Chelsea Handler: “It’s better to hold a woman up or to step aside & let her shine”


You know I can barely stand to even look at Chelsea Handler, right? I think she’s a piece of work, and I mean that in the worst way possible. Chelsea is profiled in the new issue of Glamour, in an article that starts with this gem of a quote: “Irreverent would be a good word to describe me.” “Irreverent” is a word people should use to describe someone other than themselves, because coming out and calling yourself “irreverent” reeks of a Goop-style humblebrag. Like, “Look at me, I’m so avant-garde and I‘m such a maverick. Get a load of how amazing I am!” And believe it or not, it goes downhill from there:

“I’m not sure you’ll print this,” Chelsea Handler warns before riffing about, er, lightening up one’s nether regions.

“First, it was laser hair removal. You put yourself through that torture, and then it’s ‘Sorry, laser hair removal’s out of style!’ And you’re like, What? So I’m not going to be tricked into this other thing. I might put a Crest Whitestrip up there, but I will not go and bleach it.” She lets out a throaty laugh.

“My mouth has gotten me in trouble my entire life. I just happen to be making a career out of it.”

And what a career it is! Handler, 36, is the only woman to succeed as a late-night-comedy host, ever. Though her E! show, Chelsea Lately, is not for the fainthearted—sex, drinking and masturbation are all on the table—it has pulled in an average of one million viewers nightly. She’s even beaten Conan.

(To cleanse her brain between shows, she reads literary classics; right now it’s Edith Wharton’s tragic The House of Mirth. “It’s making me want to shoot myself in the face,” she says. “Isn’t mirth supposed to be joyful?”)

She recently finished a successful live tour; her books have simultaneously held the #1, #2 and #3 spots on the New York Times best-seller list; and she has a sitcom, Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, in the works.

Says an admiring Jay Leno, who hired her early on as a Tonight Show correspondent: “I’m amazed at how she’s built an empire.”

She’s built a fanatical following, too. “I think women see themselves in me,” says Handler. “I’m making a fool out of myself for us. I’m happy to do it.”

“Chelsea’s not ‘funny for a girl.’ She’s funny, period,” says Handler’s friend comedian Whitney Cummings, who hit it big as a regular on Chelsea Lately. “And she’s single-handedly undoing the stereotype that women aren’t supportive of women in the business.”

Handler likes to think of it this way: “It’s better to hold a woman up or to step aside and let her shine. It makes your own star shine brighter.”

[From Glamour]

“Chelsea’s not ‘funny for a girl.’ She’s [NOT] funny, period.” Fixed it.

“It’s better to hold a woman up or to step aside and let her shine. It makes your own star shine brighter. But only when we’re talking about me. I’ll cut anyone down because I’m the only one who gets special treatment.” Fixed that one too.

Look, I don’t begrudge Chelsea her book sales and her accomplishments – obviously, there’s a concerted band of Chelsea-fans doing quite a lot of buying on Amazon, and so be it. Everybody has the right to make their own choices as to what they find funny. I just don’t get Chelsea and her “humor” at all. Viciousness is not comedy. Racism and bigotry and nastiness is not comedy. To me.

And when Chelsea said, “I think women see themselves in me,” I actually shuddered. Sure, I have days when I feel like a mangy drag queen, but I hope it never gets so bad where I would actually say, “Damn, I’m just like Chelsea Handler today.”




Header courtesy of Glamour. Additional pics by WENN & Fame.

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  1. Jay says:

    36? Really?? hahahahahahahahahahahaha…that must be in dog years.

  2. Agnes says:

    @Jay – hahaha, totally what i was thinking! 46, ok, i might go with that…

  3. atlantapug says:

    I’m not a Chelsea super fan to say the least.
    But… I’ll give the girl props, she has done what no other woman has done in comedy. She can give the boy’s a run for their money.
    I don’t find her racist or nasty at all. She’s an equal opportunity offender and it’s all just for laughs.
    Read her books, she’s truly a friend to all behind the scenes. She doen’t care what color you are, who you sleep with, what your vices are…. they’re just jokes people!
    THat said, she’s supposedly 6 months younger than me. Girl looks rode hard and put back wet. 36 my ass.

  4. Addie says:

    This woman is a horrible human being, I’m sure even she knows that.

    About her Angelina rant: Look, I think like MANY people, she has the wrong idea about Angie.
    She sees Angelina as a woman who hates other women and takes their men, this coupled with a loyalty to Jen Aniston, fueled a unwarrented hatered for all things Angelina & family.

    I don’t dislike Jennifer Aniston simply for being friends with her, just like I don’t hold it against Angelina for being with a partner mimicing /smug /co dependant/not so bright Brad Pitt.

    No one person is perfect.

  5. Jayna says:

    I love her interviews because she has a conversation and asks questions others don’t. Guests are looser with her.

  6. what?! says:

    surely if she were being honest that would be “irrelevant” right 😉

  7. Julia says:

    This is a woman who has slept her way to the top. She slept with her married boss and when she got that show he offered her on a plate, she dumped him.

    I don’t have respect with that kind who will use sex to get a job and then act all hypocrit talking about how we, women are so better…Using your sexuality for professional gains is prostitution pure and simple.

    She is no better than that Kim Kardashian who is the numero uno in the genre. Both have had sex tapes, both used men and sex to climb the economical ladder, both want to act all virgin trying to erase the trash they really are using now acting as a way to get that virgin label back.

  8. Dibba says:

    I have no interest in her or anything she says or does.

  9. Lily says:

    I think you guys should explain to me why you hate her so much, because I honestly don’t get it. You write about her as if she murdered your dog, or slept with your husband (quite possible). When in reality she’s just a talk show host on E!. I really do love this website, it is so entertaining to read. But there have been other articles including her on this site which have had some really ugly comments, and it’s made me feel sick. I watch her show, and I know you either love her or you hate her. I’m not her biggest fan, IMHO I think the other comedians on Chelsea Lately make the show. But is calling her a “horrible human being”, necessary?

  10. Anait says:

    I don’t know her, so I can’t say if she is horrible or not. Sure her dresses are horrible. The last picture… what’s that?

  11. Addie says:

    @ Lily: I suggest you watch the clips of this woman calling Angelina a c*unt and a b*tch and her making racist and rude remarks towards Angelina’s very young chidren who have no ability to defend themselves.
    Mind you, she doesn’t even know these people.

    How is that comedy?

  12. Dawn says:

    hmmm….apparently everything and everyone on the E! Network is trash. I think it may be time to simply not tune into to the garbage network anymore. The only thing funny about this chick is that she thinks she is better than she is.

  13. Grandizer says:

    I like her and her comedy. Her panel is usually made up of some very funny comediennes. Sometimes not…

    What I find interesting is that they must be on the same lot as Ellen, or around the corner from Ellen as I can’t count the number of times that Ellen’s guests show up on Chelsea the same day…

  14. lisa says:

    Her panel are the funny ones. Can’t stand her and never will.

  15. cmc says:

    “And she’s single-handedly undoing the stereotype that women aren’t supportive of women in the business.”

    Um, no, Whitney Cummings. What about Tina Fey? If anyone is ‘single-handedly’ doing something for women in comedy, it’s her.

  16. Denise says:

    I don’t know where she came from, but someone needs to return to sender. I find her disgusting and I think people appear on her show because they are afraid that she will be vicious and mock them forever.

  17. Original Chloe ) says:

    “And she’s single-handedly undoing the stereotype that women aren’t supportive of women in the business.”


    I’m not gonna waste sarcasm commenting on that.

  18. ladybert62 says:

    Those outfits shown above are horrible.

  19. newtsgal says:

    First off, AIN’T NO WAY THE BITCH IS 36!
    Second, I never really understood why she attacked AJ and her kids that was just stupid and mean, never heard her say one bad thing about Brad. Last time I checked it takes 2 to break-up a marriage. Deny it if she wants to but, the ONLY reason she got that show was because she screwed Ted Harbert!
    Lastly, funny how she hasn’t commented on the fact that JA is the homewreckin’ whore now.

  20. kristin says:

    i love her!!

  21. WaywardGirl says:

    Chelsea Handler, do the world a favor and just leave. Give room to women comedians who actually have talent.

  22. Sara says:

    Why do you say she isn’t 36? Some people look older than there years. That Fassenbender dude looks 44 when he is 34. LL looks 35 when she is 25. If you party hard and stay up late and do drugs you are going to look older than your age. Sometimes it’s just bad genetics. It doesn’t mean people are lying about their age. You say the same thing about Beyonce.

  23. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I can’t stand her and it’s not from second hand information. I have watched at least three episodes of her show all the way through and if I chuckled it was at something a guest said. Never her. Even than I just don’t find anything she says funny. She’s just play cruel and I have a raunchy sense of humor. I’m not offended by her I just don’t find her funny.

  24. Kaiser,those are my thoughts,too.

  25. Jenn says:

    Humor is relative and to me, the person is just not funny. She is not “irreverent”, she is “irrelevent”. She supports “some women”, so to say she supports “women” is a lie. She does (sleeps with married men to further her career), what she says she hates in others. Hypocricy thy name is Handler.

    And to whoever said that “E” is the trashiest channel out there, I wholehartedly agree!! They are right up there with TLC.

  26. blouson says:

    I’d rather do vodka shots with Chelsea than marry Brad “boring” Pitt and talk about how he thinks in “shapes” for the rest of my goddam life.

  27. Original Chloe ) says:

    Chelsea Handler – the new icon of the women’s movement?

    Bitch please.

  28. Abby says:

    Very hard looking woman. Looks more 56 to me than 36.

  29. Ana says:

    You either like her or you don’t. I like her. Her jokes are mean and rude, but tell me a comedian whose jokes aren’t. I’ve always heard that female comedians aren’t funny, and I mostly agreed. Chelsea is one of the few that has made me laugh, not only for her stand-up, but for her interviews. It’s her shtick, and she doesn’t back down. Though I can’t believe her age…I just can’t!

  30. Vanessa says:

    Haha! When I first read (skimmed, actually because I can’t stand this chick) I thought it said “irrelevant” and I was like, “that’s right, bitch!”

  31. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I like her and she speaks the truth. I understand you Brangelina fans may have a problem with her but, I have seen some of the most nastiest comments about celebs worst than what she said about your phony Angelina Jolie. The one thing I never understood is how you can love her so much but hate other women who sleep with other women’s husband. Post like these is what makes me ready to leave this site and go elsewhere, but people have a right to express their opinion but that doesn’t stop me from thinking it’s f&%king ridiculous!

  32. mln76 says:

    First off bitch is not a feminist icon. Sleeping with someone to get a job makes you a whore not a feminist.
    Her new sitcom is supposed to be horrible just like that stinker she’s in with Reese W. And since she dumped the E! exec and her ratings are tanking I’m betting she won’t be on the network much longer. Then again next to the Kardashians Chelsea is a class act.

  33. Bean says:

    Janewonderfalls,Handler ~also~ slept with another woman’s husband(who had a family btw) but unlike Jolie(who went on to have a long-term relationship & a family with someone who USED to be married) Handler only slept with him for money/fame.
    Since you said you like her(a woman who slept with a married man,for money) I don’t see why you need to question someone ‘loving’ Jolie.Double standards all around,I know…oh well :/
    Addie,are you seriously comparing Jolie having a very ~seemingly~ committed partner in Brad to Aniston having a racist child-bully as a friend?
    You said no one is perfect but how does that apply to choosing to be friends with Handler and keeping said friend even after they attacked a family(minus brad of course).I don’t think Aniston is the devil but she is just sooo ~icky~ to me after she came out smiling right after Handler called Jolie ~evil~.

    I remember Aniston being at the receiving end to Handler’s ‘humor’,calling aniston stupid,ugly,etc(not nearly as bad as jolie & her CHILDREN.) Handler even said Aniston ~DESERVED~ to be dumped cause Jolie was ~prettier~ than her and that she must cry herself to sleep because of ~Beautiful Brangelina & Their Beautiful Family~,meanwhile she was banging john mayer.
    Aniston invited Handler to her b-day party(wonder what they talk about on their self-admitted alcohol-filled get-togethers,hmm let me guess..) And the rest is a jolie-hate filled history.
    KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER<——– they could bash your other ~enemies~? :/

  34. Laura says:

    I love Chelsea Handler. I can completely understand why she’s so hated, but I personally adore her. Plus, I guess I just find her kind of comedy hilarious.