Ryan Phillipe’s ultimate dream is to be a pot-smoking beach bum

What it is about Rolling Stone journalists that gets celebrities and musicians to admit they love smoking herb? Pete Doherty injected, smoked and snorted a cocktail of drugs during a Rolling Stone interview, and John Mayer revealed in an interview that he smokes pot and drinks hard liquor.

Ryan Phillipe told Rolling Stone that his ultimate dream is to move to the Caribbean and smoke pot all day. He also says he was completely wasted during his wife Reese Witherspoon’s win at the Golden Globes, having gotten drunk with Shirley MacLaine agead of time:

“Flags of our Fathers” star Ryan Phillippe jumped up and down, yelled and pumped his fists in the air when wife Reese Witherspoon won a Golden Globe back in January, and now we know why. “At the Golden Globes I was plastered!” Phillippe tells Rolling Stone magazine. “Shirley MacLaine and I drank like crazy, just putting away bottles of wine and making fun of everyone.” The father of two goes on: “The ultimate 20-year plan is to be living in the Caribbean, writing, living off the land, eating from the ocean and probably smoking herb.”

Now maybe I haven’t lived a celebrity lifestyle and have no idea how much stress it is to have so much money and lead an exciting life, but it seems pretty boring to me to live in the Caribbean for more than a week’s vacation. If that’s what Ryan Phillipe wants to do in 20 years we know who has all the ambition in the Witherspoon-Phillipe family.

I made that header image for another story about Reese denying that she and Ryan were having trouble because he was jealous of her skyrocketing career. It turns out she was probably right, because he wants to bum around the Caribbean and not bother working at all.

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  1. Angelika says:

    Well, and he obviously got wasted at the Golden Globes because his gorgeous wife got a nomination and he was just a pretty accessoire 😛

  2. Mr. T says:

    That marraige won’t last. But he will wind up in the Carribean smoking ganja along with his buddies listenin’ to the Jamaican muzik and gettin’ all island kwaizii with the island boiz!

  3. some guy says:

    I WISH I could live a lifestyle like that. Honestly, if everyone smoked pot the world would be a better place.

    …Now where did I leave those carkeys…

  4. Viv says:

    Wow, I mean, if you want to look at the positive side of this, he has a goal. So does this mean Reese is into the “herb” as well? And what the hell was he doing sipping with Shirley MacLaine (the original Firecrotch)? She still gets invited to parties? I thought the only thing she ever attended was AARP meetings.

  5. it’s a shame to see him as bad father figure to his children.

  6. ya ya says:

    ==This man is yummy.

  7. I will go be a weed smoking beach bum with him any day!

  8. AC says:

    I think his many years of good parenting should be more of a testament to his parenting skills and how he really wants to live his life than an off the cuff remark to rolling stone. Im sure that isn’t his lifes goal.

  9. Jasmine says:

    What’s wrong with smoking pot occasionally? Nothing. People always think pot is worse than alcohol it’s more like the other way around. It does not mean he is a bad father figure. To each his own.

  10. Kathleen says:

    Reese could do SO much better than this BEACH BUM!

  11. okay... says:

    sign me up baby-