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37 Responses to “Video of Madonna on Oprah”

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  1. kelley says:

    Feel better soon celebitchy.

  2. Mr. T says:

    I won’t watch it (the video). I’d like to see Oparah and Madonna leave the planet completely.

  3. Lee says:

    I said it yesterday And I will say it today this is getting boring very boring. Like Nicole Ritchies wieght problems boring………….

  4. millie says:

    I can’t stand Oprah, never watched her show. She’s the most self-serving, sanctimonious *** on the planet. At least with Madonna you know what you get. BTW, I can’t understand why she doesn’t fix her roots. Is it a new, fashion-forward thing I don’t get or is she trying to create a busy mom image? Either way, it’s not working for me.

  5. lelo says:


    Oprah does a lot of wonderful things for the underprilivage. If you’ve never watched her show, how can you comment on her being sanctimonious and self-serving? You’re self-serving if you think Madonna should fix her roots for you, LOL, please!

  6. auj says:

    i watch it. maddonna is doing a great thing.

  7. Tinkerbelle says:

    Millie, I can’t stand Oprah either. But it does seem like Madonna is really in love with that little boy and wants to do the right thing. I hope everything works out for her family.

  8. jersey girl says:

    Why does Madonna keep looking down? Reading off cards? Just wondering.

  9. Viv says:

    My favorite quote by Oprah is actually on my MySpace, “Y’all know I have some money right?”

    Millie, I mean geez! How could you think she’s sanctimonous!?

    Lelo, I’m sure Oprah would help pay for your spelling lessons. Can’t wait to see you on the show! You silly yahoo.

    As for the interview, I’ve learned my time can’t EVER be wasted on Oprah so I’ll skip this and form a persona non opinionata. And I still stand firm to M’s adoption as a ‘yay’.

  10. Action says:

    Just wondering, but Lelo, did you know that you are on a site called Celebitchy? Do you know what that name implies? It’s not called Celekissing, or Celebrating Celebrities. This is a gossip board where people come to gossip about celebrities. Maybe you didn’t know that. Or maybe you’re that rogue supporter of every celebrity out there cause none of them seem to do wrong by you! But hon, all of these people have publicists who spin their lives to make them look like they don’t do anything wrong and are the best people on earth. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to see through their bullsh*t.

  11. bgirl says:

    Madonna was probably looking down at a monitor that had Oprah on it. It confused me at first but made sense when I realized what she was looking at.

  12. xiaoecho says:

    Heard an interview with Davie’s father on the Beeb. He says unequivocally that he knew that Madonna was taking his child out of the country for good and he consents to the adoption.
    He also said that the press have ‘told lies’ (his words) about his not understanding the terms of the adoption.
    The celebrity adoption furore is there for a good reason, celebs are treating sick third world children as the newest ‘great idea’ (remember pot bellied pigs) and that is why Madonna looks so uncomfortable, because she knows how it looks, whether its the truth or not.

    millie…you are so right, black roots can look OK if they’re all messed up but NEVER if they’re in two exactly straight lines …yuk

  13. Viv says:

    Celebrating Celebrities… =) that’s cute.

  14. lelo says:

    LOL at Action and so and so, I’m German, so the fact I can speak better than most fat americans and may mispell words only because it’s my 3rd language, please. YOu are uneducated,person who pursues websites out of boredom, I do it because I’m at NYU and required to do so for my socioalgy class. I’m not putting you down, just wish you would achieve more worldiness to laugh at how funny you are.

  15. lelo says:

    Yes, I’m Madonna in disguise, ha! You’re so serious, please!

  16. lelo says:

    I don’t spell check and english language is my 3rd language so until any of you can write in German and Italian w/ no spelling problams, then you can comment on my spelling. I hope u are not one of those fat, american hicks I always meet, yuck!

  17. lelo says:

    Viv, what is your point, whatever you wrote I can’t understand, the point is you’re not educated, HS Diploma…what is it called in America…GED?

  18. Viv says:

    Lelo, I weigh less than you (105 lbs., 5’1″), English is my second language and I’m majoring in government and politics, not some fluff subject that requires you to read Cele|bitchy for a grade (if only my classes were so easy). I apologize that your English is so limited and that you cannot understand what I wrote. I secretly think you do understand since you wrote such venomous posts criticizing me and others on this forum. While I garner much amusement from your idiocy, I believe that your fanaticism is out of line when you start to insult others for having opinions that differ from yours. Either way, send me your address, I will mail you a dictionary and a Dr. Seuss book. Just thank me, the ESL kid.

  19. Action says:

    Lelo your poor grammar utterly amuses me. Really though, you should consider using spellcheck before you post. Because, as it is, your messages sound like they are coming from a second grader with a anger management issue. Really, the venom you are spewing (“You’re stupid! You’re fat! You’re young!”) are pretty silly insults. We ARE just talking Celebrities here and American ones at that. You’d think you’d hate them as much as the rest of us! Oh that’s right, they aren’t fat.

    Seriously, if you hate Americans SO MUCH why are you here studying? I mean, you can get a sociology degree anywhere. I mean, you can probably even mail order one for $20. Society would thank you if you went back to where ever you first came from!!! Go and spew your 2nd grade venom on them!

  20. Poor Boopie says:

    Lelo, where do you live so I can come sit my fat American hick ass on your couch and tell you to take your skinny goose stepping ass back to Germany? (Which may I add would probably still be run by Nazis if it weren’t for the United States.) Obviously you are not averse to coming to school in this country and living under the benefits of our democracy. Where’s Marines All The Way when you need him????

  21. frewtloop says:

    Go the Boopster!

    Back to the issue at hand. Right on Xieoacuehsi, celebrities do appear to be treating third world orphans like the latest Prada handbag – gotta have one because everyone else does.

    I’m glad the issue has come to a head and is now under the spotlight. Maybe it won’t be treated so trivially from now on.

  22. Alex says:

    I used to enjoy this site when I thought it WAS about dissing, sniping, insulting celebs and otherwise annihilating the illusion of importance that they bask in. The last several posts are just childish and mean-spirited and show a pathetic lack of self-control. You guys really need to lighten up abd save your mudslinging for the celebs. You’re remarks are neither pithy nor amusing.

  23. Alex says:

    Oh no. I made a typo in that last post. Have mercy on me Viv and Action, I beg of you…

  24. Viv says:

    Alex, your post made me smile. Mercy is granted.

  25. Poor Boopie says:

    Alex, I have no problem “lightening up”, However, when people choose to live in this country and profess to hate Americans, I have a really difficult time understanding that. Why are they here if we suck so much? They reap all the benefits of living in our society while dissing our way of life.
    In short, it’s rude. Rude people, go home!

  26. Action says:

    You bet your sweet Bippie, Boopie! Well said.

  27. lelo says:

    Oh my god, no one is professing to ‘hate american’s’, that is absurd. Walking around the streets you see what you see. American’s should not be so defensive, they never try and consider what other’s feel. I’m very confident in my appearance and intellilect, I find it stunning that to voice an opionion here gets so much protest. Do you not believe in Freedom of speech? stunning. for someone to say they are skinny and pretty on a website is silly, who cares, usually it’s lonely people who are looking for a connection per my NYU classes, because there is little community in the suburbs here. Why are American’s so angry and defensive. I don’t bother w/ spell check, this site is for fun, I spend enough time on my masters that if I write here forget the formalities.

  28. lelo says:

    LOL…Vivi saying I weigh less than you, oh my god. I am 5’10 125, I ski raced for Dartmouth on a schlorship for 4 years. I’m only stating my weight becasue u should see how silly it is to attach a blogger stating your this weight and height…most likely your 5ft 250lbs, but that has nothing to do w/ your soul!

  29. lelo says:

    I do not ‘reep’ any benefits from the USA, my family is wealty. In fact, your country reeps the benefits of what I pay to live here. Stop judging and start doing, sitting on a computer and judging is a cop out. Go out in your community and make a difference. In fact, this blog is the topic of my masters class at NYU, i wish u could her the discussion.

  30. lelo says:

    Boopie, you’re obviously an American w/ no education. Stop while you’re behind. This is why you most likely spend your days on a blog, because you’re too insecure to be active in the community. Your vocabulary is so adolescent I can’t understand it. I’m sorry you’re so full of hate. You are they typical nightmare most Europeans ridicule in american’s, pompeous, uneducated and low wage earner. Let me guess, you work at Walmart, yet you’ll write back that your an atty…right!

  31. lelo says:

    LOL, poor Viv, you must have had a terrible life to be so angry at a blog. Gees, what is the problem, insecurty = name calling and trying to make people inferior. I’m doing this for my class assignment,you’re doing this for life, give me a break.

  32. Poor Boopie says:

    I’m former military and have 3 college degrees. For someone who professes to not hate Americans, you sure have an awful lot of criticisms of them. If you are so damn wealthy, go find a college overseas to go to. According to you, we are all fat and uneducated.
    Didn’t you claim to be Buddhist in another post? You’re a pretty poor Buddhist if you cannot practice the principle of non-attachment.
    Or is it your class assignment to piss off everyone you know on the internet and study the sociology of anger via blogging?

  33. Poor Boopie says:

    Also, I do believe in freedom of speech, however, there is such a thing as politeness and to label all Americans fat and uneducated is going to raise the ire of people you blog with who happen to be American.

  34. Poor Boopie says:

    AND ANOTHER THING…. You obviously are reaping the benefits of an education here in this country otherwise you wouldn’t be here to begin with.
    AND….. You have no idea what I do to contribute to my community so don’t speculate that I sit on the computer all day and don’t contribute to society.
    AND FINALLY…. You said in one post you did this for fun and then in another post, its for your master’s thesis. You may just be a liar (who happens to work at Wal-mart for minimum wage and minimally educated.) Hmmmmm……………

  35. alex says:

    go Boopie…go Boopie…yeah! Foreigners who willingly come to the US and then diss all the rotten ugly Americans are the insecure ones. The fact that they come here in the first place speaks for itself. They should try graciousness and appreciation for what they find here, that would be a switch!

  36. Julie says:

    What happened to live and let live. Can’t we all just get along? We all bleed the same color blood…man…I think one of you is going to have a major heart attack!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Your YouTube Video links are no longer functioning.