Vincent D’Onofrio has lost weight, looks good: would you hit it?


I’ve talked about my love for Vincent D’Onofrio before, right? I’m pretty sure I have. I love big guys, and Vincent is one of the biggest. We so rarely get new photos of him too, because he’s honestly a very low-key dude, and he has some health issues too, right? Something about migraines and exhaustion, I believe. Plus, his weight has yo-yoed a lot over the past five years (there were a few seasons of Law & Order: CI where he looked enormous), but he looks really good here. Vincent and Richard Belzer (Det. Munch on L&O: SVU) were both in Washington D.C. for the Black-tie Gala dinner to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. I think Law & Order creator and producer Dick Wolf was being honored for his decades of work in concert with police forces and prosecutors. Vincent looks great! Yes, I would still hit it. Again and again. I’m so incredibly attracted to him.


But really, look at Richard Belzer! Belzer brought his dog to Washington. Can you even believe that Belzer, a notorious curmudgeon and the king of conspiracy theorists, has such a fluffy, adorable dog? I love him. Tell me this, ladies (and gentlemen)… Richard Belzer: would you hit it?




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I would ALWAYS hit it – even when he was Fat Gorin. I like a big (not obese) guy too, and Vincent has always carried it incredibly well.

  2. glyrics says:

    Yes. Just yes. I fancied him fat, love him thin. Even as Edgar. So, yes.

  3. Samigirl says:

    Cosign w Kaiser and Kelly. He’s so attractive. I’ve always been a chubby chaser, and I think Det. Goren is the sexiest law enforcement character in television. Rawr.

  4. mamaT says:

    i would hit belzer before gorin any day of the week.

  5. lisa says:

    Just adore him.. Best thing about L& favorite of the series. Glad he lost weight it aged him and limited his ability to get work.

  6. kristipistol says:

    I would have always hit that w/ Vincent

  7. taylor says:

    I would hit Richard Belzer, but only if he wears those shoes! And the dog is adorable.

    As for Mr. D’Onofrio, I wouldn’t hit it (he seems too nice), but I’d definitely hang out and have some beers with him. He seems sweet.

  8. Danziger says:

    I’d hit Belzer. Or actually, I’d hit Munch. Especially the younger munch from Homicide.

  9. Heatheradair says:

    Taylor — TOTALLY agree on the shoes! Best part of these pics — the dog and those badass shoes.

    Hmmm. I like big guys, too, so no prob with the D’Onofrio, but I had to think a little bit about Belzer. Sure, there were a few episodes of SVU where he seemed do-able, but for the most part: too bony. Not enough to wrap your legs around.

  10. Lisa says:

    I would hit Vincent 24/7…however he wanted it served up…he could get it…

    Richard? We could have REALLY intense conversations…and phone sex…

  11. NYC_girl says:

    My friend told me to watch L&A CI and at first, I really didn’t like him. She was like, “Keep watching, he grows on you.” And he did! Love him.

  12. Sarah says:

    I would so hit that. The Whole Wide World, Happy Accidents…swoon!

  13. Jacqu says:

    Love him, Love his acting. Would.Not.Hit.It. I say this as I recall his scenes as Pyle. Brilliant, but I can’t separate the actor from the character sometimes.

    Also, doesn’t he look a wee bit like Mark Ruffalo?

  14. gillie says:

    If only Stabler were there… (sigh)

  15. PrettyTarheel says:

    This is the first time in my life I’ve realized I am not alone in my D’Onofrio affection. My husband makes fun of me constantly.

  16. gee says:

    I hate him, he is horrible. He makes my skin crawl.

  17. Jessica says:

    I would hit both – in the dark – with my eyes blindfolded..

  18. Roxy750 says:

    I LOVE VINCENT! I have just forgotten that I do and now I remember why I love him so…thank you for this story..adieu

  19. Roma says:

    The only thing my mother and I really have in common:

    We’re both hot for Vincent D’Onofrio and Mark Harmon.

  20. k says:

    He was such a doll in Mystic Pizza. I’d still hit it.

  21. birdie says:

    I am so glad to see Vincent D´onofrio here. Always was attracted to him, yes, also when he was very big!

  22. Layzo says:

    Law & Order CI used to be my favorite show and was so disappointed when Vicent D’Onofrio was replaced.

    I would SO hit it if I wasn’t married. He’s hot in that really smart and quirky way. He’s a truly an amazing character actor and incredibly talented. He looks good.. and Munch! Gotta love him.

  23. Quest says:

    Nope (would not hit it)

  24. Maggs says:

    @PrettyTarheel This is also the first time in MY life I’ve realized I am not alone in my D’Onofrio attraction. He is one hot MF’er.

    My other made for TV boyfriend is Fred Thompson. Ex US Senator and actor. GAWD!!!

  25. Nev says:

    Oh HELL YES!!!!!!!!!
    I love this guy so much that I brought the intire collection of Law & Order: CI seasons. Some of the others stars are good to.

  26. Cheyenne says:

    What mama T said. I can’t stand Goren/D’Onofrio. If he got up in my face like he leans over the suspects in that show, I’d spit in his eye.

  27. Relli says:

    Totally still hit it. He was super hot as a young man, but like a fine wine gets better with age, even chubby I would still hit it. I think its his mind, sooooo sexy.

  28. Cleo says:

    Munch looks like the lethal weapon on that CBS show about a renegade CIA team.

    To VDO’s credit, I never think about the psychopaths he plays in movies when I watch him pretend to be a detective and vice versa.

  29. Amy says:

    I never would’ve NOT hit it, but I can’t say that I saw him at his most enormous. (Don’t watch L&O.)

    @Maggs — “My other made for TV boyfriend is Fred Thompson. Ex US Senator and actor. GAWD!!!”

    Hahahah! I think you’re probably alone on that one.

  30. Jenny says:

    I’m with everyone else on Belzer’s shoes and cute pooch, but he looks thinner than usual. He has never been big, but he looks emaciated, but with a great attitude.

    People sometimes forget how funny Vincent was in Men in Black. He was, besides Tommy Lee Jones, the best thing in the movie. He looks good here though.

  31. Pyewacket says:

    I LOVE THIS MAN! And YES, I would hit it!

  32. j says:

    Yes! I love his doughy, mysterious ways. Always.

    (Richard Belzer, no. He reminds me too much of my dad.)

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    Abso-fuckin-lutely! He is brilliant! I’ve loved him since Mystic Pizza.

  34. Linnie says:

    No friggin’ way. Gah!!!!

  35. Skinnybetch says:

    I’ve always thought he was kinda sexy. With his level of talent, I was surprised he was on Law and Order. He is too gifted of actor to be on such a sub par show.

  36. Naya says:

    I’ve loved him since Full Metal Jacket. Talented and attractive . Glad to see a few Homicide fans on here. Richard Beltzer was amazing as Munch on that show. And Vincent was in one of their best episodes called “The Subway”.

  37. bluhare says:

    Count me in on amazed others share my love for D’Onofrio. I was thrilled when they brought Goren and Eames back and mad when they yanked him out from under me (so to speak).

    Still boggles me he was the possessed farmer in Men in Black!!

  38. Cheyenne says:

    Well, at least he’s got some height to offset the pudge. I saw him in person when they were filming a L & O episode right next to my office and he’s at least 6-3, maybe 6-4.

    @Naya: I have to agree he was excellent in Full Metal Jacket.

  39. kristin says:

    loooooooove vinny

  40. Deven says:

    What a bonus!!! both D’onofrio AND Belzer! I’d hit them both in a NY minute. This is like winning the lottery and having the time and luxury to entertain them both individually. Where do I sign up?

  41. Barbara says:

    Very few male actors grab me in the groin like he does, YES I would hit it at any weight. I am glad he lost for his health though.

  42. Hellen says:

    Oh Vinnie! He looks sooooooo much better than he has for a long time. Come to mama.

    Belzer, not so much. But I do love the shoes and the dog.

  43. kimberly says:

    I’ve thought he was hot since I was little. I love his voice.

  44. Orianne says:

    Good Lord I would hit him! I would keep him in my little appartment and help him recover , I’ll let him sleep till he wakes up and cook for him. I’ll treat his migraines and we’ll be happy forever after.

  45. Dawn says:

    I love Vincent so yeah I’d hit that! He has that certain something and I loved him in L&O CI.

  46. Lantana says:

    Geez just reading thru the comments — how much is this guy getting laid?!!! Yeah, I’d hit him. Except I’m married and my husband says married people don’t do that. (I got him from a different planet.)

  47. Kat says:

    Hells yeah I would totally hit that.

  48. Val says:

    He’s WONDERFUL, sexy, brilliant – and there are always new photos of him around if you have him on Google alerts…

  49. Rose says:

    He’s a dick to women ( he broke Greta Scacchi’s heart with his horrible carry on), and is still a fat lump so no, I might hit him with my car, but that would be it.

  50. SHump76 says:

    D’Onofrio?! yes, totally. Over and over.

    Belzer? Not. So. Much.

  51. Alix says:

    HELLZ YES! Any time, any place, at any weight. I loooooove me some Bobby Goren.

  52. Camille says:

    No. No I wouldn’t hit it with either of them. *shudder*

    But D’Onofrio is a good actor. He plays ‘creepy’ excellently.

  53. Chris says:

    Police procedurals are like the McDonalds of TV shows. As for hitting Dónofrio he’s like an older uglier version of Mark Ruffalo and I wouldn’t hit Ruffalo so i certainly wouldn’t hit Donofrio. But I am a hetero sexual male so that might have something to do with it.

  54. original kate says:

    d’onofrio looks good and i like him as an actor. yes, i would hit it, but not as hard as i would hit jeremy sisto. that man is sex on legs and the things i would do to him would make a sailor blush.

    BTW can we get some sisto for HGF? please?

  55. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Just like the others….NEVER WOULD *NOT* HIT THAT! Love me some Vincent D’Onofrio!

  56. ohduho says:

    As others have said “I’d ALWAYS HIT IT”.

    Fat Vincent. Thin Vincent. Do not care, I’ll take him anyway I can get him.

    I love Vincent D’Onofrio and I don’t who knows it.

  57. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Vincent: Yes. Richard: No

  58. daisyfly says:

    Hell, for Vincent, I’d shave my legs.

  59. Alix says:

    @daisyfly: That’s love, girl!

    How come only one pic of D’Onofrio and four of Belzer? More photos, please — preferably without the tie, and the shirt unbuttoned.

  60. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I love Richard’s dog, he is so cute. Vincent is great love him but I can’t tell the weight loss though….

  61. Jennifer says:

    Detective Goren….extremely intelligent, dark, intriguing…anyday, anyhow!

  62. tango says:

    Oh yah I’d hit it (Vincent).

  63. Lovely Laura says:

    Gotta agree – I would give my sweet, sweet Vincent some good lovin’ anytime, any place!

    And yeah, I’d even go with Munch. He seems like he’d be fun. Did you know he’s first cousins with Henry Winkler? That’s how he got one of his first film roles, as a thug in Night Shift.

  64. Ajanni says:

    Hell Yes! I would smack it up, flip it, rub down, ooh no!

  65. Poppy says:


  66. frankly says:

    I remember a Page Six item from a couple years back where some woman was talking about hooking up with D’Onofrio in NY and that he was a total freak in bed. She wasn’t complaining about it, either. I was all, you know that’s right.

  67. bettyrose says:

    I’ve loved Vincent D’O for years and seriously thought I was alone in that. I’ve never heard another gal lusting over him until now. Sure, he was *way* hotter ten years ago, but I’m all about hittin’ that for nostalgia’s sake.

  68. Meadowlark says:

    I’d hit Belzer fuh sho! I have a thing for stick-insect Jewish stand-up comedians.

  69. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    Wasn’t he the Bug Guy in Men In Black? Hehehe.

  70. birdgherl says:

    I hit D’Onofrio regularly…in my dreams…in love with him since Mystic Pizza.

  71. I Choose Me says:

    Yep. Fat or trim I just love him.

  72. sue says:

    YES!!!!! Over and over again. Fat, thin, average, it doesn’t matter.

    @daisyfly LOL, perfect statement.

  73. ViloDeMenus says:

    That dog is ADORABLE!

  74. Wil in Minneapolis says:

    I adore Vincent .. I want to say I would hit it .. but frankly .. I would probably just stand there and stare in some sort of semi-religious trance. And I love him skinny, fat, looking like Edgar in MIB .. whatever. He is hot, smart and funny as hell.

    On another topic .. Damn Belz!! Eat a taco or something!

  75. Auds says:

    This is is thin version?
    Um…no I’d rather hit Alex Skarsgaard.

  76. Ashley says:

    Vincent yes, I will hit it all night & morning straight for a month..just thinking about it gives me the hornies..
    Richard just not my type, but his dog is absolutly georgous.

  77. Lovetotalkmomofboys says:

    Love me some Vince. I always love men who don’t talk too much. That’s my job!

    But Vince does need to trim the fingernails. I’m just sayin’

    Belzer? Sorry but I’ll pass. I’ve never been attracted to guys I can beat up. But he’s a great actor.

  78. RovingLass says:

    Hit and double hit.

  79. Jamie says:

    I love Vincent, he’s a good actor. Did you know he has this musician alter ego where he goes around putting on concerts? As for hitting it, I’d probably be undecided until he got my pants off.

  80. Addie says:

    Vincent is completely hot!
    He has the John Mailkovich sex appeal going on.

    These men prove that sexiness comes from the inside, cos they are not particulartly handsome, but are EXTREAMLY hot!!

  81. Betty Boop says:

    I love Vincent, not only is he incredible handsome he is immensely talented. He’s great to his fan. I love him. So the answer is yes, no matter what he looks like.

  82. kalecee says:

    I would totally hit it with Vincent, I have been in love with the big man since My Bodyguard in the 80’s. I love him big, huge sexy sexy!

  83. poppiepc says:

    Yep to both! I love that “little boy lost” they bring to the table..or couch or bed lol. Yummy!

  84. Eve says:

    Didn’t read all the comments so I don’t know if somebody has already mentioned this. There was a Blind Item on Crazy and Nights some years ago and the answer for it was Vincent D’Onofrio. It’s kinda cool:

    Blind Items Revealed
    December 22, 2008

    #1 – This kindness is not anything spectacular, but since it happened this morning, I thought I would share it. B-/C+ television actor with about six years on the same crime show. Also one of my all-time favorite characters from one of the biggest films of all time. Anyway, our actor was in line at LAX this morning at the ticket counter with about 100 “everyday people” in front of him. People in line were asking for photographs and getting autographs and so a ticket agent asked our actor if he wanted to be moved to the front of the line. Our actor said, “Why?” The ticket agent said they had a special policy for celebrities which caused our actor to say, “Let me know when you see one.”

    #1 – Vincent D’Onofrio

  85. That1chick says:

    I would DEFINATELY hit it! I’ve been in love with him like forever! Big or small, I don’t care. The gentleman is HOT. He could tap this any time, lol.

  86. Key Largo says:

    Vincent has been a great actor in everything I have seen him in, so the admiration for his craft is definitely there. As for his looks, even if I weren’t attracted to exactly his type of man I still would be to him. His weight, age, or anything else anyone mentions doesn’t mean anything to me; he’s always been and will always be absolutely gorgeous. It’s all in the attitude and eyes {intelligence and ‘bedroom’ eyes}.

  87. Katie says:

    i would hit it. LOVE LOVE him and smart is sexy.

  88. Leigh says:

    Oh yes indeedy, Vincent is just ….yummo

  89. I love Vincent D! All time favorite male actor. Sure hope he’ll back in a similar type show where he comes across as a kick a..!