Michael Lohan arrested again after trying to flee cops by leaping off balcony, running

The last we heard of Lindsay Lohan’s abusive father, Michael, he was being charged with domestic violence after visiting his on-again girlfriend in Tampa, FL earlier this week ahead of a hearing they were set to attend for an earlier instance of domestic violence between them. Lohan’s girlfriend, Kate Major, claims that during that visit they had sex, after which she got upset because he didn’t pull out as she requested. Lohan also went wild, Gibson-style, over not getting a beej. Major told police that Lohan grabbed and shoved her, causing bruising, and that he threatened to throw her off the balcony and slit her wrists. After that happened Lohan was presumably told to stay away from Major. So of course he called her a bunch of times and probably taped it all. Major then called the cops to complain. When police went to Lohan’s hotel to arrest him, he jumped off the third floor balcony, got hurt of course and then tried to hide in some trees. Later he claimed that it was all Major’s fault anyway. What a dumbass.

Michael Lohan was just arrested AGAIN in Florida after allegedly contacting his GF Kate Major — and law enforcement tells TMZ, he tried to escape by jumping off a 3rd-story balcony … and plummeting 34 feet to the ground.

According to law enforcement sources, Tampa police responded to a call early this morning from Kate, who claimed Michael had been trying to contact her by phone and wouldn’t leave her alone.

We’re told officers interviewed Kate at her apartment after she made the call — the same apartment where Michael allegedly bruised her up earlier this week — and while they were there, Michael allegedly called again.

According to law enforcement, officers believed Michael was a “threat” — so they rolled up to his hotel to arrest him.

But here’s the crazy part — law enforcement tells TMZ, Michael tried to escape by hopping his 3rd story balcony … but crashed to the ground … and then tried to hide in some trees.

After officers pulled him down, Michael was placed under arrest for violating a condition of his pretrial release (presumably for contacting Kate) … and resisting arrest without violence.

Michael is currently back in custody — at the same jail he was released from less than twelve hours ago.

5:30 AM — Michael is currently in the hospital getting a possible foot injury checked out.

[From TMZ]

Well at least he doesn’t have to claim he’s suffering from chest pains in order to go to the hospital instead of the jail this time! Major issued a statement to TMZ claiming that “I am sick of being lied about by Michael Lohan Sr.’s false allegations about his continual physical and mental abuse toward me.” Lohan spoke to paparazzo (video below and onRadar) stating that “Major ‘baited’ him into calling her by claiming she was about to be evicted from her apartment.” I believe Major, not that I care too much either way. How much do you want to bet that Lohan called the photographer himself and then sold the footage?



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  1. Nina says:

    Good lord, this family. I wish we could just shoot them all out into space.

  2. sosuzy says:

    And everyone wonders why Lindsay is such a train wreck? Its genetic….

  3. Jackson says:

    What a tool. It’s been a banner month for the Family Lohan, eh?

  4. brin says:

    Maybe he’s auditioning for “America’s Most Dumbass”.

  5. Joanna says:

    Love how he says he “fell.”

  6. Shelb says:

    Lock all of these Lohan idiots away. Forever.

  7. Cherry Rose says:

    The only time I feel a smidgen of sympathy for Dina is because she had to put up with this abusive asshole.

    Looks like Michael’s going to be locked up for awhile.

  8. ladybert62 says:

    Are these people really adults? Difficult to believe with such childish antics.

    The girlfriend should just stay away from him and if he doesnt, get a restraining order. This is not rocket science – if she doesnt do this, this crazy man will probably seriously hurt or kill her. Lock him up and throw away the key – perhaps a group discount is in order for him and crackie innocent!

  9. Madison34 says:

    I am actually thankful for this family, what fun they provide.

  10. theaPie says:

    Well at least we know who Lindsay inherited her personality disorder from.

  11. OhMyMy says:

    Karma…meet the Lohans. What a maroon. I think he was more worried about his stuff in her apartment more than anything. Why she’d let him in her place when she had a restraining order I don’t know. I think she’s definitely playing a part in this drama. I think he will kill her if this continues.

  12. Madisyn says:

    Oh goody, ANOTHER Lohan trial/hearing. Yea!

  13. Mandy says:

    Jesus, what a family.

  14. djork says:

    Is there a camera lens ANYWHERE that a Lohan will not crane their neck to look into?

  15. Rita says:

    Is this incident after the judge advised the prosecuter to file felony assault charges and directed Lohan to stay strictly away from that chick with the words “You have a restraining order against you. Can you read?”

    If this nut went to see this chick after his first hearing, he’s nuts. Blaming everyone else for his problems.

    I guess the old saying is true that the tree doesn’t fall from the apple….That doesn’t sound right.

    Maybe it’s, “If an apple tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody looking, it’s okay to steal the apples and beat the hell out of the squirrels. Yeah, that’s it.

  16. kas says:

    You know he’s thrilled. He’s got cameras on him again.
    Before this is over, he’ll be saying this all happened because he was so stressed over Lindseys’ situation.

    The Shame Gene is just completely missing from both Father, Mother, and daughter.

  17. Obvious says:

    i’m kind of dumbstruck. I know it sounds stupid, but i actually thought that he had more brains than this. Like i said stupid.

    How does someone live into adult hood and have kids when they are seriously this pathetic???

  18. Quest says:

    Whatcha gonna do when dey come 4 u?

    Jump over a balcony like a friggin ass monkey and hang around in some trees…lol

    I now realize that between Mama Lohan and Michael genes, Linnocent did not stand much of a chance

  19. pwal says:

    OK… i read somewhere that this Kate person had a restraining order against him. If that is true, her butt should be tossed in jail too. Mind you, I doubt that there are charges about wasting law enforcement resources on wishy-washy pantload behavior like this (although there should be).

  20. Rita says:

    Okay, I understand the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment but in these times of budget cuts and over crowding jails, here’s my solution.

    Sentence Dina, Linnocent, and Michael to house arrest….in the same tiny apartment.

    To save money, they are all to wear the same locator ankle bracelet…at the same time.

    To reimburse society for its judicial costs plus 10% for aggrevation, install internet cameras in the apartment and televise the goings-on as pay-per-view.

    California could balance their budget and in a week, that apartment would smell like a morgue….or as Lilo would call it, home sweet home.

  21. Mauibound says:

    Wow, just wow… This family just keeps giving!

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    Nina – Now that is a sure-fire way to ensure a hostile alien invasion! 🙂

    Gotta love the Clan of the Crackbear – it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Kinda like the Energizer bunny, but on crack: they just keep going and going and going…

  23. Green_Eyes says:

    So guess Michael was jealous of the coverage of LILO and her shenanigans..so he had to make sure he got back in the news…

    One totally messed up family…someone take Ali away before she gets as bad as the rest… Can’t the Blohans be banished to some island w/ no Pap or media …. Oh but then we wouldn’t have such crazy entertainment. They make the rest of the world seem sane!

  24. Linnie says:

    I don’t get it when people continuously get in trouble for the same thing. I have never had a pair of handcuffs on (at least not because of being arrested, har har)and would be ashamed if it had ever happened. What’s wrong with this guy?

  25. Green_Eyes says:

    Linnie thanks for the laugh and the handcuff memories (as you not due to any arrest).

  26. Kimbob says:

    @Rita…yes, this incident in this article comes on the heels after Michael Lohan was chastised by the judge about ‘can you read?’ Amazing, huh? Also in the same TMZ article Kate mentions that he was slurring his words on the phone…so…NO-BRAINER…MICHAEL LOHAN IS BACK HITTING THE BOOZE! Some people never learn.

    This dude, Michael Lohan is a CERTIFIABLE NUT JOB. And yes, @Rita…I think your idea about placing them under house arrest IN THE SAME HOUSE is the BEST SOLUTION I’ve heard! Girl, love your brilliance!!!

  27. dahlia1947 says:

    Wow! What is going on with this family? I know Lindsey gets bashed alot for her behavior but I think we need to look at the parents and think that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE she’s acting out cause of them?

  28. Rita says:


    Thanks for the update. Bet the judge throws the book at him and then throws his ass in jail. That judge was serious.

  29. Madisyn says:

    So to reiterate, this idiot ALREADY had a restraining order for an upcoming DV hearing. He gets arrested AGAIN yesterday, is chastised by the Judge, gets released and then contacts her and gets ARRESTED A THIRD TIME?

    When does this twit see THAT judge that loves him so? I can’t wait.

    I’m evil, I know, thy name is SCHADENFREUDE.


    Loving the live stream idea of “Living Lohan, Part Deux”. This one would actually be a hit.


    Agree, if you watch the ROL video, he is clearly intoxicated, probably on booze. Of course, nothing is shocking when it comes to ‘Lohans’ and mind altering substances.

  30. mouth.like.a.sailor says:

    jeeeebus, and you wonder why Lindsay is all effed up. and then add in the mother, the girl never had a chance. look, i’m not going to defend all her craziness, cuz i can’t. she’s messing her stuff up pretty badly and making some pretty awful decisions (the whole not showing up for probation thing was REALLY stupid) BUT i can testify as someone who grew up in a family with really messed up parents – drugs, abuse, domestic violence, crazy money problems -some years we were blowing thru money at at Neiman Marcus&other crazy NYC stores and boutiques, and other years we were getting our electric turned off and cars repo’d. i mean, it was nuts. not only that, but my family was also obsessed with “fame” to a degree and is full of performers-there were always theatre things going on and auditions and all kinds of other ridiculous stuff…
    ANYWAY- my point is that my family REALLY messed me up. i moved out, completely on my own, one week after i turned 17 to try to escape the insanity as much as i could. but i couldn’t really escape it because the insanity was still inside me- i didn’t know my head from my elbow and i had been conditioned to seek the approval of others constantly ( i think it’s a performer thing) and i was my own worst critic, but that’s not to say that my family didn’t freely and continuously offer critisisms and critiques, you know, that was normal to them and they thought it was going to make me a “better” me and help me reach the fame and fortune tha ti was so destined to reach. i was pretty messed up until my mid-late 20’s and even now that i’m 30 i STILL struggle sometimes with trying to have healthy relationships and boundries and struggling also to be ok with living just a normal life – as a non-famous person ecause that is NOT what i had been groomed to be. i’ve gotten thru all my partying days fairly unscathed – but not totally unscathed.

    i guess i sometimes feel for Lindsay when i read things like this because it just goes to show how incredibly CRAZY and UNHEALTHY her family is and how unbelievably TOXIC it must have been (and probably still is) to deal with. then of course, she does stupid stuff like inject a bunch of crap in her face and screw up simple volunteer stuff and i just want to smack her because she is a girl who DID have it all, and now it’s all been squadered. and that in and of itself is pretty tragic. she must be so friggin depressed, i can’t even imagine. seriously. i would be doing anything and everytihng i could to try to get my life back if i was her. but it’s hard i guess, addiction really sucks because it actually changes your brain, it changes the way you think and act and it really sucks. and she obviously had NO parental support. ugh. this is turning into a rant. how embarressing….

  31. LeeLoo says:

    I don’t like Kate Major. I think between her relationship with Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan she’s a famewhore gold-digger. But when it comes to the abuse she is suffering from Michael Lohan, I totally believe she is telling the truth. He’s a horrible human being with a huge track record of domestic violence. I doubt she was crazy or dumb enough to bait Michael. What I don’t understand is why she thought dating a guy with known history of domestic violence was a good idea.

    Michael Lohan is a straight up sociopath. He needs to be locked up and have the key thrown away. I was originally thinking put him in a small cell with Dina but I like @Rita’s plan a lot better.

  32. Nina says:

    @the original bellaluna: Hahaha! Yes, you’re right. We don’t want to piss off the aliens. How about we toss them into a volcano and nuke them with atom bombs Xenu style? Of course, then the Lohans’ soul will be floating around as malevolent Thetans. Damn those Lohans. DAMN THEM.

  33. Madison34 says:

    dahlia1947 and Sailor.. I agree. What moral precedent was this girl to follow with parents like her’s? The mom seems a little better than the dad. Even with great parents we can mess up royally, this girl never had a chance.

  34. Kat says:

    Wait, wait, don’t tell me…he’s auditioning for COPS, right? Dumbass.

  35. skuddles says:

    I just LOVE this douchebag – he’s even more entertaining than the crack-ho daughter he’s always yapping about in the press. He called while cops were at Major’s and then jumped off a balcony??? This story simply could not get any better… unless of course it ended with him getting his head caught under a bus.

  36. OhMyMy says:

    I’m not making excuses for either one of them but bad people come from all walks of life. Some women, unfortunately, are just plain toxic. My sister’s SIL is. She’ll hook up with a quasi-normal, slightly pathetic but still functional guy and by the time she’s done with him he’s lost his job, family, house, vehicles and been thrown in jail/prison a few times. Not kidding. Maybe Kate is like that.

    A close friend of mine had an ex-boyfriend that turned nasty stalker. Kate if you’re reading this…this is how she handled it: she moved, she took his ass to court and got him sentenced to prison, she legally changed her last name to something common and generic, she changed her SSN, she got her mail sent to a post office box, she’s extremely careful about her personal info on the internet or in the public eye. It’s a pain in the butt but necessary. If ML goes to prison for any length of time for this you need to take the opportunity to get yourself off the drugs and booze and disappear.

  37. Madisyn says:

    “When police went to Lohan’s hotel to arrest him, he jumped off the third floor balcony, got hurt of course and then tried to hide in some trees”.

    Forever now known in law enforcement circles as the “Lohan Leap”.

  38. OhMyMy says:

    Move that tree…I’m Michael Lohan.

  39. Faye says:

    Rita, you’re a genius! Qucik, Californians, write to your representatives!

  40. ShanKat says:

    Of course Florida.

  41. Sara says:

    He’s so gross. How does he even get women to sleep with him? And he’s an abuser on top of it? Come on ladies, be smarter than that.

    Oh wait, she’s the woman who dated Jon Gosselin? Never mind. She must have issues. Still… gross.

  42. Shannon says:

    When will these two learn to STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER?! Nothing good comes of them having contact with one another, just chaos and abuse. I think they’re both addicted to the drama of it all.

  43. DreamyK says:

    Major does share some blame. She keeps talking to him and letting this douchcanoe back in her life/bed. They are addicted in a very sick way to each other.

    Lohan needs to stop taking her calls and invites and obey the Order. I don’t think rehab will work for him any longer. He knows all the lingo and things to do, but chooses to do whatever the hell he feels like. The Judge was pissed at him yesterday, and told him to READ the Order and suggested slapping on some addt’l charges. Things will not go well for Lohan in court.

  44. Seal Team 6 says:

    “Move that tree, I’m Michael Lohan!”



  45. Hugh Mungus says:

    Is he trying to deflect attention away from his loser daughter?

  46. Madisyn says:

    “Move that Restraining Order, I’m Michael Lohan”

    Another Loserhan.

    Anyone know when he goes to court on this?

  47. AM says:

    No wonder LiLo is a screw up

  48. logan says:

    Bad boy, bad boy whatch goin do when they come for you. Don’t run fool, makes you look like a sissy. Especially if you try and hide in a tree! Which was my favorite part. It’s official I didn’t date the biggest a** in this great land of ours. As least when the cops where called, he stood and took it like a man. Hid in a tree. ha ha ha ha Lindsay is going to have to use all her gettin neeked money on daddy.

  49. OhMyMy says:

    He’s going to pull the My Cousin Vinnie defense: You were SERIOUS about that???

  50. dorothy says:

    This whole family is for lack of a better word…just total losers. None of them, Michael, Dina or Lindsay show any indication that they know the difference between right and wrong. They are the definition of Trailer park trash.

  51. Madisyn says:

    Ok ‘COURT’ fans, tomorrow Milo ‘supposedly’ goes to court IF the doctors let him out of the hospital for his ‘foot’ injury. TMZ will stream live, so for all us West Coasters, it might be an early to bed, early to rise. TMZ says it WAS to start at 8am EST but may not happen at that time, due to the doctors, so for those interested, keep an eye out.

  52. gg says:

    😆 at brin! hahaha

  53. yt says:

    Thanks, Madisyn. If it’s the same judge, it ought to be really good. Looking forward to why once more none of this was Michael’s fault. LOL

  54. Madisyn says:


    Oh, it’ll be the same judge alright and I for one, cannot wait. I MAY even set the alarm for 5 am pst, as to not miss a minute of the excitement. And you know this judge is going to have a conniption fit when he see’s this twit AGAIN. It will be magic to watch.

  55. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I can’t get passed him leaping off the balcony…lmao!

  56. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    Did all of this happen because Kate wouldn’t give Michael Lohan a beej? Jesus Christ this family is all kinds of crazy!

  57. ViloDeMenus says:

    So court orders are really just suggestions to this family, right? If he goes before the same judge he will not get bail. Problem with the story is HE called Kate when they were at her apt taking a statement. So he’s kinda lyin’

  58. Dawning Red says:

    In a surprising twist to the story, Michael Lohan has just been signed to play the lead part of Daredevil in the sequel to the smash hit based on the Marvel Comics superhero!

    Says famed director Geyser Honeyfuggle, “When we heard about Mr. Lohan making the huge leap without a stunt double, we knew we had the right man for the movie. As you know, Daredevil often swings about the city while fighting crime, and with just a little bit of training, we could have him jumping about the city with a minimum of blue-screening!”

    And what kind of training has this involved for Michael? “Well, we’ve already started with having a bill collector knocking on Michaels door. We were able to get him to leap over half a block right there!”

    “In fact, at one point Mr. Lohan set a new world record for a standing jump when an actor we had dressed up as a process server got within ten feet of Mr. Lohan. He flew up into the air at least four stories, then landed on a windowsill, jumping from flagpole to flagpole before disappearing from sight for the day.”

    Also signed onto the production is Michaels daughter Lyndzey, who will play the part of evil super-villainess Cum-Soaked Cocaine-Filled Has-Been Girl. However, in a related story rumors swirl about a possible deal with DC Comics where Lyndzie will play Supergirl, the Girl of Steal. Also signed onto the project is Dr. Visine Whackett, famed CGI wizard, who will be responsible for turning the image of Lyndzie into something that almost looks human, as well as removing the look of absolute failure off of Michael.

    Stay turned for further details on this exciting new development!

  59. the original bellaluna says:

    Mad, my absolute FAVOURITE QUOTE EVER is “Is your client able to read?”

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Too bad Linnocent doesn’t have this judge.

  60. yt says:

    @ Dawning Red
    Excellent “news” story!!! Now I have an image of Michael bouncing, leaping, and hopping all over town! I assume he will be hopping around on one foot for awhile; sometimes hopping as high as a kite.

  61. Madisyn says:


    That was a brilliant quote, but Blohan has her own hard-azz judge to deal with. I’m setting the alarm tomorrow, I don’t want to miss a thing.

    And the answer to the judges question is ‘apparently not’. Oh, and since the judge gave verbal instructions, including the magnificent and my personal favorite, “YOU BETTER NOT EVEN DREAM ABOUT HER”, he obviously can’t ‘hear’ either.

  62. Mich says:

    What I don’t get about both of his big, failed escape attempts is what his longer term plan was for life on the run. Climb a tree? Really? That’s it? Priceless!

  63. MacScore says:

    I’ve got to hand it to this site…. and the posters…. even when I’m in the throes of grief, you managed to crack me up… the balcony leap is brilliant!!! bwaaaahhhhaaaaaa haaaaaa!!!! What a dipshit.

  64. Madisyn says:


    I was hoping he would ‘escape’. What a great concept for his reality show, “On the Lam with Lohan”. He could show the world his infamous ‘Lohan Leap’ from balconies to tree’s to the lawn furniture below.

    Only one little problem, like this twit wouldn’t walk but RUN to the first media outlet he could find. It would take local law enforcement or the FBI all of 20 minutes to find him.

    Where is his crack hearing? TMZ said it would be 8 am est., its now 9:30 est. Anyone know whats happening?

  65. ViloDeMenus says:

    @Rita – upon reflection, not only is your idea GREAT – I think the court should do it, they wasted millions of our nearly gone money – let them give back to the state that gave them so much!

    All sorts of brilliant there Rita!

  66. Madison34 says:

    I’m Gumby dammit