Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake might have gotten engaged in Wyoming

LaineyGossip had this yesterday, and now major celebrity news outlets are running with the story as an unconfirmed rumor. Allegedly, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have gotten engaged while vacationing in Wyoming. They have been staying at a luxury resort, and there’s some gossip on Twitter that Justin proposed to her. Of course, all of this could be a figment of the imagination of Jessica’s publicist.

With their five-year anniversary fast approaching, have Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel decided to take the next step?

The rumor mill is a-churning with rumblings that they recently got engaged at a swanky Wyoming resort, although details are scarce to nonexistent (not to mention Twitter-based) and their reps have yet to comment.

The question-popping whispers come nine months after Justin, 30, and Jessica, 29, announced their split.

Among the alleged reasons for the apparently mutual breakup: his wandering eye, her desire to walk down the aisle, and their feeling that the relationship had run its course.
But the romantic breather lasted only until July, when they were spied bike-riding in Toronto. From there, they quietly picked up where they left off.

“She is the single-handedly most significant person in my life,” Timberlake told the July issue of Vanity Fair. “In my 30 years, she is the most special person, OK?”

Jessica, meanwhile, downplayed a possible knot-tying in the December issue of Elle, saying, “I don’t feel pressured. I was never one of those girls who dreamt of my wedding and my prince charming.”

[From Wonderwall]

I don’t think it should count as “five years together” when they have broken up a few times, for months at a time. How about “five years of on-and-off BS with lots of infidelities”? That sounds right.

If this is true and Jessica finally got the ring… congratulations? Sure. I wonder what she really thinks that will accomplish, though. Will she get more scripts as an A-lister’s wife? Ask Katie Holmes. As for Justin… ugh. I just think he’s really screwed up about women, and I don’t really understand it at all. Does he really think that his relationship with Jessica is healthy, and she should be his wife? I don’t mean to be the wet blanket, but this whole thing seems like a disaster in the making.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Eve says:

    What the hell* does she see in that douchebag?

    *his bank account and fame don’t (or shouldn’t) count.

    • Lizzie says:

      I cannot see what either of them sees in the other.

      They never seem happy together. They don’t seem to be getting anything out of it, and it’s not like it’s improving their images to be in this “relationship”.

  2. Bite me says:


  3. brin says:

    Good, they can live boringly ever after.

  4. Vee says:

    I really don’t follow either one of these two, but my opinion of Justin went up after he attended the Marine Ball and wrote a lovely blog. His heartfelt gratitude to the Marines in the room was uplifting.

  5. Victoria says:

    Then she is even more basic than I thought. However, I’m on the tube headed for work, and someone else was talking about this. I heard the woman say it’s better that they had their issues before they walked down the aisle and that htis is normal that long term couples make up and break up. Hmm..

    Nah. still basic and stupid.

    • Erinn says:

      …I’ve been with my boyfriend for seven years now. Since I was 14, actually. I guess I’m abnormal for not being on and off with him or having multiple affairs? I hate when people classify unhealthy behavior as okay.

      • Oi says:

        Sometimes it depends on the situation, but I don’t think JT’s and Biel’s is not one of those. There were times when he was totally uninterested in her and she was clinging for dear life. Not healthy.

        Yours sound very healthy. Congrats on 7 years!

      • Obvious says:

        I’m with you Erinn. Almost 7 1/2 years, no break ups. we came close a time or two, but we always worked it out. We’ve been together since i was 16, and are still very happy together.

        I will say that long term relationships are unlike anything else (i have friends who never make it past a couple years). honeymoon phase wears off, then you get comfortable, and then you hit the long term hurdle as i call it. you know everything about each other, likes dislikes, peeves, how to push the buttons. it’s almost like nothing is a mystery and most of my friends anyway assume this is the end of the relationship. i say it’s the perfect part, your boyfriend has become your other half, completely, you can anticipate each others moves and moods, and for me this is where i’m happiest.

      • janie says:

        Totally agree with you! At 20, me and the boyfriend are just past the 4 year mark. What’s made us work as a couple through the college “mating” years is that we love each other enough to work through our fights and can get past our pride. When there’s a problem in our relationship, we fix it instead of breaking up, because staying together is worth it. Biel and Timberlake dating on-and-off so much shows their relationship doesn’t have a strong enough foundation for them to get married. If you’ve felt the need to break up with someone multiple times, it’s going to keep happening, getting married is only going to make the next breakup more complicated.

        Oh and it pisses me off that so many celebrity couples rush into getting married to someone they barely know (Kim) when there is absolutely no reason to. It’s very possible to date someone long-term and not be married.

      • Rita says:

        @Erinn & Obvious & janie

        All of you sound like solid ladies: taking your time, weathering troubled waters, great perspective.

        Dong buffets are not what they’re cracked up to be…..maybe “cracked” isn’t the best word but you get my meaning. Good luck and happiness to you all.

        (Wow, started and ended with the word “all”…just an observation)

      • the cheetah says:

        So judgemental! I guess I suck. My husband and I have been together 7 years and broke up 2 x while dating from 17- 22. We were bicoastal during college which made it hard but at the end of the day we realized we couldn’t imagine our lives without the other so we got married and everythings been great. So I wish Justin and Jessica the best of luck

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I’ve been with my highschool sweetheart for 15 years (since I was 16 and he was 17). 6 years of marriage and two little boys later we’re still in live. There are times where I don’t like him but I’ll always love him. I think that’s normal and healthy. Clinging (as it appears Ms. Beal does), is not.

    • notsoanonymous says:

      I actually agree about many long-term couples breaking up for a small period of time before solidifying their relationship. Many of my close friends (who ended up in healthy marriages) did this, including me. My husband and I split for two months after a couple of years together (pre-engagement) and it was the best thing that ever happened to us. Cliche or not, sometimes you really don’t know what you’ve got in a person until you live without them for a while.

      As for these two celebs, no one stays together in Hollywood anyway – so I find it funny that we are commenting on the ‘health’ of any relationships involving celebrities.

  6. imabrat says:

    I don’t like her; she has one of those faces that repel my eyes.

  7. Emily says:

    Does Justin even count as A-List anymore?

    • Marjalane says:

      Uh, yeah. I think we can agree that J.T. “might” still be A list in regards to music, but his acting stinks with a bullet.

  8. Me says:

    Great bodies, boring and mismatched couple :-/

  9. merski says:

    This girl makes me sad, mostly. She has no self respect….

    • Flan says:

      Same here.

      Greatest low was when he didn’t take her for the Oscars and she went posing on the red carpet at the after-parties.

      • inception fan says:

        Greatest low was when he on the Oscar stage was totaly all over Mila Kunis and did not bothered what Jessica felt when the watch it

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I think he ditched Jessica because he thought he had a shot with Mila Kunis if he was single. (Mila seems too classy to take the Olivia Munn route and bang Justin on the side while Biel hangs on for dear life). Since Mila passed him over he went back to Old Faithful.

  10. Azurea says:

    It ain’t gonna work in the long run.
    ‘Nuff said.

  11. Boo says:

    I can’t stand her face. Then again, I’m not swooning over HIS face, either. I guess I have to chalk this one up as “meh.”

  12. Jessica is so pretty and Justin in charming. Isn’t that enough??? (HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA) ha.

  13. Josie says:

    I know it was so long ago but I still find it so weird that Justin is a massive cheater after all of the drama and how cruel he was when Britney cheated on him…what a hypocrite!

    • Jessica says:

      I honestly think this is why he cheats. Because Britney broke his heart (when he was young) and he isn’t letting that happen again.

      • Alejandro says:

        That makes for a great heartbreak story but there were rumors even back then about his wandering dong. As if Justin didn’t cheat on her as well when he was trolling around touring with a highly popular boy band. Please

      • slh says:

        So to prevent having his heart broken again, he cheats on others (thus breaking their hearts)? That makes absolutely no sense.

      • Violet says:

        I think he cheats just because he can. He’s had girls throwing themselves at him since his teens, and Jessica has made it clear that she’s willing to turn a blind eye and that makes her the perfect wife.

        (In all fairness, I suspect that most celebrities are incapable of fidelity because of being surrounded by so much temptation.)

        What I can’t understand is why Jessica — even if she loves him, which she probably does — would want someone like that? Self-esteem issues? Prestige? Money?

  14. Tierra says:

    I guess this eliminates them from that blind item about bearding for each other??

    She has a banging body but I just cant get past her upper lip. I hope she lets that thing deflate soon or removes the implant.Im not sure which one she did but its awful. I cant stand JT. Ive never seen any of his movies but I didnt think they did that well for him to be considered A-list. I really never got the hype with him even when he was just singing.

    • Erinn says:

      I thought he was cute in N*Sync. Mind you I was like 8 when they first hit their success with that. Then he always seemed skeezy on his solo career to me. And his movie roles… ugh.

      I can’t stand Jessica’s lip either. Has it always been like this? I didn’t watch 7th Heaven, so I have no clue if this is just the shape of her lips or if it’s altered.

    • Lady D says:

      I was seriously pissed when this douche showed up in my Shrek movie. However, he did play a whiner well.

    • Firecracker says:

      I believe the blind.

  15. Lady_Luck says:

    Justin just makes me wanna retch. And she is equally pathetic. A total clinger.

  16. atlantapug says:

    If they get married I’ll eat my hat.

  17. Jordan says:

    I didn’t think Jessica could get more pathetic. It is funny though that JT will be engaged the same time as Brit. Let the games begin!

  18. Jessica says:

    Yeah this doesn’t sound like the makings of a great proposal story.

  19. madpoe says:

    “Bring it on to Stupidville!”

    JT – you add that one to one of your “ville” sketches on SNL.

    Instead of an engagement ring, hope he gave her a smile, a happy smile. And instead of a honeymoon get her a stylist.

    But on the other hand, Jess might have some advice for Blakely in getting the ring.

  20. MsGoblin says:

    Four Seasons Jackson Hole, WY, I’m sure.

  21. Franny says:

    She has a very fit body, but I think it looks better covered up so that you can still see how slim she is, without seeing her pec muscles

  22. Dana M says:

    I guess Milla rejected him so he went back to Jessica. Pathetic!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Kinda what I figured as well.

    • Violet says:

      Ha ha, that was might first thought! Jessica doesn’t strike me as his first choice. More like “I’m in my 30s now and want kids so I may as well settle down with the faithful doormat” type of situation.

  23. Sapphire says:

    If Biel had a ring, she would be shoving in the lens of every pap cross-country.

  24. Mom says:

    I’ve never seen Biel so happy. She has been smiling for all the pictures these past 2 months. Before, I don’t believe I ever saw her smile for anything.

  25. lol123 says:

    why do men think they’ll be happy MARRYING the chick they’ve broken up with/cheated on/bitched about incessantly to friends?

    why not just stay single…no girlfriend. why do you settle for what was obviously your back-back-backup plan?

    sigh. men.

    • constance says:

      I said the same thing recently. My old friend married the guy who cheated on her all the time, likely still does, flaunted the side pieces in front of their friends, and still talks sh#t about her to his friends and family.

      I don’t understand either of them- :(

    • Oi says:

      Its not just men that do that though. This is an unhealthy situation all around. People need to have to self respect to walk away from a bad relationship. That’s much easier said than done I know, but JT wouldn’t have Biel if she had any backbone at all. He is nasty to her yes, but she doesn’t do anything to stop it. She appears to encourage it.

  26. Tazina says:

    Marriage is a long haul. They might get married but odds of it lasting forever are slim to almost none. They’re in the entertainment industry for one. So why bother.

  27. Lindy says:

    You know, I have always found her totally gorgeous (though that red dress is hideous and doesn’t work for her at all). And her acting, while not necessarily Oscar-worthy, certainly is better than much of what passes for acting these days. And is light-years better that JT’s “acting”. So I’m kind of sad that she keep hanging onto such a total d-bag. JT is gross, unattractive, unfaithful, and full of himself in every interview. She could do better–and I think that her relationship has held her back from making good career moves. I hope this story is fake.

  28. UnAttributableSpoon says:

    As a Wyoming citizen born and raised (and still live here), we pretty much disavow Jackson Hole. It’s full of the rich and celebrities and very pricey and fancy. It’s completely different than the rest of the state, we do have rich people, none of them are as rich as the super-rich up there in Jackson.

    A lot of us don’t even consider Jackson to be part of Wyoming any more. It’s like our very own District of Colombia or something^.^ Most of us are just regular folks, like anyone else. We are slightly weird, but it’s in a good way!

    And yes, Jackson is that ritzy. I don’t know about the Four Seasons, because I haven’t been up there since I was 6 or so (in the early 90′s), I think that was before a lot of the uber-rich moved out there.

  29. girlindisguise says:

    She’s boring and about as exciting to watch as paint drying.

    He’s a idiot.

    I think this story is some b.s. publicity.

  30. normades says:

    They just want to get married so they can start making babies and start pimping them out.

  31. DarkEmpress says:

    I think that Justin may have become jaded and screwed up about women after Britney cheated on him. He just couldnt let go! He had to make songs, call her out as not being a virgin a whole lot of bs that changed my view of him to a douche. He’s been on permanent douche status every since. He always throws the woman under the bus- Janet Jackson! Yep. Douche! Neither of them are A-list.Their relationship is more interesting than their careers and even that isnt so interesting.

  32. valleymiss says:

    Dark Empress and Jessica, both of you ladies kinda took the words right outta my mouth! ;-) My theory on Justin is this: When he was with Britney, he was totally whipped, totally in love, and saw himself spending the rest of his life with her. Childhood crush, all that. Then Britney cheated (perhaps in party *because* JT was overbearing?) And that flipped a switch in JT. He became a cynical asshole who decided, “Fuck it. I’m not gonna let any woman have that power over me anymore.” He transformed into a lying, cheating manwhore. In a way it was to “get back at” and “punish” Britney, but he dated other women to do it. Kinda also reminds me of what Sally accused Harry of doing in the movie “When Harry Met Sally.” Lol

    Have I overthought this? Lol probably. I can’t help it. Despite all this, I loooove JT.

    • Alexis says:

      That maybe semi-explains maybe two years after Britney cheated, but c’mon. it’s been about ten years or so now, right? He’s just a douche.

      I never liked him, but Biel is almost as bad because she just takes it. So desperate.

  33. Erin says:

    That could explain why he wasn’t on SNL this past week. They made a mention on air something like Timberlake couldn’t make it, I thought it was odd…

  34. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I remember the days when Justin was actually attractive and tolerable, now for some reason he just seems like a total tool and douche but maybe he’s just growing up IDK.

    • EBitch says:

      It’s because he’s not with Britney anymore. I think she ruined him, bless her crazy little heart.

  35. Sillyone says:

    You know what I hate..When people who divorce then remarry the same partner and say we have been married for 15 years, I call BS..If you divorce the marriage years start all over you don’t get to go back and use the same years. If you say we were married the first time for 7 years and and this round we are now on 8 years, then it is acceptable. But that is just my own thought on it..
    So BS on 5 years together.

  36. Kali says:

    I love Justin Timberlake and have since NSYNC days….but Dude has some serious Momma issues I think and therefore looks for that in the women he dates. I hope they are happy whether they are together or apart.

  37. Shelly says:

    I can’t stand Justin Timberlake, and I don’t find him attractive at all. Jessica is pretty, but boring. The two of them together are doubly boring. Yawn.

  38. Nick says:

    OMG look at her arms in the pic with the red dress…

    is that photoshopped? she looks hella buff. lol. I think thats shopped, that looks way too manly.

    anyone else notice that? THOSE arms!

    • Poison Ivy says:

      If she dyed her hair blond, A Rod would be all over her ’cause he likes his chicks manly. Watch out JT!

  39. dirtyrich says:

    Gossipcop is denying it.

  40. skuddles says:

    I don’t know what it is about this girl but she just bores the shit out of me. Same with her relationship with JT. Yawn… whatever.

  41. laylajanelovesgossip says:

    In that red dress you looks muscular as hell. Like a man in a dress tranny-much???

  42. IAMEROK says:

    They are in Jackson, WY. Not at the 4 seasons though. It’s funny all the hipster, try hard, skid troglodytes that come here every dang winter think he is so cool, he made a cameo at a local party and it was the talk of the town for weeks on end! I could not get how many respectable people were all “ZOMG JT IS IN JACKSON! BANANAS!!!” I’ll take Harry Ford any day over Douche Canoe Timberlake. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true! Service workers in this town don’t get paid enough to keeo secrets!Even when employers make them sign confidentiality agreements!!

  43. tango says:

    Well Princess Kate finally got her prince so Jessica might think she should hang on too until JT finally puts a ring on it. Like Kate, what else does she have to do but wait around and hope her loyalty gets rewarded?

  44. Mimi says:

    She is a beautiful girl. I hope he doesn’t hurt her anymore.

  45. Dhavy says:

    she’s so fug and delusional and if he is a cheater than she deserves him for being desperate.

    She goes around saying she’s so beautiful and talented so I guess if she she thinks that of herself then she must think he’s in the verge of marriage

  46. Tiffany says:

    “Does he really think that his relationship with Jessica is healthy, and she should be his wife?”

    Um, do you think that YOU have a better idea of who should be his wife considering that you don’t actually know this guy, this woman, or whether or not they are even engaged?

    I find it so odd when people give strangers advice on their relationships.

  47. Isa says:

    Oh my, guess I need to go back and subtract all the months my husband and I had broken up. I guess we will have been together for closer to 6 years rather than 7.
    I just don’t feel the need to tell people we broke up several times in the beginning.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Nah. I think that’s normal. My husband and I broke up when we were dating and I was a senior in highschool. He came crawling back after a month because he realized how good he had it ;) He also says we should just celebrate being married for 6 years and not the fact that we’ve been together 15 years or 14 years 11 months ;)

      • Isa says:

        We had some growing up to do. :) And we didn’t even manage until I got pregnant with the first.
        I think your husband is like mine, he wants to get out of having to give another gift! jk…We don’t do gifts. Mine says the same thing, that we should celebrate our wedding rather than our dating.
        But 7 years sounds better than being married for 4.5! I deserve all the credit I can get for putting him up him for so long! :D

  48. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    My theory (tongue in cheek) is Biel has been begging for a ring and Timerlake told her he’d propose if Britney got engaged again. He figured this was a safe way to avoid having to ever marry Biel, because when he made her that promise Brit was a head-shaving, umbrella swinging, pink wig wearing mess with a faux British accent. Little did he know Brit would get her shit together and Biel would get to cash in on his promise!

  49. HotPockets says:

    Of course Jessica Biel is boring, she got her big break in 7th heaven, that is the most campy and boring show ever made! She is gorgeous though, which is why she is still relevant.

  50. Viv says:

    you lost me at “Jessica Biel and Justin Timber…”..SNORE….

  51. Jordan says:

    He has humiliated, disrespected and treated her like a doormat which she has allowed in order to get publicity, because she’s desperate and pathetic. He broke up with her b/c Mila wouldn’t screw him (unlike the other countless women) until he did and once he was done, snapped his fingers and Doormat came running back. THIS is the type of women our young girls have to look up to. Congrats Beal, I guess you’ve finally won *sarcasm*!

  52. Callumna says:

    “Douche and Desperate.”

    Some Ashton and Demi-ness without any public interest or sexy dynamic.

    “She”–allegedly– looks like Kiebler’s wrestling partner in the red dress.

    Maybe Clooney will give her a tussel after all their respective messes are kaput. In six months.

  53. Maritza says:

    I can see Jessica Biel marrying Justin and having a couple of kids and being sort of like Jennifer Garner with Ben Affleck, she would probably stay with him no matter what.

  54. crtb says:

    I don’t find her pretty but she has a body I would kill for. I once read an article how Justin hasn’t supported ever the entire time he has dated her. They proceeded to list all of her accomplishments (and she has many) and how he was not there to acknowledge any of them. VERY SAD.

  55. lisa says:

    I don’t think he ever got over Brittany.

  56. Feebee says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  57. Cerulean says:

    This relationship does nothing for her.

  58. kazoo says:

    She has to have low self esteem. She could do so much better.

  59. thepanda says:

    Am I the only one who thought Biel was gay? There was a photo of her kissing a girl, and another picture of a ” girl friend”grabbing her butt right in front of JT at a football game.

  60. jjreads says:

    i personally saw these two today at a luxury resort in MONTANA. jessica did not look too happy with justin – although i only saw them for a fleeting moment. i suppose they could have been at another luxury resort in wyoming..
    anyway- they were the talk of the employees here!

  61. NotaBitterBetty says:

    Well, she has nothing better to do so why not marry him? Assuming he sticks around for the wedding to actually take place that is.