Did LeAnn Rimes plant an ‘anorexia intervention’ story about herself?

Leann Rimes
At this point I wouldn’t put much past LeAnn Rimes. She seems like she’s getting desperate (or she has been for some time and we’re just noticing how severe it is) with the amount of interviews, tweeting, and photo ops she’s staging. So this week’s In Touch has a story complete with what I believe are exclusive new bikini photos, (update: those photos are here) although I could be wrong. (It’s not one of the bikinis she was wearing a month ago to celebrate her birthday by looking insane at a beach photo shoot, nor is it any of the numerous other bikinis she’s sported over the past few months.) The article is about how LeAnn’s “friends” aka her staff, are concerned about her and are worried that she is anorexic. They even have a guy who has supposedly known LeAnn since she was 11, some DJ, who spoke on the record about how skinny she is and how she’s looking ill.

A former mentor of the singer confides exclusively to In Touch that her longtime friends are anxious about her weight loss, too. “Everyone who knows LeAnn thinks that her appearance is alarming and that she looks like she may be anorexic,” laments Bill Back, a legendary DJ who met LeAnn when she was just 11. “She’s still an attractive girl, of course, but there’s been a rapid and obvious change in a very short amount of time, and I’m worried about her.

LeAnn’s friends agree, and they may take drastic action. “It’s gotten to the point where some of us are really worried about her,” a friend tells In Touch. “A group of her friends are even planning to stage an intervention to confront her about her weight.”

[From In Touch, print edition]

Well LeAnn of course could not let that slide, and she brought up her weight again in a recent interview with the Associated Press. She also claimed that when she was going through a divorce she “couldn’t get out of bed.” She couldn’t get out of bed because she was sleeping with a married man in it.

AP: Celebrity and fame has changed since you first became famous as a teenager. Now you’re followed by paparazzi and the press focuses on your marriage.
Rimes: It’s interesting. I was told when I was little I couldn’t have an opinion because you want everyone to buy your record and like you. I’m not gonna apologize for who I am and what I’ve gone through. We all are human. I’ve learned you just don’t know what another person has gone through. … People don’t see that. You know, I went through all I’ve gone through in the last few years and I was going through a divorce and I couldn’t get out of bed, and so I gained 10 pounds and then I lose 10 pounds because now I’m moving around and I’m working and you know, I don’t stop and no one sees that (weight loss) actually can happen like naturally. It’s a natural progression of life. It has to be some big deal and some issue so I’m glad there are people out there that are smarter than that and they don’t buy into it.

AP: How do you deal with all the tabloid attention?
LeAnn: You go through different emotions every day, because the unfortunate thing is the things that people write about and use the word allegedly in front of and say that you do or have done mold people’s opinions about you as a person, and I think it’s completely unfair. … They don’t know the half of it. And so I find it interesting. I’ve never really had to experience that until the last few years. … It definitely can be life-changing, in a good and bad way.

[AP via US Weekly]

Notice that the interviewer didn’t bring up LeAnn’s weight, she did. This is all she has to talk about: her weight and her marriage. Sometimes she adds Brandi’s kids in there. It was last Monday, September 26, (the same day that Brandi premiered on RHOBH) that LeAnn wrote a whole blog entry about how she didn’t like the word “stepmom” and how she was a great mom and they were just family or something. Then, maybe-not-so-coincidentally, In Touch printed a story a little later that week about how LeAnn was a bad stepmom, but it sounded kind of mild. It was all about how she didn’t give the boys sugar and how she got their hair cut without Brandi’s permission. It worked right into LeAnn’s story defending herself, which she wrote before the article came out and presumably before she could have gotten wind of it. So I’m thinking these negative articles play right into her plan of having something to deny and keep us talking about her. That’s why it looks like she’s planting them. Cue dramatic hamster again.

Leann Rimes

Leann Rimes

Leann Rimes

These photos are of LeAnn performing at a benefit concert in Chicago on 8/15/11. Credit: PRPhotos

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  1. Darlene says:

    I cannot wait for her marriage to implode. I know that’s mean, but there it is. I don’t like her, and I want that smirk wiped off her face.

  2. Samigirl says:

    “I don’t stop and no one sees that (weight loss) actually can happen like naturally.”

    Ummm….didn’t EC JUST say in an interview that she “eats all the time, but she works out like crazy” ???

    It wasn’t just 10 pounds, it was more like 15 or 20. She’s incredibly tiny and it obviously didn’t happen naturally. The b*tch can’t keep her lies straight to save her life.

  3. brin says:

    She’s pathetic. That is all she has left…her weight and her marriage (pretty soon I hope it’s just the weight). Her album is a flop and she’s a jinx for anything hubby does.
    First picture looks like she’s trying to catch a peanut someone threw her.

  4. k says:

    Aw, I love Janis from the Muppets.

  5. Quinnie88 says:

    She planted that story for sure!! Right before she Galloped back to her barn for some hay!

  6. NeNe says:

    I have no doubt in my mind that she planted the weight story, like seems plants other stories. Otherwise,nobody gives a crap about her. She keeps trying to remain relevant, but she really isn’t! I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that her album flopped…. big shock! NOT!!

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    *waves @ brin* Umm, yeah, that weight loss is not “natural.” I’ve been through an ugly divorce, and that’s not what “natural” weight-loss looks like.

    That’s what “deliberate starvation” looks like.

  8. dorothy says:

    I think we all agree that if it weren’t for her weight issue there would be no interest in her. And then those horrific chicklet teeth.

  9. Jezi says:

    @Samigirl I actually commented on Amy Grindhouse’s article. It was an interview in Shape Magazine and she had stated that during her divorce she turned to the gym to get through the tough times. So now it’s “I couldn’t get out of bed and gained 10 pounds”. She needs to keep record of all the stories so at least the lies can be consistent. She’s never been a skinny girl, so that one is a bunch of shit. Just like saying her divorce was so tough. She looked happy as hell to me.

  10. KatScorp says:

    Bill Back? I’m not sure because I can’t find it at the source, but I think they meant Bill Mack, the writer of “Blue”.

    My answer is yes, yep, of couse, well duh, uh-huh and bloody oath. None of the country websites (The Boot, etc) have mentioned the ‘Lady and Gentlemen’ flop; reducing the album price to $5 on Amazon has boosted sales to below 12,000 at last count. But with the exception of Perez Hilton, no other media outlet reported anything about this.

    Instead the Rimes’ stories are focused on her anorexia denials and the psuedo-feud with that Guiliana woman. So I’ll raise my hand and say quite confidently that YES, this story is like everything else WeWe’s team have been doing this last week – serious damage control.

    In the previous thread, it was mentioned that LeAnn’s “my sweets” tweets to Guiliana were creepy as hell. Add to that LeAnn’s public insinuations that the car sideswiping her LA fence almost endangered the lives of the people who were. NOT. living. at. that. house.

    Top it off with what you yourself, Kaiser, noted about the article above – LeAnn brings up her weightloss her own damn self! She’s deliberatly keeping it in the gossip headlines. She has also recently been on The Boot and other country websites talking about how she is only “going to tolerate tabloids’ interest in [her] personal life… for now” – and together thisall adds up to one delightful answer:

    Damage. Control.

    Keeping everyone talking about anything EXCEPT the album that flopped. She’s tweeted that ‘Lady and Gentlement’ was “great success” for an “art album”. An art album? She’s Bjork now? And with that, I’m going to bed before I morph into ‘why?’ Goodnight folks 🙂

  11. Jennifer says:

    She also claimed that when she was going through a divorce she “couldn’t get out of bed.” She couldn’t get out of bed because she was sleeping with a married man in it.

    Ha Ha-I thought the same thing when I read that first sentence. She couldn’t get out of bed because Eddie was right there.

    I don’t buy anything she says. Didn’t she say she was naturally thin? Look at the pics from her teens-that is not naturally thin. She’s a pathological liar.

    She can sing “Give.” She can give an interview with Maya Angelou. It doesn’t matter as most of us see right through her and see her as the despicable thing she is.

    PS That second pic is hilarious!

  12. KatScorp says:

    … if the spam filter ate my comment, I am soooo not typing that out again! ‘Why?’ woulda been proud of my long-windedness 🙁 Grrr.

    Yes, WeWe’s team planted the story. The anorexic-denial stories keep peoples’ focus OFF of the delightful flop that has been her album. And Bill Back is a mistake on In Touch’s part; dude’s name is Bill Mack. Wrote “Blue”.

    Good night ladies; past my bed time. Give susan o and leann RI hell for me 😉

  13. Kloops says:

    That photo of her performing fellatio on her mic just skeeved me out. Thanks a-fricking-lot. Some of us are trying to eat breakfast out here!

    Serves me right for opening a LR post. Hrmmph.

  14. BB says:

    if leann wasnt so smug I would actually feel sorry for her, but i cant feel sorry for a couple who is proud of their affair and continues to disrespect the mother of those boys..my how the mighty have fallen..wasnt it leann’s fans that were saying RHOBH would be the worse thing to happen to Brandi and that everyone would hate her and now turn to leann..lets see what has happneed since Brandi has been on RHOBH, Eddies show was the FIRST show cancelled only after 3 episodes and Leanns album was the biggest flop that I have ever seen a once “popular” musician attain..it all goes back to their smugness, leanns whole Eddie is in a scripted show, housewives shows are trash(or something like that), now Eddie is unemployed and Brandi is working, wasnt it the tweles that were harassing Brandi for not getting a job..dos anyone know officially how many records she sold in the first week, i know its def under 15,000 shoot even Solange Knowles last album debuted with 40,000 and the media was calling Ciaras album which sold 37,000 a flop yet they are silent about wewe hmm..do the tweles still want to claim that leann isnt a has been and its only the BBs disgusted with leann
    ETA: Havent seen Susan O around here since Wewes megaflop, methinks she is embarrassed bwhahah
    my favortie line “… and LeAnn Rimes — lately, much more of a tabloid than chart fixture — at a lean No. 32.”http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/10/05/us-charts-idUSTRE7945YK20111005

  15. Samigirl says:

    @Jezi, It’s a good thing you’re here. I remember that now. She took to boxing, right? My friend is a PT and she said that’s the best workout because you “never see a fat boxer.”

    Anyhoodles, you are so 100% correct. Like I stated, she can’t keep her damn stories straight. I don’t understand why anyone believes a word she says.

  16. Jezi says:

    @Samigirl Yep, that’s correct it was boxing. Remember she likes to box out her aggression on Brandi’s face…lol. That was a CB article. She is a liar!

    @BB She sold 12,171 in her first week. That’s the overall number I believe on the Billboard charts. Brandi’s mentions are insane. I would say about 95% love her, with the exception of a few here and there. But that’s to be expected. Not everyone is going to like her and that’s ok.

  17. Nancy C. says:

    just go away and shut up! no one likes you! take a very long vacation and leave the cell phone home!

  18. BB says:

    @Jezi your right not everyone is going to like her, and thats really with most celebs, heck even the prez lol, what i find interesting is that the tweles thought no one would like her(they were beyond excited for her debut and yall know the tweles im talking about lol) yet most of her mentions are positive as well as in her blog, there are just as much ppl hating on kyle as well..yikes 12,000 so basically the only ppl who bought her album are the collective ppl who have seen her on tour the past two years.

  19. why? says:

    The AP got several things wrong

    1) Leann isn’t followed by the paps, she CALLS them. If the paps are always following LR like she claims, then how come not one of them got photos of LR leaving or entering the Dr’s office when she received her implants? And of course if the paps are always following them how come EC is hardly spotted out by himself, think about other celeb couples, he would be seen just as much as LR is. But he isn’t. Which means that LR and EC could move about LA without the paps ever knowing it if they really wanted to.

    2) The media isn’t focusing on LR marriage. We hear about LR marriage becomes she makes it an issue, with fluff pieces from her mouthpieces about how they are in love because they embraced, her blog and twitter entries, and staged “happy family/EC loves me because…” photo-ops.

    3) Leann couldn’t get out of bed when she was going through a divorce? Really because there are several photos of LR on beaches with EC and his kids, at airports engaging in pda with EC, and houseshopping. And let’s not forget the tweets about how she was sleeping in the same bed with EC and his kids before her divorce was even final.

    Leann weight loss is because her husband is cheating on her and her in-laws don’t like her. She will NEVER admit that she has an eating problem because then she would have to admit that her life with EC and his parents is no sunshine and rainbows.

    Either LR is planting pseudonegative stories to In Touch(so she can deny them) or the “source” is EC mistress, someone who LR and EC must hang out with a lot(aka Liz).

  20. brin says:

    Brandi is so positive and honest, she is the total opposite of Leann.
    I love Celebitchy because Kaiser & CB call Leann on her shit.

  21. Amy says:

    I am a recovering anorexic myself and I find her so disturbing. She clearly has lost too much weight and for her to claim it is “stress” or “divorce”….please. I had every excuse in the book when I was in my disease to ease my family/friends’ minds that “I was ok”, which I wasn’t. The only reason I am writing this is because that I think she is a very bad role model for young women. Women should have curves and hips, etc. She looks completely different now and I find it very insulting that she pretends to be so healthy, cause she clearly is not. I was once 89 lbs at 5″8 and now I can proudly say I am a healthy size 6. She should stop talking about her weight cause it is damaging…just my humble opinion.

  22. BB says:

    bwhahha I love MK on dlisted and the comments are hilarious, MK prob doesnt know that her CD only sold 12,000 lmao


  23. why? says:

    There LR goes again whining about how it’s unfair that people judge her and how we don’t know the whole story. Which is odd because in the interview she gave last week, didn’t she say that people get a sense of who she is as a person based on what she tweets and blogs about? So we know everything there is to know about LR because her tweets, blogs, interviews, and staged photo-ops show us what type of person she has become. We can already predict what type of twitpics she post for Halloween because of what we have seen so far: LR is going to post photos of herself in a PB bunny outfit or now a nurses outfit since EC was “injured”.

    LR weight loss is alarming and indicates that something is wrong because

    a) We saw EC ex-wife go through the same weight loss thing when dealing with EC very public affair with LR. So it’s safe to say that history is repeating itself. EC cheats and in response LR loses weight because even her money can’t make him be faithful to her.

    b) LR is always talking about how her life with EC is blissful and fated by God. So if her life with EC is rainbow and sunshine, why does she keep dropping in weight or going out of her way to morph into BG. EC says that he is content with the way LR looks, yet everytime we see LR something is different. Botox. Dropped another 10 lbs. Dressing more and more like BG.

    c)LR is constantly SWF BG, stalking her tweets, and taunting BG in interviews or with her tweets. If EC was keeping LR content and happy, LR wouldn’t be stalking BG tweets because she would be too busy doing “other” things. So why is LR more interested in BG than she is in her own hubby?

    d) LR is ALWAYS in a bad mood. How? If EC is the prize that LR and People mag make him out to be how come LR was arguing with people on twitter the day after her wedding and on her honeymoon? She was a newlywed, newlyweds opt to spend that time with their new husbands/wives. But not LR. Why?

  24. Sally says:

    Rita pointed out LeAnn released her new album during a slow week for new albums, obviously to
    make her chart numbers look better. KARMA provided the Billboard Chart results which are awful
    for LeAnn, based on her past history. It occurred to me, and I’m sure it does to her Record company,
    of the new releases > who was ahead of LeAnn > how “big” were they? The Debut Albums beating Rimes
    as follows: #1 J. Cole, #2 Blink 182, #5 Wilco, #8 Switchfoot, #9 Chickenfoot, #10 Mastodon,
    #12 Pink Floyd (Re release of Dark Side of the Moon :)-, #13 Nirvana (Re Relealease of Nevermind :)-,
    #22 Machine Head, #28 Gloria Estefan, #29 Jason Derilo, #32 The Skank Herself (LeAnn) followed by
    #35 Various Artists (WOW Hits 2012) Bwahahaha! I know well only a few that beat LeAnn, a few other I’ve heard
    of, but generally not household names the rest.

    I just saw a photo of LeAnn posing yesterday with a female chef in Chicago, LeAnn looked as if she’d been
    crying. Probably she heard the Billboard figures. She wears those big sunglasses when shes’s been crying
    to cover her expression. These poor results show how low her core fan base has dropped to and will not just
    affect her music career, but her acting options also. LeAnn had been chosen for previous roles because she
    had a fan base of a certain size, that is now much lower, the sales figures confirm that. LeAnn will be offerred
    fewer roles, and she will be paid less money for her time. KARMa indeed LeAnn, well earned!

  25. Samigirl says:

    Jezi, well of course! I mean, Brandi was in the way of WeWe’s happiness! And that just don’t fly! Personally, I’d put my money on Brandi. She’s had her implants longer, knows how to work around them 😉

  26. Jezi says:

    @Samigirl Oh heck yeah, I think Brandi would mop the floor with her ass.

  27. NeNe says:


    I am glad that you are healthy and in the right frame of mind. Wishing you all the best!

  28. theaPie says:

    When I lose weight due to stress, I certainly don’t ‘flaunt’ it by running around in a bikini. I figure no one needs to see my chest bones and my ribs.

  29. brin says:

    @Sally….and look who she has to blame for that…not the media like she always puts the blame on, but her.

  30. Stonegoddess says:

    Celebitchy is the best site out there but I love this comment about LR from The Superficial. LMFAO!

    “I love how someone with fake tits is schooling us on the natural process of the human body because clearly we’re dealing with an expert. “What people don’t realize is some mornings you just wake up, find a finger in your mouth and silicone in your chest. It’s like catching a cold if catching a cold involves panic attacks over mucus having calories. It doesn’t, right? TELL ME IT DOESN’T!!”

    So good right!?!?

  31. skilo says:

    ” I don’t stop and no one sees that (weight loss) actually can happen like naturally. It’s a natural progression of life.”

    Um, no, weight gain is natural as you get older weight loss maintenance takes effort. So does keeping your lies straight, it is obvious which one Leann puts all her effort towards.

  32. Lantana says:

    There are just so many layers of wrong to this story. At first I thought she must be tired of starving herself to death, so she’ll start eating and so gain weight, but it won’t be her fault…but anorexia is all about control, so how is it that she would want to blame someone else, as opposed to control it herself? Unless she rationalizes that she’s choosing to gain weight herself…idk…maybe it’s all off base on my part. But she definitely looks anorexic, and any anorexic I’ve known goes to lengths NOT for people to think they’re anorexic (baggy clothes, drinking 3 pints of water bf going to the dr, etc) and LR doesn’t appear to do any of that. I think I’ll just choose to think she’s fucked up and move on with my thoughts.

  33. why? says:

    Leann name drops without actually name dropping. When LR says, “there are people out there that are smarter than that and they don’t buy into it”, she is talking about Maya A(considering LR had an “intimate” interview over wine with MA on Monday and MA called LR her daughter) and GR(considering LR bonded with GR over drinks on Tues).

    Yes, I’m quite sure that bragging about how MA and GR have seen LR TRUTH will once and for all make the public lovE LR and stop “misjuding” her based on her inappropriate tweets, blog entries, interviews, and staged photo-ops. What’s that? Even after bragging about how MA and GR know THE TRUTH, LR still can’t get the public to buy her album or have sympathy for her? No worries, I’m sure someone will try to fix this by adding Oprah to the list of LR supporters.

  34. podzol says:

    @BB (21): yes, Michael K.’s comments are spot-on! I laughed so hard.

  35. Ally says:

    She’s rockin some serious white stretch marks on her bum in those ‘less recent’ bikini shots. Just noticed…geez that’s a lot of bones.

  36. rudypatudie says:

    Omg , BB , I clicked on your link , and the picture of LAR terrified me.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    She looks near death. I’m serious.

    creepy creepy creepy.

    So many creepy pictures today. Julia Roberts , Leeann Rimes..good grief.

  37. Nina says:

    She’s clearly unhealthy but .. I don’t know that she is anorexic. I suffered from an eating disorder from about age 13 until 30; I was in and out of hospitals and outpatient programs during the course of that time. Maybe things are different now but neither myself nor any of my fellow patients flaunted our bodies. We were ashamed. We were trying to flee ourselves. We would hide under the baggiest of clothing as we whittled ourselves away to nothing, trying to disappear from notice entirely. And for so many of us, our issues stemmed from sexual abuse: we weren’t losing weight in order to ‘look good’ and take sexy bikini photos. We were losing weight to starve off the boobs, starve off the hips, starve off any physical manifestation of sexual maturity. There’s a quote from Fiona Apple that sums it up quite well: “For me it wasn’t about getting thin, it was about getting rid of the bait attached to my body.”

    I think Leanne probably has some kind of personality disorder (narcissistic seems most likely) coupled with the body dysmorphia that seems to come hand in hand with the industry that she’s in.

  38. why? says:

    Of all people, why did the NoH8 campaign pick LR(who by the way is wearing a towel and doing the same peace sign she did to BG when she stalked BG in her own neighborhood) to represent them, especially after the incident that happened with LR road manager two weeks ago?

    LR encourages her fans and her staff to hate on BG, many of the people LR tweets to the most are hardcore BG bashers(they have 10-15 different twitter accounts just to stalk and harass her), and LR feeds information about BG/EC/their kids to her fans and to Star mag/Radaronline.

    LR openly SWF and taunts BG and yet someone felt that they should use LR face, name, and body (What better way to draw attention to her implants than to cover them with a towel) to represent the NoH8 campaign?

    And then camp Leann just can’t figure out why the backlash against LR keeps growing and getting worse. It is not a good idea to tell people that LR is an avid supporter of the NoH8 campaign when all she does she encourage hate, even racism at times.

  39. Rita says:

    I love this, I really do. Eddie encouraged LeAnn to make everything public while taunting Brandi and they both thought the world would let their disgusting behavior pass and they’d become the next AJ & BP.

    Instead, LeAnn’s behavior has made her repulsive to almost all music fans (especially country fans) and Eddie is now branded as an unemployable death nail to any tv show.

    So what’s left? LeAnn running around for months on end talking about how she hates talking about her weight.

    All the while, the lovely, smart, gracious, and courageous Brandi Glanville is becoming a celebrity in her own right. Hmmmmmm, what’s this called? Momma’s Prius? No, but close. How about Kar-Ma!!!!

  40. luce says:

    Oh please who is she trying to kid with her “holier than thou” routine the only reason she’s somewhat relevant is because the dumb twat cannot to tweeting/blogging about herself, for someone who has broken up a “somewhat” stable FAMILY life for 2 young kids, she and the sleazy McSleaze seem to have no remorse for the pain and suffering they caused.If there’s one thing that really gets on my nerves it’s the fact that neither of them are really sorry for breaking up the stable life for the boys and the pain they inflicted on their spouses.
    Oh well as they say once a cheater always a cheater, and you know it’s only a matter of time till a new model comes along, right Eddie?

    PS I think in the future a picture of a thoroughbred horse will serve us better than this twit’s emaciated horse face

  41. Laura says:

    She definitely looks like she went up a couple sizes on those implants. It does help to close the gap she had.

  42. Memphis says:

    Of course her weight loss is natural. Why don’t you all believe her? I mean its obvious she eats tons because she tweets about burgers, poses with plates of cookies and even feeds her tee shirt Cheetos for Godness sake! Shes healthy and just naturally thinning as she gets older, kinda like my hubby’s hair 😉

    I just don’t see why you can’t love her?! LOVE HER!

    *just in case …that’s ALL SARCASM* 🙂

  43. anne says:

    completely agree with Nina above.

  44. missanne says:

    she’s under a lot of pressure…she’s the sole bread winner in that family, it appears.

  45. Memphis says:

    Thinking a little more about this she may be trying to be the “Anti-Brandi” here. Brandi was talking about how the ‘divorce diet’ makes you lose weight from all the stress.. and what do ya know this week Leann says she GAINED weight during her divorce. I guess shes is trying to prove she is nothing like Brandi..you know.. except for the same husband, surgeon, boobs, body mass index and clothing…aside from that nothing alike.

  46. Stonegoddess says:

    @ Memphis -> LMFAO! So true. Everything she does seems to demonstrate her need to SWF Brandi or compete with her in her mind.

    This girl has serious issues.

  47. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Sally, wow Mastadon and Machine Head? That’s heavy metal music, which is far less popular than the manufactured CUNTry music Leann sings!

    @the original Bella, I left you a message on the Lindsay thread.

    **waves @jezi @brin**

  48. eileen says:

    Help me out here….through the years Leann was photographed healthy and happy, with no weight problem -but not emanciated either. Even after her divroce as the last pic shows, she looked fine. See links below:






    To today she looks like this:


    And she thinks people are stupid enough to beleive her when she says this is her natural weight?? So her whole life she wasn’t at her natural weight? Color me confused.

  49. Jezi says:

    @MorticiansDoItDeader Hey there!!! Haven’t been on the Blohan threads yet.

  50. Mandi says:

    She’s pathetic. Obviously, she is insecure about her looks and relationship. She is clearly underweight, although that is not uncommon out here in LA LA Land. I think if Eddie’s show had been a success the relationship wouldn’t have lasted. However, after seeing his ex on RHOBH, he is obviously attracted to crazy women. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I guess that applies to both of them.

  51. brin says:

    @Stonegoddess…Hilarious! Was that when she won the Miss Hamhocks title?
    Like the white eyeshadow…brings out her squinty eyes!
    *waving to all you peeps*

  52. self help says:

    why does she always look like she can’t open her eyes?

  53. surlymonkey says:

    Agree with all of the spot on comments, here. This donkey is a delusional liar.

    Her stories about her weight started back when she was still in her teens. I used to be a fan (don’t shoot ~ it wasn’t as well publicized what a tw@t she was back then…..)

    She broke out on one album (covers – of COURSE – mostly Patsy tunes) with interviews about how she was raised with terrible eating habits.

    Apparently Belinda didn’t give her any “tools” OR vegetables when she was a kid. She said at that point, she had hired a nutritionist and trainer to learn to eat more than fried foods.

    So this dimwit has had issues with food from day one and has made up what ever story she thinks she needs to get her press. The stories have just gotten more psychotic as her endless hate, envy and starvation are feeding on her brain.

    As for the NoH8 campaign? I love them to death, so this is NOTHING against them, but they are a non-profit and do those shots for free. Anyone can sign up for a photo shoot, famous or not.

    If you read their website, they do NOT hand pick any one for these and I will eat my foot if ANYONE can find proof that she was asked to do this. They appreciate any one that becomes a part of the campaign.

    LeAnn Rimes is a selfish JERK and it is no coincidence that her NoH8 picture was posted just days after she was called out all over the internet and back for stating she was “bullied” on Ellen.

    She s*cks at life.

  54. Amy says:

    @NeNe: thank you for the well wishes.

    @Nina: I completely agree with you. At my worst with my anorexia, I hid my body. Leann certainly has lost a lot of weight, but also flaunts it every chance she gets, i did not. When I was ill, i hid my body cause i did not want anyone to see it. I agree with someone earlier that posted, she prob has a personality disorder. That being said, i still find fault with her claiming she is “heathly” cause she is not. I can tell. A woman should not have her ribs and bones showing. Just my humble opinion 🙂

  55. Rita says:


    Many of her most ardent detractors were fans of hers. Me included. Looking back at her videos including her “Family” album, I now see how full of herself she’s always been. However, now she seems obsessed with the few things she has left and that includes herself.

    She’s always been able to get her way by shedding a tear at the right moment, stomping her feet and throwing a fit, or just being a complete little bitch which is what her grandfather called her when she was 16. This relentless yapping and photo-ops of hers is simply her narcasistic way of thinking she’ll eventually get what she wants, if she keeps at it. She’s over exposed, under talented, and finished as someone who had the potential to be a very fine artist. That’s what being a shitty person will do to you.

  56. Jenn says:

    Karma’s a bitch, and so is LeAnn. And it will always come back to you, so be careful what you put out there. LeAnn is most famous for destroying and stealing a family and willfully devastating her husband. What? She wasn’t married before Eddie? Dumb bitch….. nice tantrums you’re throwing. You’re done; you just don’t know it yet. The sheer amount of lies is staggering and she doesn’t even bother to remember what she told whom.

  57. smh says:

    obviously fake story. she has no friends, let alone a group of them… hehehe

  58. charity says:

    stonegoddess–so glad you posted that picture of her in the white dress ,just so she can show everyone how naturally slim her body is. poor widdle wee wee, her body type is JUST like her mamas and believe me there is absolutly no slimness there. exact opposite. hefty hefty is more like it and i have seen her mama and thats the truth—hello all my buds out there in twitter land not you leann know you are on here reading, you just can’t help yourself

  59. hatekyle says:

    If this lady (or horsey, as the case may be) can screw up her then-husband and screwed another chick’s husband in one skewer, then I wouldn’t be surprised of what she’s capable of. She lied…

  60. KatScorp says:

    Applauding Rita’s @55 comment. Spot on. I kept getting myself into knock-down-drag-outs on the Rimestimes message board as far back as 1998, because I’d point out LeAnn seemed to be a self-centred bitch. Well, check me out with my deep insight 😀 lol.

    Remember her ‘Good Friend and a Glass of Wine’ song from ‘Family’? “Between the dogs and my momma’s calls, is it against the law for me to get what I need?” The five pomeranians she shared with Dean – and Belinda’s calls to her only child – were what LeAnn was refering to last year when she’d say that she was “always putting other peoples’ needs before her own”. Oh the poor put upon darling… /sarcasm.

    @36 Nina: You’re desciption of the psychology of anorexia and Fiona Apple’s comment cuts to the bone. As a woman who went the other way and gained in excess of 50kgs to protect herself, I actually felt fear when I first read an autobiography by an incest survivor who developed bulimia. To the mind of a compulsive eater, being thin would be the ultimate danger; we believe absolutely that it will make us completely vulnerable.

    And I do agree with you in that LeAnn isn’t anorexic – anorexia is a specific disorder. I believe LeAnn wanted to compete with Brandi and now she’s hooked on this source of attention… but I also think that her metabolism crashed months ago and that she’s struggling to maintain the weightloss.

  61. Jayna says:

    I’ve got to give LeAnn credit. Her outfit was really adorable on her on Jay Leno show a couple of nights ago. She looked great in it. Her legs seemed to have more weight on.

  62. Jenn says:

    Just really read more of it- she “couldn’t get out of bed”? You don’t need Shape magazine because her photographs (arranged, I’m sure) were *everywhere*. She was making out at Eddie’s sons’ soccer games, sneaking around basketball games with the jerk, sucking on his fingers in restaurants, riding around with a refreshing drink in a golf cart- seriously, who does this lying bitch thinks she’s fooling? Not only did she SAY she was at the gym to a well read magazine, but she was PHOTOGRAPHED everywhere before her divorce with Eddie, staring at him adoringly. Didn’t she tweet that she was hanging out with him on their 1 year slutaversary on set (when he HAD a job)? Seriously, I don’t like sounding anti-female, but the karmic post office is really delivering to one deserving bitch. And the moron she married? Probably staring at himself in the mirror: “I’m still hot. Still got it. LeAnn, can I get a five?”

  63. Alix says:

    When exactly did she become such an insufferable fame whore? Does this predate her affair with the poor man’s Don Draper?

  64. why? says:

    Oh great, just as expected, Leann is trying to profit from posing for the NoH8 campaign. She is making sure that various media outlets(it starts off with minor sites and 1 of her mouthpieces talking about how she posed and by tomorrow she will have even bigger media outlets like People mag writing a fluff piece about it) write a nice fluff piece about how she posed for the campaign and has even instructed them to include how much she supports the LGBT community because she cried for teens who were bullied to death and cried when she sung with the Gay Men’s Chorus last year for their Christmas special.

    It’s sad to see that LR will use any and every opportunity to keep her name and face in the press. EC kids. Homeless teens. Victims of the floods in Texas. Victims of tornadoes in MO. And now the NoH8 campaign. Would it have killed LR to support this cause without trying to get headlines for her album from it?

  65. Stonegoddess says:

    It reminds of that little fat girl that ate the gum in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (don’t remember her name right now) but shows that is obviously NOT naturally slim.

    Don’t care if you are naturally fat or slim, it is what it is. Just don’t be all self righteous and lie about it. If you love your “fans” (gag) so much be honest with them.

    What an idiot she is.

  66. Overrated says:

    I don’t know who this chick is? And what does this Eddie guy do?? What’s up with her eyes?

  67. Raine says:

    Leann Rimes is one of the most pathetic human beings on the planet. As a child star she got her way and was never made to answer for any of her behavior. Now that she is an adult and people hold her responsible for her affair and breaking up another marriage and have seen her total lack of remorse and in fact,say how she wouldn’t change a thing about what went on, she can’t handle the aftermath and has embarked on a PR blitz that seems to have no end.
    Her latest album has completely tanked and no amount of staged photo ops will change that. No one is stupid enough to believe her withering away frame is natural. It is well known Eddie likes them skinny and while his ex was a statuesque, naturally thin woman, Leann is a squat little thing who was always a lot “fuller” to put it nicely. It seems she is willing to starve herself and work out relentlessly as well as footing all of the bills just to keep Eddie happy. After all, his wife kicked him out, he didn’t leave her. If Leann’s music career keeps on this down slide and she continues to pay for all of the fake press she does now, she won’t be able to keep her husband because he is only with her because he had no where else to go at the time and she had deep pockets which are appealing to a show killer like him.

  68. erin says:

    I worked with LeAnn when she first came to Nashville as a young teen. She has lost at least 30 pounds since then, no exaggeration. Her mom and dad are heavy, and while she was not overweight then, she had a whole lot more meat on the bones. 10 pounds my ass.

  69. surlymonkey says:


    Yes, it is amazing to find out that she has been pretty much a horrible sociopath since inception of her career.

    I can only surmise, back then, that Curb did their best to bury the stories and hide any hints of her obnoxious behavior.

    As soon as she decided that she was too grand for all that was being given to her and she needed to sue Daddy AND Curb to address that, the curtains parted so to speak.

    I remember finally reading the first article that came out when that started. It included a direct quote from Mike Curb about her, which seems rare.

    He made a point to say that she was NOT overworked and in fact, they had stopped releasing 2 albums consecutively a while back. Reason being that no one was going to buy her gospel tracks now that she was underage and out whoring in the clubs.

    Looking back, it seems that she is constantly trying to convince us that she is something she is not (a decent human being)from WAY back when. I guess it just took some of us longer to figure it out.

  70. Cait says:

    As gross as I find Andrew Keegan, he is related to a close friend of mine and he has some pretty interesting things to say about LeAnn and by interesting, I mean not very flattering and actually completely believable. By the way she paid his way too. Big time.Even bought her own two year anniversary ring. Poor girl seems to have to pay to keep any man. I agree with the above poster who said that her smugness is one of her biggest problems. That and her beady eyes. If she and Eddy have a kid, it is genetically screwed in the eye area.

  71. Apple says:

    can someone please just tell her she is just an average looking girl regardless of how much she weighs.

    Eddie doesn’t covet your “beauty” he covets your “wallet”.

    Well at least Eddie is straight. That is a step up from the last one.

  72. KatScorp says:

    @Cait: more Keegan stories please 🙂 They dated before the leash was off her mouth.

  73. luls says:

    She actually looks quite pretty in these photos above. Its always a shock when i see current pics of her singing….

    In my mind, its like the young fresh-faced talented country singer Leanne Rhimes and the desperate, pathetic public persona she has become today, (post the Eddie Cibrian fiasco) are 2 totally different people. Its difficult to reconcile them.

    And the sad thing is that all of this is completely her own doing.

  74. hatekyle says:

    i hope she just shuts up and retire.

  75. relli says:

    Wow great thread everyone! I swear the leann comments are even better than the post sometimes! So much I never knew despite growing up in the heartlandand where there are more country stations than anything. Who is andrew keegan? And why is he important to her life story?

    I have a feeling this is the beginning of the storm, gossip wise its going to be good. I will say something nice though, in that last pic she looks really happy, a rare glimpse of being fulfilled. Which goes to show how often you see her in this state.

  76. relli says:

    Omg I just figured out who andrew keegan is, wow that is just tragic. She has eye thing eh!


  77. Vesper says:

    How can anyone look at those pics from August and say that LeAnn is anorexic? Are u all blind? Did nobody notice her upper arms? Is everybody so used to seeing obese women that they can’t tell the difference between thin with muscle tone, and anorexic with no muscle tone, prominant collar bones and sharp, pointed elbows (i.e. Angelina Jolie).

    I can’t believe how hateful many of ur comments are regarding anything to do w/ LeAnn or Eddie. There is a huge difference between posting a non flattering comment versus hateful, cruel, almost personal attacks on someone u have never met. Even more so, since most of what u think u know comes straight from the tabloids or a certain jolted wife whose comments and actions can only be described as venomous and spiteful – even after all this time.

    In reality, everything is not black and white, nobody is all good or bad, and many things are not what they seem. Ladies, u are no longer in high school, get over it already, and save your hate for the true evil in the world.

  78. Sara says:

    I think it’s sad, most women have eating disorders in their teens and early 20s. LeAnn is a little too old for this ‘pay attention to me as I fade away’ BS.

    If it were a break up diet or something I could understand but she just got married. Why isn’t she happy and eating? Isn’t that why so many people gain weight after they get married? She shouldn’t feel so insecure that she drops such an extreme amount of weight. I think it’s got something to do with her marriage and failing career. Obviously she has a lot of problems and instead of working them out like an adult she’s attention whoring and lying.

    I actually feel sorry for her because she seems to lack the self awareness she needs to get help. She’s probably going to self destruct. Right now it’s funny but if she loses any more weight it’s going to get ugly. I think she’s a few pounds away from health complications. Denial is really dangerous.

  79. brin says:

    Mornin peeps! Great comments! I don’t understand why Curb doesn’t drop her, she isn’t worth keeping (same applies to Eddie).

  80. BB says:

    @Vesper I dont hate anyone. WHat I hate are her actions so yes im going to call her out on it..as i stated before I would actually feel sorry for her but because of her behavior throughout this affair I dont have one ounce of sympathy for her..my info is not coming from tabloids..she had an affair FACT she acts smug about the affair(im basing this off of her interviews not tabs) she is disrespectful to the mom of those boys(once again not tabs)..so yea im gonna laugh that her album TANKED and eddie got fired because those two thought it was funny to have an affair and gloat about it

  81. Rosa says:

    @BB Totally agree. LR is the one who has and continues to behave badly and she is the one who brings all the negative backlash on herself. She is the one who has shown us what a delusional, narcissistic, evil liar she is.

    She is at the point of no return. I will never be convinced she is decent after reading some of her taunting tweets she did to the ex, after all the copying she did of the ex, after all the incessant me-me-me interviews and photo-ops. She had an affair and then helped break up a family and then she still had the gall to act the way she had and continues to do.

    It won’t be a moment too soon before she drops off the face of the earth. As someone said, you get what you give and Leann has done tons of negative things to deserve the negative backlash she has gotten.

  82. BB says:

    The thing is its not even the affair that bothers me so much because MANY [[l have had an affair in hollywood, but its what hap;ened after the affair, the unnecessary gloating and smugness….many times celebs are still able to become successful after a scandal..if wewe ever wants to get back in the public graces she needs to ditch the loser husband and get off twitter and show remorse..but i cant see her ditching eddie even if hes caught cheating again(kind of like how alicia keys is still standing by her man after being caught sexting a groupie)

  83. Bex says:

    I agree with BB2, I had never heard of Leann before the affair with EC. Affairs and divorces and broken families happen all the time, especially in Hollywood.
    If she had just shut up and got on with it no-one would even care any more, it was years ago and people have short memories.
    If she hadn’t started the manic tweeting – 51,000 so far – and the constant use of the press we wouldn’t know how hateful she is.
    If she hadn’t done any of that her new album would probably have been a success as she is talented. However, it flopped because she couldn’t just shut up and make music.

  84. TabbyCat says:

    Lol, Vesper, you mention Angelina Jolie as a comparison, but LeAnn is actually much thinner than Jolie. In fact, LR makes Jolie look big in comparison. Oh and please point out what Brandi has ever said that is “venomous and spiteful”? The only one that has said venomous and spiteful things, is LeAnn, and her cohorts Darrell Brown and her tour manager who said the most foul-mouthed disgusting things about the mother of Eddie’s children.

  85. hatekyle says:

    i’ve read in another blog about jensen ackles and an older country singer, too!

  86. Jayna says:

    Bex, I agree with most of your post for sure. Her immature tweeting doesn’t help her and she needs to grow up But her album sales aren’t hurt by that. Her heyday was years ago but like many still put out albums that sell moderately. My friend went to a concert recently because Kellie Pickler was opening for LeAnn and her teen daughter loves her from American Idol. She said both were really fantastic and that it was mostly couples in the audience and all were applauding LeAnn loudly. Most adults don’t live on the Internet knowing every tweet LeAnn does. They have a life and
    are busy with their career and loved ones and hit a concert when they can and could care less about LeAnn’s private life. I still go to lots of concerts and don’t consider the acts failures because it’s smaller venues. Great live singers are a rarity these days and audiences appreciate it.

  87. Rita says:


    I beg to differ with you at #86. For the 4th straight week, LeAnn’s video failed to make it in the top 20 on CMT. LeAnn cancelled a concert in Nashville due to a lack of interest and she can’t put 500 butts in seats when she’s the only performer. At $5.00 a pop for a new album, she’s “Giving” away her music in hopes that someone will notice her again.

    LeAnn’s entire behavior, from the affair to taunting Brandi, to the pride she has taken in being shameless, and the obvious obsession with tweeting as well as publicity has been completely noticed by country music fans. She is an embarrassment. It has not only killed her career, it killed Eddie’s as well.

    If she ever records again, it won’t be country music. Country music fans will not tolerate those who cross the line, just ask the dixie chicks.

  88. charity says:

    leanns album released about 10 days ago. it hit #2 for about 5 days and has now dropped to 27. this is on I-tunes where they are practically giving it away. taylor Swift has an album ahead of leanns and it was released in 2009. now, thats some longevity. will be interesting to see if she is even asked to the country awards shows. bet not. waves to Rita, jezi, eileen and Deb. xoxo

  89. BB says:

    @Jayna i disagree..her album has been very much effected by her behavior..how can an artist go from selling 74,000 their first week to a measly 12,000..that number is BEYOND embarrassing..even leann and her fans are embarrassed if you notice leann never tweeted about her record sales and instead put out a tweet saying this was an “art” album to cover up the fact that it sold so badly..the tweles have also not discussed the low sales..whether you want to believe it or not, leann’s behavior has ruined her career and her hubbys

  90. why? says:

    Wow, I didn’t expect to ever see any media outlet call LR out for fueling the fire. Headlines read(I’m paraphrasing): LR is using her weight issues for pr because she brought it up in an interview when she wasn’t even asked about it and why would even go into the talk about her weight when she was supposed to be promoting an album(keep in mind this is also the same tactic that EC used when he was doing promotions for PBC, rather than talk about PBC the interviewer and EC talked about LR weight issues). Now if they would only call her out for using charity and EC kids to promote herself.

    Those media outlets made a mistake. They stated that her album received good reviews, but once again left out the fact that it isn’t selling very well. And how odd that they tried to hype it up by sending someone to a particular site to write positive reviews using several different names.

    They also talked about the person who “attacked” LR in the restaurant for not eating, not even questioning if LR could have exaggagerated or made the whole thing up. They accepted it as FACT. Even though EC didn’t even bother to address it in his talk about LR weight issue, he just said that the paps are picking bad photos. Well that person who supposedly attacked LR wasn’t looking a picture of LR, right?

    LR albums sells are not hurt by her behavior? Think about it this way. LR went on Ellen and Leno. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when celebs make their rounds on talk shows, isn’t it supposed to result in people going out and buying whatever they are selling/promoting? This didn’t happen in LR and EC case though. LR went on Ellen, and what was the outcome? PBC ratings decreased and of course her album sells didn’t increase or get a boost as a result of this exposure. So what we can conclude is that LR and EC behavior is hurting their careers, how else do you explain that PBC ratings dropped just after both of them did interviews and LR album isn’t doing well and many media outlets are even pointing out how her album sells are bad.

    That is very telling, that these people are willing to clap for LR, but they won’t support her where it counts, like by buying her album.

  91. Jayna says:

    Rita, you’re right. Those numbers are bad even for that type of album, covers of old songs, especially considering it’s gotten good reviews. I wouldn’t say it’s ruined her career. But I guess it sure hasn’t helped it with numbers like that. She needs to tone down her incessant tweeting and photo taking and let her music come back to the front. She’s a great singer. She should have taken a page out of Vince Gill/Amy Grant affair on how to lay low after the scandal re the relationship.

    Eddie’s TV show failed because it was not good. Not because of him. It was an ensemble cast. The Playboy theme didn’t go over. He’s an average actor.

  92. why? says:


    So you are telling us that the photos don’t show what they actually show? Just like EC tried to argue that LR isn’t really skinny because it’s the photos and that he wasn’t actually having an affair with LR because that too was a problem with the photos?

    Seriously, you are saying that LR doen’t have AN because she has upper arm tone? You might want to check out the signs and symptoms for AN because LR exhibits many of them.

    How exactly are these comments hateful, venemous, spiteful, or cruel(Wow, this sounds so familiar? I wonder why?). Because we are not glorifying EC and LR bad behavior? So camp Leann Rimes thought that they could sway the public to have sympathy for LR by playing up LR friendships with Maya A and GR? And now camp Leann Rimes is upset because once again it backfires(because LR inappropriate behavior), rather than having sympathy for LR, the backlash has incresed.

    What we know about LR comes straight from LR twitter page, blogs, interviews, and staged photo-ops. And like LR stated in her interview, we learn what type of person she is by what she posts on twitter and that blog. So she can’t keep blaming the tabloids when she confirms everything they write and say about her. LR can’t get mad because people don’t react favorable to something that SHE puts out.

    LR isn’t a bad person? She is using the NoH8 campaign to attempt to sell her album. Who does that? LR is STILL tweeting about BG and EC kids even after their own father stated that he didn’t want that for his kids. LR is still taunting and SWF BG. Perhaps Leann should follow your advice. Leann is no longer in high school, she needs to get over it already, and save her hate for the true evil in the world, and not the ex-wife of the man she had an affair with or the people who comment on her bad behavior.

    So I take it Leann is gearing up for a mega media blitz because why else would you come here to lecture people on being nice to LR?

  93. why? says:

    Wow, so at the hieght of the backlash against LR, RADARONLINE(one of LR fav mouthpieces) rolls out an article, complete with BG direct words, on how she lost her son at Walmart.

    This is precisely why no one likes LR and EC because camp Leann Rimes attempts to save LR and EC by trashing BG and DS. Or anyone who would dare call LR out on her bad behavior.

    So we have camp Leann lecturing us on how we should move on and now Radaronline releasing their BG bashing article, yeap, LR is gearing up for a mega media blitz and all because Kim K wedding special is airing, something LR seems to think should belong to her.

  94. KatScorp says:

    *waving @ hatekyle* this is for you babe.

    LeAnn Rimes and Jensen Ackles never dated. LeAnn Rimes and Jensen Ackles were not making Shakespeare’s beast with two backs.

    After How Do I Live was an uber-success, WeWe scored a guest starring role on Days of Our Lives. I think it was three episodes long. For those who weren’t watching DoOL back then… Dean Winchester was undercover as Alison Sweeney’s twin brother.

    Jensen then escorted WeWe to one event and that one photo of him being a gentlement to the the naive teenage girl who just showed up looking to make it big in LA has persisted on the net as a “date”.

    For crying out loud, it was 1998. WeWe was 15 years old!

    They stayed friends for a few years and Jensen was a guest at her wedding to Dean. Similar rumours involved country singer Bryan White, whom she’d toured with the year previous.

    Relax, people. LeAnn Rimes never boned Dean Wincester. And I’m not even an obsessed Jensen Ackles fan; I’m just tired of trying to defend Jensen’s reputation against this persistant rumour of statutory rape(!), when the guy was being a gentleman.

    I repeat: LeAnn Rimes and Jensen Ackles did not date. LeAnn Rimes and Jensen Ackles were not involved. Jensen Ackles escorted the naive country bumpkin to an event, there’s a photo of her hanging off his arm with stars in her eyes as she gazes up at him (in WeWe’s defence, who wouldn’t be dazed by his smile?). But Jensen Ackles is not a statutory rapist; Jensen Ackles was just escorting her like any southern gentleman should. Stop punishing the poor bastard for being well raised!

  95. why? says:

    Leann claims that will act with EC but only under special circumstances? Wasn’t she bragging about how she was going guest star on PBC?

  96. brin says:

    Maybe that’s the real reason PBC was canceled!

  97. KatScorp says:

    … it’s not the spam filter that’s out to get me…

    Sure. Fine. Whatever. Let the misinformed masses think Jensen Ackles is a statutory rapist; I’m not typing out that comment again.

    *spits the dummy and walks off having a huuuuuuuuge hissy fit*

  98. Rita says:

    It might be too much to hope for, but since Eddie got fired (again) and her album release was a complete and utter (or is it udder? MOOO) failure, is there a chance that she’ll STFU, except for twitter?

    Has it finally dawned on Eddie that disrespecting Brandi the way they have has boomeranged big time. Is this finally the end of these two incessant famewhores?

    @brin @why? Morning. @Why- I always check your posts to get the latest updates, thanks.

    @Katscorp- Morning to all you beautiful Aussies. I couldn’t even post on CB’s last Rimes’ thread because of the spam filter. @brin has a lot of pull around here so maybe you can ask her to look into it, luv ya @brin.

  99. Simon says:

    First, let me clarify, before I start my rant, that I hate LR with a passion. She makes me nauseaous and if I wasn’t a guy, I’d slap her.

    I find these threads amusing, the comments never fail to make me laugh, especially Rita, brin, Jezi, Bellaluna etc. But there is an awful lot of hatred for her for cheating and being part of an affair from everyone.

    The reason this irks me is because I had an affair with the man I now call my husband. I spent three months of my life, in fear with my ex. The first month was fine until he moved me in while I was at Uni. He began to control me and distance me from my friends and family, then the abuse started. It came from nowhere and hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was being smacked and thrown around, covering up bruises constantly, lying to my friends and family on how acquired my injuries, then he was raping me, making me feel worthless, making me miserable and I was terrified. I didn’t have the strength to leave him.

    I’ve known my husband since we were 9 (we’re 23 next year) and I’ve been in love with him since I was 17. I began to confide in him when my abuser was at work or down the pub. He wanted me to get out desperately but I couldn’t. I was completely ashamed of my situation and scared. It just happened one night and we carried on sleeping together for a month before I found the strength to break free and leave my abuser. Two months after this we were engaged, two months after, married. Now we’re expecting children in 2012 and we’re happy. And all this happened last year.

    I didn’t cheat because I was selfish. I cheated because I was lonely and unhappy and felt unloved. I can’t describe the happiness I felt when my abuser left the house for his night shift or for a few drinks, because it gave me a few hours in the arms of someone who meant it when he made love to me.

    “Once a cheater, always a cheater” is not true. I can honestly say I will never cheat on my husband. He makes me safe, happy and has given me everything I could ever want. I love him. I’m not proud I cheated but I don’t regret it one bit.

    By all means, crucify her and Eddie for their selfishness, but don’t tar everyone who has cheated with the same brush. You don’t know everyone’s reasons.

    My husband is also a huge BG fan. He nearly wet himself when she replied to him on Twitter. He’ll kill me for saying that.

    But all that aside; I hate this bitch. I really do. She winds me up with her crap and Eddie is just the same. He was hot until he got with LR. Now the taint just took his hotness away.

  100. Rita says:


    You didn’t cheat. You needed a life line; someone to rescue you from a captive situation from which you could not rescue yourself. Your situation has nothing to do with cheating or L&E. You deserve and should have a clear conscience. Be happy and be at peace.

  101. brin says:

    Mornin peeps (and a special hello to KatScorp and lovely Rita)! I did have a bout with the spam filter and I emailed celebitchy and they fixed it, so go directly to our wonderful hosts and they will help.
    Leann is getting crazier and maybe even more desparate by the day…this must be Eddie’s worst job by far.

  102. Jenn says:

    @Simon- I am in complete agreement with Rita. You weren’t in a relationship; you were in a nightmare. You didn’t deliberately stalk the man you wanted until you had him, breaking up a family, and then taunt the original wife while attempting to take everything that was once hers. I’m so glad that everything worked out for you and wish you the best. As for LeAnn, it’s not even the cheating- well, it is- it’s her refusal to do anything more than seek attention at the expense of two little boys, her stalking and taunting someone to whom she already caused great pain, her endless lies and smug arrogance at winning her husband; her blatant narcissism and need for attention. Be well, Simon.

  103. why? says:

    Eddie’s TV show failed because of Eddie and LR. How do we know? Because even before the show aired, the people who attended the press conference for NBC were already tweeting about how they weren’t going to watch PBC simply because of EC(ie-he can’t act and he is a homewrecker/cheater). So knowing that they were not getting a good response to their show because of EC, NBC/PBC still allowed EC and LR to do the majority of the promotions for PBC, shove EC and LR down our throats via fashion week and their staged “happy family” photo-ops, and cut out a lot of Amber H scenes to include more scenes of EC?

    The major indication that EC and LR sunk this show, after EC and LR did their round of promotions on Leno/R &K/ Ellen/ RR/ check out what happened to the ratings for PBC. The more we saw or heard from LR and EC(ie-staged “happy family” photo-ops, LR blog entry about those kids, and their interviews), the more PBC ratings dropped. That isn’t supposed to happen.

    PBC biggest mistake was trying to push this show as one that empowers women and then contradicting that by putting EC and LR at the forefront, two people who know nothing about empowering women since they are cheaters and LR SWF/taunts EC ex-wife every chance she gets. This show could have done so much better had they told LR and EC to lay low/close her blog and her twitter, they allowed the female cast members to do the promotions instead of EC and LR(Where were these women at fashion week?), and they got EC a really good acting coach.

    Hugh H said this show would have did better on cable. No it wouldn’t have. NBC had every indication that they were going to have problems with this show WAY BEFORE it aired because they weren’t getting a good response at the press conference from the people who attended simply because of EC. They can’t keep blaming it on the PTC or bad writing because EC has the rep of being a show killer. Chase. CSI if he hadn’t been kicked off. Vanished(it was supposed to air for 22 episodes, but only got to 13). EC Hallmark movie.

  104. crazycatlady says:

    Whether or not she is, by clinical definition, “anorexic” only she and her therapist would know. But by that definition, which is, essentially, intentionally starving yourself, well, she could very well be doing that. Just because she hasn’t yet reached the skin & bones level – and add to that the working out – does not mean she ISN’T anorexic. She’s also a celebrity who desires celebrity, so wanting the attention is par for that course (as oppposed to hiding under the big clothes or whatever that some mention here).

    On a totally different angle (and I may have mentioned this on past threads about LR) – there’s a chance she might have hyperthyroidism too! Because I suddenly became a few lbs thinner, though I hadn’t changed my eating habits, and chalked it up to “getting older.” Foolish was I when one day I happened to touch my neck and find that my thyroid was enlarged and sticking out! It suddenly all made sense – the weight loss plus I had heat insensitivity, night sweats, heart palpitations…

    Just sayin’…

  105. brin says:

    On a positive note….don’t forget to watch RHOBH tonight and support Brandi and her boys!

  106. Gate FActory says:

    Thanks so much for all your great information. Congratulations on a fabulous website! It’s …

  107. why? says:

    This is quite impressive, LR and EC didn’t stage a photo-op over the weekend, probably because they didn’t have access to EC kids. Strange, how would the paps know that they didn’t have the kids and therefore not “follow” EC and LR? Because LR is tipping off the paps.

    So EC and LR haven’t been spotted since last week when LR staged that photo-op at that restaurant in Chicago, I guess that means LR and EC do know how to go undetected around LA/Chicago/wherever they are when they REALLY don’t want to be seen.

    Now if LR would just close that twitter account and blog, she is still using it to taunt BG, tweet about EC and BG kids, and SWF BG(And then her “fans” can’t understand why PBC was canceled or why the backlash against LR and EC continues to grow). Is that the part of LR life that inspires Maya A? LR ability to use twitter to SWF and taunt the ex-wife of her hubby?

  108. Stonegoddess says:

    Ya, and her album is getting great reveiws too..


  109. why? says:

    So what will LR damage control be in response to The Ithacan review of her album?

    A staged “happy family” or “devoted stepmother” photo-op. If LR can’t make it in HW as a country singer and film actress, then she has devised a plan. Keep her name and face in the tabs/media/internet/blogs by exploiting a 4 yo and 8 yo child. Oh no wonder LR considers being a stepmother to be oh so rewarding. When all else fails she can ride the coattails of EC kids and all she has to do is pay EC in Don Julio or expensive trips. That must be the good life for EC.

    So we can assume that LR planted all those positive reviews about her album, since the review from The Ithacan is completely different from what those earlier positive reviews posted about it.

  110. why? says:

    Leann has been going nuts on twitter since Saturday. LR and DB keep talking about EC kids and how they are better off with LR and EC. Did LR catch EC with his mistress/hook up with someone at LR friend’s wedding or something and she thinks that she can deflect from EC affairs by starting a twitter fight with BG?

    It looks like LR and DB are trying to bait BG into a twitter fight so that they can then go to one of LR mouthpieces and claim that BG is mean. And this is what Maya A likes about LR? I sincerely hope that Maya A and the Hallmark Channel are paying attention to what LR and DB are doing on twitter because it really goes against the whole premise of their show, right? How are they going to tell people that LR is an inspiration when she and her BFF Darrel Brown are sitting on twitter SWF BG and trying to bait her into a fight by using BG and EC kids just because LR is afraid of EC affairs going public.

  111. Stonegoddess says:

    I’ve been following the goings on on Twitter and she is taunting BG constantly.

    The very day, & every Monday since BG premiered on RHOBH she has said things about being a stepmom, about the kids etc. It’s so blatantly obvious that she is jealous and STILL threatened by BG.

    LR would love for BG to just disappear altogether. It would make it so convenient for her to assume the mom role without any of the sacrifice or hard work.

    LR is jealous of BG for many reasons including the kids, the relationship she will ALWAYS have w/ EC and the fact thst her career is on the rise while LR and EC continue to slide further down into the crevasse of obscurity.

    LR is a c**t and one day she will get hers as will EC. I only hope we are all able to see it happen.

  112. why? says:

    Did you hear the news?

    Now Leann wants to be a designer. I’m sure that this new hobby of Leann’s was inspired by all the attention EC must have lavished on Mateo during fashion week.

  113. Stonegoddess says:

    @why?: oh goody! Maybe she can design bridles and other horse related gear. Better yet, design a muzzle for herself and a chastity belt for her paid for husband.

    She really is grasping the rope as she goes down eh?

  114. KatScorp says:

    *waving a Rita, Brin and Stonegoddess*

    What’s this about WeWe and Barrel Clown stepping up their twitter taunts, why? They’ve fallen flat upon their faces after more than a year of being jackasses, and now they’re trying to drag Brandi down into their karmic hole with them? Wankers.

  115. Stonegoddess says:

    Katscorp! Hello!! The delusion and narcissism never stops with them. She just can’t handle that BG is doing so well and she is sinking. Desperation is fun to watch.

  116. why? says:


    Well EC lost his job and LR has to support him the best way she can. Fashion design here she comes. I like how LR goes on and on about how her new hobby as a fashion designer was a decision that she and EC made together. We all know that EC gave her an ultimatum. Either LR takes him on that expensive trip or he is out the door for good and he is taking Mateo with him. Strange how EC and LR NEVER go anywhere unless Liz or Mateo are with them. What is that all about?

    Well being the oh so “devoted” bonus mom that she is, I’m sure LR is going to give us some sob story about how she took this job as a fashion designer to be at one with her bonus sons because they oh so enjoy being styled by LR and no one, not even their own mother, knows what they like to wear.


    Yeah for some odd reason LR and DB have been indirectly making very nasty comments about BG parenting skills and encouraging LR twitter “fans” to attack BG, and each and everyday their behavior gets more and more disgusting and out of control like they are trying to push BG to go off on them. Perhaps someone should contact Maya A and tell her that her daughter(this is what LR told x17) is out of control and needs her wise words of wisedom STAT. And then LR and EC “fans” just can’t figure out why PBC was canceled.

    Are LR and DB upset because BG is getting a lot of positive feedback and support from viewers and HW celebs? Even before RHOBH started LR was sending her pr people, I mean “fans”, to various sites to convince everyone that BG was the villian for being on RHOBH and that she would lose ALL support and make herself look bad if she continued on with the show. BG has been on the show for 3 episodes and so far, people like her and thus proving the opposite of what camp Leann was trying to sell. BG twitter followers went from 9,000 to 13,000 in a matter of 2-4 days. Is that why LR is upset? Because it took her how long to get her twitter fanbase where it is now and BG is rising in a matter of just days.

  117. why? says:

    Did you hear?

    LR puts EC kids first, which is precisely why LR and DB are on twitter making over 20 tweets about BG and EC kids, even after EC stated in court documents that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure. And as we have seen so many times before, LR tweets something about those kids and that tweet along with photos of those kids end up plastered all over blogs and the tabloids, thus publicly exposing those kids. Now that is putting the kids first and taking the high road!

    Well one thing is for sure, since EC continues to allow LR and DB to tweet about those boys even after what he stated in court documents, LR confirms that EC is LIAR and that we can not trust a thing that comes out of his mouth. Why exactly should we believe that EC loves LR, thinks that LR looks perfect/beautiful/healthy, or is being faithful to LR when he sells out his own kids for some Don Julio? The more LR/DB tweets about those kids, the more she confirms that EC is a liar. And if EC would sell out his own kids, then we know that he is cheating on LR. If EC was the great father that LR and DB are trying to depict him to be, LR and DB tweets about those kids wouldn’t even exist.

    Seeing how LR and DB are behaving on twitter, LR should cancel the happy family”/”devoted stepmother”(so devoted to her bonus sons that she wears skimpy clothing so that they can see all of her business and doesn’t bother to wear a bra when she goes out in public with them) staged photo-ops that she has scheduled for this weekend. When that staged photo-op with the kids blows up in LR face, she can’t blame anyone but herself.

    Shouldn’t Maya A be offering some words of wisedom to her “daughter”? Are we to believe that Maya A condones how LR and DB are acting on twitter? Surely Maya A would learn more about the product she is endorsing so that it doesn’t reflect badly on her.

  118. video says:

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