Ryan Phillippe has a new girlfriend & she looks like a younger Amanda Seyfried

Here are some photos of Ryan Phillippe and his new “girlfriend” heading out one morning last week for brunch. Go ahead and try to tell me these aren’t walk of shame photos. To me, it looks like she spent the night at his house and he’s struggling to remember her name so he’s just calling her “Baby” the whole time. Anyway, I guess this means that Ryan and Amanda Seyfried are totally over. Thank God. I don’t have a very high opinion of Amanda or Ryan, but I thought Amanda could do so much better, if only she would stop being so attracted to douches.

This girl looks a lot like Amanda, though. Like a touch of Miley Cyrus mixed with a skinnier, younger Amanda, which is maybe the worst thing you could say to Amanda. But seriously, this girl looks YOUNG. Ryan keeps getting older (he’s 37 years old) but his girlfriends stay the same age. Ryan’s had such a busy year too – there was Amanda of course, rumors of Rihanna and some undercover hookups, plus a lot of gossip about Demi Lovato and Ryan too. What do all of those girls have in common? None of them was older than 25 when Ryan dated them. Demi was the youngest, at 19. And beyond all of those hookups this year, Ryan was haunted with a hookup from last year, in the form of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Alexis Knapp. Alexis is all of 22 years old, and she gave birth to Ryan’s (alleged) son in July.

The lesson here? If you are under 25 years old and you’re in LA, chances are that Ryan Phillippe has tried to bone with you. Chances are he doesn’t remember your name, either. He’s like the budget version of Leo DiCaprio.

Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. brin says:

    He’s really starting to skeeve me out.
    This girl doesn’t look that much older than his daughter.
    It’s hard to believe he and Reese were ever married.

  2. luls says:

    He looks so smug!

  3. the original bellaluna says:

    YES! That was my first thought: He fancies himself the hipster (douche-ier) version of DiCatchaHo. Each of his *ahem* “girlfriends” seems younger than the last.

    • Turtle Dove says:

      My first thought too. You just KNOW that if Ryan was taller he’d be chasing those tall models too, but his short ego can’t handle that.

      This girl is cute and young and should run away…. fast.

  4. Agnes says:

    Budget version of Leo – hahaha!

  5. lolita says:

    this guy is creepy just like Leo

  6. Bubulle says:

    Just my two cents, but I think he feels he got married too young (he married Reese when he was 25 because she was pregnant), and ever since he’s been single he’s been trying to make up for lost time.

    • Celebitchy says:

      Just like Jon Gosselin!

    • k says:

      This is what I was thinking. But isn’t it interesting how it is usually the ex-husband, and not the ex-wife, who feels the need to seek out the barely legal, multiple, dating candidates.

    • Violet says:

      Actuallly, the reason his marriage ended is because he continued to act single the entire time he was with Reece.

      Ryan is just a slutty, immature douche, who is doing his best to spread STDs to as many young girls as he can.

      • JamesIII says:

        He’s needs them young and naive. He is a predator. And his daughter is nearing her 20’s everday!

      • JamesIII says:

        He’s needs them young and naive. He is a predator. And his daughter is nearing her 20’s everyday!

  7. Hannah says:

    Looks kinda Lutzy

  8. Jennifer12 says:

    Ryan got Reese pregnant before marriage and Alexis Knapp recently had his daughter. He needs to get snipped, seriously. He’s turning into Swizz Beatz. You can see he thinks he’s sexy and really hip. Is this his career now?

  9. Girl says:

    Sad. It looks so desperate. Soon his own daughter will be in this age range. Just in time for a midlife crisis.

  10. Victoria says:

    She looks nothing like Amanda save all that fabulous hair which I’m loving!

    Yeah, as you’ve all said, he got married young, and I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he absolutely loved his wife and his daughter but in the end started wandering around for some PYTs. It wasn’t just about his wild oats though, he was clearly not feeling Reese being the bigger star than him. And I would be mad too because while I love Reese and alot of her movies, she did not deserve that Oscar. I think Ryan did a far better job in Crash then she did for walk the line. I think he felt like he was just a nobody being with her.

    Whatever. That’s no excuse to dip your knife in ever jar of peanut butter when you are married with children. I’m looking at you Kobe. If you don’t want to get married then don’t get married.

  11. scarlett says:

    Isn’t he almost 40? Time to grow up man. He is the epitome of a bargain bin DeCatchaHo. Skeevy is skeevy.

  12. CTgirl says:


  13. kieslowski says:

    LOL – “Budget DIcaprio” – fantastic moniker for him.

    SO was he the babydaddy of that kid from the summer?

  14. Sarah says:

    She does not look like Amanda Seyfried! He doesn’t look his age so, to me, it doesn’t look weird dating women younger than him. DiCaprio wishes he were as good looking as Phillipe. Then again, Phillipe wishes he had DiCaprio’s career.

  15. dai says:

    If all he wants to do is sleep around, then he is right to stay single. But, he isn’t making up for any lost time because he cheated on Reese throughout their entire marriage.

    I can spot a man with issues a mile away. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that he had a huge problem w/his wife being bigger than him. He is just like Leo and George w/o the critical acclaim and awards. They’ll never be w/a woman who has more than anything than them. Their small, fragile egos won’t allow that. So, they chase after young bimbos because an older, wiser woman would read them and know what they are all about within two seconds. They remind me of the senior boys in HS who prey on the freshman b/c the upper class girls already know their douche bags. Ryan is so vanilla and stale and he knows he will never be seen as a serious actor. He needs to enjoy all that money he got from marrying Reese and accept the fact that most ppl only know him for being Mr. Reese Witherspoon(sp).

    • Jacqueline says:

      You knocked it right out of the ball park! Some men arent real men but boys. They never grow up. They want a partner that is lower to them. Not a challenge to get them to evolve and reach even higher grounds, probably cus they’re incapable. They will not do smart, strong, independant women. Most men in general dont accept it if their girlfriend or wife is more successful or wants to help him become even better. They are far more insecure than women and beyond jealous of other men that you have no idea! Most men are actually boys. (And some women princesses but that is of course you’re birth right. Not modern however.)

  16. Kosmos says:

    Let us not forget he has his children with Reese, and also the new baby with one of his short-term women, so already a father to two sets of children. I would advise a young woman not to get involved with a man who already has two sets of children to deal with. But, hey, they are probably all over him because he’s an actor on some level. These affairs will not last long, I’m sure.

  17. Shy says:

    The thing with Ryan is that he doesn’t look 37. He looks 28. And I bet he feels like 28. I don’t see the big deal with age of his girlfriends.

    Hate Ryan or not but the way he looks is amazing. Bitch doesn’t age just like Tom Cruise and Jon Bon Jovi. He will be 45 and will still look like 35.

  18. dahlia1947 says:

    I can’t believe this was the Ryan that I had a crush on. He’s just so gross now.

  19. hetekyle says:

    what a creep. he’s the posterboy of hollywood doucebags

  20. jj200 says:

    Leonardo DiCatchaHo – LMFAO. You can also add Benicio DelCatchaHo. What’s happening to these Hollywood men dating these young stupid women.

  21. Jacqueline says:

    I know he can afford kids but all of this is making him lose fans if he even had one. He is really sleazy and immature. His career before you know it wont exist anymore. Reese at least has an Oscar. I feel bad for the older kids that have to keep seeing these chicks get knocked up by their dad. Good thing Reese is more independant.