Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger fake flirtation story hits the German press

A few months ago, I made an error of judgment and posted a speculative article about whether Colin Farrell was Minnie Driver’s secret baby daddy. The story was based on a paparazzi video of a protective Colin yelling at photographers taking pictures of his son while he was on the beach with heavily pregnant Minnie. It turned out that Colin was also at the beach with his girlfriend that day, an author named Emma Forrest who just happens to be one of Minnie’s best friends. I issued a retraction a few hours after the story was published, but the damage was done – it got picked up by news outlets and became a rumor. A new writer on the site even submitted the story based on other gossip sources reporting it. (It’s also of course possible that other outlets jumped to the same conclusion that I did based on that video, but I felt somewhat responsible.)

This kind of thing happens with the news constantly in this era of quick typing and publishing. In my case I like to justify that it was an honest mistake and was at least based on some slim amount of evidence. Maybe Star Magazine’s writers and editors tell themselves the same thing when they run salacious cover stories every week, like the one about Angelina being jealous of Brad Pitt’s supposed on-set flirtation with lovely German actress Diane Kruger, 32.

My husband has been reading in the German press that Pitt is rumored to be angering Jolie by getting unduly close to Kruger on the set of Inglourious Basterds, which is currently filming in Germany. The story originated in Star Magazine, though, and like a lot of the crap in that rag it seems like complete BS to me. Kruger has a longterm boyfriend, actor Joshua Jackson, with whom she seems very much in love. She has worked with Pitt before though, on the epic Troy, and to Star that means they’re familiar with each other and barely resisting their urge to jump into bed together. This would be good gossip – if it were true:

What goes around comes around! Hot on the heels of Angelina Jolie’s stunning admission that she fell in love with Brad Pitt on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston, Star has learned that Angie is burning up with jealousy over Brad’s pretty new co-star. And Brad hasn’t exactly been acting like a father of six in a committed relationship while whooping it up in Berlin!

Angie, 33, is living, sources say, over Brad’s recent freewheeling behavior with the happily single costars and director of his latest movie, Inglorourious Basterds. But what’s really sending Angie over the edge is the blatant flirtation between him and his gorgeous leading lady, German actress Diane Kruger.

“Angie loves Brad and wants to trust him, but she also knows that their own love blossomed while working on a movie together,” and insider tells Star. “Now she’s convinced that Diane has a crush on Brad, and she’s scared something could happen.” And even though Diana and boyfriend Joshua Jackson are trying to make a long-distance relationship work, Joshua recently confessed to Star, “I don’t know that we’re getting married.”

Angelina’s instincts first kicked into high gear in September when Brad and divorcΓ©e Diane both attended an intimate cast dinner without her in Berlin. “They went through several bottles of wine,” Mimmo Bianco, manager of Italian restaurant Al Contadino Sotto le Stelle tells Star. “It was obvious he was having a great time.”

And that’s exactly what makes Angelina so nervous. Brad shared a connection with beautiful blonde Diane when she played Helen in his 2004 epic, Troy. “I have lots of scenes with him,” Diane gushed to a German newspaper about working together again. “Troy was my first international film, and I was still married back then. I’m excited to work with Brad.”

Diane made sure Brad knew just how excited she was during their night out, says a source. “She kept putting her arm around Brad’s neck to whisper something in his ear because it was so loud. He was clearly charmed by her, and Diane definitely looks smitten. She’s thrilled to be around him again.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, November 11, 2008 – online version is slightly different]

There’s not much more in that article to support any relationship between Pitt and Kruger and I would bet that the part about her whispering to him is either made up or based on her having to yell something in his ear when the party got too loud. That was a cast party where everyone got to know each other and is hardly enough to base a supposed flirtation on. That seems to be enough for Star, though. Unfortunately this story is now all over the German press and a lot of people are believing it.

Some of you have accurately pointed out that we run these salacious stories without questioning them when they’re about Jennifer Aniston, but not when they’re about Brad and Angelina. This is true, but we have different authors here with different opinions about the celebrities, and we all have different styles. There are going to be stories we don’t all agree on, and that’s is both a fun and frustrating aspect of having a blog with many writers. We’re sure you’ll let us know when you think we’re not being fair, and we’ll do our best to take it into account.

Here are photos of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson looking very much in love. They’re all from earlier this year.

Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. vdantev says:

    Allow me to state once more to the record, obligatory though it may be:

    It’s been 3 g*dd*mn years, GTF over it.

  2. Jen (the other one) says:

    Wow, I think that is the least-flattering picture of Jennifer Aniston EVER on that cover. Yeesh.

    It cracks me up, though, how they’ve positioned the photos so that it looks like Angelina Jolie is shooting death-ray looks at Aniston.

    Dante, I don’t think the rags will ever let this “story” rest…it’s their bread and butter.

  3. Kaiser says:

    I didn’t know Diane Kruger was divorced. Who was her first husband? Anyone know? (Could look it up, but I am *so* lazy)

    But yeah, inevitable. They reported that Brad and Blanchett were having an affair too, when they did the Buttons movie. *shrug*

    It just seems like BP & AJ have the sort of relationship where a threesome with Kruger is more likely. πŸ˜›

  4. popo says:

    This will follow Angie and Brad for the rest of their lives. It defines them. Or it defines one aspect of them. I think had they been truthful in the beginning. Had they not been so misguided and passed on that W shoot. This thing would have been less of an issue. People can’t stand lairs. This is a direct result of the way they handled it in the beginning. People really like honesty. Have you never noticed that? The stars who do this kind of thing and don’t try to come of as all innocent and pure. Heck it passes. Angie’s desire to not be who she really is is fostering this attention. And my guess is it will not go away. And I did notice that people who like her as so defensive about every aspect of her life. I have serious doubts Brad is flirting with Ms Kruegor. My instincts Angie is jealous with him even looking at her after the director yells cut. I have a feeling he has distinct orders to not socialize with his leading ladies. She seems all Madonna like with her list of demands.
    Notice the short leash she keeps him on? He will tire of this. Just not yet.I give it 5 more sad years

  5. Susan says:

    Sounds like bs to me. From all indications Brad seems pretty whipped on AJ. Just the media trying to stir the pot.

  6. Mpea says:

    Oh sweet justice. I think this would be SO fantastic.

  7. Madelyn Rose says:

    I don’t think a woman like Angelina would take a flirtation like this lightly! She is a control freak and having something happen like this that is totally out of her control would really send her over the edge. Plus I think Angie really believes all this press she gets about being the most beautiful woman ever. But if Brad has a wandering eye, no woman will tame him completely! I feel like these two think they have got to stay together, no matter what, and present this blissfully happy front…after everything that has happened.

  8. elisha says:

    Again, I’d like to convey my dissapointment that the rumor is Diane Kruger. For some reason, the last time you posted this story in your links, I read it as “Diane Lane”. BP and DL would be so freakin’ cougar-riffic.

    I don’t think Angelina looks so back on the cover. They picked a really dorky Aniston picture, though.

  9. geronimo says:

    @Jen the other one – LOL! Yeah, have to give Star some credit here for the choice and positioning of pics! Also the way JA is grinning madly! πŸ˜€ Ah well, it sells, I guess.

    I wonder is this a sign that they feel they’re finally running out of AJ-JA steam, and they’re trying out a new angle to see if the public will bite?

  10. Val says:

    Well I say we boycott STAR magazine!

    Anything to make a buck, and yet the public feeds into it over and over again.

    I dont even look at that trash standing in line at the grocery store.

    Don’t they realize that these people have children who will eventually read the crap they write?

    I wish Angie and Brad a long, happy, more wealth, prosperous and many many more children in their lives!

  11. jennifer says:

    @ popo – I’m OK with lairs, what’s wrong with them?


    Star Magazine is what National Enquirer used to be. Fun, entertaining, but little to no truth to be found. Diane Kruger seems pretty happy with Joshua Jackson, and if Angelina or Brad was actually in love with as many people as Star says they’ve been it would have ended long ago. KAISER – Diane Kruger was married to Guillaume Canet, who is now dating Marion Cotillard (he seems to have nice taste in women πŸ˜‰

  12. Ernestine says:

    “‘Joshua recently confessed to Star, β€œI don’t know that we’re getting married.”’

    Yeah. Fucking. Right.

    He doesn’t really strike me as much of a famewhore, and Star doesn’t exactly strike me as the type of publication in which celebrities typically like to appear. Why would he willingly tell STAR that shit?

    Total bullshit. Too many trees are wasted in the production of that pisspoor rag.

  13. PJ says:

    There are plenty of famous couples whose relationships started when one of them was married: Bogey and Bacall, Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward, Johnny Cash & June Carter.

    It’s much easier for the public to forgive and forget when the people involved are honest about what happened. Bogey, Newman and Cash all let it be known that they were unhappily married and then met the love of their lives and decided to go for it. They acknowledged that the experience was painful and messy for all involved.

    So the public forgave them, even in the 1950s, when divorce was scandalous.

    The problem with the AJ/Brad/Jen triangle is that Brad lied about the infidelity; Jen was the #1 most popular actress and obviously devastated; all AJ & Brad talk about is the euphoric joy of being together and have re-branded themselves as the apple-pie American family. If they had talked about the pain of the “triangle” experience they would seem more real and much more likeable.

  14. popo says:

    Yep PJ you are correct. Unfortunately narcissists can never admit to any human deficiency, Angelina is a figment of her own imagination. She is a very cunning manipulative woman. I have no problem with people liking her for who she is not who she pretends to be. I just see a new thread on here how they have two nannies instead of six. Why can;t people who like her take the truths about her? Warts and all. She has every right to six. but because she pretends to be earth mother these facts freak her fans out. They are always hiding from the truth just like her, Strange very strange.

  15. Baholicious says:

    Jennifer Aniston and ‘number one actress’ still doesn’t compute with me…

  16. vicsmith says:

    Why is Jennifer Anniston written about and seen daily. Hasn’t ever had a movie hit. Been gone from tv from years. Sick to death of her. Only reason is because of Brad Pitt.

  17. Syko says:

    I find it ironic that the same people who post on here claiming to despise Angelina for being a homewrecker are now peeing in their pants with glee at the very thought of Angelina’s home being wrecked by someone else.

  18. Mary says:

    Excuse me. It is OK if you cheat and then afterwards say my marriage was a mess and then you get forgiven? Oh please. Paul Newman’s wife refused to give him a divorce and so did Bogie’s for quite some time, so they just lived together. Two words–Julia Roberts, who trashed her now husband’s wife in the press and that is also OK. But it is OK for them, but not for these two who did not live together before divorce proceedings. You can’t say cheating is OK for some but not for others. Double standard and bizarre logic.

    The press just hates that they are still together. They make movies and each time there are “rumors” about co-stars, which go nowhere. And those who lap it up and buy the junk keep it going. The sad ones are those that buy into it actually. Give it up please and move on.

  19. Kaiser says:

    Thanks for the info about Kruger’s first husband, Mairead! πŸ˜› My, he does have a type, doesn’t he? Beautiful European women…

  20. Kaiser says:

    *Whoops. Not Mairead, it’s Jennifer. Sorry, babes!

  21. jennifer says:

    October 31st, 2008 at 4:49 pm I have no problem with people liking her for who she is not who she pretends to be.

    I have no illusions re: who she is/what we see. Then again I don’t just buy everything I read/see like so many seem to do on these sites. I like her in spite of (or because?) all of her faults. I like to look at her, I like to check out what she’s wearing, and I think she’s cool. Do I think she’s god’s gift to humanity? Do I think she’s perfect? GOD no. I just like her, just like I like certain other celebs. So please don’t generalize and assume all Angelina fans are “Brangeloonies” with their heads up their asses. Some of us are well aware that as much as we like a celeb, they’re just a celeb, and they really have NO impact on our daily lives, they’re just their for our entertainment. πŸ™‚

    Kaiser – no problem, you’re welcome πŸ™‚

  22. Codzilla says:

    Dios mio, man.

  23. HallieB says:

    Such a complete lie. Every woman Brad has been with has always said how monogamous and faithful he is, including Juliettte Lewis. Star is catering to those women who actually believe that Brad was married to them not Jen. Reality appears to be that Brad loves Angelina and their kids, and there is no indication that he does not. Sigh, Almost 4 years later. Star made up a false wedding in NOLA and twin baby girls, how can anyone even read this trash. Paul Newman and Tom Hanks fell for costars and divorced their first wives for the loves of their lives. Sometimes life takes twists and turns before it arrives where it is meant to be. Jen seems happy with John, she has moved on. Why do some women insist on living in other people’s pasts instead of in their own present lives, so so sad.

  24. HallieB says:

    Mary, thank you. The tabloid lowlife press which is a fast dying industry keeps this going. Jen was with John at a concert in LA list nite, she has moved on and is happy. No one is perfect and as a fan of Brad and Angelina’s I have never thought that they were. Everyone has warts and so do they. But they have managed to make it longer than most celebs with a most loved family and they give of themselves to others in need. I do admire that. Their careers are hotter than ever. But the fans/people clinging to these lies making Jen out to be a pitiful loser have helped sink her career. She does not get good roles offered and that is a fact. Maybe that is what they want. Who knows how people think who are gleeful at the thought of the breakup of a famiy with 6 kids?

  25. Miriam says:

    Well, the haters suggest that only the most negative is true and only AJ is the perpetrator. Why can’t it be true that they ONLY have two
    nannies? why can’t haters just skip any article related to this family?

  26. Miriam says:

    For me, Jerry Seinfeld committed the worst form if poaching, he fell in love with his wife Jessica when she had just returned from her honeymoon with someone else, but love is love…

  27. susan says:

    Star was the magazine that first ran the story about Angie and Brad falling in love on set! Is this story true? Who knows? See the thing is that Brad has done this once so it is easy to believe that it could happen again. He was in a committed relationship the first time around. I am interested that you say that Diane has a long term partner with who she seems very much in love – didn’t Brad when he filmed Mr and Mrs Smith? The fact that movie stars have partners seems to have very little to do with whether or not they have an affair. What is interesting however is that press like this starts to erode a relationship. I am sure it did when the gossip started about Angie and Brad on set. Wonder how Jennifer felt? I know that Angie pretends that she is not affected by gossip. But everyone knows that unless someone has a heart of steel it has to affect them. This kind of stuff will be hard on a relationship. So what does she do now – show up on set and watch Brad? Does she trust him since she knows that they fell on love on set? It is called karma. Whether it is true or not what comes around goes around. Maybe she should quit running around the world visitng the poor, and trying to get an oscar and stay home and watch her man.

  28. pamela says:

    Brad never had a habit of getting involved with his co-stars, and is known as a good honest guy. He met Angie, and they are now together. I suppose, by some of the logic I am reading here, is that the same will be expected from Julia Robert’s husband, and from Tom Hanks.

    I think all of this rancor is payback to Angie because she had the audacity (as per the tabs guidelines) to say that Brad and her fell in love. Before that, there was all the “they are only together for the kids”, and “they never look in love or happy”. So how dare she try to change the perception of these hateful and malicious rumours.

    You know I believe this quote with everything in me, “Good will always win over evil”. No matter how much they try to destroy Angie so that Jen will be “vindicated”, she will always rise above the fray, because she is a good and decent woman.It’s so sad that almost 4 years later, this ridiculousness is still going on.

  29. Di says:

    1. Weird Typo – “living” when it should be “livid.”

    2. Why are we trying to protect Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt from Star magazine? Why do they deserve our self-righteous outrage?

    I actually find this believable because it’s happened before. It was reported that Angelina and Brad were flirting on Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Then everybody said they were just rumors. Then he was divorcing his wife, and she was having his baby. This is Brad’s pattern.

    Also, Diane Krueger is not a star! She knows that the Brad/Angie rumors made Mr./Mrs. Smith a hit. Even if she has no interest in Brad, it helps her career and their film for her to feed into these rumors. So she has a motive for doing this. Brad could set boundaries, but as usual, he doesn’t.

    I don’t care if this is Star. I believe the whole thing. No affair, but a definite flirtation.

  30. geronimo says:

    LOL, the hand-rubbing and barely-contained excitement is tangible here. Trying to imagine what it must be like to be so bitter and twisted and all eaten up inside about the lives of complete strangers??

    You lot will probably self-combust if the J-Ps ever do go their separate ways. Funny and sad. But mainly sad.

  31. pamela says:

    geronimo, I think a public holiday will be declared, with fireworks and everything.

  32. susan says:

    Pamela you need to examine Brad’s life before Angie a bit more. Brad has a huge habit of falling for his co-stars. It has happened on numerous movie sets. You are only looking at the last four years of Brad’s life. Here is a quote “Pitt dated several of his co-stars, including Robin Givens (Head Of The Class),[80][81][82] Jill Schoelen (Cutting Class),[82] Juliette Lewis (Too Young to Die? and Kalifornia), who at sixteen was ten years his junior when they started dating,[80][83][82] and Gwyneth Paltrow (Se7en),[80][82] with whom he had a much-publicized engagement.” And notice he dated a girl who was 16 when he was 26. Can you imagine if some actor did that today they would be cruificed!

  33. geronimo says:

    Uh, Susan, any chance that Brad may have actually grown up since then and was, at that time, doing pretty much what most guys of his age and in his position would be doing? And that by the time he met AJ, he was ready for the big one? Too much logic? Yeah, thought so. πŸ™„

  34. susan says:

    Geronimo – he did it just 3 years ago and was 40 then. Not grown up yet I guess? I also kind of thought that when you married in your late 30’s you were ready for the big one? No?

  35. daisy424 says:

    The big difference is; He has children with Angie, not Paltrow, Lewis, Aniston, etc.

    They’re happy, stop trying to rewrite history and leave them alone. This armchair psychiatry is boring, move on.

    *edit Geronimo, that’s it in a nutshell.

  36. geronimo says:

    Susan – I refer you to Daisy’s comment. Seriously. Let it go.

    You’ll never have a sensible conversation about this as long as you persist in seeing JA as some sort of sorry victim here. She’s not, she’s getting on with her life while you, and people like you, are frozen in time, hell bent on some self-appointed, coma-inducing, grievance-filled revenge mission on her behalf.

  37. pamela says:

    susan, why when you mention his relationship with Juliette Lewis, you somehow neglected to mention she was an emancipated minor? Did that little titbit escape your notice? The same Juliette who has had nothing but good things to say about him, (pity his other ex couldn’t do the same) And most unattached actors and actresses fall in love with their co-stars.

    No matter how you try to spin it, Brad is known for being a good, decent, monogamous man. He said on Larry King, he tried to handle the events leading up to his divorce in the best way possible for all concerned. The fact his ex turned it into a media event is not his fault. Trying to paint him as a cheater does not make him one. πŸ™„

  38. Kaiser says:

    Why won’t anyone listen? If Diane wants to get in Brad’s pants so badly, Angie would probably agree to a threesome! πŸ˜›

    Let those images percolate for a few minutes…

  39. pamela says:

    I swear the little Jolie-Pitts will be graduating college, getting married, and these people would still be harping on the divorce. How in hell do they manage their lives, if they hold on s**t that happened years ago, and even worst, things that do not affect their lives in any shape or form?

  40. pamela says:

    Kaiser you are bad. πŸ˜† I dont think Diane could handle Angie though. She will cower in the presence of La Jolie. πŸ˜†

  41. geekluva80 says:

    Ok Susan…
    I’ve read this site for a while & love to read all the comments from the regulars (Kaiser, geronimo, daisy, dante, & co). I’ve never posted a comment before. But there comes a time…
    Everyone seems to be making comments on how they view what the above story states. They all sound like logical sane people that are reading about someone they find interesting.
    Everyone except you.
    Anytime there has been an A.J. post for aleast the last year you are all over it. In a very crazy-lady-who-sits-by-herself-allday-scaring children kinda way.
    Frankly, I’m worried about you & you should probably speak to a qualifed professional regarding your enormous obession.

  42. Kaiser says:

    Welcome Geekluva80! πŸ˜€

  43. pamela says:


    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  44. geronimo says:

    See, Susan? Even people that have never even ‘spoken’ to you can see your ‘crazy’ a mile off.

    *waving hello to geekluva80 πŸ˜€ *

  45. daisy424 says:

    Geekluva80 πŸ˜‰

  46. geekluva80 says:

    😳 Thanks everyone!
    Just had to be said from an “unbiased” person. I try to give everyone’s opinions equal consideration.
    I have actually been cheated on by someone that was suppose to be my fiancee with someone he spent an inordinate amount of time with. But after a few years, guess what, I got OVER it! And that situation directly affected and involved me…
    Everyones different I guess.

    Edit: And Pamela I meant to add you to the list o’ greats but I guess you already knew that!

  47. geekluva80 says:

    Oh & I had to add that Now I realize that the ‘relationship’ we had was over from the beginning, which I believe J.A also realizes.

  48. raven says:

    What is so ironic to me is that no one mentioned AJ’s “flirtation” with Clint Eastwood. He referred to her as having the most beautiful face in the world. There are photos of him with his arms wrapped around her, kissing her hair. There are photos of her flirting with him, curled up with his arm around her on a couch. She flew to the US to present him with an award. She’s fallen for costars on the set before and so has Eastwood. Either no one takes the flirtations of a man in his late seventies seriously or Angie’s feelings for Brad are taken more seriously than his for her.

    Pretty sexist, IMO. The assumption seems to be that Brad isn’t really committed to the family like she is. I haven’t seen any evidence of that anywhere since he first started spending time with Maddox.

  49. jane says:

    One way or the other, sooner or later he will leave angie for someone else just like he did to jennifer. And may i remind celebitchy that when he was falling for angelina on mr and mrs smith that he also seemed happy on pics with jennifer. Remember the pics of jennifer and brad on the last holiday?

    But i think it will be hard for him to leave angie, cause she really got him trapped with those kids.
    Pretty smart off her. Jen has class and even though she admitted wanting to have kids back then with brad, but he was not ready, she would never trapp a man!

  50. kelly says:

    brad seems a bit dirty? Remember those pics outside with gwen wearing almost,,,, nothing? Strange guy i have to say. And he really did have lots of relationships just like angie, who is now saying she did just date 5 men. when in the past in interviews she said otherwise. In my opinion they seem to lie a lot. So well they deserve each other in a way. And but the way. that the media and bloggers dont seem over the fact that jennifer and brad are way over. Dont mean that jennifer is not over him. Seems she is already over him and has moved own. Now time for the media to do the same!! And angelina, cause now and then she makes comments (like now admitting they fell in love on the set off mr/mrs smith) that are way too late to say and just not in place to say now. She is really a nasty women for making such comments now, after always saying that she didnt need brad and that she had enough man in her life. Nasty nasty women! But what goes around comes around. She can do as much good work with the UN and by adopting, but God is the One who can see her for who she really is and that will show in time.

  51. Ann says:

    Guys, guys. Angie herself stated in an interview that her and Brad fell in love on set. Angie abviously wanted it known that she had an affair – whether or not it was physical or emotional – it was still an affair. Obviously Angie wanted to clear the air and admit what happened. Brad and Angie had an affair. Fine – move on. Whatever it happens all the time. Both Brad and Angie have had multiple partners on movie sets. They both probably will again in their lives. Who really cares. The sad thing is that for some reason the fans of Brad and Angie insist on trying to make these two look like saints. Just admit that they had an affair and move on. Trying to argue that they didn’t is now pointless when Angie herself has admitted it. What annoys me is the lying these two do on a consistent basis. They are so desperate to create this image and win an oscar. I actually have never seen a couple so worried about what the press thinks. They work so hard to create this image that they now have to lie and have their reps talk against the rumors. brad has been a hound dog so admit it Brad and move on. Sure you might lose some of your old female fans – but who cares at least you wouldn’t have to try to hard to keep up this image.

  52. Buttercup says:

    @Ann: I don’t know if Angie actually cares about the whole ‘winning an Oscar’ thing, as she has already won one years ago- for the film Girl Interrupted.

    As for these rumors about Brad and Diane, I’ll only believe it when I see pics/or if B and A split. Otherwise what a load of typical tabloid b.s. πŸ™„ .

  53. Diane says:

    Do you know how they say Brad takes on the looks of the person he’s dating?…Well, does it look like he’s now trying to take on the look of Joshua Jackson to attract Diane Kruger? Hmmm, interesting theory, no? Compare his picture on People to the pictures of Joshua with Diane.

  54. Mimi says:

    Stay away from these rags. If you must, use it to line the insides of the cages for your pets. Move on! GET LIVES. Because Miss Aniston moved on with hers. And the Jolie-Pitts moved on with theirs. It is time to JUMP SHIP off board this Brangelina hate-a-thon mess. It’s so sad and pathetic that you Angie/Brad trolls are still harping about something that happened years ago TO THIS DAY. GET A LIFE!!! Trust me there is more out there for you to do.

  55. loreto says:

    yeah finally find a good woman than that stupid angelina she think she is the most beautiful because she had a big lips she is an a bitch GO DIANE