Taye Diggs: My mom always knew I’d end up with a white girl


I’ve made the mistake before of assuming that Taye Diggs is a good guy with a stable relationship. He and Idina Menzel have been together for more than a decade, and they have a 2-year-old son, Walker Nathaniel. It’s also widely rumored (meaning the rumors appear on the many of the urban blogs) that Taye gets some strange on the side. There was also a blind item this week on CDAN that many people think is about Taye and Idina – it’s about a B-list celebrity dude cheating on his wife with a production assistant. Blind items aren’t facts, though. I don’t know what to think about him – I want to believe he’s a nice guy who loves his family. But maybe that’s just the image he wants to project. Speaking of, Taye gave an interview to Sway’s Sirius radio show yesterday, and Taye discussed lots of personal stuff:

Taye Diggs always knew Idina Menzel was The One — but he wasn’t always so sure the Broadway star’s family felt the same way about him.

“When she took me home, her dad came out and I was like, ‘OK, well take off that hood then and let’s see,” Diggs recently joked on Sway’s SiriusXM radio show. “No, I’m just kidding! I said, ‘You’re tough with the fiery cross in your yard!'”

All kidding aside, Diggs, 40, said he was “really lucky” to be accepted by his in-laws.

“I don’t know what they felt on the inside, but I was very fortunate,” he explained. “They’re very loving and accepting. They’re great grandparents. I can’t lie, I had no issues there.”

Diggs’ family was equally accepting of Menzel, 40.

“My mother said, ‘I told you!'” the Private Practice star laughed. “She always thought — I hate this, but I’m being honest — she said, ‘I always knew you were gonna marry a white girl!’ I hated her when I was young for saying that, but eventually, for whatever reason, that’s what happened. She loves my wife.”

Though the Chocolate Me author admits he and Menzel are often criticized for their interracial romance, it hasn’t affected their feelings for one another.

“I get it, but that’s not my trip,” Diggs said. “I’m living my life and I found a woman who I love.”

Married since January 2003, Diggs and Menzel are parents to son Walker Nathaniel, 2.

[From Us Weekly]

Somewhere along the line, I think the majority of people stopped caring about interracial relationships. When was the last time there was a major story about a hate crime or some kind of controversy surrounding an interracial relationship? I think most people look at Idina Menzel and just think, “Damn. Lucky bitch.” Maybe that envy translates into something bad, but… I don’t know, maybe I just don’t focus on it. I’m glad that Taye’s family was so accepting on Idina, and Idina’s family was so accepting of Taye.




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  1. mia135 says:

    He is so ridiculous. He always tries to make out that people have a grievance with his interracial relationship. What people have a grievance with is the nasty, insulting things he said about black women some years ago. He always conveniently forgets to mention that part.

    • kneec says:

      I’m not aware of the mean comments he made towards black women previously, but I do find it strange that he says regarding his mother that he “hated” her when he was young for saying he was goin to marry a ww. At the same time time he “praises” his white inlaws for accepting him into their family. lol.

  2. po says:

    That’s an odd thing for a mother to say. I would love for him to expound on that and give details on what she meant by that because it doesn’t sound complimentary. Did she mean he was going to pick someone based on the color of their skin and that black just wouldn’t work for him? Curious.

  3. the original bellaluna says:

    She looks so familiar! Where have I seen her? I got it! She was in Rent! (Taye may be pretty to look at, but the douche is strong in this one.)

    Po – As the mother of 2 mixed-ethnicity children, I can tell you this: my son (21) will choose “white” and my daughter (17) will choose either “black” or mixed ethnicity like herself. I can’t explain it, I didn’t influence it, I have no say in it; it’s just what they prefer and identify with, and I love and support them no matter their choices.

    *ducks, leaves*

  4. Franny says:

    TOB: she was the original star of Wicked, and is currently playing the part of Lea Michelle’s birth mother on Glee

  5. ZenB!tch says:

    I don’t care about who anyone else dates. I care about who I date – except for passing bitchy judgement of course – wait no I do that regardless of who it is as long as they are famous.

    Seems to me he is a bit hung up on the interracial thing.

    “Look world! I got me a white girl!” which to me seems as racist as what he seems to be accusing us non-blacks of.

    It seems a very odd thing for his mother to say. Did he grow up in a white neighborhood?

    My mom has her preferences as to who I date but she has never said “you will end up with X” more like “I hope you don’t end up with Y” but her thing is more that she wishes I was more religious. I think she lives in fear that I will end up with some guy who is not Jewish or Christian.

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    Franny – I saw her in Rent. I knew I knew her face!

  7. Samigirl says:

    @the original bellalluna-she is Rachel Berry’s “biological” mother/the woman who adopted Quin & Puck’s daughter on Glee.

    I think he is totally attractive. I always have.
    Po, maybe his mother just kind of always knew what he tended to find more attractive. I don’t think she meant it as an insult or anything like that 🙂

    edit: sorry, Franny, must have still been reading when you posted 🙂

  8. Kaiser says:

    Po – I think his mom just knew he had a “type”. Some (most) men do go for a physical type of woman. Some men love Asian girls, some like blondes, etc.

  9. brin says:

    Well they sure made a cute kid!

  10. Original Tiffany says:

    Who cares about interracial marriages anymore? Some old folks in Mississippi? Certainly not anywhere in SoCal or anywhere else in the world I’ve lived.

    People fall in love with the person, not your skin color. It’s 2011, not 1960.
    That’s why I don’t get Halle calling Nahla “black”. She is 75% white and who the heck cares. She’s a beautiful HUMAN child. That’s the only kind of people we make. HUMAN ones. Aren’t there more important and serious matters in the world we need to worry about than interracial dating? It’s such a non-issue. Meh.

  11. Elizabeth S. says:

    I know some African American women, especially my colleagues who are very vocal about their loathing of interracial relationships. Apparently, white blonde “women” (not the word they use) are the reason they’re unhappily single. They felt extra comfortable after they overheard me saying that I prefer white or Asian men.

    I honestly think that’s pathetic. If nothing else, there is a tendency to pathologize some peoples’ desires. You can’t just like white women/black men; there has to be some deeper reason, one that means that unhappy black women’s unhappy circumstances are not their own fault. It’s *society’s* fault, don’cha know.

    Obviously, most A.A women are not like that, but there is a still a lot of antipathy towards mixed race relationships.

  12. Boo says:

    That baby is just cute as a little button. But his parents are ridiculously good loking, so…makes sense.

    I love her. Her voice is just–well, it’s beyond fabulous. He does seem kinda douchey, though.

  13. ES says:

    I am a black woman married to a white man and my mother-in-law told me that she always knew he would marry a black girl. We have been together 12 years now so I am sure even within the last decade things have changed slightly more for the better but those comments aren’t uncommon.

  14. po says:

    @ the original bellaluna: your comment and mai135 comments are the reason I find it curious. It could be a preference with no malice behind it for any particular race but on the other hand I’ve heard that this man has said some nasty things about black women so that statement coming from his mother who is a black women is curious to me.

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    brin – Yes, kiddo is adorable! My older two have grown into amazingly beautiful people. I am in awe.

    Po – I haven’t heard/read those previous comments, but maybe I should. For me, it’s not a “mother dictating” thing, it’s more a “mother’s intuition” thing.

    Elizabeth S – I will never forget being in a bathroom stall at a restaurant and hearing two African American women bad-mouthing me for being with my (then) husband. I finished, walked out, looked at them as I washed my hands and said “I’m sorry, but my husband and I fell in love with each other.”

  16. Reece says:

    Oh it still happens. Just not the burning crosses in the yard, going out to the woods with a rope and not coming back type of s**t.
    It goes both ways really. From all sides.

  17. Kit says:

    My children are mixed race and I can assure you that eventhough interracial relationships are much more accepted, there’s still a lot of non acceptance/ignorance as well – there will always be. I don’t take it personal, as long as it doesn’t involve my little ones.
    That comment from his mum is interesting though. I wonder if I will know that about my kids. At the same time, I could care less about color or sexuality – as long as they are happy and in healthy relationships.
    sorry about the essay – it’s close to home this one

  18. sassenach says:

    Idina is too good for this tool. Taye is an ass, cheater and a bad actor. This fool actually said that the reason his show “Daybreak” was cancelled is because Black women didn’t want to see him with a women who was not black and caused the show to be taken off. The show was bad and he is not a strong enough enough for a leading part that’s why it was bad. He is also a cheater. Asshole.

  19. po says:

    One more thing, in the African American community I’ve found that many women care less about the interracial relationship and more about what some AA men say to give a reasoning for it. First of all you don’t have to explain your relationship but if you are going to why does if have to begin with how horrible black women are. That is when I see that an AA man with a problem.

  20. Cassie says:

    What is the problem my mum always said I would marry a black man.

    And the thing he is talking about when he was talking about being criticised about them being interracial. Was because 7 (?) years ago Idina got death threats because she was with Taye.

  21. Sarah says:

    I’m Hispanic and my late husband was White and we’re both from the South, born and raised and we never had any problems at all. His older brother was married to a Black woman and they never had problems either but she always made a huge stink about it. She basically alienated herself from his family bc she always claimed they didn’t like her bc she’s Black even though that was never the case.

  22. CaramelKiss says:

    Whatever. I don’t care who he marries but it just seems a bit hypocritical to do predominantly black movies and to play that leading man and have black women coming out to support your movies when you don’t prefer us…seems a little oxymoronic IMO.

  23. Moneypenny says:

    @ Reece, you are absolutely right. Sure, a lot of people don’t care, but a lot of people DO care and do not like interracial relationships.

    I’ve dated many white men and have gotten dirty looks and comments from white people and black people. And no, not just in the South, in Boston, which is the most racist place I’ve ever lived (once you get outside of the university settings).

    Their son is adorable!

  24. Leticia says:

    We are all members of the same race, the human race, so it mystifies me when people get hung up over mixed couples. Biologically we are all the same race, just different complexions evolved over time depending on geographic location.

    I hope my next statement is not offensive to anyone, it is just a mystery that I try to wrap my mind around. I often see truly smoking hot African American men with ugly white women. I always wonder why these fine looking men didn’t either chose an equally fine looking white woman or an equally fine looking woman of color. Oh well, not important anyway. Also none of my business. But still a mystery…

  25. madpoe says:

    My mother raised two ethnic girls, she’s black and my dad is white. We both ended up marrying white men. Altho’ I would say my sister dated more than she ended up marrying. My mom kinda called it with us that we would “follow in her footsteps”. Thought it was strange to hear as a tween but mama knows I guess.

  26. photo jojo says:

    Ummm….my daughter is 17 and I can pretty much guarantee that she’ll end up with a man of color, in some fashion. She’s always preferred black or hispanic boys. I don’t know why Taye Diggs’ mom saying she always knew he’d end up with a white woman is so shocking. After watching your kids grow up and seeing the people they crush on and date, hearing them talk about celebrities they think are hot… well, we pick up a few things as parents. Why is that controversial?

  27. Elizabeth S. says:


    It’s called acting. Same as when Neal Patrick Harris plays a straight playboy in “How I Met Your Mother”, even thought he’s gay and therefore “doesn’t prefer us”.

    And no, it’s not “oxymoronic”. I’m not entirely sure what you think you’re saying there.

  28. photo jojo says:

    @Caramel Kiss – he’s an actor. Gay actors play straight, Charlize Theron played a serial killer, and Tom Cruise plays sane people all the time. I don’t understand why Taye Diggs playing a role, ANY role, is somehow hypocritical…

  29. mia135 says:

    Po and Sassenach, exactly. I don’t know anything about the cheating part – but this tool, like many famous black men who prefer white or non-black women, likes to blames black women for everything from stumping his toe on the sidewalk to the cancellation of his shows.

    Hello? His shows got cancelled because they SUCKED, not because black women didn’t support them. And black women aren’t obligated to support anything they don’t want to anyway.

    And for every story someone has of a black woman saying something negative about a black man and a white woman being together, a black woman can tell of ten stories of black men having nasty things to say about black women’s looks, etc., and white women joining in and agreeing with them.

  30. the original bellaluna says:

    Leticia – I can tell you what my (now ex) husband told a very dear lifelong friend of mine when she asked him why he was with such an ugly white woman (his jump-off), “Sure, she’s not pretty, but she won’t leave me and besides, she’s white. It’s a status symbol.”

    PLEASE DO NOT BAN ME OR HATE ON ME. THOSE ARE HIS WORDS, NOT MINE. (Personally, I found it offensive and disgusting.)

    I don’t subscribe to his point of view. I was raised to see the person, not their skin colour, and I have lived my life accordingly. I’ve also taught my children that philosophy.

  31. Toot says:

    @po #19 I agree with your whole statement.

    I don’t care who someone chooses as their mate, but I do get annoyed when that person (i.e. some black men)tears down black women to justify their choice.

    Not all black women are the same and generalizations are stupid, that’s what pisses me off.

  32. mia135 says:

    There was a black guy who started working in our office. When he showed up at various office events, he would always have black girls as his date. A couple of the white girls in our office said: “Why he is only dating black girls, that’s racist.”
    When the white men in the same office turned up to events with their white wives and girlfriends, these same women never had a word to say, it was not an issue for them at all.
    These same white women then proceeded to talk about why they didn’t find any of these black girls this man was dating to be pretty, or worthy of him etc.

  33. Franny says:

    “Gay actors play straight, Charlize Theron played a serial killer, and Tom Cruise plays sane people all the time.”

    funniest thing I’ve read all week.

  34. Dibba says:

    Who’s the woman in the 3rd photo?

  35. Danziger says:

    Well, I don’t know about their relationship, but it looks like Taye loves their kid to pieces. Which melts my heart. As weird as it sounds coming from someone like me.

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    photo jojo – Brava!

  37. Victoria says:

    Puhlease. Taye Diggs said some really nasty things about black women a while ago which turned me off from his fine self completely. He blamed black women for the reason his crappy shows failed because they always put him with biracial or other women of color.

    Uh..Boo Boo Brown, let me let you in on a little secret. Black women are not responsible for your TV shows failing (I did like Kevin Hill and Daybreak) and no one gave a shit about your IR marriage. You weren’t the first Boo Boo. The truth is, is that you are a limited actor. You are not that good where you can carry a show on your own. You are supporting cast only. That is why PP has succeeded because blend nicely into the background.

    But he would say it’s because they gave him a black wife in the fabulous Naomi Bennett (played by the equally fabulously Audra McDonald who is also in an IR relationship and you don’t hear her talking about it). Whatever. I’m mad that Idina is with him. She could do much better. Hmph.

  38. lambchops says:

    I think people definitely do care about interracial relationships in the US still. People from the older generation are not comfortable with it at all. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

  39. mia135 says:

    @Victoria, I used to watch Kevin Hill too even though it sucked and even though I think Taye Diggs is a complete jackass.

    (That show also starred the fab Christina Hendricks I believe!)

  40. Nicole says:

    I know very little about Taye Diggs, but I don’t think there’s anything unusual about his mother saying that she always knew he’d end up with a white woman. Some people have preferences when it comes to hair color, accent, eye color, and yes, even skin color. I don’t see anything racist in that, unless there’s a malicious reason or ulterior motive behind it.

    Personally, I’ve always had a thing for Latino men! The dark hair, dark skin, the accent… Hot!

  41. Original Tiffany says:

    Well, hearing all these stories makes me ill. We are all the same, I feel so sorry for people who don’t see it that way. I look for kindness and beauty on the inside. I’m sad that some people still see a color when they look at others.
    Those people can suck it.

    Did you know they did a huge DNA study and found that everyone on earth is related to the same core group of originators? They came from Africa, BTW. Our features just changed due to the environment after thousands of years.

    I spent so long looking at people’s insides and they all look the same to me:)

  42. danielle says:

    Very interesting comment thread. Original bellaluna – OUCH! Glad you’re safely away from that jerk!

  43. MellaYellow says:

    I know so many more single white women than I do black women. Its funny how the media tries to make it like we aren’t married. I’m married most of my friends are married and my husband is a professional so am I. No one cares who you marry date. Its your life. This is the reason black men and white women have an astonishing divorce rate because they look at color and not the soul of the person. When you make statements like this you are seeking attention. Things aren’t happy at home.

  44. Heine says:

    She’s not “white” white. She’s a Jew. Jews and Black people usually don’t have many issues with one another-shared past suffering and such.

    I grew up around a lot of Jewish people and the moms were always trying to hook me up with their sons (I’m black).

    But black women and black men have a tenuous relationship with one another. I would say most black women want a black man on some level but find that the choice black men are taking white women as status symbols. (like bellaluna said, i do not agree with this, I’ve just seen it and heard about it in my personal experience).

    Therefore, it becomes hard to believe when you see a black man with a white woman that there isn’t some underlying “she’s upping my status” “he’s got a big dick” thing going on between them. Black women find this at the very least annoying and at the most insulting to all black women.

    Frankly, if a black man is spouting off about how horrible black women are, I don’t want him. He can have whomever he wants as long as he keeps his negative comments the hell away from me.

    But I look at relationships like that on a case-by-case basis. I don’t assume anything until I watch how they interact as a couple.

  45. Truthful says:

    too bad, she didn’t predict him being a cheater, he is a hound.

    seen it w/my own eyes.
    good luck to his wife, LOL

    no more comments from me

  46. Nymeria says:

    @ Heine (#44) – Jewish people are Semitic (as are Arabs), and as such are Caucasian.

  47. crtb says:

    Who cares about interracial marriages anymore? Some old folks in Mississippi? Certainly not anywhere in SoCal or anywhere else in the world I’ve lived.

    You must not live on the planet Earth.
    Because a whole lot of people still care about mixed couples. Maybe people under 30 don’t care. But I can tell you from personal experience that a white man over 40 wont date black women. They find Asians and Latinas exotic but Black women are invisible to them. There have been many many stories in The NY Times, Time Magazine and other magazines about on line internet dating sites, Black women and Asian men are the last groups chosen.

  48. Lindsey says:

    Idina and taye are a cute couple for sure, but I think some people ‘still’ cause a stink over interracial relationships, because quite a few men and women seem to develop these fetishes for people outside their race. More than that, I’ve been told, as a black woman, by black men that I’ve dated (and a few of their friends) that they make it a point not to date black women. I, apparently, only get dates with them because I’m not a ‘typical’ black woman (yes, this has actually been said to my face twice by serious boyfriends). So you can imagine when we see a brother with an Other, why some of us might get upset. It’s not our business why you’re in that IR relationship (duh), but deep down some of us are plain a-scared that you simply don’t like black girls.

  49. Pamela says:

    Their son is gorgeous….

    I wonder if his mom’s statement was something a lot more innocent than many suspect. Like maybe it was a running joke because at 5 he was addicted to watching “Charlie’s Angels” and said he wanted to marry Farah Fawcett?

  50. Stacia says:

    I’ve never cared for him because of his persona and the douchey vibe that he gives off. I always felt that he thought himself too “upper tier” to date/marry an AA woman. Other than that she seems like a lovely person and I have no problem with that. I think a lot of people would date/marry interacially but many times they worry what family and friends may think.

  51. DeE says:

    @ Heine….very well put. As I tell my children when it comes to people of different faith/orientation/IR take people as they present themselves while being careful to try and look as deep as possible because we all have some type of facades. I have no problem with IR dating/marriage, but echoing what Heine typed, unless there is a true connection, we AA women can’t help remembering the Lynch letter as to how to tear down an AA man/woman lower than an animal, split families and cause divisiveness amongst their own race to self-perpetrate for thousands of years if not more. Many of us are still enslaved mentally and through our base desires and those that aren’t trying to undo the far-reaching affects of slavery, being without language/identity and made to feel white is right (who do many pray to…Jesus who we are programmed to believe was white and is the Creator…what does that say about any other race? Creator isn’t black/asian either and wouldn’t put himself into human form when he created human form…would I as a human put myself into a computer or something I created so some other human can have power over me or so I can get a virus or be hacked? No… but back to topic)shame on us, women who search out the low-life AA men not trying to lift selves up and take care of household or at least responsibilities,shame shame. It is when AA men trick us gullible women into believing they will honor us women who have had to try and be the rock for family throughout and now after slavery and continue to singly raise children, it is then that we are angered especially if they bad mouth and shame us. Some of our actions, which aren’t to be generalized, are unacceptable. Though it isn’t healthy to be angry and be a Black woman with an attitude, look at what we have had to bear and continue to bear. Love who you want, even if it is White Jesus you claim as your Creator. I still have no animosity and can recognize, or at least hope I can, a good soul. We women just don’t want AA men not bothering to help mend the harm that has been done to our race/family while opting for reasons other than love to pour resources into race already having reaped benefits. We are still told by society and in many cases our own AA men we are nappy headed angry B^&&*3s as if some of us have no cause as result of doing it all alone. Women get ours, while still trying to feel beautiful, hold down the house, children, get education to create foundation while dealing with deceptive irresponsible men and a society that still tells us we aint crap. Stupid rappers and weak men and weak women are getting on my nerves. Be beautiful but cover up, men take care of your kids and if it is true love, love whatever race/religion you want. Lets stop killing selves and not uplifting selves. Stop continuing cycle of slavery. should I wait four hundred years to see if we can reverse it, no! NOW….there are other types of slavery, base desires/sex/materialism, stupidity, racism/hate. Rise up!

  52. kibbles says:

    I’ve never seen anything he is in so I cannot comment on his acting ability. This is the first time I’ve read about rumors of cheating. I always thought he and Idina had a solid marriage. So I’m going to hold off judging him in that respect until I read more concrete proof that he is sleeping with other women.

  53. Kelly says:

    @Leticia, I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s pretty common among (this is bad, but I can’t think of a better term) the underclass. Great-looking black men with muscles like you wouldn’t believe, with really HOMELY, really overweight white women. Unfathomable.

    I agree, there are many, many people who are still opposed to interracial relationships- my parents among them. Three of my 4 major relationships were with light-skinned black men, and my parents cursed and harassed me no end.

  54. Heine says:

    Nymeria: I should have better explained what I meant.

    What I meant by “white” white is that non-Jewish white people tend to be more unforgiving when it comes to dating inter-racially while Jewish folk tend to be more chill about it. At least in my personal experience.

    And in my personal experience, Jews don’t consider themselves white or count themselves among white people in America. They have a different culture and religion than most white Americans who are largely Christian.

    So while they are Caucasian, I personally wouldn’t refer to a Jewish person as “white” same as I wouldn’t call an Arab “white”, even though they are Caucasoid.

  55. k says:

    Having been born and raised in California and being a white girl dating a Mexican guy, I can tell you right now I thought we had moved past the bigotry of interracial relationships. However, when we moved to Savannah, Ga that whole ideal got turned on it’s head. I have had women say to me on more than one occassion that they “dated outside of their race once too”, had older men and women shoot us death stares, and been told “he’s good looking for a Mexican”. Trust me, the South is far behind when it comes to this issue!

  56. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    @bellaluna: no hate here, just the raw truth of a certain mentality that was revealed when the coast was clear. I can imagine a lot of black ladies hearing that and exclaiming, ‘You see, you see. I knew it, I wasn’t reactionary, I was being correct, so, j’accuse and vindication’.

    I don’t remember saying it would help, though. I don’t know how familiar our non-black posters are with the considerable friction that exists (generalizations, of course) in love’s great arena of death, the dating scene, but it’s often fraught and the argument has been stuck on ‘infinite loop’ setting since long before any of us got here. Viewed without the jaundiced eye of ‘knowing’, a really fatigued collective response to being stuck on that merry-go-round, it will look different.

    We’ve all been trained to see white women as the epitome of pinnacle, with an assortment of fetishized ‘women of ‘cultures” being shuffled around by descending darkness, guess who historically comes last? Now, while highly crappy, that ain’t news. With all of the cultural cache that comes with a means to an end and that comes with closing the deal and securing that status, is it any wonder that people would think, ‘why would I go to the Olympics to compete for the bronze metal? Don’t you want gold?’ Look around you, I guess they did. I think the argument that tends to come next is the will never go away argument about the ‘talented tenth’. The numbers are sometimes shaky, but the gist it is that it’s a similar phenomenon to the brain drain about which we hear so much in Canada. In short, it suggests that marriage to a white woman is marrying up in and of itself, and the black must train and prepare himself in ways that make him ‘acceptable’ to a prospective new family and social centre. He’d have to be Poitier Plus Ten. Once he wins his prize, he can slough off all the baby mamas and bamboo earrings that so chafe him, and the women left behind are left with the rejects. You hear a lot about the (cue music) ‘despair of the single black woman’ and flame wars about who abandoned whom, with fights breaking out over feeling like black men have desserted by picking up the same tack as the rest of the world by privileging all women over black ones, slumming it with black girls until ‘something better’ comes along.

    Guys aren’t going to take that laying down, and I also have seen accusations of black women scaring black men off because of higher instances of having children out of wedlock, being too abrasive and reactionary, the ballad of the deadbeat daddy versus the welfare momma, holding great disdain for honest men with honest jobs who aren’t tycoons, but don’t understand how getting a job as a paralegal and a nicer weave gives you the right to put on airs or even consider his feelings, since you’re the one getting huge discounts on ‘highly irregular graphite outskirts’ at the J. Crew’s Cut, so don’t even start.

    Basically, the entire play must be written based on one line of script placed in the middle. I wouldn’t write history that way, I wouldn’t write sci-fi that way, but that’s the current situation. Do I enjoy self-pity? Not, really. But do I think in the looks department (and anyone who says looks don’t matter is cosmically stupid or a poor and crude liar) we’ve been placed at the bottom of the heap only to get our zombie hands beat back into the grave with a shovel if daring to escape? Hell, shit yes.

  57. Kelly says:

    @Heine, Indians (from India) are Caucasian as well, but they do NOT identify as white, and neither do Hispanics. I remember trying to explain to my racist mother that Indians were Caucasian, and she accused me of lying and sent me to my room…

  58. Isa says:

    People still care. But it’s less about what others are doing and what their own family members or people they are close to. For instance, someone may not bat an eye at seeing two strangers on the street in a interracial relationship.

    But have their child bring someone home…they would be upset.

    Just the other day, someone on my FB was complaining of interracial relationships, gay marriage, and a bunch of other stuff that went against her religious beliefs. My parents have been in an interracial relationship for over 23 years. I’m half Hispanic and my husband is white. I asked her how she felt about premarital sex since she conviently left that one out. 🙂

  59. Viv says:

    I find him so annoying. Used to watch Private Practice and it was so silly how they would show him lying in bed with Kate Walsh on his chocolate brown satin sheets virtually blending into the bed Maybe the set designer wanted him to disappear, too. Did anyone really find him convincing as a doctor? Awful. Nice arms, cute baby, terrible acting.
    And don’t get me started on black guys complaining about black women with white guys. We could be here all week.

  60. bub says:

    Wow can’t believe Taye from my dorm at SU is the subject of such controversy. Crazy.

  61. ADS says:

    @mial 35. Do you recall what Taye said about black women some years back? I remember ages ago before Wesley Snipes was known for dodging his taxes, he gave an interview in Ebony magazine (no less) making disparaging remarks about black women. Then acts all butt hurt when some black women don’t support him. Oh and Lol at Kaiser/blind item referring to Taye as B List. He’s C/ upper D list rated for sure.

  62. Blue says:

    I don’t like him. I really want to because he is so fine. But he’s a major douche. He makes too many disparaging comments about black women and if another famous/well known black man makes horrible comments he is there to defend them. I really think he has more of a hang up than anyone. He is forever bringing up his IR marriage. EARTH TO TAYE, we don’t really care. You’re just a jerk and crap actor.
    It’s funny to me when white womanexpect me to have a problem with them and their black men. My mom has been with her husband (white) for 15 years, just got married last year. My cousin is mixed ( black mom) People need to get a grip, some people still care and hate and others just don’t give a shit. Love who you love and live your life.

  63. Tammi says:

    Taye brings up interracial relationship when no is paying attention to him.

  64. ohso says:

    As others have said on this topic at hand, I, a black woman, do not have a problem with black men dating interracially. What I do have a problem is disparaging comments made towards black women when doing it. I have gotten into many debates with Bm about what they say. What shuts them up is if every woman you date is a problem then you need to look at the common denominator which is you. No woman of any race wants a man with issues. Now run and tell that.

  65. I Run New York says:

    He seems to have a major chip on his shoulder. He blamed black women for his previous show getting canceled.

  66. Jayna says:

    Anyone saying there is not much prejudice about black/white relationships is naive. And Isa is so spot on. how it changes all of a sudden if it happens in your immediate family. The majority of people still live a mostly segregated personal life as far as family and friends and more mixed in their worklife. It’s changing for sure. Black/white couples can walk down the street, dine out without being ostracized. But behind their backs plenty is said by both races. Sad but true.

  67. atlantapug says:

    Well, I think TD is a good actor, and I liked Daybreak.
    Don’t care who he dates/marries, however,I don’t really like that he thinks “black women” should automatically support his shows. Hello? They aren’t entitled to an opinion of their own?
    That’s cr@p.

  68. Incognita says:

    The way Taye waxes on and on about his interracial marriage, the more I believe he is expecting a ticker tape parade or something. We get it Taye, you have a great wife and adorable baby. There is no need for you to go around justifying why you married Idina. If she makes you happy, so be it. Just don’t get your knickers in a bunch because black women (nor anyone else for that matter) aren’t cheering and turning cartwheels for ‘ya. Geez!

  69. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @the original Bella, “For me, it’s not a “mother dictating” thing, it’s more a “mother’s intuition” thing.”

    This may sound strange, coming from the mother of a 3 year old, but my son immediately grabs the hand of the little blonde girl in the group. I feel like I already know what he prefers.

    @kit, “My children are mixed race and I can assure you that eventhough interracial relationships are much more accepted, there’s still a lot of non acceptance/ignorance as well.”

    ITA. As a “white looking” woman with a Hispanic mother and white father I’ve heard more than one person make negative comments regarding interracial relationships. They look around and think they’re in a room of white people and think it’s “safe” to spew hate and ignorance.

    @Nymeria, totally off topic, but is your name A Game of Thrones reference?

    **waves @ISA***

  70. theaPie says:

    I’m white and have dated a couple of black men. I was really taken aback by the animosity shown me by some black women when we would be out and about together. But perhaps they are just more open about showing their displeasure at interacial couples. I’ve known plenty of white folks who sneer at interacial dating, but are far too ‘well bred’ to ever show it overtly.

  71. harmony says:

    Wow, from the comments on here: most men prefer white girls even from an early age, even though the mothers claim to have nothing to do with it. All black women hate seeing white women with black men, like they are so precious. Hmm, I guess.
    Anyway, I could care less.In a Eurocentric country, that’s to be expected.

  72. Nymeria says:

    @ Heine – Thanks for clarifying your meaning. I’ve been chewing on this subject for a while. Conceptions of race & ethnicity, social norms, and plain old biology are all at work here. Each topic is in itself complex; when combined, they create a subject which is practically inexhaustible with regard to its potential for discussion.

    @ MorticiansDoItDeader – Yes! 🙂 “Nymeria” is the name of Arya Stark’s Direwolf. I try not to dishonour that noble creature, but I’ve certainly put my foot in it a time or two on this site.

  73. mzjask says:

    great comments today guys, thanks! i am mexican, married to a mexican so i personally cant really relate to this but my husband’s older 2 children are bi-racial [his ex wife is black] so he certainly deals with the IR thing or has, more than myself. it will be interesting to see his children going through the same process.
    i feel like dang, we’re all human here. i LOVE that we all look different! i mean, shoot, if we were all the same that ish would be SO boring!!

  74. Victoria says:

    I grew up in an multiracial family and my first boyfriends were white. When I got to college and after my mom passed away, I started “evaluating” my life and came to these “epiphanies” about how I would date outside my culture, but not my race (which I had already decided would be black first) and that it couldn’t be anyone less “blacker” than me. I had this whole theory about not wanting to drown the brown out of my children and give them more identity in their African heritage. I was dead serious.

    But let me tell you how God is funny. I was friends with my husband in college for a long time. We took college credits together in high school and had a great friendship and then both got scholarships to the same Uni. And when I told him of my great plan, he just laughed and was, like whatever. And don’t you know we wound up falling in love with one another, got married, and had two beautiful babies. Well, as he told it, he was already there waiting for my lazy cray cray ass to catch up. LOL

    And he was Irish, Swedish and a quarter Afro-Cuban. He and I were totally on the same page about how we identified ourselves, but he looked more like Wentworth Miller. It took me a long time though to admit my feelings and he was just like, “how can someone so intelligent be such an idiot? Our kids will be the illest kids ever and they’ll know where they come from because we know who we are and we’ll teach them.”

    I’m so glad I didn’t let my foolishness mess up my chance to be with my soul mate. And we had two wonderful little crumbsnatchers who are wrapped around my leg this very second. I know he’s watching down on us and giving me all of my motivation when it comes to how I teach my children and what I want them to know about themselves and the world. We understood what it was like coming form mixed backgrounds just how fine a line it all is and that even though it shouldn’t matter, it does to a lot of people who could be your boss, relative, next door neighbor, etc. And you gotta are yourself with the knowledge that best suits your family.

    Ultimately marriage is about two people who share the same goals, ideals in life and want to work their way through them together. And that is what matters more than anything. Finding someone who you connect with. Everything and everyone else can go take a giant leap.

    Why am I always writing novels on CB. No where else do I do this. Damn! LOL

  75. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Nymeria, awesome! Love the name. I’m currently reading “A Game of Thrones.” So far, the series looks like it’s stayed true to the book (I’m only 200 pages in though). I hope season two follows suit.

  76. the original bellaluna says:

    Morticians – Nope. My oldest was the same. And now, he likes the same type, with big boobs. Mother’s Intuition is a real live thing.

    k – I was told that in “the south” I would be called a “mud shark.” Very, very demeaning.

    Jo ‘Mama’ – Thank you. I will be re-reading your post, as I think it deserves more than a perfunctory read.

    Victoria – What a wonderful love story! And aren’t you the lucky one, with a hubs who looks like Wentworth Miller. *swoon*

  77. Nymeria says:

    @ MorticiansDoItDeader – Thanks! I have high hopes for season 2. 🙂 What do you think of A Game of Thrones so far?

  78. glowkey says:

    @po and mia135: I think you two said it best. No one really cares that Taye (or any other black man) dates/sleeps with/marries/has kids with a white woman or any woman of another race; it’s that so often it happens only with the inevitable statement regarding “I don’t date black women because they are [fill-in-the-blank].”

    I’ve seen it on so many other messageboards (bossip.com is notorious for this) wherein any story about a negative happening involving a black woman (such as child neglect or getting arrested for some brawl in a Chuck E. Cheese or something equally ridiculous) brings out all of the “You black women ain’t sh*t” bunch. Even look at Lil’ Wayne who caught much vitriol earlier this year for allegedly telling some dark-skinned woman that his first daughter, a little girl by a 100% black woman, would be his ONLY dark-skinned child, and that the main difference between his daughter and this woman was that the former is a “RICH, dark-skinned female.”

    Just look at any rap/R&B video — it’s virtually unheard of these days for a 100% black, dark-skinned, full-lipped, natural-hair-wearing black woman to be the love interest or even a “video hoe”. There’s a very interesting documentary coming out soon called Dark Girls (http://www.darkgirlsmovie.com/) wherein issues are explored regarding how at a very young age, dark-skinned females are taught that they are at the very bottom of the barrel and will never be seen as equally beautiful as their white, Latina, Asian, or even lighter-skinned black counterparts.

    This is where so much of the bias against interracial relationships, specifically black man-white woman, originates, in my opinion. For every black man out there with a non-black woman, the feeling is generally, “Oh, what? We’re not good enough?” and I think a lot of it has to do with the assumption that he didn’t just *happen* to fall in love with someone who just *happened* to be white/Asian/Latina, or even just proclaimed that he had a certain type and black women are simply not it; it’s because many times that so-called preference also brought with it so much negativity regarding his feelings toward black women, their role in the community, their perceived social standing in the greater world, etc.

    It’s one thing to be genuinely more attracted to someone with specific features (red hair, big chest, etc.) but to disparage an entire subset of the female population because of ill-conceived stereotypes is what gets people so riled.

  79. blondie says:

    My mom put it very simply:
    “I don’t care what race they are as long as when they come to my house I can’t see their underwear, anyone of any race come to my house with the saggy pants, we’ll have to have a conversation.”


  80. Bopa says:

    I’m black and I’ve never complained about black men dating white women. I’ve never sat around with black GFs in public and commented on a black man being with a white woman. I’ve only been annoyed by silly comments by black men 99% of the time and sometimes even white women put their foot in their mouth with nonsense. I had a black guy tell me he doesn’t date black women because they look like his mother. I am a product of interracial marriage several times over so it doesn’t bother me but sometimes it seems like people want me to be bothered by it.

  81. Dannii says:

    @ Leticia perhaps because, unlike you they are not shallow and like the person for who they are, and not what they look like?

  82. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Nymeria, I love it and I’ll definitely be reading the series. It’ll take me a while though, because I can only read when the kids are asleep and I can only get in a good 30-60 minutes before I fall asleep too. (These kids are exhausting) LOL! Anyway, I’ll look for you here to discuss book 1 or season 2, whichever comes first 🙂

  83. Nymeria says:

    @ MorticiansDoItDeader – It’s a deal! It took me a while to read A Game of Thrones, too. I’m very much looking forward to season 2, btw. I have a crush on Jon Snow. 🙂

  84. Shannon says:

    He’s a fool! I can’t stand this guy and his idiotic comments about black women is why. I could care less that he is married to a white woman, but I haven’t watched anything with T. Diggs since Best Man.

  85. Momo says:

    First of all I would like to give one big UGH, at theaPie’s (Comment #70) disgusting insinuation that black women are not well bred and that even racist white people have better manners. How is that for animosity and poor breeding.

    Secondly, this: http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2008/04/pepper_pike_man_indicted_for_r.html

  86. Trashaddict says:

    Sounds like this guy’s said really jerky things but why is it necessary to assume a black guy is dating an “ugly” white woman for status? I’m guessing some do but is it just possible that some of them see beyond a person’s outside looks, and like their partner for more than that, and for how they treat him? The nappy hair putdown is inexcusable but a goodly portion of white females who don’t live up to the damn Barbie body aren’t treated so kindly either. I like Victoria for liking her man for who he is. If we all are lucky enough to get to that point, who cares if we’re polka-dotted? As for the people who can’t handle it, that’s their problem and their loss.

  87. Victoria says:

    @Nymeria, I was referring to his skin tone. LOL. I personally think he looked ten times better than Wenty!

  88. the original bellaluna says:

    glowkey – I’ll look into that, thanks for the site. May I also suggest “Good Hair” with Chris Rock. (And hair takes work. It’s not easy, but with some effort, I found a hairstylist who could “handle” my kids’ hair without turning it into a disaster. I’ve spent countless hours and dollars on product to take care of my kids’ hair. I LOVE their hair. If they love their hair, I’ve done part of my job.)

    I tried to raise my mixed-ethnicity children with love and respect for themselves. I’d like to think I succeeded. (Thus far, nothing indicates otherwise.)

  89. Nymeria says:

    @ Victoria (#87) – Huh? Were you responding to the original bellaluna’s comment (#76)? I’m confused 🙂

  90. J.D.M.J. says:

    @Tammi: Taye brings up interracial relationship when no is paying attention to him.

    My thoughts exactly.

  91. J.D.M.J. says:

    @ Victoria: And he was Irish, Swedish and a quarter Afro-Cuban.

    I’ll bet he’s some kind of fine! Can you say, “beautiful babies?” 🙂

  92. OfficialBitch says:

    who cares? taye diggs is short and gay looking…
    he is just trying to ‘make waves’ so people will talk about him again.
    in reality, no one cares about this midget and his wicked witch of the east wife.

  93. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Nymeria, I had a thing for Khal Drogo when I watched the series. In the book, their wedding night seemed sweet and tender. However, I was conflicted since Dany was only 13 and sold to Drogo. Jon Snow’s character is quite likable and the actor who plays him is a cutie.

  94. laylajane says:

    Call me a hypocrite all you want. I’m a black woman that dates inter-racially BUT. I do not like to see black men on TV with women of other races. I think it sets a bad example. The black family is torn apart as it is. Every music video(black) has the rapper with spanish/white chicks. The poor black girls of the next generations are gonna have a hell of a time..Lord help them…(it seriously messes with your self-esteem when you think your own men don’t want you)and they will publicly trash black women.

    People are people you meet good ones or bad…

  95. Original Tiffany says:

    The black family? Aren’t we the HUMAN family?
    So Italian-Americans should only marry the same, Hispanics? Irish?
    It seems like there is more problems with IR relationships from all the comments on the AA side. I’ve dated almost every race when I was younger, have worked on and with every race, and I firmly believe we are all the same family. AA women are beautiful! As are Asian, Latin, all women.
    I am so thankful I was raised in a place where everyone was accepted. I am so thankful we live in our little (160 peeps) community of over 22 nations. And I think we are all one damn beautiful family of humans.

  96. ZenB!tch says:

    @Kelly Hispanic isn’t a race, it’s an ethnic group. It depends on what you look like and where you are from and all that stuff. There are African Hispanics, Asian Hispanics, European Hispanics, Indigenous Hispanics but most are some combination of the above. Hispanics have their own categories.

  97. MellaYellow says:

    This marriage has five minutes when ever you feel the need to announce things you are having problems. I don’t care about the race issue. People that need attention is annoying. Like I said before. I know just as many (if not more) single white women as I do black. I’m married and black. You have to live your life for yourself. No one cares. As long as they have been together you wouldn’t think this would be something he would keep mentioning. That is stupid. Do you ever hear of Cuba Gooding Jr. Doing this? NO because that is a real marriage based on love not color. This is the reason for black men and white women having a very extreme high divorce rate.

  98. Jess says:

    At everyone who is mincing what is “ethnic” and what is “race”- everyone sit down and listen for a minute-

    Nearly 10 years ago, a well-known research endeavor called “the Human Genome Project,” mapped the human genome. The most over-looked revelation? Race has no biological basis. ALL humans vary by less than 0.01%, with 85% of the differences being within ancestral populations, not between. We all originated in African and have never been isolated for the lengths of time required for “sub-species” to develop. We travel and intermix continually.

    Race is not biological.

    Race is a social construct, it is not biology.

  99. pwal says:

    I’m sorry, but when has his and Idina’s relationship ever been criticized?

    And frankly, I have never heard Idina broaching the subject. Mind you, I’m not a fan, per se, but I think most of the emphasis on Idina has been on her career and talent.

    Don’t know if Taye is trying to create a niche for himself, talking about his ‘struggles’ with a public interracial relationship, but it doesn’t wash.

  100. C-DUB says:

    Well, has anyone ever thought that when they started dating, it was a big deal?? And he just wrote a kid’s book called “Chocolate Me.” I don’t think he just stands on the street corner talking about it. We don’t even know the context in which this comment was made. Did Sway ask a question about his marriage and race?? Get a freakin’ grip people!!! DANG!!

  101. Victoria says:

    @JDMJ He was all kinds of fine. Sometimes I was like what the hell is he doing with me? I’m not busted, but I ain’t know Zoe Saldana that’s for sure. LOL.

    @Nu….oops my bad! Don’t know what happened there.

    @Laylajane. IMO if a girl is looking to rappers for inspiration in how to get a fly ass brotha, then she has 99 problems and a role model is definitly one. I do agree that there is an issue within our community when it comes to our romantic entanglements, but that’s because like I said, people are looking to black celebrities to give them their inspiration. NO. Look to your won community. There are plenty of young and successful couples out there. You just have to look for it.

    I do not have a problem with any one who feels they need to “preserve their heritage” and date within the confines of what you identify with. I felt that way too and I understand. Yes is a social construct, but in the it’s okay to be different and want to remain “different” and recognize that we all are human at the same time. I am pro whatever floats your boat as long as your boat is not trying to be all up on mind demanding I feel the same way or denying me my right to sail the open seas. LOL. Okay enough with the boat analogies.

  102. decemberist15 says:

    Heine (#44) ummm… your” She’s not “white” white. She’s a Jew” comment… last time I checked, “Jew” was not a skin color.

    There are all sorts of colors of Jews. If you are Jewish and Asian (I know a few) you are still Asian. If you are Black and Jewish, you are Black. If you are white and Jewish… YUP you guessed it… still white (I happen to fall into this category). When I’m filling out forms and I have to check a race category, I do not write in “Jew” in the margin…

    Think before you post.

  103. *ajalahtravel* says:

    any girl looking at uneducated rappers who have a habit of mixing up tenses for inspiration has a big problem. you have POTUS and other successful all black families. i am a Nigerian, so black is all i see and over here we so many successful black families from billionaires (the richest black man in the world is a Nigerian), to millionaires to the average Joe. by the way, race is a social thing to put people in their ‘supposed place’.

    and for the girl that dates inter-racially but doesn’t want that for black men is as terrible a Taye noisemaker

  104. Jacqueline says:

    @moneypenny You are so right about Boston! It is super racist that is never portrayed in the press. The Irish/Italian-Americans think they are IT now and own the place and keep Everybody Else in a tight line. I am Russian and Brazilian and boy did I hate growing up there! You can never be white enough unless you are Scandinavian to those over there. Why cant interracial relationships happens? I noticed first hand in college, MIT and Harvard, that white boys wont date/marry Latinas or Blacks because “they’re ignorant.” I’ve also had it said to my face by tons of people from doctors to in-laws that Im not a typical Latina! My dad is Russian lol and I was raised in America. In places like Boston, it is still a delicate issue. I dont really like going to Boston because of those Irish and Italian racists. Always marry/date for love. I’ve always loved Mike Tyson, Ving Rhames and Michael Jordan!

  105. the original bellaluna says:

    Jacqueline (and moneypenny) – I read a book a little over a year ago called Run. It really opened my eyes to the diversity in Boston. (I’m from SoCali, and I was actually kind of shocked when I read it.)

  106. Dominique says:

    I have no problem with interracial relationships, but I find it strange when black men refuse to date black women or someone refusing to date their own race. It’s screams of self-hatred to me. I date men of all races, but I physically prefer black men, and are more attracted to them in general.

    I went out to a community even not too long ago and I only saw 1 black couple to about 30 black male/non-black woman couples. It just seems strange to me and sad.

  107. June says:

    It’s really not that odd of a thing to say, people say that stuff when they talk about race, especially if it’s between family members or in jest. (black with white mom and hispanic sister)

  108. tiffany rose says:


    his wife is hideous

    cute kid

  109. Jacqueline says:

    @Dominique: most cultures/ethnicities treat their women like sh!t. I never dated a Brazilian man or a Russian man because they are either entitled or macho. White boys get major chicks easily! And every man wants a white girl from Muslims to Asians because whites are the new modern race and to evolve, you need to mix with them. Thats the appeal of blondes. Take a cold look at every culture from Nigerian to Vietnamese, women dont call the shots if you get what Im saying. You also know your culture in and out, and realize that you want something different or could do better. We are supposed to mix or else we will all get cancer lol

  110. Decemberist15 says:

    @104… I too lived in boston for 7 years (undergrad and masters from there). Anyways, a lot of my Black friends were saying when they were done with school they would move back south. When I asked why they all said something like “the racism up here is so rampant similar to the south, but at least in the south you know where you stand”

  111. ViktoryGin says:

    I know that we would like to believe that we’re living in a post racial society to the extent that our politically-correct sensibilities are violated whenever these very REAL issues arrise.

    But wake the f*ck up.

    These issues still inform our realities, so therefore Taye Diggs mother saying that to him is not a really unusual thing. Like some previous posters mentioned I think that it’s easy to gleam what your child’s inclinations are from a young age, but I would take it further. In the black community one can virtually predict those types who will more likely graviate toward a mate outside of the black community based on education, socio-economic status, interests, hobbies, and goals. If an black is educated and his circle of acquaintances are rather large and puts him in environments in which he is likely going to come into contact with women of diffrent races, it stands to reason that he will likely marry a non-black woman. In Taye’s case, there probably weren’t too many black chicks hanging out in the theatre program at Syracuse, espeically in the early 90s. It shouldn’t have to be an insult. It often is merely an observation based ib their interests and circle of associates.

    Now while the following is mere speculation, I wouldn’t be surprised if in that comment his mother made there didn’t exist a LITTLE BIT of disappointment somewhere on some level. Because the central issue that many black women when black men date “out” is an accompanying sense of abandonment and low-esteem with the ever present question of “why am I not good enough?” even if this is not the case at all. Look at the dating statistics: in the US, black women come dead last when it comes to most desirable partners. So, for SOME black women (usually those who stupidly pin the goals and lnterests on black men exclusively) the tacit message that is being communicated is that your own men don’t even want you. Coupled with fair-skinned, flaxen haired women as the standard (because who’s going to turn down the “white girl” ), it can really f*ck with your self-esteem if left to run unchecked.

    So, I suppose I’m a little bit turned off by the vitriol expressed by some well-meaning but not entirely omniscent posters who want to equalize Taye’s mothers comments as some thinly-veiled form of racism.

  112. whatever says:


    “Po – As the mother of 2 mixed-ethnicity children, I can tell you this: my son (21) will choose “white” and my daughter (17) will choose either “black” or mixed ethnicity like herself. I can’t explain it, I didn’t influence it, I have no say in it; it’s just what they prefer and identify with, and I love and support them no matter their choices.”

    I would like to add that you influenced it but not intentionally(you will have a influence whether you like it or not), majority of the time Biracial children chose based on their parents. Majority of biracial men from white mothers and black fathers chose white women as partners and ones from black mothers and white fathers chose Black or mixed women as partners. Biracial females from White mothers & amd black fathers majority of the time, especially in America chose men that look like their father, like Black men. I just want to clarify that with you, I am not against it but that is just the way it is

    I feel these issues is a african american issue because there are not musch available black men in the black american community for black american wome, so when they see a potentila one with a white women they get angry aboiyt it because white women don’t do that in return for them. Foreign Blacks don’t have these problems, and I always wonder why Taye diggs keeps talking about this; he seems to be instigating this race issue not black women. Nobody cares; It has made me come to the conclusion that it still bothers him personally, I feel he loves his wife but I think internally he still has that lingering feeling of him being with a black woman.

  113. Laverne says:

    Personally I don’t care who marries who. The problem I have is when a black man is with a black woman and finally “makes it” in life and all of a sudden the black woman is no longer good enough. It’s like he is programmed to be with the black if his life is normal or ok. But if he makes it, let’s say becomes rich or famous we’re not good enough, off to find some white woman even if she is a piece of someone off the street somewhere as long as she is white. I’ve actually seen this happen more than one time. If the black woman is no longer good enough then what message does this send to the man’s black mother, sister, aunt etc.? As yourself would the white woman be with the black man if it was not for his money, his success or status or would he be just another n? If you were ordinary would she still want your black a? One man commented about how he does not like the way black women wear fake eyelashes, fake hair and tight dresses and this may be the reason black men choose white women. The tight dresses I can understand because it does not look good. But I am a black woman who does not wear tight anything. Speaking of fake, the white woman is a key consumer of fake eye lashes not to mention the fact that they too wear fake hair, extensions. Oh and don’t mention the fat put in their asses to appear to have asses that we, black women were born with. Who pays to get fat lips we were born with? Who risk getting skin cancer to have that beautiful brown skin that we were born with? I feel good about myself, and I am a beautiful black educated woman and have enough sense to see when her physical qualities are in demand. And I will not allow society to make me feel less than the beautiful black person that I am. I know that if I deny my characteristics there are those who are standing waiting to claim them for themselves. I believe all races are beautiful as long as the attitude is.