LeAnn Rimes bought Eddie Cibrian a Porsche for Christmas, and that’s not all

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are currently in Mexico, where they have been pap’ing themselves non-stop. Usually, I just blame LeAnn for calling the photographers, but I have to say… Eddie is posing his ass off too. Go here to The Superficial to see the photos – LeAnn in bikinis, her bolt-ons immobile.

Anyway, In Touch had a hilarious/sad story about LeAnn’s Christmas gifts and I sort of believe it. I believe it because LeAnn just seems like the kind of person who spends way too much money on gifts as a way of buying love. Cupboard love, squint style.

Every day is Christmas with LeAnn Rimes around! According to an insider, LeAnn spoils Eddie Cibrian’s sons, Mason, 8, and Jake, 4, by giving them absolutely anything their little hearts desire, including electric cars and even a $15,000 tree house at their Hidden Hills, California home. Now the step mom-turned-Santa is upping the holiday ante: Mason’s allowance will increase from $5 to $100 a week. As for Eddie? LeAnn, 29, bought the 38-year-old a $150,000 turbo Porsche Panamera, but that pales in comparison to her biggest gift yet: “LeAnn’s told Eddie she intends on tearing up their prenup agreement!” reveals the insider.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Oh dear God, if LeAnn tears up the prenup, the situation will get epic. I’ve often wondered if Eddie is playing at a long con with LeAnn, but I’ve always come back to the idea that while he probably didn’t care about her when things started, he’s grown to love her over time. But if she rips up the prenup… oh, girl. Is she that dumb? Don’t answer that.

As for raising Mason’s allowance – of course she would be that inappropriate. OF COURSE. Not only that, but LeAnn also recently tweeted a photo of her step-sons, with the name of their school visible in the photo. Brandi Glanville gave an interview to Babble about that and much more:

Just last week LeAnn accompanied her husband Eddie to his kids’ elementary school where the stepmom apparently did a special performance for the school children. While Mason and Jake opened their Elf On A Shelf gifts along with their classmates in their classroom, LeAnn posted a picture of the action on her Twitter page, exposing the name of the boys’ school to millions of Twitter users.

Many of LeAnn’s critics are calling out the country crooner for potentially putting her two stepsons’ safety in danger (as well as their classmates) by having the name of their school leaked out for paparazzi photographers to hound during school hours for photos.
Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.

If that wasn’t enough, the new Mrs. Cibrian allegedly signals the paparazzi to show up wherever she goes with her stepsons, giving them even more unnecessary exposure to the limelight. This, according to Brandi Glanville.

Speaking about the paparazzi and her children’s safety in an exclusive interview with Babble, Brandi says, “Luckily for me I know the places to go with the kids where we generally do not get bothered, like I rarely take them to the Malibu Country Mart, for instance.”

“I do feel like the paparazzi of today are a lot friendlier, less aggressive and more respectful then that of some years back that I have heard about. Our reality is that being photographed is going to happen. This is our new life and if I don’t seem to mind it and on my time we don’t make a big deal of it,” she adds.

And in a very obvious swipe at LeAnn, Brandi says, “I do think however it is inappropriate to schedule photo-ops including my children to promote yourself or draw attention to an already tense situation.”

There’s also rumors going around (as well as evidence) of LeAnn and her associates allegedly cyber bulling Brandi on Twitter. LeAnn, who posed for the NOH8 Campaign in an effort to stop nationwide bullying, seems to be one herself as she is encouraging her followers and Twitter friends to send the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star taunting messages.

If that wasn’t enough, LeAnn also allegedly meets her “friends” on Twitter and invites these strangers to her home while Brandi’s kids are present.

[From Babble]

It really does seem to me that Eddie Cibrian ended up marrying his stalker, and once LeAnn “got” him, she turned her crazy attentions to his ex-wife. I really do think LeAnn is mentally imbalanced, and it scares me that very few people call her out on some of her more ridiculous antics.

Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    She’s getting called out now…especially when her crazy twitter fans get exposed with her. I hope she is dumb enough to tear up the pre-nup and he dumps her immediately after.
    *love these pictures…lol!*

  2. Agnes says:

    Golddiggers of the world have a new king. Hahaha.

  3. Cindy says:

    Wow, she is totally trying to buy those kids. $100/week allowance for an 8-year-old?

    • jen says:

      She’s morphing into Carol Channing.

    • Josie says:

      Wow that woman is U.G.L.Y. I mean UGLY!!!! When ugly Ed looks at her, all he sees is dollar signs….$$$$$$$$$$ I hope she tears up that Pre-nup. Once she does, he’s gone. I still have to say, LeAnn is the UGLIEST woman I have ever seen. They deserve each other because he’s ugly too. Both ugly inside and out. Oh, and neither one of them have eyes. They have slits. How in the world can they see through those slits??? They look like brother and sister. Both UGLY.

      • Hakura says:

        What better way to lie/cheat/& bitch at the world… than having ‘slits’ for eyes? Saves them both the trouble of risking that their eyes could give them away.

        I used to think Eddie was pretty handsome, but it was obviously just outward appearance, which (along with his cheating on his wife/children, cheating WITH Leann, then MARRYING Leann) is a huge turn-off.

  4. hyena says:

    Please Leann is crazy but so is Brandi. And dont like Brandi is above making online friends and meeting them and having them harass Leann.

    They are equally nuts in my eyes and to say any different is a lie.

    *sits and waits for all the BBs to come freak out over this comment but it aint nothing but the truth.

    • Guesty says:

      I have no idea who BB is.

      How do you know this? I watch ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ and read gossip sites and have never read this about Brandi. However, LeAnn’s Single White Femaling of Brandi has been going on for what, two years now? That’s why there’s a disparity; Brandi’s issues are minor misdemeanors, and LeAnn’s are serious felonies with a ton of aggravating factors. If a scintilla of this single story is true with respect to the children, that would be enough to know about LeAnn. She is unbelievably out of line in what she’s doing to derail the parenting of the actual mother of those boys.

      I agree with CB – LeAnn has real-deal mental problems. (Also? She’s a nasty, squinty, cruel bitch.)

      • hyena says:

        BB is Brandi’s Bunch. It’s a bunch of woman who support Brandi and hate Leanne. They basically identify with Brandi because their boyfriends and hubbies couldn’t keep it in their pants.

        Cheating is wrong for sure but both ladies are nuts!! This skewed perception is ridiculous. Although CB and many other sites do get info directly from the horse’s mouth (Brandi) so we know it’s skewed.

      • MJ says:

        ITA with everything you said. My dad left my mom for my (still, 20+ years later) stepmom when I was about the same age as their oldest kid, and I was fully aware of being used as a pawn in their weird mind games, even back then. All it did was make me resent all three of my parents for years for thinking I was too young/naive to understand what was going on, and for making me feel caught in between. I felt responsible for making sure they got along by not talking openly about things and by putting on a brave face, even when I was confused and sad… hell, I’m 30 years old and am just getting over it now! If that’s how I felt, I can’t imagine how hard it must be with the added pressure of reading about your parents’ problems in the media. If the parents think those kids are oblivious to their conflicts, they’re the naive ones.

        Sorry for the life story, but this sort of thing really pisses me off. BG and LR both think they’re taking the high road, but in reality all parties are guilty of using the kids to push their own agendas. Nobody wins and they all look like jerks.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Hyena, I’m not a BB, but I do empathize with Brandi as a mother. And, for the record, my husband has no problem keeping it in his pants; and I doubt every single Brandi supporter identifies with her because their husbands are cheaters.

        The real question is do you identify with Leanne because you’re a narcissistic, horsefaced stick figure with no soul?

      • Jezi says:

        Hyena not everyone who is a BB has had someone cheat on them. Some are mothers, women and even men who empathized with Brandi because they have eyes and can see what’s going on. We know that you don’t think Leann is nuts. Why not mention the people in Leann’s camp who harass Brandi? Why only bring up BB’s? So obvious!

      • KARMA says:

        Sorry hyena..im a Brandi supporter and my man didnt cheat on me..in fact take a poll and you will find out most of her supporters have NOT been cheated on..to my recollection Brandi has NEVER brought a BB around her KIDS..thats the difference..leAnn brought her twitter pals around kids, who does that? those arent even her kids..i hope CPS is investigating

      • hyena says:

        @jezi you still dont get it. You are just as much a part of spreading rumors, hate and spite all over the internet in regards to this triangle. I didnt mention you before by name but you are the worst member of brandi’s bunch. It’s actually pathetic.

        Have I defended a single thing Leann has done? No, I havent because she’s not innocent. Im sick of Brandi acting like she is. They both bring the media and twitter and internet friends into the mix and it’s totally disgusting.

        @mortician wow you are an angry person. Why are you so emotionally invested in this situation?

        @karma it was Brandi herself who said the BBs were women who were once cheated on and identified with her.

      • Eileen says:

        Well Hyena be prepared to eat your words because probably 95% of the women in that group have NOT been cheated on….including me. :D

      • Jezi says:

        Ah now I’m the worst one? How’s that? Because I point out LeAnn and Eddie’s disgusting mistreatment of a woman who didn’t and doesn’t deserve it? Because I’ve gotten people to see the ugliness and truth of this situation? I don’t sit there and make fun of LeAnn’s body or face or pick at her personal appearance unless she’s attempting to copy Brandi. So keep goin, you’re just showing your true colors.

      • Tara says:

        Honey, you & all the haters seem way too involved in a relationship that I don’t even think includes you.

        It’s funny to read all the negative comments but what it really makes me think is that all of you really need to get a life! Sheesh, how pathetic.

    • deb says:

      @ Jezi looks like a certain Cuckoo from Twitter has a “crush” on you. Could it be she wanted to be top dog? Flip Floppers can’t be trusted

      • Jezi says:

        I would say so. They lurve me.

      • charity says:

        Now, Just why would anyone just pick out Jezi. Makes me mad cause I want some of that blame, too. Not all BBs were cheated on, although I was. Think that some of us feel a sisterhood for women who have been treated VERY s.h.i.t.t.y I was never treated as badly as Brandi has been. For that reason, I will continue to ridicule and make fun of the grinch until she shuts her ugly, sanctimonious horse veneered mouth.and as EDDIE himself said,you can see clear to Canada up through her HUGE nostrils. bet anything he buys her for Christmas is bought with her money and then she’ll get on twitter and loudly proclaim the wonderful gifts he gave her. He actually gave Brandi the BEST gifts ever, two little boys that Leann will never be able to claim as her own. that really chaps Leanns ass, big time.

    • @221jazz says:

      Hyena, jezi is not the worst, I am! read my TL. Jezi is one of the nicest sweetest BB. I on the other hand? I am a beast when it comes to Leann and her antics. BTW, my man has not cheated on me, I support Brandi because LR has gotten away with a lot of nonsense, Her time has come to pay for her indiscretions and harassment of Brandi. HELLO BBs!!

    • Vesper says:

      A perfect example is Jezi, who often posts on LeAnn/Eddie/Brandi threads although it is rare that I see her posting on other threads. She, herself, admitted she met Brandi via twitter, and has hung out with her on at least one occasion where they got wasted together (big surprise, as Brandi always seems to have a wine glass in her hand). I checked out Eddie’s twitter a couple of times not long ago and I saw a tweet from someone by the name of Jezi (such a common name). By Eddie’s tone, it was obvious he had heard from her before, and it wasn’t in a positive way.

      I think Brandi has manipulated the media and the public from the beginning and most of what she says simply isn’t true. Her “I’m so authenic” act is pretty transparent, and with time I’m sure she will hang herself. Her priority is to be the spotlight regardless of how ridiculous she looks. Has anyone seen the ads for her newest hosting gig?

      As for LeAnn, she has been in the public eye since she was 13, and until she met Eddie I don’t remember reading a single negative story about her in any gossip magazine, (other than an allegation against her father which her mother supported). All of the negativity started with Brandi.

      As for Eddie, he is a good looking actor who has been acting since he was in his late teens. Do u really think LeAnn is the first woman he has encountered who has money? He was with Brandi for 13 years and she had no money, and no career (unless u count the so-called modelling career for which there is no evidence). I’m sure it’s refreshing for Eddie to be with someone who actually has ambition and talent. While Brandi is a mother now, her kids were very young when Eddie left her. Her youngest would have been about 1, her oldest 5, so for 8 years of her relationship she did nothing. LeAnn, on the other hand, has been singing/touring for 15 years, albeit she is no longer high profile. Regardless, she still has talent. As for the fact that she is no longer high profile, I defy anyone to come up with the name of a country singer who has been high profile for 15 years.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I want you to leave Jezi alone. Some of the so-called “BB’s” actually KNOW Brandi and/or are friends with her.

        Jezi has never been unfair or biased in her opinions. She’s speaking from personal experience.

        And Mort is NOT an “angry person.” Why are YOU so vested in this situation?

        Shut it. NOW.

      • KARMA says:

        Vesper the difference is Jezi was never around Brandi’s kids..the strangers LeMan met on twitter WERE..that is where the problem lies..you dont bring ppl you meet on twitter to hang with kids that are not even yours..secondly eddie has NO career..he told Scheana in Nov 2009 that LeMan was a temporary thing..you actually think if leMan wasnt weatlhy he would be with her..eddie is a compulsive lier, he lied to Brandi, Scheana and LeMan…the funny thing is Brandi kicked his but out not the other way around..i love how you say that Brandi is the cause of the negativity..um maybe if LeMan and edster hadnt cheated they wouldnt get such negative press..so glad the rest of the public is seeing leMans beahvior.I was on a blog that I frequent once in a while lipstickalley.com and even they had Lynn Chicago’s blog up and were discussing the matter..they didnt realize how cray cray your idol is..

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Thanks Bells! I love you and you’re the first person I’d want to have my back ;) and FWIW, I’ve got yours as well!

      • Quinn says:

        uhh…Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Reba McIntyre, Faith Hill, Vince Gill…shall I go on? Unlike pop performers, country singers often endure longer. Rimes is a flash in the pan compared to many country stars.

    • only1shmoo says:

      hyena, i think you should just quit while you’re ahead b/c you’re turning yourself into a pariah here. I wouldn’t say Brandi’s perfect (no one is), but LeAnne’s relentless photo ops with Brandi’s kids, her spoiling them w/ money, and her incessant Tweeting of makeout sessions with B’s former husband all show immaturity, malice, and a need to rub her triumphs in Brandi’s face. This behaviour should upset anyone with a conscience and make one hope that Eddie cleans out LeAnne’s bank account and then dump her in the worst way he can.

  5. KatScorp says:

    WeWe being enough of a dumbfuck to tear up the prenup is the best Christmas present I could ask for. And I absolutely want more media outlets to discuss the fact that this attention-craving dipshit meets up with her twitter followers while the kids are around too. Eddie is a dispicable father for allowing that to happen!

    Good evening Brin.

  6. lisa says:

    Is it really that easy to make a pre-nup invalid. Just tear it up or is it that a figure of speech. I would think that it would take some kind of legal action to invalidate it.

    maybe I’m over thinking this.

    Eddie and Brandie’s boys are very cute. The older one looks like his mother and the younger boy the father. Cute kids. I’m just wondering when LeAnn and Eddie are going to have kids.

  7. Str8Shooter says:

    Man oh man! That FACE!!!

    She looks like she not only got beaten by the ugly stick, but it broke on her weird Muppet-Alien face!!

  8. Cris says:

    Those pictures of LR are hilarious! & cb u wrote my thoughts exctly

  9. why? says:

    Not only did LR tweet the photo of the kid’s school, but she also set up a staged photo-op with x17 outside the kid’s school that very same day where she had x17 call EC and BG youngest son, her and EC son.

    Of course Eddie is posing like crazy in the photos from Cabo, Leann did give him a CAR and got rid of the pre-nup. Ever notice that EC only plays the devoted lover when he has incentives: Liz, Don Julio, Cars, trips to Cabo, tequila, etc…When EC doesn’t have any of these incentives, notice how he doesn’t play along or how he doesn’t smile?

    • brin says:

      If I were a parent of one of those kids who Leann took the picture of and put on twitter, I would have sued her.

      • why? says:

        I also fault the school. The teachers/administrators are too starstruck by EC and LR and so they allow EC and LR to get away with things that they have no business doing and as a result end up putting other children in danger. When it comes to the child’s school, the school needs to deal with EC and BG because LR is just too immature to handle something like this. A normal adult would have went to the school without making it into a “ME, ME, ME” moment, but not LR, she needed to be validated because she isn’t getting love/support from EC. I was even shocked that the teacher tweeted LR, praising her performance(x17 posted the tweet from the teacher when they put up the photo of EC, LR, and the youngest boy outside the school). What shocked me the most was the fact that LR
        was bold enough to set up a photo-op outside the boy’s school with x17 that very same day. And of course EC went along with it because he had a brand new car. What type of person picks a car over their own kid’s safety?

  10. Blue says:

    She scares me. She is trying to buy the love of the men in her life which is sad and pathetic. She says she loves the boys like her own yet she has no problem putting them in harms way. When is this bitch going to learn that no matter what she does she is NEVER going to replace BG, she is their mother always and forever no matter how much money and toys she gives them. Gawd, I just want to punch her. She “got her man” so why doesn’t she live happily ever after ( until the money runs out) and stop being such a spiteful, nasty bitch. I hope she rips up that pre nup, because EC really loves her and not her money. HA, couldn’t type that without giggling.

    If I were Brandi would keep every tweet, every picture of her out with the kids, every story where LR talks about the kids, emails sent and received. Just in case.

  11. Kaye says:

    Great pix, Kaiser :) They are the perfect illustrations of her craziness.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I think Eddie likes the attention, both from the media and Leann’s obsession. Of course he’s posing – he needs a job!
    Leann is so out of line with those kids in so many ways. She won’t stop until she has a kid herself, and then those boys will probably be ignored.
    How much money could she possibly still have? Her career is pretty much kaput. Once the well runs dry, Eddie will be out of there.

    If you’re being harassed on twitter…quit twitter. Easy solution.

  13. why? says:

    Eddie hasn’t grown to love LR, it’s why LR is so insecure and keeps going after BG. LR wants the media and public to think that EC has grown to love her, which is why she has been bombarding the internet/tabloids with DAILY pdafest and “romantic” photos from Cabo each and everyday.

    We know that EC hasn’t grown to love LR by the fact that Leann is STILL single white femaling BG right down to her tweets, which is a strong indication that EC still has feelings for BG and is using LR to get back at BG for not taking him back. EC uses his own kids as weapons against BG and then allows LR to exploit them in exchange for cars and trips to Cabo, so we know that EC is incapable of growing to love anyone. If EC had grown to love LR, then LR wouldn’t be tweeting while she is on vacation, using twitter to give EC alibis for when he is off with his other mitresses, seeking validation from outside of her marriage via her fab five mouthpieces or via EC children, and taking cues on how to be a loving couple from what bloggers post(ie-point out how EC hardly ever looks into LR eyes, the next day the internet is bombarded with photos of EC doing just that).

    I too think it’s scary that not enough media outlets call LR and EC out on their bad behavior. That is 50% of the problem right there. Those photos of them in Cabo are obviously staged and set up, but rather than calling EC and LR out for papping themselves out everyday(other celebs are in Cabo, yet we have seen only 1-2 photos of them; while EC and LR are papping themselves out 2-3 times/day everyday of the week), many media outlets played into the “EC and LR are madly in love” campaign. Thank goodness that the public isn’t buying into EC and LR nonsense. LR and her “fans” have been bullying BG for a very, very, very long time and at times the media has jumped all over BG for daring to defend herself when the attacks are too much for her. And now the media is just now jumping on the fact that LR and her “fans” are cyberbullying BG and it’s getting worse, even after LR promoted herself as a peace maker in her blog and on the red carpet of NOH8/Trevor Live/AGAs.

    I think the In Touch article is just another means of LR taunting BG, in other words LR is rubbing it in BG face that she will not be spending the entire Christmas Day with her kids like she wanted.

  14. TheOriginalKitten says:

    “it scares me that very few people call her out on some of her more ridiculous antics.”

    Really? I think the general consensus out there is that she and EC suck. All the blogs that run stories like these are laden with comments about how terrible these two C-List celebs are. What more can people do? Descend on her house with torches? Molotov cocktails?
    There’s really no shortage of Rhimes-hatred, thanks to this blog and others, that run stories almost daily about this silly group of twits.

    • why? says:

      Did you see the fluff pieces that were written when LR walked the red carpet for Trevor Live, AGAs, and NOH8? LR and EC even gave a “stop the hate” lecture on the red carpet for Trevor Live. These should have been the moments that the media called LR out on her hypocrisy and how she is so disrepsectful towards BG and those boys, but they didn’t. Instead the media praised EC and LR for how lovey dovey they were on the red carpet. And then immediately following these events, LR behavior towards BG got worse, from calling BG and EC kids “my kids” to making out on the sidelines of the child’s soccer game. Maya Angelou and Hallmark Channel are rewarding LR with yet another interview where she talks about her affair with EC and BG boys next month, now why is this even allowed with all the mean and nasty things LR has and continues to do?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I’m sorry-I know she’s a crappy person but she’s not Robert Mugabe. I know it’s a gossip blog but let’s keep it in perspective. This is why I generally avoid the LR/EC threads-too many people getting WAY too bent out of shape over irrelevant C-listers. Kinda kooky….

      • why? says:

        It is being kept in perspective, how is it that Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are allowed to associate with things like NOH8, Trevor Live, and AGAs when they are the biggest bullies and don’t represent anything these organizations stand for? LR and EC are constantly placing limitations on BG, yet everytime they set up and stage a photo-op with the kids or LR posts twitpics/tweets/blogs of the children, the media never ever calls EC out on his hypocrisy and opts to praise them for their “happy family” moment. Not enough media outlets are calling these two out on how they exploit those kids/tip off the paps/cyberbully, and then their bad behavior towards BG and those kids escalates. The media shouldn’t just now be jumping on how LR and her “fans” cyberbully BG and then allows those same people to be around BG kids. EC and LR have been tipping off the paps since Saturday and only about 6 media outlets called them out on their daily staged photo-ops. I imagine it’s only going to get worse, once they have their hands on those kids because LR and DB already annouced on twitter the time and date they were going to be getting on an airplane for Aspen.

      • joancrawfordhangers says:

        Seriously, who is this WHY? person? Your posts are always EXTREMELY detailed.

      • why? says:

        Seriously, who is this joancrawsfordhangers person because everytime I hit the nail on the head, out pop these randomn posters who appear to be EXTREMELY agitated over something that I mentioned in my post.

        The last time someone got EXTREMELY agitated it was because I posted about how LR had posted the twitpics of BG and EC son at his school on her twitter page and then I mentioned something about LR setting up a staged photo-op outside of her house with the kids, and then the next day x17 posted photos of LR, EC, and the boy outside of his school. So does this mean LR is indeed planning on setting up a staged airport photo-op with BG and EC kids next week with one of her mouthpieces?

        We know everything there is to know because LR and EC put everything out there, so it’s not about details. It’s common sense. I know that LR and EC were invited to the Trevor Live event because guess what? There are photos of them at the Trevor Live event and of course LR tweeted about it. I know that LR and EC are taking a plane ride with the kids because DB tweeted about it.

  15. girlindisguise says:

    She’s so fugly. No wonder she needs to buy people off.

  16. Str8Shooter says:

    Hopefully, Eddie was equally as generous, and bought her a face replacement gift certificate from one of Beverly Hills’ finest plastic surgeons.

  17. Holly:) says:

    Are those kids wearing ‘Ugg Boots’ if they’re, poor poor boys.

  18. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Wait, who is buying her music? She needs to go bankrupt asap.

    It’s too bad her out-of-line actions are technically legal. Where’s the justice for squinty catface?

  19. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Brandi is crazy as hell as well. But come on, have you seen her on Real Housewives? She walks around braless all the time and has a banging body. He downgraded when he went to skeletor with implants.

    • Sara says:

      Agreed, LeAnn might be younger but I think Brandi is a lot prettier.

      If Eddie ever cheats on LeAnn with a younger woman I’m going to find it VERY difficult to feel any sympathy for LeAnn.

    • Shiloh says:

      she might be better looking than Leann but she’s stupid as HELL. i can’t imagine having an actual conversation with her. he probably liked Leann because she has talent and a career, has emotions/feelings and does things other than throw dinner parties with loser rich people and get wasted. and honestly she’s not THAT much better looking than Leann, they look a lot alike.

      • Beatrix says:

        Hey, Lee! Nice to see you stalking your own gossip pages. Isn’t there a Housewives episode you can watch so you can plan your next SWF move?

      • why? says:

        Well there is one major flaw in your logic. Leann tweets 24/7 even when she was on her honeymoon, the day after he wedding, during holidays, and on “romantic” vacations with EC, so we know that EC can’t possibly enjoy having conversations with LR. If LR had talent or a career, then we wouldn’t be seeing the faces of BG and EC kids each and every week.

        Didn’t LR just have a Christmas dinner party with her rich pals? And she made an album of it, to prove to those people who were questioning if she had “friends”.

  20. Lol says:

    Is it just me or is she starting to look like Eddie???

  21. ladybert62 says:

    WHAT? Squinty increased an 8 year old’s weekly allowance from $5.00 to $100 per week? WHAT? Why does an 8 year old need $100 per week?

  22. Sapphire says:

    Wow, Jezi, didn’t know it had gotten this far. Nothing like letting your pathology hang out for the world to see.

  23. dorothye says:

    LeAnn is a danger to those children in so many ways. Exposing their school and the children that attend, using them as props for photo opp’s and giving them an unrealistic view of money.

  24. why? says:


    That is where you are wrong. You don’t have to be cheated on to identify with Brandi or understand what she is going through. In this case, LR harassment of BG is so bad that it’s getting BG support from all over. It’s called empathy, compassion, and sympathy.

    How exactly is the info from BG skewed when there is evidence to back up what BG is saying? We know that LR and EC are liars because they prove that everyday. Like how LR states that she doesn’t tip off the paps, yet there have been back to back/daily photos of her and EC in Cabo when usually other celebs are being spotted only once or twice.

    Who has been harassing Leann on twitter? BTW, Leann blocks anyone who supports Brandi so the majority of those people have been blocked by LR, so they can’t be harassing Leann. Besides, according to LR she doesn’t even pay attention to what is being written about her, right?

    • Dawn says:

      I agree with you post. I have been married 28 years and my children are now grown. I could not imagine a woman interfering in my marriage whether it is doing good or bad at the time. I would not allow this same person to interfere with my children. Leann and Eddie have shown they are cheaters, so therefore they are liars as well. Now that they are married does not give Leann any rights to the children other than they should respect her at her home. That is it. The allowance is ridiculous. That is another way she is overstepping her boundaries. She is going to ruin these kids at the rate she is going now. Show love and caring to them is one thing, but manipulation with money is another. She thank just taking care of them on a daily basis, making lunches, giving baths and so forth makes her a mother. It does not. I was at the hospital when my son almost died at 3 months from a birth defect. I nursed him back to health,not a stepmom. So how can she say stuff like this to me is beyond reason. Yes you can care for them, but the bio mom is still there mother. She is step and will always be step.

  25. Paloma says:

    This is so delicious, except for the fact it has the potential to be detrimental to the children. Wouldn’t it be fab if Eddie dumped Leann!
    As far as who is the most psychotic, LeAnn or Brandi, LeAnn gets my vote. And to top it off, she thinks we are too naive to understand her machinations.

  26. NotaBitterBetty says:

    Everytime I see her, her face looks even more jacked up. She has really destroyed what (little) looks she was blessed with. And just when is she going to run out of money?? I expect Eddie will make a run for it then.

  27. Skylar says:

    How would Brandi know anything about paparazzi’s? I had no idea who she was before LeAnn married her husband. And really? Who cares where her kids go to school, it isn’t like they are the Jolie-Pitts. She needs to stop taking herself so serious and meet us back here on planet earth. I am not sticking up for Leann, I just think this whole article is ridiculous and so is Brandi.

    • why? says:

      Probably because in court documents, Eddie Cibrian made a big fuss over his kids faces and names being exposed to the paps, media, press, and tabloids. This is what Eddie Cibrian said:”A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure…In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi.”-Eddie Cibrian

      Considering that twitter is a public forum that has often led to LR tweets and photos of those kids being published in mag and on blogs, BG has a point. This is just another issue that the media should call LR and EC out on, their double standards. EC threatened to sue BG if the kids made cameos on her show, yet he allows LR to post photos of the kids and blogs about his kids on a site that LR is using to promote her music career.

    • Eileen says:

      Ok sweetie-give me the names of your children and where they go to school and I’ll post the info on twitter. Seriously? Leann has been in music since she was 13-you don’t think she has weirdo back woods fanatics? Its ridiculously dangerous and irresponsible.

    • Jenn12 says:

      Skylar, I am a nobody and I wouldn’t want anyone to know where my kids go to school. Jaycee Duguard was a nobody, too, if you get my drift.

  28. Gah – those pictures! She’s got the eye-to-eyebrow space ratio of a circus clown! He is wayyyyy too hot for her. He’s a douche, yes – but a smoking hot one – in the great tradition of douches.
    I hope he’s loving her up 24/7 to thank her for spending so much $ on him and his kids.

  29. Amy says:

    Those sprouts are adorable though…

  30. Dawn says:

    Everyone that is against Brandi, remember Leann was the one to come into Brandi’s family and screw it up. Why is the victim being harassed by anyone. As far as Leann and Eddie whatever reaction they get from Brandi they deserve it. If they are going to dish it out like that and screw up a person’s life then they have to suck it up and take the repercussions.

  31. Karen says:

    First pic: she looks like the grinch, albeit the day his heart grew three times.

  32. Victoria says:

    Bitch is as manipulative and deceitful as Beyonce. Let’s start calling LeMann White Beyonce. LOL. Seriously.

    That top picture is extra Hefty tough. Damn!

    Something is really wrong with her and Eddie is a bitch for not putting his foot down to protect his kids. She’s meeting with Twitter fans? Fine, but with her “Bonus Kids” in tow? What kind of idiot does that? Sounds like a Bogus Mom to me.

    So that’s what we need to start calling her, Bogus Mom or White Beyonce. Loser.

  33. NeNe says:

    And he is gonna dump her ass as soon as the prenup is gone. What a dumb stupid B*tch!!

  34. Lauren says:

    I have stayed quiet, but cannot no longer. LR freaks me out..Eddie likes having a sugar mama. I am just waiting for their Reality Show on E!, or MTV, or CMT. LR is always posing with Eddie and his adorable boys to drive Brandi insane. LR is manipulative & frightening..and insecure.

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    Am I wrong in my thinking that EC filed some sort of motion (or something) to keep his kids OFF OF TV AND OUT OF THE PRESS?

    Because if he did, it’s a very one-sided thing.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Afternoon Bells! Hope you’re all ready for Christmas.

      I remember that too. The one episode of RHWOBH (where her kids were with her at a kids party) they didn’t show them. They just taped Brandi while she talked to them (and they were out of frame). If I’m not mistaken there may have also been one cutaway where her children’s faces were blurred.

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    And WTF is she wearing?!?

    She needs to settle down, get on some regulatory meds, and disappear for awhile.

  37. Shiloh says:

    why would Eddie marry his stalker? i mean really. he has his own career and money and he’s good looking enough to date whoever the hell he wants. why would he marry someone he didn’t like and then spend all of his time with her? it doesn’t even make sense.

    • KARMA says:

      WHat career? his last 3 gigs the shows were either canceled or he got fired..what money? the man is unemployable, how do you think he is able to afford an extravagant lifestyle with no JOb..the answer LEmAN…Hes satying cuz he has no choice, no income no job

    • Debra says:

      He has his own career and money???? WTF! when did that happen?? He hasn’t had a steady job since, when??? as for money.. he had to have his child support reduced because he had NO JOB! and that hasn’t changed…. If he has so much money, I’m sure Brandi’s lawyer would love to know about it..

    • why? says:

      Eddie has a career and his own money? If EC has his own money, then that means he is lying to the courts about his financial situation and scamming his kids out of their child support. EC doesn’t have a career, unless you are counting gigolo as his new job. Just about everything that EC has done since his affair was exposed has been a favor from Leann’s pals at NBC. CSI. Hallmark movie. Chase. The Playboy Club. Charisma. Tyler Perry movie. The timing of his jobs is quite interesting. For his affair with LR he got roles on CSI and Hallmark movie. Before he “proposed” to LR he got the lead in The Playboy Club and a role in Tyler Perry movie. There seems to be a pattern here. LR gives EC something to make him stay by her side.

      EC isn’t a good actor. Reviews of his acting describe him as dull/boring. Many reviewers also point out that the folly in these shows was that they overhyped EC.

      LR and her fans claim that EC was unhappy in his marriage to BG, and yet we saw a still very married EC making out with BG, holding BG hand as he walked through an airport, and opening car doors for BG during the time that LR and her fans claimed that EC didn’t like BG. So what can we conclude? That EC will put on a united front even when he is unhappy and wants out of his marriage.

      • Vesper says:

        At least do ur research before posting. Eddie just finished a movie called “Good Deeds” which is in post production.

        According to the site, Net Worth (which is pretty extensive), the Playboy Club payed Eddie $100,000 an episode (they filmed 6 or 7 episodes and he would have been paid for all). Some people on this site have said Playboy had an ensemble cast, yet it is Eddie who was the mainliner. Crappy actors don’t make that kind of money nor do they get hired to spend an entire season on a highly popular show like CSI Miami, or five years on a critically aclaimed series like Third Watch.

        Brandi herself said in an interview (see youtube) that when things were going well on Playboy she was “rich”. Her words. Kind of crass to state (although completely in character), as well “rich” is subjective”, however, Eddie is not quite the loser many of u would like to think.

        BTW, fellow posters, a series not being picked up by a network, or an actor’s contract not being renewed is NOT being fired. It’s part of the business which u wouldn’t have a problem with if u weren’t so biased and judgmental.

  38. DTBFB says:

    My analysis of WHY LeAnn is giving such a large allowance is because she is thinking ahead (like Chess match). LeAnn wrote a song “Upper Hand” (on Family) and knows the boys will learn of LeAnn’s evil deeds. She’s giving them the funds to get addicted on drugs, and she’ll be the purse strings, they will be dependent on her and she’ll have control. That simple, she wins, Brandi loses, boys give her no grief. Sad but true, you’ll see!

  39. Amanda says:

    How old is she? I never realized how over-botoxed she was! It’s so obvious because she has no fat on her face (or anywhere else for that matter), but she really is scary! I see a troubled, insecure, spoiled celeb, who never fully grew-up and is probably trying to buy everyone’s love with money and material things because she fears that’s all she has to offer. Very sad.

    Oh – and the whole thing with BB is ridiculous. LeAnn needs to see a shrink asap! Why she has waited this long is beyond me!

  40. Rita says:

    This is a great thread, especially the part where LeAnn is exposed as someone who uses the NOH8 campaign on one hand and then rewards one of her twitter followers who says the most hatefull and vile things to Brandi with a meet and greet.

    In relation to LeAnn being a country star. You’re confusing name recognition and past success with current circumstances. Country music fans have rejected everything she has done since she was caught cheating 3 years ago.

    I doubt the story about tearing up the pre-nup is true but God I hope it is true. In five years, Eddie will walk away with what’s left of her money…but that’s running pretty thin now.

    I love animals but I’ve been to Africa on safari and I will remind everyone this Christmas that Hyenas are disgusting scavengers….some of whom have named their pups Dobbie or is it Doobie?

    Merry Christmas to all you terrific ladies.

  41. crys737 says:

    oh my god, that first picture is terrifying!

  42. Rita says:


    Great Link!!! How does LeAnn and her Gerbils even hope to stand against Missy, Ebony, Eileen, and Annie. They are so smart, clever, strong, insightfull, and uncompromising in their character. What a great bunch all the BB’s and Semi BB’s are!

    PS-Kaiser, the pictures just keep getting better and better. In that top picture she’s trying to smile and keep her eyes open at the same time…hillarious.

  43. hazeldazel says:

    oh man, i’m gonna laugh SO hard when he dumps her a$$ after she gets rids of the prenup!!!

  44. Dani says:

    She is going to be gutted when he leaves her.

  45. Javagirl1 says:

    She should not wear eyeliner on her lower lid.

  46. layla says:

    She may be cray-cray….. but those are aome GREAT boots in the 4th pic!!!

  47. BELLA says:

    I tolds you, she has the lead in the remake of the “Planet of the Apes”
    no make-up required…..

  48. BELLA says:

    she is his cashcow…just like Jen is to Justin

    • yuya says:

      LOL, so your ex-con boyfriend has a job now?

      Thank GOD you, cbear is hear to provide therapy and diagnosis for her.

      Hey. Imma gonna judge you for a minute. I feel that you’ve been one of those “unemployed” for the last three year people because for SOME REASON, no one wants to hire you. Well, of course no one is hiring you because it’s DISCRIMINATION DANGIT! Against your size, your age, your looks. Something that is of course OUTSIDE OF YOU.

      Guess what? You’re not being hired because no one wants you on their team. No. One. Unemployed for over a year? There’s a reason chicky. Because…get this, there ARE JOBS. A. LOT.

      If you are employed, it is menial. There is no way someone with your kinda time on their hands has a job that is above “cashier at walmart”. Anybody who spends that much time stalking the twitter feed of someone they dislike has a problem. Just stating the facts…Maam.

  49. Simon says:

    Oh my Christ! What is wrong with her face in the first photo?! She’s really not pretty…

    Reminds me of this thing my husband told his daughter last week when she asked about babies. He told her the stork left her in the strawberry patch at his Grandad’s and the fairies told him where to find her. She then asked if that’s where all babies came from. He shook his head and said “No, darling, in the case of your Uncle Gary, the stork was on holiday so a raven had to deliver him, only it dropped him, he hit every branch on the ugly tree on the way down then landed face-down in a compost heap.”

    LR antics are chilling. If I was a parent of one of the other children, I’d sue her arse so fast. I thought schools had strict rules about taking photos on premises? Here in the UK, we can’t even record Nativity Plays for child safety etc.

    I hope someone calls LR out on the $100 allowance for an eight year-old. WTF?! My husband has a lot of money but he keeps his daughter and will keep our son, due in a few months, grounded. As step-mum, she has no right to alter allowances!

    As a gay man, seeing LR do the NOH8 campaign made me cringe. She’s a bully and that Darrel Brown makes my skin crawl.

    I hope to God she gets her comeuppance. She is that stupid to tear up the pre-nup and believe he’ll stick with her.

    Happy Holidays, everyone! :D

  50. GG says:

    That green dress makes her look like a cross between Gumby and Kermit the Frog. Holiday wishes to Brandi and all of you good hearted souls who still believe in integrity. “May tranquil moments bless your life and keep your spirits whole”.

  51. Katija says:

    My only guess on how LR has all this money to burn is that someone invested very well for her back in the day. Maybe they should have taught her some morals instead.

  52. skuddles says:

    That manic, forced smile of hers…. ugh

    Nice to know she’s both crazy AND stupid.

  53. Bobby the K says:

    She has too much of her self invested in this guy. Her venom will help wreck their relationship, and her mind, it shall be blown.

  54. Mich says:

    This has become my favourite story to follow since Lohan jumped the shark! Why, after all this time, is Rimes still so obsessed with her scumbag husband’s ex??? What’s with the whole SWF thing? It is bizarre. He is clearly as strange as she is given that he keeps going along with the craziness.

  55. hetekyle says:

    i’d love to see her pics in a straightjacket and a tape on her mouth.

  56. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @hyena, couldn’t respond to you above, but I just wanted to say I’m not angry. I was just merely “flipping the script,” so to speak. You’re painting all Brandi supporters with the broad brush of “scorned woman.” So, I’m painting all Leann supporters as narcissistic bobble heads with no souls (like Leanne). I was being somewhat tongue in cheek to illustrate my point; which is, it doesn’t feel good to be pigeon-holed. Appologies if you took it personally.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Merry Christmas! (I’m not ready yet, but I will be, I swear.)

      Thanks for that. I was wondering if maybe I was nuttier than ME!Ann about the whole “pap thing.” (And ME!Ann is nucking futz!)

      That white bikini on the beach looks like one of JWoww’s creations. (Please don’t ask, just go to D-Listed.)

      Also, thank you for making the point that we’re not all BB’s, we’re not all “scorned” (though I have been), but we empathize with Brandi for having to deal with all she’s dealt with (which I think is closer to all of us “have nots’” experiences) and doing so with relative grace and dignity.

      • Got a secret, can you keep it? says:

        LMAO at Brandi’s fans having grace and dignity. OH HELL NO!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Bells, Good Lawd (in my best southern voice). Those bikinis are ridiculous! Pretty much pasties, and I can’t see anyone above a B cup (with natural breasts) wearing them. My girls need support! Also, can’t wait to hear all about how happy your little one was on Christmas morning!

        @Got A secret, I don’t consider myself a Brandi “fan,” I’m more like someone who supports women (Brandi and others) who are left by their deadbeat husbands to fend for themselves and their children. In Brandi’s case, I find it particularly egregious that Leanne uses the most rabid of her “fans” to taunt and harass Brandi and that these people are so blinded by Leann’s “celebrity” that they mindlessly do her bidding and refuse to see her for what she really is (a jealous, insecure woman who uses children as pawns in her attempt to pester her husbands ex). As for the BBs, they are quite kind to those whose opinions differ from theirs. I have yet to see them take any cheap shots. So, if what you claim is true (that a Brandi fan was harassing someone), my guess is they don’t belong to the BBs (and it was most likely an isolated incident or a Leann fan calling themselves a BB in order to make the Brandi supporters look bad).

    • Got a secret, can you keep it? says:

      Leanns fans HAVE souls, unlike Brandi’s bullies. I’ve seen Brandi’s fans attack a pregnant woman online for no reason, other than to get their jollies on. SICK!

      • KatScorp says:

        Honey-buns, you can keep crying that the sky is green all you want, but it’s blooooooooo :)

        Doesn’t matter how often – nor how vehemently – you repeat the Bogus Mom party line, very few people are gullible enough to swallow your tapdancing.

        Merry Christmas, by the way.

      • yuya says:

        I’m NOT a Leann friend, but I am pissed about the FLACK she is getting as opposed to “eddie” (lol)

        Brandi is pretty, funny but stupid as all get out. She needs to grow a spine and learn how to stick up for herself.

        Her boys are ADORABLE. Seriously, lady killers.

        Leann has only 50% damage. Probably less, “eddie” is the one who left the mother of his children.

        Leann is NOT UGLY. You guys are on crack if you think she is. She’s attractive, not the most beautiful, but, passable. So quit with the: OMG, TROLL crap.

  57. HappyMom says:

    Wow-I thought the LILO posts were entertaining! I’m amazed that any of these people have “fans” and they put so much time and energy into supporting them. I just hope money is being put aside for the therapy those poor little boys are going to need!

  58. Rita says:

    Everyone should read Jezi’s link in comment 22. It gives a great over view of the crap heaped upon an innocent woman by the evil bitches who bulldozed her life.

    Yes, if the definition of evil is enjoying the act of deliberately causing another person pain and suffering, then that is LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.

  59. why? says:

    Another site has picked up on the “LR is cyberbullying BG” story!

  60. Jayna says:

    Anyone who believes the one hundred dollars a week story is an idiot.

  61. jasperkitty says:

    I saw a photo of the two of them on the yacht. I thought Leann looked fantastic. I WISH I looked like that, lol.
    I find it so sad to see the personal attacks on this woman…and yet, no one even knows her…or Eddie for that matter. We only hear what the media wants us to hear…perhaps that is why Leann has taken to Twitter. Personally, I see nothing wrong with what she has done…she’s enjoying her life and living a dream from what I see. Lucky lady. Jealous people.

    • why? says:

      If Leann was enjoying her life or was lucky, why then did she spend her honeymoon tweeting and arguing with people on twitter? Who spends their honeymoon arguing with people? Most celebs made less than 10 tweets on Thanksgiving, but not LR. She made over 100 tweets on Thanksgiving.What does LR have that people are jealous of? She is so desperate for attention that she exploits children. That is not something anyone would be jealous of.

    • why? says:

      @jasperkitty: You would think that with all the backlash that is mounting against LR, her staffmembers, and fans that campLeann would lay low and steer clear of doing damage control. Seriously, does campLeann REALLY think that what you are doing here a good idea? It’s more than obvious that Leann is obsessed with what we are saying here about her. Perhaps she should put that obsession in her marriage so that she doesn’t have to cover up EC affairs by providing him alibis on twitter.

      @Got a secret, can you keep it?: Seriously, you don’t have to count LR tweets to know that she is averaging over 100 tweets/day, especially when LR tweets are numbered at 37,000, while her peers are averaging between 2000-11,000 posts. I have seen several of LR “fans” counting BG tweets and the tweets of the BBs so then by your logic does that mean that LR “fans” need therapy/have obsessive behavior. BTW remember that fluff piece that one of LR “fans” wrote about LR, he stated that LR made over 117 tweets. So then by your logic does it mean that that guy needs therapy and has an obsessive behavior; afterall, inorder for him to come up with the fact that LR made 117 tweets in one day, he would have had to count them right?

      Where are all these randomn posters coming from? Is this the fallout from the “LR is cyberbullying BG” articles? First joanscrawfordshangers, then jasperkitty, and now this got a secret person? What is going on?

      Just think if LR laid low and shut up, you wouldn’t have to do so much damage control.

      • jasperkitty says:

        You are such a fruitloop. I am curious as to how you obtain your information. You don’t even know these people. You read it ‘somewhere’? Geeshk, have you not ever heard the saying…’you can’t always believe what you read.’? I mean, really…if you believe what you read…you would think I was Leann’s new best buddy. *still chucklin’ bout that one, why.

      • jasperkitty says:

        it’s not damage control darlin’…it’s just the fact I love buggin’ ya…you get so riled up, lolol.

      • yuya says:

        There you are…we are missing your Thesis’s on Angelina and Brad and how Jennifer Aniston is the devil incarnate on Jezebel.

        Hi. Snookerdoolini and Brandywine. I see your internet presence is still going strong! Good “job” (because it’s te only one you have, glad we’re paying for it)

        Just so I am sure: Jennifer, Leann: BAD.

        Angelina, Brad, Twilight crap: GOOOD, OOOOOH SOOO GOOOD!

  62. Got a secret, can you keep it? says:

    Brandi’s fans are the one who bully people, I’ve seen a LOT of bullying from their side and can’t wait for THAT to exposed.

    Brandi’s not innocent, and people can’t question anything she does without being attacked, because her fans become unglued REALLY fast. If her fans can’t take the heat, they need to stay out of the kitchen.

  63. Got a secret, can you keep it? says:

    I hope that in 2012, Leann haters can get their own lives, because they need them really, REALLY badly. Not Leann’s fault her haters are miserable!

    Also, Brandi being on a z-list reality show isn’t successful, sorry to break it to people.

  64. risa says:

    EC is so smarmy. He’s a paid escort who takes advantage of LR’s mental issues. What man who is unemployed & will never get another acting job. Who has their child support lowered would say yeah lets go on vacation & buy me a car. It’s not like he needs transportation to go to work. He is a selfish pig who has no feelings for anyone but himself. If he did he wouldn’ t treat his family the way he has & wouldn’t make LR look so desperate to keep him by having to entertain him with trips & gifts. LR is going to run out of $ real soon & he’ll have her committed as a danger to herself & his ” family”. If I were him I’d be afraid. Looking forward to when Mason & Jake grow up & kick his ass. Worthless scum. Oh & Just Jared is always preaching about bullying but then post fluff pieces on an almost daily basis about LR. Guess it’ s only bad to bully people who are gay Bullying is bullying

  65. risa says:

    LR sells 30k cds & playing in small venues aka casinos shows how popular she is. She’s the one who is supposed to have the fan base. Brandi just started and is beating this has been yodeling fug. Yeah being in a lousy Lifetime Movie is real a list & we all know what a brillant actor E is, please get over yourself

    • Vesper says:

      OMG, get some perspective already. Brandi works as a “friend” on a trashy reality show that is currently exploiting a dead man. She has done a couple of “hosting” gigs in her bikini. She has a criminal record for a recent DUI.

      LeAnn has been singing professionally since she was 8. She has won too many awards to count.

      According to Wikipedia (albeit not a authorative source but more trustworthy than the tabloids):

      According to “Celebrity Net Worth”, Rimes has a current estimated net worth of just under $38 million as of 2011,[68] and is one of the richest female country singers in America.

      • KARMA says:

        too many awards to count? please i think shes only won TWO grammy..I just checked wikipedia and i only counted 9 awards she has won so how in the world is that too many to count bwhahah…and that 38mil has been floating around for years I seriously doubt she still has that much,,face it Vesper, her career is OVER..she only sold 30K, that number is horrible for anybody how much more someone like leAnn..eddie CANNOT keep a job to save his life..CSI FIRED, CHase CANCELED, PLAYBOY CLUB canceled after only 3 episodes, and we are to believe he is a success..that “trashy” show has made Brandi more popular than leMan, most RHOBH like her and more than likely she will be a fulltime HW…from there the sky is the limit..look at NeNe and Bethany..eddie is now known as the ex-husband of reality star Brandi Glanville..leMans actions have ruined her career and the public is now discovering her stalkerish ways..that document that missy made(you know the one you all laughed at) has hit the web and is making leMan look HORRIBLE..she not only had an Affair but now she has strangers meet Brandi’s kids and her EMPLOYEES taunt Brandi on twitter..have you ever seen Cari, Emma Hemming, or Jennifer G, Darin, say anything about leMan on twitter, so why Vesper does leMan’s staff have Brandi’s name in their mouths..lmao

      • risa says:

        Please that celebrity networth site is so bogus. They have Brandi worth 4.5 mill & EC 14. LR doesn’t have anywhere near 38. Just like she had posted that she made 98 mill her first year. Yeah with curb Records she became one of the richest women in country music . Like with everything else LR makes it up as she goes along.

      • charity says:

        ahhh Vesper,lets not forget the hit N run Leann was involved in when she was rushing home from playing golf with Brandi’s husband. she was and still is a stalker with her career in ruins. as for Mr rimes, he is an aging playboy with no future. He allows his wallet to pap out those babies so he can continue getting his allowance. guarantee it;s more than 100$ a week. maybe 105 a week

      • lily says:

        Oh my goodness— a Porsche, hope he doesn’t let Leann ride in it, there will be BOOGER BALLS all over it. flick flick flick

  66. Madisyn says:

    To quote Sir James Goldsmith:

    “When you marry your mistress, you create a job vacancy”.

    Words to heed Wewe.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Yes, exactly. Mad, I will be calling you from my new #. (Prob not tonight but tomorrow.)

      • Madisyn says:


        You better call me Xmas Eve, especially if you have a new number. I’m doing the ‘family’ thing from 11:00 am till afternoon but will be home after that.
        My sister has all 3 kids today but her 2 youngest, their father has them Xmas day, plus my sis and new hubby are doing HIS family Xmas afternoon, so Xmas eve is our time (or should I say my moms, my sis and I aren’t exactly close but for my mother, I’ll drive her to Valencia, she ‘doesn’t do’ freeways)

        When I speak to you tonight, I’ll wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Years.

      • Madisyn says:

        Mornin Mort

        Love ya too! I’ll start out by saying ‘check your email’, I won’t bother with belle, its like ‘in one ear and out the other’. Plus she’ll call and I’ll get on her ass about it.

        Great quote above, huh? I read it in VF about 3 weeks ago and IMMEDIATELY thought of Wewe. I couldn’t wait to post it but of course, they’re was no Wewe news for a while.

        Anyhoodle, WE had a good run on Blohan stories and I expect that to continue, as I see NO change in her entitled attitude. So *cheers* to good times in the past and good times ahead.

        Mort, Merry Xmas and a Super Duper Happy New Year to you and yours. Many, many blessings for now and forever. Oh, and many cracktini’s too!

  67. why? says:


    My wish to you is the same, may you also have a very merry Christmas and the richests of New Years!

  68. why? says:


    Oh wait, didn’t you say that you have a life? Yeap, I could have thought that you said that you had a life, yet here you are again making post after post to me. So how come you are here making all these posts since like you stated in the old thread, you have a life? People who have a life don’t dedicate their time and energy to buggin others. So what is LR upset about this time? Obviously what I am saying is on point because you wouldn’t dedicate so much time and energy to my posts or as you put it, “buggin me”.

    Wrong, we don’t read it “somewhere”. What we know comes straight from Leann Rimes via Leann’s tweets, interviews, daily staged photo-ops, blogs, and twitpics. Are you saying that Leann wasn’t arguing with people on her honeymoon? So that is what this is about? You are upset because I pointed out that LR can’t possibly be lucky or enjoying her life since she was on her own honeymoon tweeting and arguing with people? Come on, you had to have seen that one coming. It’s common sense. Newlyweds don’t sit on twitter arguing with people on their honeymoons.

    Are you implying that you have a right to comment about Leann because you know Leann? You know what is so odd, that jasperkitty ALWAYS shows up around the same time that Vesper does. When I saw the post from jasperkitty, I figured it was going to be a matter of time before Vesper showed up. And what do you know if you scroll up. Why is it that jasperkitty and Vesper show up at the same time?

    We know that Leann is a fruitloop. How silly of her to attempt to do damage control with all the backlash that is mounting against her. LR is her own worst enemy.

    Well the last time you “bugged” me it was because I said that EC was cheating on LR and of course I mentioned something about LR setting up a staged photo-op with BG and EC kids outside her house. So call it what you want, but you can’t erase the fact that campLeann shows up in full force when LR is up to something. So what does Leann have in store now?

    Yes as we can see you do get riled up simply because I pointed out that LR was arguing with people on her honeymoon!!!!!!!Now that is hilarious.

    • Vesper says:

      I DON’T appreciate false accusations of a personal nature. Not sure sure why I would have to say this, but I post ONLY as Vesper and Vesper only. I don’t have the time, or energy, nor do I care enough about the subject to create various usernames, so back off biatch. I’m sorry that u are too obtuse to understand the concept.

      U and the other bullies are the reason why posting on CB is no longer fun.

      BTW, I know u like to argue back and forth, and u seem to have endless amounts of time on ur hands, but not everyone wants to participate in this style of communication. I like to make a posting or two, than move on to another story so I will not be making any more comments on this thread, particularly to u.

      • why? says:


        And yet you have no problem making false accusations of a personal nature agaisnt BG and the BBs.

        You like to make a posting or two? Are you looking at the same thread because you have made more than two posts in this thread. i’m being generous because I’m not counting the posts that you made under other names. I know exactly why posting on CB isn’t fun for you anymore, because people see right through your antics.

        So how come jasperkitty and Vesper show up within min of one another. When I saw the post from jasperkitty, I knew that a post from Vesper was coming. How long after Vesper departs will jasperkitty show up?

        You don’t have the time or the energy? So then how did all these posts in your name get on this site? If you don’t care enough about the subject to create various usernames, why then have you made all these posts?

        Obtuse? Oh you are upset because I pointed out how you didn’t know that Tyler Perry was the producer of Good Deeds.

        Wait, I have seen this farewell post before. Jasperkitty did the very same thing. She showed up telling me that she wasn’t going to make any posts to me and then she popped up in another thread with a different name. So what you really mean is that you won’t be making any posts in this thread as Vesper, but you will most definately make more posts as jasperkitty.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      At the risk of being banned (which I would HATE, since CB is my homepage): just because we (those stay-at-home Moms, those work-from-home Moms, those of us who choose “alternative work options”) don’t have a 9-5 (which doesn’t actually exist) job doesn’t mean we “don’t have lives.”

      A little FYI from me to you.

    • Vesper says:

      BTW, @ why if u had read my previous posts u should have noticed that I try to keep it RESPECTFUL when responding to other commentors. In other words, I typically do not make personal insults about other posts, and that alone should have been a clue that I am not @ jasperkitty.

      • why? says:

        You don’t make any insults? You are really rewriting history. Go back to your orginal post. You weren’t being respectful when you made that post about a particular poster. Funny how jasperkitty and Vesper show up at the same time.

        What did I say last week when jasperkitty showed up, that she was going to show up this week singling out yet another/different poster. And sure enough that is exactly what happened. Check out who Vesper singled out this week.

      • jasperkitty says:

        Apparently you and I are one and the same. Nice to meet me…you…us. Ummmm.

    • jasperkitty says:

      You need to start providing some facts before I even begin to believe the BS you spew. You write so much but never provide any proof. You read into things that I just do not see. You just go on and on about stuff that just ‘ain’t there’. Like I said earlier…you are entertaining at best. Keep up the good work! Muah, darlin’.

      • why? says:


        Wow, you came back? But, you said you had a life? So was that a lie? If my posts are BS, you wouldn’t dedicate so much time and energy to reading my posts because like you claimed, you have a life?

        And just as I predicted, Vesper disappears and jasperkitty shows up to take her place, and plus another “ramdomn” poster(Yuyu) shows up. Yes it is entertaining watching you do damage control for Leann. From the looks of it things must be pretty bad for Leann. FULL FORCE x10.

        Jasperkitty, remember what happened the last time you wrote a post about how people are reading into things/need to provide proof and that you don’t see what they are saying? Let’s recap. Jasperkitty wrote something in her post, I pointed out that I had seen that comment before on another site, except her name wasn’t jasperkitty. Jasperkitty then responds by denying that she made the comment, as in the comment wasn’t even in her post that she made on this site. I copied and pasted her comment for her to see. So what can we conclude? Apparently jasperkitty does so much damage control for LR that she can’t keep track of what she is writing on these sites even when it’s right in her own face. So that there is my proof, the fact that you denied that you had even written what you did even though your post was right in your face. So was I reading into things when YOU forgot what you wrote in your own post, which you could have easily went back and looked at before denying that you didn’t see what you had said?

        How do you do it? How do you scam the system so that your ISPs look different?

  69. why? says:

    @ Vesper

    See, what did I say. Jasperkitty shows up and then a little later VESPER appears. Why does Vesper sound just like Shiloh?

    Actually, if you had did your research you would have known that TYLER PERRY, which I mentioned in my comment, is the producer of Good Deeds. You did know that right? Of course you knew that TYLER PERRY produced Good Deeds!

    Do you seriously think that EC being the mainliner for The Playboy Club was a good thing? Since the show did so poorly and EC was the mainliner, then it’s safe to say that EC is the reason why the show did so poorly? Even before the show started people at the screening were saying that they were not going to watch it because of EC, he couldn’t act and he was a homewrecker. It also didn’t help when NBC allowed LR and EC to do all the promotions for the show, did you notice that after each and every interview that EC and LR did, the ratings for TPBC dropped? The Playboy Club wasn’t just dropped by a network, it lost sponsers(ie-Kraft) and several of the former Playboy Bunnies were boycotting it because they didn’t think it portrayed them in a good light, so no what happened to TPBC isn’t apart of the business. It’s a very, very, very bad thing when sponsers start turning their backs on a series, which is what happened to TPBC. If you had did your research, you would have known this.

    Wow seriously, you do know that you are hurting EC claims that he doesn’t/didn’t have money to pay his child support right? If EC was paid $100,000/episode for The Playboy Club, where did all that money go?

    EC isn’t a crappy actor? So how do you explain the numerous reviews stating that he is a crappy actor? One reviewer compared EC to a ham sandwich. Notice that EC wasn’t asked to return to CSI for another season and when EC was on the show, CSI wasn’t highly popular. Again, people stated that they won’t watch it because EC is bad actor and a homewrecker.

    EC is a loser. What type of man sells out his kids for a car or trip to Cabo?

  70. why? says:

    Wow, CampLeann is out in FULL FORCE x10 today. You would think that CampLeann would lay low because the “LR is cyberbullying BG” article is slowly making it’s round and drawing attention from blogs. I’m curious see how long Vesper and jasperkitty will keep this up and what other “randomn” posters will come out of hiding.

    BTW, don’t LR “fans” sit on twitter talking about how happy they get when they rile up the BBs or bug them?

  71. cbear says:

    I really really dislike her. No, I don’t know her. But I do know what she projects, what she preaches, and then what actions she takes – ’cause she lives her life on Twitter and tells everybody about them. So I’m judging away, and I don’t think she’s a good person. I think she’s a narcissist and incredibly insecure. She could do a lot of things to make this situation between her and Brandi better, and she doesn’t, because she believes, as she’s stated, that it’s her life, and she’ll do what she wants. (while at the same time preaching her empathy, which is hilarious). Brandi has said many nice things about her kids loving Leann and knowing Leann loves them back. LR has NEVER said a nice thing about Brandi. She does not extend the olive branch and takes many passive aggressive digs at Brandi. Everyone can see them. We’re not stupid. And if she doesn’t mean for them to be about Brandi, then she should suck it up, and stop retweeting stepmom bloggers’ quotes about bad biomoms. Even is she does like the quote, she can enjoy it to herself, and not retweet it, knowing how it’s perceived. But no, she does not do that, she’s not a compromiser, it’s what she wants, how she wants it. She’s just a rude person, who should be apologizing, not antagonizing!

    At the same time, I feel sorry for her. She can state over and over how blessed she is, how full her life is. But those are just words. The reality, is that she spends the majority of her day on Twitter. Tweeting with strangers, soaking up the adoration that she needs like oxygen, or chatting with her fan/friends that she feeds all the Brandi info to. Oh, I forgot, one more category: her “paid” friends. aka, her hairdresser, etc.

    She spends all day on Twitter doing this whether it’s a performance day, whether it’s a regular day, whether she has the boys, when she’s on vacation, and on Holidays. Times when….quite frankly, if I was a guest in her house during that time, or out to dinner with her, I’d tell her to get off the f****ng phone and engage with the people right in front of her. Real People. It’s, as she likes to say….BEYOND rude.

    And that’s really sad. That’s a sad existence. That she is that caught up in needing all those assurances fed to her all day long, that she doesn’t have other people to talk to, is really sad. I still think she’s a delusional, self-centered jerk. But I also feel sorry for her. When he cheats on her, I don’t think she’ll have many people standing beside her.

    • brin says:

      This is what she created, I have no pity for her.

      • cbear says:

        Right. It is definitely her creation now. And it was her parents’ doing when they managed her as a child, and she was the breadwinner, and they became “yes” men/women to her, always saying whatever she needed to hear to keep her happy, telling her that any criticism was due to jealousy or “haterz.” She could grow up, mature out of that, but she seems stuck , like a perpetual teenager.

        I remember reading recently something in wikipedia. I had to look her up when she became tabloid fodder, b/c I realized I really didn’t know that much about her except for the novelty of the song Blue, because, despite what she thinks, she wasn’t America’s Sweetheart. LOL. Anyway, I read how she wasn’t picked to have her version of How Will I live released, or in a film or something, and Trisha Yearwood’s version was chosen. It was explained that when she heard TY’s version was chosen and released, that she would lose out, she rushed to release her version the same day that Trisha’s was. Even though the studio had said no. And I thought, gawd! that sounds just like her! – couldn’t be happy for another person, couldn’t be a good sport, always a competition, always the false victimization identity. And that was when she was 14. So these behaviors are well-rooted in her. Acting like this, and being in the business this long, it’s probably not THAT big of a mystery why she is not more embraced by her peers, and doesn’t seem to have long-standing friendships.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      WHEN he cheats on her (and he will), I don’t think she’ll have anyone standing beside her either. (Very well stated, BTW.)

      brin, Happy Holidays!

    • Natasha says:

      Brilliant post, cbear. Very true and insightful, and exactly what I’ve witnessed too. Despite her wealth, exotic holidays and spending sprees, it seems an insecure, sad, and somewhat lonely life. If she continues this way, she’ll have no-one.

  72. Criss says:

    She’s trying to make up for the fact that she will always be known to the kids as the woman that destroyed their illusion of a perfect family with Mom and Dad. Now if my ex’s new wife gave my kids anything they wanted and $400 a month I’d be glad. Brandi is way better off without Eddie so let Leann have him, she just needs to be more considerate of Brandi when it comes to public stints with Brandi’s kids. Maybe Brandi & Eddie planned the whole thing to have their kids college paid for.

  73. hetekyle says:

    i don’t even think she cares that she wrecked a family. i’ve read articles about her obsessiveness: with an older country star when she was 14, with her actor bf when she was 17, and maybe more….

  74. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Wow! I didn’t know she was even still able to actually afford items such as that.I don’t recall her last album flying off the shelf. It amazes me how CB is always able to find pics of her squinty ugly face! She annoys me!!! I can’t wait for this marriage to be over so we can stop hearing about her and Eddie. They are more annoying than Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

  75. Deliver Of Deceit says:


    I wasn’t aware there was animosity between you & Annie & ES(Ebony?). I see you’ve included them in the “name game” accusing them of commenting under different names on different sites. Last I knew they disliked LeAnn big time. Just curious, it threw me for a loop to see someone who dislikes LR as much as you do make those accusations against people I thought dislike LR as much as you do. Did I miss something?

    • why? says:

      DOD/Messenger of truth

      So are you saying that AB/ES didn’t make that comment as “zoning out” because it was actually you who made it?

      I was responding to the post made by zoning out, please feel free to go back up to that post and read it. Since you keep track of what people are posting on twitter and JJ, I’m quite sure that the comment made by “zoning out” looks very familiar to you, right? It looked very familiar to me as well because I have seen one particular person write that comment over and over and over and over and over before, sorta like how I recognized the post that you made about BG hosting the party from one that you made once before.

      Once again it’s all about common sense. Do you really think that “zoning out” is a NEW poster who hasn’t commented before on this site? As indicated by “zoning out” post, she reads/posts here quite often, yet I don’t recall a post ever being made under that name until yesterday. Do you? Based on “zoning out” post alone we know that she is a regular here on this site and on the other site, do you agree? So it’s not far fetched to point out that “zoning out” maybe someone who posted here before.
      The last I knew you claimed that you were neutral/not a LR fan, and yet by your very own actions, something just isn’t right. One minute you are writing mean things about LR and then in the next you flip flop. Did we miss something?

      The better question is: Why is campLeann so rampant and out of control these two days? Look at the randomn posters that are popping up in this thread. That isn’t usual.

    • why? says:

      “Last I knew they disliked LeAnn big time. Just curious, it threw me for a loop to see someone who dislikes LR as much as you do make those accusations against people I thought dislike LR as much as you do.”

      This comment looks very familiar to me as well, only the person who made the comment was a avid Leann fan. In fact it was under similiar circumstances. A person showed up writing something very similar to what “zoning out” stated and then after I responded to that person, someone showed up stating something very similiar to what you are saying, about how shocked she was that I had made such a comment considering that the person I was responding to didn’t like LR either. You are such a creature of habit! Funny how touchy you get when I mention that someone is using other posters names to make posts or when I mention the “name game”. BTW, didn’t you make the same comment about the “name game” once before, not on this site of course.

      Are you still upset because I said that GIVE didn’t get a Grammy nomination for BEST DANCE recording?

  76. Victoria says:

    Damn my Dixie’s on Fire! It’s poppin up in here.

    What did i say, LeMann is the mainstream equivalent to the Beyonce wars on urban blogs. Both attention seeking losers who lie and manipulate poor delusional people into buying their special brand of fuckery. Get’em why, jeszi, Rita, and all the CB babes.

    Merryy Christmas Eve!

  77. mela says:

    I hope Brandi takes legal action. enough is enough. Leann needs to stop. It’s sick.

  78. joancrawfordhangers says:

    omg this thread is RIDICULOUS. i officially believe most of you LR/BG lurkers live alone in a house filled with cats and weigh in at a healthy 350 lbs. Too funny.

  79. Jennmarie says:

    It just blows my mind that this is the most commented story and none of these people are what I would even consider real “celebrities.”

  80. whatevs says:

    i know she’s evil but i actually feel sorry for her. she must feel threatened. users end up being used instead

  81. YouBetcha says:

    I call BS on all this crap about Brandi being such a good person. She is a first class beatch. I have seen better manners and more class in my local trailer park.
    Eddie said himself his marriage was over before he met LeAnn.
    Get a grip people, if you have been jilted, why take it out on LR?
    If the marriage was over before he met her (because he says Brandi was a cold hearted queen b*tch who had already cheated on him) why are you blaming little rich girl, here?

    Get real.

    • why? says:

      If EC feelings for BG were over like EC and LR claim, then LR wouldn’t feel the need to dress and look like BG. If EC is happy and content in his marriage to LR, why does LR constantly go after BG as if BG stole her man?

      Are you saying that people are calling LR out because she is rich? People are calling LR out because she is doing some very mean and nasty things.

      EC himself also said that LR was a speedbump and that the media made up his affair with LR. EC himself also said that his kids shouldn’t experience ANY TYPE of public exposure and yet he allows LR to tweet, blog, stage photo-ops, DM her fans/tweet where and when they will be with those kids, and post twitpics of those kids. So we can conclude that EC is not a man of word. EC is an opportunist.

      opportunist: “One who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences.”

      So when EC says that his marriage was over, what do you think is the end he is trying to acheive? A car. A trip to Cabo and Aspen. But what exactly was EC trying to achieve when he called LR a speedbump? BG. When EC allows LR to expose his kids to the public via tweets/staged photo-ops what is he trying to acheive? Get back at BG.

  82. why? says:


    Wow, another “randomn” person pops up just as Vesper “disappears”. So you are stalking people in the AJ and BP threads, is that what you are saying?

  83. why? says:

    Why has campLeann been out in FULL FORCE X10 in this thread, this is more than usual? It’s almost as if campLeann is preparing for the fallout LR and EC are going to get when she they set up the staged “happy family” photo-ops of her and EC with BG and EC kids at the airport and in Aspen. So why go through all of this? How come LR and EC just won’t do the right thing and just cancel the staged photo-ops with the kids? Is LR need for validation all that matters? With all the backlash that is brewing over the “LR is cyberbullying BG/why won’t EC do anything about it” article and the damage control they are doing here in this thread, LR might want to keep a very, very, very, very low profile while in Aspen.

  84. Amy says:

    Tearing up a contract does not make it legally void.

  85. the cheetah says:

    Brandi dear….. Call a lawyer ASAP. U have evidence and enough cash to get something done

  86. Meanchick says:

    Classic case of a man who cheated, got the boot, married his jump-off, but acts the jackass to his ex because she dares to have a life. He is mean to her because his ego is wounded. He allows Sugarfoot to play Stepford Mommy because he wants to run it in BGs face. LR and EC deserve each other. EC has never (as far as I know) stepped up and told Sugarfoot to back off of his kids (and their mom) and let him and BG do the parenting. He is the worst kind of selfish and if anything happens to the boys, he and LR will put 110% of the blame on BG.

  87. Meanchick says:

    I don’t see LR or EC harrassing and playing games with HER ex.

  88. j. katz says:

    The lead heading should have stopped at “LeAnn Rimes Bought Eddie Cibrian”…again. There is nothing wrong with being a kept man. He is good looking he can’t act, it sounds like the perfect career to me. Why not? But if she tears up the pre-nup, then isn’t he worth more,can’t Brandi go after more?

  89. K says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought she looked EXACTLY like the Grinch in the first picture. Hilarious.

  90. hetekyle says:

    that first photo is epic. that pic alone puts her second to JA for the most beautiful woman of all time – in reverse order.

  91. Charlene says:

    Eddie is her paid piece. She is making a fool of herself. He is only with her because his wife kicked him to the curb and he had no place else to go. Why not just move in with your stalker if she has deep pockets and worships you? If she really does tear up the pre-nup she is going to lose him even faster. Her money is the only thing keeping him from cheating on her and Eddie has no honor and everyone already thinks he is a scumbag, so taking her for all she is worth and moving on isn’t going to make him any less popular than he already is and at least he would have the finances to allow him to be with a woman who was not so terrible unfortunate looking.

  92. judyjudy says:

    LR is all kinds of inappropriate and crazy, but it’s the LR threads that I find most fascinating!

  93. theaPie says:

    Wow, this was quite a lot to sort through. I have to say that it does appear that LeAnn has psychological problems, Eddie is a douche and a controlling such of a bitch and while Brandi is not blameless, one can hardly fault her for loosing her cool now and then when up against those two.

    For the record, I think LeAnn is pretty, though too thin right now. I’m not shallow enough to jump on the bandwagon of making fun of someone’s looks because I don’t like the way they behave. I stopped doing that when I left High School.

  94. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    I have watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Brandi is trash. She makes Camille Grammer look classy! She’s buddies with that Restalyne faced weirdo from Sober House with Dr. Drew. I don’t care for any of them, but Brandi is the least sympathetic character.

    • why? says:

      Once again the evidence doesn’t support what you are saying. If BG was the least sympathetic or people thought her behavior was out of control, she would’t be gaining so much support. Did you read the comments on the Cyberbullying article? I didn’t see any negative comments about BG, they were all words of support for her. However, there was a ton of disgust for LR and EC.

      Why are you now picking on BG friend? She hasn’t said one word to or about LR? So in addition to getting back at BG by using her kids, someone thinks that they can hurt BG by targeting her friends?

  95. tabela says:

    super top model of the world’s most beautiful photos and a great thank to publish the article was

  96. Newtsgal says:

    I can’t wait!!!!
    I hope and prayer that as soon as crazy bitch tears up that prenup ol’ Eddie boy takes her for everything shes got. Then he takes those boy and goes back home to Brandi……then he’ll be on ROHBH, cuz you know that’s the ONLY way he can be on a TV show. And just maybe those boys will have half a chance at a normal family life, and not one that has to be bought!

  97. lettylynton says:

    Purely superficial, because I accept that’s what I am: I thought LeAnn looked fabulous in the bikini yacht pictures.

  98. Mario says:

    She looks like a drag queen clown.

  99. Chrissy says:

    Those two close-ups of her face are terrifying.

  100. emmy says:

    I have watched Brandi on the Bev. Housewives show and she is an unpredictably erractic woman. Maybe it was her temper and irrational outbursts that made it easier for her ex to leave her for the crooner. I say bygones be bygones…people may not know exactly what went down between these people. Brandi should learn to be calmer, get herslef a new man and tuck away all those wads of bills the other woman gives her son.

    • why? says:

      When did BG display erratic behavior or have an irrational outburst on RHOBH? Are you sure you are not confusing BG and Kim?Or are you depicting BG as a villian as a means to redeem LR?If having a temper and irrtational ourbursts is grounds for cheating, then you agree that EC has left LR and is cheating on LR because she has a very bad temper and irrational outbursts on twitter every week, right?

      Perhaps LR should take your advice. LR needs to learn to be calmer, get herself a man who doens’t make her feel so insecure that she SWF his ex-wife, and stop paying EC wads of bills to sell out his own kids.

  101. Kathie says:

    I actually think she’s pretty, just not that photogenic. Eddie is pretty hot, too, can’t blame her for going crazy over him, but she needs to tone it down with all the twittering and whatnot.

  102. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Merry Christmas, Eddie!!

    The Grinch

    P.S. You make my – ‘heart’, Uh yeah, heart – 3X bigger!

  103. Leah says:

    Two things:

    I went to the bikini pics link. Are her boobs really that wonky or was it the way she was standing? She needs to demand a refund IMMEDIATELY from the person that did that job.

    Eddie and Brandi’s boys are adorable, especially the little guy!

  104. skeptical says:

    how funny that MeAnn’s fan are starting to congregate here, defending her.
    Something is definitely up. I can hardly wait!

    Meanwhile i’ll just repost two links that were left by two very thoughtful posters earlier.



  105. why? says:

    DB and LR do indeed bully media outlets into playing nice. DB attempted to bully one of the bloggers who posted one of the articles about LR cyberbullying BG by calling her EIC and then writing a mean and nasty tweet about the woman. Why would DB think that this type of behavior was acceptable or that he could get away with this sorta thing? Because he and LR have gotten away with this type of stuff for a very long time. Is this what NBC, ABCFamily, Tyler Perry, Maya Angelou, NOH8, Trevor Live, SUFK, and AGAs want associated with them?

    You would think that DB, LR, and LR “fans” would be more discrete since people are watching their behavior. Does LR think a “happy family” staged photo-op in Aspen or at an airport will make the backlash from the “cyberbullying” article go away? Hopefully LR and EC will do the right thing and not stage any photo-ops with those kids while in Aspen or at the airport and if they do hopefully the media will call LR out on her bad behavior rather than praising her for being a “devoted bonus mom”.

    I also agree, what laywer or court system thinks that a child is safe around DB after the stunt he pulled over the weekend? Something is seriously wrong with EC for allowing a man like that to be around his kids.

  106. KatScorp says:

    Once the BBs get done with their holiday cheer, I’d like to know if anyone of you got a screencap of Barrell Clown’s original tumblr foot-in-mouth rant? I suspect he rewrote it after Ilana pwned him, in an attempt to obfuscate his Holocaust allegory.

  107. Jules says:

    If Leeann and Eddie every have their own kids, I bet the child’s eyes will barely be visible.

  108. macey says:

    Seeing this stuff all put together as it is in this link is very disturbing


    You cant tell me Brandi doesnt have some legal right to stop having these ppl around her kids. This is dangerous and blatantly obvious it is being done to bully and torment her. I cant believe she cant get new legal advice with her new connections. Ive always followed the story online but I dont use twitter. I never knew about all this other stuff with other twitter nuts.

    I hope Brandi can not only stop this but writes a movie about her dealings with psycho LR. This story def. has the makings for a great and creepy Lifetime movie. She has the online records to back it up too so its not like she would have to embellish anything, this is creepy enough as it is

  109. why? says:

    Oh no, Leann is indeed planning on releasing staged photo-ops of her and EC in Aspen with his kids and parents. When will she learn? LR had a media outlet release an exclusive interview about how she is a “good person” because she is a warrior against cyberbullying. Funny right? Leann, who encourages her fans and staffmembers to cyberbully BG, is against cyberbullying? After what DB did to the author who wrote one of the “LR is cyberbullying BG” articles, it’s a too late to be releasing exclusive interviews from when LR walked the red carpet of Trevor Live. Most importantly it’s disgusting how LR is using Trevor Live to kick off her mega media blitz with BG and EC kids while in Aspen.

    Why won’t LR just do the right thing? She could have just enjoyed her trip to Aspen without inviting the paps along, but then again she has something to prove. And now she uses Trevor Live as a means to justify setting up staged photo-ops with BG and EC kids.

    Cue the backlash.

    Apparently one of LR BFFs wrote EC a love letter, and now LR is trying to fix it by passing it off as her gift to EC. Poor LR. Always covering up EC affairs.

  110. skuddles says:

    That first pic!!!!! Like she’s whinneying for her carrots – if that face doesn’t say neigh, I don’t know what does! Now if only we could put her out to pasture permanently….

  111. NaughtynNice says:

    Mrs. Odie 2, if you have really watched RHOBH, you’d see that Brandi is all class and comes out the darling of the show, which is why her fan rating is in the 80s. She is the victim and everyone has taken up for her because its the honorable thing to do. Its so nice to see you are trashing a good woman; a mother and a woman yet excusing a homewrecking tramp and her abuse of a mother and her children. Charming. I take it you’re not a mother? As for attacking Jennifer Gimenez (sp) how dare you? She is a woman who has done nothing but volunteer her house, her time, her money and her open arms to people who are trying to beat addictions. Any other person would applaud her for being so giving and such a good soul! What sort of person mocks someone who hasn’t hurt anyone and is a do-gooder? First you attack a woman and mother who has gone through far more than you’ll ever know, then you attack counselors and people reach out to others? seriously, what is wrong with your morals? There is something very very wrong and black with your heart and soul. I feel so ashamed for you and sorry for you.

  112. Jennifer12 says:

    Officially weird- until I changed from Jenn12, I couldn’t post anything here. Very, very odd.

  113. Jennifer12 says:

    Ilana Angel posted a terrific piece on how Darrell Brown tried to bully her and compare her to a Nazi (a writer for the Jewish journal). He wrote a stupid post full of lies on his blog about her. These cyberbullies are finally seeing the light of day- it’s like Charlie Sheen and all the rumors finally being proved. Tori Spelling pulled the same crap and she sucks, but at least she doesn’t use her stepson for photo ops or bully her husband’s ex. And it’s really odd how I had to change my username here to be able to post anywhere.

    • brin says:

      Welcome back! I read Ilana Angel’s blogs….awesome! Leann and her co-horts cannot fight everyone; finally people are seeing them for the scum that they are.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Hi, Brin! :) Yeah, very odd, I have to use different usernames everywhere all of a sudden. Had to change from Jenn12 here as well- getting a little paranoid. I *love* that people are starting to pick up on the story of what a hypocritical, lying meangirl LeAnn truly is. And that Darrell Brown is right beside her, holding her purse. Where is Eddie in defending someone, ANYONE (his kids, preferably, but HA)? I used to think he was whipped, but in reading someone’s link about psychopaths in a comment on Ilana’s blog, I am starting to wonder if he does, indeed, use LeAnn to express his hatred while keeping his hands clean. It’s like a psycho food chain in that house.

      • brin says:

        Hey girl…that is strange. Glad you still have the 12!
        Eddie keeping silent doesn’t make him less responsible for what he’s doing to his own kids. He’s really disgusting!
        Cannot wait to read Ilana’s next blog!

  114. why? says:

    Just as expected(because campLeann was out in FULL FORCE X10), Leann Rimes just released the photos of her and EC at the airport with BG and EC kids to JUST JARED(to gloat about how she “triumphed” over BG in the custody dispute BG was having with EC and to show BG what little power she has in regards to important decisions involving her own kids). And it won’t be too long before People mag, Dailymail, x17, Radaronline/Star, GossipGirl/GC, and CelebrityBabyScoop are praising EC and LR for the staged “happy family” photo-op with the kids. Or perhaps LR and EC are planning on releasing a different staged “happy family” photo-op to these sites each and every day of their vacation in Aspen. Like later on, Dailymail/x17 will probably get shots of EC and LR on the slopes with the boys. And these two just can’t quite figure out why they are so disliked. And EC just has such a hard time understanding why viewers just don’t want to see them on their TVs. It’s amazing how EC sells out his own kids for material things. Is this the image Tyler Perry wants associated with his movie? A man who when given the choice, put his own needs above those of his own kids?

    Since DB tweeted about how they would be boarding the plane with the boys on 26th, it’s more than obvious that once again Leann Rimes tipped off the paps and set up this photo-op. Was it really necessary for LR and EC to invite the paps to the airport with them and those kids, especially since EC and LR have managed to go on several vacations with those boys without ONCE being spotted at an airport with them? And then to release the photo in the midst of the fallout from the “LR is cyberbullying BG” article? Leann isn’t very bright, she kicks off her mega media blitz with those kids by once again doing “good deeds”(ie-exclusive interview on red carpet of Trevor Live with a particular website).

  115. why? says:

    The next Chapter of LR “happy family”/”I won in the custody dispute between BG and EC” mega media blitz: On the slopes with EC and the boys. She already sent a “WE ARE HERE” tweet confirmation. So it’s just a matter of which one of her fab mouthpieces(x17, DM, JJ, People mag, CBS, RO/S, or GG) will get the photos first.

    So who wants to bet that the lastest chapter of LR “I won the custody dispute between BG and EC and BG had to abide by the rules established by my money and team of lawyers” mega media blitz will include LR laughing hysterically as she plays around with the boys or hugs EC, LR playing around in the snow with the boys, engaging in a snow ball fight with EC and the boys, building a snowman with the boys, and some serious pda with EC as they snuggle by a fire with the boys next to them?

    Kim K and Kris H fake marriage doesn’t have anything on LR and EC sham of a relationship, because LR and EC are by far the biggest PR stunt in all of HW.

    Note to LR: Cancel the “happy family” staged photo-ops in Aspen, this is going to turn out just like the pdafest staged photo-ops at the child’s soccer game. The exclusive interview with PopStop doesn’t make these staged photo-ops with the kids okay.

    • brin says:

      Looks like jj “won”. Leann is also keeping her lawyers busy sending out C& D letters to blogger(s). She has to be the most delusional psycho on this planet.

      • why? says:

        You would think that with all the loving that EC is supposedly giving LR because he is so “hot and sexy” and such a loving and supportive incredible husband, that LR wouldn’t have time to think about C&Ds.

        Did you see the fluff piece from Dailymail? This Aspen trip was a custody issue between BG and EC, and Dailymail is making it sound like something out of a fairytale and making LR and EC sound like heros because they took those kids to Aspen with the intention of exploiting their names and faces for their own benefit. The Dailymail also included a screenshot of Leann’s tweets about the trip and the tweets where she tells where and when they will be with the kids, so LR can’t deny that SHE is the one responsible for tipping off the paps.

        Poor LR. She truly believed that the exclusive interview with PopStop about how she doesn’t condone cyberbullying(even though she is the biggest cyberbully)was going to erase her and DB bad behavior and make it okay to set up these back to back staged photo-ops with those kids.

      • why? says:

        That didn’t take long. The GossipGirl/GossipCenter site won. They were the first to post the staged photos of LR and EC at the slopes with the boys. I’m sure LR will release more detailed photos of them on the slopes to Dailymail just like she released more detailed photos of them at the airport with the kids to Dailymail. It’s funny though, LR is having her mouthpieces release about 5 photos with each staged photo-op of them with the kids to give the impression that these are “candid” moments.

        Wow, EC is such a loser. It was a bad idea to allow those kids to go to Aspen with LR and EC because just like many people pointed out this trip wasn’t about the kids, but was about how EC and LR could use the kids to keep their names in the press and taunt BG. Poor kids. Their trip to Aspen is just going to be one major staged photo-op to validate LR and of course for EC to get a new car, watch, or job on LR new project. That’s 2 staged photo-ops in a course of just 2 days. Only EC and LR are dumb enough to keep releasing back to back staged photo-ops and thus exposing that they are tipping off the paps.

  116. Jennifer12 says:

    Here we go again with the posting issues. Jeez. Eddie being silent seems like a strategy to me. He lets his beloved (CHOKE, COUGH) wife get her hands dirty (not that she doesn’t deserve it) and reap the insults (also deserved) and never says a word. In the meantime, his kids are pawns to be used by people around him (“But Daddy never said a word, honey- it was LeAnn/Darrell/a fan.”) What a total sociopath.

    • brin says:

      I agree, it is a strategy, not a good one where his kids are concerned, but by keeping quiet he looks blameless. When the marriage is over, their would be an interest in his side of things.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I truly believe he likes staying above it all. He is fine with what she’s doing to his sons, fine with the venom she spews- and he stays quiet. Total sociopath. Who else would be comfortable with the craziness she’s unleashing and encouraging others to unleash? *shudder* I can’t believe I’m writing this, but she should take a page from Tori Spelling’s book. Tori’s actions were equally vile, but she doesn’t stalk her husband’s ex nor use her stepson (of course, she keeps popping out her own kids, so there you go) for photo ops. And karma has reduced her to reality shows and walking goats in the street for paid photo ops. Surely karma is lying like a mugger in wait for LeAnn.

      • brin says:

        LOL….you’re right, Tori looks like June Cleaver compared to Leann. It’s very scary that a delusional psycho stalked a sociopath and they are around two impressionable boys. *shudder*

      • NaughtynNice says:

        “It’s very scary that a delusional psycho stalked a sociopath and they are around two impressionable boys.”

        True, but thats only because Brandi lets it happen. Brandi is worth $4 million dollars. She has the money to hire an attorney. She may not have as much money as LR, but she is not destitute, she HAS THE MONEY to hire a lawyer. She just chooses not to act. Its her decision the boys are around LR.

  117. why? says:

    Well at least LR is making very clear how she keeps EC affairs under the radar and why major media outlets like People magazine didn’t jump on the “LR is cyberbullying BG” articles. LR has issued one blogger a C & D, while she attempted to silence the other blogger by contacting the blogger’s EIC and then cyberbullying her by having DB write a mean and nasty tweet which he then edited after the backlash against him got bad. He even went so far as to wish for the blogger to lose her job, like he and LR have arranged for that to happen. And as usual fake twitter accounts are popping up to bully both of those bloggers.

    And a court system honestly thinks that LR and DB have the right to be around BG and EC kids?

  118. Sheila says:

    Is its a suprize that LR & EC are no 2 on Top 5 Annoying Celebrity Couples list of 2011 on abcnews :) ?

  119. lj says:

    Holy shit you are a crazy bunch of bitches!

    I sincerely hope you people actually DO know these people personally, because I hate to think that society has come to the point where people spend all day and night spreading such vitriol about random ‘celebrities’ whom the rest of the world couldn’t give two shits about. Seriously, go volunteer at a charity or read a book or something ladies – this is no way to spend your LIVES!

    • why? says:

      So that must mean that Leann Rimes is gearing up to release another staged photo-op with BG and EC kids again.

      Shouldn’t Leann Rimes take your advice?
      So instead of tweeting 24/7 about another woman’s kids, trying to convince people that EC isn’t cheating on her, and tipping off the paps, Leann Rimes and Eddie should go volunteer at a charity or read a book or something – staging back to back staged photo-ops with BG kids is no way to spend their LIVES!

      People are not spreading vitriol, since they are commenting on information that Leann Rimes put out. So Leann Rimes is upset because she isn’t being praised for these actions?

  120. Jenn12 says:

    It took me a minute to get the joke- we Maccabees can be a bit sensitive. :) Seriously, though, this is beyond her face or eating disorder or Eddie being a useless fool. Cyberbullying is against the law, and LeAnn has no right to decide who can be around those boys. They could be in serious danger from their school being known or around crazed LeAnn fans who hate their mother. Isn’t there any legal recourse for Brandi? There seems to be a mountain of evidence and she should keep compiling it and get a lawyer and start filing harassment charges and restraining orders. And I’m sure other parents don’t want people knowing where their kids go to school, either. Surely it’s time to take legal action.

  121. the original bellaluna says:

    There should be something on the books about it. I had to sign something every year my kids were in school allowing the school permission to put photos of them on the school website and/or release pix of them to the newspapers, including their names.

    Yeah, ME!Ann needs to stop. And Brandi needs a better lawyer.

  122. skuddles says:

    I completely agree with everything you say here…. except – Leanne has fans? Crazed or otherwise?? Shudder.

    Oops, meant this as a reply to Jenn12…

  123. Jennifer12 says:

    I can’t imagine LeAnn has many fans left- don’t think she was ever as popular as one of her personalities keeps telling her- but the ones she has left are seriously demented. I’m not on Twitter, but people post links to her Twitter and TwitDocs and these people are seriously off the chain. The venom they unleash on Brandi publicly is scary, and LeAnn not only rewards them, she allows them to be around Brandi’s sons. Surely there’s enough evidence compiled to begin legal recourse? Besides, I’m no one and I wouldn’t want anyone to know where my kids go to school and they’re (in)famous and now everyone knows where those boys- who AREN’T YOURS, LeAnn- go to school.