Britney Spears & Jason Trawick are allegedly engaged now, for real

The “Britney Spears and Jason Trawick are getting engaged” story has been around for months – it’s equivalent to “Kirstie Alley lies about her weight” stories and “Leonardo DiCaprio is boning some random” stories. Everybody knows what’s going on and it’s not really noteworthy to print some random rumor. That being said, I think this engagement story might actually be on. Britney tweeted some stuff last night that made it seem like Jason proposed, and Jason was spotted picking out an engagement ring a short while ago. So… maybe?

Britney Spears is ready to live happily ever after with Jason Trawick! The pop superstar, 30, is now engaged to her former agent, a source confirms to Us Weekly. Trawick popped the question on Thursday night, his 40th birthday, when he and the “I Wanna Go” singer shared a romantic private dinner.

“This is something they’ve both wanted for a long time,” the source explains to Us. “It’s a way to cement their family. They’re both extremely happy and can’t wait to become man and wife.” The spouses-to-be plan to celebrate their engagement Friday night at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Spears coyly hinted at the big news on Twitter Friday morning, writing: “OMG. Last night Jason surprised me with the one gift I’ve been waiting for. Can’t wait to show you! SO SO SO excited!!!! Xxo”

(After wrapping her Femme Fatale world tour in Puerto Rico last weekend, Spears and Trawick — along with Sean Preston, 6, and Jayden, 5, her sons with ex Kevin Federline — moved to a 10,000 square-foot estate outside of L.A.)

The duo first met in 2006 in a professional capacity. Then at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Trawick began representing the “Hold It Against Me” singer while she was still wed to Federline, 33.

(Spears, who dated Justin Timberlake for three years until 2002, also famously wed childhood pal Jason Alexander in 2004 in a Las Vegas marriage that was annulled within 55 hours.)

Following her late 2006 split from Federline and tough personal struggles in 2007 and 2008, Trawick proved himself to be a true friend to Spears during some of her darkest hours.

Indeed, a source told Us earlier this year, Trawick “was one of the only people who stuck by her through everything.”

By 2009, an on-the-mend Spears was ready to take their friendship to the next level. “Britney has liked Jason for a long time,” a source explained in April. “The fact that they were great friends gave them a foundation for a solid relationship.”

The former teen queen “made the first move,” she told Us — and he quickly took a shine to her adorable little boys. “Jason is just amazing with the boys,” the multi-platinum singer raved to Us. “They look up to him so much — they adore him. He’s their hero.”

“We have such a great time together!” Spears added back in April. (Trawick, who underwent an impressive body makeover and lost 50 pounds in the past two years, even made his acting debut alongside his world-famous girlfriend in her sexy “Criminal” video earlier this year.)

“He makes me laugh, and we are so comfortable being ourselves,” Spears said of her guy. “I’ve never been happier.”

[From Us Weekly]

Radar’s sources are confirming this, as if that makes a huge difference. Their sources claims that Jason proposed last night, as he and Britney were celebrating his 40th birthday. The sources also say that the ring Jason picked out is “classy and under 4 carats.”

So, is there a problem? Kind of. Britney is still under her conservatorship, which means that she’s not legally allowed to make any of the big decisions herself, at least not without her father’s and a judge’s approval. Britney’s conservatorship was used as the “reason” why Britney can’t give testimony in two pending lawsuits (one with Sam Lufti and one with Elizabeth Arden… and isn’t there something with that former bodyguard too?). Radar’s source says: “She could get married under the conservatorship, but the judge would have to sign off on it. If that were to happen, lawyers repping Lutfi would absolutely go into court and argue that if Britney were able to get married, she should be able to be deposed. There is no way Team Spears is going to let that happen. It will likely be a long engagement, which is fine with Britney and Jason. They are 100% solid and very much in love.” Meaning that Jason and Britney may be engaged, but they won’t get married for a while, y’all. Not until Britney’s legal issues are disposed of.

Until then, we have this video.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. mln76 says:

    I watched Access Hollywood this morning and Billy Bush claimed that Jason texted him a confirmation…I hope this one’s a keeper.

  2. brin says:

    Congrats to them! He seems to be a good influence on her and a good stepdad for the boys.

    • Kris says:

      She is mentally unstable and probably always will be take some medications. At this point his behaviour is questionable and her family as well. Why does someone want to be with somebody who has mental issues? That’s strange and freaky. No way they have healthy relationship.

      • SW says:

        srsly? ppl with mental health issues don’t deserve love and happiness? Why? Sometimes love and happiness can bring on stability that the “mentally ill: person has never had before. Everyone deserves a shot at love and happiness!

      • Kris says:

        Mental illness it’s serious issue. Love has nothing to do with it. It’s not fairytale about prince charming on white horse. I remember that last time love and relationship were the reasons of her breakdown.

      • HadleyB says:

        Are you kidding? About 60% or more of the population has mental issues. So no one with any mental issues shouldn’t have love or be in relationships? Ever?

        I think thats stupid. Having relationships, friends, family helps not hinders if it’s healthy. And from what I can see, Jason helps. Kevin didn’t.

        Britney may never be “normal” by medical standards, but I think she has come a long long way from where she was. I am happy for her, I hope it works out.

      • Boethius says:

        Gurl, are you for real?

        One of my dearest friends is schizophrenic (very smart, athletic and good looking to boot) and I deal with serious mental illness myself and WILL for the rest of my life. I see a psychiatrist, go to therapy, take my meds and live a reasonably healthy lifestyle. Why don’t I deserve a chance at happiness and a fulfilling relationship with another person?

        Unlike some “sane” girls I don’t emotionally manipulate or cheat on my partners. I might stay up for two days and be irritable as fuck or get depressed, but I won’t deliberately make your life hell.

  3. Bite me says:

    Oh dear

  4. Happy21 says:

    I’m not overly fussy of Brit-Brit’s music or of her behaviour a few years ago but she has really transformed. They truly appear happy. I wish them nothing but the best :)

  5. Devon says:

    If he’s got her family’s stamp of approval then it’s all good by me! He seems to be a solid and stabilizing influence on her. Congrats.

  6. Aria says:

    I remember being a teenager and loving BS (Baby one more time ages). Then, all of a sudden, she became a complete train wreck. I don’t know who is to blame but I’m really happy she is getting her life back.

  7. Cathy says:

    Good for them, I hope she finds happiness

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    I sure hope this is true & that this marriage “sticks.” He seems to really love her & the boys, and they seem like a good match.


  9. Alexis says:

    The guy’s gotta be a few short bricks of a full load to be able to boink/want to spend the rest of his life with someone who needs to be medicated 24/7 in order to be “normal”

    • Roma says:

      I think you win for most ignorant comment of the day. Congrats!

      Maybe people require medication to be “normal”. Chemical imbalances are not by choice.

    • Alexis says:

      OMG, I guess there are two of us now.

      But I sort of disagree with you. People with mental health issues deserve love too. There are lots of couples out there who deal with this. It’s not like Britney’s a vegetable, or has the mental capacity of a small child or anything, so I can’t assume there’s anything amiss here.

      They seem happy, and I wish both of them and the kids the best.

    • Kara Ann says:

      I see what your saying but if all of the “medicated” people weren’t marriage material then I think their would be very few marriages. There are so many people on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications and the like! The important thing, to me, is that those that need help, seek it and get along with their (hopefully) happy lives. Good for Brit Brit.

    • mel says:

      Hold on, Brit Brit aint the only woman in America that’s medicated. If you are an middle aged woman and going thru the change of life, sometimes medication is the way to keep your sanity! Holla!

    • Jessica says:

      I take four psych meds for bipolar and will take meds for the rest of my life. Since I was diagnosed and medicated eight years ago, I have gotten two masters degrees, a PhD, been published numerous times (fiction, poetry, and academic journals, as well as a cookbook), parent two teenage boys, run a Labrador rescue, and have bought a house by the ocean. These are MY accomplishments and mine alone. My husband is happy to spend the rest of his life with me, a woman who “has to be medicated 24/7.” I’m more than just bipolar: I’m accomplished, stable (thanks to meds) at all times, and full of love.

      You are massively ignorant.

      • Happy21 says:

        And YOU are admirable!

        I have more friends who are medicated 24/7 than are not. I am not but that means nothing to me. They are mothers, wives, daughters and grandmothers and each and every one of them have something to offer that make them unique and very loved.

        You, Alexis No. 1, need to get yourself educated.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Brava, Jessica. Kudos!

      • Lady D says:

        Jessica you sound awesome. I assume you didn’t come here looking for a pat on the back, but your courage rocks. Good for you and thanks for speaking up.

      • Jaye says:

        ^THIS. ALL of this. I see by some of the comments here that people still have a VERY narrow view of what it is to have a mental illness. We’re not all wild, straight-jacketed and foaming at the mouths. Most of us are “normal” (whatever that means), with a caveat.

        Anyway, thanks for sharing your accomplishments and hopefully curing at least one person of their ignorance about mental illness, Jessica. You sound like an amazing woman.

      • H says:

        Thank you!

        As the significant other of a bipolar person, I’m sad to see that people believe mental illness means you can’t lead a normal life. It’s a chemical imbalance, like many other people have. With medication, stability, and stress management people with mental illnesses can live perfectly normal and fulfilling lives. Healthy and fulfilling relationships can contribute really positively to mental illness treatment, so I’m glad to see such good news here.

    • sauvage says:

      You know what, I’m not usually one to use strong language, but in this case: f**** you, Alexis, you and your ignorance which makes life even harder for people who suffer from a mental illness. It’s called an illness for a reason. It is a chemical imbalance of the brain. Would you make fun of somebody who has a brain tumor? No, you would not dare. People still seem to blame the mentally ill for their illness. Let me tell you: It is nothing you choose. It is nothing you CAN choose.

      To all the others: I apologize for my language, but this is a subject very close to my heart. My best friend is bipolar and, just like Jessica – YOU GO, GIRL! – will have to take medication for the rest of her life. And you know what? It is not who she is. One of the best people I have ever met in my life – smart, loyal, funny, witty, warm – also happens to be bipolar. Which has nothing to do with her character.

      So, dear Alexis, I suggest you educate yourself on the subject and get off your high horse. It can happen to anyone. It could happen to you. And then you’d be quite happy not to be judged for your brain chemnistry.

  10. Delta Juliet says:

    I don’t know. What 40 year old man wants to take responsibility for a 30 year old woman who can’t even make her own decisions? Maybe it should make me think he’s some kind of hero, but it actually makes me suspicious of him.

    • Lily says:

      I think his known Britney a long time…before her breakdown even so he may look at her differently than any of us do. He sees something else and since his one of those people that has stuck around or come back to see her improve their relationship probably evolved.

      It’s not like he just met her, or met her at her worst like Sam Lufti and all them.

  11. spinner says:

    Jason looks like he could snap at any given moment. This coupling is creepy to me.

  12. DarkEmpress says:

    Yay! Happy for Britney! I think its great that she found someone who likes her for who she really is. I think that was the problem she had before, men liking her for her public persona and her money. If someone sticks with you through the worst of times you will probably be able to have a great marriage together.

  13. Stacia says:

    I knew it….. Sam Merlott is a keeper!

  14. Starla says:

    Funny, for the longest time I thought this was just set up to make her look stable. Yet, I think they are actually in love. Look at the video. Britney’s not a great actress by any means, so it seems real to me.

  15. JoanCrawfordHangers says:

    Poor Brit. This is the creepy guy rumored to be beating her a year ago. I know the allegations were denied, but he supposedly has a ridiculous temper and I wouldn’t be too surprised if he whaled on her from time to time. Ugh.

  16. Ambergesa says:

    I hope for her sake, that he does love her. Really truly on a deep personal level. But I don’t know can a 40 year old man love a woman according most people who actually work with her describe her as a developmentally stunted boy crazy 15 year old girl. Let alone the issues under she’s on a conservatorship for. I also remember this guys girlfriend he was with during the first year of his”relationship” with Brit. She had proof they’d been together and he’d told her he was in it for the $. Brit had to have a bf (see all the awful randoms) so he was pretending to make her more compliant under the conservatorship. I wish for her it’s love but I don’t think so :(

  17. Jana says:

    A collage of Britney during her tour this year and little appearances and traveling. It’s cute. Britney isn’t a zombie. Though, she’s not the dancer she once was. She gave interviews this year and was cute in them. I never got him until her Criminal video, and they definitely have chemistry. I wish CB had posted her photo in a shimmery pale lime green cocktail dress she wore with him this past week, maybe even the night they got engaged. She looked stunning and slender.

    Collage of 2011 on tour.

  18. Dani says:

    Good for her. He seems like an upstanding guy. Hope it lasts.

  19. J O'C says:

    He looks a lot older than 40!

  20. NM9005 says:

    Three’s a charm?

    Maybe it’s for the better that she has to wait until the legal issues are over, after all, she proved her self quite unlucky and stupid when it comes to this fickle thing called “romantic relationships”. At least Trawick seems like a nice, decent smart guy. I wonder what their dynamic is…

  21. Shelly says:

    I just want Britney to be happy, healthy, and able to live her life on her terms. I am glad she’s been protected from predators the past few years, and she seems to have a stable and consistent group of people around her now, which no doubt has been good for her. I hope she and Jason have a happy marriage, lots of babies, and that she gets to live the quieter life she’s wanted.

  22. wunder says:

    They dont match.

    If he can keep her on her meds long enough to keep her ‘brand’ from flopping, then ok I guess.

  23. Good for her! Probably will not last long.

  24. lucy2 says:

    Congrats to them.
    Hate to sound cynical, but I really hope this guy is for real, and not looking for fame or fortune, or to take advantage of her. She’s been through a lot, and deserves some happiness. Hope it’s all good.

  25. Cherry Rose says:

    I think Jason’s been a stable presence for Britney, and I truly think he does love her.

    And I think Britney deserves some happiness in her life. So good for her.

    I just hope she’s not going to be having kids anytime soon with him though.

  26. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Good for her, I am glad that she is seeming more and more happy these days. He’s not a bad looking guy either, I kind of have a thing for black and white hair men, it’s sexy:-)

  27. Tazina says:

    People do grow up and mature you know. I think this is exactly what Britney has done. She’s ready for a real relationship. Don’t judge her for how she used to be. She’s not that person anymore. Jason is perfect for her. He seems to be a calm, laid back guy, with a great personality.

  28. Jenn12 says:

    If we were all judged on what we did before the age of 30, we’d never leave the house. Britney screwed up a lot and seems to want to fight her demons and has been successful. Maybe she just had to grow up; I think it took her an extremely long time to let go of the relationship with Justin. This guy is in the business but not a performer, not dependent on her for money, started out as a friend, is much older and therefore more mature, employed and stable and well thought of, and she didn’t jump into marriage with him, as she did with the other two. I think they have great possibilities. She gives off a good vibe and I think she’s a nice person. Wish she was still the dancer she once was, but that’s how it goes. Good for her for pulling together for herself and for her sons and living a much better kind of life.

    • marybeth18 says:

      I scrolled down to comment and realized that you said everything I wanted to say- I cosign.

      She’s been through a lot, has some real demons, and seems to have come through it all with the support and help of her family and Jason. She’s not the dancer and performer she once was, but she’s also not 20 or 21 anymore. The girl’s been working since she was a kid- if she wants to spend her time with her kids and Jason, and not in a dance studio training and rehearsing, I can understand that. Hope she’s happy!

      • Jenn12 says:

        Well, I cosign your cosign. :) I hope she’s happy, too. Lainey Gossip had an interesting, and rather cynical take on it. I would prefer to think of Britney finding her happiness at last. She has the right not to be what we all push her to be.

  29. soapyme says:

    I saw the picture before the headline and thought, “What on earth is Britney doing with Kevin Costner?”

  30. Criss says:

    She’s most likely not even on meds any more. She only needed them to get over how f@kd up that jerk she married was. He oviously married her for money, he and Shar probably planned the whole thing. It’s normal to go crazy when your ex is trying to take your kids away from you so that you can support him. She’s seems to be happy and there’s something sexy about this guy.

    • Jayna says:

      She’s bipolar. Of course she is on meds. It’s a lifelong illness that she will struggle with, but with the proper medication that protects her from the highs and lows of manic depressive illness and with a great emotional support system she can lead a happy and productive life. She has come from hell and back and deserves all the happiness, love, and stability she has these days.

    • Jayna says:

      I know she wants to have a baby. I hope she has a little girl.

  31. Sara says:

    She seems like the kind of person who needs to be in stable relationship. I hope he’s a nice guy.

  32. Pirouette says:

    That video is horrifying on so many levels.

  33. Snappyfish says:

    He “picked” out the ring? Did he pay for it? She paid for her ring last time. Is this a real relationship or is he “on the payroll” like Jessica’s boy?

  34. theaPie says:

    I wish them both happiness. They have been together a long time.

  35. AMY says:

    I am so happy for her!! She has had a rough go of things in her life (like most of us do), and it is so wonderful to see her so happy and in love. I wish her the very best. Love Britney, as she is the Princess of Pop :)

  36. joxjooze says:

    Never cared much about her or her music- but she went through some horrible dark times and somehow seeing her “coming back to the living”, looking all happy and shiny again- she really grew on me.
    I sooo hope that he is the right guy for her.

  37. Mimi says:

    My family and I live fairly close to Kentwood (Brit’s hometown) so we hear a lot of personal stuff about her and her family. My neighboor is Britney’s second cousin! After what I have heard about her, I have a hard time wishing her anything but the best. This woman deserves a ittle happiness in her life. I hope Jason turns out to be the right one for her. Good luck Brit!

  38. meddi says:

    Every time I see his last name, my mind reads “Trainwreck”.

    Apropos to nothing, I’m sure.

  39. Psyren says:

    I wish her the best. He seems to be really good for her.

  40. whatevs says:

    i’ve seen the photos at dlisted and she seemed really unhappy. so maybe this is a showmance or maybe brit is depressed about turning 30

    omg i just realised britney the pop teen is 30! i’m so old. btw just scrolled up and realized her boobs look so saggy in the bottom pic. why do they always insist on choosing unflattering stage costumed for her? her teams can’t do better than this?

  41. Shay Kay says:

    It’s good to read a CB post where everyone is all “I wish her the best!” You know what?So do I!

  42. Cowbell says:

    Dude looked a lot better and way less creepy before he lost the weight. JMHO

  43. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I agree with Cowbell and it is funny that Jason Trawick has the same initials as Justin Timberlake.

  44. Sassy says:

    Think about this. Brit’s parents are presumably in their 50′s. If you had a mentally ill daughter, wouldn’t you want to insure that your daughter had someone to take care of her when you were too old to do so? If Jason is a stand up guy, this marriage could give Brit the security and help she needs to get through life and raise her children. It would give a sense of peace and relief to her parents.

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