Courtney Love: “If Kurt Cobain came back right now, I’d have to kill him”


In the new issue of Vanity Fair (the one with “rape victim” Johnny Depp on the cover), Courtney Love sits down for another exhaustive tell-all interview. To give C-Love credit, she’s a great interview, and she works hard to give good quotes. Now, Courtney gives these great interviews to everyone. She doesn’t play games like most celebrities, like, “I’ll only give my exclusive to Vanity Fair or Vogue.” Just a few months ago, Courtney gave a massive, exhaustive, hilarious and frightening interview to The Fix – which I read almost all of, so pardon me if I don’t think VF managed to get some elusive C-Love quotes. Anyway, here’s what VF has released thus far:

“Mad? Ya think?! If he came back right now I’d have to kill him, for what he did to us. I’d f–king kill him. I’d f–k him, and then I’d kill him,” 47-year-old Courtney Love shouted at Vanity Fair contributing editor Nancy Jo Sales, asked if she was angry with her husband, Kurt Cobain, for killing himself. “He tried to kill himself three times!” And then there were the drugs. “He OD’d at least five times. I was the f–king E.M.S. I was always sticking pins in his balls. I carried around Narcan!”—a drug used to jolt OD-ing heroin users back to life.

At the singer’s rented West Village town house, Love shows Sales a book from her estranged daughter Frances Bean’s “hope chest.” “This is her diary,” Love explains. “I just want you to look at this one page,” which contains a list titled, “Things That Make Me Smile.” Love, distraught, asks Sales, “Why am I not on it? Why doesn’t she put ‘watching old movies with my mom’?” Frances Bean emancipated herself from her mother two years ago, a decision that is clearly still bewildering and hurtful to Love. “All I can feel is how much I love her,” Love tells Sales. “I’d give anything to hear the sound of her heels walking down the hall past my bedroom.”

The relationship between Love and her daughter has been rough from the start, as Frances was placed in protective custody when she was born. “There were no drugs in my urine, no drugs in her urine when she was born,” Love says. She laments a number of her parenting failures, such as Frances’s inability to read until she was seven: “It was my fault! I never read to her! … Why didn’t I ever take her to a Broadway show? She f–king loved those Broadway musicals!”

There were times when, Love says, her daughter was teased by other children; “They called her ‘crack baby.’” Love also says Frances’s disappointments in show business came early, not just when she didn’t get the part of Sandy in a theater-camp production of Grease, but when agents and producers Love had contacted wanted Frances to do only racy roles. “That’s not who she is. It freaked her out. She wanted a Zoey 101 [the canceled Nickelodeon tween show] or something.”

Frances’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, said in an e-mail to Vanity Fair that “the statements about [Frances’s] schooling are inaccurate…. The statements about her career desires, theater camp, show business, Nickelodeon, and the scripts are not accurate.”

The “hope chest” sits in Love’s room, among stacks of papers related to “the fraud,” a matter that consumes her attention whenever she isn’t talking about her daughter. Love contacted Sales after reading her January Vanity Fair story on the actor Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, who allege that they have been defrauded and targeted for murder. “They make me look sane,” says Love. She hoped Sales might help her figure out what had become of her lost Nirvana money (more than $250 million, she claims).

“What’s heartbreaking to me,” says Jonathan Daniel, Love’s music manager, who grows impatient at any mention of “the fraud,” “is that she’s very capable of earning seven figures easy without any help from Nirvana right now, but it’s hard for her to work or for others to want to work with her when she’s so consumed with fraud.” Love’s home, Sales discovers, is command central for research on “the fraud.” Miscellaneous assistants make copies and send faxes related to “the fraud.”

According to Love, the money problems existed even when Kurt Cobain was alive. “We could never find our money!” she says. “We had $135,000 in our bank account. They said that if he would go do Lollapalooza he would make $11 million… Do you think Kurt would have killed himself if he had known he had $54 million?” That figure is based on research done by Love’s Twitter Army, her online fans and believers who are determined to get to the bottom of “the fraud.”

“They won’t be happy till I’m dead!” exclaims Love, of no one in particular.

[From Vanity Fair]

So… is it sad? I think VF is trying to evoke sympathy over the pathetic state of Courtney Love and her damaged mind and body, a mind consumed by imagined conspiracies, a body hurt by addictions and surgeries and abuse. But I don’t feel sad. Mostly because Courtney is a survivor, in the best and worst ways. And she’s too crazy to die, you know? Some people can live on crazy for years, decades even.

The Frances Bean thing is always interesting, because whenever Courtney starts ranting about her daughter, you start to realize just why Frances got the hell out of there. Hopefully, the Bean ends up being a lot healthier than the sum of her parts (her parents).




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  1. gillie says:

    Don’t worry Courtney, everyone thinks you killed him anyway.

  2. gee says:

    A+ first comment!

  3. Auds says:

    She is irrelevant and noxious.

  4. atlantapug says:


    That’s a special kind of crazy right there.

    The only thing I find interesting is when she mentions Francis’ disappointment at not getting Zoey 101-like roles in Hollywood. Hey Francis, how about earning your way up and acting, not just expecting mommy to get you a role?

  5. says:

    I have to make a confession: I can’t help but like Courtney a little. She is the only person responsible for the state of her life today, but b!tch did have it hard growing up!

    If Kurt Cobain came back to life, I would want to do the same thing as her. For all her faults, at least she was the parent that stuck around and didn’t take the easy way out.

  6. searching4grace says:

    @Gillie: That was exactly my thought. The title only needed an “Again” after it.

  7. Sophie says:

    yikes. it’s amazing that Francis has turned out as normal as she has.

    Oh and skip to around 4 minutes into this clip for one of the best Courtney-killed-Kurt jokes I’ve heard

  8. brin says:

    Grey Gardens, the sequel.

  9. aenflex says:

    I think FB will be ok. Let’s just say I am real familiar with someone who has almost the exact same parental situation and early emancipation, (sans millions, real or imagined), and she came out OK. It is possible.

  10. po says:

    I’m confused, isn’t she living off if his money right now? If it was all taken away from her what has she been living on the past 18relationships years.

  11. k says:

    I really like the old Hole songs, but Court has always been a mess. I think she believes her own lies and delusions. I really think Frances Bean was very wise to separate from her.

    I never heard the rumor that she killed Kurt. She’s insane and selfish, but Kurt was very self-destructive and self-absorbed. Not a stretch to believe that he killed himself.

  12. Nicole says:


    You are assuming that those quotes from Courteny are accurate. It could be that Frances didn’t want to be an actress at the time. You weren’t there. It’s always Court that wanted to be the star. It’s not a longshot to think she would push her into show business to and trade on her name.

  13. carrie says:

    she’s a queen drama,she’s an addict (shopping,alcohol,meds,drug….)and i can say it because i have her CD and i saw her concerts:she needs to be focused

  14. atlantapug says:


    Too true.

  15. madpoe says:

    I don’t think I needed to know about the sticking pins in his ball part.
    No matter what amount of money, if someone fixed on suicide would do it regardless. Instead of saying “Do you think Kurt would have killed himself if he had known he had $54 million?” – she could’ve said: Do you think Kurt would’ve still done that being a new father to Frances? Like he was suppose to kill himself while being a new dad, but if he had 54 mil he’d rethink that. Where’s that logic?
    I’ve killed myself married to her.
    Run Frances Run
    Courtney stay away from Jerry Cantrell!
    Starting to believe what others have said in the past that it was Cobain that wrote most of “Live through This” what else has been so successful for Love since Cobain’s death?

  16. poopie says:

    there should be a TEST before some people are allowed to BREED !!!!!GAD!

  17. Rhiley says:

    I don’t feel sad for her either. It is always about money with Courtney. And it is very likely that Kurt Cobain would have killed himself even if he knew he had 100s of millions of dollars in the bank. One thing that depressed the hell out of Kurt was Courtney pushing him to be LA, live in LA, drive a Lexus, be the yuppie punk rocker. I do find it sad, however, that she never read to her child. I don’t have children, but I have very strong beliefs about parenting, and I think reading to children is as fundamenal to their mental development as providing them with a set schedule, healthy food, plenty of rest, and lots of positive reassurance. Plus, as crazy as she is, Courtney is very smart and she comes across in her interviews as very well read. But she is so self consumed and could not share that gift with her daughter. Courtney reads her daughter’s diary to total strangers and then has the audacity to ask,”Where am I on these pages,” yet she seems more upset about losing her husband’s money rather than her own child.

  18. Naya says:

    I used to love this crazy woman! I still hope she can get it back together because she is talented. But the more she rants and raves I just can’t stand her. And she needs to stop hacking at her face and body!

  19. The Original Ashley says:

    Why is it so hard for people to believe she was defrauded? Accountants, business managers, record labels, they do that stuff everyday. I think once you get to the point where you have that much money you’re kind of ripe for the picking. Sure most of it could have gone to her nose candy and dolls, but I’m sure people were squandering it away thinking she’d die soon enough and it wouldn’t matter (because who would see that she lost that much money and be surprised?).

    By the way how does she still have money to live (in the West Village no less)? I thought Francis already got control of her money and share of Kurt, so what is Court living off of?

  20. BB says:

    She reminds me of someone I know with past addiction problems who is equally paranoid about conspiracies and fraud nowadays…. She is convinced people screwed her over and stole her money while in reality she spent it all on drugs, parties, living the high life etc. Much like CL did, I am assuming….

  21. Az says:

    Let me just say that I am SO picking up her memoir ON THE DAY THAT IT COMES OUT. And I absolutely believe that she was bilked. People are unscrupulous especially if they figure the person whose money they manage isn’t capable of keeping track of it properly! And I’m sure both she and Kurt Cobain were associated with some shady people at one time or another. She should have stayed with Edward Norton. That was the best, most sane she ever was.

  22. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @madpoe, I always believed Kurt wrote “Live through This.” I also believe the rumors that Billy Corgan was largely responsible for “Celebrity Skin,” and that Coutney screwed around with Corgan and Trent Reznor behind Kurts back while he was still alive.

    @the original Ashley, I’m not sure Francis would be entitled to any money (unless Kurt set up a trust for her before he died, or Coutney established one at some point). You may, however, know something about the situation that I do not.

    As for “the fraud,” Coutney was probably too high to remember spending it all on 8 balls and plastic surgery.

  23. Kimbob says:

    Courtney Love is one angry, deluded, greedy bitch. She is ungrateful for what she DOES have, so…no, I feel absolutely no pity for her. If she did have 50+ million, she’d have something else to bitch about. She lost her daughter due to her extreme narcissism, & it looks to me she’s still heading in a “downward trajectory.” Way to go Courtney….Godspeed!

  24. margaritachum says:

    @ i agree with you 100%.
    i never got the nirvana fever or oh-look-it’s-that-genius-kurt-cobain-that-didn’t-want-to-be-rich-and-be-famous-and-be-a-father.
    at least she stuck around. for better or worse she was still there.

    i love hole and i really like courtney. she’s a trainwreck but i can’t help it and i’m gonna piss off a lot of nirvana fans but i don’t think nirvana and cobain would be as big as they were/are if it wasn’t for courtney.
    she will always be the bitch and he will always be the poor thing that didn’t want fame.

  25. Kelly says:

    Courtney is so talented, but obvs batshit crazy. She’s always been, though, dating back to the pre-Cobain days. I love her because she’s so smart, but it depresses me when she goes into her insane, presumably drug-fueled rants.

    It’s sad that she doesn’t understand why Frances wouldn’t want anything to do with her, and I also think she should STFU about Kurt.

  26. ocean says:

    I have no respect for this lady. She is pure stinking garbage. There is no room for Love in her name.

  27. meg says:

    I know I’m prolly gonna get flamed for this but, (besides CL being CRAZY)I see why Kurt killed himself. Everyone talks about how selfish he was, but it doesn’t come from a selfish “Poor me” place, it comes from “I’m sh*t, this child will be much better off if I’m not in her life screwing it up”. If he lived, who’s to say he would’ve stuck around to make sure Frances had what she needed??

  28. Original Tiffany says:

    She wants to kill him…again? A little overdone after the first, huh? He was ready to divorce her ass and had just changed his will. Because of the cheating and other mentioned stuff. There was 80X the amount of heroin it would take to kill someone in his system, yet the drug kit was neatly put away. She had offered a guy (now dead) 50K to kill him and the rifle and cartridges/bullets were wiped clean of prints.
    That’s a damned impressive feat for a dead guy to wipe his own rifle clean after an OD. She rigidly controlled his money and songs, and he wrote her bog album for her. She can jump off a short pier. Do her kid a favor.

  29. Ash. says:

    I would be angry as well if my other half were to kill themselves and abandon me and our child. That’s a very selfish thing to do.

  30. NoFrank says:

    MorticiansDoItDeader: There was, indeed, a separate trust set up for Frances from the Nirvana money. I don’t know whether Kurt set it up or it was set up by lawyers after he died, but Frances came into that money last year. Courtney gave a long, garbled interview about how Frances “thinks she has all this money” just before Frances turned 18 and did, indeed, have “all this money”.

    Interesting that Frances’ money was untouched by “The Fraud”. Probably because Frances’ grandparents had control of the trust and Courtney was not allowed near it. It’s not a stretch to conclude that the grandparents did that so Frances WOULD have some financial legacy from her father, because obviously Courtney would not have watched out for her.

    Courtney was talented, once. She had chops as an actress (the Larry Flynt movie proved that) and was an intelligent and creative musician. She’s ruined herself with drugs and greed. What Kurt did was stupid and selfish, but at least Frances had grandparents who were willing to step up and protect her.

  31. Ck says:

    Yeah, she is nuts :( my dad killed himself when I was little and my mom (and older brother) are clinically nuts too (thanks to genes and drugs)… I’m doing ok (have an amazing job, put myself through college, great friends, etc) and I think if Francis bean doesn’t get wrapped up in the LA lifestyle she will be fine too.. Our parents issues do not always mean we will have them too.

  32. Embee says:

    I tend to believe that there are partial truths to her delusions. Many musicians find themselves broke or nearly so as a result of retinaing unscrupulous advicsors. Add to that the drugs, childbirth/parenthood, suicide, grief, etc. and you have a trauma from which very few people would escape unscathed.

    That said, it is Courtney’s responsibility to pull herself together and move forward, for her daughter’s sake.

    My daughter’s father also fried his brain with drugs, lost his business to some unscrupulous characters (who took advantage of his compromised thinking) and is now paranoid and obsessed with restitution.

    This just all sounds so familiar.

  33. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I went to court and emancipated myself at 16 from two massively self involved individuals. They are the same today and have not grown as people. I thank God that I’ve had a full, productive, and happy life, and looking back 30 years later, it’s the best decision I ever made.

    Team Francis.

  34. Cherry Rose says:

    I cannot stand Courtney Love. The only reason she is still famous is because she is the widow of Kurt Cobain. And of course, she must bring up Kurt in every interview, just to gain publicity.

    I’m glad that Frances seperated herself from Courtney. The woman is batshit insane.

  35. michkabibbles says:

    i’m not a huge courtney love fan, but her behind the music special on vh1 is really fascinating. there is some delusion there-you can see it in the way she talks about things versus when her band talks about things. but one thing that is evident is how much she cared for kurt (and i’m not a huge nirvana fan, either), and how broken he really was, before he met her and before frances.

  36. rightgrrl says:

    Original Tiffany–>get out of my head! i came to write the exact same thing :)

  37. Melissa says:

    Okay, yes she is crazy, yes she sounds a little delusional. But as a Mom, what she said about her daughter made my heart hurt for her a little. You can tell that she loves FB so much, but that she didn’t know how to be a good Mom to her. Courtney has a lot of issues just being Courtney.

    I also agree with The Original Ashley: Why is so impossible that she has had money stolen from her over the years? It has happened to many, many people.

    But want to add this too. I watched that Doc “Kurt and Courtney” and the one thing I did find very strange was the guy that CL had supposedly offered 50K to kill Kurt, got hit by a train like a week after having his say on that documentary. Everything else pointed to KC killing himself, not being murdered. But still… very very weird.

  38. Esmom says:

    I think Kurt was truly a fragile, tortured soul who just wasn’t long for this world, no matter who came in and out of his life. He had periods of happiness, and I believe he and Courtney had genuine feelings for each other, but to die young always seemed his inevitable fate to me somehow. Courtney on the other hand seems just the opposite, it’s like she’s indestructible!

  39. ZenB!tch says:

    She wants to kill Kurt again? Was she too drugged out to enjoy it the first time?

    Ironically, I am listening to Nirvana as I surf the web. I was not expecting to see this mess while I listened to it.

    I don’t see her as sticking it out and being the “responsible” parent at all. I don’t think Kurt’s death: either as a suicide or caused by Courtney had anything to do with parenthood. It was either drugs, Courtney or both. He was going to divorce her and her life as the rock star wife would be over. Now she gets to be the pathetic rock widow. The key word is “pathetic” because its been 17 years – move on.

    The one who has “survived responsibly” is Frances.
    #teamKurt #teamFrances

  40. anti says:

    ha! they had to photograph her from very far away :D

  41. MissyA says:

    “Mad? Ya think?! If he came back right now I’d have to kill him, for what he did to us. I’d f–king kill him. I’d f–k him, and then I’d kill him.”

    I’m right there with you, Court.

    Of course she’s an angry, bitter bitch – her husband abandoned her and her infant daughter.

    Thankfully, most of you will never know the pain of losing someone you love to suicide. How their death completely consumes you. The guilt. The anger. The hurt. It’s an incredibly lonely place without having every loser who ever bought a Nirvana album accuse you of pulling the metaphorical trigger.

    So, more so than most celebutards, I always give C-Love a wide berth. I just wish she can channel that anger into something productive so that she can reconnect with Francis Bean. I’m sure Frannie’s a very angry girl beneath the surface, but given that Courtney’s her mother, she’s never learned otherwise.

  42. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @NoFrank, thanks for the info. Whose parents managed the trust? Kurt’s or Courtney’s? I’m with you re: “the fraud.” Why wasn’t Francis’ money touched by these theives?

  43. Kim says:

    What he did to us?? Did she ever try and get him help? No she was and IS a drug addict herself. He was addicted long before they met and she knew she was marrying a very troubled, addict. She should never have married him and especially not had a child since they were both addicts. It was selfish on BOTH their parts.

    She had that child in order to seal her financial future with Kurts money – period. She was with him for the money and fame.

    Lets not forget this is a drug addicted mother whose child was taken from her custody and whose daughter has publicly stated her mother is a drug addicted, nut job, she wants nothing to do with.

    If Kurt did commit suicide yes it was selfish but Courtney is just as bad a parent.

  44. lil joe says:

    @MorticiansDoItDeader: Courtney set up the trust in 1998. Courtney was managing the trust with lawyers until 2009, when Frances emancipated. Courtney was getting the lawyers of the trust fired when Frances went away to LA. They give Frances $54,000 a month and she won’t get all the money until she turns 41.

    Frances has zero relationship with Kurt’s father and Courtney’s parents. The last being obvious since they abandoned Courtney when she was a minor and have no relationship with her.

  45. Tazina says:

    I hope her daughter has totally freed herself from this toxic person masquerading as a parent. Did I not read she was stealing from Frances’ inheritance fund? Dealing with CL as a daughter must have been a nightmare.

  46. Rubenesque says:

    What kind of mother reads her daughter’s diary to a complete stranger? I think that alone says a lot about her.

  47. ahoyhoy says:

    Frances, never feel obligated to support your mom. Most folks with any knowledge of the day Kurt died believe SHE DID IT. Team Frances Bean!

  48. Truthful says:

    the money is gone??

    come on guys, yes, she is an addict but you KNOW folks helped their selves, befriending her.

    wowww, all of that money is gone, smdh.

  49. reg says:

    I think she did kill Curt, for the money, and slowly went insane, her behavior after his “suicide”was very odd from the start.
    I wander if she got the idea from Jim Carrey role in “Dead Pool”, the movie starts with a rock star killed with an overdose of heroin, and staged to look like a suicide.

  50. reg says:

    The money is probably in some secret bank account Love set up under a fake name, which Frances will never get to.

  51. gg says:

    He’d kill you first for all the $hit you’ve done since he died.

  52. Nymeria says:

    @ ahoyhoy (#47) – “Most folks with any knowledge of the day Kurt died believe SHE DID IT.”

    Cosign. Although I actually believe that, technically, she had someone else do it for her.

    I’ve read widely on the subject of Kurt Cobain’s death, and several key facts keep surfacing with discomfiting regularity in the various books I’ve read. There is a lot of strangeness associated with Cobain’s passing. Nick Broomfield’s documentary Kurt & Courtney is certainly worth watching. And Love & Death, by Max Wallace & Ian Halperin*, is worth a read.

    *I don’t like Ian Halperin, but the facts presented in Love & Death do not contradict the facts presented in other books on the subject of Cobain’s death, & the Wallace/Halperin book was well-researched. I’ve often wondered if Max Wallace had a quelling effect on Halperin’s natural instinct to get all tabloid-ish with his writing.

  53. Me says:

    The only thing I find interesting is when she mentions Francis’ disappointment at not getting Zoey 101-like roles in Hollywood. …

    is how INAPPROPRIATE is that to bring up this private matter and her private feelings and her private dreams.

    She is her child. She is not supposed to tell the world of her daughter’s private thoughts and frustrations.

    If her daughter wants to talk about it- that is her call, not her mother’s.

  54. LeeLoo says:

    I hate Courtney with a firey passion. She’s an evil human being and she’s a fraud. Seriously, what type of person allows a stranger to read her daughter’s diary?! Everything with Courtney is about HER. She can’t even have a simple conversation about her daughter without making it all about her.

    That being said, I’m very torn about whether Courtney had Kurt murdered. I think it is very plausible but I also think suicide is very plausible too. I would never normally say that anyone other than the person who commits suicide is to blame but I do think Courtney did a lot of things to drive Kurt to that point. I think she took major advantage of someone who was already having major issues with substance abuse. She’s a textbook example of someone with narcissistic personality disorder but I don’t necessarily see her as a sociopath capable of killing. She could have and I will not deny the evidence out there that suggests she may have had a hit out on him but I lean on the side of he pulled the trigger. Oh and you bet your @$$ I believe Kurt co-wrote Live Through This. I believe that 100%. Courtney Love makes me so angry!!! Argh!

    The happiest ending is that Frances got away from Courtney. I wish I could sit down and tell her never to look back and never allow her mother to manipulate her again. I hope Frances is able to rise above everything her mother put her through. Run fast Frances, and don’t look back.

  55. Linnie says:

    So she’s angry with him for committing suicide and abandoning her and her daughter but doesn’t get it that she was committing slow suicide with her addictions and had emotionally and physically abandoned their daughter, many times, herself. What a twit.

  56. jo says:

    If my husband killed himself i’d be annoyed as hell. It must be hard, and more when you have the whole world pointing fingers at you for his death. Awful.

  57. Kelly says:

    Why would Courtney have Kurt killed? He was a cash cow. Hole, although a great band, hardly raked in the cash that Nirvana did.

  58. snappy81 says:

    @madpoe — I want Courtney to stay away from Jerry, too!!!! :D

  59. caitrin176 says:

    CL is deeply vile, a genuinely mean spirited and greedy human being; however, I don’t have a shadow of a doubt that her husband killed himself. All the evidence that he was suicidal is right out there, including a suicide attempt less than 2 months before he died.He talked of his own suicide frequently, himself, how he did not intend to live much longer, and was a profoundly depressed and self destructive individual. The Aunt who was my sole guardian and the only family who I had killed herself when I was 14, and I will always,intermittently, hear and feel the echo of that gunshot, even 20 years later. Suicide is beyond devastating to those left behind, and for this I do still feel a small amount of sympathy for Courtney. It is not for me to judge how someone else deals w/ such a tragedy.Suicide leaves those left behind w/out closure, w/out any goodbye,and perhaps this is, in part, why Courtney suffers so,from the gulit and shame and despair that the families and friends of those who commit suicide are left with…That said, she made a choice to remain an addict *despite* being a parent, so her priorities in life have ALWAYS been her own desires way before anyone else’s, and for that,I will always distrust and dislike her.(Reading her daughter’s Journal at all, is horrifying, let alone reading it to total strangers!?! What an endless nightmare she is….)

  60. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @lil Joe, “Courtney was managing the trust with lawyers until 2009, when Frances emancipated. Courtney was getting the lawyers of the trust fired when Frances went away to LA. ”

    Interesting that Courtney was the one who established the trust for Francis. Perhaps she should be given a tad more credit than I initially gave her. However, I wonder if she fired those lawyers in an attempt to access that money because she realized she was running out and/or realized what she had left wasn’t going to last forever. Thoughts?

  61. Nymeria says:

    @ Kelly (#57) – “Why would Courtney have Kurt killed? He was a cash cow. Hole, although a great band, hardly raked in the cash that Nirvana did.”

    Dave Grohl & Krist Novoselic have both attested to the fact that Nirvana had actually disbanded in the weeks before Kurt’s death. Hence, Nirvana had no new material forthcoming.

    Secondly, Kurt was planning to divorce Courtney. (Courtney’s own lawyer verified this, and her verification was recorded on tape.) Their prenuptial agreement stipulated that in the event of a divorce, neither party got anything belonging to the other. A divorce would have meant that Courtney got nada.

    The motive for murder is strong, young Skywalker.

  62. Jenn says:

    I used to go see Hole (and Nirvana for that matter) back in 1990 and 1991 at little dives in NYC like the Marquee. Courtney was brilliant but damaged, and I think it’s spun out of control. The last time I saw Nirvana (1993?) you could see Kurt’s waning energy. I think he took a lot out of her, but it doesn’t excuse how damaged she’s allowed herself to become. At one point, her band was amazing, she had the respect of people like Kim Gordon, and the live shows and albums were equally incredible. Pretty on the Inside? One of the best albums ever, period. Please, Courtney- get it together.

  63. bettyrose says:


  64. Plummy says:

    You have to admit it’s fishy that there were no finger prints on the shotgun, the box of shotgun shells, and the pen he supposedly used for the suicide note. But even if he did kill himself, isn’t it totally understandable since he was in nearly constant pain from a stomach condition? Or am I remembering that wrong?

    Anyway, wth is she doing reading her daughter’s diary and showing it to the press? Also, a “hope chest” isn’t what she seems to think it is.

  65. Carlotta Love says:

    Totally agree, Jenn. I see Courtney as a monumental talent, but a supremely damaged and self-destructive soul. She is, unfortunately for FB, not likely to be capable of good parenting, unless she gets serious psychological help. She’s clearly a narcissist, paranoid (to some extent) and unable to see beyond her own needs, much less attend to her daughter. She suffered a horrific, disturbing childhood and has never really recovered. Consequently, she has no idea how to mother a child; she can’t even mother herself! It’s sad for her, sad for FB and all-around f’ed up.

  66. Boxy Lady says:

    You know when she was cleaned up and was taking Hollywood by storm and dating Edward Norton and recording albums like Celebrity Skin, she was not obsessed with talking about Kurt. I remember she did an article for Rolling Stone I think and the writer went through the transcripts of the entire interview and said the only time Courtney said “Kurt” she was talking about Kurt Weill. And people dissed her because she was moving on from Kurt’s death. Then she went back to being a train wreck and now she talks about Kurt all the time again (and Frances too).

  67. LeeLoo says:

    @Plummy The so-called stomach condition was psychosematic. It was all in Kurt’s head and just an excuse for him to continue using heroin.

    Just thinking about Courtney makes me angry. She is trying to use this article to manipulate Frances into talking to her.

    Btw: Notice how Frances’ lawyer issued a statement saying CL’s comments were false? Another article has a “source” that Frances wants nothing to do with her mother due to the years of emotional abuse she inflicted onto her. I don’t doubt it.

  68. madpoe says:

    @snappy81 – you have great taste!! :)

  69. smh says:

    i started to believe she had him murdered after reading up on it on several sites and watching kurt&courtney. i remember back when i was 15 and new of his death came out: i did see the handwriting of the letter and something didn’t click it sounded weird. then courtney read it out loud on t.v. and she made crying sounds cause she was on the phone, but the way she cried sounded so fake but back then i didn’t think much of it. much later found out that in the letter late cobain says “i have it good” and courtney reads it as “i had it good” and makes it sound like he had enough of living, when it could be interpreted as a letter of him quitting the music business. how many rockers have said they were suicidal and yet lived on? i think he was about to divorce her and if you watched the movie k&c; there’s their former nanny suspecting it who said courtney was talking about kurt’s will non-stop. i believe it since in every single interview that she has ever done, she always talks about money. money money money money money it never leaves her filthy mouth. she’s a textbook golddigger who got pregnant with his child and faked being fucked up on concerts (many colleagues and others said that she was faking it, even dave grohl said “am i the only one who sees you rehearsed insanity?” in a song) there is so much more to be covered about this, i really hope that the truth comes into light.

  70. reg says:

    17 years later, David Grohl is a successful Rock Star, and Courtney Love has been reduced to a rubber faced creature spurting gibberish tirades that no one listens to anymore, that is her punishment for killing Cobain.

  71. smh says:

    @reg don’t you just love karma sometimes?

  72. Momz says:

    She already killed him once. Thats enough.

  73. Sadie says:

    CL was a junkie whore way before she ever met Kurt. I’m from San Francisco and had friends who knew her here, in LA and up North as well. She was scum then and became filthy rich scum when she met Kurt. I laugh when she says in interviews that it was because of Kurt that she was doing dope. A classic hipster of the 80′s-90′s who spent a lot of time doing very little with her life. She just kissed ass, chased fame, and fucked a lot of people. The only reason why Hole got any recognition was because they were opening for Smashing Pumpkins and she was screwing Billy Corgan back then. She was a fugly loud wannabe who used her body to get what she wanted. She did drugs and hang out in scenes. No education or integrity whatsoever, many people who knew her would avoid her like the plague. She has next to no talent, useful working skills, zero instinct on how to be a loving mother or a classy woman. Barf. I can’t stand her. She never deserved to be famous. The sad part is, CL knows this. She has always known this. It’s just easier to stay numb and useless.