Gabriel Aubry’s time with Nahla must remain supervised: why?


Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s war of attrition has not ended. It’s just gotten somewhat more low-key, although I’m of the opinion that Halle is still waging a PR campaign against Gabriel in the tabloids. One of the most recent items ended up in Star Magazine last month, in which a “witness” claimed that Gabriel had used racist slurs against Halle in the heat of an argument, and that Gabriel always denied that Nahla was anything other than white. Those arguments are consistent with what Halle’s team claimed in the heat of their custody dispute, and unfortunately for all involved (especially Nahla), it looks like some of the claims are sticking. Halle and Gabriel’s lawyers met once again in court on Monday to work out some kinks in the custody agreement. As the agreement stands now, Gabriel is not allowed to have unsupervised overnight custody of Nahla – and Gabriel’s lawyers wanted that changed. Gabriel’s lawyers did not win.

The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry over their beautiful daughter, Nahla, wages on with no visible end in sight.

Attorneys for the warring couple were back in court Monday in Los Angeles, and it was a sweet victory for the 45-year-old actress, is exclusively reporting.

Aubry had requested an amendment to his visitation rights, which currently insist that the bulk of his time with his three-year-old daughter be supervised by a third party, but the judge ruled in favor of Berry, who was opposing any change.

Aubry is allowed three hours alone time with Nahla, where he can take her to the park or carry out an activity, but the order remains that the nanny must be present at all other times, especially during overnight stays.

A source close to the situation tells that Gabriel is furious over not being allowed to care for his daughter on his own and that he feels the nanny is encroaching on his relationship with Nahla, and supervising their every move.

Meanwhile, Gabriel is currently overseas in Majorca, caretaking Nahla while Berry works on her new movie, Cloud Atlas. As per the couple’s custody agreement, Berry must arrange accommodation for Aubry during these times and it must be of the same standard as she is being afforded — so if Halle is staying in a five star hotel, Gabriel must be given the same.

[From Radar]

TMZ’s report is similar, so I think this is what really went down. TMZ’s source also says that “Gabriel is pissed — and he feels the nanny is ruining his relationship with his daughter.” Here’s a question, and I mean this in all honesty, with no agenda: what does it say about Gabriel Aubry that the court won’t let him have unsupervised visits with Nahla? Is it just a simple technicality, like Nahla is so young, and that the status will change when she gets older? Or does it speak to some kind of truth in Halle’s claims? Look, I definitely think Halle is crazy. But it bothers me that the court system seems to be backing her up, and it makes me think there might be some shred of truth to her claims. Is that crazy?




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  1. foozy says:

    why is halle such a bitch??? i think she’s just jealous of gabriel. after all, he’s better looking and seems to love the child more!!!

  2. gee says:

    Honestly, family court almost always sides with the mother. If she made a convincing claim, they will side with her. She probably doesn’t need evidence to back up “he is verbally abusive,” so regardless of his personality, they will want supervision.

  3. brin says:

    This poor kid.

  4. Addie says:

    I think as an actress, Halle has a way of convinceing an audience (in this case a court) that she is the wronged party here.

    Many people say Jen Aniston plays the victim, but that seems like childs play compared to Halle Berry and her lies about her exes, she is a pro at playing the victim.

  5. Quest says:

    The Judical system sucks. i.e. Linnocent frequent escape from being reprimanded.

  6. Karen says:

    Obviously I have no information other that what has already been reported but I find it hard to believe that racist sh*t from Gabriel is the cause for supervised custody. Court cases are full of examples where the richer and more influential parent who can afford the best council gets their way. Sorry to make this sort of comparison but if Casey Anthony can walk free from a murder charge than I can absolutely believe Halle Berry can make up a situation to get her way in court. Justice is not always served in the child’s best interest.

  7. Jenny says:

    I don’t like this public back and forth. It harms the child. But I do wonder why the court says this. Again, I won’t take sides as no one knows everything that is going down, and hope the CHILD, who is the most important person in this mess is taken care. It is a sad situation.

  8. Beat says:

    Halle is bonkers. Meanwhile Olivier Martinez is totally allowed to take Nahla out around Majorca without supervision. Very unfair!

  9. Gabbo says:

    Most couples i know who have gotten divorced and have gone through some kind of custody battle for the kids, the courts have always sided with the mother and when the father has the right to visit, the visits are always in the condition that they are supervised. This always happens whenever the mothers claims the father is irresponsible, etc., whether it is true or false.

    In this case, like most cases, it is probably a technicality and there’s probably nothing wrong with Gabriel’s parenting. Just the mother being vindictive and using the kid to hurt the father.

  10. Po says:

    My first instinct was to assume the same thing about there being some truth if the court requires supervision and then I remembered the parties and the court system that were involved. Halle is the one with the real money and probably the one with the best attorneys. My opinion is this. Halle sees fathers as being interchangeable. She doesn’t have any concept that Nahla would need any connection with the man that has been with her since birth. Halle and Gabe broke up, so in Halle’s mind it was time to find Nahla a new father because having Gabe as a constant presence in her life would be uncomfortable and that would just be unacceptable. If I remember correctly all of this started because Halle wanted sole custody of the child and didn’t want to share custody or keep the child in the same country as her own father. This is all Halle, and I believe she will win once she gets some good dirt on Gabe. The only problem with that is if she keeps with this pattern Nahla’s not going to know who to call daddy. Will it be Gabe, this new dude, or the guy who comes after this new dude.

  11. Po says:

    Oh, and I just wanted to add this. I never thought I would have this much respect for Jennifer Lopez, but am I the only one who has noticed that Jennifer and Marc have been doing a good job of pretending like they get along, at least for the kids sake.

  12. aenflex says:

    Maybe he has a substance problem? I can’t see someone not being allowed unsupervised custody because they used racial slurs. White supremacists wouldn’t have any kids otherwise.

  13. The Truth Fairy says:

    Halle is going to screw this kid up. It’s so sad. Halle bitches and complains that she never had a good relationship with her father and that this is what makes her so psycho with men. Well, she’s creating a similar situation for her daughter but she’s so focused on hurting her ex that she can’t see the bigger picture. Selfish.

    As far as the courts allowing the supervised visits, she could easily give false testimony (she’s an actress afterall) and pay people to say they witnessed it. She isn’t above lying and she has the resources.

  14. mel says:

    Well Mel Gibson was actually caught on tape and we all heard his rants and I dont think the Court issued supervised visitations with his daughter. My gut says that Halle is a control freak and wants Gabe to suffer for their failed relationship. Poor Nahla.

  15. kay says:

    He needs better lawyers.

    So he’s good enough to “caretake” while she works, but not good enough to spend a night with his daughter. I don’t believe he’s in the wrong at all, I think, as a pp said, she’s an actress. I feel so bad for him. My daughter adores her dad, I can’t imagine them not having one on one time.

  16. Finally some objectivity. None of us know what is really going on there. Why the assumption that Halle is wrong or crazy?

    • Msirene says:

      Well, it sure looks that way, given what’s been in the media. Halle seems to be the one with all the issues.

      You never hear about the good actresses, like Angela Bassett, Thandie Newton, Taraj Henson, Sanaa Lathan, and many others, who are married, have relationships, and children. They DON’T air their dirty laundry publicly, as Halle does. She definately has a problem and has lost thousands of fans because of this.

  17. Samigirl says:

    Cosign with Kay. His lawyer sucks. My son’s father wasn’t around except for every other weekend for the first year and a half of his life, is a total dbag, and still gets exactly half of the time I get with him. I think he is about the same age as Nahla. Truth is, it used to be that dads only got equal time/custody of the child if mothers were super pieces of crap. Ex: The state kept giving me back to my heroin addicted prostitute mother over and over and over again, because they just LOVE to give second chances. Now, they realize that fathers need time with children too. If Gabriel doesn’t get unsupervised visitation, then his lawyers are doing something terribly wrong.

  18. me says:

    maybe its just a matter of him showing he’s willing to do what ever it takes and to show he’s the bigger person. Kinda like give her enough rope and she’ll hang herself. If she continues to come up with claims and he stays calm and illing to work with the court it will work out in the end.

  19. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I hope the claims aren’t true and I hope they somehow work out so Nahla can have a relationship with her father. I think for young girls it’s SO important to have strong father figure if she’s to grow up to be a strong individual.

  20. sassenach says:

    I think people forget that Gabriel and Halle initially AGREED to this custody arrangement. Then recently, Gabriel wanted to change it and got denied. I don’t believe everything that Halle says but their must be some truth to it IF Gabriel agreed and the court has up kept the ruling.

  21. francesca says:

    I feel for non-custodial fathers who want to be a real part of their children’s lives. It really does seem like the cards are stacked against them

  22. rose80 says:

    thank you notpretentious!

    NO ONE knows what is going on. Gabriel is wealthy…not as wealthy as Halle, but he makes more income than average person being a successful model, so as far as lawyers go, he is more than capable of securing a decent one.

    Obviously the court has just cause to enforce the supervision. In family court you have to prove the parent is doing something or has done something in past. Accusations do not hold up, so obviously Halle has something on Gabriel and it just might those tapes of him being verbally abusive towards her.

    @ Mel, I’m pretty sure Mel Gibson had court ordered supervision for a time being

  23. Lucinda says:

    Family courts still side with the mother more often than not. I have seen this multiple times in my own life so it’s not hard to believe that’s what’s happening here.

    Plus, if Halle believes what she’s saying (and she probably does), she will be very convincing even if what she is saying doesn’t have a shred of truth. It’s much harder to detect a lie when the liar believes the lie they are telling. It has nothing to do with money or being a good actress.

  24. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I like the jeans Halle is wearing and am glad that style is coming back into fashion.

  25. renee says:

    The other thing that everyone seems to be forgetting is that when the initial reports came out that Gabriel made racial slurs against Halle and that she left verbally abusive messages on his phone NEITHER CAMP DENIED THE CHARGES MADE AGAINST THEIR CLIENTS!!!! The fact that there was no denial issued by his camp leads me to believe that Gabriel did make racist remarks and this is why Halle is able to have the supervised visits upheld.

  26. Dibba says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Maybe there is a reason for supervised visits. I would assume that there must be otherwise I don’t think the courts would insist on it.

  27. Nev says:


  28. MollyB says:

    I think no one here knows what goes on behind closed doors. Just because Aubry is handsome and looks swoon-worthy holding a baby girl does not mean he is an inherently good father. Perhaps Halle’s claims have some merit. What proof do we have that she is lying? The fact that Aubry is good-looking?

  29. Sue says:

    It drives me crazy when people try to keep a child away from a parent…. You had a child with this person, is he/she that bad? If so, why did you have children together……. I realize sometimes there are extreme circumstances, but having doubts about this case……

  30. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Justice is bought and sold by whoever has the most money and influence, people like Murdoch and corrupt bankers who bonus out on the backs of the almost gone middle class. When the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are “people” for the purpose of massive previously illegal political contributions, you can forget anyone but the very rich having their ‘privileges’ and rights upheld.

    Halle has more money than Gabriel; case closed.

  31. SisterMaryHotPantz says:

    I am all Team Aubry. I cant stand Halle. He does get 3 hours of unsupervised time, and his other parenting times supervised by a nanny. However, as an attorney that practices family law I can tell you something happened, other than racist remarks, that would cause the Judge to order some of his time supervised. Which is really odd. In family court its all or nothing. So whatever happened, it cant be that big of a deal or ALL his time would be supervised. Which it is not.

  32. Callli Pygian says:

    “Or does it speak to some kind of truth in Halle’s claims? Look, I definitely think Halle is crazy. But it bothers me that the court system seems to be backing her up, and it makes me think there might be some shred of truth to her claims. Is that crazy?”

    Kaiser, I think you are leaving out a very important possibility: that it is a ‘he-said-she-said’ situation, with dishonesty that has convinced the court of his guilt. You’ve heard the phrase,” Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”?

    Maybe he is a jackass. I have no idea. What I do know is that poor Halle had a f*cked up childhood, has had several dysfunctional/unsuccessful relationships, and is known to lose it publicly at times. That said, I think she has the better atty., and has crafted a vindictive story which has allowed her to take out her built-up vitriol on him. He should just keep a cool head, visit, & find a new atty.

    Ultimately sad for the baby, despite who is at fault. Such a shame that they both cannot see that.

  33. Oi says:

    Family court and CPS are two of the most corrupt organizations out there. They side with the mother in almost every case: just see Samigirl’s comment on this board. (Samigirl, I am so sorry that happened to you.) They are very rarely out to truly help anyone. The only reason they needed to not grant Gabriel unsupervised visits was Halle’s word. I’m not kidding. That’s probably all that happened. She has some BS “concern” and she got what she wanted because it will help her strip GA of his rights later. What they agreed on now will be changed. I have my own long, involved and ongoing story with them so yes, these issues make me see red every time.

    The best evidence says that Halle is a jealous manipulative bitch at her worst, and that Gabriel was an ok dude that loves his daughter, and has never had any public outbursts. She is using the system in my opinion. Until there is concrete evidence against him, I am team Gabe all the way. Mother’s like Halle do not deserve sympathy.

    Edit: if you want to ruin your morning, google cps reform and read the first search result.

  34. LeeLoo says:

    I’ve always liked Halle, even though I think she has cruddy taste in men (with the exception of Olivier Martinez). However, I was of the opinion that both sides needed to be mature adults and think about what is best for Nahla, not each other. At first Halle was definitely the one coming off looking bad.

    Howver, if a judge is backing up Halle like this it means something happened and it wouldn’t be only verbal abuse. If that were the case the judge would have told both of them to grow up and take court ordered parenting classes or Gabriel would have extra stipulations such as anger management courses or a psych eval. LA has their fair share of celebrity and wealthy custody disputes so I don’t think her status has a lot to do with it. Nahla is 3 so that would merit for a split custody schedule. Normally those things are worked out by age 2. Something the rest of us don’t know about (and something big) happened that is leaving Gabriel with only supervised visitation rights.

  35. Julie says:

    Halle is a psycho bitch IMO. The judges ruling doesn’t say anything to me for a variety of reasons. I hope karma is real in this situation and she pays a heavy price for the ugliness and downright evilness she is dishing out and at her daughters expense of all things.

  36. SEF says:

    If you throw enough sh*t at the wall, something will stick.
    Halle finally threw enough to make something stick.

  37. Ell says:

    If this is because of Halle being vindictive then no money or star power will stop karma.

    I’m with ‘Beat’, it’s not fair Olivier Martinez gets to hang out with Nahla any time but Nahla’s biological father’s time with her is restricted.

  38. hottathanholywatta says:

    The courts ALWAYS side with the mother. My friend divorced his crazy wife, she went on welfare, got knocked up by some random dude, is drinking and doing drugs yet in court when she lied about being threatened by him (no evidence to back up this proposterous lie) she got custody and he got supervised visits. He has a great job, lives in a nice house in a nice neighbourhood and instead his kids have to live with this low life loser in the ghetto

  39. Bermuda Blues says:

    Family Court did not modify the original custody agreement. I would guess that Halle’s lawyers are better paid, and more knowledgable and got the “supervised at all times” in under the nose of Gabriel’s attorneys.

    So, Halle won’t allow Gabriel to have time with their daughter alone, but she’ll pay for him to live on her movie sets and care for their daughter. It just makes no sense – unless you think of it as Halle being a controlling maniac. She wants to control Gabriel’s contact with Nahla. She wants to pay him, because that solidifies that he’s dependent. Gabriel can’t go out and get modeling jobs because he’s living as Nahla’s nanny.

    Edited to add: @ Kay – I cosign everything you said!

    One more thing. Family law is a state-by-state issue. Most “blue” states give 50/50 custody now. The state that I live in has a strong presumption in favor of both parents sharing custody. Judges do not award parental rights simply because the mother is the mother. They try to do what’s best for the child, and in some states that is considered to be shared time with both parents, in some states its considered to be with the mother. There could be other issues at play with some of your friends stories – Does the father have appropriate housing? Does the father fulfill his legal obligations (does he pay child support)?

    In Halle’s case… Gabriel is paid by Halle… He does not seem to have a permanent residence because he’s always traveling with her. I would guess these are factors the judge considers negatively when awarding custody.

  40. Tiffany says:

    The situation is sad for the daughter, and only the daughter. If things were so bad, why did Berry speak so highly of Aubry in interviews over the years they were together. Then she did that assinine interview stating that she is black because she has a drop of blood in her system, completely disrespecting her mother who is white. She also said the same thing about their daughter, which was a stab at Aubry. I really think Berry thought that she could discard Aubry with the morning garbage and he would go quietly. So a father is fighting to provide and spend time with their child and is still getting his balls crushed. Well, he can become a total deadbeat and then Berry will be victorious. He is damned if he do, damned if he don’t. . Has there been psych evals done on either one of them, that could be telling.

  41. HannahF says:

    I cosign with the ‘no one knows what goes on behind closed doors’ theory. In California, the trend is to give father’s significant time with the children—so the judge saw something.

    As someone else noted, this was a request to modify an existing order. In Cali in order to modify an existing custody order, the moving party must demonstrate a “significant change in circumstances.” Obviously, Aubry couldn’t prove that.

  42. Katherine says:

    “Howver, if a judge is backing up Halle like this it means something happened and it wouldn’t be only verbal abuse.”

    Not true. Try to remember that the standard of proof required in anything other than a criminal trial is not “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The proof required is much lower. For something like this situation wherein a judge has to be sure that no harm comes to a child the court will err on the side of caution until they can be sure.

    If the nanny is paid by Halle then I would be as wary as Aubry is. I’d like to know who the “witness” is who claims this happened. This is a terrible situation for a father to be in.

    And, yes, Halle has embarked on a course of wrecking her child’s relationship with her father. That alone makes her unfit in my eyes.

    As for attorneys, attorneys’ fees can be astronomical in these cases and Aubry isn’t that rich that he can afford hundreds of tthousands of dollars.

  43. whitedaisy says:

    Gabriel needs a new attorney. Halle is a raging b*tch and Nahla suffers the effects of her mother’s narcissism.

  44. Kloops says:

    I’ll admit it gives me pause, but there’s not enough evidence for me to believe he’s an abusive father. He could be, or Halle could have better lawyers, or it could be a conservative ruling and the judge wants to give the situation more time before feeling 100% confident that custody should be shared.

    If it’s the racial stuff, and that’s it, then I think it’s tenuous at best. I’m not convinced he’s racist but I could see there being cultural differences in terminology and identification.

    Halle has made it clear she believes in the ‘1 drop rule’ but the child is what? 25% AA? Something like that, don’t hold me to it, and perhaps the dad doesn’t want the french Canadian side being completely ignored and views her more as biracial. Or possibly even white – which is just as stupid as the 1drop rule. Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have unsupervised contact with his child, just that both parents are idiots.

  45. Samigirl says:

    “Family law is a state-by-state issue. Most “blue” states give 50/50 custody now. The state that I live in has a strong presumption in favor of both parents sharing custody. Judges do not award parental rights simply because the mother is the mother. They try to do what’s best for the child, and in some states that is considered to be shared time with both parents, in some states its considered to be with the mother. There could be other issues at play with some of your friends stories – Does the father have appropriate housing? Does the father fulfill his legal obligations (does he pay child support)?”
    THANK YOU BERMUDA BLUES! My son’s father is a dbag, and, although I’m not a perfect mother, I’ve been a MUCH better parent than he has, I’ve done everything right-yet we get week on, week off. Literally 50% with each parent. Courts are more and more deciding that fathers need time with their kids (and it’s true-they do), but they don’t 100% side with mothers. Case in point, here.

    @Oi-Thanks. I turned out ok! Got adopted by the best guy a girl could ever call daddy 🙂

  46. Feebee says:

    (IMO) Fathers around the world are treated like second class citizens in the world of Family Law. Unless the mother has done something heinous the court appears to side with them on very little grounds.

    Obviously I don’t know what the story is in this case but the fact that Berry uses Aubry to care for Nahla when she’s working (and from the sounds of things probably expects him to be grateful) but still must have some claim of wrongdoing for the court to allow only 3 hours unsupervised (?) smacks of hypocrisy and power playing.

    If the child is not in danger being with her father (physical or emotional) then he should be afforded the same rights as the mother. Maybe a more agressive lawyer would be appropriate. Maybe fairer laws would help. Course then of course killer dads will be cited as why not.

  47. LeeLoo says:

    @Katherine Yeah but this is California. California by default tends to go for joint custody (at least the areas of CA I have lived in). No, this is not a criminal proceeding but it takes quite a bit for a judge not to give him joint custody.

    @Feebee I think 15-20 years ago you would have been right. However, it’s gotten a lot better in many places. I always think joint custody is the way to go unless there is substantial evidence of physical domestic violence.

    At the same time, it’s hard to say what is going on in Halle’s case. Money does talk even when it shouldn’t in family court. I would stop short of saying that the child welfare/family courts are corrupt as a whole but it is not unheard of for a situation like this. However, without any sort of testimony and evidence to look at, I am going to believe that the court wouldn’t do this without a legitimate reason.

    The person suffering most is Nahla. Being I like Halle, I would hope she is only going after Gabriel for something legit but I know that may not be the case. But both Halle and Gabriel need to do what is best for their daughter and put their egos aside. I just hope whatever is being done is being done with a sincere effort to consider Nahla’s best interests.

  48. N.D. says:

    @gee: “Honestly, family court almost always sides with the mother.”

    This is so true.

  49. Just Saying says:

    That Halle/Gabriel thing is so reprehensible. What sucks even more than the fact that he’s got supervised visitation is that he has to pay for the supervision every time he sees Nahla.

    From the outside, it looks a lot like my brother’s situation. Almost any woman (apart from a convicted felon or something) can simply say in court that she feels uncomfortable with the father being around the child, and “BAM!” he has to deal with supervised visitation. However, there are limits, and I’m wondering if Halle will eventually screw herself with this method. My brother’s ex did it to him, and she also started calling DHS, which has an unofficial “three strikes” policy on complaints. She made three separate sets of allegations on my brother, and he was cleared on all three occasions. Of course, each set took months to resolve, and he had do supervised visitation each time. Then, his ex did it a fourth time, so DHS ordered a psychiatric evaluation on her. Long story short, she was diagnosed with Munchausen by Proxy syndrome, and now my brother has sole custody. Now the ex has to pay for supervised visitation! $60 per visit to see her own kid twice a week for a few hours. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

    Of course, I don’t expect that movie-star Halle will deal with such repercussions, but at a certain point, the court should tell her to shut the hell up and stop harassing Gabriel.

  50. MellaYellow says:

    @Foozy Halle is the best looking woman in Hollywood. Natural beauty no plastic surgery. Well, maybe a nose job but about it, I think most of Hollywood has done that including Angelina Jolie. No Botox and strange breast implants or butt implants or butt injects. Just naturally beautiful So, I doubt she is jealous of his looks lol! But she is wrong for what she is doing to her daughter.

  51. theaPie says:

    Supervised visitation is extremely harmful to children and DOES affect their parental bonding and should only be used under extreme circumstances. Ask any child psychologist. But I doubt Barry cares about anyone but herself and her need to control the situation.

    My heart goes out to Gabriel and little Nahla.

  52. hemi621 says:

    i’ve been lurking on this site for months now, never commenting, but this article, and all the comments have pushed some buttons for me..long story short, i am dating a man (for over a year a half) who has 3 children with his ex wife. She just got out of rehab about a month ago for a pill addiction. She was arrested in May for beating her live in girlfriend which she was put on probation for and has to do anger management classes. She was then arrested in July and August for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and had pot and other paraphanelia in her car at the time, which means she violated probation also. She goes to court next week and the week after for the last two charges. She gave my boyfriend full custody of the children while she was away, so they have been living with us since August, and there are now guidelines in place for her that she can see them twice a week. There is always an issue every single time we are supposed to drop them off and she always has an excuse for everything. The two parents do not get along, she constantly starts fights with him infront of the kids and because her dad has money she is always throwing it in his face that she will hire the best lawyer possible and get full custody of the kids back. My stomach is turning just thinking about the kids having to go back to the conditions they were living in (squalor basically, absolutely disgusting, while in rehab her dad contacted us to come to the house and pick up whatever toys the kids wanted because he was gutting the place). Some of you seem to have knowledge on this subject, and I know this really isnt the place to ask such questions..but do you really think its possible she will get full custody back??

  53. jc126 says:

    No, I still think Halle is a lunatic, with more money and better lawyers, and more acting ability than Gabriel has. She’s vile.

  54. shelly says:

    Halle is looking very “Sally Field”

  55. Obvious says:

    @Hemi what state are you in? That really makes all the difference. Doubtful she will get full custody at least no time soon. she has to prove the courts she is clea nand has a place for the kids to live that is safe. but expect her to get more visitation and probably unsupervised as well.

  56. DarkEmpress says:

    I didnt really believe that he was as bad as Halle B was making him out to be, but for his visits to be supervised, he must have did something(s) very wrong. Judges are not cavalier about supervised access to your child.

  57. So not! says:

    Gorgeous kid.
    Hope they resolve this soon

  58. hemi621 says:

    @obvious…we are in Pennsylvania. Her dad came in and gutted her house, so of course now its fine again, he did this about 9 months ago too, came in and gutted the place because she doesnt take care of anything. She had no job, did nothing all day long..and couldn’t take care of a home. Got out of rehab and got a job at a bar/nightclub. I know shes been going to meetings and has definitely been making an effort. I’m honestly just waiting for her to screw up again because its only a matter of time with her..she is the definition of an addict.

    I would never want the kids to not see or know their mother, but she needs to realize she needs to get her life in order to be some kind of decent role model for them and a good mother.

  59. kieslwoski says:

    I agree with most commenters here Halle Brry is a very deeply disturbed woman and the court systems in the US basically screws the Dad at every turn. Keep in mind that Halle has the best lawyers and that Gabriel just cannot keep up. Custody battles are super expensive!

    And no I do not believe Gabriel is a racist, I think that is a total lie and it speaks volumes to Gabriels’ integrity that he did not leak the crazy voice mails HAlle left him, which would shed light on the extent of her disurbed nature.

  60. garvels says:

    Isn’t Halle the one with the criminal record? Wasn’t it her who was involved in a hit and run. To me it appears that Halle has the financial resources to play her victim game and the acting abilities to perhaps raise some doubt in the judge’s eyes. I will never ever pay a penny to support this vile beotch’s acting career.

  61. OXA says:

    I think that the judge has some sick fantasy of Hallucinator that has allowed his judgement to be clouded.
    Gabe is every bit as much this child’s parent as the lunatic muther who allows her child to be out un-monitored with her current mount. She intentionally left his name off the birth certificate and has gone to the press and maligned every man she ever dated. I do not believe her vile accusations against Nahla’s father and I will never again watch/support anything she is invloved in.

  62. Gena says:

    Team Aubury

  63. Joe's Mom says:

    I think he needs a different lawyer. This one seems to be giving him the okey doke and doing nothing in his favor. It seems like maybe Halle has somebody in her pocket. I would be furious too, to have to visit my kids with somebody “supervising” (and reporting back to Halle on how they can cook up a new story about GA). There are never any scandalous stories in the news about GA. He lies low, unless it has to do with good old Halle and custody. He hasn’t been ordered to drug test, so I do not see that as the problem. I doubt if he cares about his first class hotel accommodations when he visits his daughter overseas, he just wants to love and help raise his child. Halle is a controlling bitch from all I can see. I can’t stand her anymore.

  64. ??? says:

    Why is her hair never combed or brushed?

  65. Tazina says:

    Halle has more money. She can hire better lawyers. Gabriel doesn’t really have a chance for any kind of break here. But it will all blow up in Halle’s face one day once Nahla grows up. How’s she going to explain her vindictive behavior to her daughter? What goes around comes around.

    I do admire the way JLo and Marc are handling the situation. They seem mature adults sharing custody fairly and amicably. No bad vibes for those kids.

  66. Heather M (Heather) says:

    As a former divorce lawyer (yuck!), I don’t think it says much about him (other than he needs a better lawyer but doesn’t have Halle’s resources).

    She pisses me off. She had a screwed up childhood and admittedly is dysfunctional in her adult relationships. I don’t see her having a healthy relationship that lasts, ever. Now she is bringing this poor guy down and really screwing with her daughter. What he is supposedly “doing” to Nahla when alone can’t be worse than the affect this unnecessary drama will cause. Everyone in domestic relations cases turns into a drama queen/king, and when it’s an actress?! Forget it.

  67. BELLA says:

    Pretty on the outside…psycho on the inside…this poor man .

  68. anne_000 says:

    I have a feeling Halle is trying to make it as hard as possible for Gabriel to try to get him to give up & go away.

    I blame both of them. Her for being crazy. Him for being crazy enough to have a kid with her.

  69. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Oh, reading some of the comments. If it is true that they initially agreed on this arrangement (Gabe was no doubt trying to get along & foolishly got sucked in), that makes it clearer that it has NOTHING to do with his actions as a father. In Colorado it is a very high standard to get a custody agreement modified once it’s done.

    Silly but true–reasoning is they don’t want you to abuse the system by continuously returning to court to ask for this & that so they make it an incentive that you agree the first time & get it right, or else you are screwed. Which he is.

    Anyone who has followed Halle Berry at all knows what a mess she is. Oliver Martinez, you’re next! What will she spread about you?

  70. Lucky Charm says:

    When I divorced my husband (in Cali), I asked for, and got, sole legal and some physical custody. I didn’t have to “prove” anything, just truthfully said that I was concerned about his inability to properly pay attention to and care for the children by himself. So if Halle, with all her money, skills & attorneys wants something, she will get it. And yes, I think she’s being a huge B i t c h.

    If she keeps this up, then one day when Nahla is old enough, she will choose to live with her father and turn her back on Halle. For Nahla’s sake, I hope a decent and fair (for Nahla, not Halle!) custody arrangement is reached soon.

  71. gg says:

    I think she’s kind of controlling.

    In other news, NICE PACKAGE, GABE!

  72. Violet says:

    “Here’s a question, and I mean this in all honesty, with no agenda: what does it say about Gabriel Aubry that the court won’t let him have unsupervised visits with Nahla?”

    It says that Halle has deep pockets and can afford a better legal team than Gabriel.

    I wish that Halle would rein in her spiteful, vindictive ways and learn to co-parent like a civilized human being with the man she CHOSE to father her child. She doesn’t seem to realize that she’s hurting Nahla every bit as much as Gabriel with all this f*cked-up nonsense.

  73. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Damn, Gabe! Those are tight jeans. Is that really all you?

  74. high says:

    he carries her unnaturally high so their faces r always at the same height. posed.

  75. Lucky Charm says:

    No, I disagree with you 74. Most men I’ve seen carry toddlers like that, probably because they don’t have hips to support the child like women do.

    Halle is controlling and can’t stand to have anyone stand up to her. I’m curious to see how she’ll handle Nahla when she’s a teenager and questioning everything she does.

  76. Confused says:

    I’m confused by your comment “high”. My husband always carries our kid so that her head is above his. So, there goes your theory that this isn’t a “natural”, non-showman way to carry a tot, since there is no one out there interested in or taking our family’s picture.

  77. F5 says:

    Dunno what happened between those 2 but I happen to know first hand that Halle is a cosmic b!tch.
    Poor kid -_-

  78. Jaxx says:

    She is a total bitch. If Gabriel was racist then WHY would he make a baby with a mixed race woman? He clearly has no prejudice if he has the most intimate relationship there is with a woman who is clearly from a mixed heritage.

    The courts are screwing this man.

    I won’t be paying to see Halle Berry ever again.

  79. palermo says:

    Everything I’ve ever read about Halle makes her sound deranged. I do believe she totally trashes the man when she leaves the relationship. I’m on his side in this.

  80. NM9005 says:

    Please, the court is still discriminating men over such cases. Add that to the fact that Berry is a crazy rich person and basically, there’s no way you can win. How many women are there that hate their (good) ex-partners, slam then in court over their child(ren) and strip all of their money? A lot. There is a reason why there are organistions such as “Fathers 4 Justice”.

    Oh, and taking court/the law over their word now? Great shift in opinion, I guess if the case isn’t as crystal meth publically clear as Lohan’s one, you don’t stand a chance in defending your honor!

  81. umabrasileira says:

    Considering how the legal system is dealing with the Blohan case…. yes, there are serious chances this is crazy.

  82. lululand says:

    I don’t know what happened between them, but I hope for the sake of their beautiful little girl they figure it out soon.
    I’m Canadian and I’ve never heard anything bad about Aubry.
    He seems very low key.
    I wonder, if she is making it all up.
    She seems to blame all her men for the failure of her relantionships.
    He is smoking hot!

  83. Relli says:

    @ Lucky Charm and Confused, I agree its how men carry toddlers because they have no hips. Now that mine is about 35 lbs plus his daddy is always jealous when he see me swing him to my hip.

    Lucky i think you also hit on something i have been thinking about. Halle has always been able to get her way when it comes to publicity and controlling others. What if Nahla ends up being the only thing she cant control forever? What if the minute she is able to make up her own mind she leaves her mom a’la Francis Cobain… out of all the Celebaby’s out there her autobiography is going to be the BEST! I can imagine in terms of mommy dearest Halle will give Joan a run for her money.

  84. Alexis says:

    @??? – Her hair looks perfectly normal for a curly haired child.

    I swear, people always have something to say about every blk/biracial celeb kid’s hair. I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty ill-informed, even though most such commentators are probably black themselves.

    It’s not required for children to have relaxed or flatironed hair for their hair to be neat.

  85. lululand says:

    I love her hair.
    She is a beautiful and sweet looking little kid.


    It’s sick and really low.

  86. Jacqueline says:

    I think just being around Halle will turn anybody into a psycho lol. I feel really sad for Nahla. I never liked Halle cus she is one of those people who try to fool you into thinking she is civilized. Gabriel looks bad cus he is just a model and Halle probably can act like you wont believe when she wants what she wants. She hates men, probably white men especially. I never liked her and never will. At least Tiger Wooods knew better how to hide his crazyness lol. I dont think this will ever end. Nahla will one day move in willingly with her dad.

  87. foozy says:

    hear hear!

  88. Mandi says:

    Does anyone know if it was an LA County Family Court that had jurisdiction in the case? If so, then I’m curious about who the Judge was in the case. We have 2 Family Law Judges currently on the bench that have a reputation of favoring celebs, of being paid off, and (mis)interpreting the law as they see fit. There are currently recalls pending to have them removed due to their biased opinions and playing “fast and loose” with the law. For now, they are not going anywhere and it’s sad to see how “justice” is bought and sold in these custody cases. The Best Interest of The Child is the standard that is normally applied, but if you get before one of these 2 Judges, then that is not the case.

  89. Victoria says:

    This is so reminiscent of my parents custody battle over me. My mother and father were not married, but they were together for like six years before they had me and then three years afterwards. Well my mother did not want my father to have custody and definitely not without supervision. Not that my father wasn’t a good dad. My dad was a great dad on many levels, but he was also a douche and his side of the family are even more douchey. And he was a serial cheater so he always had women around and she did not like that and rightfully so. I hated it too.

    Anyway, don’t you know he told my mother he was taking her to court “because fathers had rights” and he would “win because fathers win now.” It was the eighties and he wasn’t lying. Bastard totally won and got partial. It was just some bad shit all together. My mom didn’t lie and she did have her reasons for me not wanting to be over there a lot of it was because she was hurt about how he treated her and by extension me. But shit got said by both parties. I remember my mom and dad arguing on the frigging corner and the cops had to come and everything (my dad was late dropping me off). They really hated each other, but once the dust settled, maybe around the time I was five, everything fell into place and my father and mother grew to really respect each other love each other as parents to me. My father still had his issues but my mother said, eventually didn’t appeal custody because she knew that my father with all his ways was a good dad and a daughter, especially black young girls, they need their fathers in their lives. My dad and both sides of my families never live more than two mile radius from one another and my father too a house right up the street from my school since my mom was right on the other side of the street.

    I really feel for everyone involved and I wish people would stop forecasting a miserable relationship for mother and daughter because they spew hatred or judgement toward Halle. Just like my father wasn’t the best person all the time, he was still a good dad and Halle with all her issues can still be a good mom as can Gabriel (who is not better looking than Halle even on her worst day so people need to get over the fact that she is just as beautiful as anyone). I hope they can work it out.

  90. ViloDeMenus says:

    Halle is always one of those people who is never to blame. Honestly unless the man is outright beating the child or verbally abusing her there should be no reason why he has to be supervised. He obviously loves the kid and spends every minute he can with her. Halle’s M.O. has always been when she’s done with the relationship you are dead to her, so not thinking ahead when she had a child and would have to share custody she figured she would chase him away and she would have “her” child and a check every month and this guy is fighting for his rights.

    The way I look at it is if anyone needs to be watched very carefully it’s her, she left a woman to die after an accident and when the cops got to her home she LIED to them about the accident and not calling 911 to help the women who was left at the scene dying – she nearly killed someone and it wasn’t her fault? Since she’s lied before to get out of a consequence I have a feeling she’s lying about the slur used just to get rid of him. Too bad the judge is buying this. She’s just a horrible woman which is why no man can stay with her for very long, she’ll do anything including destroying your reputation to get her own way. She’s going to be a dreadful example to that little girl.

  91. Chris says:

    “I can’t see someone not being allowed unsupervised custody because they used racial slurs. White supremacists wouldn’t have any kids otherwise.”

    What if the kids were white?

  92. Juliesunflower says:

    I hate injustice.

  93. Jenn says:

    Halle is much wealthier and has much more pull than Gabriel possibly could. Are you seriously going to believe that the man stayed with his biracial partner for years, had a child with her, and is now shouting racial slurs? And I don’t think that even if he did (which I strongly doubt) that it constitutes endangering the child or abuse. So this is where the compromise comes in. I’ve seen kids stay with the worst possible parents because there was no proof of physical abuse, even though the parents were clearly drug addicted, alcoholic, or neglectful. So give me a break. Halle is destroying her daughter’s relationship with her dad through her own selfishness and hatred. But you’re supposed to put the kid FIRST. Funny, she likes him to take care of their kid when she’s off making films.

  94. am says:

    My sympathies are with Nahla. Can you imagine what that’s going to be like when she’s older and can use a computer well enough to find out all of this and how public it was? I wonder if Gabriel agreed to the supervised visits just so he could actually see her. If he kept fighting it, I feel like Halle would’ve kept him from seeing her during the next battle. Halle would have made a huge fuss how he’s affecting her career, blah blah, and blah. I wonder what that nanny sees because you can only imagine what Halle’s telling her and then the reactions Gabriel’s having from the intrusion.

  95. laylajane says:

    Yep, Halle is crazy but those visits are supervised for a reason…He did something and there were witnesses to prove it.

  96. youknowwho says:

    Aubry only agreed to this so he could spend time with his daughter who otherwise would be left in a foreign country in care of Berry’s hired help. the judge is just holding Aubry to his end of the deal. As for Berry, she see’s this kid as her sole possession, and, wants to have complete control over Aubry’s relationship with his daughter. She wants to dictate when, where, how much time, even what this kid eats and drinks when she’s with her father. The system favors mothers, even the most narcissistic of them.

  97. taco says:

    Berry has ultimately trashed every man she has ever had a significant relationship with. Can all these men from different walks of life really have been that bad??? Suddenly in the midst of their time with Berry they’ve all become batterers, abusers, womanizers, racists, child neglectors, etc., etc., etc.. Really? What next? Berry is, after all, the common denominator throughout this equation. It’s all getting too far-fetched! She just looks more like a narcissistic control freak than Aubry a bad parent.

  98. gee says:

    halle got alot of mileage out of playing the victim card after her marriages went bad, but, something is different this time. aubry was low-key avoiding the spotlight more than he ever walked in it with her. he came from his own less than idyllic child-hood, and, became a success on his own. he seems willing to sacrifice himself completely for his daughter. berry on the other hand quickly found herself a new stud-service to create a new father and family with her daughter. she seems very self-important, and self entitled.

  99. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @laylajane and others. As a divorce and custody attorney, your comment is silly. Don’t speak unless you know what you are talking about. a sweeping, “ohhhh, the judge must know what they are doing…” is CRAP. Law is what you go to law school for b/c its not that simple.

    @taco & @gee & others: thank you. CB is, for the most part, full of really insightful gossip connoisseurs who know patterns such as Halle’s & recognize bullish** when they see it, lawyer or not.

  100. ??? says:

    At 84, I was merely making a comment. I never stated that her hair should be relaxed. I simply asked why it was never combed or brushed. Where did you see relaxed or flat ironed anywhere in that sentence? 85 I’m not being critical of a child. I’m criticizing her mother/father, nannies.. whoever is taking care of her. All these millions and you can’t wet a brush and take it to your child’s head? SMH. And I am biracial and so are my children… if you must know. My daughter has very curly hair that is never flat ironed or relaxed. But it is brushed at least.

  101. Joe Shmoe says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. In custody battles, father are usually perceived as the lesser parent.

    And Halle is totally crazy. I bet Halle had been drinking during that hit and run. Probably fled to scene so she could sober up.

  102. really says:

    Not only is this twit Halle a complete failure as an actress, she has no talent, and leaches off the media with her spwaned web of relationship-lies. I have nothing but absolute pity for anyone who believes in anything she does or says.

    The victim, if there is one (zzzzzzzz) is: Gabriel! The fact that he had to get involved with a pathetic complete utter mental nut under the supposedly guise of so-called-beauty (narcissism:

    Which thus, rather leads me to clearly see beyond her pr tricks, that she is one very ugly person inside!

  103. leetruth says:

    All this animosity is not good . Halle wants Nahla? Gabriel should just give custody and start a new family instead of traisping after Halle. Gabriel is a young man; he is too young to have his life wasted this way and his character assasinated. When Nahla is big, she will know he tried his best.

  104. lululand says:

    I’m sure Nahla’s hair is brushed, but she is just a little kid.
    Kids like to play, run around and don’t care about what their hair looks like. I would hope that her mom, dad and or nanny are not trying to chase her down to brush her hair during the day.
    Children should be able to have fun and nobody should be concerned, because their hair gets a bit messy, that’s part of being a kid.

  105. Jezi says:

    Ugh, been through the court system and most judges side with the mother, even in situations where the mother is obviously out to get the father. Been there many times with my husband and his ex-wife. The ex-wife has succeeded in alienating us from my husband’s daughter’s life and even though the judge didn’t side with her this time, we just didn’t have it in us to fight an ongoing battle. I think Halle is an asshole. Gabriel was a great father before they split. He clearly loves his daughter. I can’t stand women who use their children as pawns. Shows they don’t care about their kids but more about their own selfish needs.

  106. Mila says:

    Its a technicality. I know that from experience when my parents got divorced. Usually court always favors mother.

  107. ??? says:

    Thanks lulu.. being a mother of three I had NO idea that kids like to play.

  108. lululand says:

    @ ??? :

    Sorry, I apologize for being a bit patronizing.
    I really don’t like when people don’t let kids, just be kids.
    I have two myself.

  109. Lucky Charm says:

    #103 leetruth: “Gabriel should just give custody and start a new family instead of traisping after Halle.”

    WTH kind of statement is that?!?!?! Nahla is his daughter, whom he loves very much, and is obviously doing everything he can to maintain a relationship with. Did HB pay you to post that garbage? The only one who would benefit from him abandoning his daughter, is Halle. Because that’s exactly what she’s trying to do, fight him so long and hard that he finally just gives up in exhaustion and abandons his daughter, like HB father did to her, so that she can justify her actions – “see, GA was NOT a good man and I was right to have my daughter to myself!”

    Nahla won’t know that he tried his best, she’ll think that he didn’t care enough about her to bother with. That will mess her up more than being with her crazy mess of a mother will.

    Halle needs to give up and accept the fact that her daughter has a father who wants to be very much involved in his daughter’s life and isn’t going anywhere.

  110. mr. drunk says:

    I’m team nobody. They both made a decision to have a child together. Nobody held a gun to Gabe’s head or Halle’s head. They were in a relationship before they decided to have this child. As adults, they are both perfectly capable of seeing each others faults before deciding to have a baby. I don’t fall for the, “Well she all of a sudden changed.” Or, “he’s not the man I thought he was.”

    Not buying.

    Both made this mess. For Nahla’s sake, I hope they clean it up.

    If anything, hopefully it sends a message that people should think good and hard with who they want to have a child with. In this day and age, there is no excuse for accidental pregnancy. If you’re a guy not wrapping it during sex, welp, have fun fighting in court with the witch you slept with and don’t expect any sympahty. If you are a woman who failed to use protection, good luck with Mr. Racist dad, or whatever.

    All people need to grow up and take responsibility for their actions, and then suck it up when shit like this hits the fan.

    If adults did a better job choosing who they wanna breed with, there wouldn’t be these messes. I said adults. Not referring to teens. That’s a whole other ball game.

  111. Trashaddict says:

    Supervised visitation might be a good thing, as long as the supervisor is not the nanny from team Halle. If the visits are supervised, nobody can allege anything bad happened to Nahla during the visit. Even with Halle’s nanny doing the supervising, if she let something happen to Nahla under her care she’d look bad.
    So maybe the supervision will work in Gabriel’s favor?

  112. leetruth says:

    @lucky charm: Team Halle? Please!! I do not want Gabriel wasting his life and having mud thrown on his good name. He deserves better than this. All custody battles are mind destroying especially when the innocent party is being rubbished.

  113. Kate says:

    Ummm…check out Gabe’s trouser snake in that first pic…..gifted!

  114. Anon says:

    Venus: The Dark Side = Halle Berry. One day, her child will be old enough to understand what her momma has done to her and her daddy (possibly telling the dunce of a judge.) Children always figure it out and tell, it is only a matter of time. Tick, tock Halle.

  115. lu lu says:

    when this kid does become a hell-raiser, berry will just do what she does best – play the victim and blame it all on aubry!!!!

  116. eternalcanadian says:

    Oh dear, that’s awful for Gabriel! It’s an unfortunate and cruel reality but in many USA (and in pretty much all the Canadian provinces as far as I know) family court sides with the mother simply because of biology. It is crazy to think in 2011 society doesn’t believe fathers are just as nurturing as and in lots of cases better parents than mothers.

    I think whoever is presiding over this case is anti-father and pro-celebrity because for one thing it is totally whacked if Halle can “flaunt” Olivier Martinez around in front of and let him be alone with Nahla without any supervison. Just how much does she trust Oliver? How do we know Oliver isn’t some freaky pedophile? We don’t, so why does the judge treat Gabriel like he is one? If anything Halle should be supervised with Nahla! Fair’s fair, eh? You insist on the father being supervised, then you Mizz Halle, should be supervised too!

    Also, did everyone forget what Halle is capable of? It may have happened 10 years ago, but even so Halle hit that woman with her car, drove off, and lied to investigators about what happened. All she got was a slap on the wrist. Some justice system, eh? Yeah, it’s all about Halle. Bleh.