Us Weekly: Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony’s custody war is getting “vicious”

Jennifer Lopez and her facially-challenged boyfriend Casper Smart are loved up all over the world. The message is clear: J.Lo, true to form and true to her relationship history, has moved on from Marc Anthony and quickly jumped into a serious relationship… with a 24-year-old backup dancer. As you can imagine, the super-controlling Marc Anthony is NOT pleased. One of the biggest issues seems to be that Jennifer is letting Casper spend time with twins Max and Emme. Marc doesn’t like it, and he’s planning on fighting Jennifer over every little custodial issue, at least according to Us Weekly:

It’s war! After what appeared to be a fairly civilized July split following seven years of marriage, things between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting seriously ugly, multiple insiders tell the new Us Weekly, out now.

The catalyst? Lopez’s newfound love with Casper Smart, a 24-year-old backup dancer who’s already getting along swimmingly with Max and Emme, Lopez’s 3-year-old twins with Anthony, 43.

When the Latin crooner spotted photos of Lopez and Smart bonding with his son and daughter during a Thanksgiving vacation in Kauai, Hawaii, he “hit the roof,” one source says. “It caused a huge blowup.”

Anthony’s next move: Although he and Lopez, 42, already hammered out custody arrangements for the twins — ceding primary custody to the singer and American Idol judge — a close source tells Us he’s “going back on his word and saying his wants joint custody.”

His ultimate motive, says the source? “He wants to make Jennifer suffer because she’s having fun with someone new, and he knows this will hurt her on the deepest level.”

But Lopez, says another pal, is “ready to smash him if he tries anything…It’s getting vicious.”

[From Us Weekly]

This wouldn’t surprise me at all, actually. It’s all “amicable” and “look at us, we’re co-parenting!” until one of the parents gets a new partner, and then all hell breaks loose. Marc Anthony is rather douchey, that’s a given, and I believe he would make an issue out of the custody just as a way to “control” Jennifer. But! Jennifer introduced Casper to her kids WAY too soon, and I kind of feel like Marc does have the right to be upset. Also: I appreciate anything that can be done to separate Jennifer and that completely FUBAR backup dancer.

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  1. brin says:

    Happy Holidays!

  2. ladybert62 says:

    custody fights are always nasty – nothing new here unless one or the other of them starts charging the other with sex abuse then that is below the belt – but so far no big deal and I really dont see the problem with introducing her new boyfriend to the kids – they will sort it all out as all children of divorce do.

    • ambergesa says:

      You seriously don’t see a problem with her vacationing with some random dude she’d been dating for two weeks and taking her 3 year olds with them? Right after she’s separated from their Dad? Children shouldn’t be exposed to every random dong that comes along. That messes kids up. They get attached and then he’s gone, or confused and possessive. During a divorce you should be primarily focused on your children’s emotional stability. A parade of randoms is emotionally damaging for children. There is a lot of study in field to back this up. She has nannies, her Mom and Marc to have the kids while she gets it. There is no reason or excuse for that other then she’s a narcissist that sees her kids emotional well-being as secondary to her pursuit of pleasure, ego boosting and ability to pretend “happy families” with whatever facially challenged(love!) dick is around.

      • Violet says:

        So true! Plus this is JLo we’re talking about. Casper is no doubt just the start of the string of men she’s going to parade through her children’s lives.

        Unfortunately, those kids are stuck with two douchey parents but Marc seems to be the more mature of the two these days so I hope he winds up with primary custody.

  3. Sapphire says:

    JLo is the secret investor in all product Spanx-I’ll bet she averages three pair per outfit.

    Why does bi-lateral infantile behavior always happen with these drama queens?

  4. bitca says:

    It’s weird, but despite regarding J Lopez as a vapid, egocentric, low-talent diva…. After all those years yoked to Marc Anthony, it kind of makes sense she’d want a rebound relationship in which she can be Boss again. And cannot really see that hanging out w/Rebound Boy is going to leave the kids scarred for life.

  5. DomCoug says:

    Chris Judd…Casper Smart…. Mr.Bill… then an engagement.. then a divorce in like 9 seconds..then another high celebrity marriage…then a high celebrity divorce.. and it ain’t on fire girrrrlll.. no-pe besides my cub is better than hers is anyday…. RAWR!

  6. amanda says:

    She has THE WORST taste in men. Just gross.

  7. Onyx XV says:

    I don’t think Skeletor has anything to be upset about. Jenny’s new BF is sending my gaydar waaaay into the pink zone. Dude is flaming. This won’t last long.

  8. Original Chloe says:

    It’s all “amicable” and “look at us, we’re co-parenting!” until one of the parents gets a new partner, and then all hell breaks loose.

    So true.

    • MW says:

      Yep, and they already agreed to “joint” custody, which is equal rights raising the kids. Somebody has to have primary custody. What more could he ask for? Few parents split kids’ living arrangements 50/50. Too much upheaval for the kids. It’s just sour grapes by MA, and I have a feeling this Casper guy might be a lot more fun for the kids, which is probably 100% more fun that MA ever was! That’s probably what’s really burning his ass. I think MA’s SOL.

      • gg says:

        No, what’s chapping MA’s ass is her inappropriate bratty slutty behavior. She couldn’t be doing it worse, in my opinion, barring falling out of cars drunk. She’s trash. It makes MA look really bad, having married the tramp.

      • nita says:

        parents arent suppose to be “fun” they are suppose to PARENT. MA is a douche but seems more like a parent IMO. JL is a horrible mom for throwing her children into something so soon, I waited till I knew my BF a year before bringing him around my kids, I didnt want just ANYONE meeting them and vice versa. She is an IDIOT for doing this and I dont blame him AT ALL!!

    • Original Chloe says:

      Just to be clear: I’m not defending JL, and I’m not following her story very closely, so I don’t know who’s more to be blamed and for what. It’s just what Kaiser wrote is true more than often, and not only when people divorce.

  9. lucy2 says:

    Seems way too soon for her to have brought that guy on a family vacation.
    Doesn’t Marc have other kids too? Never hear anything or see him photographed with them.
    Both of them are so unlikable.

  10. DarkEmpress says:

    Wow! Things are going to get dicey! I think that JLo shouldnt have introduced her kids to her boytoy so early and she shouldnt have started dating until her divorce was final. But, she is in love with love and I can totally imagine her thinking Casper is the one- again!As for Marc, I get that he doesnt want his kids exposed to this loser especially having this guy who is a speed demon drive his kids around, but I seriously doubt that he is the type of man who wants to be on daddy duty too much. He seems more hands-off. Like he loves the kids but doesnt know what to do with them. When they are old enough to have a drink and share a cigar, they will be super close!As for JLo she will tear him to pieces if he tries to take them away from her. All Skeletors Skeletons will come out of the closet!

  11. DarkEmpress says:

    Wow! Things are going to get dicey! I think that JLo shouldnt have introduced her kids to her boytoy so early and she shouldnt have started dating until her divorce was final. But, she is in love with love and I can totally imagine her thinking Casper is the one- again!As for Marc, I get that he doesnt want his kids exposed to this loser especially having this guy who is a speed demon drive his kids around, but I seriously doubt that he is the type of man who wants to be on daddy duty too much. He seems more hands-off. Like he loves the kids but doesnt know what to do with them. When they are old enough to have a drink and share a cigar, they will be super close! As for JLo she will tear him to pieces if he tries to take them away from her. All Skeletors Skeletons will come out of the closet!

  12. mel says:

    Do celebrities ever think about STDs and HIV?

  13. Jaded says:

    If anybody’s acting like a douche in this situation it’s JL. Caspar just seems like a dim-witted pawn who’s thrilled that he’s getting to bang a big rich star and pretend he’s actually relevant. I find her swanning around with her twins and her dong-a-long really inappropriate and certainly confusing for the kids. Marc is almost as bad but in a way you can’t really blame him for reciprocating the only way he can to achieve maximum revenge. But in the end all it will do is prolong an already nasty situation and mess up the kids. They’re both selfish, horrible people who should put the well-being of their children first, but Jennifer just couldn’t wait to jump on the old dong-wagon again and rub Marc’s face in it. What a twat.

  14. Jilli says:

    She looks lumpy in that blue dress. No class.

  15. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I know Marc Anthony is no saint in this but I have to agree with him, I would not want some random guy you are boinking around my kids that soon either. It would be different if Jennifer had been dating him and serious with him for a long time but to incorporate a stranger in your children’s lives this soon is ridiculous and horrible!!! She reminds me of those women who have a revolving door of men in and out of the kids lives. I didn’t critique her when she was single but she has children now, it’s not just about her anymore.

    • gg says:

      The stuff she’s done since they split are the number one worst things she could do – and that applies to Miss Susie Normal or Miss Jenny from the Ghetto. She’s proving she is an idiot. And how entertaining can Casper the friendly Dancer be after she’s tired of the sex? He looks rather, um, inexperienced in life/uneducated to me.

  16. Victoria says:

    Bitch please! Marc Anthony, karma is a bitch named, “You did it to your wife” except she didn’t have the clout and power that J. Lo has.

    I don’t care how “justified” he is, when J. Lo was the other woman, and he swore up and down that he was committed to his wife, while sneaking his young kids on little outings with Jen, it was not an issue. And now J. Lo can understand maybe what she and Marc put Ms. Torres through.

    I’m not really team anybody on this save for the kids, but if I’m rooting for anyone it is Marc’s ex. I know she is sipping her tea cup with the mother of all smirks. She was classy and handled everything very graciously.

    Clink clink bitches.

  17. skuddles says:

    Of course it’s getting nasty… JLo brought another child into the scenario.

  18. Criss says:

    She just needs to cool it with Casper. She’s crazy to be with him. And she damaged any chance she had to have a real guy after the weird Marc thing. She didn’t need to have sex so soon. I’m sure it wouldn’t have killed her.

  19. chloe says:

    Ha they’re fighting over who’s nanny get’s to raise the kids. Being papped with the boytoy and twins over T-giving was a low blow, I feel sorry for those kids.

  20. Dhavy says:

    Oh please! If she really wanted to make herself feel better with someone younger after being with MA she should have hooked up with someone with talent and famous. Apparently her 40-something ass can’t get anyone decent from Hollywood so she had to settle for someone who will stick to her because of the fame and money. I don’t like MA either but I hope he gives her hell for those kids. This is so typical behaviour of an insecure woman

  21. Parfumi says:

    Parfum, ki ga nosite, je vaš osebni podpis. Ljudem okoli vas subtilno sporoča, kakšni ste, vam pa zaznamuje dan in razpoloženje. Naj bo vaš izbrani vonj cvetličen, saden ali lesni, na vas in ljudi okoli vas vpliva bolj, kot si mislite.

  22. JoJo says:

    After looking at the pic of her with her “thumbs up” gesture, she wonders why people think she’s boy toy’s mother? Gackkkk! She looks like some old worn out drag queen who’s been used up and left out to dry. Get real J-Blow and grow up and be a real woman.

  23. only1shmoo says:

    I hate to say this, but I’m with Marc Anthony on this one. J Lo is proving to be way too egocentric, immature, and desperate for a man that she clearly isn’t making her kids her #1 priority; they’d be better off with Papa Squinty, and he knows it!

  24. Josie says:

    @Victoria! Agree. And good fathers are concerned about ALL of their children, but Marc had two LITTLE boys, hen he UP and divorced Dayanara and married JLO 4 days later. He was NEVER there for his little infant son and toddler because he was too busy following JLO around and calling her “the love of his life”. Also, when Daynara got sick on a plane and needed emergency surgery, Marc didn’t go comfort and see about his little boys who were upset, Dayanara’s mother had too, and flew those boys to New York to see their mother in the hospital. Apparently Marc was not going to be interrupted while partying and being photographed with JLO at the pre-Oscar parties. Yet now he’s so concerned about his kids by JLO because the same woman he publicly humiliated his ex-wife and kids for, has publicly humiliated him with her new man! Karma is rough isn’t it Marc Anthony?

  25. Callumna says:

    She embarrasses me as a woman. No, human.

    And I like to save that emotion for Kartrash.

  26. midnightmoon says:

    Casper the Friendly FBuddy is JLo’s EMPLOYEE. He is not a random pick-up. He is someone she knows & has worked with (not sure how long). And I guarantee the kids already knew him & have an established connection. They don’t get it & it will take years for them to realize what JHo was up to. And Casper will be long-gone by then.

    SHE HAS CONTROL on every level. After what she (reportedly) went thru w/MA, I am sure she SPECIFICALLY picked this little asshat. He’s young, stupid & strong, and he can’t say no to her without losing his JOB. That’s it.

    MA has got egg all over his face-he pushed a woman away that stuck w/him LONG after she shoulda left (and thrown his butt in jail, if the stories are true). And now she is purposefully humiliating him.

    So what I see is a post-marriage whoopdedoo by a woman who has had enough. She has enough money to do whatever she wants & right now she just doesn’t CARE.

    Those babies are in big trouble. Suri Cruise is going to be a model of mental health compared to them.

    • Feebee says:

      Hmm, interesting point. He better have a job for as long as he wants it or they split amicably because that could be a possible lawsuit.

  27. lisa says:

    I think she has a right to a life. But I don’t think she should bring that “life” into that of her very young children who are probably confused with why they don’t see daddy everyday. Even if they can’t express it. And having some other man around kissing mommy well I think it is wrong.

    Do your thing, but keep it private and away from your children until it is going to a serious place. But maybe she thinks it is. Either that or something was going on with this guy for a lot longer than we thought. Funny how when they first broke up everyone kind of assumed it as Marc stepping out. Go back and read this blog. Marc was the cheat. Jennifer the victim. Now we see that perhaps the victim was doing something behind his back.

  28. Annie says:

    I was never a fan of Jlo, all of the excessive display of wealth and diva attitude. It seemed to me she was fruitlessly trying to mask her lack of any real substance.
    I thought however, she adored her children and this would make her less self-involved. Wrong again! Her parading around this latest piece with no regard for her children and their certain confusion trumps all of her previous bad behavior.
    It’s hard to make Marc Anthony look like a responsible, thoughtful parent…but she managed to pull that off…she is dreadful!

  29. Cinderella says:

    I’m hardly a fan of J-Lo, but if Marc was the one parading around a 24 year-old backup dancer, it would be business as usual. Why the fuss?

  30. anne_000 says:

    I bet those kids will have a lot of “uncles” going thru their lives anyways. Marc should have realized this before he had kids with her. I guess he thought he was enough for her. Nope.

  31. Falula says:

    She looks so much better in the yellow coat outfit than she ever does in age-inappropriate catsuits. I am going to obsess about that fabulous coat and try to forget I ever knew anything else about her and her fake commercials and ridiculous love life.

    • midnightmoon says:

      That ain’t my fave color of yellow, but I too was noticing how excellent she looks in that ensemble. Elegant, hip, and not a hint of hoochie mama or try-too-hard-tard. She like soooo many other celebs seems just completely unable to tell what works & what doesn’t. Some can develop taste. But most have more $$ than sense. It’s great entertainment for those in the opposite category. Me, I prefer to be snotty & poor than rich & pathetique.

  32. Feebee says:

    So many points on both sides, but I have agree with general consensus. JLo’s being a bit of a bitch, she knows that bringing whatshisface around so early will be driving MA nuts and she probably shouldn’t be doing it anyway – not the best for the kids.

    But as much wht JL’s doing is a bit tasteless, karma is most definitely the biggest bitch here for Anthony.

  33. Hakura says:

    Jennifer has definitely gone & pulled a ‘Britney‘, jumping headfirst into a relationship with a ‘back-up dancer’ of questionable quality.

    I can completely understand why Marc would be protective of who his children. She jumped into the relationship so fast, how well could she possibly know this guy? Surely not long enough to entrust him in the presence of her children? As much as we’ve seen of them running around together lately, coupled with her other career responsibilities , how much time does she even see those kids?

    I know you can’t take everytihing at face value (everyone talks smack through magazines nowadays), but it appears as though her priorities of late have been more self-centered, only concerned with herself/how she looks, as opposed to the welfare of her children.

  34. ocean says:

    If it was a dude dating a younger woman nobody would care… (unless its miss stoden *LOL*) If she wants to date a fugly that is several years younger than her, well thats up to her. However, I do aggree with wanting to know why she feels the need to involve her children??? It just confuses them, and well, we all know this relationship is not going to last

  35. Lissa says:

    Jennifer can keep acting shameless and humiliating Marc for ever and I would NEVER take his side, after all, HE DID IT TO DAYANRA TORRES! He left a good, beautiful woman (Ms. Universe for goodness sake!) who worshipped him for skanky ol’ JLo. I watched the interview she gave to Cristina (Latin American Oprah) when he had just left her and she was so sweet and couldn’t bring herself to utter one bad thing about him. She was so sickly and thin looking because of her very obvious depression over losing him, but all she did was cry and say she was hoping to work it out. The host publicly chastised Marc & JLo and later asked her what she would do if the rumors about him and JLo were true (she knew they were) and she said, “No, that can’t be, it would be too much for me to bear and he knows why”…just days later he filed for a quickie divorce and married JLo in a matter of days.

    He’s a little doucherat and I LOVE watching JHo being her usual skanky self and stick it to him! HA HA HA, please keep it up JLo, this is too funny!