pitt dated several women before he hooked up with JA.

  173. Heine says:

    Cheyenne: Actually, a film being in pre-production for years (aka development hell) can mean a number of things beside a studio not backing it. There might be script problems, deal problems, someone might think they aren’t getting paid enough, the writers might be taking their time, there might be issues getting locations and on and on and on.

    Studios don’t like to pick up something that isn’t already put together. I’ve read that they are going through script changes left and right, so that would be the real problem, if what I’ve read is true.

  174. mln76 says:

    @blonde on the dock my understanding is GOOPY strongly hinted he dumped her after she cheated. “I was the architect of my own misery”. Also C. Martin told Rolling Stone Mag that he’s got an inferiority complex about Brad Pitt. Unlikely that he would be jealous if Paltrow dumped him.

    @Heine please stop the denial. Aniston doesn’t have the pull to get the interest of any quality people on Goree Girls which is why she can’t get a decent script. The studio doesn’t now and hasn’t ever considered it a hot property.

  175. blonde on the dock says:

    @mln76: Well I guess we’ll never know for sure who dumped who but I’m sure he was heartbroken. Afterall they were engaged. If not perhaps he is missing a “sensitivity chip”. He was single and dating for some time before he hooked up with JA. She wasn’t some knee jerk reaction like Cheyenne is trying to insinuate.
    As for Goree Girls, I guess it’s a wait and see. At least it’s a different direction for JA. People always accuse her of not trying different things then when she does they secretly hope it fails or doesn’t come to be. By the way she does have a nice singing voice.

  176. shelbs says:

    greats photos , glad she found him , brad pitt has turned out to be a major arsehole

  177. Heine says:

    mln76: Denial of what, exactly? The project is not getting off the ground for some reason. Cheyenne said that the reason was because she couldn’t get a studio to back it.

    I disagreed because a film being in development hell could mean a number of things beside a studio not wanting it. I had read that there were script problems-thus, you are right. Chances are the script was awful and they are trying to get a decent script put together.

    I never said any studio thought it was a hot property.

  178. Cheyenne says:

    @Heine: True, you didn’t say it was a hot property. But three years is a long time to find a backer. First it was supposed to be released in 2010, then this year, and now says a tentative release date is 2013 and it’s still in pre-production. Actually, my comment was directed at Pat, who continually insists that Aniston is the hottest player in Hollywood. If she was, the studios would be lined up outside her door trying to greenlight this film. But evidently no studio wants to take the risk. Whether it’s because if the script or because of her, is anyone’s guess.

  179. Heine says:

    Three years might seem like a long time, but quite a few films have gotten their rights bought by studios, had scripts written and actors attached and still haven’t been shot.

    Transformers, for instance, had it’s rights bought by a studio in the 80s but they didn’t actually make the film until some 20-odd years later and the rights had been shunted around Hollywood like a hot potato. Avatar was a 15 year quest for James Cameron. Jurassic Park 4 was announced in 2002 with a supposed release date of 2005-it was delayed due to script problems. Spielberg says it’ll get made in a few years. Paramount bought the rights to a movie called Torso (based on a murderer) back in 2006, attached David Fincher to direct and it was all good to go until they got the cost estimates and then they dropped it.

    Lots of films are in development for years and it typically has nothing to do with the actors or producers or directors. It’s almost always an issue of cost or script. Even the second Star Trek film-one that people would assume would get pushed along as quickly as possible-was delayed for the last two years because J.J. Abrams wasn’t happy with the script.

    Studios like Aniston. She makes them money. Studios love Steven Spielberg- he’s made them craptons of money but even for him they wouldn’t put up money for a movie with script problems.

    Three years is a cake walk compared to what some of these big-name directors have gone through.

  180. anonymous says:

    Strange couple could you imagine Sandra Bullock acting the way Jennifer Aniston behaves, How old is Sandra Bullock anyway? Of all the women in Hollywood Sandra has such class, no pity party, just held her head up high and carried on with her adopted child, compare her to Jennifer Aniston from the day Brad Pitt left,she has drowned herself in this pity party, constantly seeking attention from the public with various antics, why would a 43 year old woman put out such weird high school like photos between herself and a man who she took away from his girlfriend of 14 years for public consumption. A few weeks ago she was dressing and pretending she was pregnant for the paps,all of a sudden after the Pitt interview hit the air waves where did the maternity like covering-up and baggy clothing disappeared to, in a flash they are gone and JA is now out and about strutting a flat stomach,didn’t you think she was expecting , I did and so did a lot of people. What is up with this actress. It’s not for me to say she is not happy or they are acting it just doesn’t compute as normal behavior.

  181. Deltona lakes says:

    It’s so interesting that the public doesn’t really know how much a studio makes from a film.. I googled studio production costs and they used Angie’s film as an example.. Lara croft 2.. The article stated that most people assumed it didnt make as much money as the original film but few realize that fox sold the international rights to cover the production costs and that their out of pocket was only 9mil.. And with dvd sales and rentals.. They made money on the film.. We don’t know the backroom deals. The article ended that the public doesnt really know.. But I would assume since JA can only get 8mil a film and Angie receives 20 mil … Angie is probably bringing in more revenue…and it’s not because they just like her better…

  182. thesea says:

    Personally I love the vibe she is giving off in these photos – it’s kind of a modern Doris Day/Sandra Dee, especially in the 2nd one. I am a huge Dorus Day fan and I loved her rom coms – plus thy both share a love for animals, and they both have gorgeous bodies. Awesome.

    Nah, to the detractors, I think these pics were taken to mark a big and happy occasion for both of them, celebrating their time in NYC together in their new pad, her big debut as director, as these were taken just before, a good time with a friend, Terry, and just new love. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a good thing. I do like Jen, but I must say, I think I like this guy even more. Loved him in Mullholland Drive. I am a fan of David Lynch movies. And mercy, his eyes, I could just fall into them. He’s a good man and you can see that he is deep. She’s a very lucky girl. We should all hold out for someone so wonderful.

    And I agree with the posters who say a lot of people don’t want to be labelled and put in the spotlight. I am in the arts and though I have done both, I much prefer being behind the scenes myself. It is actually kind of sad to be out front and see how many lonely people there are in the world, desperate to admire somebody. These actors and celebrities are just people, folks.

  183. laima says:

    justin get her a diamond don t be cheap
    she deserves to be happy

  184. crtb says:

    The problem is that many couples literally get trapped in a relationship. They move in together and start building a life together. While the woman thinks all of this nest building is leading to marriage, the man thinks that he just has a glorified roommate who he has sex with. Suddenly the couple has a virtual marriage and the guy feels no need to validate the relationship with an actual marriage. The woman is stuck waiting around, not wanting to leave a quality relationship just because the man, as he says, doesn’t need to sign a piece of paper to validate their relationship.

  185. Bettina says:

    Am I the only one thinking that its pretty twofaced by Jennifer making that photoshoot?

    Didnt she like cry and moan about Brad and Angelina making a photoshoot together after being together way longer than her and Justin have been. And now when they havnt even been together a year, Jennifer def started of as the other woman and Justin was with his ex 14years before he met Jennifer..Jennifer is doing the exact same as Angelina did!

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