Luke Wilson shows off his noticeable weight gain at the ‘Enlightened’ premiere


I already know that I’m going to be yelled at for pointing this out, but in my defense, it would be big news if a celebrity woman walked her first red carpet in more than a year and showed off her noticeable weight gain. These are photos of Luke Wilson at last night’s premiere of the new Showtime show Enlightened, which Luke appears in. Luke has gained noticeable weight. But I was looking through all of the photos of him, and it’s not like he has some beer-and-nacho-gut. Most of the weight seemed to go directly to his face. What does this mean? Is it the result of some kind of medication that I shouldn’t even speculate about? Or is it just too much beer and pot and refried beans and butter?


Despite his reportedly douchey attitude at times, I’ve always sort of liked Luke Wilson. I was recently watching The Royal Tenenbaums for the millionth time, and I was reminded again of how talented he is. He’s an underrated actor. I suspect that he’s not very ambitious, though. Eh. It’s not the worst thing.

As for this new show, Enlightened, it sounds… meh. Laura Dern plays a woman who has an affair with her married boss, and the boss transfers her out. Thus begins her character’s “journey of self-discovery” which includes Hawaiian vacations and counseling and new-found “bliss”. Luke plays Dern’s pothead ex-husband. It sounds meh to me. You can read more about it here.

Here’s what Luke looked like back in April of 2010:


And here he is now:



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Waldemar says:

    At least his nose doesn’t look like a penis anymore. That’s a plus.

    edit: Oh wait that is Owen. Never mind!

  2. KatScorp says:

    I’ll always remember him as the sheriff in my favourite X-Files episode, ‘Bad Blood’. “Thank ye kindly ma’am”.

    Certainly appears like he’s now storing nuts for winter. But I do agree that if he were a woman, the tabloids would be going batcrap crazy about the extra chub. Turnabout is fair play.

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Not a noticeable beer gut? Uuuhhhh that picture where his gut is peaking through his jacket would suggest other wise. Luke is still cute…some what. I am not a fan of that face stubble. I loved him in The Royal Tenebaums as well.

    Yes Laura Dern’s show looks very MEH…in capital letters. From the promos I thought the show was about a woman who is in one of those big corporate jobs but gets burned out and tries to find some meaning in her life. Nope its just another story about a woman who gets dumped, by a married man no less, and she goes nuts and tries to better the world? Sounds crazy.

  4. gee says:

    I think it suits him.. he looks better. And it kind of looks like middle age weight to me.

  5. TXCinderella says:

    Yeah, he’s gotten a bit chunky, but I don’t care, he is still cute. His eyebrows need work though, they are all over his forehead.

  6. brin says:

    Well now we know what he’s been doing…eating. But it’s nice to see him, extra weight and all.

  7. Moi says:

    He’s looking healthy – I’ve always thought he was a cutie.

  8. bigchili says:

    I still like him. 🙂

  9. Soy says:

    Looks like medication to me. He does not look healthy in those pics.

  10. padiddle says:

    FYI: The show is on HBO, not Showtime.

    As for Luke, hasn’t he looked like this for a couple of years? He looked like this in the AT&T commercials too, and he looked like this in Death At a Funeral.

  11. Kath & Kim says:

    Looks AWFUL.

  12. Joan says:

    Wow, he actually looks really great with the “extra” weight – so cuddly! 🙂

  13. SandraT says:

    He looks like Rumer Willis.

  14. Ashley says:

    @KatScorp that ep is a personal fav of mine. Love how its told from both Mulder and Scullys perspectives, and the teenage vamp still cracks me up.
    As for Luke, well we all have our fat days.

  15. Rhiley says:

    Holy cow, that fat guy ate David Arquette.

  16. Rose says:

    Mm more to squeeze!

  17. Marcella says:

    About six months ago I ran into Luke on the streets of Center City Philadelphia. It was my lunch hour from work and mind you I work right next to the Four Seasons. He was so visibly upset that it startled me. His eyes were bright red and really swollen and he just physically looked a messm he had a traumatized look on his face..put it this way I will never forget it!

  18. Eve says:

    You’re right, it seems like the weight went straight to his face.

  19. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    He could be on prednisone, that causes what is called moonface.

  20. Cerulean says:

    I always wondered what the term meathead would look like…enter Luke. He just looks meaty to me.
    Used to be cute but his big bloated beefy head scares me now.

  21. silken_floss says:

    Still like him. I just want to give him a hug 🙂

  22. Jessica says:

    I like a man with meat on his bones!! He’s dam sexay!!!

  23. mln76 says:

    I loved him in the Royal Tennenbaums(heck that’s the movie that makes me not completely hate GOOPY) but he’s looked this way for years now. And yes it looks like bloat from booze-The Wilson brothers are troubled indeed.

  24. Dusty says:

    There is a history of addictions in his family. He may have an eating addiction. I do! At least that is what I tell my boyfriend. hee hee

  25. Tora says:

    He looks completely disgusting, he’s morbidly obese.

  26. pwal says:

    That bloat is worrying. Yeah, it could be extra weight, but it looks like substances too.

    Similar to Vince Vaughn’s.

  27. badrockandroll says:

    Torah: morbidly obese? Really? That means he weighs about double what he should. I’ll agree that he’s above his ideal playing weight, but 100% over – not a chance.

  28. Esmom says:

    Prednisone moonface is usually a lot more pronounced than this. This does look like middle age “settling.” I just saw pics from my 30-year 8th grade reunion and all the guys look like that. The women, on the other hand, look fantastic, at least 10 years younger!

  29. Lantana says:

    My Grandma always said there ain’t nothin’ worse than a skinny man! (I think she’s also the one that first said [in my family] no such thing as an ugly millionaire which my aunt loves to repeat incessantly.)
    So I guess in this case, Luke’s batting a thousand!

  30. k says:

    It’s Autumn, Kaiser; he’s just storing nuts for the winter.

  31. Ally says:

    @KatScorp- my favorite episode too. He was a hottie there, and still looks pretty good now. He was cute in Legally Blonde, too.

  32. sassenach says:

    He has been rumored to be a raging alcoholic. Very sad.

  33. The Original Ashley says:

    I used to have the BIGGEST crush on him, but then I saw him in “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” and he had gotten so heavy it was bizarre (I got slammed on IMDB for bringing it up). Maybe he slimmed afterward and gained it all back because I recall him looking normal for a while? Who knows, but he has some serious weight fluctuations, and it does seem to go straight to his head.

  34. Zelda says:


  35. Happy21 says:

    I think he looks just fine. He is still attractive to me. So what if he gained some weight. At least he’s not a waify man. He could have a rock hard bod, that’d be nice but I think he looks just fine the way he is 🙂

  36. aenflex says:

    I LOVE The Tennenbaumns. It changed my life, literally changed me. It will always be my number one film, forever. And Luke is underrated, as is his brother. Some director should have tested them both much harder by now.

  37. Hellen says:

    Luke dear, your jacket must have shrunk in the wash. Seriously, you desperately need a better-fitting jacket and shirt. Open collars on DRESS SHIRTS mean your neck is too fat to fasten the top button, therefore you can’t wear a tie.

    Honey, get yourself over to Wearhouse for Men, stat.

  38. sharylmj says:

    I love this guy… he doesn’t look THAT bad.. still has sexy going on …

  39. Jess says:

    He’s look bloated for a while, but now he does seem paunchier too. I’ve always found him rather boring and bland in movies, and haven’t been a big fan of what I’ve heard about him off screen.

  40. Turd Fergussen says:

    Yup. I still would with him.

  41. whothefiis says:

    A little weight gain and he completely loses his appeal? He’s still an attractive man. And he’s 40! Give him a break.

  42. Betsy says:

    Aww! So good to see Luke, no matter what shape he is in. Bottle Rocket and the Royal Tenebaums are two of my favorites. He was so hot back in the day.

    His weight has been way up and down for the past decade. All the partying has just caught up with ol’ Luke. Pity because his two older brothers have aged so well.

  43. Tazina says:

    His eyebrows need grooming. His teeth have a tinge of yellow. His chin is sitting in a bed of fat. His suit jacket is straining at the button. He’s gotten to be quite a pudge. I’ll pass, thanks.

  44. Green_Eyes says:

    usually a round face like that (technically called moon face by drs) is from medication (steroids, such as prednisone or cortisone; some illnesses also have forms of chemo as meds those and other medications as well can cause that type of weight gain). One of the draw backs I had w/ my weight gain was from those all of those medications & yes that round moon kinda Face..ugh (Sarcoidosis and Scleroderma). It could be a short term medication treatment or long term depending on how one reacts long term or the type of illness. (I had to stop w/ the sones as my bones became to brittle.. But not before they killed my

    Even though they are celebrities doesn’t mean they don’t go thru illnesses just as
    we do w/ all the nasty side effects that come w/ diseases or the meds (anymore the meds…ever listen to the commercials for some meds. Scary stuff. Even more so when you really KNOW what a certain medication was created to treat as you
    took it 15 yrs ago and it brought out the worst in so many that took it so those w/ that illness refuse to take now they run ads for it as a treatment for a totally different illness and you wonder wtf???? Those poor peeps that are taking it for that have no idea what they are getting into).

    Anyway… I always thought he was cuter than Owen, but the last few yrs he does come across as not very enthusiastic (agree though under rated actor). I think
    that movie that he was in w/ Diane Keaton, a very uptight Carrie Bradshaw I mean Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel McAdams (was a holiday movie w/ Diane’s character dying of cancer..can’t think of the name of it though right now ugh)! BUT his character in that movie is kinda how I envision his real life (or how he approaches it) really laid back…

    @KatScorp thanks for the reminder..forgot he was on the x-Files..was a great episode;)!

  45. Camille says:

    The weight gain does NOT look good on him.

  46. whome says:

    nothing really to say about him, but i watched the show, it was really funny i enjoyed watching it… i thought it would be like eat pray love( i hated that garbage) but i was good!

  47. Adrien says:

    He’s going for the Bill Pullman look. Or one of the Baldwin brothers. Anyway, he still looks great.

  48. KatScorp says:

    Agent Fox Mulder: Historically, cemeteries were thought to be a haven for vampires, as are castles, catacombs and swamps, but unfortunately, you don’t have any of those.

    Sheriff Hartwell: We used to have swamps, only the EPA made us take to calling ’em “wetlands”.


  49. daisydoodle says:

    @green eyes…I think it was “The Family Stone”…yes he could be on some immunosuppressant drug, I think I’ll use that at my next reunion….

  50. Madrid says:

    Agreed above (so et al) looks like meds, I read somewhere (think it was that he is not -sorry, I´m not sure about the word- kind of fragile

  51. Maritza says:


  52. Anastasia says:

    I like extra meat on a man, but he’s definitely wearing Spanx.

  53. girl says:

    He’s had this strange weight thing going on in his face for a while, I think. He had been in a few commercials for Sprint or Verizon or some other cell phone company for a couple of years and I thought either he was really sick or taking steroids (not the body-building type, think Heather O’Rourke and how she looked in the 3rd Poltergeist film, poor baby). The weight seems to all be in his face. Or maybe he is just getting older who knows.

    I hope everything is okay with him. I will forever love him because of Idiocracy.

  54. girl says:

    P.S. Is it just me or does he look like he’s about half-mast in that last pic?

  55. erin says:

    Loved him in Idiocracy too! Brought to you by Carl’s Jr!

  56. caroline says:

    friends in austin have seen him in bars and apparently it’s pretty common knowledge he has/had a coke problem. coke or detox bloat is my guess.

  57. Bodhi says:

    I think he looks like he kicked the coke habit. I know a LOT of people who’ve ballooned up after kicking the nose candy.

    I still think he looks great. He & his bothers are so hot!

  58. SHump76 says:

    Whatever. I would ride that hard. Still looks good to me.

  59. imabrat says:

    It’s okay, he still looks good to me. I’ll be his little pony.

  60. Str8Shooter says:

    Least his body now matches his GIANT HEAD.

  61. Bec says:

    I like that you ran this piece because I couldn’t agree with you more about the gender bias: if this had been a woman actor showing up at a premiere it would be written about and scrutinized the world over. But this will probably not be discussed anywhere else.

    He has “FAT-HEAD” which is a ‘condition’ that hits middleaged men all of a sudden (see Tom Hanks & Bruce Willis.) In addition he also has weight gain & bloat which looks to me like it is caused by too much drinking.

  62. Denise says:

    @gee; exactly! My husband is going through the same thing. On men, their faces get fuller.

  63. Green_Eyes says:

    @DaisyDoodle..yes hon that’s the movie:), thanx! Lol, I know many people use that excuse… Wish I didn’t have to. Frankly I can deal w/ the illnesses (no choice & a fighter), but times the yo-yoing in weight from meds is what I can’t’s hell on the body, emotions, and at times confidence…

  64. ZenB!tch says:

    @Green_Eyes: I was wondering that too because he doesn’t look healthy to me. He looks pasty. He wasn’t pasty before.

    Regardless, if he was a woman he would have to send out a press announcement about what meds she was on.