Hugh Hefner: “The Lindsay Lohan Double Issue is breaking sales records”

Sigh… so much for my belief in crack justice, and my faith in the intelligence of consumers. A few days ago, Fox News had a hilarious story about Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover, and how the issue (the December/January issue) wasn’t selling very well. The article, which I covered yesterday, seemed to be based on anecdotal information from Fox News affiliates waiting by newsstands, seeing if anyone was buying the Cracken issue. Shortly after I printed my coverage, TMZ reported that LL’s issue was “selling out all across the country” and that “newsstands in major cities like New York and Los Angeles have had to re-order the issue multiple times… Playboy is even getting re-orders from cities that usually never order more issues. Our sources say Lindsay’s appearance in the mag has also had an effect online as well … where the mag has seen a huge increase in subscription sales to their online service,” Many people (correctly) assumed that this report was likely the crack delusions of Dina Lohan, who will shill anything for anyone if you give her a cell phone and a bottle of tequila. But now Hugh Hefner is backing up TMZ’s report, sort of:

Lindsay Lohan’s nude photo spread for Playboy is helping the men’s magazine break sales records, according to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. CNN calls to a dozen newsstands in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Atlanta Sunday found just one that is sold out of the issue, and that store expected more to arrive Monday.

Lohan, 25, was reportedly paid close to $1 million to pose for the photos taken in a style reminiscent of the nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe that graced the debut issue of Playboy in 1953.

Unlike Lohan, Monroe was reportedly paid just $50 for the 1949 photo shoot that produced the image that was bought by Hefner after she became a star.

“The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records,” Hefner said in a message posted on his Twitter account Sunday.

A Playboy spokesman would not give sales numbers, but the official did say it was selling “very well.”

The Playboy gig was a rare moneymaking opportunity for Lohan, whose acting career has been hampered in the past two years by frequent trips to court, probation restrictions, extended drug rehab stints and several visits to jail.

Her legal woes stem from two drunken-driving convictions in 2007, a necklace theft conviction in 2011 and several probation violations.

[From CNN]

So, it was only sold out in one city, and that TMZ story probably was overblown, probably with some help from Dina. But Hef claims the issue is not a huge embarrassment for the Playboy brand, and I believe him. Which means that there are enough people out there who wanted a hard copy of LL’s Photoshopped T&A… which is just pathetic. I’m losing faith in humanity.

Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN, Playboy.

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  1. Snowangel says:

    Holy chip munk cheeks and puffy lips. Looks like she is having an allergic reaction to something. Someone hit her with an epipen.

  2. Victoria says:

    I’m not calling Hef a liar, but I’m just saying I don’t believe it. Ir’s the classic, “Make’em think it’s relevant and doing well so it will actually generate interest.”

    • jen says:

      Well then I will say it…Hef’s a liar.

      • The Original Mia says:


        Why would people buy the magazine when most people saw it online? And…it’s not a hot pictorial. It’s kinda bland. Nothing new to be seen. Definitely no firecrotch or anything interesting than what many have been exposed to over the years.

        Nice try, Hef! I’m not buying it literally & figuratively!

      • Ruffian9 says:

        Ya, I’m calling BS as well. “We sent each store one copy, and it SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE.”

        Hef, your pants are SO on fire.

    • taylor says:

      I bet you’re right. How sad, on Playboy’s part. They really aren’t the least bit groundbreaking anymore, are they?

      • Agnes says:

        They’re obsolete. I mean, who buys that magazine? People who don’t know free porn exists on the Internet? Haha

      • Po says:

        In Playboy’s defense, what ground is there left to break. You don’t have to wait for a magazine to see a celebrity with no clothes on, just wait until they put out their sex tape. Or if they’re trying to keep it classy they’ll just let a pic from they’re iphone get “leaked”. I think the mistake was made when no one bothered to keep the old folks at Playboy up to speed on this fact and let them spend their budget on this nonsense.

      • Blue Bear says:

        I think it is sad that in our current state, we are no longer shocked by a fully naked woman. Are we that immune to nudity? I would like to clarify if I may. I have NO problem with nudity. I think the human body is beautiful and I’m not a prudish woman who thinks that this is just trashy. Now, isn’t it a little sad that our world has gotten to a place where seeing a naked woman isn’t all that shocking anymore?

  3. Marjalane says:

    Maybe people are buying it for those “white elephant” office gift exchanges.

    • DesertRose says:

      lol . . .my husband just did this. He also made a little book of all of her planned and unplanned nudie shots, they’re both in a box together. We go to an adults only party every year and the gift exchange is always hysterical. My husband is going for the win (the most popular present wins an awesome door prize) and is so pleased with himself =)

  4. Nicole says:

    Why is her face so bloated looking? I don’t get it. She’s so slim, but her face is rounder than mine and she has a double chin.

    • Lois says:

      Some people just have double chins regardless of how slim they are or how much crack they do.

    • Seal Team 6 says:

      Coke bloat.

      • crazycatlady says:

        Is that really a thing?

        It almost looks like she had her whole face injected with fillers or something. And a chin implant is thus jutting out from behind it all.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Coke & booze bloat; it is ABSOLUTELY a real thing.

    • Pink Elephant says:

      Why the double chin on a skinny girl? I’m no doctor, but I’d imagine it’s the result of all the drinking and the drugging – classic edema. Her liver’s not functioning properly, and her body’s desperately trying to store as much water as it can hold onto. Oy!

      • EscapedConvent says:

        If she’s damaged her liver at age 25….well, it looks like she’s a couple of decades ahead of schedule. I thought it took longer to mess yourself up that much.

    • Blue Bear says:

      Believe it or not, this is the snapback. This is what a recovering addict looks like! Bloated, sickly, dull skin, dull hair (that she bleached the heck out of so it looks even worse). If she stays off the drugs she has a shot of looking like her old self again but it will take awhile and probably a good nutritionist.

    • Annie says:

      It looks almost like she’s dislocated her jaw. Stimulant use can make people grind their teeth violently causing TMJ…just sayin’. Ouch.

  5. Violet's Roses says:

    Not sure if I believe this or not. Hef could be saying this simply to boost already sagging sales. Best way to tell if the mag is selling or not is to go to a store and watch to see if anyone buys it.

  6. Silk Spectre says:

    As if Playboy/Hefner would ever admit, that this sh*t isn’t selling!!!

    This is just a set up to create some sort of (nonexisting) shortage. Because people always go nuts about limited stuff.

  7. Matie says:

    I believe it, I mean straight women/gay men might not find her hot right now, but straight men love her, you should read the comments on male-oriented websites.

    • G says:

      Like where?

    • The Bobster says:

      I don’t. Her photoshopped spread gave me a softie.

      And they paid her that much money without showing her disease-ridden Christmas cookie?

      • drawbackwards says:

        omg… that’s brilliant! there was a pic a few years back, (I know Perez showed it before he went “nice”) of one of her notorious firecrotch car exits where there is distinguishable wart.

    • Seal Team 6 says:

      You know different straight men than I do.

    • WTF says:

      but Michael Lohan doesn’t count with all his aliases 😉

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Sorry, but my 21 year-old son (straight as a ruler) doesn’t even recognise her, unless I tell him who she is.

      Yeah, not happening.

    • Amanda G says:

      Straight men loved her 5 years ago. When she was at the height of her game, curvy and a red head. Now that she’s a washed up crack whore? Not so much.

  8. Anastasia says:

    She looks really, really bad in that 1st picture. Wow.

  9. Blue says:

    Like the article said only one place was sold out and who knows how many copies they actually got. I think they are blowing it up to
    make people want to go and see what the fuss is about. I also think they are using word play by saying it is selling very well, they probably should add “for what we expected.” The last issue that Hef made a big deal about was the one with his supposed to be wife and that went in the toilet. He doesn’t want to be embarrassed again. Since LL screwed up her one PR commitment, Hef has to be the one selling it for it’s worth.

  10. truthful says:

    when I saw Hef’s tweet, I was shocked, cause I ran w/the first story and had a good laugh..

    guess not

  11. NM9005 says:

    Why would people buy that if they can view it for free? Why would people want to pay her to go naked and not show her cooch if she did it over the years for free? She showed her cooch more times than she went to jail, yet for this Playboy issue they didn’t go for it? At least give people a reason to buy it.

    Those photos are nothing compared to her previous shenanigans. I’m sure if you type “lindsay lohan naked” you can find sites who have photospreads of her nakedness through the years…Again, why buy Playboy?!

  12. Enny says:

    He wouldn’t give sales numbers, only said they were “record breaking.” Which could easily mean the issue broke records for LEAST number of issues sold. Right?

  13. Demi says:

    Yes yes yes my Lilo broke all records. She is amazing. I’m so happy for her. It was great career move. Now she is back for more and will get all what she wants to. Haters gonna hate but all they can do is lock themselfs in dark room and cry. Losers!

  14. Seal Team 6 says:

    He didn’t release official sales or circ figures, so I’m still very skeptical. Hef is know for being “creative” in how much Playmates get paid, his circulation figures, etc. And, we know how reliable WO and Crackie are. Oh, and TMZ, the Lohan Lackey.

    FYI: I have written for a national publication, and have friends who still do, and they agreed that without anything official, it’s BS. It’s like a film producer just saying their movie made X dollars, without an official box office number.

  15. Petee says:

    Her double chin is,I think,she has had liposuction somewhere.If you have lipo and gain weight it will come back somewhere else.I have seen that chin on a lot of celeb’s.

  16. Poison Ivy says:

    Oh com’ on! Of course it selled out – b/c they prolly just had 3 issues in stock to begin with. Since the internet which seller has stacks and stacks of mags? Exactly!!!

  17. PyCaramel says:

    The people who bought this magazine obviously don’t have an internet connection.

  18. mamaT says:

    breaking sales records could also be breaking the worst selling record too!

  19. E says:

    Her chin scares me. Well, her chin & her general disregard for consequences/other people. But mostly her chin.

  20. Dani says:

    I liked the other story better–the one where she was not selling covers.

  21. Tapioca says:

    It could sell – buy a copy, keep it pristine, and then when she dives head first into the Dead Pool it’ll easily fetch, erm, double on eBay. The more important question is:


    She looks like someone wore a Andy Warhol mask to a Halloween party and stood too close to a bonfire.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! People are buying it for a collectors item in order to resell when she turns up dead.

  22. logan says:

    Yep, she is a real beauty. Especially in those “I’m a goin to court again y’all” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    At least her big glasses match her big lips and big chin(s). I guess Lindsay Lohan really has hit it big!!!!!

  23. Cathy says:

    I can’t and won’t believe it. You couldn’t pay me enough money to buy that issue even for the articles. My husband used to get it in subscription, and I would read the articles and he would look at the pictures. They do have some frank articles in that magazine.

  24. theaPie says:

    She looks like she’s about ready to croak. Literally, like a frog. Ribbit.

  25. Sillyone says:

    I agree with the previous poster who said that if it is actually selling it is only because it will fetch $10 bucks on eBay after her death. (Crossing fingers on a sooner than later death)..Skipping and singing All I want for Christmas…finish it how you want.

    By the way Jessica Rabbit looks less animated and much more doable than this twat in PB.

  26. courtney says:

    I’d pay for a copy of Playboy if Hefner got Tessa Dahl Melissa Newman Joely Richardson or Jemma Redgrave and let them give their fees to charity. the swelling in Lindsey’s face is from her drinking and drug use. mind you the four women mentioned above are all related to at least one oscar winner though three are actually related to 2 each right both of Mrs Newman’s parents won both of Mrs Richardson’s Parents won and Mrs Redgrave is the Niece of Richardson’s parents. correct in order of win Joanne Woodward won best actress March 26th 1958 Tony Richardson won Best Picture and Best Director April 13th 1964 Patricia Neal won best actress April 13th 1964 Vanessa Redgrave won best Supporting Actress April 3rd 1978 and Paul Newman won best actor on his 7th nomination March 30th 1987 though he’d won life time achievement the year before and won the Jean Hershalt humanitarian award in 1994

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      It’s time for another installment of 6 degrees of Joanne Woodward/Paul Newman!

      I think I now know the true inspiration for Dustin Hoffman’s character in “Rain Man.”

      • dean travers says:

        Well, actually, you may be on target there. Be nice. This kind of single-minded focus is clearly not malicious. In this case, be nice.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Dean, I typically do not snark on people like this, but Courtney is not all innocence and fun facts. You obviously haven’t seen the threads where she calls people dumb asses or tells them to shut up. My chiding is polite as compared to what she dishes out to commenters whose opinions differ from hers. Stop in more often and I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  27. Seal Team 6 says:

    I like the next to last photo almost as much as the SCREEEEEEEEEEEE photo. Actually, it may tie that one.

  28. bagladey says:

    I can’t even bash Lindsay today because when I look at these photos I honestly feel so sad for her as the person in these pics bears no resemblance what-so-ever to the fresh, pretty, redhead Lindsay Lohan that I remember from her sucessful years. By no stretch of my imagination is that woman in those photos 25 years old and I would never describe her as “beautiful”. I imagine that Lindsay’s just going to keep looking worse and worse because she never listens to good advice, always does what she wants and always makes the wrong decision, so she’s not going to stop until she completely unrecognisable and a subject of “cosmetic surgery gone wrong”.

  29. imabrat says:

    As if the market is not inundated with enough Photoshop creatures. It’s similar to buying a painting of a mythological creature and getting off. Then again, I think that men don’t really care if a photo is an accurate representation or not..

  30. Hinckle says:

    It is a sad thought, but as some of you have already pointed out people might buy the magazine now thinking it will someday be worth a lot if Lindsay dies young like MM.

  31. Rant says:

    “Breaking sales records”, huh? What? Are they offering a complimentary bottle of Jack Daniel’s with the purchase of the Playboy issue?

  32. boo says:

    Wow, the bloat is unbelievable! Of course Lindsay insists that she does not drink, that face tells me she drinks a lot, I’m familiar with that bloat, I had it right before I got sober. She looks terrible, really sad. Not so pretty anymore, the only time she looks good is when she’s photographed and they can photoshop, other than that she looks terrible. Oh, as to Playboy, I think it was a waste of money on Hef’s part, now he has to try and save face by declaring it “a money maker”, I don’t believe that for a minute. It sucked and Hef knows it.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Her neck looks dirty in those pictures. I think she’s trying to shade the area around her chin to minimalize the appearance of bloat. Very strange.

      BTW, congrats on your sobriety.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Congrats on your sobriety. Did you see my reply to you on the previous Linnocent thread?

  33. Newtsgal says:

    It seems like HH people are lying to him about the sales being great, just like LL people lie to her and tell her she still is relevent and still has a career.

  34. Ursula says:

    Whether the issue is selling or not, the saddest part is that Playboy, Lindsey, & Hef are getting much more publicity than they ever deserved.

    I’m with you! This all definitely makes you loose faith in humanity. Sad, sad, sad!

  35. Me says:

    I have no doubt its selling well, its gotta be the top selling gag gift this holiday season

  36. judyjudy says:

    Sales or no sales, she’s nekkid in a magazine. Trashy girl is trashy.

  37. AA says:

    Just an ol pimp pushin his product.

    Notice that she’s not even sitting in chair so her legs/butt don’t flatten out… and the left lower leg looks ‘shopped to hell.

  38. Original Chloe says:

    I still can’t believe she was paid a million bucks.
    *blinks and walks away in disbelief.

  39. kit kat club says:

    Hi, new here.

    Just wanted to say this is bunch of b.s. That mag isn’t selling!

  40. Jordan says:

    “based on anecdotal information from Fox News affiliates waiting by newsstands”

    Fox News: The leader is scientifical and factual polling…lol!

    • G says:

      Of course, Hef’s PR tweets are much more factual.

      • Jordan says:

        Actually, they are since Hef runs a business, if he lies about his profits the IRS is going to have a problem with that. I’m not sure why people are surprised by this in a world where Kim Kardashian is our biggest ‘star’ and train wrecks sell more copies of tabloids then happy endings do. Look where you are, I’ll bet the train wrecks get more comments than the non-train wrecks and you didn’t click on this story because you’re NOT interested in Lindsey Lohan.

      • Seal Team 6 says:

        Hef doesn’t run a business, his kids do.

      • Carolyn says:

        Hef doesn’t do anything in the business unless it’s a PR pic or story. He wouldn’t even be the one tweeting. His children have run the biz for years. And stuffing it up too. They don’t have the smarts to change it into something relevant. All this free PR is fine but if it doesn’t translate into sales $ it’s worthless.

    • G says:

      A tweet is hardly an income statement. It’s a PR statement.

      In fact Playboy Mag sales have been in the toilet for some time. Sales were down a crushing 34% last year. That whole division is in jeopardy.

      As for why I’m here. Lindsay’s excellent and entertaining tabloid fodder. Even if I was a sad loser, that wouldn’t change that fact that getting hits from sad losers is how Lindsay makes a living.

    • Seal Team 6 says:

      I loathe Fox News, but the Fox affiliates are a totally different animal. Ours often has very good investigative reporting for consumer rights.

      • Jordan says:

        The actual Fox article had less investigative reporting and more here is my conclusion and now let me find a way to back it up. There was no mention of how many stores they visited, how they chose the stores, or who they asked about the sales (was it a clerk that may not be there all day or a manager with actual numbers to back it up) and it wasn’t even clear why they were doing it except to write a hit piece. I agree with you, I loathe Fox News and this is why.

  41. skuddles says:

    What is going on with this chick’s face?? Those ridiculous lips, the bugs bunny teeth, the prominent chin waddle… what a huge contrast to the photoshopped-to-death Playboy pics.

  42. UKHels says:

    I hate that cover photograph – it’s just so…awkward looking

    seriously who would buy this?

  43. the original bellaluna says:

    Who to believe? A senile old perv trying to save face or a drunk/high pimp-mom?


    (scrolling up to read the comments now)

    • Madisyn says:

      Mornin Ladies

      I smell WO’s gin-soaked ass on this one.

      If a story is positive or ‘pro Blohan’, its ‘source’ is WO. Period.

  44. JM says:

    Look at the pretty nose they photoshopped on her and then at her real nose in the first pic of her wearing the glasses. I used to root for her comeback, now I think she is a loser and a lost cause..

  45. mariaj says:

    Those lips…Lindsay, Lindsay, you were so pretty.

    But, seriuosly, after seen too much women plum their lips in a obscene way, i would like to ask you to the men if they LIKE that way: do you really like those kind of duck lips, men? Or is just a ( sick) female obsession?

    Cause i just can’t figure out what is, why some women ( and some men) have to do that to themself.

    • jensational says:

      even better is that her lip lady forgot to inject the corners of her mouth. Look to the right and you’ll see where she missed both corners, LOL. Her mouth is lopsided.

  46. Violet's Roses says:

    Enny, if you aren’t a lawyer, you should be one. Brilliant suggestion about which record was broken. We really don’t know, do we? I suspect that Hef would be desperate enough to lie in order to keep his magazine from losing massive amounts of money on this issue. And who can blame him? He really did get screwed on the early-release.

  47. Nan says:

    Kaiser, I think I lose faith in humanity piece by piece. Every time I think my faith is gone, humanity does something else to make me realize the bottom is a lot lower than I thought.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Nan, it’s a lot like property management: Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone comes along and proves you wrong.

      (I thought the hot-tub in the living room of an upstairs apartment was it. Then I had the DEA raid of a resident who was forging prescriptions for Oxy in violation of her parole. THEN I had the bath-tub meth lab. I think that was the topper! Haz-mat crew walking around looking like something in a lab that works with Ebola and sh!t. AMAZING.)

  48. JH says:

    Also, Why are they talking about more people subscribing because of blohan?

    Like people are committing to a magazine for 6/12 months just because of a spread that they have already seen for free? It doesn’t make sense.

    And before everything else, Hef is a business man. What else could he say after the mediocre photos, the leak and the Ellen screw-up?

  49. Maggs says:

    I don’t usually condone or promote violence but…I just wanna punch her in the face on a regular basis.

  50. Jover says:

    Comments are just too good; original bellaluna my 23 yr old son and his friends have absolutely no interest in this don’t even look at playboy and don’t pay much attention to a lot of pop culture – they find MMA ring girls sexy, not this sad creature.

    • Lady D says:

      Ditto my 23-year-old Jover. Unless I point her out, he can’t recognize her and then he just shudders and asks me not to show him anymore pictures of her, ever.

      • Michelle says:

        I don’t have a son but I do have a 21 yr old bf. Whenever he sees pictures of her he makes Gollum-y monster sounds 😛

  51. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Well the general consensus from the guys I know is that Lohan is disgusting but that they would still do her. Based on this information, yes I DO believe it.

    • dean travers says:

      Totes! Very few men would honestly turn down a filthy bang with a high-profile, chesty chick who is down for whatever. Come on! What’s not to love? You can even sell your story and make some money in the bargain. Hell, I’m considering it myself….(nowhere near as asexual and ferrety as SamRo though so I need to work on that…)

  52. Turtle Dove says:

    Kaiser, don’t you find the timing of the TMZ report interesting though? You post that thread and then a short (and I mean short) time later TMZ throws up it’s post. It’s not a coincidence.

  53. Firecracker says:

    So which is it? Not selling, or sold out? I’m going with not selling.

  54. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Folks , have you ever head a watermelon salesman with a truck load of overheaded and 2 weeks watermelon saleing them as hot and w weeks old ? No sir ree, he will be hawking the watermelons as the freshest best watermelon in the world and he’s sold five truck loads already cause the are going so fast…That Lindsay issue is his overheated watermelons, and he is going say anything and pay stores anything to sell those sucker before he is stuck with a truck load of rotten watermelons…!!

  55. mary simon says:

    WTF with that face, chin and lips freakshow. And the putty romper room sunglasses really complete the look. Nobody wants to see that naked OR clothed. No way anyone is buying that magazine – especially with all the photos that Lindsay sold being on line. I never met a single guy who finds her attractive.

  56. Garoto says:

    Widdle Windsay’s poor spread’s no success,
    What Hef was thinking is anyone’s guess.
    She emulated Monroe!
    The hype started to grow!
    But the results make one puke, nonetheless.

    Widdle Windsay, Playboy’s troubled pick,
    Was hired to give low sales a strong kick.
    But the issue’s a bust,
    The mags just collect dust,
    Cuz it’s selling like shit on a stick.

  57. sally says:

    I don’t doubt this may be selling out in a few markets, but the reason isn’t that people really want to see a naked Lindsay Lohan. It’s a highly publicized novelty item, guaranteed to get some attention around the water cooler, that’s all.

  58. JFS61 says:

    Can she even close her lips together anymore?

  59. wunder says:

    Good thing Playboy photoshopped her double chin!

  60. Havik says:

    If Playboy wanted to make any money off LL, they’d publish the unphotoshopped versions! People love to be grossed out.

  61. Callumna says:

    Don’t lose faith in humanity yet. Well, not for this. Jury’s out on humanity, but Hef’s a lying fibbing old timey pornographer trying to pretend the coroner’s assistant’s leaked, old freckle snatch is selling hard copies?

    Nobody pays for loose cows.

    A Playboy spokesman would not give sales numbers, but the official did say it was selling “very well.”

    These days they always release figures if they’re good. If they’re bad you claim to be “breaking records” because technically this is the best selling double issue of a coroner’s assistant’s old firecrotch of all times.

  62. WTF says:

    she’s starting to look like Mindy McCready..

    • Annie says:

      IMO she looks worse than Mindy. I can’t stand Mindy either, but I think she could be pretty again if she lost weight and cleaned herself up. Lindsay has totally done gone jacked her face up and I get the feeling that it’s permanent damage like with Fergie.

  63. whatevs says:

    there goes my faith in humanity

  64. Devon says:

    It is entirely possible that some locations are selling out of this issue. I used to work for a magazine distribution centre and for the most part, places OTHER than book stores will only get 10 or so issues. Lots of time, they won’t sell all 10 so if Hef is saying they are breaking records, they could be selling out of 10 issues. That’s not stellar.

    I really doubt that they are going to make their money back on this one. Lindsay is a washed up piece of trash who peaked at 18. No one I know wants to see this hooker naked. My husband, who has trashy taste in celeb crushes (what does that say about me? lol), gagged when he saw her spread. He called her disgusting. And he’s right. She has no disernable talents left and the only way she can make any money is by selling her body whether it’s for sex acts or photographs. No one wants to work with her, she’s uninsurable and a complete cunty asshole.

  65. Patty says:

    Stupid chick’s been f–king with her lips to the point where she can’t close her mouth.

  66. dorothy says:

    If thats true then I’m amazed. Why would anybody pay for pictorial of her halfway nude when you can google pics of her “firecrotch” any where on the web.

  67. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I don’t believe this, he is delusional, he is the same man is was going to marry a 25 year old who he believed really love him. Delusional is Hef and it can be dementia as well.

  68. hillbilly in the corner says:

    I can’t understand why anybody would think he would say anything else…..

    He’s going say is selling like hotcakes because its his money on the table ….

    He would be the stupidiest man in the world to say anything else..he has enough of a mess to clean up then to add to it…..

    • LeeLoo says:

      Exactly. He has a lot riding on this issue. But let’s face it, Playboy is over and this only proves it. Especially since he is not releasing figures.

  69. marie says:

    You’ve got to be kidding? People would spend money on buying that awful issue when they can look at a few pics online for free. The days of playboy are over.

  70. whatevs says:

    yeah, i believe every word of this “news” tbqh

  71. Adrien says:

    Selling more than 10 copies of Playboy is already breaking sales records.

  72. Tierra says:

    This is definitely a PR move. Funny how TMZ’s article and Heff’s tweet came within hours of the Fox news report and celebitchy’s article. Heff is trying to save face but hyping the sales. Just like he let LL inflate the amount she was actually paid for that mess.
    Obviously no one is buying the mag or heff and Dina’s delusions

  73. LeeLoo says:

    There is no way that this issue has sold. Because we would be hearing of multiple cases of people blinding themselves after taking a look at Crackie naked. I don’t care how photoshopped those photos of her are, she looks so…ewwwwwwwwwww!

  74. Bobby sue says:

    Looking at these pictures of her makes me tremendously sad. What a waste. I hope the person who posted about the “snapback” is correct and this is her on the way to cleaning-up?

  75. sabine says:

    Does anybody find this bloated, pale fishface attractive??