Did Kim Kardashian really profit from her wedding, or did she lose money?


The sheer volume of Kim Kardashian stories is crazy. Kim’s drama took the cover of People Magazine, Us Weekly and Life & Style this week – Star Mag went with Bieber, and In Touch went with Demi Moore. I’ve already covered Kim’s “statement” on her blog – go here for today’s earlier coverage. Here are some convenient bullet points for the tabloid coverage:

From Life & Style: Kim told Jonathan Cheban, “I moved too fast — I really thought he was the one. It’s just not working. I feel sick to my stomach. But there’s nothing else I can do. It’s over.” That was just two days before she filed. *DUN DUN* Also, Kim was pissed that Kris never wanted to spend time with her, that he went out partying all the time, that he hired a publicist and that he used her name to book gigs. But! Kim worked non-stop since the wedding too.

Meanwhile, People Mag’s cover story is hilarious:


It’s all about whether or not the marriage was a total sham. Of course, People quotes heavily from people close to Kim who claim it wasn’t a hoax. A source says that Kim’s dream was to settle down and marry “Prince Charming” when she turned 30: “She’s a hopeless romantic and she felt like she got her fairy tale when she turned 30. A month into New York [after the wedding], she knew she had made the wrong decision. Throughout their whole engagement they were so excited for what was to come and their life together. But once they slowed down and settled into ‘real life,’ it became apparent that this wasn’t what they both thought it was. [She] is embarrassed about the entire thing. She got caught up in the fairy tale, but her heart wasn’t there in the end.”

Next up: Us Weekly! Their sources claim that Kim was getting cold feet about Kris before the wedding: “She knew it was wrong before they were even married. They were not seeing eye to eye and it felt wrong.” Even as she was coming closer to the wedding date, “she was calling friends, telling them she didn’t want to do it.” Blah blah blah.

*And here’s Kris Jenner on the Today Show, claiming that they didn’t profit from the wedding. WTF is she wearing?!?

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She’s such a cracked-out pimp. Anyway, everyone is talking about the money stuff:

Jenner… debunked the rumor that E! bought the rights to the wedding for a reported $17.9 million. That’s just not the case, Jenner insisted. “One of the rumors is that we sold the television rights for millions of dollars — not true. We profited, she profited from the wedding? Absolutely false,” said Jenner.

When pressed about how much money Kardashian and Humphries made, Jenner clarified somewhat. “They made some money for the pictures that were sold and things like that, but at the end of the day, that money went towards the wedding and Kim had to pay a great deal of money (for the balance of the wedding). We don’t sell television rights.”

(Pressed even further, Jenner said that photo rights were sold for “Less than a million, more than half a million dollars.”)

So what about that much-talked about engagement ring? First, Jenner says it was not worth half the $2 million that’s been reported (though she wasn’t sure what the exact price was) and that who gets the ring and what’s done with it is something that’s between Kardashian and Humphries.

As for the wedding gifts, Jenner was elusive except to say, “I know that Kim plans on making very generous contributions to a really deserving charity when she gets home and trying to make that right because she feels really bad about that.”

[From MSNBC]

Yeah, she’s lying her ass off. Why?



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  1. blc says:

    Kris Jenner is obviously lying through her teeth. the best part is when she disputes the cost of the engagement ring. WTF!? There was a whole storyline on KUWTK about how the ring was 2 million and it had to come from NY in a Brinks security truck and Khloe signed for it at Dash. So on the show Kris says it’s worth 2 million but now she says its not? BS!

  2. Quest says:

    It’s a well known fact that the Kardashians don’t do anything unless it benefits them financially.

    Not profiting from the wedding is a big fat Kardashian lie just like Kim’s face, backside and life.

  3. chichai says:

    love people’s cover…brilliant. I watched her mother’s interview and honestly if Kim’s rediculous sham of a marriage wasn’t the final straw this will be. Does her mother think we are that stupid?

    I will say this; I feel sorry that she was a little deluded in her thinking but I am enjoying the media fallout from this.

  4. Hautie says:

    So this is this spin.

    “We made no money off the wedding”
    “We paid for it all and lost money”…

    *stunned silence*

    Then why did they constantly feed the details about how much money they made for the wedding. For 71 days.

    Maybe because now they have been caught in a huge scam.

    Where they that desperate to kick Humphries out? That Kim could not fake the happiness for 6 months?

    Or did Humphries make the mistake of demanding to be paid for his time?

  5. bubba says:

    Cher lol

  6. me says:

    They profited off the wedding, come on…so they didn’t get paid to have a 4 hour special airing 2 nights? Why would she have wanted it aired on tv then? Why would all those sponsors who gave them free liquor, free flowers, etc. do it if they weren’t going to get some free advertisement time on tv?

    Why didn’t they just get the marriage annulled? I think Kris Humphries could file under “fraud” as Kim stated in her statement she went through with the marriage out of “pressure” and not wanting to dissapoint people (as in E Network execs !). She clearly lied when she said her vows and knew she really didn’t want to marry Kris.

  7. your mama says:

    All that make-up is so bad for her complection. Her lipstick looks cruddy and strange. She’d look so much better with less make-up. Please no more close-ups. 😉

  8. Vanden says:

    Ugh… close up… of kim’s ‘face’… eyelashes blinding…. seriously though who cares?

    i just hope this divorce is real, i wouldn’t but it past them to make this up so people will want to tune into the next season to see the cracks

  9. Kim says:

    Two words: damage control – it can’t be more obvious. But I think they have to try harder this time.

  10. ocean says:

    Get over it and GIVE BACK THE GIFTS. If i had given her something and then found out after her wedding was a complete sham and she was getting divorced within 72 days id be pissed.

    She has no class, and I sure as hell wouldn’t be friends with someone that is so cheap that she has to create a sham wedding for publicity, cash in on other peoples generosity and then thinks she can make it all better with a tax write-off charity donation.

  11. brin says:

    If she didn’t profit from the wedding, she is not a true Kardashian and should be disowned immediately.

  12. Shannon says:

    It doesn’t matter! They just want to shift our attention as if paying for her own wedding makes Kim less of a jerk for filing for divorce 2 months later.

  13. mln76 says:

    She’s lying her fat ass off about the money WHY??? Because she made a statement that she will make a donation to charity in the amount that she made from the pictures. She’ll make about a 700,000$ donation and keep the rest of the 20$ mill and all gifts. Laughing her way to the bank.

  14. Dawn says:

    Don’t buy People or any other magazine that gloifies this whore.

  15. Kelly says:

    Girlfriend sure knows how to generate across-the-board media coverage on an ongoing basis… Can anyone think of another celeb who’s better at it?

  16. hi ! says:

    how does kim know how much the gifts were worth? Atleast a charity will benefit from this…one good thing.

  17. lisa says:

    She wears such heavy makeup.. they all do.. WHY?????

  18. Alida says:

    Kris Jenner should be ashamed she let this happen. She should have at least made them go a whole year before she allowed her fame whore daughter to divorce.

    I say boycott E! until they dump this family flat on their asses!

  19. Alida says:

    And gee he never wanted to spend time with her? How can one spend time with her when she is in Dubai for a week, or on some other promotional tour for her nasty smelling fragrances? Oh and of course in the wake if her terrible ordeal she is now in Australia which was a PLANNED getaway AGAIN without her husband. She CHOSE not to spend time with him.

  20. badrockandroll says:

    @ Brin (#11): too true!

    Anyway, this is all foreplay for la Lohan’s court appearance, isn’t it? Maybe it can all get tied together and Lohan can get her CS transferred to KK’s “Needy charity”. But what charity will get KK’s silver gravy boat and other stupidly expensive and useless wedding presents?

  21. chloe says:

    Notice that it was conveniently announced on Monday so she could be sure to make all the magazines Tuesday deadline. Not profiting of it my REAL ass. Talk about backpeddelling, I think they thought all she would get is sympathy not all the negative press. Complete idiots. I hope Kris H writes a tell all book, I feel for his normal family.

  22. Sara says:

    I think the Kardashians will finally be exposed for what they truly are.

  23. Tristyn says:

    Seriously!!! Just b/c they believe there own bullshit stories.that all of the world will believe there bullshit stories..this family is disgusting ..

  24. BabyCakes says:

    @ your mama the reason her lips look like that is because of the injections. Any makeup artist will tell you that the color just slides off the lips and is hard to keep on.I don’t see why they have to pack on that much powder.. Maybe she has oily skin.. idk

  25. BELLA says:

    The whole family are nuts… so annoying
    soooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of it

  26. Lynne says:

    I think wedding is a hoax. How many times did they see each other before getting engaged? 5 or 10 times? The whole affaire was planned around shooting for the show. And profit? Of course they did. That wedding was product placement for the freebies if it wasnt free, E paid. My opinion, she spent more time planning that over the top registry than getting to know him.

  27. drbadjen says:

    Honestly, I have a bit of respect for Kim now…did anyone else see the wedding special? Kris Humphries is a total douche. She should never have married him in the first place, but at least she was smart enough to get the hell out. And let’s keep in mind that getting caught up in wedding planning and ignoring obvious signs of trouble is not unique to Kim K. There are tons of non-famous people who do the same thing. Cut her some slack. It’s a shitty, undoubtedly humiliating, situation that none of us would ever want to be in.

  28. G says:

    Listen, they benefited either from outright payment or free stuff.

    For G*d’s sake show some grace and shut up. Not everyone admires ostentation.

  29. Kelly says:

    OMG, this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen – a “vigil” mourning the demise of the most romantic union ever, outside the Dash store: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-most-inspiring-photos-from-the-kimkris-dash-s Whoever organized this is a comic genius!!! I so wish I could be there with a pair of false eyelashes and 6″ heels.

  30. lucy2 says:

    I thought Kris was wearing a Halloween costume when I saw her on the Today Show this morning!

    Money grubbing liars who think we’re as stupid as they are. Everyone knew it was all for money and attention.

  31. Laurie M. says:

    Will Kris H. be entitled to half of the WEDDING profits and maybe that is why the Kartrashians are so adamantly insisting they didn’t make any money from this? It WAS Kris H’s wedding too – Kim shouldn’t get all the money for the event.

  32. taksi says:

    If this is a publicity stunt, then I think they’ve miscalculated. Feels like the beginning of the end for them.

  33. Sumodo1 says:

    Hautie, you are on the right track when you asked: “…did Humphries make the mistake of demanding to be paid for his time?”

    How about that? Maybe he woke up from his celebrity-induced coma to say, “What’s in it for me? I want a piece of the action.”

    The famewhoring Kartrashians (from the planet K-trash) pointed their laser guns at him and poof! He was gone.

  34. mia135 says:

    She should hold a garage sale and sell all the wedding gifts and THEN donate what she earned to charity. Do some real work for a change.

  35. anonymous says:

    Damage control,this is not the way it was supposed to end with an impending backlash from the public. After the divorce the sympathy from fans, a run on that. Then it’s kim recovering from divorce. Episodes about that. Kim finds new love, and on and on. Now they are afraid the public is going to dump them along with their money tree that reality show. After the phony wedding money scam, they should.

  36. Ron says:

    Why does anyone watch them?

  37. PleaseICU says:

    They can’t even keep the lies they’re feeding to various media outlets straight anymore.

    Now he never wanted to spend time with her and was using her for fame and using her name to book gigs?

    Yesterday the story was that he was lazy, home too much, she wanted him to get off his lazy behind and to go out and work and do something productive and make some money. And he refused.

    He did break rank by hiring a non-Kardashian-approved-publicist. Maybe the real reason Kris got the boot was that he asked Scott to be his manager rather than Mama Kris? lol

    Kidding aside, I get the feeling that it’s either Mama Kris and her 10% or nada in that family. No one is making money off her family but her.

  38. The Original Mia says:

    Liars liars…pants on fire.

    They made plenty of money off of that wedding. Kim just doesn’t want to share any of it with Kris. The pre-nup probably prevents him from getting any of her money, but it wouldn’t prevent him from an equal share in the money they earned off of their wedding.

    These people are ridiculous and I wish they’d go away.

  39. Sumodo1 says:

    All this debating is going on and…Kim K is in AUSTRALIA? Great timing, great getting her bookings and more Kash. Hats off to Momager Kris. This must have taken 72 days to pull off, just in time to promote the momager’s book. Make. It. Stop.

  40. truthful says:

    She is lying and that is where Kim gets it from.

    Of course, Kim will NOT return any of the gifts, I remember the wedding registry–she is such a greedy pig.
    EVERYTHING on he list was UBER expensive, all the way down to the butter dish.

    They never settled down together and lived in a hotel the whole time. Those gifts are boxed up and GREEDY Kim does not want to return them–they are HORRID and the whole family needs to fall of the face of the earth.

  41. Denise says:

    The government wants to tax people so badly, why is the IRS not knocking on her door for an audit. The whole family is raking in tens of millions on an annual basis. Give me a break!

  42. Swan Hockey says:

    Does she apply her make-up with a spray gun or a trowel? Of course it was all fake: every single thing about KK & her family is made-for-TV phony drama.

  43. Violet says:

    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  44. Nanea says:

    Mama Kris is lying about the value of the ring, for starters. Stones of that size, 20,5 carats, are very rare, even if it is, like in this case, a slightly tinted stone.

    Of course she’s lying about everything else too.

    I don’t get why there are still people out there watching their show, or, beware – sympathizing with them.

  45. Nev says:

    I believe it was a sham from the start totaly for profit. That family of publicity freaks make their money from pimping out the each family member. They are already starting on the younger children. That’s what you do when u have no talent. I don’t understand how they have any fans. They really think people are stupid.

  46. bluhare says:

    The whole debit card fiasco should have given people a clue about these people. Rip fans off if it keeps their money machine going.

    And who “loses money” on a wedding? EVERYONE. We all pay for it with no return, other than hopefully a happy marriage.

    Lastly, why isn’t she returning the gifts? Prolly because she already returned them to the stores for cash.

  47. dorothy says:

    It’s over Kardashians…the gravy grain is over.

  48. Maybe she didn’t make money with the wedding,but she sure made an asshole of herself.

  49. Bopa says:


    Yes non-celebs get married even though they know they shouldn’t and often times they are douches so it’s possible that Kim is also one. Non-celebs don’t go to super expensive stores for their wedding gift lists or get millions of dollars in free gifts.

    The shoes producers were fishing for a date for Kim and probably pushed the idea of marriage for ratings. How is that Kris’s fault if he didn’t understand that this was 100% fake and he didn’t get the memo. I’ve only seen a few of the Kardashian shows but I’ve seen them be more rude to guests than Kris H had ever been to any of them. Don’t let them spin this story line into making it seem that Kim is the victim and Kris is the villain.

  50. paola says:

    Kris shame shame SHAME on you! you’re talking about a 500k ring as if it was a piece of shit only because its worth is not 2 milions. Just shut the fuck up would you already?????

  51. Diane says:

    Kris is doing damage control. She knows the divorce to end the sham marriage comes way too close to the actual wedding, which E! was shoving down our throats just a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure she was hoping Kim could ‘tolerate’ the poor guy at least until the memory of the wedding had faded from people’s memories. As it is, the whole lot of them comes off looking like the greedy, deceptive b*itches they are. Good luck finding a man now, you stupid cow.

  52. Denise says:

    Shilling and lying; they don’t even have the sense to quit while they are ahead, they keep on talking about it and tripping themselves over the lies. They made millions by weaving nothing out of thin air. This has the potential to not only blow up in their faces but also E network that has perpetuated the sham. They had calculated that Kim would get sympathy and make even more money. The public is tired of this crap in these hard times; money and fame for nothing and having everything in the world just given to them. The whole thing is just obscene.

  53. Snowangel says:

    @truthful – well said. I personally knew one couple in my town that had a very, very short engagement, followed by a very lavish wedding. I think the cheapest thing on her gift registry was $500, most things were $800 plus. They broke up 3 months later, never did thank you cards in the first place, never returned the gifts. Lost most of their friends over this, as everyone felt very USED.I get the same feeling about the Kardashians, I actually feel kind of used for watching their stupid wedding.

  54. Katie says:

    Ryan Seacrest is going to have a lot of explaining to do when the dust settles.

  55. Kloops says:

    The Buzzfeed vigil is hilarious. This family is a bunch of grifters. Hugely successful grifters. Now go away. Sick of it.

  56. Lisa says:

    @drbadjen- Is that you kris jenner? Respect? Respect for a famewhore who instead of apologizing to her husband and his family took it to make it all about herself? Respect for a calculating dimwit who went through with the wedding and leading KH on? Is this the person you respect?

  57. connie says:

    What about the fact that only now, after the marriage is ending are we hearing how they made no mondey on the wedding and the ring didn’t cost that much? Didn’t kim pose on the people cover with a headline about her $2million dollar ring? So, they were lying then? or now? Now, after filing for divorce, it’s upseting to her and worth rectifying that she never made a dime and spent her own “hard earned money”? Please, agree with posters above this was a shame from the begining. If someone assalted my character & “true love” I wouldn’t wait till 2 months later to say how “hurtful” that was. Gah, this constant victimization people do is disgusting to me.

  58. Jover says:

    Denise good point that shows how out of touch they are that in these economic times they push slimy greed and expect to be praised; and bluhare good point that whole credit card fiasco has been swept under the rug – it really shows what disgusting whorish greedy pigs they all are – but what do they have on media outlets that will still see their fake faces staring vacantly at us?

  59. Jules says:

    Her engagement ring is as fake as her ass. Wasn’t she photoed wearing the exact same ring back in 2006 and was pretending Bush gave it to her? If there is a God, please let this be the end of the Kardashian krap.

  60. neelyo says:

    They really overplayed their hand on this one and the backlash is great. I wonder what Seacrest is thinking about now. This whole thing is his fault. He opened the Pandora’s Box and released this evil into the world. I hope their show tanks now, just to teach these chiselers a lesson.

  61. kelly d says:

    I personally think that Pimp Momma Kris is the reason behind the divorce. Remember how serious she was being about Kim not changing her last name? I think Kim really would have settled down in another state with her man but her mom convinced her “star money maker” not to and get divorced because once she pops out kids and all that comes with being married she will fade away and not as many people care about Kourt and Khlo. Thats just my personal opinion. All about the Brand for Pimp Kris, not about her kids feelings or wants. The younger 2 as just no as profitable as the others even if they are models.

    lol side note my husband hates Kris Jenner and think shes a blackhearted fame monster and a nasty person, ans said if he ever saw her in person he would punch her in her plastic face.

  62. munchies says:

    new twist/storyline in Keeping up coming! Kim will found out shes prego, will reconcile with Kris, get married again in “private” ceremony,sell new wedding pictures, another papped honeymoon, give birth, sell baby pictures.
    ahhh! all in the name of true love that last 72 days!

  63. Joe's Mom says:

    Please, this is damage control, trying to worm herself back in the “fans'” good graces. This “marriage” was always all about the almighty dollar, famewhoring and OUTSHINING KHLOE, and her happiness and good fortune in meeting and marrying Lamar Odem. With the way that family consults each other on every breath they take, you’re telling me they couldn’t have figured out a way to break an engagement if they’d wanted to? Please.

  64. Nudgie says:

    You can tell Pimp Mama Kris was lying on the ‘Today show’ – her lips were moving.

  65. Kim says:

    Kim & Kris KarTrashian are trying to save face because this is the end of Kims “career.” People are pissed she faked it/made a mockery of marriage.

    Thats irony for you – she arranged a marriage for her career but ending the fake marriage has ended her career.

    Good riddance! Cant stand anyone in this family and have stopped buying any magazine with any of them on the cover. Wont be buying life & style this week.

  66. Julia says:

    Now the last version that is rumored to be the cause of the divorce is Kim claiming that her in laws never liked her and put pressure on her marriage.

    Ewww,this family will resort to any scapegoat, insult and blame anyone but themselves for that divorce.

    They are despicable with a capital D.

  67. kk says:

    remember that scene in the wedding special where khloe questions kris h’s intentions and he replies that if kim’s such a hopeless romantic, maybe he should be the one questioning her intentions?
    and not profiting?! what about that obvious “living social” plug squeezed into a convo b/w kris j & bruce that was followed by living social commercials

  68. pwal says:

    Anyone else saw Kris Jenner on the View? She managed to squeeze out some tears (tear-rimmed eyes). But the worse thing about it was that View women kept their claws in. Are they so impotent, when it comes to bookings, that they swallowed Kris’ crap? Hell, Hoda and Kathie Lee got in her @$$ more than the View women and she always seems to be a guest host whenever Hoda or Kathie Lee are out.

    As someone has already mentioned, this is a delicious trainwreck to watch; however, I am scared to death that misguided women will continue to give these useless women an out, which is completely wrong on many levels.

  69. NYC_girl says:

    Seriously, dead behind the eyes.

  70. Camille says:

    I don’t buy anything these people are trying to spin now. The Kartrashian Klan is a joke.

  71. Franny says:

    I can’t really fathom why everyone hates her THAT MUCH. in all honesty, what has she done? she made money because people were willing to give it to her. how does that change your life? how does that make you hate her so much?

    I really don’t understand. are you upset because you weren’t born into a family that milked their fame for all its worth? why don’t you hate on all the other reality tv stars as much?

  72. Julia says:

    @ Franny

    Personnally I don’t hate her. What I felt for her before this was annoyance over this overwhelming mediocrity that is displayed too much, too often for my taste, that is too visibly advertised on TV and US tabs even if in my country this attention is minimal and nobody cares about that family.

    What I feel now towards HER and only her (not her sisters) is immense contempt and disgust.

    I just hate with a passion is compulsive liars, manipulators and frauds who at some point will cross a line, using and abusing people to the core, their young fans, their man, their colleagues, having so much visisble power they use with immorality and mockery of things, concepts that should remain sacred, all this for the never ending obssessive quest of ammassing wealth, of grabing and plundering money where it is and without any regards for the victims they make in the process.

    Enough is enough with that mob like moneygrabbing institution that is the Kardashian empire.

  73. Scout says:

    I don’t know about anyone else…..but at 30, I was already very busy managing a family, a home, a job (well, part time since I was raising children.) Basically, a mature adult taking on the responsibility that goes with the label! I WAS NOT looking for my prince charming. If I had not met him yet and had not started a family, then I would have been diving into my career. You know, living a life of SUBSTANCE!

  74. pwal says:

    71. Franny:
    November 2nd, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    I can’t really fathom why everyone hates her THAT MUCH. in all honesty, what has she done? she made money because people were willing to give it to her. how does that change your life? how does that make you hate her so much?

    I really don’t understand. are you upset because you weren’t born into a family that milked their fame for all its worth? why don’t you hate on all the other reality tv stars as much?


    I wouldn’t say that I hate her; I do resent her and her family for taking advantage of HW laziness. And Kim is the personification of the Toddlerwoman phenomenon — complimented for accomplishing nothing except looking cute and protected from assuming anything that resembles responsibility. And while men are notorious for hyping these women, whenever these women’s flaws are exposed, women are the ones who try to convince the world that up is down and left is right.

    Now, Kris was a damn fool for getting involved in this $hit, but Kim is in her 30s and was married already. You’d think that she would’ve done some soul-searching in the nearly 10 years since the first divorce, before she enter into another marriage. And the fact that she ‘shared’ her dreams about marriage and family and she did everything to alienate her partner who could’ve been instrumental in accomplishing this just show that she was full of crap.

    Personally, I am fed up with females ‘celebs’ who feel compelled to share their personal family dreams/plans and either do nothing about it or do something about it that is so extreme and stupid in order to return back to square one and do magazine/TV interviews, lamenting about wanting family and either doing nothing or doing something extreme and stupid, and so on and so on…

  75. Justwow says:

    My biggest fear is that they are actually enjoying this new frenzy. Pleeeeze let them recognize the shame and embarrassment of this. Something tells me they are incapable…

  76. Franny says:

    I appreciate that you guys have at least well thought out answers and reasons. Im just sick of hearing ” she’s a whore! Someone pee on her some more!”.

  77. ieasha says:

    This entire family is full of it i dont no why people continue to support them and the fake b.s i know im done with the shows anything kardashian

  78. KELLY says:

    If everyone stops watching the Kardashian’s sham of a TV show, don’t buy their clothes, don’t buy any magazines with articles or pictures of them, etc. then maybe, just maybe, they’ll disappear. Here’s hoping…..

  79. Kelly says:

    Worthless hags

  80. Hellen says:

    “Kim’s Divorce Dilemma: ‘I’m Pregnant!'”

    “It’s Kris vs. Kris as Husband and Mother-in-Law Fight Over Kim’s Baby!”

    “Kris Begs Kim: Please Take Me Back!”

    “Reggie Bush: I’M the Baby-Daddy!”

    Any or all of these headlines, any minute now…

  81. munchies says:

    now she want people to trail on her show because she will explain there why she ended her 72 days “marriage” to the one she “truly love”.

  82. Carolyn says:

    The Kartrashians are talking but no-one’s buying it. They never would have expected the huge public backlash. Hysterical. People follow through with the outrage and stop watching the show. They’ve super miscalculated public sentiment on this. The whole Kartrashian brand is damaged now. They’ve finally revealed themselves to be fake all the way. Having worked in PR it absolutely staggers me that Kim and Kris didn’t keep the charade for another six months to a year. Something must be very wrong. Kris H mustn’t have wanted to toe the line. They’re not going to recover from this.

  83. Addie says:

    So she says that when she married Kris, she already knew THEN that he wasn’t the ‘prince charming’ she was waitng for.

    So she knowingly took vows and fooled her fans, took gifts knowing all along it was a sham.

    Also, if she insists on keeping the gifts, why doesn’t Kris Humpfries get some of them too? They were for the both of them.

  84. Jag says:

    He should get half of what they made, if they keep anything. (Which they shouldn’t.)

    Of course they’re going to cry “lost money” and maybe even bankrupt, so that people can’t insist they return the gifts and pay back the sponsors. That’s also why she’s going to donate to “charity,” instead of returning the gifts.

    I’ll make a bet that if she does donate to charity, it’ll either be one of their making or a close friend’s. That way, they either won’t pay the money, or they’ll get something for it. (Not to mention the tax write-off.)

    Disgusting all around

  85. Suzy from Ontario says:

    She talks about being a romantic at heart and looking for her Prince Charming, blahblah…she’s 30, this is her second marriage and if this is how she really thinks she’s even more of an idiot and more immature than I believed it was possible to be.

    I think what she loves is money and more money. Demanding such a huge diamond. It’s so big that it’s gaudy. The fact that she had to have such a big stone (like her idol Liz Taylor) was a clue right there that it was never about HIM it was all about her and HER dream wedding. The clips I saw of the wedding special were a lot of her being irritated with him whenever he tried to have an opinion about what he might want at the wedding, or that all it seemed like she needed him for was to slot him into the groom position (but that he could’ve been replaced with anyone because it was all about what she wanted). There is no way she loved him at all, based on what I saw. She could barely contain her irritation with him. This wedding was all about money and ratings and attention for her.

    She can talk about giving the gifts to charity but who knows if she will. I doubt it. She’s so incredibly selfish and self-absorbed. It’s sickening.

    I hope this whole thing exposes what anyone with a brain has been able to see since almost the beginning…these people are only out for every penny they can make and they don’t care what they have to do to get it. Famewhores, all of them. Anyone who watches them or thinks they are role models worth watching… something is seriously wrong with you. They have done nothing to be admired for.

    I hope this backfires on them bigtime and that ratings and interest drop into the basement. As Kate Gosselin found out, celebrity for people who have no real talent, who don’t really deserve to be celebrities, doesn’t last forever. I think the Kardashians have wrung out every penny out of their 15 minutes already. Enough! I feel sorry for the children in that family…what are they learning?

  86. Any publicity is good publicity says:

    They are loving the attention of all of this drama and going to the bank with every tv show, radio show and magazine cover they do to explain the lies they have spun. Don’t you get it? It’s all a ploy to get more publicity which equals more $. She may not be able to handle all the negative responses she’s getting from her divorce so don’t be surprised if she reconciles with Kris just to gain her fans back and keep the money flowing. Now that’s a “Hoe foe shooow!”

  87. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    So that’s what she looks like without the spiders on her eyes.

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