Kate Winslet, hugging Roman Polanski in optical illusion Stella McCartney: bizarre?

Here’s Kate Winslet in black and red formfitting Stella McCartney, hugging up on evil troll justice dodger Roman Polanski. If that dress looks familiar it’s because she wore a black and white version of it a couple of months ago to the Venice Film Festival. Now that I’m looking at that earlier dress, I see that it featured a weird white boob shelf thing that this dress lacks. Let’s revisit that earlier dress in all its glory.

See, this red and black version isn’t half as bad. I still really dislike it. It’s a blatant attempt at an optical illusion that makes the wearer look smaller. As Kaiser wrote when she covered the other version of this dress, it’s tacky like a tuxedo t-shirt. Again, at least this one doesn’t emphasize her boobs too. It has the same stitching under the boob area but it’s all one color across the front.

Kate was in Paris at a screening for Carnage, a Roman Polanski-directed film also starring John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster and Christoph Waltz. It’s out December 16th in the US. I hate to say it, but I watched the trailer and it actually looks good. It’s about two couples meeting to discuss a fight their 11 year-old sons had at school. Polanski shouldn’t have a career to speak of, but that doesn’t mean his films are total crap unfortunately. Is there a big difference between showing support for Polanksi by starring in his films vs. kissing him on the red carpet? Probably not.

Getting back to Kate’s look, I was going to say that she even wore the same shoes but she didn’t. Her earlier shoes were similar black platform peep toe heels, but they didn’t have an ankle strap. They’re both too clunky-looking for this type of dress. Mix it up, Kate!

Also, you can tell me she hasn’t had anything done to her face but I’m not buying it.

Photo credit: WENN and Fame

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  1. Aviatrix says:

    That dress sucks so hard. Her boobs are trying to seek refuge in her armpits. She’s absolutely had her face tweaked.

    • rundee says:

      O.k., I agree on the dress, but not on the face, I can see her lines around the eyes and on her forehead and I wouldn´t be able to see them if it was Botox or fillers (trust me I know).
      I think she´s beautiful and (and least close to) natural.

  2. Elvynn says:

    She supports a rapist. That doesn’t surprise me from Hollywood.

  3. girl says:

    Yes, he is a talented film maker but he is still a disgusting asshole who should be rotting in jail being someone’s b-tech..

    And I have little to no respect for people who will work with him. Far less for those who will defend his sorry ass.

    As much as I yearn to see a good movie because God knows they seem to be further and farther between lately, I think I am going to pass on spending money on something RP made.

    • Hmmm says:

      Agreed! Kate Winslet is now officially dead to me.

      • MacScore says:

        The movie’s out over here already. It’s the film version of an unwatchable play: two ostensibly civilized couples get together to discuss the fight their sons had at school; the whole evening disintegrates into drinking and name-calling and a lot of soul-searching about what it means to be “civilized”. It managed, on the stage, to be both boring and irritating at the same time. Still love Kate Winslet but I’m definitely giving that one a miss. And her dress is too tight.

      • Penny says:

        I agree with u, I was a fan of her before , but I won’t be seeing any of her movies .

    • RovingLass says:

      Hit the nail on the head with that one.

  4. Leni says:

    Part of her job or not she just dropped in respect. She has children for heavens sake-how can she hug him! eeeeewwwwwwwww

  5. brin says:

    Objects may be larger than they appear (except in the case of the evil troll).

  6. lisa says:

    love your local child rapist.

  7. lucy2 says:

    Bad choice in dresses and friends.
    I honestly don’t get it, why so many are still supportive of him.

    • JaneWonderfalls says:

      A crime is a crime regardless of how long ago it was. We are not talking about some mere personal mistake, a crime was committed against a child and it seems that no one in Hollywood cares, art is not more important than morals and values. I am as liberal as they come and I find the behavior and attitude in Hollywood quite distasteful and disgusting. Corey Feldman made a statement after Corey Haim’s died. He said that there were a lot of demons Corey dealt with and sexual abuse was one of them, he went on to say Hollywood was swarming with pedophiles who other’s just deliver children to them on a platter for the taking. I choose to believe him and this shows me that is very true.

  8. omj says:

    Dude, doesn’t she have a daughter? How on earth can she stand there and kiss that asshat child abuser and still… ugh. Whatever. Just another reason to dislike her I suppose.

  9. Coco says:

    With the black and white she looks like she’s wearing YSL pumps … Very high, but very comfortable … 🙂

  10. Astrid says:

    Neither dress works for me, it seems to accentuate the boobs or something…

  11. yes please says:

    love this, much better than the white one

  12. AlaskaJoey says:

    Too much flub coming out by her armpits – it’s a bad look up there. And I really dislike that she works with him. She’s a big enough star that she doesn’t have to, so it pains me that she does. Also, I really see the Botox for the first time.

  13. sally says:

    Roman Polanski is a child predator. In my book that is one crime that is NEVER forgiven. Shame on you Kate Winslet.

    On the other hand, I saw “God of Carnage” (the play) in the theater last summer and it was hilarious. Should make a good movie.
    What to do….what to do…..?

    • Boromir's bytch says:

      I saw the play, too, at our local Rep. theater. It was good, very entertaining. Too bad I won’t be seeing the movie, I refuse to give my $$$ to that asswipe.

  14. Kimbob says:

    Celebitchy, thanks for posting these pics, as I’ve been laughing my ass off looking at them. And…oh yeah…they’re all kinds of wrong!

    Of course I haven’t seen this film, but I reserve my right to, though. Does this mean I support Roman Polanski? Uh, no…hell no! I liken my view on this as an old saying goes, “You can like the message, but not the messenger.”

    And Kate showing her love in these pics? Nauseating. Look how old and frail Polanski appears. Looks like father time has had his way w/Polanski. Kate looks like Andre the Giant next to him…LOL!

    Like @Aviatrix alludes to of Kates bust…look at the globs of fat that too-tight dress is pushing out. Nasty! Did she even look in the mirror before heading out? Sorry Kate, this dress is not doing you any favors. And yes, the shoes aren’t right for it.

    One other critique…Kate’s eyes look “tired.” Yes, I’ll agree she’s had some work done, too. Her makeup isn’t helping…her “windswept” hairdo isn’t helping, either. Kate just looks wan and tired…just not good at all.

  15. heatheradair says:

    Polanski stuff and face-tweaking and boob-shelf mess aside: really dig her hair here. It’s like a de-constructed behive that I wish I could replicate. Love it…..

  16. And this is why Hollywood is so screwed up.Kate as much as I like you,we’re over…

  17. Seriously? says:

    She and Gwyneth need to change their hairstyles. So boring.

  18. Justalark says:



    *Modeled by a British actress with questionable taste. Two color combinations available. Built-in shelf bra fits C-DD cup sizes. Shoes are not waterproof and should not be worn while swimming.

  19. MooHoo says:

    have to agree on polanskis movies. i hate what this man did but love his films. watched the ghostwriter at the weekend. great stuff. will definitely go and see this one too. intelligent and throught provoking films are polanskis forte.

    • girl says:

      I personally have no problem with other people going to see his movies. I’m sorry if I gave that impression. I just personally don’t feel right doing it. And yes, he has made some great films (I saw a few before I knew much about him).

  20. DreamyK says:

    Girl has a banging bod! She looks hot, all curvy in the right places. It’s a shame she is on Team Polanski. Dude is a pedophile.

  21. Ivy says:

    I used to like and respect Kate so much because she didn’t seem like the typical Hollywood chick. Now she’s jumping from man to man and hanging out with an admitted child rapist. Ugh.

  22. Shoes says:

    John C Reilly is in this movie, too. :/

    I’ve noticed that her face seems to have gotten more masculine lately. She’s not ugly, but her features look harder, more severe. Maybe it’s the hair and makeup.

  23. Devon says:

    I really like the red version better than the weird booby white/grey version. BUT all I can see is her armpits/boobs trying to escape at the sleeve. Not a good look.

  24. Zoe says:

    Yes, let’s all hug on the child rapist. I love his movies too, but come on, people. Does it matter that much if he apologized for it? He ruined a woman’s entire life, she’s still traumatized decades later. He should be in jail and he’s off partying with the stars. Please.

  25. NM9005 says:

    That is truly disgusting, I can’t defend that. I don’t give a flying fuck if he’s a good filmmaker (he is), fact of the matter is, he comitted a crime and then ran away from it proving that he KNEW what he did was wrong. So for other people who can have so many influence on others if they want (like Jolie) to put their weight into DEFENDING this prick and acting in his films, is beyond awful. They should have shamed him into prison instead of allowing his career to continue.

    I wonder if any of those celebs bring their children onto the set and worry what might happen when Roman Popedophile is around?! Not cool, not cool at all.

    My friend who’s an aspiring director discussed his Polanski stance for hours, he’s pro Polanski. The arguments that came up, I swear that’s probably how most people feel when defending him.
    One of them was “he’s one of the greatest directors in the world but that doesn’t mean he’s human and humans make mistakes. He suffered enough.” I though I was going to explode, some people always find excuses to defend their idols. Celeb or not, for me you have to pay for your mistakes one way or another…

    • girl says:

      “Suffered enough”? Really? Wow! I’d like to “suffer” like that. Living in some chateau in Europe NOT in jail for having committed a horrible crime. You’re right. People will go to crazy lengths defending their idols sometimes.

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        I’m not defending him, I can’t stand that odious little man, but by “suffer” they probably mean’t WWII, the concentration camp and Sharon Tate’s murder. None of that should excuse his rape-y ways though. In fact it makes him look worse that with all of his pain and “suffering” he would inflict that on someone else. Vile man.

    • Toot says:

      I can’t stand Roman, and love Jolie and wanted to know what she have to do with him? Did you mean Jodie?

      • NM9005 says:

        No I meant celebs like Jolie lend their name to good projects to help other people and to push certain political issues (like that “Villa Angelina” story although more people are involved in that) and that these celebs are using their name for no good =).

  26. Minx2 says:

    LOL. Fun to watch the self-righteous Americans get all bend out of shape over Polanski. Europeans as well as actors have no trouble separating him as a person and a fantastic director from what he did (and admitted his guilt as well as apologized to the victim who long ago forgave him) over 35 years ago. He didn’t kill anyone and got away with it like OJ. Kate has every reason to admire the man and all actors are thrilled when get a call from him. That being said, that dress is terrible! What’s with the Jessica Rabbit look, Kate?

    • girl says:

      Seriously, it’s self righteous to think that someone should go to jail for drugging and raping a little girl?

      I think most people in this discussion have admitted he is a good, even great director but still think he should pay the consequences for his actions. That sounds almost exactly like people who HAVE separated him as a person with faults and a director, not don’t it?

      I think you have also entirely missed the point.

    • Ya,and sarduskey was supposed to be great at coaching,or terry richardson being great at taking pictures.And we all just found out how that ended up. Just my ‘American’ way of thinkin’

    • NM9005 says:

      If they would treat every (sex) offender like that you wouldn’t be able to walk on the streets safely. Most of time people’s lives are destroyed when they commit a crime like that but I guess if you’re a famous director, you are forgiven? So a normal man, say a carpeteer, can be forgiven too because he can lay beautiful carpets??? Does that sound ridiculous? If it is, then why isn’t it ridiculous that Polanski isn’t punished for ass raping a minor? It seems like the people who are anti-Polanski CAN separate his professional life from his personal because they know his job and fame doesn’t excuse his actions.

    • Lady D says:

      Self-righteous? Okay then. How little you know. And by the way, admitting your crime is not the same as paying for it, now is it?

    • Lindsay says:

      Awesome! good for you, all powerful European that has reconciled rapist and artist for the good of the planet. Such a higher being you are, it’s impressive how you are able to see past a man in a position of power forcing himself on a teenager, art triumphs over all violent sexual “transgressions”. If this man was a priest or CEO of Wells Fargo, possibly you could despise him too and we could be best buddies and go shoe shopping. If Americans could only aspire to such an elevated state of mind.

      I accept any moderation I get here but really, eff you. You should be so proud your culture is accepting of predatory behavior (you speak for no one other than yourself here and I highly doubt all of Europe is so accepting of this man). Now type some trash on Americans so into violence and complete your stereotypical snotty persona. Self righteous Americans, well yeah I AM self righteous. I do not accept child rape, no matter how sorry the rapist is.


      • Julia says:

        As a European citizen, I totally agree with your post.

        I for one can’t undesrtand how somene who is a parent, a sibling, the child of someone can tolerate any rapist, child molestor, whatever their nationality, whetever their excuse.


        Raping is a despicable crime and rapists are this world piece of trash. In a world where most are still operating without any punishment, like in South Africa with that new born baby girl who was barely 15 when she was raped, who was totally torn apart and died with multiple internal wounds in terrible suffering, like in Eastern Congo where victims amay be as young as 3 years old and have their tiny uterus demolished for good when they do not die in horrible pain with hemorragias, where rapists would rape you grand mother, mother, wife, daughter, grand daughter,including in front of you, I find the OP post vomiting to the core, irresponsible and a big eff U to whole the victims who are raped every second as we speak !

        That peice of trash can hid behind his celeb status, he still is a peice of trash and should be held accountable like all the rest. He didn’t redeem himself so I don’t know why she should get a pass.

      • NM9005 says:

        I’m European and I condemn his actions and many Europeans do. It’s not because the French state protected him that they represent the voices of the citizens. Minx2 doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. As if Europeans are more acceptable of his behaviour *eyeroll*

    • MissVJJ says:

      Ew. Somebody forgot to take out the trash. Stinks like Eurotrash..

    • Stacey says:

      SO, just because he didn’t murder a child, that makes it ok? Ok, so any pedophile or rapist should not go to jail, because ‘hey, I didn’t murder someone. I may have molested a child. But, I didn’t MURDER someone’. How do people rationalize like this? I don’t understand. Or want to. And btw, the effect child molestation has on a child, and the affect rape has on a person, is said to be worse than murder.

      Also, just because the victim forgave him, doesn’t mean the State should excuse him. If all children forgave their molestors, none would go to jail following that line of thinking. And don’t forget that even if a victim’s family forgives a perp on death row, the parole/repreieve panel may take that in to consideration but usually the execution goes ahead.

      Being forgiven doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be punished. The thing is, the child was only 13 years old. 1 year earlier, she was a preteen. Ponder that. Basically, he is a pedophile. Pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated. Its a sickness, a mental disease that can never be cured. Pedophiles should never be released, and as such, Polanski should never be allowed to roam the streets.

      (From one who knows personally about this stuff)

  27. Str8Shooter says:

    Just like her skanky co-star, Jodie Foster (who not only supports a rapist, but also a racist/wife-beater) Kate Winslet has really gone down a few notches to say the least, supporting this jerk.

    One could argue that Hitler was ‘brilliant’ too…doesn’t mean he wasnt’ an evil SOB.

  28. jinni says:

    I find it strange that for someone who goes on and on about loving and accepting their body the way that it is, she continues to wear dresses that make her look smaller than she is.

  29. UKHels says:

    dress is awful, looks like a swimming costume and is far too tight

    as for Polanski – the reason his behaviour is accepted is cos I suspect it goes on in Hollywood a lot more than we think


  30. I.want.shoes says:

    Why does she wear the same dress over again?! It was fun the first time around and bitch can afford a new dress. The top looks like an olympic swimsuit put on backward.

  31. RocketMerry says:

    Wow. She really IS getting vain. Pity.

  32. Lisa says:

    What I DESPISE about Polanski is how he NEVER owned up to the crime he committed and made restitution…this could have been handled DECADES ago…what he did to that child and how he wiggled out of it…well…that says more about his character and a society that avidly protects him…than anything…

    I have seen most of Polanski’s film…on cable…where its a choice between the latest episode of “Cheaters” or Polanski…and being a cinemaphile…there’s no choice…however, I will not support him directly…

  33. F5 says:

    Funneh how noone ever brings up Jack Nicholson.. it was his house where it happened.. where a LOT of weird stuff used to happen, not to mention rumors about Jack..
    but they’re very charismatic, talented bigger than life people, so who knows how it feels to be around them..

  34. Marjalane says:

    Ugly dresses, bad shoes, Ned Rocknroll, and now Roman Polanski? Me thinks Kate needs to take her jacked face and slink into the English sunset.

  35. Denise says:

    Apparently, among the creative types, artistic talent negates child rape.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Yeah, some of them like to use the “creative” excuse for pretty much anything. Too bad the really creative and artistic ones usually do not do such a thing.
      I agree that it’s not an “artistic soul, does not have control otherwise he/she would lose his/her visions” issue, it’s a “being granted anything and anyone, unwilling to grow up” kind of problem.

  36. gg says:

    It’s just a loose bun …

    Polanski is tiny.

  37. truthful says:

    sorry, I reserve MY right to see this film–I don’t care for him but as mentioned above Jack Nicholson was involved too and no one EVER mentions him, LORD Jack has done some dirt to young-very young female actresses.

    I prefer the red dress, even though her bun is loose–it still looks severe and it looks like she has had eye work–lifted up her brows w/botox or something.

    • sassenach says:

      Jack Nicholson was not involved. It was the home that he shared with Angelica Huston and Jack was not home when this happened, but Angelica was and has a “blame the victim” stance.

      If you plan to see the film that is fine, but there is no point in dragging in Jack when he had nothing to do with it. It is Polanksi alone who is accused of raping a child.

  38. Meanchick says:

    I wouldn’t be anywhere near Polanski or Nicholson. Sadly, if they were minorities, they would have no career and be under a prison somewhere right now.

  39. missb says:

    Dress looks…meh. Armpit skin is NOT attractive. Um, Polanski….I will never EVER watch a movie that any of these people do again. If we do not take a stand against people like this, we are supporting them…perpetuating the problem. Polanski is disgusting – anyone who works with him is just as disgusting in my book. Just wow.

  40. Sumodo1 says:

    Kate is trying too hard. Why now?

    • Julia says:

      That’s my personal take but I have noticed that Kate’s career was made exclusively of indies after TITANIC, a choice she deliberatly made a few years ago.

      She did movies few people were keen to watch even if they reckon her talent, movies often credited with financial bombs inspite of their small investment.

      Since she had her long awaited and very deserving Oscar, it seems to me that she has changed her geer, took beauty contracts, speaks more about external beauty than talent and now appears in ensemble cast of more mainstream projects : Contagion and now Carnage.

      For me she is suffering an EGO case that you sometimes noticed post Oscar.

      For me she now wants to enter the Hollywood show and want to be seen (hence less indies) and is more and more adopting the Hollywood ways, including trying her best to look sexy.

  41. Kim says:

    Kate is another celeb to ban for having anything to do with this pedophile!!!!

  42. Darlene says:

    He is a rapist. Anyone who supports him sickens me, which is sad. Would she stand next to Sandusky and smile so big? “Oh, it was 35/10/whatever years ago, hasn’t he SUFFERED ENOUGH.”

    Sad sad sad.

  43. Annie says:

    WTF Roman Polanski must be about 5 foot nothing. The midget rapist.

    And oh, Kate, don’t get too exited, you’re much too old for him.

    • Lilyb says:

      He makes her look positively Amazonian. And not in a good way.
      I used to like Kate, but now it’s like she’s sold out or something. Pity.

  44. Javagirl1 says:

    Polanski maybe doesn’t rape children today (maybe) but he still needs to pay for his crime. How would Winslet feel if he did that to one of her kids??? I doubt she’d be all, “well it was a long time ago and he’s not that person anymore…”

  45. bea says:

    She’s another one who should not try to be blonde. She looks best as a red head or light brown. Her eye brown are black and from a distance it’s all you can see…..

    The neckline of that dress looks like a one piece swim suit. Too tight. Unflattering.

    Ankle straps? Not on those legs and not with that dress.

    Gawd – she needs to pay for a good stylist or make friends with an honest girl friend!

    • Cait says:

      Totally agree! Her brows are just way too dark in combination with her hair. Very distracting! Besides, Kate looks best as a brunette/redhead anyway.

  46. Stubbylove says:

    Love John C. Reilly!!!

  47. thethinker says:

    The dresses seem more tongue-in-cheek,than ‘I’m desperate to be this thin’. I like them,minus the weird fit on the top.

    And Kate doesn’t look like she’s had work done. She just looks like a make-up wielding Kardashian got too near her face.

  48. daysma says:

    I love Kate, but I’ve noticed lately that her dresses seem to fit too tight, to the point where she looks like she’s trying to squeeze into them. She has a great figure, but when the dress is ill-fitting it’s not flattering on anyone and makes her look heavier than she is. Might just be me….
    Also, I get really bummed on people who support Roman Polanski. What he did was reprehensible, and he still has never really paid for his crime, so it makes me disappointed in people who are okay overlooking things like that.

  49. Elizabeth says:

    Hugging Roman Polanski! As if dating a guy who changed his last name to Rocknroll wasn’t bad enough. Polanski can have my respect when he shows up for his sentencing hearing and does his jail time. What a whiner he is. And nobody even bothers to claim he’s innocent anymore. Everyone accepts that he’s guilty. What a crock of s**t he is.

  50. Madrid says:

    not again please… it must be one of these situations when you think you just look georgeous and beautiful but all your friends/family suggest you -in a wide range of politeness- that please do not wear that again

  51. Jennifer says:

    She stands behind him because he gave her a role. Since it wasn’t her child hurt by Polanski, she doesn’t care, and she wanted the role. Typical human behavior.

    It doesn’t matter if he apologized (and then bragged about ” doing what everyone wants to do, f*** 13 year olds in the ass” – yeah he said that a few years later.)

    Criminals, fans, nor victims are in charge of when and how criminals are rehabilitated. That’s what we have the law and courts set up for.

    Polanski’s the typical Sandusky type who will act remorseful and pitiful but have no feeling they’ve done real harm.

    And really I think Sandusky and Polanski supporters feel the exact same way. They don’t see these men as people who have truly done harm, much less committed crimes requiring serious punishment. Respect is relative in relation to the name and status of the one who commits the crime, and the name and status of the victim.

    Many people are just unbothered by sexual assault, and particularly if it involves men and young girls. They just don’t think it does the harm that it does. They have the old way of thinking of young girls as a commodity to be used by powerful men as they wish. That is our most recent cultural history , really. Women have been chattel, generally, til the last 60 or so years.

    Re Winslet, she just looks harsher cos she is getting older. I don’t think she’s had work done. She has many fine lines,by her eyes, forehead, etc., unlike most other actresses her age. I think she remains strikingly gorgeous.

  52. Jane says:

    Wow there are some intense comments being posted.

    I read each one and then Googled Polinski to refresh my memory about the case everybody is talking about. I agree that he shouldn’t still be in the business but it was a while ago and it appears that he won’t be punished so there is nothing I can do but mutter in disatisfaction. As for the actors its up to them.

    I am a little confused as to why there is swearing and racism happening in the comments. I realize people feel they need to vent there anger but obviously nobody advocates rape. Every decent person is disgusted beyond anything so why make a comment about how you dislike rapists and get into uncivilised arguments? If one person takes a slightly different take then thats there choice. Why the hate?

    Truth is though, I am definitely going to see this movie. I want to see Jodie Foster as she rarely does films these days and the movie looks great. I don’t mind Kate’s dress although the effect was better in the white but I prefer the red.

    • hatsumomo says:

      Darling you’re making too much sense! We cant have that around here!

    • NM9005 says:

      I rather have people vent their anger and going in discussions about it because they are appalled of how rich people can get away with anything then people just going “meh” about it. Nothing worse than apathy or je m’en foutism in such cases.

      When I had a lecture about abuse in the family you would be surprised of how many women and children are (sexually) abused in their own family. The worst part is that if the woman has the courage to report it to the police, she either gets made into the offender and the man into the victim OR they do nothing at all. I had a friend who reported abuse 16 times (she refused to leave the home because the law says you can’t just take your kids with you, the father can take them back and it’s a back and forth of pulling of the kiddies and she didn’t want that) and guess what she had to do in the end? I took her in my home for 2 months and nothing happened. She couldn’t get her children back, police questioned her about all sort of things her ex blamed her and so much more sickening stuff. She is just tired of it all and now lives on her own without her children while her ex (an ex-junkie and has a record of abuse) gets to keep the children and everybody feels sorry for him because he’s a single dad.

      This is a serious issue and I do believe it comes from the apathic reactions that people have when women or children in general are concerned. The law is shit and people like Polanski are the living proof of that. Even if it’s in our faces they still get away with it (OJ, Polanski, DSK…)Men still rule the world after all these years and it isn’t going to get better if we just sit back and watch it passively.

      I’m not attacking you and I respect your opinion btw…

      • Jane says:

        I respect your opinion too. And of course I don’t wish to be seen as passive on issue.

        When I was younger a friend of my sisters at school was assulted by a teacher. The case went to court but he was declared free of all charges on the basis there were no other witnesses. He was allowed to go back to teaching and eventually became a principal. It was revolting so I understand where the emotion comes from.

        I am disgusted by rape of course but I was just commenting on how the European vs American issue came into the equation in the comments some how and it wasn’t really a legitimate argument for whether or not a rich man should get away with rape. It was displaced anger and country of orgin and stereotypes debase a serious issue. When I am sure everyone agrees the outrage is about a wealthy man not being prosectuted for an outrageous crime.

        People should be able to vent their anger but it should be at Polanksi not other people posting.

        Thank you for sharing your opinion in a well mannered logical way.

    • Lindsay says:

      Come on, that was some excellent sarcasm.

      Where do you see racism? American or European isn’t a race. That’s silliness to toss that word around. If anything, I think that person doesn’t particularly like Americans and used this instance to bash our hill-billyhood.

      So to that point, I admire the relaxed attitude the Europeans, generally, have towards sexuality and naked folks. I think overwhelming Americans are not nearly as prudish as we are portrayed, we just have louder dingbats getting more attention here. Seeking to normalize sexual predators is the ultimate problem here. The Catholic Church was eviscerated, and rightly so, for covering over this exact behavior. There have been several child stars that claim pedophilia is rampant in Hollywood and this is a clear case of pedophilia. That crowd gets a pass for covering over in a way the Church should not? There is no “slightly different take” on isolating predators.

    • NM9005 says:

      Oh ok. I didn’t understand at which angle you were writing when talking about racism and anger =).

      “It was displaced anger and country of orgin and stereotypes debase a serious issue.”

      Co-sign on that!

  53. Amy says:

    That dress adds 5lbs. To her armpits!

  54. anonymoose says:

    Has Stella McCartney EVER designed an attractive garment? Because this calf-length swimsuit is fug. And how did she not notice the extra armpit boobs oozing out of the sports-bra top of this? Is McC trying to make armpit boobs “happen’? The new erogenous zone: armpit boobs!

  55. Ming says:

    Was this a big topic at all during the Oscar ride of “The Pianist” ?

    That was in 2002. Nine years ago. People didn’t give an eff. But now you do ?

    You’re too late on being angry.

  56. T.C. says:

    What makes me sick about this guy’s behavior is he PREYED on that 13 year old girl. He got her trust by doing a normal photoshoot the first day then told her he needed to do more pictures the next day. Before she came over, he prepared a cocktail of drugs and alcohol that would almost knock her out. He used her trust from the previous photoshoot, got her to take the drugs and alcohol. He raped her while she objected then turned her over and sodomized her. An afternoon of raping a 13 year old child in every hole with her too weak from the drugs to fight him off. THAT is just too sick for words. He KNEW what he was doing and planned it out. I could understand if he did his time and apologized but he still remains a fugitive. I don’t understand people like Kate and Jodie who work with a criminal especially of a crime against a child. You will never catch me watching a Polanski film. I refuse to give a child rapist my hard earned money. There are too many other GREAT directors who aren’t fugitives, they get my money.

  57. Miranda says:

    I love how being “a great director” actually trumps being a pedophile. What am I missing? Apparently, you can do what you want if you are good at directing a film. It’s nuts! We won’t excuse doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, etc. for this kind of behavior, but he gets a pass because he can yell “CUT!”

    It’s all about do as I say not as I do. They’re all so fake! They pretend to take a stand, but in the end they’re hypocrites. It’s all about the almighty dollar…pretty pathetic.

  58. Miranda says:

    AND, really Kate? You haven’t had work done on your face? Liar, liar…

  59. laura says:

    Ming #55, It’s never to late to acknoweldge a rapist or pedophile.If you’re talking about 7 years ago, some people on this site may have been kids at that time….

    Hollywood is full of sycophants and whores (male and female) who will sell themselves for a song if it’ll get them some attention – I am however, disappointed in Kate Winslet. I like(d) her and liked to think she had a moral compass, unlike so many others.

    The last film I watched by Polanski was ‘Night and the Maiden’ which I really enjoyed….then I found out about his past and have not seen any of his work since.

    He is a troll…as an aside, my French husband was a speech writer for the French Academy of the Art and worked with Polanski on several speeches…he said hte guy is a complete a**hole to everyone…condescending, rude, entitled.

  60. dr. bombay says:

    She just went down a few notches in my book. Shame on her.

  61. Trashaddict says:

    Shit. Am I going to have to boycott everybody in films before this is laid to rest? The man did not pay his dues or admit his guilt and I can no longer watch his films. I have totally lost any respect I had for Kate Winslet (and Jodie Foster). Sigh.

  62. klm says:

    someone needs to tell her to stop dressing like sharon stone. it. is. not. her.

  63. Incredulous says:

    Just thought I’d chime in with all the others and state that Roman Polanski raped a child. I’m quite sure the child was neither his first victim nor his last.

  64. Edwinna says:

    Are we all watching the same trailer? It looked pretty dull to me… four yuppies getting deep and real, exposing their primitive natures… yeah, that doesn’t sound like pretentious twaddle at all. *eye roll*

    Polanski is hardly a great director. He was popular with people who were youngish in the 70s, but his movies aren’t standing the test of time.

    @Incredulous – pedophiles have a recidivism rate of something like 97%, so I’ve do doubt you’re right. I thought they caught this guy. Why isn’t he still in prison?

    • Krill says:

      I totally agree with you. The trailer states “one of the funniest and most intelligent films”… try self-indulgent, annoying, and dull.

  65. Laughing Librarian says:

    Oh yes, this dress-saw it in the previous white version-it looks like an elongated bathing suit. The red is an improvement, but still. Did Kate buy all the colors for herself?
    I have never liked Stella McCartney’s designs-tell me her name didn’t get her where she is!

  66. sierra says:

    god she’s a moron.

  67. sandy#1 says:

    no longer a kate fan, sick, moving on.

  68. Lee says:

    You guys do realize Polanski plead guilty and took a plea bargin, right? He fled the country after the judge decided to back track. Should he have ran? No, but the judge shouldn’t have decided to change his sentence either.

    I’m probably one of the few that doesn’t think Polanski is complete evil. What he did was wrong, but that doesn’t make him evil. If you want evil, look at the face of Charles Manson, the man who murdered Polanski’s pregnant wife, Sharon Tate.

    He’s also hardly the only celebrity to have sex with a minor (see Jimmy Page, Rob Lowe, Doug Hutchinson, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, etc.) If you’re going to have vehement hatred for one of them, have it for all of them.

    • Lee says:

      I feel I should clarify: I am not a Polanski fan. I am a Sharon Tate fan, so whatever interest I have in him comes through her. I don’t support what he did, but I think the reactions of a lot of people – both here an elsewhere – are ill informed and irrational. The irrationality comes from being ill informed: it’s so easy to hate someone like Polanski, and it’s easier if people just write him off as some ultimate evil disciple of Satan. The truth is always more complicated than that. He should pay for his crime, I agree. But don’t claim that he never owned up to it or that he never served time for it, because he did both of those things.

  69. Gretchen says:

    The best thing she can do with those clunky heels is kick the crap out of that rapist.

    @Lee yes he took a plea bargain and plead guilty to the most MINOR of charges and then FLED – should the judge have backtracked: No, should Polanski been allowed to plea bargain out of the full rape + sexual assault charge: definitely NO. I do have hatred for all of them, but Polanski in particular has shown that this case was not a one off and he has serially targeted young starlets.


  70. Mava says:

    I used to love Kate ever since I was a very young girl and saw her in Titanic. I grew up with a very positive body image thanks to her and prayed for curvy hips and breasts before puberty. I never coveted that super skinny look thanks to her! Lately, I’ve been a bit disappointed in her, with her constant comments focused on her outwardly image. I don’t believe that she has had much more done then peels and good make-up (although I am open to acknowledging that she has had plastic surgery, I just see no evidence), however, I feel that she is playing more into the Hollywood game as she grows older. I did buy a DVD of The Pianist, which to this day is one of my favorite movies. I saved my money when I was a teen just to own the special edition copy…but now as it sits in my shelf of DVDs, I feel guilty for supporting this man that has unabashedly committed these heinous crimes! The worst part is that all of Hollywood, including my idol Kate Winslett, gives this man a pass for being a disgusting human being. I do not know what to think. The victim wishing for this to be dropped as the system has failed her is even more heartbreaking ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/6237442/Roman-Polanskis-victim-is-mother-who-wants-charges-dropped.html ). I wish that prominent Hollywood actors would not support this man, as talented as he is, as he has not served his time and still enjoys a relatively luxurious lifestyle despite being on the run from the American justice system.

  71. Kiki says:

    Not a good look on her. That flab squeezing out from the sides of her chest/arm area looks bad. She needs a size bigger- or better yet, to toss this mess in the garbage. Her arms appear fat here.

  72. TXCinderella says:

    What is wrong with her that she would even let that troll touch her? How would she feel if it were one of her daughters that he raped? He is a discusting little man who won’t face up to his crime.

  73. NotaBitterBetty says:

    Polanski will never be reviled in Hollyood like he ought to be. Too many self-serving people with maybe the same questionable morals for that. He will not get his comeuppance, bottom line. A tragedy but at this stage it’s a moot point. As for Kate, she’s become more and more unlikeable as time has gone on. Don’t think she’s that fantastic of an actress either. The dress looks better in the white version that the red, but it’s not flattering on her at all.

  74. asiont says:

    yep, what he did was wrong, he should be punished for that, of course. but at the same time this guy is a genius and I will watch every single movie he’s going to make. also, if I were an actress, I would die to appear in his production and that would be done purely for me and not to support a pedophile or anything like that.

  75. GirlyGIrl says:

    She’s a bit old for Polanski.

    And yes, Hollywood protects it’s own, I still remember DeNiro trying to get the Oscar crowd to stand and ovate Elia Kazan who in the 50’s ratted out friends/colleagues to Sen Joe McCarthy.

    Most people stood, ovated. I seem to recall a few that remained seated with arms crossed.

    Hollywood is a cess-pit, so whenever you feel bad about judging celebrities, don’t.

  76. Stacey says:

    I like the dress but I think she went a size too small, judging by the way her breasts are being squeezed in half. I echo others who say how disgusting it is that she is all over this repulsive man. Drugging a person is like date rape. Basically, it is rape. Because they don’t have the faculties to consent. And regardless of that she was only 13. Only 1 year back she was a
    preteen. Think about that. I think he is a gifted Director but its hard to forgive him when he didn’t do his time. Imagine if every child, 13, or even 10 year olds, forgave the pedophile and none of them went to jail? He should have done the time.

  77. Laura says:

    She’s AGING. When I think of people who get Botox or facelifts or fillers or little tweaks, I think of vain people. Not happy with the normal way, have to look ‘more perfect and pristine’. Now I’ve seen close-ups of Kate, including some from this event. She doesn’t wax above her lip, she doesn’t wax between her eyebrows, she doesn’t polish her toes perfectly, her teeth have a slightly yellow tint, she doesn’t hide her belly, she has arm fat pouring out of her dress, and you’re telling me she’s going to get BOTOX? She won’t wax above her damn lip but she’ll freeze her face? Please. She’s wealthy. She can afford the best creams and facials. This chick is one of the most normal-looking women in Hollywood. Seriously. I watched Carnage and Contagion. The woman is natural as hell. She’s in this business for the real deal. She can move her face. Properly.

  78. Laura says:

    Are you guys gonna think about Kate hugging Roman Polanski when you’re giving birth or getting married or going to your grandfather’s funeral or watching your kids graduate or writing a test? People have to whine about everything. We live in such a bitter, judgmental world where everyone hates because they love to hate. This crap doesn’t affect your daily life. It’s something you force on yourself. You choose to come on this website and you choose to complain. Misery loves company.

  79. Laura says:

    You guys are irritating. This honestly doesn’t affect my daily life AT ALL. Like, I feel nothing. I don’t feel hatred, I feel so indifferent. I think people just love to spill their hatred-filled comments onto the Internet. It makes them feel better.

    • Carrie says:

      I myself find pedophile apologists irritating. That you don’t feel anger or hatred at a child being molested and raped says it all. I guarantee you, you personally disgust and repulse me far, far more than you could possibly be irritated at us for simply for merely being upset that someone that raped a child walked free. You really need to take a good hard look at yourself because you are despicable.

      • Laura says:

        I didn’t say I don’t feel anger or hatred towards him. I meant I don’t feel hatred towards Kate. The whole point of this post is Kate hugging him and that’s what I was addressing. I don’t care if she hugged him. Thanks for putting words in my mouth. Oh and your comment made me literally laugh out loud. The nerve some people have behind a computer screen…speaking full of so much hatred. I feel sorry for you. I do. It’s pretty pathetic to spit out such bold negativity towards me. It tells me nothing about myself but a lot about you. You got to criticize someone and your identity is completely hidden. Do you feel better now? You basically called me despicable and repulsive and disgusting over something I didn’t even say. You just interpreted it the wrong way. Good job.

      • Carrie says:

        The simple fact is, it is YOU who misunderstood and misinterpreted the comments as hatred against Kate, when they were hatred against Polanski, therefore you whole diatribe against commenters was so misplaced and completely way out of line. The comments here are expressing hatred and negativity against Polanksi. Not so much kate, mut Polanski. You couldn’t see that, you misintpretted it, then flipped out on the commenters and judged them, and NOW get upset when you get the same medicine dished back at you. If you cannot follow a discussion without misinterpretting who the hate comments are about, then stay away from discussing the issues. You basically attacked the posters over something they didn’t say, because YOU misinterpretted their posts when they were CLEARLY aimed at Polanski. Own your own mistakes. I stand by my comments about you as they were ably proved by your recent post. I do feel truly sorry for you. I really do.

  80. Laura says:

    I misinterpreted the comments as hatred against Kate? People DID hate on Kate in some of their comments. They didn’t just express hatred and negativity towards Polanski, they expressed it towards Kate too. The title of this post is ‘Kate Winslet hugging Roman Polanski in an optical illusion Stella McCartney dress: bizarre?’, not ‘Roman Polanski is convicted of rape’. What do you think I was referring to? Kate haters of course. The fact that she’s hugging him is something I feel indifferent about, not Polanski’s actions. I didn’t even mention Polanski’s name in my first post. How do you know I was referring to his haters if I made such a vague comment? You’re putting words in my mouth. I’m giving you a clarification and telling you I was referring to people hating on Kate, and you’re still dismissing it. You just want to hear what you want to hear. You should own up. You read my comment and ASSUMED that I was talking about Polanski haters when I didn’t even mention his name. You’re the one who misinterpreted my comment, and you don’t want to admit it because even after I told you I was referring to Kate haters, you’re still putting words in my mouth. Stop trying to cover up your mistake. You misunderstood me, you chose to assume I was talking about something when I didn’t actually say it, and you’re criticizing me for something you assumed I did, and you’re also using the fact that there are less Kate haters to support your argument that I was talking about Polanski haters. Nice try. Thanks for playing. Thanking my lucky stars I don’t know you personally. I’d hate to have words shoved in my mouth.

  81. Danielle says:

    Why is everyone up in arms about the penn state coach (and rightly so) but roman Polanski seems to be loved and adored by sophisticated Hollywood when he admittedly raped a 13 year old girl? I truly don’t get it.

  82. Surya says:

    She looks like a diva.

  83. Victoria says:

    I am sick to death over this. I have always loved Kate, but now that I know she supports people like Roman Palanski, you can put her on my shit list. Anyone who supports Woody Allen or that Filth Palanski, won’t get my money. Even if Allen married his child bride, eventually he is still disgusting.

    And a lot of those same celebrities talked all that shit about politicians and their dirty, but they have the biggest pedophile offenders running rampant all over HW.

    Kate, you hooked up with that weird ass do who renamed himself Rock and Roll or whatever. And you lost points for that because he looks a bit suspect to me and now this.

  84. Meg says:

    Just goes to show if you’re rich and famous enough, you can get away with anything. I wonder if Kate let her daughter hang around on set much?