Tom Cruise: still clinging to the sexy or desperate and botoxy?

Tom Cruise has been doing the press tour for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which is out in the US on December 21. It’s amazing how young he looks at 49. It’s like the guy lets himself go ever so slightly when he’s not promoting something, lets his hair grow out and gains a little weight and then – bam! – he channels the crazy into his training sessions, visits his dermatologist for a little freshening up, gets a cut and dye job and ends up erasing about 10-15 years. It’s eerie, and not quite hot, but still aesthetically attractive in a sterile way. Charismatic maybe, but just not sexy.

Lainey Gossip has photos from a press conference that Cruise did yesterday in Tokyo. As she points out, it’s hysterical how tight his shirt is and how he’s obviously straining to suck his stomach in. He looks good and fit, but he should be wearing something a little less revealing, to say the least.

Entertainment Tonight had a very brief interview with Cruise last night promoting the film, and he said something similar to these quotes from the MI Tokyo press conference about how he had a good time working with his co-stars. “I just love what I do and I do it because I want to entertain.”

I love being a part of the team and telling a story.”

Cruise loves being a leading man, and it’s clear he takes his duty seriously and tries to bring it. The dude did all his own stunts, and he’s so hardcore that he swung from cables and walked on the side of a building a mile and a half in the air. Just watching this video makes me want to pee my pants. (Lainey posted this yesterday.)

So I think this gives him points, even if he’s looking a little pulled lately. Check him out below on 11/21 in the winter jacket and compare those photos to the one above from yesterday (and on Lainey’s site.) The dude looks even younger now, and it’s clear he’s lost weight in less than a two week interim and that he’s done something to his face. I have to say it looks good though.

Also, here’s Cruise on 6/8/11. His face looks different now doesn’t it? It’s not just his hair that’s cut.

Header photo is from 11/30 credit: REUTERS/Toru Hanai. Other photos from 11/21 credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. Marjalane says:

    I would rather poke out my own eyeballs with a fork than have to sit through ANY Tom Cruise movie. He would have to cure cancer before I’d cut him any slack.

    • gab says:

      Hahahahaha, perfect comment!
      TC just reeks of desperation. It is not attractive; more like repellant.

      • Agnes says:

        Totally. He hasn’t been attractive since like 1991. And then it was only because I was in 8th grade and didn’t know any better.

    • OhMyMy says:

      Agreed. I haven’t watched a movie of his in years and I still don’t care.

    • psychoticstate says:

      I’m sure The Wonder Child (Suri) will get right on the cure for cancer as soon as she’s done penning her children’s book. Insert eyeroll here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ditto. Desperate and crazy do not spell attractive. I will never watch his movies.

    • Debby says:

      PERFECT comment! He makes me sick, and since I’m reading the book “Inside Scientology” even more so lately. He’s not good looking and he’s (hear me Tom?) SHORT!

  2. Totally Momish says:

    He is still hot.

  3. Koa M. says:

    When was he EVER sexy?!! Ewwww.

  4. Turtle Dove says:

    Good catch. He did look bloated. How can he loose that much weight in two weeks though? Liquid diet and eliminate all carbs? Tom’s a nice looking guy and focus is commendable (although intense), I’ll see this movie over Twi-anything.

  5. Pont Neuf says:

    He looks surprisingly youthful and refreshed, as opposed to his usual waxy and crazy… All the Xenu wine he takes must be finally taking effect!

    By the way, am I the only one who finds those ‘Mission Impossible’ films impossible to understand? Things happen, but no one knows why or how, and then everything is an excuse to show lots of explosions and Tom Cruise being “sexy” and “macho” (allow me to laugh incontrollably).

    Whomever writes those scripts, needs to tone down all the Xenu infusions. They make no sense at all.

    • Girl says:

      I hear you. Its like the action is just kind of stilted and disjointed. Or possibly I don’t give enough of a shit to invest much time in paying attention to the story. It all seems to blend in together from movie to movie and I can’t summon enough fuck to give about the characters.

    • Sisi says:

      I liked the first one, fell asleep during the second one and completely gave up 30 minutes into the third one.

    • Sophie says:

      Thank you! I thought it was just me. Do they make those movies DELIBERATELY confusing? Are there viewers out there who actually enjoy that sort of thing?

  6. lamplighter says:

    yikes. he’s developing a klingon forehead. tommy, tell the botox doc to quit shooting the poison straight into the vein. looking freaky, man.

  7. Hugh Mungus says:

    He resembles his own wax figure from Madame Tussauds in the top picture.

  8. Bbyboo says:

    No matter what his personal life/crazy is like I really give him credit for doing his own stunts like that. It shows passion and commitment for whatever project he is working on… I have to admire that about him…

  9. Nev says:

    he got some good work…gotta admire his drive.

  10. whome says:

    he looks good and i will be seeing this movie… I may not care for Tom personally but he does a good job entertaining! the picks with the long hair he face looks bloated and his eyebrows needed to be trimmed. but i do concur he cleans up rather nicely.

    • crtb says:

      I totaly agree. I may not like his persoan life however I enjoy his movies.

      Knight and Day
      Tropic Thunder
      Mission: Impossible III
      War of the Worlds
      The Last Samura
      Minority Report (my favorite)
      Mission: Impossible II
      Jerry Maguire(great movie)
      Mission Impossible I
      The Firm
      A Few Good Men(great Movie)
      Born on the Fourth of July(he should have won an oscar for this role)
      Rain Man(great movie)
      Risky Business (great movie)

  11. carrie says:

    he looks great(if every one who did comestic/plastic surgeon looked as good after ) and is driven (and he never whines)

  12. mln76 says:

    In 10 years he’ll look like Robert Goulet or George Hamilton. Botox and Plastic Surgery on men grosses me out.

  13. Q says:

    I dont get it what has Tom Cruise done that generates so much censure?
    No DUI’s, racist rants, wife beating allegations.

    Fine he has a dodgy religion but it does no harm

    He famously treats his costars with enormous rspect and grace, works very hard……
    I dont waitch the MI series but I dont get what hes done to become this object of infinite censure

    • mln76 says:

      Well a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist did accuse him of using Scientology Slave labor on his property. That’s pretty ammoral.

    • tripmom says:

      I think a lot of people would disagree with your assertion that his dodgy religion does no harm. Scientology’s abuses of its members, ex-members, and detractors are well documented.

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree. As an atheist, I don’t see Scientology as any worse than other religions. I am sure the alien thing sounds weird to Christians, but I am sure virgin births sound weird to everyone else.

      • sammib says:

        Exactly! Ummm, virgin births, burning bushes etc etc – the stuff of myth. I’m from NZ and the Maori believe the Islands were fished up by a guy called Maui. There is no reason Christianity should be given any more credence than any other myth.

      • Desidarius says:

        You do know L. Ron Hubbard was a SCIENCE FICTION WRITER before he created a very lucrative ‘religion’ to head. I agree that an alien from another galaxy (Xenu) is no wackier than a virgin birth. Perhaps Catholicism was also created wholesale from a science fiction story by a twisted meglomaniac who pretended to hold the rank of Commodore. Scientology is full of lies and lunacy and it harms people. Google it!

      • Ann says:

        I’m an atheist, too, and I get your point. However, most other “religions” don’t harass their members endlessly when they want to leave and so ruthlessly hound them into giving them money.

    • Vesper says:

      @ Q – Brad Pitt did an interview a few years ago and he stated he HATED filming Interview with a Vampire because of Tom. Brad made it very clear that while Tom was very polite on a superficial level, he made it very obvious to Brad that he was at the top of the pecking order, and Brad was at the bottom. Brad also mentioned that with Tom everything was about competition, and he couldn’t have a simple conversation with him without that aspect coming out. It makes me laugh, because all these years later it is Brad who is more accomplished, well rounded, and repected (not to mention has a more interesting life).

      Along those same lines, I cannot see Tom willfully being a team player. Most of his identity seems to be tied into being a major “star”. Now that he isn’t he reeks desperatation.

      As for scientology not doing any harm, OMG, have u ever read anything about the cult? It is devasting to read about people who have been cut off from their family (and their children) because they broke away. I believe France, or Italy has banned the cult.

    • Agnes says:

      His religion actually does a lot of harm to people – see all the reports of former members. De facto slavery, forced abortions, blackmail, harassment, their refusal to treat their children for any psychiatric disorders they don’t believe in = harm.

  14. ShanKat says:

    Facelift and HGH.

    Annnnnnd Satan!

  15. Sarita says:

    Connor Cruise photo bombing in the last photo is priceless!

  16. ShanKat says:

    He’s wearing his big-boy boots! I wonder how many inches he gets out of those monsters? Got to be 4-5″.

  17. Julie says:

    The vein is disgusting. I do think it looks different now. And I have never found this boy sexy. Quite the opposite. His religion if you can call it that absolutely freaks me out. How anyone can believe their nonsense is beyond my ability to understand. So everytime I look at him, I think of that.

  18. Mia says:

    Still sexy. Way hotter with short hair. So very Maverick.

  19. Nanz says:

    The crazy in me still wants to like him. Like his wife, I had such a crush on him as a kid. He went to my B-I-L’s high school and I used to dream that they would hang out at a high school reunion and become BFF’s and that he’d want to marry me. Yikes, did I just type that out loud? Anyway, he is definitely intense, but I always want to root for him – that someday he will come back from the crazy, and be a heartthrob again. He regained points with me by jumping around/in/out/crawling on the tallest building in the world. I am terrified of heights. Could never do what he did. Sigh. I feel like I just went to confession. =)

  20. You don't say says:

    He has been “refreshed”.

  21. anonymoose says:

    That’s TC? doesnt even look like him in that top photo. Looks like him in the bottom one. But the ones in the middle he looks like a bloated untoned version of a relative of TC. That 1st photo, though? Uh-uh.

  22. hazeldazel says:

    Untreated bipolar manic episodes have obviously been great for his diet. I guess the CO$ stance that all psychiatry is bad (including treating women for post-partum depression) has been working for him. *rolls eyes*

  23. Snowangel says:

    Pretty sure he got an eyelift, along with botox and fillers etc. Thats the big change, the droopy eyelids are gone. Good for him. Still a nutbag though.

  24. Riri says:

    I feel sorry for him.

    He is a nice guy who tried to shop for a wife that will make his image younger and tried to stay on top by selling his private life.

    He has no real family life, and he is still pretending and hoping that will buy his career more time.

    That is just sad. I would have had more respect for him had he just tried his best in his professional life, but how can anyone not see him as a desperate joke after he auditioned actresses to be his 3rd wife and the whole parade of a marriage he has.

    Too bad, since beside the explotation of him by the COS and his willingness to sell everything for fame and staying relevant, I think he is a nice person.

    So sad.

  25. weeble says:

    I don’t find him sexy. I never have, but I do like his energy. Good for him.

  26. UKHels says:

    I didn’t even fancy him in Top Gun (so much other hot stuff to look at) but I do like his films

  27. G says:

    I find his acting “mannered” in a way I don’t care for.

    49? Yeah, I’d say he looks 49.

  28. The Original Mia says:

    On another site, someone said he’s his own wax figure. So true.

  29. LeeLoo says:

    I feel really bad for him. I blame scientology for making him crazy. I will always love him for playing Lestat in Interview with the Vampire and his character in Magnolia. He always struck me as the top high school quarterback with super low self esteem.
    But it is pretty apparent here that he’s swimming in the botox pool. He didn’t need to he still looked great for his age. It’s sad, I think he would be an awesome actor at any age if he toned down his manufactured personal life and the crazy.

    • Erinn says:

      It is sad. People rag on him, and I mean, he brings a lot of that on himself, but I do feel bad for him. The low self esteem part seems accurate to me- could be why he switched into Scientology in the first part- they welcomed him in and boosted him up emotionally.

    • wresa says:

      Completely agree. My first thought when I read this article was “Damn, too bad he got involved in Scientology.” It is sad. Even if he wanted to get out, I suspect those people would make his life hell.

    • Amy says:

      I never liked him before I saw Interview with the Vampire, and even then I was highly skeptical. But I loved him in that role, and I’ve kind of had a soft spot for him ever since.

  30. Erinn says:

    He is one crackpot of a man, but he looks good. I wouldn’t call him sexy, but he’s a good looking man IF you don’t know who he is. I hate the long hair though, the short hair looks way better.

    • Lantana says:

      I so agree with Erinn! He does look good. And I’m the same age as him (and so is my husband) and we consider ourselves pretty fit, but damn if I’m jumping off a mile-high building in Dubai. So credit goes where credit’s due. (And yes you can roll your eyes and thank Grandma for that saying.)

      • Erinn says:

        Bahaha, I’m 21 and I certainly wouldn’t be jumping off of a building… a small one, let alone the one in Dubai!

  31. carrie b. says:

    It’s a true life version of the Potrait of Dorian Gray!

  32. MoMo says:

    Even though I think he’s 100% nutso and a borderline psychopath, I can’t help but feel awed by the movie stunts he does. I’m also kind of embarrassed to admit that I find his uber ‘can do’ attitude inspirational (within boundaries).

  33. Coco says:

    You know this guy has to have the tiniest weiner.

  34. wunder says:

    49? Hell, I thought he was older than that! Thought he was a 54/55 yr old with ‘good work’ and tons of SoCal denial.

  35. fabgrrl says:

    Wow. I’m sorry, but anyone who does stunts like THAT when they certainly wouldn’t have to, gets credit in my boox.

    That one photo, I’m thinking fillers under the eyes? I’ve been thinking about having that done myself. I’ll keep my eye on him the next couple of weeks and see if it settles out.

  36. Cerulean says:

    He works very hard. I will give him that. Too bad insanity isn’t sexy.

  37. Lila says:

    He is still hot. But its impossible for me to separate the crazy from how he looks.

  38. Camille says:

    In my opinion TC lost the ‘hot and sexy’ years ago. I find him so asexual and try hard now.

  39. Listerino says:

    He looks like he’s wearing Dexters kill shirt. And yes the suck-in job is so painfully obvious I feel sorry for him. Props to him for doing his own stunts, but that may possibly be because he’s completely insane.

  40. Javagirl1 says:

    Okay, remember he’s a Scientologist and they love their saunas. Saunas and steam rooms can do wonders for the skin. They detoxify and can help rebuild collagen.

    He’s aging well IMO but he’s never done anything for me. Too short..

  41. Silk Spectre says:

    I give a f*ck about Tom Cruise. I will watch it b/c of 2 reasons:

    1. I dig action flicks
    2. Jeremy Renner!

  42. palermo says:

    His weird actions have ruined whatever looks he might have had, not to mention his cult and robot wife. Plus he’s a midget.

  43. Tiffany says:

    He looks great, and you can tell he IS NOT botoxing because he has lines on his forehead and it moves.

    I think people are turned off by his personality, but if you just look at him, there is nothing to complain abou.

    • Wildone says:

      Tom is Botox look at the Botox forehead vain something he never had before and some how most of the wrinkles on his face diapered how do you explain that? I will give him credit for not going overbroad with the Botox but its beyond sad the he still trying to be young and not except the fact that he going to be 50 soon.

  44. RobN says:

    Do scientologists not believe in anti-perspirant? Cause NOBODY with pit stains is sexy.

  45. me says:

    Looks like an older version of guy from Friday Night Lights…Kyle something

    Too much tox going on that face

  46. Cerulean says:

    He reminds me of a disappointing meal. It looks and smells great but turns out bland and overcooked.

  47. nag says:

    He is so stuck with the late 80s..

  48. lisa says:

    I have never been a big fan of Tom. But he looks good. I don’t find him sexy. But I reserve that for a select few. Tom looks so much better with the short hair. I mean looking at Tom and Jeremy.. Tom actually looks much younger.

    Had a big family dinner and the guys were all totally up for MI4.. The film will do well so Tom should refrain from overs selling it like he did Knight/Day.
    He should just let the film happen. But I see that he will go the HARD sell.

    but the point is he looks good. not sexy for me.. but he looks damn good.

    • Redd says:

      I’m not a big Tom fan, either and I believe he treated Nicole Kidman horribly. But, we have to give this man kudos for his acting chops and stuntwork. Who else in the business can pull off the kind of stunts Tom is so willing to do? No, he’s not as pretty as he once was but who is? I admire his dedication to his career.

  49. wresa says:

    DAMN look at that skin! Xenu must have some awesome anti-aging skincare; alien dude IS a billion years old.

    Anyway, I’ve always thought Tom was handsome-agreed, in a sterile way-aaaand would so hit that like it was ’87.

  50. dena says:

    this man is a rapist of souls.

  51. I Choose Me says:

    Whatever TC’s doing it looks good. He looks ‘refreshed.’

    Check out Donald Faison photo-bombing in the last pic. 😀

    Sigh, I miss Scrubs.

  52. veronica says:

    I think Tom should just stop doing whatever he does to make him looks young. He is not as handsome as he was anymore. So stop trying so hard Tom!.

  53. Ashley says:

    I unabashedly love Tom Cruise (and no, I’m not some chick in her mid-40’s despertely clinging to his former glory days). To be honest, I wouldn’t enjoy him nearly as much without all of his blatant craziness.

  54. Girl says:

    I always have to wonder when these huge celebrities say they do all their own movie stunts. These movies have to be insured before they start filming. Are they really willing to pay off on an icon, infamous or no, dying on their movie set?

  55. darkladi says:

    sexy has definitely left the building

  56. luls says:

    America loves to put its stars up on a pedestal, then shit on them. (Ex: Michael Jackson, Britney Spears)

    The fact of the matter is, Tom Cruise is still a huge INTERNATIONAL star. A household name, at the level of Brad Pitt & Angelina J. Even if his movies no longer do great in the U.S. (which as a nation is obssessed with its celebrities private lives), his movies always rake in the dough OUTSIDE the country.

    Frankly no one cares or knows much about Scientology and Tom’s involvement with it, beyond U.S. borders.

    I speak as someone who just moved here.

    He’s a great actor. And a very nice person who’s never done anything Mel Gibson-like. Cut him some slack.

  57. Memphis says:

    I never thought of him as sexy, and still don’t, but I have nothing against him. I know his religion is wack, but that’s his choice..

    I really like a lot of the movies he’s done, especially the MI series, so I’ll be watching.

  58. Francesca says:

    He is always trying so hard; why? It wears me out just looking at him.

    I don’t think he has had botox. Probably just an enema with lemon water. eew..

  59. Ann says:

    He creeps me out and he looks like he’s embalmed.

  60. foozy says:

    that’s an amazing scene. he’s obviously very fit!! glad that he’s back for more movies. can’t wait to go see it…

  61. MAMAKOWALSKA says:


    Wish I had his energy…..and if I could afford the best botoxist money could by, I think I’d do it….

    I like him so much better with the longer hair.

  62. mainstream says:

    Oh he’s the guy from Collateral!!!
    I loved him in that.

  63. taxi says:

    Shorter hair helps his looks, but what’s with the giant forehead vein now?

    His physical bravery is noteworthy (or foolhardy) and he’s certainly committed to providing action entertainment.

    There are many stories about Tom having had plastic surgery to remove his man-boobs, the result of an extra chromosome which also causes sterility? If so, who’s the donor daddy?

  64. Heather M says:

    Have not read the comments but just need to say that it is obvious he had Botox b/c he has the Botox vein thing in his forehead. Now, I want to analyze why this vein thing occurs. I Googled it and some misguided folks mentioned that the doctor had probably screwed up the vein when injecting but my vein doctor fiancee disagrees.

    Thus, why the Botox vein? I think it has to be that it smooths out the muscles and wrinkles so the skin lies flatter. Thus solving one problem but creating another for those of us who have thin skin/not much fat on the forehead. I still think he looks better with the vein than the wrinkles and I am a HUGE Botox fan, but I tend to think that putting too much between the brows is a mistake for this reason.

  65. ViloDeMenus says:

    He’s just a gross joke. I wouldn’t give a dime to this idiot by seeing a movie he was in, no matter who else is in it. When are studios going to figure out this man despised by most people?

  66. skuddles says:

    He’s just so…. creepy.

  67. melmel says:

    I can not believe the only movie I saw with Tom Cruise is The Firm. He can not act. He over acts and it looks fake. Go jump on a couch or something