Did Madonna choose her orphan based on HIV status

You’ve undoubtedly heard already that Madonna went on Oprah yesterday to defend her controversial adoption. She never bothers to defend the other controversial things she does, but now that an infant is involved she must realize that her earning status is threatened by this PR fiasco.

I have not seen clips from the show yet, and am waiting until they hit YouTube, but she makes somewhat of a point by saying that the press is putting words in the half-orphan’s father’s mouth, and that he’s being manipulated into saying he didn’t understand the adoption. He did clarify that he doesn’t want Davie to come back, but that he didn’t really understand that adoption means legally signing his child away. That makes sense to me, and I think he’s just explaining that it was fast-tracked and that he wasn’t told the full truth.

In Madonna’s statements on Oprah yesterday, she said that David was suffering from pneumonia when she picked him up and that she whisked him off to a clinic to get him an antibiotic shot and treatment. She mentioned that she had David and several other orphans tested for HIV and other medical conditions. Does this mean that she only gave the go-ahead for the adoption after she learned his HIV status?

She brought a pediatrician to test all of the children’s health for their overall well being, and later learned that David tested negative for tuberculosis, malaria, HIV and other common illnesses striking African orphans.

Why did she test all of the children unless she was going to select one based on their medical status? If she just wanted Davie and fell in love with him after seeing his picture as she claims, wouldn’t she have only had him tested? Did she give medical treatment to any of the other orphans based on the pediatrician’s findings, or does she think that a glass of Kabbalah water will cure them?

She also said that none of David’s extended family had visited him at the orphanage during his entire stay there. At first this sounds like it contradicts Yohane Banda’s statements that he regularly biked the 25 mile round trip to see his son and play with him. Notice she used the word “extended,” though, and that David’s father is immediate, not extended, family. She is trying to justify snatching David by saying that no one else visited him apart from his father.

Madonna is justifying her usual outlandish behavior, and said that there were no laws that she flouted by taking the child out of the country. There were definitely laws that she was required to stay in Malawi for 18 months in order to adopt a child, and at the very least she is bending the truth by claiming there weren’t.

She said she couldn’t understand why people are outraged at her adoption and that she didn’t want to discourage other people from trying to adopt. She also admitted that she doesn’t read newspapers or watch television. That’s ridiculous, and shows how proud she is of her haughty ignorance. She routinely bashes Bush and Christianity. I guess her opinions are based on how she feels about things, and not facts or current information. (I hate Bush too, and he also admits to never reading a newspaper, but Madonna is just as bad if she attempts to influence the public but can’t be bothered to try and keep up with current events.)

Madonna tried to do damage control on Oprah yesterday, and it was partially successful. Audience members note that she seemed upset and tried to maintain composure. Her statements seem snotty and defensive to me, though, and by admitting that she doesn’t understand the controversy and that there were no laws barring her behavior, she makes it clear how she could flout adoption regulations and snag an infant with a father without batting an eye.

Pictures from Oprah.com and Just Jared.

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  1. coalharbourqt says:

    First! I saw the interview today and she had already started the adoption process for David before getting any test results, is the way I understood it. I don’t recall her saying that she had any other babies tested – that’s just someone trying to create needless drama, as usual. I did gather that she was trying to provide medicine, etc. for the other kids (500!) in the orphanage, so quit bashing!!!

  2. Celebitchy says:

    The source is the official Oprah website, you can verify this by following the link above the quote. So either she said that or the Oprah team added that detail later.

  3. coalharbourqt says:

    You’re reading it out of context to what she was discussing in the interview… as so often happens in the media. I watched the whole interview. If you pay attention to the words “for their overall well-being” and “later learned” in the quote it points to the context of the discussion. The bottom line is that she didn’t know his status until well after the process had begun for his adoption (ie: LATER LEARNED), but because his health was so precarious they were encouraged to not set their heart on only David as an adoptee. Along the way if they helped get some medical attention to the incredibly ill children in the orphanage I’d hardly call that a bad thing (ie: FOR THEIR OVERALL WELL-BEING). But you’ll read into it what you want because it makes a much more sensationalized headline of course!

  4. Tinkerbelle says:

    If Madonna did choose this little one because he tested negative for HIV, would that be so horrible? I couldn’t imagine bringing a child into my life and have my heart break over and over again because of his or her health. I watched an uncle suffer from AIDS for years and couldn’t imagine it.

  5. AC says:

    At least he will have a good home and lovely parents. Madonna may be a wako but… she’s a good parent.

  6. Lee says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. Obviously from the pictures the child is already doing better in her care then at the orphanage. She adopted a child and saved him from a life of hardships and struggling. What is wrong with that. And the HIV testing? Yes I understand why she would do that. She is protecting her family from heartbreak. So how about we just lay this subject to rest because it’s getting really boring. And it’s all the media can talk about because there is nothing else more interesting happening in the world? Please give me a break.

  7. kbean says:

    First, let me say I’m not a huge Madonna fan. I kind of loath her. But, I saw the Oprah interview and I thought she was genuinely explaining what happened and that she really truly loves that cute little boy. After all of the press – the father seems to have been bought out by tabloids and has changed his story numerous times. I think there are several truths 1) of course the biological father loves David and wouldn’t want to give him up, but as a single man in an impoverished culture, he did what he thought best. It happens all the time in the US, teenage girls give their child a better life. Unfortunately, she is a gazillionaire, that people love to hate, so its was just more broadcast than the other thousands of cases 2) I think that with two other children to consider, the responsible thing to do would be to have him tested for any highly transmittable, highly contagious diseases. Come on, I’m as liberal as the next gal, but lets be honest.

    So, I for one am feeling like she’s doing the best thing for a child she appears to love deeply. She’s still a total twit though.

  8. Action says:

    It must be happy huggy day on Celebitchy cause look at all the people coming to Madonna’s defense. I can’t stand the broad and I think everything she does is for media attention. I can only hope that little one will be brought up to be normal, but in Madonna’s care, I don’t see that happening!!!

  9. Sayit says:

    Right on, Kbean! I’m with you sister . . . Seriously, what is all this fuss about? The fact that there’s even a dialogue about this is indicative of her celebrity. Had she never decided to go to Malawi, or had she never decided to do something important and meaningful with her wealth . . would the majority of us even know the state of things in this often overlooked African country?? Seriously, anyone who has anything negative to say in regards to her adoption who has never done a damn thing in his/her life to aid anyone in any of these impoverished African countries better shut-up. Because until you have, you’re automatically a hypocrite in contributing your “2 cents” on the matter. Nobody would have given a rat’s ass – or been the wiser of the state of this family’s well-being. Most of you would have still thought that Malawi was a drink from Hawaii had it not been for this story. Frankly, Madonna irks the piss out of me, but at least she’s doing something!! Not only is she setting up an organization in Malawi to aid its people there, she has taken one in to her home and family to give him a better life. What have you done?
    . . . Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  10. Celebitchy says:

    I used to think this was not a big deal and you can read what I wrote about it on earlier posts and comments. People adopt babies from other countries all the time, how is this different, I thought. Then maybe I was influenced by the media (although I like to think I made up my own mind) and was annoyed that Madonna was so clearly skirting the law to get this baby. Now she’s like “oh, there weren’t any laws,” but that’s just not true. She also said none of the boys extended family visited him at the orphanage. Why is she mincing words here? Oh – because she doesn’t want to say that the father went there repeatedly.

    Now I understand what you guys are saying about Madonna giving Davie a better life, and you’re right. It just doesn’t seem right to me that she did it without adhering to local law and is now trying to act like those laws didn’t exist.

    From the way everyone’s opinion changed so quickly, it’s clear that Madonna’s PR appearance on Oprah worked.

    Let’s move on to Anna Nicole Smith now, who should get her kid taken away by social services.

  11. Toubrouk says:

    This reeks the perfume of “Spin Control”. She wasen’t live at the show, so we can’t tell if she was alone or coatched behind the scenes.

    I don’t saw the interview but I feel that justifying at a distance is quite fishy for me. Why dint she came to the studio? She was afraid of something?

  12. Oxnard says:

    Just look at the little boys eyes in the last picture and then look at him in the third one…that’s all that really matters that he’s happy and well taken care of!

  13. Mr. T says:

    Madonna is just a media whore and who cares what this media slut does anymore is beyond me. Madonna can stay in England.

  14. millie says:

    I don’t like Madonna at all though I respect what she’s accomplished (having so little talent.. ;) but I don’t hold this against her. Personally, with two other children at home, I wouldn’t adopt an HIV-positive child myself. I wish I could, but the honest answer is that I would probably also look for a relatively healthy child.

  15. lelo says:

    Give her a break, she gave this child a good home, the media has nothing better to do than rip on her. Why doesn’t everyone condeming her adopt a baby then comment, because they’re to busy sitting around getting fat like the rest of America.

  16. Action says:

    Lelo, funny you mention that–I just got done with a really wonderful workout.

    Let me ask, have you adopted a baby? Cause you seem to have a lot of comments yourself.

  17. kbean says:

    Come on guys, like I said, I don’t like her either. But if you had the opportunity to skirt the system a bit/or a lot to get the child you’ve become attatched to an love into a good/loving/safe environment, wouldn’t you? oh…i’d also go into a night club and not wait in a long line if i could and cut in the bathroom line too. i mean, who hasn’t gone into a men’s bathroom to avoid waiting in the dreadful “one stahl” women’s lines before at a bar??? same thing…on a different scale. don’t be so righteous.

    she’s in a PR nightmare yes, but this is way out of control.

  18. bgirl says:

    Toubrouk-Madonna didn’t go to the studio because she’s in London. When she went to pilates class, she was vilified. It would have been even worse if she had flown to Chicago, so of course she wasn’t live.

    And to add to the conversation about the father, Madonna claims that they had trouble finding any family member, so perhaps the father wasn’t visiting as often as the media originally claimed.

  19. HateHypocrites says:

    I think the real root of this issue is who she is. What she has desecreted, humilitated, demoralized and denounced. Now, we are supposed to forget all that and see her as a loving parent. I have a long-term memory and can’t see her for anything but the low-life slut she is.

    Just because someone has money does not a good parent make.

    Madonna = Mommie Dearest part deux

  20. Action says:

    I don’t understand what’s so righteous about following the law. Adoption laws were made to protect the innocent. I’m not saying they always make a ton of sense or that there isn’t a lot of red tape. But, they should be followed, not skirted.

  21. lelo says:

    66% of American’s are obese, so it’s a fact. I’m glad you just worked out most American don’t based on factuial statitics of how fat and complicant our country has become. If you’re overweight, I’m sorry I may have upset you, regardless good for you for working out.

    You missed the point of what I was saying, my point was anyone that condems her for adopting, should not do so until they have been in her shoes. I am not condeming her, but I do have 2 foster children… what is your point?

  22. lelo says:

    Also,what does your working out have to do w/ what I said, do you think you represent the majority, you do in the sense that you read things into what I’m saying, or you’re email would reflect that.

  23. lelo says:

    Who cares what Madonna does on stage, she’s a performer. People need to stop talking celebrities seriously, it’s called entertainment and acting for a reason.

  24. kbean says:

    Yes, laws were made for be followed, however, the reality of it is that some laws, rules are too inflexible. jaywalking, speed limits (so what if you’re going 5mph over), life isn’t black and white, do you think making that child sit in an orphanage for another 9 mos would be better? i for one don’t think so.

  25. kbean says:

    + + there is no evidence or suggestion that madonna is mommy dearest. she’s an A type personality that is unapologetic and rude at times. are we living in salem or what now?

  26. lelo says:

    If you “Hatehyprocrites” try not sounding like one. That was all many years ago, but I’m sure you’ve never done anything you regret. Whatever she does for entertainment has nothing to do w/ what type of mother she is. Why do you read about so many CHRISTIAN Leaders getting caught molesting children, don’t judge a book by it’s cover if you don’t want to sound like a hypocrite.

  27. lelo says:

    Please, are you serious sitting around calling someone you’ve never met a low-life slut, LOL! Maybe you were a slut or your neighbor, does that make them a bad parent. How can you possibly sit behind some hypocritial name (you need to look up the definition for hypocrite) like “Hatehypocrites” and stop judging. It’s words like yours that make this a negative world. If you’re so angry about someone you’ve never met, you need to revaluate your own morals and values.

  28. lelo says:

    With all the children in the world abused and mistreated, why don’t people get outraged about that… instead of Madonna adopting. There is something very sad about all this attention on someone trying to do good and not enough on all the REAL bad parents out there.

  29. lelo says:

    Who said she wasn’t following the law, are you her atty, have you seen the actual paper work…please!

  30. lelo says:

    Action, Also, how do you know what Malawi law is in regards to adoption and how do you know she didn’t follow it, people are silly.

  31. Alex says:

    let’s get over it. wealthy and privileged people are always going to do what they want when they want. in this case the little boy is clearly going to have a better life in madonna’s care than if he’d been left in Malawi.it’s just too damn bad that these american celebs don’t take care of the poor and suffering in this country first. been to a Navajo res lately, madonna? last time I checked, there was indescribable poverty and suffering right here in the good old USA.

  32. chic mommy says:

    I haven’t seen the Oprah show yet, but recorded it yesterday. I saw a snippet on the news though, with Madge talking in her fake British accent, but I’m curious to find out why Madge chose to adopt a child whose father was still alive.

  33. Mr. T says:

    I hope the black hole of the universe swallows these two boobs once and for all.

  34. xiaoecho says:

    No-one’s mentioned the priest. how do we know he didn’t mislead both the father and Madonna. There was a lot of money at stake.

    What’s worrying is that third world parents are having their children adopted and taken out of the country before being properly informed of the consequences. Remember Maddox’s grandmother was not aware of what her daughter had done and tried to get Mad back (Angie paid her off)

    It’s the attitude of the first world nations that third world children are a commodity and there to be consumed that sticks in my craw.
    Yes one gives a child a better life but it would be just as easy(considering the cost of bringing up a child) to give the whole family a better life in their own country.

  35. Jess says:

    This child will have a better life because of Madonna, no one is arguing that. We’ll all have to remeber that in 16 years while we’re all sitting here reading all the celeb kids gone wild gossip.

    It’s the fact that she’s using a human life as a PR tool that’s sickening. Adoption is great, and these kids are indeed getting a life of priviledge. But it just seems sick to me that it’s become “trendy” to adopt. And like it was mentioned before, how about helping people in your own country? Oh ya, because having a cute little ethnic orphan is in style, not a plain, boring American one. Go ahead and call racism if you want too, but true is true.

    I wish these celebs would just stick to throwing gobs of money at causes to make the world a better place (and get their good press) instead of collecting kids and (most likely) turning them into spoiled brats.

    I agree with you, Celebitchy, and I don’t think you were twisting any words. You just weren’t snow balled.

  36. coalharbourqt says:

    Jess (and all the rest of you) – if you had watched the whole interview you would have learned that she had started a foundation in Malawi to assist the orphanages there long before she decided to adopt. Furthermore, the adoption process has been followed and has been lengthy, so it seems that she initiated the proceedings long before it became “trendy” to do so. The only exception that has been made is that the interim adoption period of 18 months has begun in England, and not Malawi.

    Madonna isn’t just plucking a child out of a life of poverty for publicity – she’s been over there during the past few years (without a bunch of publicity!!) trying to improve conditions for many orphans, who are living a life of poverty beyond anything a North American will ever experience.

    In North America it is the governments’ faults that the wealth isn’t distributed more evenly. In Africa there just ISN’T any wealth to distribute. They don’t even have clean water which is essential for health.

    Why not read and educate yourselves a bit better about the situation over there, and do something positive like sign up to Make Poverty History or make a donation to One.org, instead of bashing Madonna for doing something positive.

  37. Action says:

    Lelo, the fact of the matter is that you seem to be obsessed with weight. You seem to like to talk about fat Americans. As a matter of fact, I’m NOT fat (and not just denying it either), I’m quite fit. I’m not a skinny rail and nor do I want to be.

    The fact is, fat Americans really have nothing to do with Madonna’s adoption issues. Yet somehow, you always seem to like to bring it around to that.

  38. Jess says:

    How old is Maddox, 4 or 5? Because that little cutie was what started the “trend”. And I’m quite sure that Madonna hasn’t been in the process for 4 years.

    And Madonna’s foundation – while physically helping these people, no doubt about it – is also just a way for her to stuff that Kabbalah shit down the throats of needy and impressionable people.

    I am educated and I donate to causes I beleive it, thank you. That doesn’t change the fact that celebs use charity for publicity. Good, bad, whatever – it’s true. I think it’s wonderful that people in need are getting help, but it doesn’t change my opinion – which we are all entitled too, by the way – about the person donating or their motivations.

  39. Action says:

    Well said, Jess, and I completely agree with you.

    Lelo, are you sure you aren’t actually Madonna? You sure do seem to think she’s the best thing since sliced bread with the way you are defending her. Blinded much or just a Kabbalah devotee?

  40. frewtloop says:

    Exactly Alex but adopting Navajo babies is not the cause Du Jour. Madonna likes to think she’s a maverick trend setter but isn’t.

  41. xiaoecho says:

    Angie spotted Maddox when she was in Cambodia filming Beyond Borders with Clive Owen.
    Celebs go to exotic destinations because they’re jaded, see the poverty and want to help.I’m sure they really do love the children they adopt, but it’s almost as if they are rescuing a sick kitten. It’s the arrogance of assuming those children are at their disposal if they throw money at the local cause. Human life should not be for sale, even indirectly

  42. moi says:

    coalharbourqt you speak the truth. You’re well informed and well spoken.

    I’m not a Madge fan, but I don’t watch TV, read the paper, like hypocritcal religious zealots or Bush either. I think I’ll have her to tea…and yes Virgina (Action) there is a Santa Claus and Americans ARE fat. It’s in the google news every freakin’ day! It’s a fact.

    Why do people insist on being miserable and negative when someone’s intention is to help? Oh, when that person is famous or rich and you’re envious!

    If adopting young people is a trend…so be it…beats leg warmers.

  43. Jamie says:

    Personally, I think the child is in critical danger. The child will now be brought up in the Kabbalah religion which is nothing more than a cult. Not only that, he will be raised thinking Jesus is someone to make fun of just as his mother does. What is so bad is that according to reports, the father was told Madonna was “a good Christian woman.” PLEASE!!! Good Christian women do not mount themselves to a disco cross and mock the the Crucifixion. I just hope when the boy gets older, he realizes the hoax that is the Kabbalah religion. If not, his soul is in everlasting danger.

  44. Viv says:

    Holy shit.

    Uh, how bout those (INSERT LATEST SPORTS TEAM HERE)?

    There are so many personal attacks on this forum, we’re here to attack/defend Madonna and get gossip… not adopt babies, or donate, or get fat in front of the computer (or maybe we are).

    Anyway I wish someone would adopt me, even if it a tool like Madonna. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about law school and I could spend all my time watching the whole Oprah interview. Please. Hahaha.

  45. Viv says:

    Okay I’m a hypocrite, my bad =)

  46. marines all the way says:

    Damn you shallow people, just let it go; for crying out loud. You are all hypocritical heartless shallow poor excuses for human beings. Instead of arugeing about Madoona’s latest “scandal” why can’t you people be happy for that little one. Then pull your heads out of your butts, and start shouting out at more important issues, ask questions. For example, why is HIV still spreading? Or why can’t we help our country when we ourselves are facing poverty. Then ask yourselves if wars waged really solve problems, or just cause more poverty.

  47. Action says:

    Marines, of course I don’t agree with a single word you said, but I’m glad to see that you are alive! I was starting to worry about you!!! :) Now quit scaring all of us like that!!!

    *waves finger at you*

  48. Poor Boopie says:

    I hope Madonna adopts 12 more and Brangelina too! So what if the nannies are helping to raise them – they have a much better shot at life than they would sitting in a mudhole in middle Africa starving and disease ridden.

  49. Poor Boopie says:

    AND….. I agree 100% with Marines All The Way!

  50. lelo says:

    Well, I’ve only wrote one email here and yes, I’m sick of going any place and just seeing fat american’s, at my children’s school, costco, if you’ve read a paper you realize it is an epidemic in America, creating huge health issues. THis is for fun, you put way too much thought into. Besides, blogs are for voicing one’s opionion, that is the point.

  51. lelo says:

    Well, I’ve only wrote one email here and yes, I’m sick of going any place and just seeing fat american’s, at my children’s school, costco, if you’ve read a paper you realize it is an epidemic in America, creating huge health issues. THis is for fun, you put way too much thought into. Besides, blogs are for voicing one’s opionion, that is the point.

  52. lelo says:

    Well, I’ve only wrote one email here and yes, I’m sick of going any place and just seeing fat american’s, at my children’s school, costco, if you’ve read a paper you realize it is an epidemic in America, creating huge health issues. Blogs aRE for fun, you AND voicing one’s opionion, that is the point.

  53. lelo says:

    aCTION, YOU MISSED THE POINT OF MY EMAIL, FIRST i NEVER SAID i LIKE mADONNA, that is irrelevent. I applaud her for adopting a needy child, why should she be attacked for it, by people who know nothing about what she went through to do it. Are you a teenager, you sound like one.

  54. lelo says:

    I’m a buddhist, please!

  55. Sayit says:

    Wow. Everyone has his/her 2 cents to contribute on this one! Celebitchy, I uderstand “your grievance” concerning the “letter of the law” but if you knew how half the things were run in Africa, you would realize what a compete joke that is!!! Africa harbors some of the most corrupt countries of the world, so for you to use this as your main arguing point, is at best . . . weak. But perhaps, this is furthering your point that he/she who has money . . . has power. This is a pretty universal truth, and not exclusive to celebrities. Difference is, we know about it when the benefits of manifests itself because it’s all over the tabloids the next day. It just so happens that in this case, the beacoup-bucks belonged to the most highly recognized woman in the world.
    And for the rest of you . . . go donate some money to UNICEF! With all the effort you’ve put in to bitching about this -back and forth, and back and forth . . . you could have used the same energy towards making one african baby have a better home – and a better life:) *wink* Peace and love.

  56. coalharbourqt says:

    Exactly what I was saying earlier. One.org and Make Poverty History are two other excellent organizations that I strongly support and want to bring to everyone’s attention (since you’re all so concerned about the plight of children in Africa).

    Might I also mention that as much as everyone says that celebrities use charities for publicity, it’s exactly that level of their celebrity that also GIVES the charities some publicity. It’s a two way street people!

    Interestingly, I notice that nobody bashes Bob Geldof or Bono for THEIR charity work, even though it garners them good publicity as well. But, as is the case, there’s a double-standard against women in the media – as soon as a woman does something for charity she’s accused of seeking publicity. What a bunch of hypocrites!

  57. Action says:

    Lelo, must you really post the same thing three times in a row? Watch out for that caps lock key, it likes to stick.

    Fat is an epidemic, I completely agree. However, you sure do seem obsessed with it!

    Good for you for applauding Madonna for adopting this baby! Way to go!

    I think she did it for publicity. Will he have a better life now? Sure will! I’m just hoping he can have a ‘normal’ one growing up with such a nut-case as Madonna. Here’s hoping that the loads of money she has can afford a well-rounded nanny who can offset her wacked out lifestyle.

    As for my age, it’s honestly none of your business. I think like you sound like an old-bitty, but you don’t see me guessing your age! I know you can’t be THAT old since you have kids in school, but to me you sound like you’re 85 talking about all those ‘young spoiled fat’ people.

  58. Viv says:

    If it makes you feel better, I donate to One and I’m not keen on Bono either.

    Wasn’t Buddha kind of rotund? Maybe you should go with a more svelte god if you’re concerned about the fat epidemic, go start a free jazzercise club for fat people. Jesus H…

    Man, I’m kind of snippy today. I better take a rest from studying and start partying. Happy Friday.

  59. coalharbourqt says:

    Viv – never said I don’t like Bono – I’m a huge fan of his music AND his charity work. I just think there’s such a double standard in the media and in people overall. When a man does charity work he’s doing something good, but when a woman does charity work (or adopts an impoverished child) she gets raked over the coals.

    Anyway, the initial question was whether Madonna adopted David based on his HIV status (NO!) and it has spiralled off into a whole different discussion (LeLo – the fat thing – WTF? Stay on topic or start your own blogsite)…

  60. Elisha says:

    I didn’t read all of these posts defending Madonna (that may or may not be from the same people; or from Kaballists sabotaging boards Scientology-style)… but I just wanted to say something that Howard Stern said. I know most of you probably aren’t Stern fans, but I am a broadcaster and really look up to him. I thought I’d share it since Celebitchy is still so down on Madonna skirting local laws: “It just doesn’t seem right to me that she did it without adhering to local law and is now trying to act like those laws didn’t exist.” I agreed with you, but Stern changed my mind. He said if you get a faster adoption because you give them a bunch of money for the orphanage, so be it. The kids that aren’t being adopted need care and attention too. Madonna’s helping make that possible; albeit with a bribe but who cares? Let those other babies at least live in a nicer orphanage and be schooled (yeah, yeah so it’s Kaballah schooling… that’s lame. But it’s school they otherwise wouldn’t have had). So while I saw CB’s side, I now kind of agree with STern.

  61. Viv says:

    While I do believe that there is a double standard of women in the media and the hypocrisy of it is quite damning, I was merely protesting the fact that Bono is hated amongst some of the population… namely ME. I think his charity work is a load of crap and the crux of my post besides damning Lelo for not liking the big-boned and gigantasaurs of this world (Hello, Lelo) was to point out that my agitation for all celebrities knows no discrimination.

    And Lelo’s fat thing and being Buddhist is great. I’m a fellow Buddhist too and I’d really like to know what temple Lelo frequents… so I can cross it off my list of donations.

  62. Action says:

    Viv, you are HILAROUS (And yes, I meant for the caps lock, thanks.)

    I agree with Bono, too. Honestly, I love that celebrities donate money, time and energy. I especially appreciate the ones that do it quietly under-the-table and not to gain recognition. Of course, that’s a dilemma since I can’t really SAY which ones are doing it. It’s the ones that are so publicly giving that it’s for the attention. I will give that a few celebrities are stalked SO MUCH by the press that I don’t know if there WOULD be a way to give their time without the press finding out. But, for the most part, those celebrities we see in the press giving to charities are doing it for the spot light. At least that’s my two cents.

    And, while I think adoption is a great thing, I don’t view it quite as a charitable cause. It affects the life of a child deeply and forever (hopefully for the better). It’s not just throwing $$$ at a cause and walking away. It’s affecting a life that really doesn’t have any say in the matter. I’m not saying this boy is worse off with Madonna than he is back home. But he’s not a charity, it’s a change in life for him, Madonna and her family. I think it’s bigger than charity and really shouldn’t be called charity work. Work is something you leave at the end of the day or can walk away from. Adding an addition to your family is a HUGE step and a BIG deal and shouldn’t be taken lightly (not that I’m saying Madonna has, although going to work out the day your kid comes home isn’t the best choice). It should never be for the fame, the applause, the spotlight, because it makes you feel good–it should be because you love the little fella and want to have a new member of your family. It should be for no other reason than that. So I’m really hoping Madonna thought about this and contemplated on it LONG and HARD before she did it. I hope she didn’t jump into it and did it for all the right reasons. And above all, I really hope she has one hell of a nanny, cause looking back at Madonna’s life and career, I think she’s a nut-case!

  63. xiaoecho says:

    I’m wondering if all the sanctimonious charity donating commenters also claim a tax deduction for they’re good work?

    and another thing…isn’t trumpeting your charitable inclinations on this small forum, doing exactly what celebs do in the wider forum of world publicity?

  64. Action says:

    I have never said a word about my charitiable donations on this forum since what I give or don’t give is nobody’s business other than my own.

    However, I think those who have said something in about their charitable giving has done so in defense of themselves since others are telling them to, “Go give to charity and stop complaining.” I don’t think anyone would have said a word about it had they not been accused of not giving.

  65. Viv says:

    Does donating to Metadish count?


    I don’t think it’s tax deductible. =( Boo, and no one took my picture of me PayPal-ing the guy and stuck it on Cele|bitchy for people to praise me.

  66. RabidPooch says:

    How quickly we forget how Madonna used every possible slutty and disturbing angle she could think of to sell herself out and line her pockets before getting pregnant, getting married and changing her style to mostly conservative.

    Just because she is loaded from selling her body and soul for money, does not make her a good mom to a child from a completely different culture. Sure the child will have a better life pysically by living in healthier Western country , but the most disturbing thing about the way this was handled is what others have stated and that is that wealthy people are treating these children like they are goods to be bought and sold.

    No wonder human rights groups are worried about the bigger picture. If someone with such known loose morals as a celebrity has enough money and power to pay off the government to skirt the laws, who is to say that the same corrupt government won’t be lax enough NOT to start selling these children to RICH, powerful wealthy pedaphiles.

    I mean come on, if someone with Madonna’s known past morals ….or better yet…. lack of morals can pay them off, who is NEXT in line for his or her sex slave bought under the table?

    We can not ignore the BIGGER picture here.

    Although her intentions were good, skirting the laws of the country that are set in place to protect these children was wrong.

    Also, there are so many actual ORPHANS out there, why don’t these celebrities actually adopt orphans, not children with living immediate family members. How sad for the father to have Madonna sit in front of him and tell him she is taking away his only surviving child. Sure he wants the child to have a better life, but NO PARENT wants to have a stranger take their child forever.

    ADOPT A DAMN ORPHAN and help the guy who can’t afford to care for his child out, but don’t TAKE HIS CHILD AWAY FOREVER. How greedy and selfish.

  67. bgirl says:

    rabidpooch – By your logic, leaving a child in an orphanage where he would most likely die at a young age is morally better than having that child adopted by someone whose stage act you do not agree with. That makes no sense.

  68. Action says:

    ‘Stage act’ is an understatement. Madonna’s life has always been TRULY messed up and it’s not an ‘act’ she’s putting on.

  69. RabidPooch says:


    if Madonna wasn’t selfish and greedy and REALLY wanted to do the right thing, she would have set up a way to help this father and child out, NOT taken this man’s son.

    She has enough money to make this happen AND is donating millions to the orphanage anyway. Who says the child would have MOST LIKELY DIED, especially if she is filtering money in to the orphange where he is staying.

    And just because there is a possibility that a child might die, does NOT make it right to by pass laws so that rich and famous people (possibly even predaphiles) can to take children home whenever they feel it suits them.

    Madonna saying she saw him being held by an HIV positive girl and was mesmerized by him reminds me of someone going to a pet store and falling for a PUPPY.

    This child is NOT a puppy.

    You say Madonna saved him from death at a young age, possibly. Not every child dies and because she took him away, we will never know. Maybe he would have grown up to be a leader in his country and made changes that saved millions of lives. No one will ever know what WOULD have happened because instead Madonna bought him and took him from his country.

    Just so we are clear, let me use your logic in a scenario.

    I say that because Madonna snatched him like a puppy in a pet store, that he will MOST LIKELY grow up with no morals and die in his teen years from being messed up emotionally and overdosing on drugs.

  70. bgirl says:

    The average lifespan of a person living in Malawi is 39.7 years. I would say that is a very young age. My scenario was likely, your “logic” was not.

  71. gem500 says:

    I think Madonna had a good reason for saying “extended family”. Several days before the Oprah interview, David’s maternal grandparents were interviewed by a british newspaper and stated that they disagreed with the adoption. I think she must have seen their interview and wished to emphasize that they never visited him in the orphanage.