George Clooney defends sad Elisabetta Canalis’s honor, one last time


I actually feel sorry for Elisabetta Canalis. I have a soft spot in my cold, dead heart for a good “immigrant does well in America” story, and I feel like America was actively rooting against Elisabetta. After all, she has a great ass and she looks like Cindy Crawford in dim light, which was enough to get her George Clooney for two years. And apparently, that’s all Elisabetta gets. She doesn’t get Hollywood, she doesn’t get any more “modeling” jobs, she doesn’t even get cheesy reality-star fame on Dancing With the Starsthe audience couldn’t kick her off soon enough.

So now comes the sad stories about the end of Elisabetta’s “fame” in America. Sure, she’ll still be somebody in Italy – she’s probably even “A list” in Italy. But in America, she’s nothing more than a pushier Sarah Larson with a thick accent. Us Weekly got the ball rolling in this week’s print issue, apparently claiming that Elisabetta sent George Clooney “angry text messages” about his new girlfriend, Stacy “Cray-Cray” Keibler. Clooney took pity on poor Eli and denied the story to TMZ:

George Clooney is doing something he almost never does — commenting about a report on his romantic life … in particular, one that claims his ex-gf sent him angry text messages about his new gf.

The report in the current issue of US Weekly … claims Elisabetta Canalis fired off a series of angry texts to George when she found out he was dating Stacy Keibler.

But George tells TMZ, the story “was completely fabricated in order to sell magazines. I never comment on my personal life unless it affects others…and this lie affects others.”

George added this challenge to US Weekly, “Since I would be the only actual witness, I ask you to correct your story immediately, but that would assume you cared at all about telling the truth.”

[From TMZ]

Rough. All kinds of rough. If the story is true, poor Eli, and if it’s false (probably), then this was Eli’s last moment with Clooney – when he defended her “honor” as someone who wouldn’t be crazy enough to send nasty test messages, which is setting the bar pretty low. Clooney probably forgot to mention that he changed all of his numbers right after he had security escort Eli off the Lake Como estate.

Meanwhile, Eli gave a sad interview to Life & Style right after she was eliminated on DWTS. This whole thing made me cringe:

After being kicked off Dancing With the Stars on Sept. 27, Elisabetta Canalis wants the world to know one thing: She’s fine and moving on from ex-boyfriend George Clooney.

“I just want to move on,” she tells Life & Style. “I’m really just doing what I’ve done for years before — my job, and that’s television. I had this opportunity to do my job here in this country.”

While on the show, Elisabetta spent most of her time dodging questions about her famous ex. “Yes, he’s my ex-boyfriend and people in this country know me because of him, but…” Elisabetta said after the news of her elimination on last night’s results show.

“George Clooney, George Clooney, George Clooney, George Clooney, George Clooney,” kidded her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, who then asked Elisabetta, “Do you think George Clooney voted for us?”

Very uncomfortably, the Italian beauty replied, “I don’t know. I don’t think anything right now.”

Admitting her surprise at last night’s outcome, Elisabetta reveals to Life & Style, “I think we are paying a little bit for our moods during the rehearsals maybe? I’ve learned that you have to be more diplomatic sometimes. Especially when I’m learning.”

But when it comes to dancing, she’s hanging her up shoes.

“Right now I’m going back to horseback riding,” she tells Life & Style. “I had the best teacher in the world.” And according to Val: “George Clooney approves this interview!”

[From Life & Style]

Ugh. Cringe. Poor Eli. She’s crazy, but I get the feeling Stacy Keibler could out-crazy her any day of the week. My advice for Eli? Go home. Not in a “we’re kicking you out” way, but in a “go see your family, have lunch with friends, lick your wounds” kind of way. Go home for a while, work in Italy, maybe try to really launch yourself as an actress/model/personality in Europe, and then find another nice, rich dude and stop talking about getting married and having babies, because that seems to drive the rich ones away.


I hope Stacy Keibler is watching this mess, because this is her journey in less than a year. I’m giving it six months, actually.




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  1. Original Tiffany says:

    Oh, I didn’t think she HAD any honor.

  2. MJ says:


    1. I usually don’t think Eli looks like a tranny, but dude needs to gain a few pounds or lay off the weights. (S)he definitely looks more masculine lately, and her cheeks are reaching Iggy Pop-level sunkenness.

    2. A grown man with a tiny backpack is a funny image.

  3. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @MJ I agree she does look a bit man-like. Plus in dim or bright light she looks nothing like the beautiful and ageless Cindy Crawford.

  4. gig says:

    Yeah, I suppose you have enough Karpashians (or Kardarashians, or Karkashians, or whatever) to keep this one, as well. Don’t worry, we will be pleased to have her in Europe if we can send your L’innocent back asap.
    BTW, we had Snooki here for months, we are glad she’s now back where she belongs.

  5. Rhiley says:

    She seems kind of like Hugh Grant’s type. If I were EC I would be working to get with Grant. Granted, he is not quite as A list as GC but still, he is pretty A list. Look what he did for Elizabeth Hurley’s “career.” Stories about her still pop up every so often, and they have been broken up for about ten or twelve year.

  6. ladybert62 says:

    At least his new girlfriend looks like a girl and not a “woman” with a man’s adams apple.

    She/he gets no sympathy from me – go away elisbetta.

  7. LucyOriginal says:

    I don’t watch DWTS. But I saw her performances and she improved on the second one + I cnanot udnerstand why Rob K. is still on the show. Was it a coincidence that she got voted off the day of Ides of Marhc premiere? I don’t know… But why now George wants to defend her? Why?

    @Kaiser: “I hope Stacy Keibler is watching this mess, because this is her journey in less than a year. I’m giving it six months, actually.” Amem! I hope she will go away back to her cray cray world before the Oscar’s. Can you imagine what kind of gown she will wear there? At leasts he has few months to learn how to dress and pose naturally on the red carpet. She tries so hard to prove she is independent and confident…

  8. ness says:

    @gig LOL touche..

  9. Theuth says:

    I don’t have any sympathy for miss Canalis. She got famous in Italy for her body and her relationships, and hoped this could happen in USA, not thinking that if you present yourself without any references (and dating Clooney ISN’T enough) or at least some talent, you’ll never make it: she’s past her age for the sexy woman, she had A LOT of occasions and threw away because she’s simply not good, and wasn’t able to give a lasting impression.
    Plus, with all the things that happens here in Italy about TV/cinema in Milan and are getting on surface only now thanks to Berlusconi’s trials, I really can’t get side with a grown woman who became famous doing (probably) escort duties. And I dislike Clooney a lot more.

  10. Heatheradair says:

    @MJ — I don’t “lol” very often — and when I do, I don’t bother to mention it much here (I’m greedy like that). BUT, your comment about “grown man, tiny backpack” made me scroll up to look, and yep, I “ell-oh-elled.”

    Well done. Good observation. very funny.

  11. SueAnn says:

    That is a man….

  12. Denise says:

    Yes, go home…. Good advice. And I also agree tat this Keibler elf will not last a year.

  13. Original Tiffany says:

    There is no age expiration for “sexy woman”. I reference Helen Mirren, Sophia Loren, Cindy Crawford, etc. JA has the bod of a 25 yo for God’s sake!
    Damn, I’m going to be a sexy woman until I die!

  14. serena says:

    She’s not an A-lister in Italy, but just a Clooney’s ex and a C-lister.
    Anyway I’m feeling for her a bit.. but just a bit, I know that by the time she returns to Italy she’ll put up the ‘I’m someone in America, bitches’ front and be all snob-ish like she is since she dated Clooney.

  15. Nancy C. says:

    she was pretty good, but i think the fact that she doesn’t have a fan base here, meant no votes.

  16. http://angie/ says:

    I don’t find Canalis attractive, her face is very masculine and so is her over exercised body, those arms and stomach belong on a man.
    Women can be slim and athletic with some feminine softness to them.
    I respect Clooney, he has been saying for years that he doesn’t want to get married and have children.
    He has been honest about it and women that get involved with him know upfront what to expect.
    It seems to me that they get lots of nice things out of dating someone on the level of Clooney.
    He has the same right not to want to marry like any woman in the world.
    It’s better than getting married and cheating (Tiger Woods, Jessie James, Brad Pitt, ex-president Clinton…) and breaking up a marriage with possibly kids involved that are innocent.

  17. linda says:

    these comments are the Americans?
    My god, you’re just mad you! Happy to be Italian and have never been in your country!
    Should I change my mind a lot about you!

  18. nan says:

    Some photos of her reminde me a little of Penelope Cruz. She’s a handsome woman but not too bright!

  19. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Linda We have no problems with anyone cause I tell you America has plenty of celebs who I would like to see shipped to another planet, I think the sentiment here is that she just another opportunist whether she is Italian or not. I don’t understand how we tend to make everything about America vs Elsewhere, it’s the celebrity machine that’s our enemies not each other. I hope people realize that before this turns into a pissing match between My country is better than your’s scrap. I really get tired of people judging each other based on their nationality that is worst than judging someone on race. We can’t help where were from but we can help how we are and treat each other.

  20. angie says:

    @ Linda : What is your problem?
    I’m Canadian and worked, lived and traveled in USA. It’s one amazingly beautiful country and the people are great.
    What is with Europeans always trashing Americans?
    You have a right to constructively criticize when you at least visited America once in your snobish life.
    I have been in Italy several times and beyond the very impressive Roman Empire history I was not happy with my stay in Italy. Please Italy pay your bills so the European Union doesn’t have to pay your debt!

  21. linda says:

    Angie: My comment was referring to “Eli’s crazy,” I am an employee of a school, my whole family works and we pay all the taxes we give, none can escape anything! For the work I have contact with many foreigners, I have never said or thought it should go back to their country! What enters the taxes with Elizabeth?

  22. Leticia says:

    @Angie, thanks. I’m not used to seeing Americans defended. By the way, Canadians are the best!

  23. Tiffany says:

    Eli has some strong features. She could be one of those women who would benefit from a 10lb weight gain to soften her features.

  24. angie says:

    @ Linda : I did not talk about taxes, but about Italy not willing to handle properly their debt that now the European Union has to deal with.
    Please, just re-read your comment and educate yourself before attacking a country you have never even visited.
    North America is a land of immigrants, we have every ethnicity, religion and country represented here and we LOVE it.
    That’s what makes us great. Problems are everywhere, that’s just life.
    Canalis should go back to her home country, because she was voted off
    Dancing with the Stars and she said that was the reason she came to America.
    Europeans trash Americans all the time. I traveled across Europe many times and I have never met more arrogant and snobish people in my life.
    Canada is a friend of United States and we will always be.Period.

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    The best way to show people you “want to move on” is to shut up and do it.

  26. European citizen says:

    About beauty and ugliness: a person cannot be juged about his/her aspect.
    Anyway if for you she is ugly, a trans, a horse face…I also would be a horse face, a transgender etc…

  27. European citizen says:

    About beauty and ugliness: a person cannot be juged about his/her aspect.
    Anyway if for you she is ugly, a trans, a horse face…I also would be a horse face, a transgender etc…

  28. linda says:

    Angie, a buon intenditor poche parole, la traduzione con google non ha tradotto bene ciò che intendevo dire!
    comunque,visto tutto quello che dici degli italiani, ti dico l’ultima: venerdi della settimana scorsa una signora peruviana voleva iscrivere suo figlio nella mia scuola, le ho dato tutto ciò che serviva, ho detto di tornare con l’iscrizione completa il giorno dopo e di dare tutto ai miei colleghi, perchè quel sabato io non sarei stata a scuola.
    Risposta: vengo lunedì quando ci sei te.
    Credimi, per me queste parole (il loro significato) valgono oro.
    Scrivo in italiano per evitare traduzioni errate con google.
    Io non ho nessun problema, il mio modo di vivere è di non fare agli altri ciò che non vorresti fosse fatto a te.

  29. European citizen says:

    Anyway she loves horses and this isn’t an “offense” for her…Forza Ely!!!

  30. Joanna says:

    If he really doesn’t want to get married, why is he dating women in their 30s? He needs to get someone his own age, with wrinkles like him, who has been divorced and doesn’t want to get married. but no, he’s too shallow for that. For all the sophisticated image he puts on, he’s not. Otherwise, he wouldn’t date women half his age. A woman his age wouldn’t put up with his b.s. just b/c he has money. That’s why he dates younger women who are not nearly equal in career sucess with him. They’re easier to manage.

  31. paola says:


    Americans aren’t great, at leastnot of the, you support war, you voted for bush 2 times in a row and Obama is not doing any better than the italian politics, you still have capital punishment, you can buy a gun when you’re sixteen years old and when you turn 21 all you think is about getting drunk.
    sorry but before you trash the europeans you should at least see what happens in your beautiful country.

  32. paola says:

    *at least not all of them

  33. Abby says:

    I think it’s funny that Elisabetta went on DWTS…. Stacy Keibler was on season 1 or 2 of DWTS and she was really, really good. She made it to the finale—got third place. I only know this because without DWTS, I wouldn’t even know who Stacy is.

  34. bailie says:

    @paola : Angie is Canadian and Canada is beautiful.
    I’ve seen it myself, the Rocky Mountains are stunning and Vancouver is amazing.
    By the way, people drink almost everywhere in the world. Octoberfest is on, they have awesome beer, we should go!

  35. trh says:

    For relaxing times, make it Suntory time!

  36. Paola says:

    @bailie and @angie

    i apologize if angie is canadian. I thought she was american. I lived in USA for many years and i visited Canada many times, beaufitul countries but i still think no one is great in this world apart from those people who die for no reason. we’re all equally guilty.

  37. bailie says:

    Paola, I agree with you.
    Nobody is perfect. I lived in Europe and in the States. Americans were great to me and I had no troubles, but I have to say I heard a lot of negative comments about Americans in Europe.
    It was very common.

  38. bailie says:

    @Joanna, why should Clooney not want do date 30 something year olds, if he can.
    He is very succesfull, doesn’t want to get married and is very open about it.
    He is not lying and promising these women marriage and children to be with him.
    These women are adults, way over 18 years of age and they know what they are doing and why. He said in many interviews that marriage is not for him. It’s better than getting divorced 3 times like JLo. A lot less attractive older men with not as much success are dating very young women.

  39. Aqua says:

    While I do appreciate Clooney for defending Elisabetta.I think even she is having a harder time in America than what she may have realized.Elisabetta should go home to the love and support of her family and friends and resume her career back in Italy for a while before returning to States to try again because for right now and possibly for some time to come she may/will always be known as George Clooneys ex girlfriend.

  40. Michelle says:

    Really aqua .

  41. Camille says:

    “I hope Stacy Keibler is watching this mess, because this is her journey in less than a year. I’m giving it six months, actually.”

    This. I agree.
    I guess old Georgey boy needs another ‘female escort’ for awards season. *eye roll*

    GC is a dick, can’t stand him and I don’t see the appeal there.
    Stacey is a busted and budget looking Heidi Klum look-a-like.
    And poor old Elli can do better. I don’t hate Elli, never did and I still don’t.

  42. BigHair&Pearls says:

    Oh my, Eli, what big hands you have…

  43. Lantana says:

    I have a friend that lives in milan and his perception is that Elisabetta is drop-dead gorgeous and that Clooney was so lucky to get her, especially since everyone “knows” he’s gay….

  44. Michelle says:

    Really !!!

  45. Meh says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her.

  46. Poppy says:

    I have always thought not marrying was a smart move on Clooneys part, if you don’t want to sign that piece of paper then thats fine, some people should never be married.

    He actually never does talk about his girlfriends (has anyone heard him say one word about the Kiebler) it’s always the gossip mags and columns and the girls themselves who talk endlessly about his relationships but it is he himself who keeps saying in every single interview and conversation “I’m never getting married again” who else does that , it’s really pathetic.

    Just STFU we’re sick of hearing it George it’s really a very immature thing to keep saying like a three year old saying no, no,no all day long because it’s a habit. It’s getting as bad as his “Son of a journalist” shtick.

    We all know what he’s really saying is “I’ve decided I’m not gonna give love a chance and I don’t want any type of commitment because I’m selfish and controlling I don’t want to even entertain the idea a life partner I just want a girlfriend”. It just makes him look so vein and shallow emotionally, which he probably is.

  47. Sol says:

    I’m European and I think Americans are a Great people but they are generally too naïf and don’t have any great history. Europe has one, and we are proud of it, u have only cinema studios and stupid stars; there is no competion with your country, we love Europe, dont need America or any other American style, thanks!

  48. neff says:

    @ CB

    Why is so much America bashing tolerated here? Certainly it is a violation of your own policy against bigoted remarks and for making this site a light-hearted, friendly place.

    @Annoying Italian Bitches

    I’m not going to get into a stupid comment war, but I am going to call you out on your unacceptable rudeness and vicious biases. There are good things and bad things in every country and culture. Parts of Italy are stunningly beautiful, others are decidedly not.

  49. JulieM says:

    Wow, Sol. What a stupid and simplistic statement. We have no history? I don’t even know what that means.

  50. Ruffian9 says:


  51. Snowbunny says:

    Interesting comments about Europeans and Americans, when most Americans can trace their family trees back to Europe. A great majority of Americans share in European history, regardless if you like it or not!

  52. Cherry Rose says:

    For the record, you must be 18 to buy a rifle, and 21 to buy a handgun, although many are obtained legally. Why don’t you people research a little before making statements. Might help so you won’t look so ignorant.

    Let’s not forget that every country has its own problems, not just America.

    Anyway, I would kill to have Elisabetta’s body. Just not her face.

  53. mia girl says:


  54. okeydokey says:

    American bashing has always been the new black.

    I LOVED Italy. If I could go back yearly, I would. I also loved Germany, Spain, England, and Ireland. Every country has its own history and its own good points and bad points. No need to bash.

  55. Beth says:

    I will miss her abs on Dancing with the Stars. They were inspirational. Other than that, not so much to say about her.

  56. paola says:

    It’s exactly what i meant, every country has its own problems.. And i think NO ONE can say “we are great people” because i’m sure there are murderers, paedophilian, thieves, conmans, rapist pretty much everywhere. I’m italian, couldn’t be more far from being proud of it at the moment, all the world is saying how stupid we are for letting Berlusconi steal our money, play with our laws and shit where we eat, all this without us even trying to do something. There’s very little we mere mortals can do, almost nothing. We pay 43% of taxes on our wages, we have nothing back from that and we deserve to be trashed now by all the countries that are actually trying to help us, but we don’t need lectures from the Americans because you have just as much shit going on as we do but no one is calling you ignorant, stupid or bitches.

  57. Bubulle says:

    Please people stay on topic , this is not an America Vs Europe thread. It’s about a vacuous woman whose claim to fame has nothing to do with talent. I don’t feel sorry for her, she knew what she was doing when she was dating GC, she’s pissed because she has lost her meal ticket. Poor Elisabetta has to learn english and show actual talent to make it in the us.

  58. Snowbunny says:

    Italy is on my ‘hope’ to visit list, and we all have the government issues, seems no one is exempt from that problem.

  59. observer says:

    I see the famewhore skank is still lying. “Yes, he’s my ex-boyfriend and people in this country know me because of him”
    No, bitch, he wasn’t your boyfriend. You were his publicity escort.

  60. LuckyLilGem says:

    Clooney making a public comment about text messages indicates that he has hopes of being friends (perhaps with benefits) with Canalis.

  61. april says:

    Yes, it is pretty weird he defended her. The story wasn’t that much of a story to begin with. He didn’t have to put his two cents in.

    Also he’s never denied dating Stacy K. and this would have been his perfect opportunity.

  62. blinditemreader says:

    I don’t get the hate for Elisabetta, appearance-wise (no idea what she’s like as a person). I think she’s lovely looking and her body is enviable! But I also don’t value the plastic Playmate, weakling look. Difference of opinion, I guess.

  63. gig says:


    It’s strange how media did convince the world that Italy is receiving other countries’s financial support.
    Actually it’s not.
    Italy pays more financial contributions to Brussels than the ones it’s receiving back.
    Italy is participating to the financial scheme to save Greece like all the other countries.
    Italians are paying their bills with 53 % taxes and contributions and have savings in their bank accounts (actually more than other European countries and US citizens) Country’s debt is huge but it owns assets that cover that amount. Most of all, the debt is a very old one, dating back decades ago. It’s years Italy is saving to keep its annual budget under control (in this its aligned to Germany).

  64. gig says:


    BTW, you didn’t see much in Italy if you only visited the Roman Empire sites. Nothing about Michelangelo, Leonardo, Botticelli, Bernini, Mantegna, Brunelleschi, Giotto, Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Sicily, Costiera amalfitana, Dolomites & the Alps, Riviera ligure, Sardinia, the design districts……the very first University in the world, the very first bank in the world…
    You can’t know Italy only having visited it “several times”. Even Italians can’t see it all even if they spend their life visiting it.
    What I really don’t understand is why we reached this “our crap is better than yours” level only to talk about an absolute nobody like this one.But be sure we host many nobodies here coming from Nortern America, but we don’t tell them to go back home.

  65. American and PROUD says:

    @ the American bashers…Yeah you have such a “great” history. Especially the Italians! Berlusconi and his ‘bunga bunga” parties with underaged little girls…yeah, that gives you bragging rights for how “sophisticated” you Europeans are? ahahahaha

    Take the PLANK out of your own eye, before you pick the speck out of your brothers.

  66. Annie says:

    I don’t find it weird that Clooney defended Elisabetta, while he’s most definitely a ” lov’em and leav’em” ( which he’s never tried to spin’ )
    He strikes me as considerate towards his exes…

  67. neva says:

    Dear American and proud

    We always respect others’leadership. In your case we have always respected Kennedy despite his own well known wild parties and female companies. The same we did in Lewinsky case
    Only to mention the most famous ones.

  68. American and PROUD says:

    @ neva…But it wasn’t the Americans insulting YOU was it? NO, it was the other way around I believe, so as I said, when you have been completely without blame…by all means, cast the first stone.

    But I’m getting sick to death of hearing how bad America is from some of you people. The immigrants that make up this great nation FLED Europe, if I’m not much mistaken and came to the New World for a “better” life. They weren’t begged to come here, they FLOODED the place.

    Now ask yourself WHY if Europe is so great?

  69. bailie says:

    I was shocked when I lived in Europe how often I heard Americans being trashed. I don’t know why.
    But North America was mostly settled by Europeans years ago.
    There is a lot of European blood in North America : British, French, Irish, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek and so on.
    I’m a Canadian living in Vancouver and it’s the same here we have many immigrants from every corner of the world and I really like it.
    I also lived in the USA for years, beautiful country, so diverse. I loved it, great people, so friendly. I made some awesome friends.
    Europe has very long, interesting and amazing history, but it’s not fair to compare it to North America. We haven’t been around as long as Europe.
    Honestly, without trying to offend anybody, my experience is that Europeans were not friendly to me and I repeatedly mentioned that I was not American, but Canadian.
    They didn’t seem to care.

  70. neva says:

    american and proud

    all this discussion began with the “go home” attitude which someone found offensive.Expecially since it comes from a country that succeeded in integrating the contributions of all the immigrants it received in the past centuries. It’s a great and powerful country mainly because of this diversity. It’s its strenght. Personally I travelled my entire life and I never expressed negative opinion on someone else’s culture. I always try to understand the good in the others (being Africa, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, China, South America or North America) I always found something positive to remember about local people and culture.
    I cannot accept that people visiting Europe find European people “not friendly”. There’s no “one Europe” people style and attitude, and culture change every few miles within one same country. How can you make this kind of evaluation based on a visit?

    Besides you have to understand that Europeans posting here are not using their native language. Can’t you understand that sometimes what sounds rude or bashing is simply a problem of transating one’s thoughts in a different language?

  71. neva says:

    I’m European, and I always found that people here respect Americans.
    I have been living in Brasil for years, and there I really found people bashing US, its products and companies. I think it’s mainly due to US foreign policy. But here, really…
    I don’t know where you have been living in Europe, but I don’t experience all this hate or negative attitude. At all.

  72. bailie says:

    @American and PROUD
    I could not agree with you more. My experience as a Canadian living in Europe wasn’t good. I heard so much negativity about Americans that it made me outright uncomfortable.
    That says a lot, because I’m not even a USA citizen! My parents immigrated from Europe to Canada as newlyweds before I was even born to find a better life, which they did. I’m very lucky to have been born in North America. I always had a good experience in the United States, living and travelling. I can tell you that we are flooded here with European immigrants, so something obviously is not going well in Europe, but I like it. We have lots of space in Canada.

  73. American and PROUD says:

    @ neva, peace I’m not here to argue. I just have had enough of the American bashing to last me a lifetime.

    @bailie…thank you very much for your kindness and support. Canada is very very beautiful and also very friendly. I’ve been there many times and have always enjoyed the people and the countryside, which has some of the most beautiful sights in all the world.

  74. bailie says:

    @neva, I agree with you on the U.S foreign policy. They should take care of only themselves and let the rest of the world deal with their own problems!
    I’m only talking about what I experienced in Europe when I worked there as a translator for 8 years.
    I lived in France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain. I absolutely loved the history, but the people were really not friendly and I dealt with many of them in my line of work. You would think diplomats would be diplomatic, but not so!
    I was given this advice by my colleague that I worked with in Europe who suggested that I put Canadian stickers on my backpack and bags when travelling around Europe, so that I won’t be mistaken for American and treated badly, which happened anyways.
    My parents immigrated from Europe before I was born to Canada and they warned me before I went to work in Europe about the people. I was told that they are not as pleasant, accepting, kind and friendly as Canadians. It’s good to listen to your parents sometimes. They were right.

  75. bailie says:

    @American and PROUD, Thank you for your kind words, Canada is very pretty. You guys come anytime to visit, we love to have you. You are WELCOME in Canada.
    You are very welcome, it’s my pleasure to defend the United States of America. I loved living in New York City, I wish I could live there again. What a wonderful, creative and fun city. I made many great friends. I lived there during the September 11th terrorist attacks, horrible, tragic event, but as always Americans rised above it. God bless you ALL. You will always have a friend in Canada!

  76. bailie says:

    @gig, I went to Italy four times and I travelled extensively there. I spent over a year translating there. I only mentioned the Roman Empire in my previous comment, because it’s my favourite subject to read about. You should see how many books I have about it. My grandma is Italian, she used to be a doctor in Rome, but retired to Florida. I love to visit her, such a nice state. I only commented on this thread, because my parents are Europeans who immigrated to Canada before I was born and I lived in Europe and I experienced first hand what it is like when Europeans mistaken you for an American. Not pleasant, I can assure you.

  77. Lady D says:

    “American bashing has always been the new black.”

    I have met so many Americans working in the hospitality industry. Amazing people, amazing country. I cannot wait until I can afford to travel in the States. It’s my retirement plan. I’m going to see the Grand Canyon and I’m going to camp in Yosemite. I want to see both oceans from the States. I want to go to Hawaii, Colorado, Napa Valley, Detroit, Maine, and I really want to drive all the way down the west coast till the end of the road. I have been as far as Seattle. Another nice place to live. I wanna check out the Alamo. It really irks me to hear a whole country slammed because of the actions of a few. I usually end up just laughing at the ignorant one commenting. It’s a wsste of breath trying to educate some.

  78. observer says:

    The story about the texts was probably based on yet another one of Keibler’s press releases / planted stories. What’s interesting is that among other things, that story claimed “now he’s taking Stacy everywhere,” and George has disputed what the story says not just about Canalis but also about Keibler. He told Gossip Cop “The story running in the current issue of Us Weekly about Elli and Stacy was completely fabricated in order to sell magazines.”
    Although I have a feeling that the denial may have actually been sent by Canalis’s publicist rather than by George, she got it right this time. The only times George has said Canalis’s name in public, he called her by her given name “Elisabetta,” not the pet name that her publicity drones tried and failed to get the public to use, and that’s partly what gave away the source of the denial.

  79. Sol says:

    God bless Europe!

  80. Original Tiffany says:

    I’ve lived all over the world and tour and travel long term with people from over 22 countries, including almost every one mentioned here. America is a vast and lovely place, with the most diverse people. The only place I have heard blatant racism with people shouting the N word and calling Jews out was…Europe!
    Amazing how I’ve lived in all these countries with all these nationalities from Brazil to Romania, China, Mongolia, Italy, Canada, etc. None of us ever get into these idiotic wars of words because we are all people. We are all the same and we all love being with each other and learning each other’s cultures.
    BTW, American history is LONG and storied and did not begin with the Euros. It began with the native Americans who lived here for thousands of years. Please do your homework before sticking one’s foot in one’s mouth. So far, the Dutch have been the rudest living wise(and I loved living there in spite of it), but hey, there is a new country in 2 more weeks. The US and Canada are HUGE and have the most gorgeous scenery to offer, from the mountains to deserts to the Beach, the West is like a different country than the east coast. Please study up. I’ve seen some ugly parts of Italy and my ancestors are from there.
    Oh, I’ve been treated pretty darned nice in all the countries-maybe it’s who we travel with or that we are from LA, but people in Europe aren’t generally mean to us Americans. Unless you crash a Vespa in Amsterdam.

  81. Freya says:

    Why don’t all women just say no to George Clooney?

  82. ZenB!tch says:

    I’m upset that they brought Nancy Grace back. Now that is someone with no honor.

  83. ZenB!tch says:

    @neva South America hates the US and we aren’t all that fond of them either. I’m not talking about the people. I’m half Latin American. I mean the governments. There is also infighting amongst the Mexicans, Central and South Americans.

    America itself bashes itself – I’ve heard the US starts 50 miles east of LA and ends 50 miles west of NY. I don’t have anything negative to say about Phoenix or Cleveland (random cities) but I have a lot of negativity about 50 miles due east of LA.

  84. Victoria says:

    AS far as I’m concerned Canada is as close as you’ll get for what God intended for the world to be (except for the whole Native American land stealing issue that all Americans Norte and Sur have to live with).

    It may not be perfect, but damn any place that gives you Degrassi, Alanis, Michael J. Fox, awesome comedians, Alexz Johnson, striving for raical and cultural euquality, Sarah MacLachlan, cooperating with AND acknowledging FIRST NATION tribes, promoting bilingualism, and a friendly spirit all under one giant red maple leaf is alright in my book.

    Europeans: Don’t hate on America. We get all our hypocrisy, ignorance, war mongering from YOU! Be proud.

  85. justine says:

    the difference between Americans and Europeans, is that when Cristoro Colombo discovered the new continent in 1492, already existed in Europe Leonardo Dante, Piero della Francesca, cities, municipalities, the Renaissance began …..

  86. justine says:

    …..and is exactly the difference
    that exists between Canalis and Keibler

  87. Miranda says:

    I don’t find him particularly attractive and don’t understand why so many women fall over themselves because of him. Could use an ass, some botox and some undereye surgery to lose the bags. And, I don’t think she looks like Cindy Crawford. Cindy looks more and more like Janice Dickinson every day. BUT, my or my, what big fingers Eli has! And that nose…hmmm…

  88. kora says:

    Europe has a very rich, very long and truly impressive history.
    But we also have a very bloody history, World War one and two, countless civil, ethnic and religious wars, millions upon millions of people died and suffered over the centuries in Europe.
    My grandparents survived the concentration camps and the stories they tell are a warning to me about how it doesn’t matter where you come from, what ethnicity, background, religion or class.
    What matters is who you are, what you do with your life and what do you leave behind, LOVE OR HATE?
    We in Europe have to clean up our own messes that we created before go after another nation, be it United States or Canada.
    Please Europeans, point at yourself before you point at others!
    And by the way, Americans are trashed in Europe and it’s a disgrace!!!
    I as European apologize to all of America for our rudeness, arrogance and snobishness!

  89. sara says:

    Never heard europeans trashing americans.

  90. Sol says:

    Very well, Justine! I agree with you, only America, America and America again.. Let them remember they are not the only country in the world..Great people, great country, but please we have another culture, we are not unfriendly, we are only different people..