Enquirer: Neil Patrick Harris forced his “gold-digger” boyfriend into a job at E!

I don’t think I realized that Neil Patrick Harris’s boyfriend/fiancé/partner doesn’t have a real job…? Is he the Stacy Keibler of gay Hollywood? According to the Enquirer, David Burtka barely works, but in reality, it seems like David has had a full CV. According to his Wikipedia page, David Burtka was a stage and television actor with a decent IMDB page, and in 2009, David gave up his acting career to become a chef after he graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, and David runs his catering company…? Catering seems like a significant time-suck, as does running and operating a catering company. Not to mention the fact that Neil and David are parents to two small children, another huge time commitment. Anyway, the Enquirer claims David really doesn’t work that much, and Neil Patrick Harris’s acquaintances began joking him about his “gold-digger” and “kept house-husband.” So NPH decided that David needed a “real job” – on E!

Stung by gossip about his “golddigger” fiance, a red-faced Neil Patrick Harris ordered David Burtka to get a job – and then found him one! NPH used his considerable showbiz clout to reel in a sweet deal for Burtka to work for E! as an on-air correspondent covering red-carpet events, beginning in January 2012.

“Neil got sick of David behaving like a kept house-husband,” an insider says. “Here he is up to his eyeballs in work between his CBS sitcom, hosting various award shows and co-parenting their twins while David spends just a few hours a week on his catering business.”

NPH sprang into action after overhearing two crew members refer to him as David’s “sugar daddy.”

“He got so upset he ordered David to ‘get a real job’ and volunteered to make calls to help him find work,” said the source. “Within days, David had meetings all around Hollywood, and the next thing you know, he was hired by E!”

Neil, 38, and David, 36, have been engaged for more than five years and they’re planning a glitzy theatrical wedding on Broadway after the New Year. They are parents to daughter Harper and son Gideon, and the source claims they are “looking for a full-time nanny to help out.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

In my mind, David was hired by Ryan Seacrest because Ryan secretly crushes on David, and Dame Seacrest comes between NPH and David and it all becomes a huge mess. But maybe that won’t happen. Hopefully, David just views this E! gig as something fun to do, something to get back to his theatrical roots. I wonder what’s going to happen to his catering company? Maybe it was just a fluff gig after all.

Also – NPH is 38?!??! He must be a vampire.

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  1. tripmom says:

    ugh they are so cute together it’s ridiculous. love them.

  2. Maria says:

    Holy crap, they’re gorgeous together. David just seems like he doesn’t want to be labeled as one thing; although his career seems to lack stability, it’s cool that he’s so versatile: acting, singing, cooking, hosting, whatever. He was great as Scooter on HIMYM.

  3. Maritza says:

    I know,right? They make a great couple.

  4. juicyjackie says:

    So cute!

  5. Marie says:

    I’m sure Neil will let us know what he thinks of this story! I don’t believe a word of it.

  6. Kara says:

    One this the Enquirer is good for is hilarity. They are a really cute couple and their kids are equally adorable.

  7. lollemenut says:

    What a ridiculous allegation, that is just stupid. He has worked the whole time, he still own and running his catering company. They both juggle their careers to get their schedule to work so that one of them can be with the children. And not too much with Their nanny.

    My guess, he wanted new challenges that could work with his family life.

    They are adorable together

    • Carolyn says:

      Totally agree. This story is rubbish. Someone should be spending some part of the time with the children. Wonder if Barney thinks their relationship is equal? Can’t help thinking David is so a gold-digger. I can’t believe it – NPH is getting cooler as he gets older.

  8. fabgrrl says:

    Doesn’t have a “real job”? Last time I checked, being a stay-at-home parent to two young children is a full-time job! If NPH had a wife who stayed home with their babies, no one would bat an eye. If David wants to work, awesome, but to be shamed into it? Because providing a parent’s love and full-time attention during their babies’ first years isn’t “real work” for a man?

    • pebbles says:

      Amen! Sing it, fabgrrl!

    • Jessica says:

      I thought this exact same thing. How many Hollywood types have a stay at home wife who takes care of the kids. Or has a nanny and doesn’t.

    • Lawrey says:


      I would not be a stay at home Mum but would hope my husband would be, as I would choose a caring nurturing man as my partner.

      I think this is interesting because it not only shows sexism but gives us an insight into the difficult dynamics of being a gay couple. It’s still two guys in a relationship bigger down by societal BS of what it is to be a ‘real man’.

      I def believe this story but think David may actually want to spend time with the children. Who wouldn’t if you had enough money not for two parents to work?

    • Kara Ann says:

      Yep, this is what I thought. It’s “real work” for anyone, man or woman. It also requires selflessness and the ability to ignore societal pressure to “get a job”. I’ve always been of the opinion that it is a job, just one that happens to be a labor of love!

      • Original Tiffany says:

        It’s the hardest job I have ever had and mine are 11 and 13. I had a really hard career until I was 40 and have been on tour and a stay at home mom for almost 2 years.
        I sure wouldn’t call being a stay at home parent being a gold digger. My husband and I are partners when I made more money and now when he does. That’s called real life and marriage.
        I doubt this story is true at all, he probably found a part time gig that interested him.

    • Pippa says:

      Totally agree! Wouldn’t have heard anyone if David was a woman. And beyond that: everybody tend to forget David was already with Neil when Neil wasn’t as rich and famous as nowadays?

  9. Amina says:

    Well it would fit well with the whole “why NPH doesnt want to marry his fiancé anymore”!

  10. Amina says:

    Well it would fit well with the whole “why NPH doesnt want to marry his fiance anymore”!

  11. Emma says:

    Neil Patrick Harris is LEGEN……wait for it……DARY! *up high!* 😀

  12. Amina says:

    That being said I have no problem believing that David is a golddigger, but I doubt NPH would shame him into working cause of it. He should just leave the guy for good

  13. kay says:

    David has 2 other children. One would hope he spends time with them as well, since he apparently not busy.

    I believe this story, but then again, I cannot stand this man.

    • bitterqueen says:


      I totally agree. The whole issue of having two other children with another sugar daddy is a big honkin red flag.

      Like, what world is he living in that he would go on to make two more babies after abandoning the other set? That and there is something hiding behind that sweet smile. That man-boy sweet smile reminds me a lot of a couple I used to know.

      I’ve seen this dynamic between two gay men before -where one is the “domestic” one and the other is the successful “breadwinner”, and it’s just (in my opinion as a gay man) unsustainable.

      From what I saw with my friend and his ex-partner, and in other instances, the reality tends to be that the “domestic” one does very little except keep the b-winna wrapped around his pinky while floating from job to job. I’d be willing to guess that while NPH is busy making money, David is trolling around in gay chatrooms or on grindr hooking up and whining about how he never sees his boyfriend.

      My friend eventually hired a P.I. and busted his “sweet” and smiley domestic man-boy hooking up all over NYC and the CT countryside with older daddy types.

      all that aside, David’s hot, so as long as he’s giving it up to NPH on a regular basis, more power to the both of them…I guess???

      I just hope NPH doesn’t end up like my friend did, an alcoholic mess.

      Just sayin’.

      • fabgrrl says:

        bitterqueen – did your friend and his partner have a baby/ies? Because staying home with young kids does not leave much time for trolling for strange. Not saying it doesn’t happen. But you can’t compare an unemployed or marginally employed person with a stay-at-home parent.

      • Vienna says:

        You sound extremely bitter.

        Have the facts in order before you say like it`s a fact. It is`t Burtkas kids, he helped raise them when he was with his ex.

        David has NO legal right to the kids.The law was different then, than it`s now. They still have a very good relationship,including his ex. NPH and Burtka have talked about this in numerous interviews.


        Where does all this hatred against Burtka came from, he has never done anything to be deserving of all of this.

        It’s scary that people believe in everything in gossip magazines. Where most of what is written is a lie, invented, and come from anonymous sources.

    • DarkEmpress says:

      Details please! David has 2 other kids???? Does he visit them? How old are they? For the record I don’t think that it should be a red flag that he has 2 other kids unless he has ceased to be involved with them. Although, you never know he may not have parental rights. It may be difficult for him legally depending on how he and his previous partner had the children.

  14. Jessica says:

    Until this pic (first one) started floating around I didn’t realize how much they look alike.

  15. Mimi says:

    What doesn’t add up: David already filmed a pilot for a talk show for E! last year (!!), which didn’t get picked up. So he’s been in talks with E! already in 2010. The story makes it sound as if all of this has just happened.

    • SAA says:

      Exactly. Not only did he film a pilot for E! quite a while back, but if you follow him on twitter, he also talked about filming something similar for the Food Network (I think) well over a year ago. I would say he’s been auditioning for stuff for quite a while now, but I’m sure it takes time to not only get these sorts of jobs, but also get a job that allows him to spend time with his family and still cook. This E! job seems like a good fit for both.

  16. Lawrey says:

    Why can’t he stay at home?? If I had a household where we could afford for one partner to not go to work and they wanted to stay at home with the kids, I would encourage this!

    More parents need to take care of their children if they can afford to, not work.

  17. SCREEEE says:

    Urgh… I think there’s a homophobic undertone to that article. Sugar daddy? Why are they trying to make NPH and David’s relationship into something sordid?? They’re a family, whatever the (probably just fine) state of David’s career. He’s not the Cracken, for Pete’s sake…

  18. Rhiley says:

    I bet that Andy Cohen is planning his next reality show for Bravo which will follow David juggling his catering business, being one half of a LA powercouple, and raising twinsies. It will have some cheesy name like, “Burtka, Babies, and Burgers” or “Burtka’s Heart,” or “Million Dollar Burtka.”

  19. bluhare says:

    So what if he stays home? Do people give portia di rossi grief because she doesn’t appear to work much either?

  20. Callie says:

    I had no idea he was gay! Have I been living under a rock?

  21. taxi says:

    I cannot stand NPH. Arrogance personified!

  22. Seagulls says:

    NPH looks every one of his 38 years: see forehead, thin lips, and skin that only looks healthy by virtue of makeup. Ew. I like him as Barney, though. Up top!

    • Anabelle says:

      Sorry to disappoint you, but as someone who has seen NPH in person: his skin is AMAZING and perfect, even without make-up. Sure, some wrinkles here and there, but he doesn’t wear any make-up off stage.

      He looks even younger and more handsome in person, and I’m saying this even though he is SO not my type.

      But oh, the boyfriend’s totally a gold digger. But if NPH keeps him, well. You know. Whatever works for them.

  23. Kim says:

    Stacey Kiebler of the gay world.. Oh that made my day! Hilarious!

  24. whatevs says:

    still hate them because of that amy winehouse halloween dinner they had.

  25. Victoria says:

    Love NPH but David Burtka is overrated in every which way. NPH could do so much better

  26. Jordan says:

    Wow, this article just makes NPH look like a huge ass-hole.

  27. Vienna says:

    This is a silly article. That is so fullof bullshit. I like David Burtka. He and NPH are a perfect together. They are both good role models, is handsome, is in a stable relationship for eight years and has a cute family together. A relationship is a partnership.

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