Jimmy Kimmel has parents prank kids with bad Xmas gifts: mean & hilarious

Did you see the segment that Jimmy Kimmel put out after Halloween in which he asked parents to tell their kids that they’d eaten all their Halloween candy, tape it and post the videos on YouTube? You can watch it here if you missed it, and it’s hilarious. Well Jimmy did a repeat performance for us with Christmas presents. He asked parents to tell their kids that they were going to let them open one gift ahead of time and to give them something they’d never want. There were a lot of half-eaten sandwiches, gifts for girls given to boys, and disappointed kids. In most instances the kids got mad or upset, and one little girl was hilariously philosophical about it. I watched this video with my seven year-old son and didn’t realize that he would learn a very naughty phrase until it aired at the end. He repeated it a few times, I told him it was inappropriate, then we watched the video again. I’ll include some of my thoughts below in the format that Kaiser uses for music videos:

:44 – these kids are too young to prank like this

:50 – there’s nothing funnier than a kid eating bad food

1:00 – the battery girl is thrilled, but her sister is thinking “I got an onion, I must hide my disappointment.”

1:20 – did you see that dog eat the hot dog? That was the best part, and these kids are good sports.

1:38 – aw, I feel for that kid. “This is the worst present ever.”

1:44 – this girl is the little star of the video. She’s adorable and her brother cracks me the hell up. She gets a 1/2 eaten sandwich and then tries to explain to her mother why she’s not grateful for it, like she is for dinner. “I appreciate her getting us a present, but I didn’t know it would be like that. It’s a sandwich of mine. I love your cooking when you cook like, dinners. Like hot pockets.”

2:30 – this video is so wrong. Why would you post this video publicly after your kid screamed and cried like this? Why would you even continue taping and torturing him without letting him know it’s a joke? The kid cries to his dad. Santa’s “putting you on the naughty list! Because you gave me a stupid Hello Kitty sweater.”

3:30 – The best part is when the mom excitedly tells her daughter that a regular potato is a Mr. Potato Head. Her son tries to make sense of it. “Santa did not have those things. I saw you out at the car… Those things are not from Santa Claus.”

3:40 – someone turn off the camera for this poor kid already!

4:00 – This mom is so deadpan in her delivery. This is payback from this mom. She knows what’s she’s doing.

4:30 – These kids are old enough to be in on the joke. “Tell [Jimmy Kimmel] to suck my balls.” Oh damn! I just hope my kid doesn’t remember that, but you know he will.

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  1. hatsumomo says:

    I laughed so hard at the last kid “Tell him to suck my balls!”. Oh Lord.

  2. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    I don’t like videos of people pulling practical jokes, especially on children. But I have to admit, even though it was extremely inappropriate, I burst out laughing at the kid at the end shouting out how Jimmy Kimmel could suck his balls.

    A blackened banana isn’t necessarily bad food, it’s over ripe, best used in making banana bread. That banana looked to have recently turned, being it still had a small bit of yellow on it.

  3. kibbles says:

    The girl with the 1/2 eaten sandwich and her brother were the cutest. Some of those kids were total brats. Especially the kid who was screaming about the hello kitty sweater. I think I even heard him curse along with telling his father that he hated him. I would never speak to my mom that way even if she had given me a turd in a sandwich bag. I didn’t find some of these reactions funny at all.

    • kiki says:


    • Dani B says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. I think that kid was also in the halloween candy pranks and he was very ill behaved in that one too. That kid needs anger management. But the sister and brother were very well behaved and cute. The little girl was trying so hard to not insult her mother, but she was so disappointed. I never saw what the boy got but he never complained once from what I could tell. He even at one point told the little girl to be grateful for what she got. Those parents have done VERY well so far!!

    • manda says:

      I agree with you, too. I think with halloween, the kids were justified in being angry–because the candy was already theirs. They went to bed and it was gone the next day, and that sucks! But some of these kids acted like such spoiled brats. I don’t have children, but if I did, and they acted like that, I would make them start packing up some toys to donate (which, I think mommie dearest did, BUT I wouldn’t make them donate their brand new gifts. I’m not a complete witch!)

  4. lin234 says:

    The little blond girl was adorable but her brother was hilarious! He looked like he knew it was a joke. I cracked up when he kept yelling he wanted the half-eaten sandwich.

    As for the screaming boy, looks like he’s an only child. Sometimes I think parents need to remember what goes online stays online forever. It’s not the best judgment to put something out there that could embarrass your kid for a very long time.

    • curegirl0421 says:

      I take mild umbrage at the “single child” crack – my daughter is a single child (as was I) and she is one of the most gracious, grateful people I have ever met, and was even as a young child. This kid’s issue is not his birth order, it’s that he’s allowed to act like such a turd!

  5. Kathleen says:

    I fully expected to find this funny, but… I didn’t. And not because I thought it was cruel (although, it kinda was); mostly because it’s a sad commentary on how we’re raising our children, that they think it’s okay to be so ungracious and unappreciative.

    I got my share of legitimately crappy gifts as a child, and the only acceptable response was a sincere-sounding ‘Thank you!’ If I had ever dared to react like most of these kids did, then every toy I owned would’ve been packed up and donated to Goodwill.

    • Redheadwriter says:


    • JH says:

      Well said.

      I also thought it was going to be really funny and I’m amazed both at the kids reactions to the parents and at those people thinking it’s funny for a kid to be so impossibly rude! Most kids I know are self-entitled brats who grow up thinking the world owes them something just for being born. I kept thinking that if a kid of mine screamed at me like that, the crappy joke present would be his only one until he learned to be grateful for every little thing he gets.

  6. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Eek. The Hello Kitty boy is way too old to be pitching a fit like that, I would be embarassed if that was my kid. Reminded me of Harry’s cousin in Harry Potter. A lot of spoiled brats there, hard to feel much empathy for most of them! The sandwich girl was cute. And the kids with the beans, just so bemused! The ones that immediately throw a strop are clearly totally spoiled, sorry. From a young age my parents would give me some sort of a gag present that was kinda crappy but an in joke, doesn’t seem like these kids have any perspective whatsoever about Christmas.

  7. atlantapug says:

    Boo. Kids little enough to believe in Santa are too young for jokes like this. And ditto to the pp who said that this video just highlights the spoiled, materialistic nature of the kids we are raising today.

  8. texasmom says:

    Ugh. The hello kitty boy’s behavior is very disturbing, but I would blame the Dad over the kid on this one. If your kid has an inappropriate meltdown (it happens) you have to set the tone for appropriate behavior. In my book, this would mean you have to get everyone calmed down and then lay out whatever consequences they’ll get for their behavior. You don’t GOAD them, FILM them, and then SHARE the film over a major media outlet. That Dad’s a sick S.O.B. in my book. That kid’s unattractive, inappropriate behavior didn’t come out of nowhere.

  9. marybeth18 says:

    My dad wrapped up a potato when I was around 4 or 5. He thought it was Hilarious when I got upset and told him tearfully that “a potato is not a present.” So…parents like doing stuff like this.

  10. ShanKat says:

    Aw c’mon, it’s funny!

    Hey there, skinny Jimmy Kimmel.

  11. Deb says:

    These weren’t as bad as one that I saw. This little boy wanted a Playstation so badly. His parents gave him a Playstation box, but it was filled with clothes. The poor little guy tried to act grateful, but you could just see his little heart breaking. All the while, the adults just kept laughing while he tried to suppress his tears.

    I agree with those who think the Hello Kitty kid is way too old to be acting like he did.

    The “suck my balls” kid cracked me up even though I hate to hear such language from such a young child.

  12. irishserra says:


  13. Cletus says:

    Oh, please- this is harmless. For my daughter’s birthday we wrapped up the heating element from a water heater, and we took a picture as she dug it out of the paper. She was all…. Mommy, what’s this? This is not a kitchen set. I was like, this is BETTER, now if we get you a water heater and it’s broken, we can fix it! And you know what that child said? She said…. well, I guess that’s okay then.

    Then we gave her the kitchen set, but that shit was so funny… her reaction shot is framed, hanging in my bedroom next to the little handprints she made in pre-K. God forbid we TEASE the children! Having them grow up into adults who take themselves deadly serious is a much better option.

  14. Rhiley says:

    The kid who plays Manny on Modern Family didn’t need to throw such a tantrum. He probably has enough dough to buy whatever he wants this Christmas.

    • Ally says:

      I thought that, too!

      I think it’s not a coincidence that the boys who were most upset got “girl toys” (pink stickers, Hello Kitty, little ponies). You don’t mess with most kids’ rigid gender rules, no sir. That probably felt pretty humiliating and confusing, beyond the “I didn’t get an expensive present” aspect.

  15. Camille says:

    Hilarious! Had to share this one with my friends hehe 🙂 .

  16. Stephanie says:

    Wow, it was sad how ungrateful some of those kids were. I also watched the video about the Halloween candy. Some of it was funny, but if my kid had a total fit like that they would get a major attitude adjustment and I sure as hell wouldn’t send the video to anyone.

    It makes me sad because my dad grew up in the fifties to poor immigrant parents and a GOOD Christmas was getting Pepsi and oranges. I am not kidding.

    • Chelsea says:

      But the thing is, it isn’t the fifties anymore, and these people aren’t poor immigrants. You can’t expect a child who most likely gets great presents every year to understand the depth of what their ancestors had to suffer and be grateful for old leftovers. Especially when their parents probably psyched them up to open that “special present.”

  17. Ely says:

    LOVE the banana girl, I thought she was the best reaction! So cute! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeytvJdu4Yg&feature=related SOOOOOO CUUUTE!

  18. Chelsea says:

    I think the kid who threw the screaming tantrum was probably acting. He seemed to be smiling/laughing at times and he definitely looked like the kid from the Halloween prank. I bet his parents told him to act like that.

    Also, I don’t feel like this says anything about kids being ungrateful. I mean sure, politely smiling when your great-aunt buys you an ugly sweater is one thing. But when your parents get you all excited to open a present and it turns out to be half-eaten or spoiled food, you’re entitled to be a little pissed off.