Poor Paris Hilton says guys use her for sex and money

Paris Hilton became famous for doing absolutely nothing – except for being a skank. Yes, she’s had two reality shows, a music CD and a handful of movies, but ask people what Paris is known for and most people will talk about the sex tape and the vagina-flashing. But in her latest interview, the heiress says she is the victim, who has been exploited by men who want to use her for sex and money.

But sexy Paris Hilton snuggled up to me and simpered that SHE’D been exploited by all the men in her life – hungry for fame and fortune.

Cooing that she has now found true love and Mr Right in rock star Benji Madden, the world’s most talked about blonde broke her silence to condemn that pesky string of exes.

Tearful multi-millionaire Paris fluttered her eyes and told the News of the World: “Every other guy I’ve been out with has used me for money or sex – but in most cases they just want fame. It made it hard to trust people.”

Top of Paris’s treachery hitlist is ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon, now 40. The small-time film producer made millions selling the infamous home-made sex tape of Paris, which was originally leaked on the internet.

In the UK to film her new reality ITV2 show, Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend, she told us: “I loved this guy for three years but he betrayed me. Rick’s a scumbag and I hate him.

“It was just the most horrible thing that’s ever happened to me. So humiliating and embarrassing. But at the end of the day, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

[From News of the World]

Oh, boo hoo. There are just so many things wrong with Paris trying to paint herself as a wholesome, innocent girl manipulated by guys. First off, I’ve seen that sex tape. Paris knew the camera was there – she loved every minute of it and spent the entire time arranging herself and posing so her “good side” was being photographed. Anyone who consents to being filmed should know the risk of that tape being released. And second off, it’s not like Paris wasn’t aware that the men she chose to associate with were notorious scumbags. She’s still best buddies with Joe Francis, her partner in numerous coke binges. As for her claim that men use her for money, Stavros Niarchos and Paris Latsis didn’t need Paris’ money.

My guess is that Paris is trying to rewrite a little history here, now that she has a steady boyfriend. Too bad there are way too many videos and photos that contradict her statements now. But if Paris hadn’t spend the last few years acting like a fame whore, no one would know who she is. Instead of trying to act like it wasn’t her fault, it would probably be better if she just owned up to her antics, chalked them up to being young and stupid, and moved on.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Paris Hilton is shown shopping at Borders in LA on 11/2 (credit: WENN), outside her car in LA on 11/1 (credit: Fame) and at Heathrow Airport on 10/30/08 (credit: BauerGriffin). She is wearing clothing from her own line with stupid sayings on her t-shirts like “Talk to you never” and “My pink life.” Also look at that rock on her left hand – do you think she’s engaged?

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  1. geronimo says:

    *snort* What really shows her new maturity is that, at 27, she’s currently filming a series called Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend. :roll:

    Good luck with the rewriting history thing.

  2. Tess says:

    well well well

    Don’t it make her brown eyes blue….

  3. Phaballa says:

    And let’s not forget when she cheated on Nick Carter with Chad Michael Murray. Actually, I do feel sorry for her, if CMM was the best she could find for cheating purposes.

  4. jennifer says:

    You know, I just find her too funny and stupid to hate her anymore. You know? Like, you can’t really hate the perpetually stupid, you know? It’s not really fair… :P

  5. Codzilla says:

    May the words “rock star” and “Benji Madden” never again be used in conjunction with each other. Robert Plant is a rock star (he’s earned the lifelong title). Benji Madden is a chubby little douche who will be working in obscurity at Walmart in five years. Maybe less, if we’re lucky.

  6. kate says:

    i’m sure those nice gentlemen date paris for the intelligent converstation and great sense of humor. oh and the sweet sweet loving … that ends up all over the internet.

  7. xxx says:

    As noted by MSat, – she’s a 27 y.o. coke head, she’s not going to attract stand up men. I know she’s a druggie from someone that watched her do it extensively. And she actually listens to her own music repeatedly.

  8. mojoman says:

    @jennifer, I second that. How can you hate somebody who has no idea about reality and logic. It’s a waste of time..

  9. mollination says:

    THANK YOU CODZILLA!!!!!!! Man, I was starting to feel like the only one left! Every other sentence in US weekly and the like is calling some 22-year-old-lip-synching-guitar-throwing-douche a “rockstar”. ::shiver::

    Well in her defense, she did say money OR sex, and usually fame. So maybe stavros and paris latsis didn’t need the money but you know they weren’t there for anything abover her neckline.

  10. geronimo says:

    I don’t hate her but her skanky stupidity at age 27 really offends me.

  11. Blue says:

    Anyone who is actually friends with Joe Francis should realize that they are in immediate need of a life evaluation.

  12. Lore says:

    If all you have to offer is sex and money then that’s all anyone can get from you, no?

  13. Sunny says:

    I don’t believe people hate her as much as they say. Not only because it’s kind of sick to hate someone who doesn’t know, and has never done anything to you, but because they can’t seem to stop talking about her.
    If I really ‘hate’ someone, I’m not fascinated with every little thing they say or do, I don’t want to think about them, much less obsess about their lives.

  14. xxx says:

    She’s really not that stupid, she knows exactly what she’s doing business wise. How someone could turn a wh^*e porn video into that amount of fame and fortune – she isn’t all that dumb. But if she keeps going the way she’s going with drugs she will fry her brain.

  15. Lizabeth says:

    She’s 27? Well well well….not attracting that many Greek shipping heirs these days, eh Paris? I was wondering why the “love” for Benji.

    Eh, this to me is a woman who knows she is nothing but a brand. She literally is what we think she is. When she was younger, she made buckets of money being a “party girl” and people flocked to clubs she was at, probably hoping to see some of the insanity. But what’s fun at 25 is pathetic at 30. So she’s got to get the public to see her differently.

    Hence, the love and wanting to have a baby….she’s searching for a new identiy aside from being a vapid twit.

    Good luck Paris.

  16. JaundiceMachine says:

    Codzilla : YES

    So wait – the girl who’s known exclusively for whoring, partying and shopping, is sad because the only guys who are attracted to her are the ones interested in whoring, partying and shopping? What a sick, sad world we live in.

  17. THAT is the most high-larious thing I’ve heard all day.

  18. perpetua says:

    No no NO! That is my least favorite Pepto Pink! :oops:

  19. vdantev says:

    and people said she was stupid.

  20. AP says:

    Well, DUH Paris! Glad she finally joined the class.

  21. Obvious says:

    …no words to describe my rage at her comments. She really seems to believe we are all compeltel idiotic morons who will believe anything spouted at us.

    This woman (if you can even call her that-as she seems like a spoiled little girl) has no respect for her “fans” or even the public general.

    I will pay a country to take her off our hands forever. Anyone interested?

  22. morgs says:

    That girl knows exactly how to whore herself out both professionaly and in the sack. Crocodile tears Paris, crocodile tears.

  23. Ter says:

    Give me a break! All that girl has ever done was flaunt what she has, as in what the Lord gave her and what her granddaddy provided her and her family. If she didn’t advertise these two things so aggressively she wouldn’t be known as the rich skanky skeezer ho. Boo Hoo!

  24. Karen says:

    I think what she said was that all guys are users. She’s been saying that ever since Solomon.

    It’s great that she now found Benji who is a standup kind of guy on top of being a hot rocker.

    Good Charlotte is my fav band and the Madden bros. are super.