Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds spotted making out at a train station in Boston

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Sometimes I get confused with all the random Hollywood hookups, especially lately when they seem to involve the two Ryans, Olivia Wilde and Blake Lively. (You could also throw Scarlett Johansson and Justin Timberlake in there.) Like both of the Ryans have allegedly hooked up with Blake and Olivia (not together although that would be hot), and we’ve heard rumors about the Ryans and about Olivia and Blake with various other people. It just feels like a spin the bottle game among this group. So that’s why I’m not surprised by this story that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are getting hot and heavy in the immediate wake of Blake’s breakup with Leonardo DiCaprio. We’ve already heard that they were together but I don’t expect to last. In a month or two it will blend together in my mind with all the other hookups among these people.

Hollywood Life has the news that Blake and Ryan were seen making out at a train station in Boston, where Blake was catching a 5am train back to New York. It was allegedly a goodbye makeout sess after a weekend holed up in Ryan’s Boston apartment.

Blake stayed the weekend at Ryan’s Boston apartment and our eyewitness says when Ryan dropped Blake off at Boston’s Back Bay Station on Oct.3 they couldn’t keep their hands off each other!

What breakup? Blake Lively isn’t sitting around crying over her recent split from Leonardo DiCaprio. We have an eyewitness who says that after the Gossip Girl shacked up at Ryan Reynold‘s apartment in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, they were making out when he took her to catch her 5am train!

“Blake isn’t upset or fazed by the breakup with Leo at all,” our source says. “When Ryan took Blake to catch her train back to NYC they were making out and looked really happy together. Blake was wearing a big hat and it fell off as she made out with Ryan on the escalator at the train station. It was really early and he was even wheeling her suitcase for her! He wanted to make sure she caught the train so he waited until she got on.”

Ryan and Blake reportedly ran into each other at the Radiohead concert in NYC. When they both realized that they needed to be in Boston for the weekend they decided to take the ritzy Acela train together. Ryan is in Boston shooting his upcoming flick R.I.P.D. and Blake needed to be at a cooking event at upscale sushi eatery O Ya. Ironically Ryan’s ex-wife Scarlett Johansson was reportedly with Ryan at the concert when he ran into Blake.

“They kept kissing on the platform and looked like they were a couple,” our source says. “It’s clear she’s over Leo, but as for how serious she is with Ryan? Who knows.”

We reached out to both Blake and Ryan’s reps and have yet to hear back.

[From Hollywood Life]

All the commenters at Hollywood Life are saying “pics or it didn’t happen,” but I could get how they could be spotted and someone would be too shy or too mesmerized to take a clear picture. Or this could be fan fiction, either way.

As Kaiser is always saying, Blake’s got game. She’s dating a dude whose career is on the wane, though, instead of her last boyfriend who was a big player in Hollywood. That’s one way to see it, although most women would jump at the chance to get with Reynolds. He strikes me as a lot more fun than DiCaprio, and as a really hot rebound. Plus I think he’s funny and I like how manic and self deprecating he is. He would be entertaining as a boyfriend.

This is a still from Green Lantern, the movie that starred Blake and Ryan and barely earned back its production budget this summer.


comic con green lantern 250710

These photos are from ComiCon in July, 2010. Credit:

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  1. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Blake isn’t wasting time, is she.

  2. Jennifer says:

    The most amazing thing about this article is that the Acela train is referred to as “ritzy”. Hahahahahahahahhahaha!

  3. gillie says:

    Bostonian here: Trains to NY leave from South Station, not the back bay.

  4. hatsumomo says:

    I bet they all have herpes.

  5. francesca says:

    His face bugs me so badly.

  6. H says:

    Man…her publicist is not going to stop until she is the next “it” girl. I suppose the blind item a few years back about her sleeping with some big shot who promised her the world was true. It is coming to fruition.

  7. Acorn Paste says:

    She does get around does she?

    In fact all of them do. Typical Hollywood!

  8. k says:

    What in the world would she be doing at Back Bay station? She took the subway or commuter rail?

  9. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Nope!!!! Ryan Gosling never went near her. Lies. Horrific lies.

    I don’t care if Ryan Reynolds is dating Blake, he would be better off with Sandra Bullock but whatever his choice. I don’t pretend to know how dating in Hollywood works, its mind boggling, some of its rumors, some its true, I personally think there is a lot of sex going on and sex does not a relationship make but I have lost my train of thought.

    Oh I know, why didn’t Blake just start dating Ryan instead of going after Leo. Then why would Ryan quickly jump into a thing with Blake after she is been banging Leo? Its soo weird.

  10. RocketMerry says:

    Ew. Both Reynolds and Lively are really fug, in my opinion. Ew.

    And what a slut: “Hey, look, it wasn’t Leo who dumped me, I did the dumping! See? I’m already doing somebody else, and he’s allegedly hot! See?!”

  11. Vanessa says:

    Revolving door…

  12. sallyreo says:

    These are not serious hookups, this happens with the heat of the moment. When a woman is with a hottie, why not enjoy the moment. They are both consenting adults. Let nature take it’s course. Ryan loves women and the man knows how to enjoy them. More men
    should do the same….

  13. Ari says:

    Maybe they were together and fought she hooked up with Leo for a bit then was over it (they always looked just like friends or something who knows although I really liked them together :L) and then she was like OH RYAN YOU ARE THE ONE! and then my head imploded.

  14. Eve says:

    I know some of you have the hots for him but I find him so strange looking!…He was all right as Deadpool, I’ll give him that (would have preferred Thomas Jane playing the character though).

    Is it just me or are those fingers (from that unknown left hand) trying to touch her boobs?


    Nope!!!! Ryan Gosling never went near her. Lies. Horrific lies.

    He took her to Disneyland! And we all know that’s his idea of foreplay.

  15. Ashley says:

    Love that Blake is ‘out and about’ with Ryan. I get the feeling that she didnt want to be Leos beard thus the break up.
    Nothing wrong with getting around in Hollywood, even the best of the best (eg AJ and JA) have done it.
    FYI I am not a Blake fan her acting is subpar, but damn she knows how to stay in the limelight. Thats what makes an A list movie star, (being in movies, even bad ones + lots of press attention). Just ask the unholy triangle.

  16. JRD says:

    @gillie: you can also pick it up at Back Bay. They just leave from South Station.

  17. normades says:

    This is all Blake’s publicist working overtime imo. Planting stories so Blake doesn’t look rejected.

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    Yeah, I still don’t get it. I don’t care how hard they try to shove her down my throat, it’s not happening. I dub her “fetch.”

  19. shay kay says:

    He’s a funny guy and does seem like fun and since we all know she broke Leo’s heart because all she wanted to do was have fun than this makes sense.
    HOLD THE PHONE…did I just say that?Reynolds is obviously not a total committment shy guy as he was married so this doesn’t make sh*t sense!I’m starting to think that just maybe Leo dumped her!Could it be?Maybe she really is just sleeping with whatever actor hottie would keep her in the spotlight.Somebody should call Clooney..she’d probably take 2 months of fame on his arm over Reynolds.

  20. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Sidenote: “he was even wheeling her suitcase for her!” – is that a big deal in America? (I’m seriously asking)

  21. The Original Mia says:

    Hardest working publicist in the business.

  22. txvxf says:

    “He wanted to make sure she caught the train so he waited until she got on.”

    Does that sound to anyone else like he wanted to make sure she was leaving?

  23. Kit says:

    those are not flattering photos of her… I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for Ryan Reynolds, can’t say why, he seems a bit lost at the moment

  24. Evie says:

    I love this girl!

  25. M.K. says:

    It makes her less interesting. Its the reason there is such dislike of her. f–k whoever you like. But do it because you like it not because you believe its the key to stardom. Another thing, she is not that interesting – she lacks charisma and no matter who she f–ks the lack of that, coupled with her inability to act means she will never achieve A list status.

    Before Leo she was somewhat interesting. Since Leo and now with Ryan she is now on par with any other C level actress famewhore

  26. sallyreo says:

    For Blake it’s like going from a plate of old hamburger meat to prime rib. I agree with Kaiser, the girl’s got game.
    It says a lot about who left who.

  27. gee says:

    they make more sence than blake and leo. RR seems like he has a type.. young, boobies, and blonde.

  28. NYC_girl says:

    I take Amtrak in and out of dingy Back Bay Station (on Dartmouth, not that anyone else cares) all the time. South Station is much nicer. I’m laughing at the reference of the Acela being ritzy though!

  29. sallyreo says:

    @ Eve, the fingers are from the guy standing next to Blake on her other side. Blake is between Ryan and an other guy. These pics are old, they are not from Sunday, RR was filming Sunday.

  30. Kimbob says:

    I find it curious how celebrities break up, and then…like one or two days later we’re all hearing how at least one of them is already w/another celebrity. I don’t know if it is an overzealous publicist, low self esteem, or how some people can’t seem to be alone w/themselves for any amount of time.

    It could be a combination of all three of the aforementioned….who knows? It looks/smells of desperation and no sense of self when I see someone who has just broken up w/someone else jumping into another’s arms less than a week after the alleged break-up.

  31. Quest says:

    Her PR people are really working overtime huh

  32. Leigh says:

    No no no no… RYAN NO.

  33. Lou says:

    I would hate to disappoint you but Gosling is most probably gay. Whenever they photograph him with a candidate girfriend he has the look of a martyr. Leo is for sure. I pity them for having to hide their sexual inclinations and having to subject themselves to these fake relationships. According to his fellow-actors, Reynolds is a true gent. He proves it by never commenting on other actors or actresses and by always being respectful to his ex-wife. This blog always bashes Reynolds. Definitely, he is not one of the actors Kaiser pimps under contract. See the disparaging remarks and unflattering photos published. I wish gossip blogs would refrain from excesses.

  34. Eve says:

    @ Sallyreo:

    I know they’re from someone standing next to her (right) side, I just don’t know who the person is…that’s why I said “unknown left hand”.

    Whoever that is, he/she seems to be trying to reach her left boob (to me — I may have a bit of a dirty mind so that would explain why I’m thinking that way).

  35. M.K. says:

    Sometimes its better to take the hit – Leo dumped her is not an indictment of her. Look how Carey Mulligan handled being dumped by Shia Lebouef. She was classy about it. She might have screwed 20 other guys right afterwards (even though I don’t think so), but if she did it wasn’t put out there.

  36. anonymous says:

    Any photo will do to create a story which translates into magazines sales and hits on a website at the expense of their privacy. Every dinner date is not a sex rump unless this is where your mind is and what you would do.

    “A thief thinks everybody steals”

  37. Bubulle says:

    Last week Blake and Leo were madly in love and ready to settle down. Last week Ryan and Sandra were madly in love and ready to settle down. This week Ryan and Blake are all over each other . Go figure.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    @ Ari
    Stop doing things that make your head implode! Its just not a good idea.

  39. Cammie says:

    I don’t believe this story

  40. madpoe says:

    Cows gone wild! Free Milk!

    Chic is just giving it away,damn! That or she’s got a copy of The Rules.

  41. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Lou What are you talking about? The look of a Martyr? What is that? How can one look like a martyr? How does looking like martyr make you a homosexual? I swear everyone is trying to make every guy who isn’t a complete ass and dates dozens of girls or has excellent hygiene or dresses nice into a gay guy. A man is gay when he says he is and dates a guy. Thats when you know. Unless Ryan says he is gay then he isn’t and he isn’t probably gay either. Jeez.

  42. Alejandro says:

    Surprise Green Lantern’s DVD release is next week…

  43. Ally says:

    Tough choice between diCaprio’s squashed Chuckie features and Reynolds’ hamster face…

  44. Bubulle says:

    @alejandro yep it’s probably another PR stunt, I don’t think Blake has ever been in a real relashionship .

  45. gamblea says:

    There’s something odd about the top picture, it looks like he’s sticking his hand in her pocket. She looks like she’s standing behind him and in front of him, and the stray hand involves someone else holding her?

    But I do like his satin shirt her and her satin clown pants.

  46. Iggles says:

    @ The Original Mia:
    Hardest working publicist in the business.

    Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

    I don’t believe any or Ryan or Blake’s hook ups! Ryan Reynold is gay and Blake is a professional beard (Leo, Penn Badgeley, now RR)! The only one she was actually sleeping with was Ben Affleck, and that didn’t work out because his wife Jennifer Garner would shank a skank 😉

    LOVE ANGELINA – I agree about Ryan Gosling. I don’t think he’s gay. His on-and-of thing with Rachel McAdams seemed real. I just don’t think he’s into the hollywood type. Doesn’t seem to like the BS and will probably settle down with a woman outside of the industry.

  47. Bermuda Blues says:

    Blake is gorgeous, and she’s playing all the players. I think I’m starting to love her.

  48. Sillyone says:

    Jesus could you imagine being the maid for these Hollywood whores (men and women) god they probably have to change the sheets hourly.

  49. mln76 says:

    There were rumors about those two back when they were shooting that crappy super hero movie. Yup that’s right back when he was still married to SJ . The story was if I remember correctly that she was chasing him he banged her but wasn’t interested in anything long term. I could totally see her dumping Leo for a chance at Ryan.

  50. Green_Eyes says:

    Guess it’s just ome big revolving door of herpes..this crowds drug of choice is…


  51. Lou says:

    Iggles: Do you think that Alanis Morissette would have accepted to live with a gay man for several years?

    Angelina: Sorry, Angelina, I apologize. You are right. I should not have expressed myself on those terms regarding Gosling. I like him a lot. I just have this feeling about him, I can’t pinpoint why. It is not meant as an insult at all. We could also say that Hollywood is so sex-oriented that I would not be surprised if the majority of actors/actresses were frigid by reaction.

  52. Riana says:

    Is it game? Or merely availability? I think Hollywood is full of people who know how to be sexually available merely hoping one hump is the right one: either emotionally or for their career.

    Blake doesn’t have game.
    Ryan doesn’t have game.

    Blake has a vagina.
    Ryan has a penis.

    …quite easy to comprehend isn’t it?

  53. fancyamazon says:

    I don’t think Ryan Reynolds or Leo are gay, but don’t really care if they are either. I just don’t understand why everyone seems to think that EVERY guy in Hollywood is gay. Clooney, Leo, Cruise, Gosling, Will Smith, Jake Gyllenhal, and pretty much every male star who makes any sort of headlines needs a beard? Highly unlikely.

  54. Esmom says:

    @43 lmao! But seriously I don’t get the attraction of RR beyond a fleeting impression of vanilla good looks. Departed-era Leo, however, was swoon-worthy.

  55. podzol says:

    Oh God I just realize who would be perfect for Blake. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Both are not really good at acting but pursuing it like there’s no tomorrow, both kiss ass to Anna Wintour and probably Harvey Weinstein, and both are famewhorey social climbers despite trying to convince the public otherwise. Yes, get together you two, you’re perfect for one another like Liz Hurley and Shane Whatshisname.

  56. DeeVine says:

    Oh please, I knew sluttier girls in college. If young, hot, rich guys want to sleep with you, why not?

  57. Elizabeth S. says:

    Am I the only person who gets major gay vibes off Ryan? (Honest question; my gaydar isn’t great.)

  58. jdub says:

    Gillie’s incorrect. I’ve taken the Acela train from Back Bay Station to NYC several times.

  59. MerryHappy says:

    @ Green_Eyes
    I think you meant valtrex. haha. penicillin works for other things.

  60. rightgrrl says:

    if this is true then i have to agree with Kaiser, this girl has got GAME! she must have a magic p***y!!

  61. Phat girl says:


  62. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Yeah, I’m liking Blake more and more, good for her, if shaggin around is good for Clooney then its fine with Lively 🙂

  63. Green_Eyes says:

    @MerryHappy… Yes sweetie Valtrex , thank you..but guess they may want to keep that penicillin handy..ya never know 🙂 lol

  64. Iggles says:

    @ Lou:
    Iggles: Do you think that Alanis Morissette would have accepted to live with a gay man for several years?

    Maybe she didn’t know, he was in denial, or both. Either way he wouldn’t be the first gay or bi man to date a woman for years without disclosing his attraction to men. Maybe it had something to do with why they broke up — his quick marriage to ScarJo shortly after makes more sense with this theory. He needed a beard *shrugs*

  65. sallyreo says:

    @55, I was in Boston on 9/12/13/2011 and
    saw RR filming R.I.P.D. RR is average looking, he was very focused while the
    camera was on. Scenes are done over and over again and he seemed very patient. It seemed like he is very serious about what he does.

    My attraction of him is his sincerity,
    he comes across as having a big heart.
    He is very ethical, he never puts anyone down, he is respectful of his
    peers. He is very photogenic, which is pleasing to the eye.

    There is more to him, than what you see,
    I see a very gentle soul. More of us
    should be like him……

  66. Lou says:

    Iggles: Check the lyrics of ‘Torch’, written by A. Morissette after she and Reynolds broke up. She also had a massive breakdown as a result. Note: Morissette is known to chew men and spit out the bones. She is not the type to beard for anybody (I love her). Naaaa, not gay. Trust me. As I said before (I think …) had he been gay he would have exhibited his beard (in this case Scarlett Johansson). He never did. He did all he could to keep that private (I looove him!).

  67. rudypatudie says:


    HUGE step up for Blake. Huge.

  68. The Original Mia says:

    Right on, @Riana! Blake doesn’t have game. She has sex. Plain and simple. She knows what those guys want and she gives it to them with cookies on the side.

  69. Euphorima says:

    @Sallyreo: These are not serious hookups, this happens with the heat of the moment. When a woman is with a hottie, why not enjoy the moment. They are both consenting adults. Let nature take it’s course. Ryan loves women and the man knows how to enjoy them. More men
    should do the same….

    That was such a refreshing comment….so true and it made my mornin’

  70. Rita says:

    Awww, sucking face at a train station. Just like Bogy and Bacall.

    @original Mia: That’s a good way to get cookie crumbs in your biscuits.

  71. layla says:

    Isn’t her Mum her publicist? Or otherwise “helpfully” connected?

  72. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    Got to say, Blake knows how to roll with the big boys. Not gonna hate on her for that, afterall if it’s alright for Gosling or Clooney to date around, why can’t she? The RR/Blake stories have been around since the GL days, perhaps they’re giving it another go.

  73. Emma says:

    Ugh. She just screams CHEAP. Like, in an easy, pick me up at the bar/walk of shame the next day girl.

    She makes ScarJo look like a class act.

  74. Reece says:

    “Together”? HA! One-nighter.
    That girl works it hard. Undeniable.

  75. dd says:

    everyone is missing the point of this post… where, exactly, is Ryan’s backbay apartment!!!?!? This is important information here…

  76. podzol says:

    @Alejandro (42): yeah, I don’t get why the headlines aren’t “Lively & Reynolds fake it up for DVD release of Green Lantern turd”. GL studio execs must pat these two’s back for their willingness to sell the movie.

  77. miss silver says:

    Sallyreo — great comment. If I looked like Blake, I would not go after the biggest name, I would pick the actor LEAST self absorbed and MOST giving.

  78. Anna says:

    PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES!!! Blake’s people should be scheduling a photo-op any minute now. And yes, RR is gay, it’s quite a known fact and not every guy in hollywood is gay but a lot of them are BI.

  79. gg says:

    dang for somebody kinda plain looking, she sure gets around. And what is the deal with that bizarre top combo?

  80. Cerulean says:

    Dont think either Ryan is gay. Blame Ted from E for people thinking everyone is gay. He is blind outing people left and right. Now we see gay everywhere.

    Blake….not sure about her yet. I bet she did dump emotional midget Leo. Ryan seems like more fun and better company.

  81. spinner says:

    Her BIG connection is Harvey Weinstein. She serviced/services him & then is introduced & passed around. UGH!!

    Harvey runs a very efficient casting couch.


  82. Mandi says:

    I don’t get it. What is it with this gal? Not remotely attractive or talented. I agree, she has to have a great publicist. I believe that Blake and Ryan are a couple about as much as I believed Ryan and Sandra were. It’s all about keeping them in the news.

  83. Turtle Dove says:

    The dating scene in Hollywood is grossly incestuous.

    I do not like this (supposed) coupling at all. Ryan seems like he’s famewhoring and showmancing now too, and he’s quickly losing my respect. Shit like this translates into $$$ eventually.

    Apparently, even more successful celebs are not above the attention mongering like the C-list actresses and reality show bunch. *(cough) Clooney, Leo, Ryan x2 (cough)*

  84. Lou says:

    Anna: Check my comment above (67). Known fact. By whom?

  85. Liberty says:

    I think Blakes gorgeous
    Bizzarely she resembles the lovechild of Leo & Gisele
    Leo’s gfriend roster shows a guy with a serious oedipus complex

  86. ataylor says:

    @spinner — That was Gretchen Mol. Last I heard from Lainey Gossip, Blake managed to ward off Weinstein’s advances.

  87. Dana M says:

    Another Senario to consider : Maybe Ryan and BL had an affair while he was still married and in order to save face her publicist hooked her up in a fake relationship with Leo (who may or may not have been looking for a beard). Blake’s PR team were working nonstop planting these photo opps and leaking stories. The arrangement worked well until recently when RR and BL were caught together.

  88. @ataylor says:

    But Blake has pretty much been damned with that rumor since!

  89. layla says:

    I thought it was common knowledge, or highly supposed, that Blake and RR hooked up during the Green Lantern filming/press.

  90. The Original Mia says:

    @layla & @Dana M: I’ve always thought they hooked up during GL filming. Just as I’ve always thought she hooked up with Ben during The Town filming. Hmm…I’m seeing a pattern here.

  91. Quinnie88 says:

    what does ANYBODY see in this guy….he looks like a creepy mannequin in Sears!!
    Oh and he reminds me of that Millepied hack or a small rodent.

  92. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    @Dana M – I think you’re onto something there. Or alternatively they hooked up while filming GL, Ryan ends it for whatever reason and Blake throws herself into the dating scene, hoping somehow to inspire enough jealousy to get him crawling back. Hence the flings with Gosling and DiCaprio. Seems to have worked too, if that’s the case. Whatever the arrangement between her and DiCaprio, I do think she’s the one who called time on it. Looks like Leo got played at his own game, big time.

  93. Kelly says:

    I can’t stand her, she is way overexposed. Hopefully she will fade into obscurity?

  94. Denise says:

    With all the bed hopping that goes on with these Hollywood people it is a wonder that there is no raging STD epidemic.

  95. normades says:

    I still doubt 100% that Blake did the dumping. I believe she (and her spokesho) worked hard to land Leo. No way she would leave her A-list lust and red carpet potential. NO WAY! This is all damage control imo.

  96. Cherry Rose says:

    This is why I don’t like Blake. She’s too obvious in her game and famewhoring.

    I get the girl wants to be A-list so bad, but it’s not going to happen. She’s too plain, has a bland personality, and cannot act to save her life.

  97. ZenB!tch says:

    I can’t tell the Ryans apart – but who cares – WTF is Blake wearing in that Comic-con 2010 picture. HIDEOUS!

  98. Gabbo says:

    How can someone who is only 24 have such bad crow’s feet?!

  99. gee_gee says:

    Not for nothing, but is she supposed to be smoking hot or something? I can see the appeal of ScarJo but Blake leaves me cold. I know I’m a straight girl. But I would like to know if men find her hot. I just don’t see it.

    Disclaimer: Reynolds does nothing for me either.

  100. daisydoodle says:

    Trust me, the Acela isn’t “all that and a bag of chips” although you can see some interesting people commuting from DC to NYC, ritzy…I think not…

  101. @gee gee says:

    Diff strokes for diff folks
    The guys in my office think shes hot, she is more striking and animated on talk shows it seems

  102. moja31 says:

    Ugh I can’t stand her, I hope this isn’t true. I wish she’d just go away, I’m so tired of folks trying to make her happen.

  103. Maritza says:

    If it’s true Blake was not ready to settle down then it makes perfect sense for her to go out with Ryan Reynold who is not ready to settle down either. Two players together…. perfect!

  104. Abs says:

    There’s so many comments. Even the mention of sex gets everyone riled up. Sexuality has become boring.

  105. Chris says:

    Sheez Blake can’t you find someone your own age? The same goes for Leo. He’s rebounded with a 21 year old Aussie model. Chickenhawk much?

  106. jc126 says:

    #3/gillie – the Acela stops at Back Bay station and goes to NY/DC.

  107. fwiw says:

    Blake’s fame whoring ways make her look desperate for fame and show she’s willing to do anything and everything to get it. She is not worthy of admiration I don’t care if some people think she’s got “game”. Her type of game is not admirable.

    There were rumors of her and Ryan hooking up while filming Green Lantern and their recent sexual hook up is proof that “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. He cheated on Scarlett; she goes after men not caring if they are married or not. Both of them are pathetic.

    I am not a Scarlett fan but now I feel for her. No wonder she divorced him.

  108. JuliaDomna says:

    His face is a mile long and three inches wide…

    @Quinnie88: Totally!

  109. Dana M says:

    @zzzzz @ Original Mia: I just can’t understand why Leo, who is very private, would be OK with all the recent photo Opps w/ BL unless there was some kind of “planned set -up” going on. Read a recent Leo Anti-paparazzi story here:

  110. LuckyLilGem says:

    Who wouldn’t leave Leo for Ryan Reynolds? Ryan is in amazing shape, has a clean cut look, is the marrying type, and is successful and funny. Duh- no brainer.

  111. PleaseICU says:

    There probably was a planned set-up going on with Blake. No way does someone who uses decoys and disguises to avoid having his pic taken suddenly freely start hitting pap territory, playing up his new romantic relationship for the paps and love having it written about daily in some tabloid/gossip blog.

    Maybe someone convinced him having this PR-pushed starlet on his arm going into the push for the J. Edgar movie would help? (Why her? No clue. Her appeal totally escapes me) A few of the guys gunning for an Oscar nom/win this season seem to be playing the showmance or private-life-for-PR games this fall.

    It seems like as soon as Leo realized it was backfiring on him, or at least doing nothing for him, he got the hell out of there, dumped her and went back to the same way he used to operate by avoiding paps at all costs.

  112. Amy says:

    I really don’t see the appeal of this girl. She’s pretty, but commonly so.

  113. bettyrose says:

    @ Kimbob #30 – that’s just being in your twenties. The difference among these types is that it also serves as a career booster/PR. But in general bedhopping at that age is just figuring out who you are and what you want for the long term.

  114. crtb says:

    Do any of these people ever slept alone for just one night?

  115. Dirty Martini says:

    I love him. I do. I cant help myself. If I cant have him, well heck Blake…I certainly cant blame you girlfriend.

    Be gentle with him.

  116. Kay says:

    It is a FACT that she is NOTHING like the negative comment’s portrayed onto her. God Bless her for ‘that’.

  117. VintageBum says:

    oh sheeeeeesh it’s all media fodder. I mean yeah they may have done whatever but honestly, Ryan is a youngish guy.. key word is guy. lol She is a spunky young woman… stuff happens but means nothing. I’m pretty certain that he has higher standards when it comes to the women that he actually dates (but hey, who am I to judge?lol) Anyways, publicity is at the center of this little intimate moment.

  118. silverqt says:

    Not surprised by this at all. I think they have fancied each other for a long time and there some vibes during the GL press tour. Not sure where Leo fits in but it doesn’t look like he matters now. I think they make a great couple.

  119. Dana M says:

    @pleaseICU: ITA. Things just do not add up.

  120. trh says:

    @kay – NOBODY could be as bad as they paint her!

    “Ritzy Acela” bahahahaha now that’s what I’m going to call any express train…. “No that’s the downtown 6 local… I’m waiting for the RITZY 6!”

  121. Tazina says:

    The way they’re all sleeping around with each other with barely a breather before it’s on to the next recycled goods, it’s a wonder they haven’t all got the clap or herpes. Perhaps they need to widen the circle a little.

  122. Jennmarie says:

    I’m so confused. Weren’t him and Sandra Bullock suppose to be getting married as of a week ago haha.

  123. blah says:


    You are right.
    I only say that bedhopping for free and pleasure is figuring out who you are, bedhopping for money or other benefits or as a career booster sounds more like prostitution.

  124. Carolyn says:

    Blake sure is lively! Her continued success in getting movie roles is proof that the casting couch is alive and well. Agree with others in that she is bland, not that pretty or talented. However. In 5 years’ time we’ll be “Blake who”? She’s milking it for as much as she can now. She’ll be trying to do a Salma and bag a very rich man. Damn it I want Ryan and Sandra to be a real couple.

  125. @Please ICU says:

    I actually disagree with everyone saying Leo was behaving out of character
    Their PDA was mostly in Europe were he ALWAYS seems more relaxed there are even pics of this in his 2 prior relationships
    Its only cos Blake is a famous American that it seemed to be everywhere more
    Her being a ‘local girl’ meant there was someone for the tabloiids to also relate to.
    The fact that blogs/mags r still writing bout her as much post break up when they ignored his other exes ( well not so much Gisele) proves that.
    Also there are actually very few piccies of them 2gether in the States
    Peeps on this forum were even asked if they were still together as we rarely saw them but for Twitter
    Once back on thse shores Leo went back to being the elephant man see Stevie Wonder concert, Supermarket trip, hell even when Blake went to Austaralia there is only a side shot of the2 of them which the Aussie shows bitched about etc.

  126. Susan Johnson says:

    She’s another Kate Hudson.

  127. hatekyle says:

    wow that was fast. give it to blake…she’s like a pizza: hot, hand-tossed, cheese-filled, pan-deep, pepperoni-topped, mushroomed, and delivered.

  128. hatekyle says:

    first a pen, then a titanic, now a wrap!

  129. anonymous says:

    It amazing how you can dislike a person you only know from the movies or TV or/and magazines and websites. I do not think they sleep around as much as you would like to imagine. They are good looking, rich and famous so it makes for good soap opera drama. In real time, I bet they go home eat dinner and go to bed. Whenever they go anywhere a simple lunch/dinner date turns into a “banging” sex rump. Her history has her with only Penn B. for 3 yrs and then Leo. 5 mos. Ryan Gosling game is Disneyland and then who knows. photos translate into at least a couple of weeks of coverage and if a bystanders saw them kissing surely there would pictures all over the internet. Ryan has said he does not comment. Which makes sense because any response gives more fuel to the lies printed and no body believes what they say. ONLY TMZ really knows what is happening in their lives, we all know they KNOW the TRUTH!!

  130. hatekyle says:

    only TMZ knows? lol. that cracked me up. that is worse than a spam advertisement.
    I guess in the end we will see, the truth…er..TMZ will prevail!

  131. lisa says:

    I don’t know why women assume that Blake chased Leo. Whatever. Leo saw her and wanted her is my thinking. I think he is getting older and thought a 23 year old (again) would be dumb enough play. But Blake doesn’t seen to be dumb, and maybe getting involved with a 36 year old manchild was not all that exciting. Leo rides a bike, hangs with his friends like a frat boy. Believe it or not some women are more mature at 23 than men at 36. I don’t buy that Leo dumped her. I think she maybe got bored and wanted to be 23. Nothing wrong with that. Leo will get another model and continue to do his boring every year things.

    I have said it before. I find Leo, Ryan R, Ryan G, and Bradley all weird guys. I don’t get a gay vibe.. just a weird vibe from all of them. None of them seem like the type any woman should want to be with. And I don’t care about how fit they are. That doesn’t make you a good partner in life nor in bed.

    Never got why people thought Leo was this ladies man all because he was seen with young models. He is a bore and I think these women finally finger it out then go on to real men and real relationships. Leo doesn’t choose women.. just like Clooney. Never go the appeal of either of them.

    I can’t picture either in sexual way with any woman. and I not saying Gay. they both seem asexual to me.. even in pictures with their women.

  132. hatekyle says:

    @lisa: i like how you said it about leo: “…and i think these women finally finger it out then go on to real men.” classic!

  133. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    @ lisa – Kinda agree with you. Everyone assumes Blake did the chasing/hounding of Leo until he capitulated but it could also just be that he saw what he liked and chased her. She’s pretty and young and that’s Leo needs these days. Of course she benefits pr-wise but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was her doing. I’m also not understanding the Blake is a ‘slut’ vibe people seem to be giving off; she was with Penn Badgley for years, they split, she seemingly went on a few dates with Ryan G which didn’t become anything, dated Leo briefly and has now hooked up with Ryan R. For a 24 year old, that all seems rather reasonable. Certainly doesn’t read like a “loose” woman’s list of conquests to me.

  134. sallyreo says:

    @108, I guess you were there in the apartment since you know they had sex.

    In the interview, he did for Details Mag, RR said there was no cheating on either side. AND, since he and Scarlett still see each other in an amicable way, I would say that RR is telling the truth.

    IMO, RR is a very decent human being, that’s why he does not blab his mouth when he hears a rumor from the tabloids.

  135. sallyreo says:

    Blake has nieces, nephews, brother, sisters and parents. Her father is in
    the movie industry. The way she speaks about family does not indicate that she is as slutty as she is made out to be.

    She is young, she’s pretty, she’s blond, has an awesome body with great legs, she is also rich and famous.

    She can be put down over and over again,
    but I am not convinced that she is not as bad as she is portrayed to be.

    All the talk and BS about her isn’t true! She is young, happy, happens to
    have guy friends, so why not have fun with friends. Her age matters, too.
    She is young and pretty, she will have
    a lot of followers.

    The fact of the matter is that she did not need Leo!

  136. sallyreo says:

    Not convinced that she is a slut is what I meant to say.

  137. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I mean, I’m sure if some of our lives were being reported we would be a bit bashful about our dating lives. If it is true it’s normal their young have fun. Youth does not last forever.

  138. Jamie says:

    Totally agree with #53. The word “game” is really being misused around here lately (Lively, Kravitz, etc.)
    Someone who has game is able to sweet-talk ppl who would normally be out of their league into dating/hooking up with them. Just because you sleep around or rebound from man to man does NOT mean you have game. They’re available to whichever cute famous dude is interested, period. Just a different type of groupie, that is all.

  139. Cammie says:

    Like I said before I doubt Ryan Reynolds wants Fake Blake Lively, her PR team sent this to the press for PR. Also I still think Leo dumped her once the PR stunt was OVER!

    She did chase Leo, telling the media she wanted to marriage since childhood…

    Just like she chased Ben Affleck, Ryan Gosling, but as Usual no well know male actors wants to claim this chick for long, they usual go to the press to deny her…

  140. Tundi says:

    I see the same pile of crap repeated again by usual suspects
    Where does it say she chased Leo
    Emma Stone, Adele, Mischa Barton etc have all announced a crush on Leo as they were all the same age when Titanic came out Blake wasnt the first so how is that evidence of anything
    Who asked her to dinner with Baz
    Who invited her to Spielberg’s yacht
    Who waited for her around Italy and Cannes
    Im so tired of the poor innocent Leo crap peeps post and pass it off as fact
    Where did Ryan Golsing who NEVER discuss his private life deny her?
    When was this press conference?
    The Bar Refaeli stans are truly reaching in EVERY Blake post

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