Justin Bieber got grounded by his mom after buying a $160k car

Widdle Justin Bieber, 17, got grounded by his moms for buying a $160k car. The little dude already owns a custom Cadillac “Batmobile” and a Ferrari, and apparently the tricked out Range Rover he just bought made his mom so mad that she told him that he has to have adult supervision while driving up until he’s 18. That will put a damper on his relationship with Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber has had his driver’s license suspended – by his overprotective mom! The teen pop star’s driving privileges shifted into neutral after his mom, Pattie Mallette, grounded him for splurging on a $160,000 custom-made hot-rod!

“Pattie blew a gasket when she learned about Justin’s wild spending spree,” a source disclosed. “As a result, she is forbidding him from driving until he turns 18, unless he’s accompanied by an adult chaperon.”

During a recent visit to England, the 17 year-old… singer reportedly treated himself to a customized “Project Kahn” Range Rover, complete with a souped-up Cosworth engine, custom paint job and a sound system worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The underage hot-rodder already owns a Batman-themed customized Cadillac and a Ferrari…

“Pattie is trying to get Justin’s wild spending under control,” added the source.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, December 5, 2011]

Well at least someone is putting their foot down with this kid. He’s going to be a legal adult soon enough, and he needs to keep his spending in check if he doesn’t want to go the MC Hammer route. We’ve heard plenty of stories about his overspending, which of course is relative given his worth. It seems like whenever I got to the store there are new products with Bieber’s baby face inexplicably blazoned on them. When I was in Target yesterday there was only one $8 Bieber Christmas ornament left and I swear I saw a Bieber toothbrush at CVS.

Meanwhile Bieber’s paternity suit sort-of rages on. Bieber’s accuser Mariah Yeater has shown herself to be less than credible, and now her lawyers are unsurprisingly trying to delay the case. They’re insisting that Bieber take a second DNA test to ensure that the chain of command is followed. Yeater’s ex boyfriend (not the one she smacked on the face while confronting him about paternity last year, that was a different guy) thinks he’s the baby’s father and is insisting on taking a paternity test too. Last week TMZ published text messages from Yeater in which she called him (the second ex boyfriend) the father of her baby.

Oh and Bieber forgot the lyrics to Santa Claus is Coming to Town while he was performing it on The Today Show last week. At about 1:00 in to the video below he forgets the very simple lyrics to “He’s making a list he’s checking it twice,” and then stops and launches into the refrain. Poor Justin, he probably missed rehearsal because he didn’t have a ride.

Justin and his mom are shown messing around with his waxwork at Madame Tussauds in March of this year. Justin is shown performing on The Today Show and with Usher on 11-23-11. Credit: PNP/WENN

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  1. Cat says:

    Oh, wow, he can’t sing. /first time really listening to Justin Bieber

  2. Quest says:

    That ban is coming a little too late

    “He’s making a list he’s checking it twice,…. caus’ Bieber knows he’s been naughty not nice”

  3. normades says:

    Of course it’s Robbie’s kid.

  4. Alexis says:

    Whoa is that his mom? She looks like she could be in her late 20s.

    Also is he the first male drag icon? I may have put that a bit flippantly, but I don’t think there’s ever before been a dude that girls have as frequently dressed up as for fun.

  5. badrockandroll says:

    I am sad to say that I called this last week when I said that Mariah’s legal team would start playing games because their ridiculous conditions for the testing weren’t followed.

    I hope that the lab where Bieber took his test gets involved in the legal battlefield, since these allegations about the test also suggest that this is not a professional lab whose testing is not to be trusted.

  6. Flan says:

    No sympathy for that Yeater at all.

    If you don’t want to be unsure about your child’s paternity, you shouldn’t sleep around with a bunch of guys without protection, dumbass.

  7. retyah says:

    Eagerly anticipating the huge rebellion he will throw later. Or tantrum.

  8. flourpot says:

    Mum should have put her foot down a long time ago. Too little, too late.

  9. LL says:

    Why does he have his hand on the crotch of his wax figure??

  10. Intercontinental says:

    OMG!! Is that woman his mother?? You think he would invest in some dental work for her!! Urgh… :-(

  11. sluggo says:

    Yes indeed, they’re selling Bieber toothbrushes at CVS. SINGING Bieber toothbrushes. They’re priced at around $9, and each plays a small music clip, or so it seems. However, nobody’s buying them … at least, not at my local CVS, where the display’s been there for ages with no visible depletion of product. I’m waiting for them to pop up in the clearance bins, at which point I may buy a few as gag Xmas gifts to torment various friends.

  12. Jover says:

    Sluggo already bought one as a gag gift; now if only his mother would remove his “music” from our presence we would be better off. Yes, there is a biebster christmas cd out there which is sure to empty any room in which it is played.How big of a lame corporate joke is this kid that he doesn’t even mind being marketed by singing toothbrushes – glad i’m old enough to remember that queen, the stones, etc. didn’t need this junk.

  13. NancyMan says:

    Careful mom, don’t bite the hand that feeds you..

  14. Doody says:

    Great spin by some publicity person to keep Biebs ok with his fan base…

    Fans don’t want to see him spending it up big when they save their pocket money for months to buy a concert ticket

  15. ShanKat says:

    She’s so young! Pretty shiny hair.

    The dummy in the red-and-black shirt looks like someone else, an actor, I think, but I can’t put my finger on who.

  16. Iggles says:

    Wow, I think he actually looked more “masculine” when he had the bowl cut! His shorter hair doesn’t do him any favors!

    Good for his mom on curbing his spending habits!

  17. grace says:

    with all the money that kid has, he needs to fix his moms teeth! Nasty!!

  18. Babalon says:

    Awesome mom! Good for her (and him).

  19. Seal Team 6 says:

    Why do they allow a minor access to his money??? He should have an allowance, and have the rest put into a safe trust.

    • Deb says:

      Agreed. She should be managing his funds until he can do so responsibly to ensure he has money once he stops being profitable.

      How is it a kid waltzes into a dealership and buys a car without an adult anyway? I don’t know about the UK, but in the US, a car purchase requires the signing of a contract.

  20. Seal Team 6 says:

    It doesn’t sound like she is dialing back his spending habits, just not allowing him to drive alone until he was 18 (I thought kids couldn’t do that anyway).

  21. Tutle Dove says:

    Glad to see the kid is moving towards being vindicated in this ridiculous case. Yeater is an idiot for trying to extort a minor. Enjoy your “fame” while you can honey, cause your low rent life is beckoning you back.

    Can we not make fun of the single mom who struggled? Unlike losers like Yeater, Justin’s mom worked hard to raise her kid by herself. Considering how well he’s doing, I think she did a good job. I do agree that his spending needs to be curbed, however.

  22. LBeees says:

    Aw, that nice young girl got grounded by her mee-maw.

  23. Hakura says:

    I mentioned this is response to someone else’s comment above, but just to repeat… Instead of the teeth being the problem…

    I really think it’s just a bad tooth-to-gum ratio. Showing too much of the gum when giving ‘big smiles’.

  24. luls says:

    OMG HE SOUNDS LIKE CRAP IN THIS PERFORMANCE! Watching those screaming teens and tweens is hilarious and sad, all at once.

    Fortunately for him, hes short and seems to have an eternally babyface, so he’ll manage to maintain a young fan base for a while.