Jennifer Aniston: “People think that I do a lot of injections, but I don’t”

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, DirectTV gave me some free movie channels, and at one point in my orgy of turkey, ham and wine, I caught twenty minutes of Just Go With It. It was terrible – much worse than even I was expecting. It’s like everybody in that film just agreed to go to Hawaii and get paid and they didn’t even bother with a proper script or anything. Anyway, I watched a scene with Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston, and it shocked me. Nicole’s face was frozen and jacked, obviously, but she was trying to make some facial expressions, and it worked sometimes. The shocking part? Parts of Jennifer Aniston’s face looked more frozen than Nicole’s. During that film, Aniston had something weird going on with her mouth/cheeks/lower face. Like, Aniston could move her eyebrows but she was talking oddly, like she couldn’t feel her upper lip or something.

So – do you really think Aniston gets injectables? I’ve figured her for a Restylane girl for several years now – they make a face look “fuller” and younger, and I always think Aniston has gotten some fresh injections when she looks particularly apple-cheeked. In the new issue of InStyle, Aniston comes close to admitting it:

Jennifer Aniston thanks her Greek genes for her cool California glow, but the actress admits she’s starting to see a few negative effects from her years of sun worshiping.

“I’ve started getting those little sun spots,” she tells InStyle. “Things are beginning to pop out. Even the texture [of my skin] is changing. So I’ve recently started zapping the spots and getting spray tans whenever I can. And I’ve graduated to using SPF 60 sunblock when I’m on the beach.”

She quickly dispels any rumors of cosmetic enhancements, however. “People think that I do a lot of injections, but I don’t,” she states. “I’m not saying that I haven’t tried it … but I see how it’s a slippery slope.” Still, she plans to stay away for the time being. “All that cosmetic stuff looks ridiculous on me,” she shares.

Revealing that she tints her eyelashes every three weeks (“I hate wearing mascara,” she says) and that she used to keep scissors in her car’s glove compartment to trim split ends (“It was a weird tic,” she admits), the star says she wasn’t always confident about her looks.

“I was a dumpy teenager,” she shares. “My mom was a model and was all about looks, so I rebelled by going goth. It took me years of peeling back the onion to finally stop using makeup as a mask and feel comfortable in my skin.”

But these days, the “Sexiest Woman of All Time” takes comments on her looks in stride.

“I quit smoking a few months ago and I put on a couple of pounds,” she says. “Normally I’d be like, ‘Oh my god, I gained weight! Everyone is going to think I’m pregnant!’” Not anymore. “Now,” she says, “I just don’t care.”

[From People]

Tinted eyelashes? I’ve never done that. Is it a quick process? Why does it have to be done every three weeks? So many questions. As for her skin care – well, yes, of course. She’s been an unapologetic sunbather for years and years. She loves to roast herself under the hot Mexican sun. Of course there’s going to be long-term skin damage, and fake-baking isn’t really going to help, either. That will just turn the skin damage a nice shade of orange!

But let‘s talk about: “I’m not saying that I haven’t tried it … but I see how it’s a slippery slope.” Meaning what? That she has tried it and she found the maintenance of monthly injections exhausting? Oh, and I also think she’s been fooling around with collagen lip injections too – at least she was when she was promoting Horrible Bosses.

PS… Do you think Aniston (and Theroux) will make it to the Golden Globes now that Brad and Angelina have gotten their nominations? I say… no. I think she’ll make it to the Oscars, though. Maybe she and Theroux will present together (ha). If she managed to get John Mayer into a tux for Oscar night, OF COURSE she’ll show up to the Kodak with Theroux.

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  1. David says:

    @ 42 she looks great!

    • Khloe says:

      She looks beautiful, healthy and glowing. She is the sexiest woman of century.

      • Jelwz says:

        You must be blind

      • leetruth says:

        She is NOT!

      • mollination says:

        As Daniel Tosh said, if we are living in a world where sports stars like Danica Patrick and Maria Sharapova are “models” then we are using a different measuring stick for celebs. Aniston is a beautiful woman, regardless whether you like her, think she’s overrated, or don’t think she’s as pretty as some of the ethereal hollywood goddesses.

      • hetekyle says:

        she’s more like a seamstress than a goddess

      • Ami says:

        …with those jaws? She may be attractive and well-groomed like any rich girl should be, but she is not a true beauty and not the sexiest of anything…and she does use injectibles on her face.

      • Original Chloe says:

        Um. So I commented here a moment ago saying “de gustibus non disputandum est” and the comment disappeared after a while. I’m guessing it was reported as spam?

        All I meant was: “There is no point in a disputing of tastes.”

  2. mln76 says:

    Well I feel vindicated. Her face has been looking full as all get out this year. I have to give her credit for gaining weight in order to hide the obvious. If she went the stick route like her BFF Courtney people would be calling her out for looking so frozen.
    Oh and I think she’s too wimpy to deal with Ricky Gervais. Remember how she reacted when he introduced her as ‘Rachel from Friends’ 🙂 I also don’t know if she shows to the Oscars if Brad is the frontrunner. Then it would be embarrassing. She only shows if the Cloonster has been sweeping all the precursors.

    • Alix says:

      A perfect analysis.

    • sophie says:

      IIRC, in some interview after those Globes, Ricky said he was glad that some of the celebs played along, and specifically mention something about Aniston giving him the fake dirty look after the “Rachel” introduction

      • mln76 says:

        Whatever I am not going to argue about that. My point is she’s not going to show up if it looks like Brad’s winning all the awards. Then she and Justin look like losers promoting her movie which is likely another critical pan. She only shows up if she’s sure Clooney is getting the prize then she can look smug.

    • Bermuda Blues says:

      @ mln76 – I’m totally on your page today!

      I don’t think Brad’s going to win at the Oscars and I think Aniston and her people have already successfully blocked his campaigning. What is this sexiest person to ever live nonesense? Why is it coming out now and being mention constantly now? Also People Magazine has been updated with Aniston and Clooney stories, and when they announced the Globes nominations yesterday, they used pictures of Ryan Gosling and George Clooney (no pics of Bradley).

      • mln76 says:

        @Bermuda Blues don’t lose hope. Aniston may have the PR clout behind her but no
        one in Hollywood takes her seriously. Bitch can’t get herself a credible role(by her own admission) so there is no way she can lobby a campaign (or anti-campaign). Brad has won a couple of prestigious awards. Clooney has won a couple also. I think they are genuinely neck and neck. This award season is fun.

      • Carolyn says:

        Oh dear. Huvane has realised people are bored with JustJen and he’s gone back to “sexy Jen”. Zzzzzzz. He couldn’t prevent Brange from winning movie awards even if he tried. Aniston has no movie cred in any shape or form.

    • vaylont says:

      yes yes on the point of embarrassing. i hope for her sake that she doesn’t show up. there’s only so much secondhand embarrassment i can take. anyone with a slight sense of self respect would steer away in a situation like this. none of the movies she’s been in will be up for an award and i know even miley gets to present but her whole existence in that ceremony would be based on her ex. come on girlfriend do me a solid and stay home.

      • pwal says:

        Okay… I got the impression that Aniston’s flick was coming out in early/mid February and the Oscars is on towards the end of February, hence being there for ‘promotional purposes’ is null and void.

        Still, I see her being there, if only to do her typical ‘I’m so over it’ lap in evening wear.

    • whatevs says:

      i don’t think people are as hard on courteney cox as she always openly admitted to fear getting injections and worrying about aging skin.

  3. Kelly says:

    “Sexiest Woman of All Time”


    • Lucy says:

      you have to wonder how many millions that title cost her. She could have donated that money to charity…oh wait, she gave to her own charity, the “gotta keep jen relevant” charity”!

  4. Marjalane says:

    That picture in the black dress says it all.

    • anonymous says:

      Jennifer Aniston is as sexy as Halle Berry’s big toe!. I feel sorry for Aniston that title is so rediculous and unbelievable that all you have to do is laugh. Does this title mean that she is sexier than anyone who is not yet born? Because that is what it is saying,how stupid is that! Aniston is a nice looking middle-aged woman who have managed to keep it together stratigically putting restylane injections in her face thinking the general public wouldn’t notice but it’s quite apparent at 43 or 44 and white,that is what she is doing.

    • Carolyn says:

      Totally agree. Wish she’d be honest. She’s had a lot of work done. My friends and I are all 41-45 and we all look naturally good. None of us have had anything done. It’s extremely obvious that Aniston has had fillers, peels and gosh knows what else. It’s ironic that she mentions “the slippery slope” because she’s so on it now. If she stopped her “treatments”, it would be even more obvious that she’s ageing rapidly.

  5. Esmom says:

    You can see the lines in her face, so if she uses the fillers it’s obviously very sparingly. From what you say about Just Go With It, she probably first tried them when she worked with Kidman, at Queen Frozen Face’s urging. *shudders*

    • Emma says:

      Well, her desperate behavior (naked magazine covers, weird lip movement, short dresses, ‘John Mayer!’) started in the Fall of 2008 when she promoted “Marley and Me,” so I’m willing to bet her anti-aging enhancements started then as well.

  6. Eve says:

    Meaning what? That she has tried it and she found the maintenance of monthly injections exhausting?

    I don’t think she’d find that exausting. Taking care of her appearance is what she seems to live for.

  7. islandgirl says:

    Why is she in instyle? Is she promoting something? Her movie is not out until february.

    • rachael says:

      I don’t get why Aniston is so popular either… what talent does she have..a great actress, nope, great movies…never..great causes???
      just a middle aged woman still trying to be a 20-30 something. Her story seems to “waaaaa” about Brad split, now “Ageism”.. at least she’s not dating guys young enough to be her sons! Ha!

  8. Bite me says:

    Bitch please… She has been using injectables since Marley and Me … By the way she was really cute in the movie

    • Kaiser says:

      Agree – her cheeks really swelled up in Marley, and then they deflated, so I guess she stopped used them for a bit.

    • HadleyB says:

      of course she uses fillers and botox. Anyone knows if you are fit and not overweight your face ages .. looks thinner, can sag ( depends on you) but it’s not bad on her. She doesn’t over do it like Kim K.

      I get both and have to say, I still have wrinkles, I can still move my face but without it I would for sure look much thinner / older in the face.

      But it’s irritating to hear these celebs say they do nothing but eat healthy and work out and viola! they look 35 at 45..please.

      • Snowflake says:

        What do you use (if you don’t mind sharing)? Since I hit 35 and got in shape, my face is so skinny and i know it will get worse as I hit the 40s. I would like to try something but not sure what?

  9. tracking says:

    Normally I think she looks great, but she should definitely leave her upper lip alone.

  10. GiGi says:

    I *knew* there was a reason I didn’t like her!

    I mean, who doesn’t like wearing mascara!?

    I live for mascara, lol!

    • cat says:

      I know. I’d much rather put mascara on (even tho’ I worry about it sometimes) than have my eyelashes tinted. Every 3 weeks ? that’s *a lot* of maintenance. But she probably has to have her hair and everything maintained fairly often. And I like her! (I think.) I like that she’s pretty honest even tho’ I remember when she was profiled in either VF or Vogue when she and Brad were married…. And she said, oh ya know… we have our fights. And then when pressed, gave the example of which way the toilet paper roll was placed being something that really got them riled up. I mean, c’mon… Not that she has to reveal her inner most secrets but… she tried to make it seem so picture perfect.

    • Theuth says:

      I hate mascara and eyeliner! I suck at using it, so I’m always “whatever, if I don’t put that there’s no reason to use makeup at all” – my mother is pissed at me, and I usually LOL. Maybe for actress some kind of permanent makeup is for not wasting too much time of preparing themselves.

    • whatevs says:

      mascara is the most essential make up imo. if you can’t use anything else or don’t even want to you can still use a little mascara and look great.

      • Emily says:

        Agreed, mascara is the one makeup item that I NEVER skip. And I’ve never tried eyelash tinting, but I don’t see how it could give you the length or thickness of mascara. It’s just like hair dye, right?

    • theaPie says:

      You do not get that look with tinted lashes. I know, I’ve tried. She has tons of mascara on in every one of those photos.

    • orion70 says:

      If anyone remembers that episode of Friends when she had to be practically tied down to get eyedrops in her eyes, maybe she’s also a little like that IRL.

      I love me some mascara too though, love it even more after I lost many of my eyelashes during chemo. When those suckers come back fully, you’re more than happy to wear some.

  11. Emme says:

    I’ve been wondering if Jen Aniston was getting work done for the last 2 years. It’s her mouth … two years ago I noticed that her lips ‘moved’ weirdly when she talked, almost as if she had trouble with the simple mechanics of moving the muscles around her mouth. Maybe she was getting collagen? It was a total distraction (I even sent Ted Casablanca an email–which he printed–asking ‘What’s up with Jennifer Aniston’s mouth? Recently, I’ve noticed that her lips move funny when she talks’).

    I can’t see anyone as insecure about their looks as Jennifer Aniston seems to be ‘not’ tinting their eyelashes and injecting their face. I figure it went along with the style change she made, when she started wearing her dresses up to her butt (circa John Mayer). And the ‘dresses up to her butt’ thing isn’t a diss … it’s an observation.

    • whatevs says:

      this! her mouth looks weird in general, when she talks it looks like she can’t move her upper lip, and her speech slurs.

  12. P.J. says:

    Guess it depends on what she means by “a lot” of injections!

    I have friends who get their eyelashes and eyebrows dyed by their hairdressers. This is not something you should attempt at home because it’s very bad to get dye in your eyes. Both are natural blondes whose eyebrows and lashes are very light, and look much better darker.

    • mln76 says:

      I’m not a natural blond(I’m black) but I have very thin eyebrows. So I’ve had them tinted before. It takes about ten minutes not that big of a whoop.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I have the same thin eyebrows and very light eyebrow hair, so I spend a good 15 minutes filling in my brows every morning. Maybe I’ll try tinting to save time.

    • vaylont says:

      i wear correctional contacts and every once in a while i give in and try colored ones and every time i end up looking like a dead fish no matter how expensive they are. i think those are her natural eyes, if not someone please tell me where i can get those contacts

    • Original Chloe says:

      I wear contact lenses and especially in the summer or when I travel I find it much easier to have my eyelashes dyed with henna – every second hair salon in my country does it. It takes 10 minutes, lasts 2-3 weeks because that’s the natural life span of eyelashes, and it makes them beautifully dark and longer (the ends of my eyelashes are almost blonde, so I get like an extra millimeter when I dye them, and gosh that’s the longest I’ve been talking about eyelashes in my life)

      Oh, and yeah – don’t try this at home. You don’t want henna in your eyes. PAIN.

      “Just Go With” it was a really really really really really really really bad movie. I mean.. really bad. I didn’t finish watching but I’m guessing it ends well, though.

      As for injections, I think she does get them (i.e. that cheeks thing that Kaiser points out) but it must be something far less severe than botox.

      edit: I vaguely remember a gossip about the “who’s the fairest of us all” atmosphere on the set of Just Go With It (it could explain the immovable face and the injections around that time)

      • Stellax2 says:

        I have that done too. In my adolescent and early adult years, I did not even have to wear mascara. I usually did because I love to put it on and people would ask if they were fake. However, at 40, they are thin and light. I assume it’s part of aging. I’ve really never asked my dermatologist or hair person. I wanted to try latisse but the derm said no, if you want longer use fake. I opted not to and have them tinted to look better.

        Aniston whole gig is image. Her whole embodiment is looking good and wholesome. It must be tiresome at times.
        I’m truly indifferent but she certainly keeps her name going, even if it’s for bull**** reasons. If she took 1/4 of her energy that she spends on her image and say worked on acting, whether on stage or some random indie, how it would turn out and be perceived. She does seem to be giving up the whole minivan majority idea of kids, white picket fence, etc. I can’t fault her but living in a superficial existence would be tough, 24/7.

    • whatevs says:

      i heard that process is a bit risky and that there is a small chance that your eyelashes can get infected so i’m not considering it.

  13. lillifee says:

    is that her real eyecolor?

  14. Susan says:

    ““Normally I’d be like, ‘Oh my god, I gained weight! Everyone is going to think I’m pregnant!’” Not anymore. “Now,” she says, “I just don’t care.”

    Sad but I think true. I think that she really does not care anymore. Kind of makes the gossip less fun and interesting. Oh well. She told the truth srot of. Now lets wait for the rest of hollywood to do the same. Think it will happen?

    • Kara Ann says:


      I get the “Don’t care so much” vibe from her now too. I actually think that it’s a great thing. The fans of the eternal triangle will be sitting at their keyboards wondering why hurling invective this way and that isn’t getting the same response as usual. They’ll be all dressed up with no one to bash!
      Actually that probably won’t happen. I don’t think any of the triangle principles have given a crap about each other for years. The media just won’t quit pounding of the f*cking dead horse which gives all the he said/she said’s something new to fight about. I mean, hell, it’s fun. I do it too sometimes with, I hope, alot more rationality then some of the posters. Maybe some day soon another triangle, quadrangle, or other shape-related saga will be more fun to internet-argue about. I’ll bet you Aniston, Pitt, and Jolie will be happy to never have to read their names intertwined again!

      • Lindy says:

        God, how I WISH the triangle nonsense would just die die die die die. I have come to loathe even the mention of any of the three. I seriously just skip most JA/AJ/BP posts now. This was an exception (I’m boooored).

  15. pwal says:

    Okay… Aniston is a natural brunette, so she’s tinting her eyelashes for why?

  16. Ari says:

    omg her chin!

    • Kata says:

      Has her weird makeup been discussed? Her chin is much lighter than the upper half of her face in 2 of those photos- some kind of contouring? Because if it is supposed to make her square chin less noticeable, it was a failure.

  17. Dusty says:

    Sadly, nobody realizes the damage they have done to their skin until it is too late. At age forty-five, all my skin worshipping without sunscreen and smoking, caught up with me- exactly the same habits JA has followed. I think JA is going to find the battle against sun spots a constant one. Fifty percent of the sun’s damage to your skin is done by age eighteen. All those sun spots aka aging spots, start to come to the surface as you get older. I can’t stress enough to folks out there, to take care of their skin including healthy habits(no smoking, using suncreen)when they are in their teens and twenties, because you can’t turn the clock. Especially ones neck which will show some really horrible signs of aging.

    • Lucy says:

      I am almost 50 and have sunspots from my teen years. I would go to the beach at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and now I am paying for it. Has anyone had photofacial laser to erase their sunspots…I was thinking of trying it, but they said it causes the sunspots to darken first and I am terrified that they will darken and not fade. Would love some feedback from anyone who has experienced it…

  18. Dutchess Kate says:

    i think her pr monsters are following the bloggerscene and they read what we discuss. she bought Perez a$$ but she cant do that with everybody. thats why she reacts on almost everything what we discuss i mean, everybody knows that the printmedia is dead! they cant controll us like the magazines. thats pathetic, as if we are idiots. everybody does injections (restylane/juvaderm) in hollywood,its not even very expensive, maybe ill get me some when i get old haha. we are no airheads Mr.Huvane! Its more gracefully for her to just be quite about it! shes 42 not 22! she just disgrace herself with saying that she dont! oh no its all my greek genes, yeah as if the greeks dont age! i come from south europe and we age!!! shes not from arabia, she has white skin like all europeans. its normal to age, thats not a shame. We know that shes a C-Actress who is making big money with bad movies. that picture of her will never change, she can have money but she cant buy grace or dignity.

    • Emma says:

      The only hot issue discussed on Blogs that Jen’s PR Team hasn’t responded to is the notion that she and Justin began their affair long before Heidi Bivens was told. The best they could do was plant a story from one of Justin’s unnamed ‘friends’ saying that Justin and Heidi’s relationship had been on again, off again at best (this despite the fact that they’d lived together for the past 6 years and ‘were’ living together at the time), and that they had been broken up for a while when he started up with Jen. That was proven to be untrue, though, when that April 25, 2011 photo of Heidi and Justin out as a couple surfaced. And that was the only attempt they made to discredit Theroux’s relationship with Heidi. But Jen has never publicly said that Heidi and Justin had broken up when he started up with him.

      • Annie says:

        *insert large dose of sarcasm here* Probably they had been separated for 6 months before that pic, just like I’ve been told by certain posters was the case with Aniston and Pitt before the infamous beach pic a week or so before they split.

        [irony]I’m sure it’s exactly the same thing.[/irony]

    • Emma says:

      @Anne … ‘Nothing but love for you,’ right back. As you are (or should be) well aware by now, that photo of Heidi and Justin–looking happy and very much a couple–at the April 25, 2011 Broadway premiere of “House of Blue Leaves” was circulated at several web-sites, here’s the link to the photo of them, as well as everyone else who attended the premiere that night (just scroll down for them) at Please pay particular attention to the photo description to the right of the picture that says “Justin Theroux was accompanied by his long-time love, stylist Heidi Bivens.” Enjoy! 🙂

    • whatevs says:

      many arabs have white skin and many southern europeans are dark. but yeah i agree with you. if you don’t care of your skin, white or dark, you are going to age badly, and vice versa. and it’s not just the sun either she is known to have smoked like a chimney for so many years it’s terrible for anybody’s skin.

  19. nani says:

    Oh! My God! Her manly neck!

  20. Dhavy says:

    WTF is going to believe that? Bitch please don’t insult our intelligence, you’ll be looking like Cameron Diaz if you didn’t

    And she doesn’t care about her weight? How else would she get any jkbs?

  21. Dutchess Kate says:

    and what is she tryin to tell us with her new lips? hey angie, look, i bought me some lips ha! LoL
    damn she got so much work done on her face, she doesnt even look like herself anymore, her chin is wider, her noes is new, her haircolour is not hers. i mean, what is real on her??? her nails?

  22. Lady D says:

    I get my eyelashes dyed 3-4 times a year. Takes 15 minutes, costs $12, and you don’t have to worry about mascara for about 6 weeks. It’s great.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      That sounds great! Who does it? A salon?

      • Lady D says:

        I get it done at a nail salon. She is awesome at her job. I have a choice of brown black or blue-black. I imagine a hair salon could do it too. Can’t recommend it enough. I hate taking mascara off and I’m not real fond of putting it on to tell the truth. Saves a lot of time and looks good. Especially appealing during the holdiays or if you like to spend a lot of time in the water. (God I miss summer)I have paid as much as $16 but it averages about $12. Excellent bang for your buck Morts.

      • mln76 says:

        I got it done by a friend who is an esthetician and a make-up artist. I would just ask around. Maybe a place that does threading?

      • Lady D says:

        I forgot to add I use the gift certificates too for stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts.
        I also forgot the comma between the brown and black in my other post. I have 3 colours to choose from.
        Good use of the word esthetician min 76, that was the word I was looking for, and what is threading?

      • mln76 says:

        @LadyD Eyebrow threading is hair removal-using threads to pluck out the hair. I’ve never done it myself (I’ve got very thin eyebrows) but some people swear by it and there are literally hundreds of places in NYC that do it.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        Google Refectocil. That’s the brand I use and probably most salons use it as well. You can buy it online and do it yourself. I don’t buy the mix. I use hydrogen peroxide which is probably what the mix is anyway. I’ve been tinting my own eyelashes for years. I still use mascara but not as much. I use the same for my eyebrows. Brown #3. If you get some on your skin use hair conditioner to remove it or make-up remover works well too.

      • Original Tiffany says:

        I get my brows threaded every three weeks. It’s awesome. No pain, costs 9-12 dollars and doesn’t rip your skin. They offer it everywhere. In CA, there is a chain called Ziba, but they even offer it in London. Indian women do amazing brows!

  23. Lola says:

    people think i do a lot of inj.

    so, what people? she means us! no printmedia is talking about that because they are bought by huvane. they realy follow us and then she reacts haha damagecontorl. honey, give it up, your a grown woman, dont care so much what others think!

  24. ruby says:

    It makes that “natural beauty” bullshit really funny XD So we have a woman who dyes her hair, her eyelashes, has had several nose jobs, has had injections in the past (and could well be having them at the moment too for all we know), and uses fake tan. Very natural and healthy, wow.

    • Original Chloe says:


    • Micki says:

      And that makes her “the sexiest woman of all times” Hard to digest, isn’t it?

    • norma says:

      agreed about the surgery, but the grooming stuff is standard ….. i think they mean the natural “look” rather than the “drag queen” look. it still takes a lot of time to create, and let’s face it we’d all look like crap if we didn’t shave, pluck, do something with the barnet etc. totally natural would mean going out with dingleberries almost. and this isn’t a blohan thread.

  25. Jayna says:

    Injectables for fuller face from Marley & Me on.

  26. NancyMan says:

    Yeah, she’s does look great for her age or 10 years less.

    But, her real gift is selecting the mother of all publicist! She burps and we end up discussing whether it a ‘natural’ burp or a burp appropriate for her age or is it a burp out of longing for Brad!!!!

  27. Rachael says:

    Ive tinted my lashes since college. Takes 15 minutes. Lasts about 3 weeks. Costs $20. Makes your eyes instantly pop. Get into it.

  28. Minty says:

    Interesting that she didn’t discuss her two separate surgeries to fix her “deviated septum”. That kind of surgery does not change the appearance of the nose, and her nose has definitely changed over the years. Oh silly me, of course she won’t admit she got nose jobs for cosmetic reasons.

    • Annie says:

      Please! 100% of HW has had some form of enhancement done to make themselves look better. Aniston is actually one of the few who admits having stuff done. Yet she’s supposed to wax poetic on a nose job that she at the very least owns up to? Do you want the details from her last bikini wax too?

      • Minty says:

        Spare me. She claimed she’s had surgeries to fix a deviated septum when they were really rhinoplasties. Either you be honest when admitting to something or don’t say anything at all. The third option, lying, is much worse. She’s just as disingenuous as Salma Hayek.

      • Annie says:

        For the record, having a deviated septum corrected is rhinoplasty. And it’s clear that she did indeed have a less than straight nose early on. So she has it thinned down while the doc is at it? Whoop de doo.

        And seriously, do we really need to go there with a list of famous actresses who flatly deny having had a nosejob / boobjob / botox / fillers even though they quite clearly have? Really?

    • Minty says:

      @Annie: Yes, rhinoplasty covers improvements to either the appearance or function of the nose, if you want to get technical. If she had it thinned and it was no big deal, then she would have no problem admitting it, which is clearly not the case here. BTW, you were the one who brought up that 100%(?!) of Hollywood has gotten enhancements. Don’t get all sanctimonious about me going there with some list when you mentioned it first. Really.

      • Annie says:

        The point being that she may very well have decided to have an operation for a deviated septum and while she was at it, had other adjustments done.

        As I said, 100% of HW has had something done. 50% just don’t talk about it, and 45% flat out deny it.

      • Minty says:

        I wouldn’t say 100% of HW. Maybe 95%. Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Clint Eastwood don’t look like they’ve had anything done. And if you are only referring to actresses, then Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Sigourney Weaver, and Meryl Streep spring to mind.

      • Annie says:

        As to the 100% (?!), teeth straightened, whitened, capped or veneered, hair coloured, liposuction, noses done, ears tucked, fillers, botox, implants, face / eye lifts etc. all of those are forms of enhancement that people do to make themselves look better. And it’s a very rare HW bird who hasn’t had at least one of those things done.

      • Minty says:

        If you include teeth whitening, teeth straightening, and hair coloring, of course the percentage goes up to 100. Most of the non-celebrity population in the U.S. have had these things done as well. Celebrities are hardly embarrassed to admit to them. That’s the difference. It’s a non-issue, like getting a manicure or a bikini wax. And you know that’s not what I’m talking about. What I (and other commenters) am pointing out on this thread are the major procedures: plastic surgery, Botox, liposuction, implants, injected fillers. I will roll my eyes every time a celebrity such as Jen/Salma/Demi/whoever pretends to have nothing or very little done when it’s obvious they have, “confessing” in interviews that it’s all really due to good genes, exercise, and healthy diets. Pfffft!

      • Heine says:

        Minty-Fillers and Botox (especially Botox) are not considered major procedures. You can go in and get your face Botoxed and be out and about right out of the office. Women go on on their lunch breaks and get Botox and fillers.

    • blonde on the dock says:

      WRONG! I’ve had mine done twice and it does change the shape of your nose.

    • whatevs says:

      friend of mine had her deviated septum corrected and her nose shape didn’t get thinner and certainly not smaller nor has it become more arched over the years. fail.

  29. Victoria says:

    That feature picture says it all.

  30. Paloma says:

    if she doesn’t care or get hurt anymore about all the insults she gets, what is the point for Kaiser to be nasty towards her anymore?!

  31. jermsmom says:

    tinting eyelashes is great if you have pale lashes or invisible tips and want a more open-eyed look – however, it doesn’t really add the fullness you get from mascara. If you aren’t worried about full lashes and just need the color pop it is really worth the the small amount of cash and time it takes to have it done.

  32. Happy21 says:

    She looks good. I don’t see any painful tightness in her face and I see lines around her eyes. I just hope that she stays away from the lip injections because she has naturally thin lips and we all know it! She’d look like Meg Ryan with her sausagey looking upper lip if she gets too addicted. Not sayin’ she hasn’t tried it, the one photo above looks like she has but she needs to. just. not!!

  33. Mimi says:

    Yawn. Her face is jacked from her skin to her nose to her lips to her chin. Please.
    I use Latisse & have my eyelashes tinted every month or so and have people at the grocery store ask if my eyelashes are fake. Not in a aberrant KimK way, just long thick dark & glossy.

  34. MellaYella says:

    I think she’s had a little work done but not much.. she is just aging well, like Tom Cruise.. She is not a beautiful as Angelina Jolie tho..

    • whatevs says:

      tom cruise has had a ton of work done though. he had those things injected in his face i forgot the name of the process, but it looks fleshy and fat when they first get it and in a little while it settles down and looks natural. the olsen twins had the same thing done.

  35. Sara says:

    I think she looks really good for 42/43! I imagine if she hadn’t been a smoker she would look even younger than her age! Thank god she quit when she did!

  36. Sara says:

    You guys need to understand, 99% of Hollywood actresses over 30 are having stuff done. It’s Hollywood for goodness sakes!

  37. JP Fan says:

    For a change I will agree with Kaiser.

    This bitch has had so many nose jobs and botox, lip injections but still refuses to be honest. We all know she has dark brown hair, she does not have “blue eyes” and her fat nose has gone under the knife 3 times just for her big nose.

    This pathetic talentless, ugly thing has lied all of her life, she can’t keep up with her and Huvane’s lies going on for over a decade! This fraud is so damn pathetic, I am so glad others can see throught her lies, and bought boyfriends and bought pathetic titles. The latest one bought by Huvane backfired BIG time b/c who is going to EVER believe this beady eyed, huge chinned, manly looking bitch is “The hottest Female of All Time” OMG…….ROTFLMAO!

    • Anonymous says:

      Just like that! It agrees, if it is an honest movie lover. She is not an actress and is a gossip celebrity.

    • deltona lakes says:

      that is one ugly picture. I always thought JA was cute with a nice figure. Nothing more. Not the best body in HW and definitely not the prettiest. She really needs to stop that top lip thing going.. I agree she’s starting to look like Meg Ryan. I really don’t get it especially with Nicole Kidman who was a pretty girl. It seems the women of color age much better in HW. Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson , Mariah Carey all in their early to mid 40’s. Tina Turner 72 years old !!

    • Ami says:

      ha ha…you nailed it..ha ha..truth..

    • Luise says:


  38. phool says:

    Spare me this condesending droll you are injected to th e gills, how much more narcissist can this women get shame on you aniston,competing against a film about the ugliness of war against women, and here you are promoting your self again with paid for awards and unfortunantly going to come to award showes to hand awards uhhhhh

  39. Emma says:

    Here’s a photo of Jennifer Aniston taken before she became famous. I might be mistaken, but it looks like she’s got brown eyes in this photo to me. What do you think? Oh and scroll down for the picture after you’ve clicked on the link.

    • Pia says:

      I think they look like they could be dark blue/gray or possibly light brown/hazel but not brown like people are saying. They look lighter than that in the pic to me bc you can see the darker outline of the iris, and it doesn’t show us so much in old photos with dark eyes. That being said, her current eye color does look lighter and more blue and if those are contacts they look way more convincing to me than any I’ve seen in person. Though of course she is rich so she can buy the best they make.

  40. Sarah says:

    Didn’t she say in that one article she was in where the mag made her face look weird(er) months ago that she was embracing herself and being rebellious because she has stopped using mascara? So….she was just tinting them then?

    • Original Chloe says:

      No Sarah, I believe when she said she stopped using mascara it was when she talked about experimentation in acting, and getting out of the box.

      She was rebellious when she threw that chair at a director.

  41. Firecracker says:

    She looks great! I loved that movie Just Go With It. For once Aniston wasn’t playing the hottie, so it was a different role for her imo. Nicole Kidman looked so hilarious with her botoxy frozen face.

    And I really think she was telling the truth about not caring what people think about gaining a few pounds. When you get to a certain age, sometimes that’s how it is. For me, too.

  42. Miss Maria says:

    I am 42 too and to me she very nice, cute and fresh. She is an actress in Hollywood so I don’t wonder that much if she has tried fillers or botox after 40. I quess that it is quite common among actresses. Still I hope she won’t anymore or much, because she looks best natural.

    What is a pity is that those actresses who are in their 30’s do have surgeries or botox, horrible lipfillers etc., some even in their 20’s.

  43. ann h says:

    It must be sad for her that she realizes that the only way to stay relevant is based on her looks, not her acting. I consider her more of a model for fashion magazines than an actress now.

  44. pwal says:

    Myself, I think this attempt at disclosure is just an attempt at false modesty due to the OF ALL TIME backlash.

    And funny thing… she alluded to her mother, in reference to her goth phase. Funny how no one has jumped on her for throwing her mother under the bus, especially since she is still ailing from her stroke. Funny how that paragraph was more about her mother versus her goth period. Meanwhile, a certain ex got his @$$ handed to him when his comments were focused on himself and his flaws.

    Again, I can’t emphasize it enough… funny, huh?

    • Trek Girl says:

      I agree with you.

      It annoyed me, and still does, that Brad was raked over the coals for saying what he did. He didn’t mention Jennifer’s name and wasn’t even talking about her, for Pete’s sake. It’s ridiculous that Jennifer Aniston and her P.R. person or people can mention or allude to whomever they want no matter the situation, but nobody can say anything about Jennifer that’s negative without it the response being “That is so not cool. These things should be left in the past.”

      I wonder if anyone will catch on to what Jennifer said about her mom, the way you did.

    • Original Chloe says:

      You don’t understand, it was ALL her mom’s fault. The insecurity, the naked pictures. But it’s good now. Jen’s healed.

  45. BELLA says:


  46. She may never recover from the internet backlash for the ‘hottest of all time.’I think shes very insecure person and that fiasco is not gonna help.(insecure about her looks)

  47. Victoria says:

    I’m sure reasonably logical people know that most of Hollywood is injected with all kinds of stuff to keep them appearing youthful and all kinds of nose jobs to appear less ethnic or more this and less of that.

    For me, and this is what I don’t like about her and many other celebrities is that they act like they don’t play the game when it is so clear they do. They do care what people think about them and they are vain, just like the marjority of people in this world.

    A lot of people come at Ashley Greene and Blake Lively but Ashley is ready to admit in her interviews she is learning to market herself, watching the tabs, and trying to make herself a brand. So I respect that a hell of a lot more than people like Anniston, Depp, and now Winslet, who act like they don’t care, but they totally do.

    You know who didn’t/doesn’t really give a shit? Heath Ledger, Adrien Brody, Jennifer Connelly, and Paul Bettany. They do what they have to do for their film and then they get the hell out of dodge. They are not afraid to look normal when they are not working and they turn the glam off.

  48. Nev says:

    she could be insecure because her husband left her for angelina jolie…cut her some slack…the woman looks good for her age…she works in an industry where she is judged on how she looks…every day all day.

    • Josephina says:

      If she had any self-esteem she would just realize that they were not a fitfor each other and GO FIND the man that is right for her.

      It is blatantly obvious that Pitt was not that into her. She needs to find someone to love her. What Pitt does and who he does it with should have been no interest to her.

      But reality and PR slut Huvane have shown otherwise.

      • Nev says:

        at the time it was of interest as she was still married to the man.

        as great as she might be regarding the kids, etc…angelina said in the media that they fell in love on that movie.

        he was married to jen at that time.


        you don’t say that to the world…angelina already had the guy she shoulda kept quiet.

        it would be a hit to anyone’s self esteem.

        has nothing to do with him not being right for her.

    • Emma says:

      Actually, what she’s really saying above is that she’s ‘always’ been insecure about her looks because she was a ‘dumpy teenager’ and her Mom, who was a model, ragged on her all the time for it. Jen’s shrink has probably told her that she most likely ‘was’ a dumpy teenager in part just to get back at her Mom, for whom looks were very important.

      I get the impression that Jen has probably ‘not’ believed that she’s attractive for most of her life … and it’s sad, because she ‘is’ an attractive woman (even with her original nose). I get that impression because she always describes her mother as a ‘model’ in a way that’s sort of like: “My Mom was a model when I was growing up, and I was a dumpy, unattractive teenager.”

      It sounds like she still has low self-esteem, because all of her ‘tics’ (as she calls them) have to do with her looks.

  49. nani says:

    Really? Doesn’t she?
    What a bs!

  50. Original Chloe says:

    Side note:

    Jolie: “Wow, a Stanley Kramer Award. And a Golden Globe nomination.”
    Aniston: “I dye my eyelashes but I don’t get injections”

    Amusing in its own way.

  51. Granger says:

    She has always talked with a very clenched, tense jaw — particularly when she’s speaking in public and is probably nervous, but also in films. So I don’t think she’s had anything done to her mouth, but of course she’s had injections (which she freely admits), and let’s not forget how much she (and other stars) spend a year on high-end skin care products. I don’t think she’s had a ton of stuff done, though. She looks great, but honestly, most of my friends in their early 40s look as good, ESPECIALLY when they’re wearing nice make-up.

  52. Mara says:

    Her body looks great very fit and healthy i want to see her baby’s one day cuz she is getting older but I think she don’t want kids at her age will be difficult to get pregnant

  53. hillbilly in the corner says:

    She had the best PR team in the world…..they have managed to keep this man looking woman as a sex symbol in the news this long…
    That is not a woman thats a pretty man….
    Really look at her broad face her lantern jaw , no hips and
    yes people she claims 45 yrs any woman after thirty has winkles in no matter what they claim and droopy chins..if they are real….and this lady has been helping mother nature a long time….

  54. She looks good for her age!!!

  55. NM9005 says:

    That second picture is ROUGH!

    At least she’s being honest. Ummh, that takes balls :). If you don’t do anything to stop or slow down the ageing process, people remark on how one “doesn’t age well” or “her age shows”, if you do mess with fillers, botox whatever, they call you out on it and mock them because they look “frozen” and if you do it and admit it you’re still no better so it doesn’t matter what you do really. People will always find something to nag about, especially on women. What do people expect? That you’re an ageless alien? Superwoman? How many women don’t like the way they look? Imagine everybody having the money to do what they want. As if they wouldn’t run to the best surgeon.

    I had a friend who bitched about the size of her (perfectly shaped) ears. Nobody said anything bad about it but she saw them as tremendously ugly. Now take a female’s insecurity up to a Hollywood level where you HAVE to look gorgeous and perfect to sell…

    Oh and I know Aniston prides herself in being a “natural woman” but who the eff in Hollywood doesn’t? Or false modesty like Winslet who tries to proclaim she’s a normal woman. Puhlease! Behind the scenes, they are all hungry, insecure about their looks and status and looking for the best surgeon.

    I’m going to deep in this, I should’ve taken this opinion on a thread of a more likeable celeb :).

  56. macherie says:

    It’s an UGLY slippery slope. They really do mess with her face majorly, she need’s to not use that crap. Looks way better natural.

  57. Delta Juliet says:

    My goodness! What a bunch of nasty comments! I don’t think she’s the sexiest woman alive but she’s not ugly either. If you think she’s that hideous you must walk down Main St America with your eyes shut because she’s better looking than a lot of people.

    For the record, I am not a huge Jen fan (I like her and Angie equally) but seriously, to call her UGLY and HIDEOUS is a little unrealistic.

  58. Cerulean says:

    She’s about as deep as a plate of water. She’s a natural brunette so why is she tinting her dark eyelashes? Makes no sense. Her insecurity is very uncomfortable to witness.

    • Original Chloe says:

      “My mom was a model and was all about looks, so I rebelled by going goth. It took me years of peeling back the onion”

      Literally, years and years of going bra-less, tossing hair, and posing naked on the covers of magazines, and talking about how I keep fit. But, you know, it was all my mother’s fault and now I’ve healed, and I have this new cool boyfriend and totally don’t care about looks, I mean totally.

      And I will give you this interview now so that everyone knows how much I don’t care.

      • Cerulean says:

        Exactly! I don’t think she was goth either. Her teen photos do not support that.
        Just get over it Jen. Get some deep therapy or something but stop with the cringe inducing insecurity.

      • NM9005 says:

        Obviously, we don’t know Aniston personally but if her insecurities stem from her childhood problems with her mother, I wouln’t even dare to go there y’know? It’s too harsh, even for celeb gossip. Some people are lenient and some crack and some people are Aniston. I feel it’s unfair to have a go at her possible mental issues just because you don’t like her. Abuse, whether physical or emotional is not funny at all. Someone posted a link of a People magazine article on another Aniston thread about how Pitt would call her “the leaker” because she cried so much. Aniston or not, that really got to me. Her mother publically scrutinized her by writing a book about her, talking about her in tabloids and going off on her on TV. You seem to know about her issues with her mother, how would you feel if the person who’s supposed to love you, care for you and help build your self-esteem would go off on you about your looks on a regular basis?

        I searched that book on Amazon btw and even the comments are telling, let alone having to live with such a person? I think she came out damaged but fairly normal. No one can guess what impact abuse has on a person and how long they carry it with them or letting it affect their lives. It’s not because it doesn’t seem a big deal to you that it doesn’t mean anything in general. Anybody who’s gone through or witnessed abuse knows that pain and suffering isn’t comparable or measurable.

        I don’t know, maybe I take your comment too personal because I myself have many stories about abuse (even recently had to take in a friend who had to escape from her boyfriend) but I still wanted to share my opinion because I see this comment quite a lot when people try to ridiculize her obsession with looks and her low self-esteem. I hope you don’t give somebody vapid advice like “get over it” when they talk about abuse.

        ps: and being goth doesn’t have anything to do with your clothing but the music you listen too and the values you cherish. I never wore typical punk clothing but I knew my music. Looking like a punker or goth just means you have the money to show off your music preference and helps you fit in into a culture. Many older people like punk or goth and don’t look like it…

      • Original Chloe says:

        NM9005, it’s not like she was *abused.* I’ve actually seen interviews in which she talks about that – basically her mother kept hinting that she was not pretty enough. So what, you’re 42 now! Probably half of us have (or had at some point) strained relationships with our family members, for various reasons, mothers are overly critical, fathers are demanding or absent, siblings and classmates are cruel and call us horrible names. Sometimes parents fight all the time, cheat on each other, or drink and neglect their children. We all have our issues. (To give you a good point of comparison, my friend’s parents never accepted the fact he’s gay and don’t talk to him even on Christmas). People grow up, struggle and learn to deal with what life throws at them (instead of pointing fingers in the tabs)

        Please don’t make it into another case of “we need to pity and hug Aniston because her mother was evil” (since “we need to pity Aniston because Pitt maybe cheated on her and moved on” is already stale).

        To be clear: I would never mock victims of abuse or harassment but this women is has thrown her own mother under the bus (who just had a stroke, for crying out loud) only to shed some responsibility for her blatant displays of narcissism in the last decade.

      • Original Chloe says:

        And honestly, she’s no longer 16.

      • NM9005 says:

        I know you’re not a malicious person (as far as I can tell from your comments :)) but your comment did irk me nonetheless and I felt I should respond to it regardless whether it was about Aniston or say Emma Stone.

        As far as her abuse went, or as you put it “abuse”, I don’t think it was just hinting. If somebody who’s a model tells you that you’re ugly and that person happens to be your mother, I think you are dealing with abuse. The fact that she was a model doesn’t even matter. If people try to put others down it’s because they have issues and insecureties themselves and it’s irresponsible to put your issues on somebody else’s shoulders. Plus she went public with it. If that’s not pushing someone else under the bus, I don’t know what else is (one of the few things she and Jolie actually have in common). She wanted to make sure that everyone knew how she felt, Nancy seems like a very narcissistic person too so maybe that’s where Aniston got it from in the first place? You reap what you sow.

        I also don’t see how age has got to do anything with it. I worked with a depressed woman who was 50+ and still couldn’t deal with the abuse that ocurred in her first marriage even though she remarried with a lovely man. I’ve known a 30+ woman who tried to take her own life numerous times because of the abuse in her previous relationships. Never would I tell them to “get over it”. Some people are lenient, some people crack and some people (like Aniston) try to hide it with overobsessing on what’s on the outside inside of working on the inside. Does that give people a reason to go off on them? For me, no…When do you stop caring and tell people to “get over it” anyway?

        Yes, we all have our issues but as I said earlier, pain or suffering is not measurable or comparable. Who are we to decide how great an impact an event in childhood or later in life is? Clearly, what her mother said/did was big enough to turn her into the insecure woman who loves douchebags she is today.

        It’s not about pity, not at all. In fact, pity is the worst feeling you can use to symphatize with other people’s feelings. I would call it empathy and caring for the people who are being socially stigmatised, even in this modern day of age. The fact that you put an age limit on “abuse” is telling. On other topics, I’m happy to rag on her but this one? No thanks…I don’t do it with Jolie and her dad so I don’t see why Aniston deserves it. Mediocre acting, bad film choices and mediocre looks don’t matter when the subject is too personal and real.

        The majority of the comments are always aimed at her looks. I don’t see the difference with posters pointing out how ugly she is and a mother in her childhood pointing out her ugliness. Aniston is “lucky” she doesn’t read them but I’m sure she heard it enough from her own mother. You don’t alienate yourself from a parent for no reason.,26334,627537,00.html

        Having a stroke does not redeem your mistakes and you can’t use that as an emotional leverage of what she did to her daughter.

        Sorry for the long comment, I get what you are saying but I’ve dealt too much with people who had a difficult life or hit a rough patch to just agree with the blatant dismissal of Aniston’s abuse just because you think what she’s been through isn’t bad enough to still have these issue and definitely since you mention her age. I just…can’t. I like your comments though and respect you :).
        Have a lovely weekend.

      • Original Chloe says:

        I probably wasn’t clear enough: when I talked about her age I didn’t mean that you can only be abused, or traumatized, or suffer emotionally when you’re young and later you’re expected to shut up and deal with that (in fact, my mom’s depression started when she was over 50 and a lot of her friends said there was no ‘valid’ reason for that, which I just *hated*).

        I meant her age when contrasted with her general modus operandi – I don’t want to go into that now not to make this reply too long again. She generally seems to be very willing to put responsibility on other people (like when she famously blamed Pitt for 98% of reasons for their divorce, or blaming the media for painting her as a victim)

        I don’t deny the fact that her mother is probably a very toxic person. It’s just that (from where I sit) Aniston is no longer just open about her life – she’s self-indulgent.

        I also think that as someone who not that long ago complained about the tabs making her a victim (again, let’s not debate who started it), she should rather avoid statements like that one quoted above. I don’t mean brushing it under the carpet, I mean just being more private.

        Honestly, I believe that Jennifer Aniston has overexposed every aspect of her (whether real or imagined) life to the media to such an extent that the only way to (maybe) recover from it would be to focus only on her career, doing good things for other people and talking to the press only when it’s required to promote a show (instead of spinning story after a story like that “I thew a chair at a director” nonsense which was completely unsolicited).

        The paradox of Jennifer Aniston, though, and probably one of the problems she’s not aware of, is that she talks to the press even about not talking to the press anymore (two perfect opportunities to avoid this would be to ignore the Men’s Health interview and the one above, especially as she says she doesn’t care)

        Anyway, thank you for reading and replying:) Have a nice weekend too, and g’night (it’s way past midnight here)

      • Cerulean says:

        I just feel at this point she needs to move on with her life. Her mother just had a stroke. She’s unable to make peace with her past and she’s always a victim.
        Abuse is a serious issue but we can’t project our experiences onto celebs.
        I also think as we age we need to accept our disappointing childhoods and embrace our own destiny. You can’t change it but you can move beyond it and grow.
        She’s been talking about this for years without changing the narrative.

      • kira says:

        “Aniston’s abuse”? WHAT–did someone really say that? Are you kidding me? Just because her mother never told her she was pretty, does not equal abuse! What a total stretch someone is making. I have experienced and seen extreme cases of abuse/neglect/terror in my line of work, and nowhere does anything her mother has done equal anything near abuse–not even close. Unbelieveable projection going on here. For the most part, Aniston’s “abuse” has never been confirmed by her brother or other siblings either. If the mother was this nightmare abusive person, you’d think there would be more evidence by now.

      • Heine says:

        Original Chloe-You were quite clearly putting a timeline on how long is reasonable to be hurt by past problems.

        ‘And honestly, she’s no longer 16.”…basically her mother kept hinting that she was not pretty enough. So what, you’re 42 now!’

        None of us know what her relationship is like with her mother. None of us grew up with her or lived in the same house so you nor I have any idea whether or not she was truly abused by her mom. Her insecurities about her looks and her anger over the tell-all book that her mom wrote lead me to believe that there is something wrong with their relationship; what it is, I don’t know.

        And having a stroke does not mean you are no longer a horrible person.

        Cerulean: You can’t put a timeline on someone’s childhood issues affecting their adulthood.

        ‘She’s been talking about this for years without changing the narrative.’ Have you ever wondered why?

        I mean, have you ever given thought to the fact that her mom just might never have changed. That she’s the same negative person Aniston grew up with. Ever thought of that?

      • theaPie says:

        NM9005: I very much like your posts here. If her mother does suffer from BPD and narcissism (and it sure sounds like she does) than yes, Aniston was abused growing up. Those people will abuse anyone close to them. That is why it is essential to separate yourself them.

      • Original Chloe says:

        Sorry, Heine, but you should get off your high horse and stop moralizing. I agree, no one knows what kind of person her mother really is, which works both ways. JA is presenting her version of the story, and she can color it the way she wants. She said several times she had a happy childhood.

        Re: my implied chronology of when emotional suffering should be dealt with – well, actually, since you obviously know *better* what I was saying, let’s leave it at that.

        And yes I do think (regardless of the fact that having a narcissistic mother couldn’t have been fun) that Aniston is self indulgent and immature.

        Moreover, I think she’s using her old schtick again: getting public sympathy by encouraging people to think that she was deeply traumatized by her mother, to re-direct some of the backlash she’s getting after that title from Men’s Health. All of this theorizing about her supposedly traumatic childhood is quickly turning into “oh, JA was a victim of her cruel mother” – as “JA was a victim of Pitt’s presumed infidelity” got old (btw. didn’t she herself protest against being put into the victim role)

        Anyway, the greatest irony is that she cared to announce to the press how she doesn’t care.

        I find it endlessly amusing.

      • Original Chloe says:

        theaPie says: “If her mother does suffer from BPD and narcissism (and it sure sounds like she does) than yes, Aniston was abused growing up.”

        There we go. With BPD of her mother diagnosed starteth the tale of poor Jen, abused by her mental parent. It’s a miracle she managed to set herself free.

        (Btw. I was using the word “narcissistic’ figuratively in my previous comments but let’s make it into clinical narcissism!)

    • whatevs says:

      i just realized that ever since signing up for this site (it’s been a couple of months) i’ve agreed with every word you said. you always write what i want to say lol

    • Julia says:

      Didn’t she had a 20 years or so therapy to fix that issue ?

      Her mum is very ill and can’t pay her bills anymore.

      She has also insulted her mother being a desease. I don’t hear a mother whining for her daughter abusing her using those nasty reference to describes her.

      We all get abused some way, wether for your physique, the color of your skin, your gender. At some point you should stop whining and live with the cards you were giving. Being a celebrity, she has people who rever her left and right while the common people don’t.

      I don’t buy the constant whining at 43, with her therapy and her having people worshipping her that could have help her build some massive ego and self assurance.

      Plus i find her hypocrit when appearing all smiling at Chelsea’s after her new BFF abuses the JP children. For her so called past abuses, she should know better and are in a better position to feel empathy and to stay away from females behaving worst and in line of her mother towards children. She endorsed it by smiling, then I don’t buy her contrive ‘it’s all my mother’s fault’.

      She got over it a long time ago and has a massive ego built on a very controlled physique (constant diet, dying hair, daily hours of yoga, ect) that makes her freaks out once someting isn’t fit anymore…just like that first gray hair that makes her cry as she admitted.

      She is the very much essence of the ‘bimbo’ with a capital B, even more than Pamela Anderson and Jessica Simpson put together.

  59. Lili says:

    You know what is interesting. People always get on Cameron Diaz for being rough, but I think Jennifer would look a lot like Cameron if she didn’t get injectables, etc. Cameron is out in the sun a lot, smokes, and drinks (just like Jennifer) and is maybe five years younger. However, they could both pass to be in their mid thirties. To be honest, I have a hard time with finding Jennifer Aniston attractive. She is just so fake-fake nose, fake tan, fake hair, even fake contacts to make her eyes look more blue (there are some old pics of her with hazel eyes floating around). When the plastic surgery or fakeness is obvious, I think it detracts a lot. Ashley Greene, for example, is gorgeous but has a seriously bad nose job. Everytime I see a pic of her, the nose is the first thing I notice.

  60. Kim says:

    Plleeaaasssee! She has had that nose worked on/slimmed down (deviated septum my behind) a dozen times! She has been under the knife ALOT!

    I cant think of a female celeb LESS comfortable in their own skin (maybe Nicole Kidman). Its a full time job for Jennifer to maintain the “girl next door appearance”. It takes alot of work for her to look like girl next door, its FAR from natural. I dont know anyone who tries and does as much as she does to look “average”.

    She is in good shape but she should be at her age with no kids and hours and hours of yoga/exercise (again full time job).

  61. Julia says:

    I am sorry but her face, manly features and neck are very ugly to me, always were, always are.

    She looks better when she injects a little fillers, so I don’t blame her for using help. When it’s not the case, her face looks as rough and masculine as one of those female body builders.

    I don’t find her beautiful, nor feminine, nor graceful to the least.
    She has made the best out of a very average self, so I give her props for that but at nearly 43, her vacuousness and starlet like kind of topics makes her in par with those Kardashians shallowness. I even think that Megan Fox is slightly less bimbo and more interresting to hear those days.

    For me as you ages,you should display inner qualities and a certain maturity, a certain grace to be attractive than mere fitness qualities.

  62. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I can see that she’s wearing mascara (the way the lashes stick together in groups). Does she expect us to believe she isn’t? Actresses really are delusional. Or they think if they say something often enough, we’ll buy it – which I guess some people do.

    • whatevs says:

      fans eat up everything they say! if they said the world is flat, fans would agree and campaign for that to be taught at schools or they would be like “so what, she’s a revolutionary, this is her opinion blah blah” and this goes for fans of any celeb. even lindsay has two or three of these still. though those may be trolls or her mother’s multiple accounts lol

    • Heine says:

      She said that she hates wearing it, not she never wears it. These are red carpet appearances. Of course she’s gonna have mascara on.

    • orion70 says:

      The people that I’ve known to have gotten their eyelashes dyed, did it to not have to use mascara in every day life, or to still look a little made-up when you’re just running to the store or going to the gym. When they dressed up to go out, they wore mascara along with the rest of their makeup.

  63. Moreaces says:

    she doesn’t use a lot, just kind of a lot..

  64. hatekyle says:

    What if her PR is campaigning to put the Best RomCom Actress Award of the Millennium category in the Oscar’s?

  65. hatekyle says:

    I hope I don’t read something like she won the Least Botoxed Actress of all time

  66. darkladi says:

    Wow…she’s no better at lying about injections than she is at acting

  67. anoni says:

    she had major reconstructive surgery a few months before Marley & Me (only half her face moved in that picture). roger friedman (then of Fox News) said “everyone knows she’s had work done, but she looks really good”. Think the chin was chiseled down, cheek implants, eye lift and face lift were done. Since then it’s been numerous minor work including the nose jobs (i mean deviated septums) and facial fillers/botox. Her fans scream that she’s so “natural” looking when that is the farthest from the truth. Nothing about her is “natural”. And for all that money, time and effort, she still only looks “average”, or “well-kept”. Imagine what she’d look like without all that money?

  68. rose says:

    Oh I just feel sorry for Jennifer. She tries sooo hard and it doesn’t really get her anywhere. She’s like one of those girls in school that studied really hard for months before exams and then got average results, while Angelina’s like one of the girls who crammed the night before and got A’s all round. Public opinion seems to mean everything to her, it’s quite sad.

    Re dying eyelashes, my friend’s training to be a beautician and she practices dying my eyelashes every now and then. It definitely makes a difference but not enough that I’d stop wearing mascara. I do like it for the summer though as I don’t wear mascara then and it’s nice to have some definition at least.

  69. whatevs says:

    people don’t think about you anymore, darling. just face it and enjoy your retirement ffs

  70. kira says:

    Good Lord, does she have anything else to talk about besides looks? Almost every interview revolves around her beauty: make-up, surgery, hair, diet, exercise, etc. It’s always the same shallow, self-obsessed tripe.

    And, once again she’s bringing up her mother as the instigator of this all? This is like, what, the 5th time she’s said the same thing about her mother? Clearly, she’s still not over it. How sad after all these years. Your mother is in the hospital with a stroke, why don’t you give it rest with the poor-me, “I was a dumpy teenager/my mother never told me I was pretty” routine. Tacky, tacky, tacky…

    • Heine says:

      Leave the family issues alone. You don’t know why she isn’t over it and having a stroke does not mean the bitchiness disappears.

      • kira says:

        Leave the family issue alone? Who are you to make demands? Seriously? And, how do you know what her mother is like? She might be as sweet as pie for all you know.

        Aniston is the one who keeps bringing it up that mommy never told her she was pretty when she was young, etc. She’s said it many interviews, going way back. She is the ONE airing her on-going grievances in the press. Obviously, she doesn’t “want to leave the family issue alone.” Her mother just had a stroke, and the news reported that she can’t speak well because of it. I find Aniston’s comments pretty tacky, given the situation.

      • Original Chloe says:

        So from now on people not allowed to point out Aniston’s hypocrisy and her obsession with her looks because it’s her way of coping, a “family issue” and the result of childhood abuse?

        Oh, this is just too good. Not that her mother will be able to say anything in self defense.

      • Heine says:

        Kira: Her mother might also be a horrible person for all you know. Leaving it be seems to be the best course of action in my opinion since none of us know the true nature of their relationship. NONE of us- i.e. not me, not you, not anyone commenting here.

        Original Chloe: I didn’t say anything about people talking about her ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘obsession with her looks’. Kindly stop telling falsehoods about my comments.

      • Original Chloe says:

        Heine – oh snap girl, and didn’t you just do exactly the same a few commentaries above? (I mean, ascribe meaning to someone’s selectively arranged words the way you saw fit? *wink wink) It works both ways, is all I’m saying. I said what I said in a reaction to how I read your comment in the context of Kira’s post (your asking Kira not to touch the ‘family issue’). And what I’m talking about (hypocrisy and obsession with looks) was actually related to the ‘family issue’ by JA herself (and I call the way she does it hypocritical).

        But I stand kindly corrected.

        Ironically, Aniston brought it up herself, unsolicited, and not during a meeting with close friends or a therapist but, for some reason, in a gossip magazine. If she didn’t want it discussed, she wouldn’t have dished to a rag.

      • kira says:

        Heine: You find “leaving the family issue alone the best course of action”?

        Maybe you can preach that to Jennifer Aniston because she’s the one who feels the need to bring up her 30-year old gripe into the public eye, even after her mother had a stroke and can’t speak back. SO TACKY.

        Pretty funny that Aniston can blab about all this in a self-serving publicity spread, but we, some anonymous posters on a blog called Celebitchy, are supposed to “leave it alone,” according to you. Yeah–that’s real funny. 🙂

      • Heine says:

        Kira: You don’t have to pay attention to anything I write.

        What is a thirty year old ‘gripe’ to you has clearly been a lifelong personal struggle for her. She’s entitled to talk about it since its her business.

        I find it tacky to make nasty comments about a parent-child relationship which you have no clue about.

      • kira says:

        What? Everyone on this site makes comments about people they don’t know–it’s a site for celeb gosssip! No one forced Aniston to air out her dirty laundry to the press. If she can dish it out, then she can take it right back.

        And, you called Angelina pretentious b/c she just sold her Malibu house for 12 million. Actually, the house is Brad’s acc. to the press, and you don’t know her. Hypocritical much? BTW, Aniston sold her house for 36 million–does that make her 3 times as pretentious? 😉

        Calling my comments “nasty” and “tacky” shows your lack of maturity. You obviously can’t take it when someone criticizes your celeb favorite.

  71. rachael says:

    I don’t get why Aniston is so popular either… what talent does she have..a great actress, nope, great movies…never..great causes???
    just a middle aged woman still trying to be a 20-30 something. Her story seems to “waaaaa” about Brad split, now “Ageism”.. at least she’s not dating guys young enough to be her sons! Yet!

  72. CeeCee says:

    that is not the face of a 42yo former smoker and sun-worshipper. That shit takes it’s toll!

  73. theaPie says:

    I am 47 with olive skin, and definitely spent a lot of time at the beach as a kid. Yet the pharmaceutical company father worked for (Allergan) was the first to produce an FDA approved sunscreen, so my parents always made sure we were well covered. And I continue to use sunscreen on my face at least. It’s no guarantee of any sun spots I can tell you! The dermatologist told me that darker skinned people will darken with temperature alone, that it is not all UV ray induced. So there really is only so much sunscreen can do to protect against those things. I will say that my skin looks very good for my age over all though.

  74. dan says:

    As an Aesthetician I can tell you she has had work. She has had injections in the cheeks, chin, and lip area. It’s very plump now as in the past it wasn’t. Her upper lip is fuller so as well. She says no to a nose job but it was done, her nose is smaller now than when she was young and it wasn’t the so called deviated septum surgery as that doesn’t change the look of your nose. I know as I was disappointed to find out my nose wouldn’t look any different after the surgery. I don’t think she is the sexiest or even the hottest woman of the century nor do many men I know. So she is a sun worshipper, tanning is safe done in moderation and not everyone will get skin cancer from it. Good she quit smoking though.

  75. Came says:

    I also feel sorry for her, I think it would be hard to choose one sexiest woman of all times, it would be more accurate to have one for different periods of time, even when there are some women who are always a reference of sexiness, but whoever tried to make her noticeable with this award, is not a friend and did not do a favor to her, it is ridiculous! Wish she could be happy being famous for her Rachel role, since she decided or couldn’t move forward that role, she should be happy with that and stop being so fame obsessed,

  76. lisa says:

    Why does she need to spray tan all the time either. She is Greek in part so she does not by nature have pale skin. I a woman of color so the tanning for me is mute. I don’t lie in the sun and don’t smoke. Am told I look years younger than my age. But genetics play a part too.

    But here again the conversation about her is superficial. Never anything of depth. I wonder what do her fans really know about her as a person. What she likes, reads, thinks.. ugh

    nothing I imagine. It is always.. love her hair, her jeans her whatever.. All outside of who she is.

  77. Heine says:

    ‘But let‘s talk about: “I’m not saying that I haven’t tried it … but I see how it’s a slippery slope.” Meaning what?’

    Meaning exactly what she said. You get one thing done, then another, then another until you look like Joan Rivers.

    She tried it, realized that ‘ “All that cosmetic stuff looks ridiculous on me,”’ so she stopped.

    I have no doubt in my mind that she gets regular peels and facials to keep her skin fresh. And there was a point where her face looked weird and bloated. I think that was when she was using the injectables. I think she saw her face and realized it didn’t look right.

  78. Meanchick says:

    No Jen, we don’t think you use a lot of fillers, we think you use a HELLUVA lot of fillers! Why do so many of them end up looking like the mask from V? (minus the facial hair). It just looks sad to me when women (AND men) start jacking up their faces like that.

  79. serena says:

    ‘Tried’. Of course Jen, like we don’t know you do filler and injections.

  80. orion70 says:

    I saw her in a commercial the other day for some children’s hospital charity or some sort (can’t remember), and there were close-ups of her face. To me, she looked age-appropriate. Which is not to say she hasn’t had work done, but she does not look tweaked to the hilt to me.

  81. Mallory says:

    Michelle, because we are sick and tired of 97% of the internet being so against Angelina and so sickenly fawning over this ‘sweetheart’. Its about time the score was evened. And every thing that Aniston has done to Angelina makes her a nasty horrible person and she more than deserves the hate.

    • Kobi says:

      I hope you realise that Jolie would not in anyway approve of your tatics of trashing Jen.
      Jolie is above your childish attitude. I suggest you take a leaf out of her book and ignore Jen altogether.
      You are the reason people call Jolie fans Loons. You are not doing Jolie Pitt and their children any favours.
      As Jolie probably tells her children, if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all.

      • Original Chloe says:

        Thank you, Master Yoda.

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        Kobi, honestly, just read your OWN responses some time and perhaps you will see a different perspective.

        You yourself say that Jolie is above being childish, that she has the wisdom and maturity it takes to refrain from trashing people (even when she and her own children are attacked) and that she probably tells her children, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all… hopefully you see these as positive attributes.

        By contrast, Aniston is the kind of person who chooses to hide behind her “nice girl” facade and sends her BFF out on national television to belittle a mother and her children with racist, homophobic attacks, and then invites this bff on vacation with her afterwards.

        Jolie isn’t perfect, in fact most people find her inspiring because she has the courage to face her many faults and always strives to grow.

        It seems obvious why many many people WANT to defend and support someone who, although flawed, chooses the route of kindness and growth and intelligence rather than immaturity and shallowness and fear.

  82. Mallory says:

    Nev, when Angelina made that comment, she was referring to the characters Mr & Mrs Smith falling in love (and trying to kill each other). She wasn’t referring to her and Brad themselves.

    • theaPie says:

      Not true Mallory. Here is the direct quote from the NY Times article. I don’t think I can link to it and get past the spam filters, but it’s in the archives on their site. I keep it handy for occasions such as this. Not that I judge them – I’m just a scientist by trade in interested in the facts ma’am. 🙂


      Nonetheless, she said, she looks forward to the day when she can put “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in the DVD player for the children; “not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love.”

      “What’s going to be funny is when they think Mom and Dad are a little bit cool,” she added. “Because right now, we’re not cool Mom and Dad.”

      NY Times, Oct 15 2008

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        Everyone (who bothers with the truth) knows that MAMS was still shooting well AFTER Pitt and Aniston split.
        Yes, I realize the truth doesn’t matter when it comes to bashing Jolie, so carry on…

  83. The Bobster says:

    What kind of “injections” are we talking about here? 😉

  84. G says:

    Late to the party.

    She tried injectables and they weren’t for her? Ok. Apparently neither is acting?

  85. hetekyle says:

    with all the injections that she might have done, she should be in the hall of fame

  86. hetekyle says:

    marley and me got acting nominations, apparently it was for marley

  87. Coucou says:

    I think the slippery slope she’s referring to is that once you start, you have to keep doing it to get back to where you started. It neither surprises nor shocks me that celebrities undergo a variety of beauty treatments, and it’s their choice to disclose or not. It comes with the territory, who the F cares? Models starve themselves in their line of work, some even die, i see that as much more dangerous than dabbling in lasers and injections. If i saw myself on the big screen, God knows i’d be calling the best dermie in town for some subtle yet effective intervention. I’d also have to grow a shell to protect myself from all of the collective criticism. Yeah, a shell made out of money.

  88. Jess says:

    No wonder Brad left her for Angelina. I’m not condoning infidelity but I would have done the same thing too. Imagine being married to someone whose only concern in life it seems like is to look hot. She needs a reality check and spend a week in Africa. Just saying..

    • hatekyle says:

      Maybe she treats her wrinkles, reconstructed nose and cellulite like they are refugees and charities.

    • ann h says:

      She’s such an airhead. She can win all the hotness awards she wants but I think she’s miserable because the one thing she wants the most is to be taken as a serious actress and that will never happen. Beauty seems to be her only asset.

  89. lisa says:

    What happened to that fragrance she launched. It seems like she halfassed it.
    I have never read a comment from her fans talking about it or saying how it smelled or anything.

    Fergie wons some Fragrance award for hers. Reese promotes hers but nothing from Aniston at all since that launch.

    just curious.

  90. Sophie says:

    I like her. I’ve never understood all the hate. And am I the only one who finds Angie totally unrelatable? To all you ladies calling Jen shallow, are you implying that you also spend your weekends doing charity work like Angie? I’m honestly just curious.

    • katherina says:

      I’ve never liked her. I don’t understand people liking her at all. She seems rather shallow, self-absorbed and reminds me of the Kardashians. I remember her comment about sunbathing in Mexico as “charity for the Mexican people.” That really took the cake for me. And, YES, there are many people who enjoy doing charity work whenever they have the chance. I would love to travel around the world to do it, but whatever…

      • Sela says:

        ” sunbathing in Mexico as “charity for the Mexican people.” ”
        Right on! She is a trashy bimbo who has no idea about the realities of life. Angelina DOES.

    • Julia says:

      I find Jolie 100% relatable because she is beautiful and has brains, because she has maturity and topIcs in par with her age, because she is articulate and doesn’t only define herself through what she looks like but through what she has to say.

      She would fit in perfectly talking about specific topics with college students. And I am pretty sure, mums and executives can relate to some of her concerns, part of her personality, part of her priorities and activities.

      However I can’t relate to Aniston who is an older version of Kim Kardashian, who admitted crying over a first gray hair at nearly 40, who thinks it’s cool posing half naked with a lollipo and teddy bear at 42 years of age, who according dear nasty friend Chelsea spends time in bar boozing and gossiping, who has vulgar, obscene friends I wouldn’t love near me let alone, near my children, who only exists solely through the prism of her physique while neglecting her brains. She should take notes about fellow actress her generation, Cate Blanchett.

      I, as a mature woman can’t relate to a 43 years old whose topics and ways of speaking challenges my 10 years old niece. She would never fit in with college students but would fit in perfectly in a class of pre teens when it comes to certain topics because her concerns, her topics, her bimboism reeks of immaturity and is totally pre teen level.

      I am pretty sure in 20 years she swill still define herself through her body, flaunting it while Jolie will be an articulate wise grand ma acting her age, talking like her age requires it.

    • Sela says:

      I’ve never understood the love for this woman of questionable morals who associates with the likes of Chelsea Handler and Terry Richardson. And I find her TOTALLY UNRELATABLE. Ordinary down to earth common people don’t tan their skin to leather, drink and spend Thanksgiving with racists, do plastic surgery, fillers, botox and sip cocktails in Malibu. Angelina eschews all the pretentiousness of Hollywood; you won’t find her associating with rubbish or sipping cocktails in Malibu – she is more in line with the average every day person. Aniston is a stuck-up pretentious b who is totally and completely out of touch with real people. Angelina has the common person touch that Aniston is too afraid to dirty her nails with.

      • Heine says:

        Angelina most certainly does NOT eschew Hollywood pretentiousness.

        She had a home in the ritziest part of Malibu (the one they recently sold).

        She attends awards ceremonies like the Oscars and the Golden Globes which are really just popularity contests and networking opportunities. The Oscars are the very epitome of Hollywood pretentiousness. ‘We’ll dress up in fancy clothes and diamonds and hand each other statues of GOLD!’

        She stays in the best hotels, has a travel budget larger than most people’s life earnings and rents massive mansions and compounds.

        She uses her celebrity to attract attention to causes-something the common woman cannot do.

        She sends her children to possibly the most pretentious international private school (unless they have them home schooled now, I don’t really know).

        She does not have any kind of common touch, in my opinion. She does not seem relatable. She seems humorless and boring.

        The only thing I find remotely relatable about her is the fact that she has children and even that isn’t relatable because she’s managed to adopt from several different countries.

  91. Lana says:

    For some reason I can’t repy under the acutal posts, so; to Kobi;

    Kobi you are the reason Aniston fans are called loonistons and have such a bad reputation. I’d say Aniston wouldn’t approve of your nasty attacks on Angelina, but knowing Aniston that would be a lie.

    Try Female First, IUC and Dlisted for a start, Kobi re stats. I understand why you would wish to disassociate from the loonistons, as any normal person would do. But if you are on a side – OWN it. Aniston fans are the looniest and most dangerous and hateful of all and the evidence and sites prove it. Own it and face up to it.

    Theapie, Then maybe you can get the actual quote that she gave in her interview to The Daily Mail and stolen and mischievously truncated by nytimes which said that her children could see where their parents fell in love *and tried to kill each other* (ie John and Jane Smith falling in love, getting married and being hired as asassins to kill the other) but gullible people are fooled by that bogus comment which is why the truth is always handy, not lies and distortions by second-hand articles in newspapers.

    Oh and blonde on the dock, people don’t hate Aniston because she was married to Pitt, they hate her for the vendetta against an innocent woman she waged. In fact, it is the Aniston fans who hate Angelina for having the temerity to have been chosen by Brad. Angelina’s haters are soley Aniston fans who resent the fact she destroyed her own marriage and that Brad fell in love with Angelina – such a crime. Lets not distort the facts ok.

    • Heine says:

      Nope. I can’t even be bothered to go point by point.

      That whole comment just reads like the hogwash ramblings of a Brangeloonie to me. Full of ‘factual’ statements that are really opinions and conjecture based on interviews and tabloid nonsense.

      But I will say, Jennifer’s contingent of nutty fans are called Jen Hens. ‘Loonifers’ and ‘Loonistons’ (the second of which I hadn’t seen until today) were created as a response to the ‘Brangeloonie’ moniker because they didn’t like being the only ones referred to as loony.

  92. Jasmina says:

    Heine, sorry to burst your bubble, but loonifer has been used for at least 3 years that I know of and I believe came before brangeloonie in fact, and I’ve seem commentators and authors use looniston for around 2 years. Obviously you don’t read many news articles or blogs. Every point Lana made was spot on and can be backed up.

    • Heine says:

      ‘Brangeloonies’ has been in use since the two of them got together. It was used, at the time, to describe people who fanatically backed up the couple about how there wasn’t an affair (I don’t care either way, affair or not, just describing what I remember from the news at the time).

      Basically super fans of them as a couple were and still are, called Brangeloonies and it started when they got together I dunno, 7 years ago now?

  93. great luck with new posts