Linnocent is “delusional, clueless, surrounded by sycophants” says new report


So Linnocent showed up 85 minutes early for her morgue duty on Friday. That came after she was 40 minutes late on Thursday, and she got turned away for being an unreliable crackhead. Within hours of her arrival at the morgue, TMZ had already gotten hilarious “exclusives” about Linnocent dealing with the dead and their assorted body fluids, which allegedly grossed out LL. As many of us theorized, Linnocent probably hadn’t even slept – she had probably been tweaking and snorting all night long (more on that in a moment), and I would imagine that she was desperate for a hit of something, anything, several hours into her morgue duty. Thus, someone (“someone”) tried to smuggle some crackie “cupcakes” into the morgue:

The L.A. County Coroner… turned away a dude who was delivering 36 fancy cupcakes to Lindsay Lohan and 35 of her closest friends at the morgue.

We found out about it and called Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter to inquire, and he said, “WHAT!” — and then went to the front door and turned the delivery guy away
Winter told TMZ, “It’s unacceptable. We’re not here to accept food,” adding there are not 36 people in Lindsay’s program, so some of the cupcakes were apparently earmarked for the Coroner’s staff.

We found out the order was placed this morning at the fancy, Magnolia Bakery by someone Lindsay knows.

The bakery owner would not tell TMZ whether the order was placed at Lindsay’s behest, but Winter told TMZ he spoke with Lindsay and she said she had nothing to do with the order.

[From TMZ]

Note that last part – “Winter told TMZ he spoke with Lindsay and she said she had nothing to do with the order.” Than TMZ reported this:

Lindsay Lohan didn’t want to be a stiff during her first day at the morgue …so she went in and washed soiled linens, scrubbed toilets and seemed to enjoy her time with the other volunteers … sources tell TMZ.

We’re told LiLo said she felt “terrible” about showing up late and being such a distraction on Thursday, so she went to bed early to avoid a repeat performance.

Lindsay, we’re told, didn’t act like a spoiled brat. Like so many of her friends, she got down on her hands and knees …. and cleaned floors. She even socialized with some of the other volunteers.

As for the whole burger and cupcake thing … Lindsay told friends she wasn’t trying to bribe anyone … but the gesture was just another way to show the staff how sorry she was for being late the day before.

[From TMZ]

So did she order the cupcakes or not? Did she lie about it to Mr. Winter? Did Mother Crackhead order the cupcakes for Linnocent, figuring that ‘who would say “no” to crack cupcakes’? Was there a little something-something “hidden” in some of the special cupcakes? I do not know the answers to any of these questions, but I can make a good guess.

Alright, now back to Linnocent tweaking and snorting and partying before her community service hours. The NY Post got this “exclusive” report about The State of The Cracken at this point. I feel like we’re supposed to be sympathetic to this portrayal of a dumb crackie who always finds herself in the center of various crack dramas, but I just can’t feel it. Mostly, I just think she’s pathetic and she’s brought this all on herself:

Slumped on the sofa at a private house party in Malibu, Lindsay Lohan reaches clumsily for her bag. Her artificially plumped lips parted company with their last cigarette several minutes ago, and she’s clearly in need of a nicotine fix. Fumbling among the detritus in her designer tote, she pulls out a box of Parliament Lights and a tattered notebook, and begins scribbling pensively.

“I write absolutely everything down,” she tells a partygoer after asking him for a light. “It’s the only way I can make sense of everything that happens in my life.”

While the ramblings of the child star-turned-absentee morgue cleaner would no doubt make for fascinating reading, many would find her thought processes harder to decipher than the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“To say she’s delusional would be a major understatement,” one former associate tells The Post. “She genuinely seems clueless as to why these things keep happening to her. There is always something, or someone, else to blame.”

Just Wednesday, Lindsay was led from the Los Angeles County Superior Court in handcuffs and ordered to post $100,000 bail after Judge Stephanie Sautner angrily stated that Lohan had violated the terms of probation in her misdemeanor shoplifting case by failing to show up for community service at a women’s shelter on no fewer than nine occasions.

The following day, Lohan showed up 40 minutes late for court-ordered morgue cleaning at the Los Angeles County coroner’s office and was considered a no-show. Lindsay, 25, is due back in court on Nov. 2, when it will be decided if she should face time behind bars.

Dubbed “uninsurable” by the producers of “Inferno,” who fired her from the Linda Lovelace biopic last year, Lindsay’s latest venture — a $500,000 modeling gig for German designer Philipp Plein — is hanging in the balance. Reports last year claimed the actress was more than $600,000 in debt (her mom, Dina, denied the story), but “cutbacks” are not on Lindsay’s agenda.

“Lindsay gets by on checks from club appearances, and from plugging firms on her Twitter account and Web site,” a Lohan insider reveals. “The amounts are nothing like what she used to command, but she also gets a lot of things for free: She’s not shy of clearing the shelves at a gifting suite. She doesn’t really understand the value of money; she hoards hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shoes and clothes in her apartment, but she won’t sell anything to help clear her debts.”

Lindsay’s friend choices are questionable at best.

“If someone disagrees with her, or tells her she’s out of line, she cuts them dead,” the acquaintance says. “She is surrounded by sycophants who are hanging on the coattails of her notoriety; she is still very naive and trusting and she gets exploited a lot.”

But how did the feted young actress plummet from A-list to ”lost cause” status? One friend says it was all in her upbringing.

“She has been exploited for most of her life,” the pal says, “so it’s unsurprising she doesn’t have much grip on reality.”

[From The New York Post]

I mean… is this surprising? Nope – we‘ve all known this crap for years. She’s delusional. Check. She surrounds herself with enablers. Check. She has crappy parents. Check. She’s a crack hoarder. Check. She’s in crazy debt. Check. She’s a taker and she demands loads of “free” crap. Check. She thinks everybody else is to blame for her problems. Check. Is any of this sad? Should I get all depressed at the state of Linnocent’s sad life? I’m mostly sad that one of these days, she’s really going to hurt someone, and then it will no longer be a “crack shenanigan”.





Photos courtesy of Fame, Pacific Coast News, WENN.

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  1. mojoman says:


  2. Rita says:

    I think her day at the morgue, cupcakes and all, was her best day (performance) in years. Let’s see if she keeps it up or will tomorrow bring a sick day.

  3. brin says:

    The top picture looks like Mug shots in Brady Bunch format.

  4. retyah says:

    Who would want to eat burgers and cupcakes after cleaning up body fluids from the deceased?!??

  5. Peachy Kean says:

    Those mug shots belong in “faces of meth” gallery.

  6. says:

    What’s delusional is a) Linnocent does not have 35 closest friends, and b) she could not get in a crowd of people to hang out with her at the morgue, as the TMZ reports seem to suggest

  7. Launicaangelina says:

    It’s extremely sad that this is the state of her life now. She and several others are to blame for this. Anytime I catch Mean Girls on TV, it’s makes me sad to see where she is now…

  8. Annie says:

    I seriously think Lindsay hit the pipe before court. Her pupils are HUGE even in those bright flashes, so big you almost can’t see the colored part of her eye – sure sign of stimulant drugs. She’s certainly got some nerve. I wouldn’t put crackie cupcakes past her.

    I also wonder why her right cheek is swollen up in the newest mug shot?

  9. Her mug shots are actually a lot cuter then regular shots of her taken by the paparazzi. It is her sister who is Hideous. How can that girl be a model? She is plain homely.

  10. bluhare says:

    Re the swollen cheek. I think the bad blush was an attempt to cover up cheek fillers to offset the round face she’s got now.

  11. Kloops says:

    Whenever I see photos of Ali and LinnocentI have an overwhelming urge to punch Mother Crackhead.

  12. smh says:

    how is any of that news?

  13. Green_Eyes says:

    35 of her closest friends that VOLUNTEER @ the Morgue?? Think Harvey’s been sniffing embalming fluid!! There may be 35 people all whom she just met..of that 35..Some are doing Community Service for breaking the law just as she did. They are not VOLUNTEERING anything, they are fulfilling a COURT ORDER! The rest of that number I’m sure are Employees (being on payroll is not the same as Volunteering), and I doubt they are all Crackie fans as she seemed
    to disrespect all the Policies the rest abide by.

    What’s w/ Harvey & TMZ did DO get to him or what..why the sugar coating (if that’s sugar in the bowl…did we decide) for Crackie??

  14. Nanea says:

    Like so many of her friends, she got down on her hands and knees …

    Cracken has friends?

    Or is that people who are paid to pretend to be friends? Friends in weed, I mean, crack?

    And are all those people perps… if they all get down on their hands and knees together at the morgue for CS?

    How old is Ali exactly? She looks like she is on the wrong side of 30.

  15. werty says:

    I’m mostly sad that one of these days, she’s really going to hurt someone, and then it will no longer be a “crack shenanigan”.

    She is hurting people by buying drugs,
    people get robbed, killed etc because the dealers fight about the money.

    And its not uncommon that theres kids involved. A lot of users/dealers have kids who run around extremly dangerous chemicals that can explode any second
    (crack labs)

    So yeah anyone whos paying for that crap is hurting people and their own community.
    And yes i know that addiction is a dicease but that doesnt make it right.

  16. Franny says:

    If you look at her mug shot pictures, in the latest one she really looks like the little girl lost. in the other ones she has that snarl on her face…but now she just looks…sad

  17. gee says:

    It’s sad in a pathetic kind of way, not a sympathetic kind of way. So many people were raised by monsters.. she has to be accountable for herself.

  18. Cherry Rose says:

    Does Lindsay not realize how transparent her actions are? Why would 35 of her friends be working at the morgue? Are they all on probation too? Makes no sense.

    I honestly wonder if Lindsay is going to keep up with doing her CS at the morgue, or is she just going to go “F*ck it”, and blow it off. Either by being late, leaving early, or not showing up at all.

  19. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Don’t be silly lady’s ………
    This is the start of the “Poor Lindsay Campaign” being put out by Horning and Lohan make everybody feel sorry for the poor , dilusional , misguided , innocent thing……
    Remember the rehabs …..the ‘she’s addict and needs medical help” then the two instant cure and release thingie they like to do…..remember the hospital phycho stay..didn’t stay two weeks before she was released….then the rehabs …same thing….
    Hell it worked before why not again..
    They want public sympathy on her side when she goes against the judge….like before…..

    Sheese ! What idiots ! what stupid idiots to try this same o same o again.!!

  20. Praise St. Angie! says:

    we all keep saying how bad the blond is for her, and that she should go back to red.

    even her mugshots prove it.

  21. Boo says:

    I have trouble putting the “pieces of Lindsay” together. She is “terribly naive”? She is many, many things, but someone who has managed to lie, cheat, and steal her way through life while supporting herself and what appears to be her substantial drug habit through hooking cannot, cannot, CANNOT be considered naive.

    Or is the naivete associated with the idea of her being genuinely clueless as to how things keep “happening TO HER” rather than happening BECAUSE OF HER ACTIONS? Has anyone ever taught her cause and effect? Of course, these lessons would be useless, because she is in a special, elite category, so normal C&E isn’t always at play, but still. The way she and her team lie outright daily to the press makes me wonder, again, how in the world her mind does work. She knows she will get caught in said lies, but it doesn’t matter to her because…what? She has no sense that being known as a liar (thief, drug addict, whatever) doesn’t matter as long as she’s pretty (or thinks she is) and NOT in jail?

    Also, the fact that she has no relationship with any one person that is valuable to her–so that if this person were to sit her down and say, “Lindsay, you know I love you, but this has got to stop…” that she would at least want the relationship to continue enough to listen to that person. Instead, it appears that she cares for NO ONE–not even her mother, who has already said, I believe, that she can’t tell Lindsay what she doesn’t want to hear or she will stop talking to her/get violent/whatever…this is the behavior of a sociopath, no? Someone for whom there is no real relationship based on love, trust, and shared history with ANYONE, including parents and siblings?

    Someone help me get my mind around this.

  22. Mouse says:

    I know people battling addiction. And volunteer work is a great way for an addict to focus on helping others and feel useful while they battle their demons. But they have to make that decision themselves. Nothing is going to change until Lindsey grows up and makes the decision to take her life seriously. Until then, change for her is not possible.

    I’d feel sorry for her, but I know people who have been in much worse situations and have pulled themselves out of it without all the same chances she’s been given. At this point, I hope when she goes she just doesn’t take anyone else with her.

    Seriously, how many years has she been like this, an entitled bratty, dangerous junkie who wears F-U nails to court?! I feel like I’ve been reading about the Lohan family in the tabloids for most of my adult life.

  23. Madisyn says:

    The big question: Will she show up tomorrow for morgue duty? Or will she wait till Nov. 1st, the day before her hearing? She is known for doing shit last minute.

    As for the sloppy TMZ story.

    “She even socialized with some of the other volunteers”.

    Uh, they aren’t ‘volunteers’, they’re other criminals doing CS, just like her.

    “Like so many of her friends, she got down on her hands and knees …. and cleaned floors”.

    Friends? FRIENDS? Who writes this crap. They’re not her ‘friends’. One, Blohan doesn’t have friends, she has enablers and two, she just met these other probationers. Can we all say it together, BITCH, PLEASE.

  24. Dina says:

    I can not stand her and her never ending drama anymore. I see three way: 1. they should put her to the jail for good, 2. she should overdose for good, 3. they should put her and her whole family to the jail and and give them 100 pounds of cocaine and they should overdose for good. It would be fair.

  25. RocketMerry says:

    I agree with Kaiser.
    It WAS sad. Now it’s dangerous and well into the realm of illegal. And yes, enabling her is not going to do the trick anymore, or she’ll end up hurting people.

    Oh, and I’ll add my voice to Madisyn’s: BITCH, PLEASE.

  26. imabrat says:

    Just can’t seem to muster up any sympathy for her. As an adult, she’s made her own bed and now she certainly lies in it. There are far less fortunate people than her with horrible upbringing that manage to rise above. Not only is she clueless, she seems most unlikeable.
    I seriously wonder if she may be mentally challenged. It really doesn’t seem as though there’s anything going on in that head.

  27. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Haha!! @ Madisyn, loving the cone!!! 😉

    I belive Linnocent cuts people dead if they disagree with her, I also agree that she has been exploited esp by her darling mother, but I don’t 4 a single second believe she is naive! C’mon, stupid maybe, but not naive (btw way u’ll be glad to know my 3rd moment of feeling for Linnocent has passed!)

    I’m just thinking she’ll now put in more hours at the morgue b4 the 2nd Nov and the judge will let her off a ‘jail sentence’ then Linnocent will revert to form, saying FU again. That is not naive, that is stupidity

  28. LeeLoo says:

    To add to Madisyn’s BITCH PLEASE, a little perspective:

    Yeah she had a crappy childhood, sad. But there comes a point when a crappy childhood doesn’t excuse the adult you’ve become. She is a lost cause and the only reason she’s still famous is because the media has her on deathwatch, which while disgusting, morbid and sick is also exactly what LL wants to keep herself relevant in her own mind.

    I would love to see LL turn her life around and I think she could if she got some intense therapy with a therapist who would take none of her crap, that’s why I hope the judge will have her do her jail time in a psych ward for 18 months. She obviously has a personality disorder and she needs to be treated as such. She needs to be torn from the sycophantic system that is the cushy Hollywood treatment centers that she is used to, she needs to spend 18 months away from anyone who would enable her. It’s the only way she could even hope to achieve a fulfilling life and not kill herself before she turns 30. I think if she spent 12+ months removed from her life she would spend the rest of her life in a better place. It’s obvious that as things stand she is doing what she can to run away from reality. She cannot function in the real world and she does drugs and has the attitude she does because of it.

  29. HannahF says:

    I think that Lilo will complete her morgue duty in a timely manner. If she doesn’t put in extra time as she claimed she would, she will have an ‘excuse’ as to why she was unable to do so. This is similar to her 11th hour trips to rehab. Anything to ameliorate a jail sentence.

    The people in her life seem to be divided into 3 groups: her ‘friends’, jealous haters and people who want to make money using her ‘good’ name. Thus, she is always in the right in her mind. And clearly excuses, apologies, gifts, return of stolen goods, payoffs, etc. have kept her jail time/criminal record to a minimum. However, that game can’t be played forever.

    With all the therapy she’s had over the years SOMEONE must have mentioned the bad things happen to me/I create bad situations dichotomy. Maybe one day it will sink in.

  30. Dawning Red says:

    Leaving aside for a moment what a mess Lady MacMeth is, let’s look at the writing at the New York Post. “Slumped on the sofa at a private house party in Malibu, Lindsay Lohan reaches clumsily for her bag. Her artificially plumped lips parted company with their last cigarette several minutes ago” It reads like what we used to write in school where the teacher gave you a 200 word essay to write, and you filled it up with tons of adjectives to get by!

    All that it needs is “It was a dark and stormy night. Heaving, pendulous breasts swayed as her white ashen face and alcohol-laden bloodshot eyes locked onto the glistening golden necklace in front of her sperm-drenched, cocaine-filled body. Suddenly, thin hands covered with dirty fingernails expertly and quickly shoplifted the gleaming prize into her off-white purse with experienced grace, where it joined the expensive but familiar collection of various pharmaceuticals.”

    But I think you guys should go easy on TMZ for once. I mean, this part about Lyndzie is completely accurate:

    “Like so many of her friends, she got down on her hands and knees”


  31. Madisyn says:

    “If someone disagrees with her, or tells her she’s out of line, she cuts them dead.”

    THAT, RIGHT THERE, IS THE PROBLEM. And has been for a decade now. No one has EVER said NO before. Or at least anyone who’s still around. Forget Dina, she’s beyond useless, living off her ‘child’. WO is who got this trainwreck rolling in the first place. How many managers, agents, publicists (reputable, not this Honig clown) have given her advice and she blatantly disregarded or outright did the opposite? And they quite her ass as to not be associated with this twit.

    CS and jail will not change who she is, it just reinforces ‘in her mind’ how she’s a VICTIM, that everyone is mean and are jealous of her. Of course her enablers, lead by the stellar WO, will continue to reinforced this myth. With these people in her life, she will NEVER learn.

    Ruby Red

    Mornin, thanks, I love it too. Have you seen all the other cones? bellaluna has cones too. Speaking of which, where is belle?

    Its a little early here, but its after 7:30 pm where you are, so join me for a cracktini?

  32. Turtle Dove says:

    LeeLoo (28) 100% right on.

    LiLo is no longer a kid and can’t blame her current behavior on her upbringing. Any person can negate their rearing by making intelligent lifestyle choices. She chose not to do that, and this is what her life is like.

  33. Bess says:

    I wonder if Lindsay would say that she had a crappy childhood / crappy parents. She might classify Michael Lohan as a crappy father, but she’d back Dina to the max as an amazing mother.

    Dina is Lindsay’s #1 enabler. Lindsay allegedly punched Dina in the face when Dina tried to do an intervention to get her into rehab. It’s almost impossible for Dina to give LL tough love when she relies on Lindsay for money and fame.

    Dina has publicly lied about Lindsay on countless occasions. She partied with Lindsay. Dina allowed Ali to live with Lindsay for months at a time over the last 3 years while claiming she knew LL was an addict.

    Lindsay will never get well as long as Dina keeps enabling her.

  34. Lio says:

    The top left photo on the Montage of Mugshots is hysterical! It looks like she’s wearing a shiny orange mask on her face, up by her hairline you can see where it ends and her normal skin color begins!

  35. Mich says:

    Hmmm. The Post seems a little behind the curve on ‘breaking’ the story that the girl is delusional. Must be nice to be the writer who got that cushy assignment!

    I was stuck waiting for a client to get back to me yesterday and got tired of reading about Qaddafi and OWS so did a little research on common terms associated with Our Lady. Thanks for the fun Google!

    “Lindsay Lohan” + … sociopath = 152,000; narcissist = 975,000; bitch = 25,600,000 (direct phrase “LL is a bitch” = 69,300); pathetic = 2,710,000; addict = 40,100,000; meth = 2,670,000; crack = 10,900,000; alcohol = 14,400,000; troubled = 6,230,000; idiot = 7,380,000; moron = 3,080,000; self absorbed = 689,000; drunk = 37,900,000; brat = 8,790,000; stupid = 36,100,000; whore = 5,870,000; call girl = 1,880,000; partied = 9,760,000; assault = 23,300,000; theft = 11,700,000; liar = 37,000,000 (direct phrase “LL is a liar” = 43,500); delusional = 712,000; diva = 11,700,000; CRAZY = 59,200,000

    “Mean Girls” = 7,060,000

  36. SCREEEE says:

    AHAHAHAHA Dawning Red!! You just made my month. Can we CB commenters band together to write a trashy novel about her?

    Lindsay looked into the mirror and was met by an extraordinary vision, much as usual. After a few minutes leaning against the sink, the three beautiful blondes merged into one, and she was able to admire the breathtaking splendour before her. She was looking better than ever – something she hadn’t thought possible. But Pootie was right! Positive thinking (and some modest lip-plumping) was working! Her nose seemed smaller – a generally acknowledged good thing, and her hairline seemed to be higher. That Rihanna hack had a large forehead, and people consider her beautiful, so it must all be for the best. Her extensions were looking magnificent. Indeed, minutes earlier somebody had said they looked like Polly Ester, who Lindsay assumed was a supermodel.

    Just then a girl walked into the bathroom. “GET OUT!” Lindsay screamed, hurling a vase in the direction of this hateful, bullying intruder. Why could nobody leave her in peace? Weren’t the mens’ toilets free? Life is hard, she reflected. Did Marilyn have to deal with this kind of nonsense? Lindsay sighed, emptied the bowl of potpourri into her handbag, grabbed some toilet roll from the supplies cupboard in the corner, and after a moment’s hesitation decided she wanted that small potted plant by the window as well.

    Then she stopped, confused, and looked down at her empty left hand. Why the f-ck didn’t she have a drink?! What was WRONG with these people, to let her wander around dying of thirst? Someone was going to pay…

  37. Laurie M. says:

    I recall reading on Perez Hilton’s site that he called the bakery on the date they attempted delivery. He got some form of direct or indirect confirmation that they were from Lindsay. Why does she keep lying? Oh, that’s right…she a drug addict with a criminal past!

  38. The Truth Fairy says:


  39. Seal Team 6 says:

    What a nice late Sunday afternoon surprise after a day of errands and house chores.

    *pops open can of Crackweiser*

  40. TabbyCat says:

    Annie, as I said in the other thread, dilated eyes is normal in certain lighting.

    And you have it the wrong way around. If she was high, her pupils would be constricted or contracted; that is, TINY. If she was high, her pupils would be as tiny as pinpricks. It beats me why so many people think your pupils get really large when you are high, when even quick research will tell you its the absolute OPPOSITE.

  41. Seal Team 6 says:

    My Father, who usually has zero interest in “celebrity gossip,” has suddenly become enthralled by the Linnocent Trainwreck. Her cracknagians have the ability to bridge generations.

  42. Madisyn says:


    Days of CS/Jail?/Hrs/Wkly?

    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

    Seal Team

    My mothers the same. Never paid any attention to this stuff before, but now, before every red carpet court appearance, I make sure TMZ is cued up in case its not televised.

  43. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Happily join in you in a cracktini Madisyn 😉

    No havent seen Bellaluna’s cone, or any others thinks its brilliant tho!!

    Loving the novel too ladies…I’ll have to contribute when I’m less tired 🙂

  44. hatsumomo says:

    Im laughing hard for reals at Dawning Red!! Thats great! You should totally pen/type a novel about her exploits!

  45. Mich says:


    ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! You have a gift!

    Edit: It is 10 minutes later and I am still LMFAO! Can’t wait for the next instalment!

  46. kas says:

    You have to know the good people who actually WORK for a living at the Morgue are in Hell right now. They have to watch this little Crackthiefmonster like a hawk because you know she’ll steal anything she thinks might possibly kinda maybe have the potential to get her high.

    She and Mr. Winter are gonna end up in a Battle of Wills and she’s not going to win.

  47. Seal Team 6 says:


    You are incorrect about pupil dilation and drugs. Plenty of drugs make your pupils dilate, as those of us who have lived with coke and meth addicts know. Actually, I just did a quick Google, and a minute of research can show anyone that’s correct.

  48. Bess says:

    So, do you guys think TMZ has found a live source inside the morgue or is Linnocent’s team feeding us these precious nuggets about how she’s behaving herself while doing CS?

  49. Madisyn says:

    Ruby Red

    Scroll up to Dawning Red and Hannahf, you’ll see the ‘cones’. If you go back a couple posts, you’ll see Danielle and belle’s. There’s FIVE of us now, look out.

    *clinking glasses* Cheers


    Because the reviews of her are glowing, I’m going with WO being the ‘source’.

  50. Sillyone says:

    You know there are millions of kids that have had it worse off..ex. sexually abused, physically abused, parents weren’t around, when parents were around they drank, used drugs in front of the kids, I could go on forever. But those kids chose to make themselves into better human beings with no arrests, no drug use or anything of the sort.

    Everyone wants to blame her parents for the piece of shit she is, you know what maybe her parents are pieces of shit, but she chose her life path and her decisions as an ADULT (which some people tend to forget that is is an adult) she only has herself to blame, parents can only be blamed for so long for christ’s sake.

  51. RJ says:

    I think when they refer to “her closest friends” they are sarcastically referring to the other morgue “volunteers” in Lindsay’s community service program.

  52. Hugh Mungus says:

    Who’s to say it isn’t Lindsay herself sending out these ‘good behavior’ tweets?

  53. RocketMerry says:

    Eheh, SCREEE… Lovin’ it!

    She had finally made it back into the room. As she run a perfectly manicured hand through her hair, Lindsay could not keep herself from thinking about all these people, sucking the life out of her. The amount of bodies, just standing there, in her way, blocking her view and preventing her to move…did these people not have occupations? Did they not have things to do, and most importantly, did they really think they were exempt from “the rule”? Nobody. Stands. In. Lindsay’s. Way.
    As she rolled her eyes just a bit harder, a technique she had mastered and perfected since a very early age, she graciously moved back to her private boot.
    A clearly slow minded waitress walked in front of her, without a hard liquor for her and without regards to the fact that she was, in fact, Lindsay Lohan. With the feline, elegant movements that had long been known as “Lindsayan”, she threw a bottle of beer from a nearby table on the waitress’s head. Nobody had seen that, of course. She was Lindsay Lohan.
    She moved past the plain looking girl crying on the ground, smiling at the thought of all those little pills stashed in her purse back at her table. Her mother was probably already having some of those; she better not have finished the green ones, she thought as a wrinkle quickly formed on her forehead.
    That wrinkle had been a horrible worry for her, all week. She just could not go past that. After all, she was an incredibly beautiful actress. Scrap that, she was Lindsay Lohan. She could not have wrinkles. She was going to have to talk about it to her doctor the next time he was injecting those Mexican fluids into her lips.
    There she was, her private table. her mother had been eating her pills, she noticed immediately. She could SENSE when someone was getting some happy stuff. It was a gift. She had such incredible gifts, and so many! She was, like, perfect and incredible and beautiful and…Oh, a red zebra!

  54. Danielle says:

    Pulling up to the airport courthouse in a black escalade,lindsay shocked the party goers,i mean the paparrazi,as she appeared to be arriving on the set of “night of the living dead”.Her unkempt wig,i mean stringy extensions were pulled back into a horse tail,her pale,blotchy,tattoed,bruised and scarred up skin was reveiled by wearing a sleeveless dress,which is a no no for court,donning this with gold 10 inch come do me heels and a gold purse,this is apparently a get up designed to impress the judge,sadly for linmate,her plan backfired and her little gold purse was traded in for sparkly silver bracelets.

    I’ll title this “The tale of the little lonely gold purse”

  55. hillbilly in the corner says:

    LOL…..Tmz commenter has down thats shes on tweeter .tweeting fanticlly about her father being at the front door of her with cops trying to get in to see Ali….and that she was sooooooo scared because he tryed to steal her when she was 4 right inside a court room….and she trying to call one of her lawyers to get a restraining order , something about fake cops , afraid for her life…….
    Man oH Man is this woman completely whacked out of her mind……

  56. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Seems like after a while someone pointed out that he’s retyping old news from last year…

    Just shows how long this woman has been crazy as a bed bug……

  57. Auds says:

    There is only one thing left for her to do.
    Become a scientologist. I’m surprised that they haven’t approached her already, Hollywood being the way it is.
    Maybe her personality is too ‘complex’ for them to deal with?
    She is like the Amy Winehouse of Hollywood [with the exception of Amy having talent]. Lindsay reeks of ‘lost case’. You know that nothing good is going to come from her existence.

  58. Dawning Red says:

    There she was, once again the glamorous star of the show, as she, the delicate and innocent waif that she knew herself to be, always was and always would be. As those cursed bras felt so restraining, she could feel her breasts about her knees as she pirouetted about the stage, allowing the full audience to drink in her beauty and charm. Distant voices cheered in approval. One of them said

    “Ms. Holley, please restrain your client before I have the bailiffs remove her -”

    but no one could, or should, want to tie down her magnificence! I am Lyndzie, she thought to herself in blazing words of golden music, words beyond language, words beyone comprehension. Words that could only have come from the magical powers of the sea jasper she had ingested only an hour before. Yes, the power of the sea jasper, given her by Those That Deal In Shadow, magical elves who lived in the heart of Venice Beach. And yet, the voice would occasioanlly break through the adoration of her audience, the voice of The Woman in Black. Was she – a H8ter? One of those mythical beings of whom little was known? This being spoke again:

    “You are in contempt of court, Ms. Lohan!”

    Yes, this lone and lonely apparition must be a h8ter! And yet, everyone else surrounding the stage of life where Lyndzie was performing loved her! Full of joy and lollipops, teeth shining like glorified white angels singing their heavenly choir to all who worshipped at her feet, Lyndzie could only do one thing, rush the h8ter and offer her Cupcakes of Love! This would still her heart, causing it to grow until this Thing in the Black Robe, this entity wielding a tiny wooden hammer onto her desk, would simply explode in raptuous joy, as Lyndzie herself did when surrounded by the White Lines of Freedom when imbibing the Red Bull of Uninhibited Justice mixed with vodka. “I will run to this h8ter and fill her with joy,” thought Lyndzie, as

    “Guards! Handcuff Ms. Lohan!”

    Through the dim haze of success that always followed her divine person, Lyndzie realized she had achieved worldwide fame at last she saw people rushing at her, notably the Men in the Blue Uniforms of Dominion, their Cuffs of Awesome Protection in hand in order to protect her lustrous body from the crowds so eager to touch her. Taking her into their loving protection, she knew she would soon be taken to a private chamber lined with bars of solid platinum, there to reflect on the glory that was hers and hers alone.

    If only, she thought, everyone else could know how wonderful it was to be me – Lyndzie Lohan.

  59. unbelievable says:

    @ pretty much all of you.
    How do you now that LL wasn’t sexually and/or physically abused? We wouldn’t know unless LL wanted to reveal such things, if she had been, but then you probably wouldn’t believe her anyway.
    She is a 25 year old young woman who grew up with two horribly self-absorbed, emotionally vacant parents. Did you have your first drink/joint/line with your mom and dad in your early teens?
    She absolutely needs help, don’t get me wrong, but being incredibly nasty in print isn’t going to help her.

    @Dina, #24 above… You wish a perfect stranger, who has done nothing to you, dead? Wow, just wow.

  60. Seal Team 6 says:


    She is too poor and too much bad PR for the CoS.

  61. Boo says:

    unbelievable, with all due respect, the court has been offering Lindsay help for years…in the form of rehab, therapy, and opportunities to learn and improve her ability to function in society in the form of classes and community service. Exactly how are we supposed to help her if she has refused, time and time and time again, to help herself? If she has been sexually or physically abused, well, that is tragic. But it does not give her the right to break laws over and over and act like a terrible little bratty entitled asshole. It just doesn’t.

  62. Lauren says:

    I hope they embalmed the cupcakes. When I die, hopefully there will be Crackie Cupcakes in my coffin. Thanks LL, you are so thoughtful.

  63. maddox says:

    I think we can all agree that she’s an asshole, but it doesn’t negate the fact that she’s seriously ill. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see her dead within a year. Tragic figure.

  64. Bess says:

    2 New Dina “Exclusives” from Rumor Fix #1

    Lindsay Lohan’s Friday started off with a wake-up call from her mother, Dina. “I said you better get there on time! She said, ‘Don’t worry Mommy, I will. I promise! I love you’,” Dina revealed in an exclusive interview to RumorFix.

    The call clearly worked as Lindsay reported for her morgue orientation at 5:35 a.m., nearly an hour and a half early. “Thank God she’s there and all is well,” Dina said.

    Still, Lindsay’s trip to the morgue was far from drama-free. “There were hundreds of paparazzi. It’s complete insanity. They are next door in buildings. They have helicopters. She was scared driving. They wait outside her house, They cut her off. It’s complete insanity that they are following this child. She’s doing what she’s supposed to do and they just need to let her do it and back off,” Dina shared.

    While the court seems to think the morgue is a fitting place for Lindsay to serve community service, her mother does not.”Being in a morgue, I don’t think that’s helping. She should be in a situation where she is helping others and you know humbling oneself as opposed to going to a morgue. I don’t understand that at all.”

    Lindsay will have to complete 16 hours at the morgue before appearing at court on November 2nd.

  65. Bess says:

    Dina’s 2nd Rumor Fix Exclusive:

    Dina Lohan is firing back at her ex over his bombshell claim that their troubled daughter Lindsay Lohan is doing drugs.

    “It’s a complete lie”, Dina Lohan tells RumorFix in an exclusive interview.

    Lindsay recently appeared in public flashing seemingly decayed, yellow teeth. Her estranged father says its a result of her doing illegal drugs.

    “That’s from smoking a pipe with meth or crack,” Michael Lohan said in a televised interview. “She’s smoking either crack or meth, one or the other. I’m not going to shade it.”

    But, Dina Lohan tells RumorFix the shocking drug allegation from Daddy Lohan is all nonsense.

    “Michael has not spoken or seen [Lindsay] so he has no right to make any statement without first hand knowledge… and by the way its a complete lie!” Dina Lohan is keeping close tabs on Lindsay and she expects her daughter to be back at her court-ordered morgue duty on Monday, “I’m there to support my daughter and that’s what I do as a parent.”

  66. Madisyn says:

    Thank you CPS/Boo


    “There were hundreds of paparazzi. It’s complete insanity. They are next door in buildings. They have helicopters. She was scared driving. They wait outside her house, They cut her off”.

    There was not ‘HUNDREDS’ of paps, there were no helicopters, they were not on the roof tops of adjacent buildings, she wasn’t scared, they didn’t ‘cut her off’. I’ll give Dina one thing, they may have been outside her home, BECAUSE THE BITCH CALLED THEM.

    I know I said it earlier, but can we ALL have a collective “BITCH, PLEASE”.

  67. Dawning Red says:


    Dina said “Being in a morgue, I don’t think that’s helping. She should be in a situation where she is helping others and you know humbling oneself as opposed to going to a morgue. I don’t understand that at all.” Gee Dina, that’s a great idea. Maybe Lyndzie should have done her community service in, say – a Women’s Center?


    Leaving aside for the moment the fact that you’re expecting something different from a site named CeleBITCHY, let’s turn your question around. How do you know that LL WAS sexually and/or physically abused? You’re excusing her behavior on a hypothetical.

    But, for the sake of argument let’s grant you that hypothetical. Even if she had been, how does that help the people who have had their cars jacked by her, been in accidents involving her, or been shoplifted by her? She’s old enough by now to know better. I think you’re forgetting about the real victims here. And she needs to be locked up to prevent future ones.

  68. SCREEEE says:

    Confessions of a Broken Sobriety

    Urgh! Directors! Why were they all so… delusional?? “Oooh I’m Martin Scorcese, you can’t be in my film!!” She just wanted to shake them all and say “I can’t help you if you won’t let me!” She was interrupted in this altruistic train of thought by an intense urge to let the club-going masses bathe in her magnificence.

    [several minutes later]

    Lindsay was lying elegantly in the middle of the dancefloor, in a puddle of vomit that was almost definitely not her own. “Moodavoohhm…” she commanded in her sensual, husky tones, “Imlinnylo-” Here she stopped for a second to generously contribute to what was almost definitely someone else’s puddle of sick.

    Suddenly her Mother was kneeling beside her, stroking her golden horse-tail weave. “My beautiful Lindsay,” Dina croaked, a vacant look in her eye, “You’re so special and beautiful.” Lindsay shot her an irritated look from the floor. Dina flinched and lifted her hands as if to protect her face, and then corrected herself. “THE most special and beautiful and talented! Marilyn Monroe reincarnated!”

    Lindsay gave a grudging nod, and then Dina passed her a shot-glass filled with sea jasper. Not her usual tumbler, Lindsay noted, but she suppressed her fury. After all, she was in public, and decorum was a family trait. Dina barked at Ali to take off her dress, which she then used to lift Lindsay’s head upright.

    Ahh! That sea jasper was just the ticket. Lindsay sprang up and twirled about the room, gently shoving some TV actress into a table so as to dance with her rather attractive boyfriend. Boyfriends? No, that was one person. He had such a funny way of showing his appreciation and lust as Lindsay ground her derriere into his crotch, what with the screaming and arm-flailing. But Lindsay was used to men and women being unable to control themselves around her.

    Sparing a second to punch a waitress in the back of the head and demand a water-cooler filled with vodka (those pesky paparazzi!), Lindsay thought of all these poor, sad common folk moving in a wide circle around her, knowing that even sober they weren’t subtly glamourous as she was, a full quarter of the way through her night. She could already see several girls eyeing her hair, and she knew she had single-handedly just started the trend of dipping your tresses in puke… She screamed across the club at Pootie to remind her to add ‘trendsetter’ to her list of occupations on her Twitter profile.

  69. Boo says:

    Madisyn, re Di-lusional and the paps: don’t you get the sense she is setting up an excuse as to why Lindsay will ultimately fail at morgue duty? We all saw the TMZ photos…there were maybe 20 people milling around with cameras. She is really overplaying her hand–I can only guess it is to establish some reason why she cannot or does not do what she is supposed to do.

  70. Seal Team 6 says:

    And, a 25-year-old woman is NOT a “child,” she’s an adult.

  71. Blue says:

    I think if she gets sentenced to jail time, she will make a suicide attempt. Then get sent to a hospital and play games until her time is up or they take pity on her and give her some light sentence someplace else.

  72. Nemesis Rose says:

    I guess my invitation to Lindsay’s Pity Party got lost in the mail. That’s okay ’cause I’d have to R.S.V.P with a huge S.T.F.U!

    Guess what Linds? Lots of people had/have shitty parents, but they don’t sit around whining about it or committing strings of crimes to deal with it. Hell, my own parents sucked so much that I left home as a teen. I got myself two part time jobs to pay my rent and went back to school as an adult. I’ve never committed a crime or drank or done drugs. I was sexually abused as a child, but I went in to therapy, not acted like a spoiled brat who thought the world owed me something for what I went through.

    Stop enabling this WOMAN, stop excusing HER behavior, and stop denying that it’s HER responsibility to take control of HER life!!!

  73. Sol says:

    Let’s not forget the fact that she isn’t a talented actress like RDJ.He got his act together and has a brilliant career because of his amazingness.
    Maybe her family knows that her career is dead regardless of her being clean and having her like this guarantees media time and some money.
    At some point it all depends on you wanting to be ok , like nicole ritchie, rdj, britney, many worked hard to have a healthy productive happy life.

  74. Lucky Charm says:

    Hi ladies! I haven’t read any of these comments yet but I have some book title suggestions, too.

    Of Vice and Lohan
    The Idiot and the Oddity
    Blow White and the Soused Lohans
    Malice in Lohanland
    The Hunt For Red Cracktober
    To Shill A Crackiebird
    Days of Whine and Hoses
    Cokeback Mountain
    Lied and Lindsay-diss
    Dina Careenyaya
    The Little Crack Girl

    And that’s all I’ve got for now, it’s almost midnight and time for bed now. Checking back later, goodnight all!

  75. Annie says:

    Annie, as I said in the other thread, dilated eyes is normal in certain lighting.

    And you have it the wrong way around. If she was high, her pupils would be constricted or contracted; that is, TINY. If she was high, her pupils would be as tiny as pinpricks. It beats me why so many people think your pupils get really large when you are high, when even quick research will tell you its the absolute OPPOSITE.


    @ tabbycat – it is depressant drugs such as opiates which make the pupils constrict. Stimulants like meth and crack always dilate them. Dilated eyes are normal under poor lighting, it is NOT normal that a person’s eyes would be super dilated in the bright flash of a police mug shot.

  76. RocketMerry says:

    There are people who have been through the same and then some, and still manage to understand the consequences of their actions because they know, guess what?, that they’re accountable for them.
    If nobody ever helped her grow up and get a grip, then this is her last chance, and it’s a judge giving it to her.

  77. MacScore says:

    @ Lucky Charm – laughing my ass off with the book titles – great stuff.
    @Dawning Red and SCREEE – keep it up! This is the best stuff so far! When’s the unauthorized biography coming out? Don’t keep us fans waiting! *sips crack-n-tonic while waiting for next installment*

  78. Danielle says:

    I just found a picture of what lindsay will look like in a few years,when you open look to the right…lol!!!

  79. Danielle says:


  80. snapnhiss says:

    Granted, it’s LL but the cupcakes could just be a friendly gesture. I know I’ve brought goodies into work before.

  81. Boo says:

    I’ve brought goodies in to work, too. But never to my court-appointed community service job on the first day, because I know that would look like sucking up and attempting to buy off.

    TMZ reports that Lindsay dumped Lou Taylor. Heh. I bet LT has a different story there. Of course she is hoping to blame LimoGate on LT and get off the hook. Won’t fly, but I hope it forces some of her financials to come out. What a juicy read THAT should be.

  82. Seal Team 6 says:

    Isn’t Lou Taylor the one who bails her out?

  83. Mich says:

    @ Dawning Red & Screeee

    Too hysterical for words! I keep checking back purely to see what you are coming up with! There are so many scenarios for your talent:-) The red carpet, jail, community service, photo shoots, interviews, movie sets…

  84. Neelyo says:

    Has Dina been booked on The Today Show yet? I can’t wait to hear her defense this time.

    Does anyone remember IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES? Sharon Stone in one of her first major roles played a trashy coke addict starlet with an even trashier mom named Dottie. Dina and Lindsay totally remind me of them.

    Side note: Is Ali 18 yet? Is it okay to say that she’s rather homely?

  85. MSat says:

    Lindsay HAS hurt people. How about that car chase where she jumped into someone else’s SUV, ran over a kid’s foot, and chased down her fleeing assistant, with people in the back of the SUV? She is lucky she didn’t kill someone that night.

  86. Danielle says:

    The 25-year-old actress also is worried that her finances are not being handled efficiently, possibly because Taylor is based more than 2,100 miles away.

    Her publicist, Steve Honing, said that Taylor’s departure was perfectly amicable and that Lohan and Taylor were still on good terms.
    And other concerns were raised last week over her half-a-million dollar contract with German designer Philipp Plein, after Judge Sautner ordered her back to the courthouse on November 2nd, raising speculation as to whether she would be able to fulfil her contractual overseas appearances. But it seems Plein is standing by the star.
    “I chose Lindsay Lohan as the face of my ss 2012 collection because, aside from being talented and beautiful, she is unconventional, unpredictable, full of surprises and far from boring…which perfectly reflects the spirit of my collection,” he told us in a statement. “I look forward to completing our project together, and trust that she will be able to resolve her legal issues as soon as possible.”

    Read more:

  87. Madisyn says:

    Well, well, well. I haven’t seen one report she’s at the morgue. Could all of us be right, in that Blohan wouldn’t show up today? Hhhmmmmmmm.


    Dina ALWAYS over-plays her hand. And its these types of statements that you know she says to Blohan that reinforce her attitude to NOT do as she’s ordered to by the court. I’ve said it before, but it bares repeating. Dina is the boil on the butt of society.

  88. the original bellaluna says:

    OK, I’m here! Talk about tardy to the party! I’m willing to bet that, as it’s after 10 here is Cali, she ain’t showing up today.

    (scrolling back up to read the comments & article now)

  89. Kim says:

    Gee sounds like pretty much 99% of Hollywood celebs. Majority of them are surrounded by sycophants. The industry breeds and encourages this behavior!

    I think her sending the cupcakes was a nice gesture and not trying to bribe anyone. That said 1 day at the morgue isnt going to sober this girl up. She needs to be in rehab.

  90. Boo says:

    Just in case the “paparazzi scared me” tactic doesn’t work, she is almost surely going to employ the “eye abrasion” excuse for not going to CS. Oh, and as a cherry on top, the “I had to attend to my business affairs, as I fired my manager and need to support my WHOLE LEECHY FAMILY” lie.

    I have faith that Judge Stephie will not be buying any of it. Steph’s business manager is far too asture for her to purchase items that are so shoddily constructed.

  91. Victoria says:

    This poor girl. I would be horrified HORRIFIED if I have FIVE mugshots! These sychophants will be what kills her.

  92. Madisyn says:

    Mornin belle, Boo

    BRW on TMZ is saying she was ‘scheduled’ to do her CS today, so in essence, she’s a no-show AGAIN. 2 out of 3 days a no-show, sounds about right. . .for a Lohan.


    You know she’s going to go with the ‘work’ excuse for not doing weekly therapy come Nov 2nd. And it WILL NOT FLY with this judge. But the idiot will try it anyway. I’ll bet Shawn has told her, time and time again that ‘work’ is no excuse for not doing her CS and therapy but Blohan being Blohan it goes in one ear and out the other. Twit.

  93. skuddles says:

    Is it just me or is there something very “Andy Warhol celebrity art deco” type thing going on with those mug shots above? Sadly those shots are likely how this little trick will be remembered in the history books, providing she’s even remembered at all….

  94. Madisyn says:

    Green Eyes

    Love your gravatar! That makes SIX of us now.


    Look what you started! Cracktini before work?

  95. Boo says:

    Wait. If I recall corectly, she has to see her therapist in person on Tuesdays, so we know she won’t be able to go to CS on Tuesdays, right? So, that’s this Tuesday and next she won’t be able to go to the morgue (unless she reschedules her therapy…though the court order seemed to be that she had to be there on Tuesdays, in person). How will our little crackie manage to get her three more days finished with only four more days left to do it before court (if Tuesdays are off the table for therapy)?

  96. Madisyn says:


    So today its an ‘eye abrasion’, tomorrow court ordered therapy. What will Wednesday’s excuse be? Thursday? Maybe she’ll go Friday, as it seems she only has to ‘work’ 6 hours and thats not counting breaks and lunch, as the morgue staff like to go home early.

    I can’t wait till Nov. 2nd. I will clear my DVR schedule that Wednesday because I’m taping that shit. Its going to be epic!

  97. unbelievable says:

    @ DawningRed
    “Leaving aside for the moment the fact that you’re expecting something different from a site named CeleBITCHY” made me LMAO! You got me there.
    I’m not excusing her behavior in the least but some of the comments above aren’t funny, just cruel. I have no idea as to the extent of abuse she endured, that is the point, but I do have a pretty good idea.
    I think the judge placing her in the morgue is an excellent idea and I absolutely agree that she needs court ordered rehab, otherwise she’ll end up looking like this…

    @ nemesis rose
    I commend you. Sadly, not everyone has your amazing fortitude and is as fortunate. I don’t believe that LL has even one person in her life that actually cares about her and would hate to see her end up dead or killing someone else.

  98. Nemesis Rose says:

    I think we all know that when she doesn’t finish her CS, she is going to blame it on the paps. She’ll go in front of the Judge and in her best little girl voice with fluttery eyelashes say, “I did my best, but those mean old photographers scared me SO much! And I didn’t want to cause ANY trouble for those wonderful people at the morgue, because I really care about them. I really, really dooooooooooo!!!” *bats eyelashes*

    She is so full of crap! Apparently she checked into a hotel on Friday to be closer to the morgue so she wouldn’t be late, and yet she still didn’t show up because of her eye boo boo. Hell, I went to work with a broken arm! She is so stupid! I’m thinking that she may be mentally challenged, and I mean no offense to those who are mentally challenged or have loved ones who are.

  99. Boo says:

    Madisyn, it will be Shawn tapdancing:

    Your Honor, if it please the court, I would like to point out that Your Honor ordered Ms. Lohan to attend therapy on Tuesdays, effectively cutting two potential community service dates out of the calendar. Now, Your Honor knows my client is working very hard in therapy; in fact, she earned a GLOWING report due to her increasing maturity, and…

    Judge Steph: Wait, Ms. Holley. Isn’t this the same therapist we have already determined LIED to the court about Ms. Lohan’s attendance?

    SCH: I do not have that information in front of me, but it is my understanding that it is Ms. Lohan’s understanding that she was in compliance. Now, if I might distract your Honor from the truth again, I might remind the court of the GLOWING report from the Shoplifter Course teacher, who has asked if Ms. Lohan would work with him on his next heist. This shows that she has initiative and works well with others. Now, if it please the court…

    Judge Steph: It doesn’t. Sit down, Ms. Holley. You’re GLOWING.

  100. Nemesis Rose says:

    @unbelievable: Sorry, didn’t see your post ’til after I posted. Thanks! I don’t think it was my “amazing fortitude”, that got me through all the crap that I had to deal with. I think it was that I cut off all ties to my family, which I think Lindsay should do, and the fact that I didn’t want to feel like shit anymore.

    I don’t understand how Lindsay can be happy? But what puzzles me more is why she can’t see that she and only she holds the key to fixing this mess. Yes, you need to reach out and ask for help, which she’s been offered countless times, but her arrogance refuses to allow her to accept that help. That’s why I don’t feel sorry for her. She can change her life, but she doesn’t want to. It’s to much work! And Lindsay doesn’t like to work, unless she gets paid for it!

    She’s a mess, but she has only herself to blame, especially when she defends her biggest enabler and lets her mommy lie and deny for her. She needs to grow the hell up and cut off all ties with her family and take some responsibility for herself. As I said before, many people have had worse childhoods than hers and they’re okay. She needs to suck it up and grow up. So sick of her whining, excuses, lying and blaming others for her problems.

    *sorry for the rant but she pushes my buttons*

  101. unbelievable says:

    @ Nemesis Rose
    Don’t sell yourself short. You have overcome horrible obstacles and should be incredibly proud of yourself, I hope you are! 🙂
    Of course Lindsay needs to take responsibility for her actions but presently I don’t believe she has the ability to see anything clearly. I seriously don’t think she’s sober and is most probably smoking crack or meth (which would be psychologically impairing, to say the least), no matter what Dina says as she likely has good reason for not wanting her daughter to get clean, which is heart breaking.
    You’re absolutely right, she does need to break ties with her family. They are much more than enabling, they are the cause from an early age and that’s all she knows.
    I’ll have to add, IMO.
    Hope her judge doesn’t drop the ball.

  102. louise says:

    SHUT UP.


    Apologies for the caps, but I reeeeally needed to say that. Child, my ass. When will Dina admit that Lindsay is grown-ass, stupid woman?

  103. Madisyn says:


    NEVER! This idiot is still treating her daughter as if she were 12. Problem is Dina doesn’t have the CONTROL she had when Blohan was 12. And unfortunately, its not gonna change anytime soon. Dina really is one fvcked up bitch.

  104. Nemesis Rose says:

    Someone will probably post this before me, but the dudes from the band The Miggs are speaking out about Lindsay and how disruptive she was on set. They say she held up production getting extensions and a spray tan, and that she accused someone of stealing “$10,000 worth of vintage UNDERWEAR from her dressing room!” I thought she went commando?

    He said that at first he was nice because she’s a great actress and believed in giving her a second chance, but he hopes that by speaking out it will be a “wake-up call.”

    Of course her idiot rep denies all of this saying she never held up production and, wait for it…”I DO NOT HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE of stolen underwear.” Bwhahahahahahahahaha!

  105. crazycatlady says:

    Thank you Screee, and the other commenters who added “chapters.” I would add some myself but my eyes hurt.

    I just wanted to say re: Mama Dina – There isn’t any more telling evidence that she is also delusional as well as #1 Enabler than whenever asked about her daughter, her answer is always “She’s doing great!”

  106. Nemesis Rose says:

    So apparently Lindsay blew off community service because she’s doing a photo shoot and possibly it’s for Playboy.


    I wonder what she told the Morgue? I wonder if she will remember what she told them when it comes time to face the Judge? Oh, the life and crimes of a crack head!

  107. Bess says:

    Vintage underwear????

  108. Madisyn says:


    No shock from me. Actually, I’d be shocked if the video went as planned. She’s a professional fvck up. Thats what she is. Then. Now. Forever.

    Where is Bess? This is Bess’ job. To give the updates.

  109. Dawning Red says:

    So Lyndzie is going to appear in Playboy? Well, she’s exposed every part of her body already, what else is left to see unless she just grew a third boob?

    If she really wanted to shock us, lets see a picture of her sitting demurely and sober in church reading a Bible while wearing a conservative dress. Now there’s something NO ONE would expect to see her doing!

  110. Boo says:

    Yeah, I thought the whole novelty of “celebrities” doing Playboy was that you finally got to see someone naked. This trick will flop a boob out for drill…we’ve seen it all many, many times. And it ain’t pretty.

  111. Shanunya says:

    her sister looks like Sam Ronson in that last shot. interesting.

  112. JC says:

    … and we’ll all say “poor girl” when she dies an untimely, early death. So much easier to hurl rocks when someone is on the way down than to reach out to offer help. Haven’t we seen this all before?