Amanda Seyfried’s electric blue H&M hot pants: amazing or tragic?


It’s always interesting to me to see which stars in an ensemble get chosen to represent their film overseas. At the New York premiere of In Time, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried shared the red carpet with Olivia Wilde and Matt Bomer, two of the other “names” in the film. And now In Time premiered in London last night – and suddenly there’s no Olivia or Bomer. For why? Did JT and Amanda not want to share? Or was it because In Time kind of bombed in the domestic box office and Olivia and Matt Bomer didn’t even feel like traveling to promote the damn thing?


Regardless, here are some of the photos from the premiere. Amanda wore this electric blue H&M tuxedo-shorts ensemble. I really, really dislike it. Well… I’ll give her some credit for trying something different, for wearing a bold color, and for having an amazing figure. But I will not give her credit for these shorts. These things do NOT belong on a red carpet. At all. Look at how her ass is hanging out (and don’t even start yelling at me – I’m looking at ass cheek shadow, and that shouldn’t happen on a red carpet).



Also: Amanda’s eyes look really druggy to me.


For some reason, little Saoirse Ronan was at the UK premiere too. She’s not in the film or anything, so I guess she just wanted to see the movie. I love her little outfit. Perfect for a teenager on a red carpet for a film that isn’t hers.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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30 Responses to “Amanda Seyfried’s electric blue H&M hot pants: amazing or tragic?”

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    With long pants, it could have been smashing. Pity.

  2. Maritza says:

    She is beautiful, great legs too.

  3. Kiki says:

    @ RocketMerry,
    Agree with you – maybe pants would’ve worked.

    And the fact that Justin is beside her doesn’t really help her case. Imagine her without him there – it’s different.

  4. Hautie says:

    Well at least this time Timberlake didn’t get dressed in the dark. And end up in some tragic beige suit. This is a nice suit and it fits.

    I don’t mind Amanda’s outfit. If she would have kept her hands out of those pockets.

  5. El Kiddo says:

    @RocketMerry so true. And Saoirse Ronan is turning into such a beauty.

  6. Auds says:

    Out of all the potential outfits in the world, and it’s not like she wouldn’t have designers clamouring, she had to go and pick this atrocious nightmare of an outfit.

  7. says:

    The shorts are way too short! Would have looked a little more decent if they had an extra inch. B!tch does have great legs though.

    And how much longer until JT finally realizes that he has no future in acting?

  8. bigchili says:

    ITA with RocketMerry. She would have rocked that with long pants. And if it was little open at the collar.

  9. Franny says:

    glad her cellulite free legs came out to party…

  10. Blue says:

    She has great legs, but I don’t like the outfit. I would lose the jacket if wearing those shorts or wear pants.

  11. madpoe says:

    Awww…there wasn’t enough time to finish sewing the pants to this!

  12. jess says:

    I like the color. I think the outfit is appropriate for the film. If the shorts were only longer… I like Saoirse’s outfit a lot better. The pants are great! I want

  13. ShanKat says:

    I might like it with a different blouse. I like that she takes risks.

    I also love how baked her eyes look in photos.

  14. bagladey says:

    The shorts are too short and she’s not “rocking” them so the look is just meh. I agree that the suit would have looked better with long pants.

  15. Jb says:

    The shorts would have worked w 2 more inches of fabric.

  16. theaPie says:

    Just a little longer, and the shorts would have been fine I think. Lord knows she has the legs to pull it off (lucky bitch).

  17. gg says:

    She’s got fantastic legs, but the cut of the shorts is wrong. LOVE the fabric though.

  18. DaisyChain says:

    Her face kinda looks like what Madonna wishes she looked like.

  19. Crystalline says:

    If she dropped the jacket and went with high-waisted pants with a plain top, this could’ve been very good looking. Her skin tone really makes the colour look amazing on her.

  20. Kasey says:

    LOVE the color on her. But I agree the shorts are out of place on the red carpet. I think it would have worked better with matching or black tailored pants or a matching skirt.

  21. Nash says:

    Tragically too short.

  22. ZenB!tch says:


  23. kiki says:

    I’m in the minority — I think her outfit is perfect. She’s young, so why not? And believe me, if I had cellulite-free legs like those, I’d be living in short shorts.
    The color looks great, and the fabric gives it formality. Just wish she’d keep her hands out of the pockets, messing up the cut.
    Her face in the closeup looks a bit wonky though.

  24. Reece says:

    Agree with everybody here.
    Kill the jacket as well. It’s not fitting right.

  25. Darlene says:

    I love it. She looks great.

  26. Sophie says:

    That jacket is the real tragedy. So ill-fitting and the material looks cheap. And did u say it’s from h&m? On the red carpet? Do they have some high end line I’m not aware of?

  27. jess says:

    if you had told me that girl at the end was 40, i wouldnt have questioned you. she’s a teenager??

  28. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Tragic, I hate the shorts, if the outfit would have been slacks instead of shorts, I would actually dig it. I like the feminine and masculine look that comes from women wearing suits, it’s very sexy and sophisticated but this look failed:-) Sorry Amanda you are beautiful but this outfit sucks!

  29. Dudette says:

    Don’t mind the shorts or the colour but that blouse is killing me. She looks frumpy up top instead of sexy. Different blouse, a better fitting jacket and she would have looked great.

  30. LCRIME says:

    I like it actually. She looks great. I could agree with shorts not being red carpet but as this being an out of country who knows. I like the color. I think if it were just pants it would have been boring