Sarah Hyland, 20, is already living with her boyfriend & planning a wedding?


As you know, I really like Sarah Hyland, the 20-year-old Mila Kunis-look-alike on Modern Family. She convincingly plays a 16-year-old on that show, and she could honestly pass for even younger, she’s so small and young-looking. In interviews, Hyland comes across as funny and sweet – with a slightly bitchy edge, but she’s cool about it. I never hear anything about her parents, but I just looked through her IMDB, and apparently she was a child actor who moved to LA when she turned 18, and I’m assuming her folks still live in NYC, where Hyland grew up. I imagine it could be scary for such a young woman, alone in LA. But she got herself a boyfriend, and apparently they’re already shacking up and they might even be preparing for a wedding. SHE’S 20!!! And she looks 14. Gawd.

Sarah Hyland, 20, plays wisecracking 16-year-old Haley Dunphy on Modern Family, and now she’s shacking up with her boyfriend, Disney actor Matt Prokop, and planning a wedding, insiders tell The Enquirer.

“Sarah and Matt moved in together about a year ago, and she says they’re actually like an old married couple already,” one source revealed. “They’re homebodies who host barbecues and dinner parties for friends of all ages rather than hitting clubs like a lot of young stars.”

After spending the past year under the same roof, Sarah and Matt have found they are so compatible that they’re discussing tying the knot sometime in 2012.

“Sarah may be young, but she’s mature beyond her years,” the source noted. “It’s ironic that she plays a character on TV so unlike her real-life self.”

The two lovebirds met during auditions for 2008’s High School Musical 3 (Matt got the part) and moved in together in August 2010 – when they were both just 19! And the super-cute couple has no problem mixing business with pleasure. They star together in the Disney Channel original movie, Geek Charming, which airs Nov. 11. Meantime, Sarah gushes about their romatic living arrangements: “I like it, I like it, I like it!”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Methinks the reason they don’t go clubbing is because they aren’t even 21 yet! Look, I really don’t mind the whole “shacking up” thing. I think it’s cute, and it’s good practice, and it speaks volumes about Hyland that she prioritizes her boyfriend and she’s in a committed relationship. That’s all cute and hey, if she was in college, she would be doing the same kind of stuff. But marriage? Why do kids today feel the need to put a ring on it so young? Just wait a hot minute. You don’t have to be “grown up” so fast.

OMG, how cute is it that they always do the “heads touching” pose on the red carpet? I bet she makes him practice that, right? She’s adorable.





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  1. Katie says:

    Why not put a ring on it young? I got married at 22 and 9 years later I am still married and still happy. We’ve grown up together and learned to take life as it comes together. We’ve had our share of bumps on the road, but they’ve only made us stronger. I say when you know, you know.

  2. fabgrrl says:

    Well, it does seem young. But what is the worst that can happen? A divorce in 2-3 years? At least these kids aren’t running around being drunk and slutty, like so many of the other young actors we hear about.

  3. Roma says:

    Being underage has never stopped a star from clubbing in LA before. I like her a lot and have always hoped the blind item about an actress hooking up with her “dad” on the show wasn’t about her.

  4. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I say why not, I know many people who met at 19 or younger and got married (allbeit in late 20’s) but they’re all still together.

    If they are in love, which it appears, then there is nothing more beautiful than growing and experiencing together – many many couples do this and make it & its way better than sleeping with everyone going…since when did two young people only sleeping with each other become a bad thing?!

  5. Jdao says:

    She’s adorable – love her!

  6. buo says:

    They were just on The View together and said they don’t want to get married anytime soon. But hey, information is the enemy of gossip, right?!

  7. kristipistol says:

    In one of those pics, she looks just like Denise Richards

  8. cake says:

    I got married at 19 and we’ve been together for 7 happy years now. Getting married young doesn’t work for many, many people, but it does work for some. At 19 I was 1 class away from finishing my bachelor’s degree, and my husband had already finished his tech program and gotten a good job.

    Some people reach maturity at different ages than others; there are plenty of 30-year-olds who are emotionally too young for marriage still, just like sometimes there are folks in the 18-22 set who are actually ready for that commitment.

  9. Yasmine says:

    Wow, too young. Waaaay too young. Sure, some people did it and married when they were young and it worked for them. But, the point is, why the rush? People should enjoy being young and not having the pressure to get married.

  10. Tiffany S says:

    oh my goodness i am loving their body language! what a sweet couple. i think they’re young but i’m such a goof that looking at these pictures turned me into a sentimental ball of mush and i can’t complete a coherent thought.

  11. Fatkid says:

    She looks like Denise Richards

  12. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Now, now, let’s not assume marriage is the high water mark for maturity or the finish line. There are plenty of people who put off marriage, but it’s not terribly true to say that it’s because they must be held in a straitjacket until the ‘Readiness Timer’ goes off and you’ve shed off enough cray-cray to be viable with the institution.

  13. Trek Girl says:

    A couple getting married when they are young does not mean that they are rushing. Some people find the person that they want to be with when they are young, and when they feel they know the person well enough, marriage is the logical next step for them. Also not everyone wants to shack-up; living together before marriage does not necessarily mean that you will know what living with that person will be like during the marriage.

    I am friends with a couple who got together in the 8th grade, are now 22 and married, and at no time did it seem like they were rushing into marriage. They are right for each other, and the suggestion that two people that, like my friends, are right for each other should wait to get married JUST because they are in their late teens to early twenties is absurd.

    There is no sense in waiting, just for the sake of waiting.

  14. Alyssa says:

    does anyone else see Katniss and Gale from the Hunger Games in these pictures?

  15. apsutter says:

    Good for her! She is freakin adorable but I just hope that she doesnt get pressure from her family to get married anytime soon since they are living together and have been together for a while. My boyfriend and I moved in together when I was 20 and working on my degree and after a while everyone else is in such a big hurry for long term couples to get married. We resented the constant questioning from friends and family because it makes you feel like your relationship isnt legitimate. Probably why we arent really rushing to be married after 8 years together. Hope they can just live for themselves and that they really love each other.

  16. Heatherrr says:

    Living doll! So frick’n sweet.

  17. dragonlady sakura says:

    FYI My parents married when they were eighteen and stayed married, unlike couples today, for fifty years before my father passed away. That’s a love story for you.

  18. Trek Girl says:

    @Dragonlady Sakura: Couples today might not stay together as long as they used to, but make no mistake that if divorce had been easier to get legally, and had there not been such a stigma attached to it, as well as other issues, it’s very likely that there would have been a lot more divorces. All of those things that couples divorce over, like infidelity, children resulting from infidelity, abuse, adandonment, etc., were still there. There are many people that stayed married that really wish they hadn’t, and there are many people that got married and divorced several times, just like there are presently.

    That’s really great to hear about your parents, though. Stories like that are great to hear.

  19. Laulo says:

    tHEY ARE NOT GETTING MARRIED. In a interview for YRB mag she said that it was ridiculous. They are too young for this.