Christina Hendricks’s rack wants you to drink some scotch


When I first saw this photo ^^^ of Christina Hendricks in the new issue of Men’s Health, I thought, “FINALLY. A magazine stylist and photographer that know what to do with a pale, buxom ginger lady.” I’m just amazed because Christina is so pretty, and yet in magazine spreads, she almost always looks like corpsey hell. However, even though Men’s Health managed to get one good shot, this also happened:


Rough. Poor Christina.

Anyway, she also gave an interview to Men’s Health, and the subject of the day was drinking, and how Christina loves a man who loves scotch:

AS INTOXICATING VISIONS GO, it is hard to top the image of Christina Hendricks curled up in a banquette at her favorite L.A. bar, the Varnish, a clinking glass of single-malt whiskey in her hand. The swank speakeasy is everything Hendricks—the woman who makes the Mad Men especially mad—craves in a night out. “Sexy, sophisticated, quiet enough for intimate conversation,” she says in that seductive whisper of hers. Settle in and tip a glass with her.

How She Drives Men to Drink
As Joan Harris on Mad Men, Hendricks can be as aloof as she is voluptuous, sending Madison Avenue types straight to the bottle. By curious extension, it’s no stretch to say that the actress has helped ignite the vintage cocktail resurgence of recent years. Anytime a barkeep in his 20s with Brylcreemed hair and skinny suspenders starts pouring a perfectly chilled Sazerac, it’s worth raising a glass to Hendricks. No question why Johnnie Walker whiskey tapped her as brand ambassador. It’s not exactly Save the Children, but it is a cause clearly worth supporting.

Why She Likes the Hard Stuff
Never assume that a lovely woman likes girly drinks; Hendricks is anything but a Cosmopolitan woman. Just listen to her muse about the pleasures of a good pour: “I like mine simple, on the rocks,” she says, noting that Johnnie Walker Black is her label of choice.

“It’s incredibly smooth on the tongue. A touch of caramel flavor. It warms everything inside.” Her husband spurred her interest in the hard stuff: “I always thought it was sexy when he ordered scotch and I’d take little sips of his drink.”

Why She’s Not a Mormon
Though Hendricks, 36, grew up mostly in the Mormon bastion of Twin Falls, Idaho, the strict, straitlaced way of life wasn’t for her. “Nobody drank, nobody had much fun. I spent most of my time itching for high school to be over.” Another place where Hendricks is surprisingly sedate? On the Mad Men set. Despite all the brown liquor in the scripts, Hendricks and the rest of the cast are actually swilling diluted Coca-Cola or tea.

Where to Find Her Next
These days, the challenge is simply finding time to chill. Hendricks, married to actor Geoffrey Arend (ABC’s Body of Proof), will appear in two films this fall: the action-thriller Drive and the comedy I Don’t Know How She Does It. She’s also gearing up for Mad Men’s fifth season, which is set to premiere this winter. Don Draper and the men of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce will undoubtedly throw back a few in Joan’s honor. With visions of Hendricks and her glass of scotch lingering, it will be a pleasure to join them.

[From Men’s Health]

God, I want a drink. I haven’t had a drink since my birthday, and before that I was dry for months. I go through months-long stages where I completely eschew alcohol, but I may have to end that soon. I would love a scotch right now. Damn it, it’s not even 10 a.m. Christina Hendricks promotes drinking in the morning, that’s how powerful her boobs are.



Photos courtesy of Men’s Health and WENN.

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  1. Audrey says:

    I love that top photo, but they definitely photo-shopped her have slimmer hips and no belly. The difference is really obvious when you look at the red carpet photo.

  2. gee says:

    She looks great in that top pic! WHY did they have to shop her waist line so much in the second? It doesn’t look human.

  3. Kit says:

    LOVE the dresses in the two top pictures. Does anyone know where to get them? It’s so hard to find dresses like that when you’re top heavy

  4. Cherry says:

    I agree with the first two posters: they shaved a considerable part off her butt on that top pic.
    If only you could do that in life. You can’t- hence her looking considerably less good on candids.
    EDIT: I hate how that photo doesn’t even look like her. You can tell by the other pics that she has a totally different body shape and face. It’s like a some sort of computer image of a beautiful woman, that doesn’t exist in real life.

  5. Quest says:

    Love the first pic…she should go for the “Got Milk” campaign instead

  6. Shelly says:

    That top photo is SO beautiful. I love her so much.

  7. k says:

    Wow, is that ever photoshopped.

  8. David says:

    I want to drink scotch on her rack

  9. Gwen says:

    She looks fab in the first photo 😀

  10. Talie says:

    She’s starting to get pissed about people asking about her body and wants to be seen as more of an actress. And then, she does shoots like this. She’s pulling that celebrity move of only brushing off questions about her physique depending on how important the outlet. is

  11. Kimbob says:

    Christina is absolutely gorgeous…no doubt. However, my reaction is the same as most of previous bloggers…photoshop of lower half in 1st photo.

    I know her look is “buxom,” however I see the other accompanying photos, & it would really behoove her to lose about 20 lbs. For her health, circulation & overall looks. If she could really look like that 1st pic in real life, she could name her price.

  12. scotchy says:

    i don’t think she needs to lose 20 pounds, she looks fine as she is, and i mean that sans photoshop.
    the first picture is great, second, ugh..
    as for drinking
    i used to go on month long wagons,now i firmly believe in one drink cocktail hour, which is as soon as the sunsets.

  13. Lisa says:

    We share similar racks…and I would SO LOVE TO DRESS HER!!! She is lovely…

  14. Sumodo1 says:

    Got to give Christina credit. I am less self-conscious about my body after I see her on TV or in print. It’s like she makes it ok to be non-skinny. And, I think that she’s made it ok for some men to be more open about liking curvier girls. Still, my doctor wants me to lose 50 pounds.

  15. trillian says:

    How can someone be pretty if she only looks halfways acceptable when styled and dressed just right (and photoshopped to high heaven)?? Plus, her FEET. She should really wear sneakers with everything, or boots or whatever covers them up.

  16. Chris says:

    Not the prettiest woman, but she is a sexy full figured woman

  17. Franny says:

    im going to repost this until people stop confusing curvy with fat.

    christina is curvy.

    the women on sister wives are overweight and are just blobby, not curvy.


  18. Alexis says:

    The first pic is so pretty. Probably the best I’ve seen her styled modern.

  19. Victoria says:

    I really don’t see how anyone could deduce that she has to lose twenty pounds because she has a rack and isn’t built like Paris Hilton. I mean really? There is nothing wrong with her weight anymore than there is with someone like Gisele who is naturally thin. If Christina lost anymore weight, she’d have to reduction surgery to alleviate pressure on her back. I am built just like her as 155 pounds at 5’6 with an H bustline. And I’m already feeling the effects of being smaller on the bottom than on the top. I am still active and healthy.

    She is not obese like Roseanne was. She just looks like a woman with hips and breasts and ass, as it should be. At least it’s natural.

  20. smh says:

    well it’s a smart move because she once babbled a really silly interview at fhm saying that “we” (speaking on behalf of all women, cause you know, we’re “all the same”) love a man who orders scotch. i personally loathe scotch-can’t believe i used to drink that nasty shit when i was younger. so i wouldn’t be turned on by my man ordering it or something. although he does order whiskey-soda a lot. w/e

  21. ROM says:

    why do her feet look uncomfortably stuffed into her shoes in the last 2 pix?
    Don’t get the facination with this woman. Half the time she looks like a big breasted corpse

  22. SpankDong says:

    Inneresting that she’s showing boobage but no cleavage. What gives? Is it more sophisticated to highlight the size rather than the depth?

  23. Miffits says:

    Note to self: Buy scotch… f**k it, buy battery acid if Christina Hendricks’ boobs say so.

  24. ladybert62 says:

    I simply do not find this woman attractive with those huge watermelons she has.

    Yes, a drink would be nice right now – I dont care if it is only 9:44 am – I would like a Bailey’s please.

  25. Maritza says:

    She looks beautiful on the top photo but really fat in the bottom two.

  26. Peachy says:

    Sung to the “Lollipop” melody by the Chordettes…

    Photoshop photoshop
    Oh photo photo photo
    Photoshop photoshop
    Oh photo photo photo
    Ba Dum Dum Dum

  27. MK821 says:

    As a straight female wine lover with a serious thing for curvy women (Christina, Sofia Vergara, Kelly Brook–Biggest Common Denominator?), I have to admit I am seriously moved to go pour myself a Scoth for the first time ever.

    She is just pure sex appeal and shouldn’t ever be ‘shopped. She is perfect.

  28. Vanden says:

    She’s stunning and i love how she always mentions geoffrey arend in her interviews and sound absolutely devoted to him. Cute couple!

  29. IAMEROK says:

    Ugh she is GROSS! Boob Job city, fat and unattractive. Yes I said it…FAT! She could totally stand to lose the Bolt Ons and at LEAST 15 lbs!

  30. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Thank-You Christina Hendricks and print media for introducing me to alcohol, I had no idea that I had thist options out of gasoline. Dear E!, What is a ‘literacy’? I’d really like to know, since I have no advertisements to guide me and am more than a little nervous about what earthly power is transferring my thoughts to screen. I have voiced my concerns to various mealy-mouthed and attack dog-flanked moguls and tycoons, but I suspect that are in league with Papa OPEC, who I know has been spiking my drinking supply (probably) with off-brand Chernobyl dunkings, if those exist I’m moments away from toxic shock. I pray for your swift and overproof response. Signed, Dr. Tightfit Moribund. Read but not dictated, hot caramel ribs of liquid scotch hell, under the supervision of Ms E. Xenu Moss and Malibu Rum.

    Gotta love it.

    Drink, keep drinking. Drink your damn alcohol, Drinky The Drunk Guy! Yours in Christ, Men’s Health Magazine. Up next: Oliva Munn’s Cigar Prostate Miracle Solution and Bachmann’s crusade to supress it, Blake Lively’s Tocabcco Abdominal Miracle Shine, Minka Kelly’s Gin Pill Urethra Rejunenvation System, ScarJo’s Fortified Rye Wash and Hot Intellectual Women Licking Lips, Wearing Tight Pencil Skirts, Horn-Rimmed Glasses, Bullet Bras Who Can Unfurl Their Diamond-Lined French Cuff Link and Finest Tobacco-Laced Vulvas At Your Command, The Sentient Half-Windsor of George Clooney Reviews Dr. Tongue’s 3D House Of Stewardesses–uh,–PanAm, While The Man Himself Details His Frequent Pilgrimmages to Lake Como As Part Of His Wall-Eyed Match Girl Reform Program, The Patron Saint of Disembodied Silken Ass Waggling To White Noise And Bebop, Hef, Relates His Long History In The Field of Curious Twin Husbandry in, ‘Two Migraines For The Price of Three Mansions’ And Sienna Miller Reports On What The Arab Spring Means To Your Grey Flannel Suit Collection, While The Ghost Of Norman Mailer Stabs Disapprovingly.

  31. Becky says:

    It’s really disturbing to me that there are people who think this woman is fat. She has a very curvy, full body-there’s a big difference between that and being “fat.” We live in such a weird society. One third of Americans are obese and yet there’s criticism of celebrities who don’t look like a Barbie doll. It’s strange. Where’s the happy medium? I think she looks healthy. Some people just naturally have a fuller figure.

  32. taxi says:

    Curvy & beautiful. Could still lose 10-15 lbs & be curvy & beautiful. Her legs don’t look great, but I don’t think many people look at her legs.

  33. B says:

    She always poses her legs/feet so strangely. I hate it.

  34. autummleaves says:

    loving the hair color, and of course, cheers to the return of curvy woman. Though I love her red carpet dress, it totally washes her out. She should stick to rich, vibrant colors. And she dresses size appropriate which is greatly appreciated.