Bruce Willis made Ashton Kutcher ‘weep uncontrollably’ and beg for forgiveness

Amid all the stories about Ashton Kutcher being a hot tub cheating douche, there were precious few about whether Bruce Willis would go Die Hard on Ashton’s ass for cheating on Demi. Well according to Mike Walker in the National Enquirer, Bruce sort-of did just that. Bruce gave Ashton such a harsh “talking-to” about publicly humiliating Demi and all of their daughters that Ashton broke down crying. Oh I would have loved to have seen that.

Bruce Willis demanded – and got – a face-to-face butt-kicking showdown that left Ashton Kutcher shaking like a leaf after the “Die Hard” star confronted the smarmy party boy/cheater about dissing Demi Moore via his closerthanthis sleazefest with bigmouth Sara Leal! “Ashton kept avoiding Bruce’s calls and texts, but finally agreed to meet his wife’s ex-husband at a private location,” said a close pal of the couple. “Bruce was livid! He reamed Ashton for his cheating – and humiliating not just ex-wife Demi, but his three daughters as well. He went at Ashton full force, giving him no time to make excuses for his embarrassing behavior, demanding that he get his act together fast! Ashton finally broke down in tears, weeping uncontrollably as he begged forgiveness. [Ashton is] devastated because Demi’s consulted a divorce attorney [and] begged Bruce to step in and stop her from committing to a separation. He reportedly vowed to Bruce. “I will NEVER, EVER cheat again!” Said the source: “Bruce isn’t ready to shake hands with Ashton just yet, but he did speak with Demi and advised her that if she decides to try keeping her marriage intact, she should seek traditional marriage counseling – not just the Kabbalah counseling they’ve been doing.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, Mike Walker’s column, November 14, 2011]

I could see Ashton doing this. It’s like his dad yelling at him and making him cry for being a little punk.

The last we heard, Demi was potentially cheating on Ashton too with one of his friends. I’m not buying the angle in this Enquirer piece that she wants out of the marriage, though. I think she wants to hang in there and save it, as US Weekly recently reported, and that Ashton is on board only because he doesn’t want to mess up his life. He’s got enough money on his own and doesn’t need Demi monetarily, but I believe he probably likes being married to her, getting adoration at home while getting his strange on the side with groupies. He’ll still cheat, he’ll just wait a little while and then try and be more discreet about it. That’s pretty much what he’s been doing his entire marriage.

I googled “Ashton Kutcher crying” and this is all I found:




Bruce Willis is shown out on 9/9/11. He’s shown with his wife Emma Hemming on 3/22/11 and with Demi and Rumer on 3/24/11. Credit: Fame and WENN

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  1. SueAnn says:

    Bruce willis is a bad ass! I would be scared too if he was calling and texting me demanding an explanation. I would be afraid he would go all Pulp Fiction vs Zed on my ass.

  2. gab says:

    Everyone needs a Bruce Willis in their lives that they can call sort of like a big brother. Say you’re sorry or I’ll call my big brother!

  3. atorontogal says:

    BS!!! Bruce screwed around on Demi so he has no right to get all self righteous! I don’t believe a word of this drivle.

  4. mln76 says:

    I really want to believe this story. Who wouldn’t want to see Bruce make Ashton cry?

  5. I can not imagine how this stuff gets out. Really. It’s hard to imagine; my guess is Bruce ain’t no angel, either. Now, a reaming out for being stupid? I can get my arms around THAT!

  6. brin says:

    Go Bruce!! Your ass is grass, Ashton!

  7. SueAnn says:

    Bruce is like quintuplet the man that Ashton is.

  8. Jamie says:

    Made him cry??!!
    I SO want this to be true, but if it was, Bruce should have beaten him senseless!
    Anything to wipe that smug smile and attitude off the jerk!

  9. lucy2 says:

    I hope this is true, just for the mental images alone.

  10. RocketMerry says:

    Totally out of topic, but congrats to Stanley Tucci on his engagement to Felicity Blunt (one of the Featured links)!
    He’s so talented, humble and still a superb actor, I’m glad he’s happy and doing great in his life.

  11. Incredulous says:

    I can believe Bruce told Ashton to shape up and not get caught.

    Edit: Stanley Tucci got engaged to a woman? I genuinely thought he was gay.

  12. Sue says:

    This is the stupidest story. Don’t believe any of it. If it is true Bruce needs to mind his own business and leave Demi deal with her child/husband herself. I do believe she is old enough to do that……..

  13. Heatheradair says:

    Ah, The Bruce never stops being hot. Love, love, love it when he really COMMITS to the bald and goes full-bic.

  14. Kaboom says:

    Not sure Bruce is the authority to listen to for saving marriages to Demi Moore. Just sayin’!

  15. Celebitchy says:

    @RocketMerry, it’s terrible what happened to Tucci’s wife, but after I reported this story I can never really like the guy.

  16. Dawn says:

    I would call b.s. on this one. Although I’m sure Bruce still cares about Demi in some way, I doubt that he would go ape on Ashton for doing exactly what he did when he was with her. Now if this was one of the girls’ boyfriends, I’d give this a maybe. I think he is too happy in the new world he created for himself to get all in Ashton’s face and you know what else, Demi is a big girl and can and should handle her own affairs.

  17. self help says:

    Why didn’t she stick with Bruce again?

  18. Jenn says:

    So let me get this straight. Willis can cheat on Moore, but he gets pissed when someone else does it? Kutcher seems like a jerk, but maybe Moore should “grow a pair” and just kick his ass to the curb and not depend upon her ex husband to take care of her problem.

    Not blaming the victim here, but she is the one with the power. If she wants to leave, no one is making her stay.

  19. Zigggy says:

    Love it.

  20. Quest says:

    I didn’t think I could love Bruce any more but I so do now….Love that headline.


  21. Bren says:

    Bruce could have done this because of the way he embarassed his daughters not so much about Demi

  22. RocketMerry says:

    @ Celebitchy
    That story is so horrible and insane, I’m actually having some trouble believing Anne at all. I can’t believe Tucci would do something like that, come on. I call BS, just because it’s the first time I read something bad about him (and also because I violently dislike Hathaway and wouldn’t put it past her lying to keep her “poor innocent girl” image).
    Anyway, this is so, so disappointing. Every time that I truly appreciate and admire an actor, there’s a bad story about him around the corner!

  23. jamie says:

    Go Bruce!

    Awwwwwww. The Stanley Tucci engagement story is sweet. Big age difference but I hope it works out.

    Wait, just went back and read the story about Tucci and Anne Hathaway’s melons. How disappointing!

  24. Yessiiirrreee says:

    Bruce should keep his attitude checked at the door. He has absolutely no right interfering with Demi and Ashton’s marriage. Period. He signed those rights away of interfering with Demi’s private life at the time of their divorce.

  25. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    Uh, like others have been saying, wasn’t Bruce the original cheater on Demi and it was the breakdown of THEIR marriage that appears to have prompted her spiral into deep-seated insecurity and serial plastic surgery over the years? In a way, Ashton becomes just a sort of prolonged symptom. That said, I can still see Bruce stepping in to “sort out Ashton” out of some confused notion of responsibility – and not seeing his hypocrisy in doing that.

  26. says:

    This story is total BS.

  27. NeNe says:

    I would have paid good money to see that little prick wet his pants. Oh, to be a fly on the wall. If this story is true, I think it is friggen awesome how he still comes to the aid of Demi, and he’s got her back. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

  28. INeedANap says:

    I don’t care how old John McClane is, I would hit that like the fist of God.


  29. laylajane says:

    Bruce is still sexy, but I call BS too. Bruce cheated and embarrassed the girls as well. But then again who knows….

  30. Jen34 says:

    I’m not believing this at all, although I do love me some bad-ass Bruce.

  31. WillyNilly says:

    Just a leeeeetle bit two much drama for this to be true. ‘Private location’ = I have no idea because I am making it all up??

    Also – WTF is Kaballah counseling anyway? Camping? FO REAL?

  32. BELLA says:

    I figured he said “way to go”

  33. Jordan says:

    I think Bruce Willis is so manly hot. I don’t believe this story (it’s the National Enquirer) but I do like the story just for the images it is creating in my mind.

  34. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Nope, too stupid and hypocritical to be true. Anyone with a self-righteous streak that wide and a blind spot that big and a memory that short would only qualify as (as the Venerable Bede described it), straight-up wack.

    But if it did happen, well, what the shit ever. Let’s hope everyone’s sins were addressed. The internet, like the rhythm, is going to get you, but at least Ashton can take solace in the fact that when Joanne Woodward tomcatted around on Paul Newman with him, it was the late eighties and everyone was too preoccupied with Cher and the bagel boy and there was no internet watchdog around to notice for us. Whatever happened to Gloria Estafan’s voice? It used to be great, but then one day it became kind of unbearable, I can’t be the only one who thinks that.

    If you had told me that Morrissey likes to take in light refreshments and cockfights after his sensitivity training sessions, I’d say, ‘that sounds credible’ because it’s unfathomable that a person with his own moral lapses and child spouse situation would be that clownish. Demi Moore has only ever had one spouse break his vows and disappoint her children, so this wouldn’t count as a sad reminder. huh? Pfft. I also refuse to believe that she is so fragile that she needs her ex-joke to bust down her current joke, because salt does not want to wound to the reunion. Even Tennessee Williams would say ‘You’re not porcelain, get up and take in some minerals’. Then he would to explain to her where her babies came from because we’d be entering a new arena of hyper-delicacy, so I say the showdown as described by this article didn’t happen. I give this round of ‘Starlet Or Streetwalker’ to, um, someone.

  35. bluhare says:

    Thanks for ruining my Stanley Tucci crush, CB!!

  36. Sillyone says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that why Bruce and Demi broke up because Bruce didn’t keep it in his pants either?

  37. Carolyn says:

    I too call BS on this story but a little part of me wants Bruce to have said “Yippie kiyay mother…..” to stoopid Ashton.

  38. eileen says:

    Bruce is super freaking hot. Demi is a fool for dumping him.

  39. serena says:

    Oh Bruce..
    I hope this is true and that he’ll beat the shit out of him.

  40. Maritza says:

    I would have forgiven Bruce instead of Ashton, he is so much hotter and a cool father as well.

  41. kimberly says:

    Oh everyone is being so hard on poor Ashton.

    Maybe he’s not the stellar actor we all think he is and was just whoring around as research for his rol on 2.5 men??

    ya, i couldn’t finish that comment w/o laughing myself. he’s still a crappy actor and a total whore.

  42. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I don’t believe this, Bruce cheated on Demi so who the hell is he?

  43. carrie says:

    OMG Stanley Tucci had an affair with Eddie Falco then he came back with his wife who forgave it him!!!!
    so why couldn’t i/you(Celebitchy) forgive him whereas his wife(the one who was interested by his affair)forgave him?

    OT:it’s a new clue that many blind items are bullshit( Tucci was the answer about a gay actor who just lost his wife)

  44. jermsmom says:

    this sounds like a lot of publicity crap but IF it is true then Bruce is definitely drinking too much of his Die Hard Kool-Aid.

  45. Dana M says:

    So Bruce cheated on Demi?

    Ashton is such a loser. Demi must be desperate to want to still stay with him after the humiliation. His actions are so NOT attractive.

  46. gg says:

    I believe it. And Bruce would know how bad that is if he’d done it before. And the nature of Ashton’s flings are far more embarrassing from what I can remember.

  47. SFRowGuy says:

    Good for you Bruno.

  48. Callumna says:

    Ashton looks good crying. Hope he cries more often.

    Demi. This just needs to stop. Maybe their marriage is real but it feels like a booty call that got the cougar and pup so much attention they’ve kept it going and going.

    When they started dressing in mom and kid outfits I stopped believing. Can’t Demi find a new role?

  49. Callumna says:

    In the top pic, did the Brat Packer and her old man give birth to Ally Sheedy?

  50. Kunstschadenfreude says:

    Hey aren’t we supposed to be living in liberated and permissive times? If Ashton wants to get a little on the side what’s the big deal? Why be so prudish about it?

  51. Mikamoo says:

    This story just made BW so much sexier to me!! I would love to see him making that sleaze ball cry!

  52. journey says:

    they want to see 2 & 1/2 men’s ratings skyrocket? cast bruce as a righteously angry guy threatening to go die hard on kutcher’s character and making him cry and wail and beg for forgiveness! everyone would tune in to see that!

  53. jc126 says:

    I don’t believe it. And I thought Bruce cheated on Demi, anyway.
    I’ve never liked Bruce Willis except in Moonlighting. He sounds like kind of a meathead guy who talks tougher than he really is.

  54. mike says:

    This is utter BS. It’s possible that Willis is daft and self-centered enough to not see the hypocrisy behind it, and he could have had a “talk” with Kutcher. But make him cry?

    Pleeeease. If anything, it’d been Kutcher who would’ve made John McClane cry uncle. Kutcher was an outstanding wrestler for one of the powerhouse collegiate wrestling programs in the nation (the Buckeyes). And he has recently taken up MMA to beef up his standup game. As for Mr. John McClane? Nothing but a washed up old man with very superficial training in MMA.

    As much a douche Kutcher is, he would’ve eaten Willis up alive. In fact, there aren’t very many people scarier in fight than Kutcher in Hollywood. Arnie? Stallone? Jason Stratham? Plz. Nothing but weekend warrior Hollywood actors with some flaky martial arts training.

    Btw, I loathe that poser Stratham. He knows fighting about as well as Jean Claude Van Damme, but struts around like he’s a real hardcase. I’d love to see Kutcher take him down, mount him, and bring on the pain (aka fists of death) on his prettydouche face.

  55. Ellie says:


    Let me get this straight… Ashton Kutcher man-boy take down Jason Statham and bring on the pain (aka fists of death)???? I just gotta ask, (cocks my head to the side with a confused look on my face) REALLY??? Jason Statham would whup his azz up and down the floor. And may I ask, where did you come up with “the fists of death?”

  56. mike says:


    Stratham is an actor. He may PLAY a badass on screen, but he has no real background in martial arts aside from useless gymnastics and equally useless kickboxing. He has since dabbled in MMA, but he is still only an amateur. An action hero, sure, but a real life fighter he isn’t.

    In contrast, Kutcher was a full-on Greco-Roman wrestler and has since taken up MMA. Now, in all fairness, his training in MMA is probably no more or less than Stratham’s, but the difference is Kutcher’s wrestling background. To put it bluntly, wrestling is the most efficient form of fighting in the world. It’s the foundation for MMA; most of world’s top fighters have wrestling backgrounds.

    Now, I know someone’s gonna bring up Krav Maga, kung fuey, krotty, or some other nonsense, but the proof is in the pudding. MMA pays A LOT. It is the new boxing in terms of the money involved. There are fighters who’ve trained in Krav Maga, wushu, karate, boxing, Muai Thai, etc, but very few of them rise to the top without wrestling. You can be a wrestler and be a poor boxer, and still win fights, but you aren’t likely to win very many fights by being a good boxer/karateka/krav maga-kungfu master/etc but a poor wrestler.

    tl: dr, Kutcher was a wrestler and still trains in wrestling; he goes back to the Buckeyes to train from time to time. (I found this out while reading about his movie PERSONAL EFFECTS.)Stratham is an actor who knows kickboxing, one of the most useless forms of martial arts out there, along with kung fuey. Wrestling > kickboxing

  57. Sophie says:

    I wish Bruce and Demi would get back together. They seem so perfect for each other and they both look ridiculous with their current spouses.

  58. damn says:

    Both Bruce and Ashton had cheated on Demi Moore. Both of them should cry………. Pity Demi was being cheated by them???????

  59. msw says:

    I remember old rumors that Bruce made Aaron Carter cry. As if B is any model of morality to anyone because he starred in an action movie as a hero… please.

  60. wunder says:

    They cheated on her, and she cheated on them. . . This is Hollywood, so it’s normal predictable behavior.

  61. Auds says:

    I’d hate to be on the receiving end of Willis’ wrath; he doesn’t seem to be the type to put up with bullshit from wusses like Kutcher. And he has every right to be angry. As the father of children who live under the same roof as their mother.
    Now that I think of it, Kutcher is such a moronic douchebag.

  62. Jenn says:

    Why would Willis care about his daughters so much now when they did not matter when he cheated. Bottom line, it is none of his business. He has wife and baby on the way and Moore is an adult who apparently married a boy-man. The two involved in the marriage need to figure out what to do about it.

    Just because Willis played a badass in a movie does not make him one in real life.

  63. Laura says:

    I so badly want this to be true.

  64. Trashaddict says:

    The dynamics of the whole Bruce-Demi-Ashton thing has always been bizarro. Wonder if they were ever a threesome?

  65. Smithy says:

    He’s a grizzled ex-husband with nothing to lose! Premise for a new action flick?

  66. la chica says:

    if this story is true then it is indeed proof that Ashton is just a BOY and that makes Demi a PERVE.