Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America

I am elated to announce that Barack Obama is the next president of the United States. History has truly been made today, in the most profound way.

The polls just closed on the west coast, and NBC has raised the banner at Rockefeller Center announcing that they are officially projecting Obama as the winner. People are screaming and setting off fireworks on my street in Brooklyn. One of my roommates has been in Ohio volunteering for the last month – his campaign had intensely loyal volunteers who worked incredibly hard for him. Congratulations to all the people who helped Obama win.

MSNBC is showing live footage of people at rallies all over the country, and I have never seen such emotion. People are literally collapsing to the ground with joy. Celebitchy pointed out to me earlier today that the civil rights movement was 40 years ago and people were fighting for the most basic of rights and equality, and now we have an African American president.

A commentator on MSNBC just mentioned that the fact that “The son of an African father – a Kenyan – and a white mother – he is now the president of the United States… This is a moment of demarcation. There is a before and and after, and it is this moment.”

Congratulations to President-elect Obama!

Update: Here’s the breakdown of who won which states, thanks to MSNBC:

Thanks to for the data.

All images below from Barack Obama’s official flickr. Header image of Obama on 10/21/08 from PRPhotos.

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  1. Ophelia says:


  2. Kelly says:

    NO!!!!!!!!!! Why would anyone want him as a president? He supports abortion & you dont know if hes telling the truth about everything he says he will do!

  3. CC says:

    @ Kelly, i voted for McCain too… BUT Congress has to pass laws Presidents really dont have a say in laws, unless they are vetoing.

    ANYWAYS, Good game everyone. I know we’ve debated a lot on this site over the past few months and had some good conversation and now we come together as Americans. I’m glad its over and cant wait to see what the future holds.

  4. stellapurdy says:

    I just saw someone holding a sign that reflects how many of us feel about this:

    Hold on….Help is on the way. Barack Obama, President of the United States 1/20/09

    This is what this country holds for me, hope and opportunity for all, regardless of race or religion. I trust that President Obama will bring us back to being the beacon of hope for all of the world and for us here in the states.

    Time to bury that pile of sheista that is Bush’s legacy.

  5. Renee says:

    Hooray! True freedom includes the freedom of choice.

  6. whatevs says:

    Kelly: No, he supports a woman’s right to choose. And you never know who’s telling the truth about what they say they will do. I’m glad he won!

  7. RubySue says:

    ICK. Not looking forward to the next 4 years at all, but I’ll get over it ๐Ÿ™„

  8. EM says:

    After 8 years it’s wonderful to see someone with integrity and intelligence elected as President.

    Kelly: We’ve had to put up with Bush/Cheney for 8 years so suck it up!

  9. enchantress says:

    It’s been such a long, long, LONG wait for that pendulum to finally swing back….but it finally has.
    Repubes, you have had your day and then some.

  10. Rio says:

    Yes, we DID. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Louisa says:

    He supports the right for women to choose to kill their unborn children yeah he totally seems like the kind of guy i want as president

  12. stellapurdy says:

    The religious zealots have had their day for the past 8 years and have taken this country to hell in a hand basket.

    I’m sorry, you had the do over in 2004 and fucked it up then too. Time for sense and reason to come back to office.


  13. A.J. says:

    Few times have I ever felt as proud and elated as I feel right now. Congratulations President Obama and Vice President Biden!

  14. scotchy says:

    to all of you fixated on the abortion issue..its a womans’ right to choose period. Its 2008 lets move into the future already and get over it..WE AS A SPECIES have much bigger things to think about.. the environment, economy, healthcare, education, safety for children.etc… Womans’ rights are not up for debate..our grandmothers fought for those rights, our mothers.. believe what you will but do not cast judgement. Judgement kills and creates wars. let it be ANYWAYS..
    to all you Americans from a Canadian
    THANK GOODNESS!!!! You have made us proud up here in the north.. now if only we could be as smart as you least we are only stuck with our PM for another couple years..
    thanks to most of you for the inspiration..!!!!

  15. jennifer says:

    Congratulations, Americans!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Now I’ll get out of here, let you guys celebrate ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. MsA says:

    @Kelly and Louisa.
    He supports a woman’s choice. Pregnant women everywhere are not going to wake up and find them strapped to a surgical table with barack conducting the abortion.
    Here is what i say you should do: either find parents for those unborn babies or adopt them yourselves.
    No? Not willing to do that. Then be happy with a choice. Not a clear, EVERYONE KILL/KEEP YOUR BABIES!

  17. Jaclyn says:


  18. jennifer says:

    November 5th, 2008 at 5:47 am Pregnant women everywhere are not going to wake up and find them strapped to a surgical table with barack conducting the abortion.

    OMG that was funny… ๐Ÿ˜†

    K, NOW I’m outta here… ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. empress louisa says:

    @ Louisa-honey you’re giving me a bad name…literally.PRESIDENT Obama has a better stand on women’s issues.I mean the man voted for the Ledbetter bill which establishes a minimum of 7 paid sick days per year for full-time employees-a measure aimed at single mothers.Now granted the bill didn’t pass but at least it shows what he is willing to do for the women of this country.

  20. debra77 says:

    For those of us who are unhappy about Obama, remember those who did not vote for Bush, had to sit through 8 years of Bush/Cheney. We accepted the fact that right or wrong, the Country chose to keep these two in office. Now to the people who voted for Bush, Where are you now. Nothing to say about what you did, nor what he did. McCain unfortunately is a reflection of that 8 year failure. Obama has time. Let’s give him the chance you gave Bush.
    We are on the ground now. Maybe he will help us at least STAND.

  21. Alesha says:

    I have never left a comment on this site, but I can’t help but point out that there has been only two Democrat Presidents since Roe vs. Wade came into effect. 25 years of Republican Presidents and 12 years of Democrat Presidents. Do the math and maybe you will figure out that electing another Republican isn’t going to change the stand on abortion. It’s time for a change!

  22. Allie says:

    YAY!!! even though I’m Canadian.

  23. MissMara says:

    Yay!!! Congratulations everyone! Despite not being an American citizen I have done some campaign work for Obama while I lived in the US last year. And here in Europe most people I know are so excited!!! Many people have stayed up during the night to watch the results – we’re having a victory breakfast here with friends in a couple of minutes… so exciting to watch history unfold!

  24. ER says:

    It might be time for a change but Obama wasn’t the change we needed.

  25. xxx says:

    Yea! Now perhaps the rest of the world can start to love us again ๐Ÿ˜› It feels so good.

  26. Sad1 says:

    I am sitting here, crying, after listening to the man who should be President conceding to the one who should not. I’ve been reading all these posts left here by Obama supporters, and I wonder what they are even thinking. But then again they show us why it’s so important to stand strong. Obama is so wrong on so many heartbreaking levels, but he leads like the Pied Piper. Research him, his record, his actions, his own words in his books. Then you’ll see there isn’t anything to celebrate, but much to stand against.
    John McCain is a true American hero. The RNC let him down, the country he puts first let him down, and we will all pay a high price.
    I’m forty years old and I am lost. I feel like my country is shattering before my eyes, and I don’t have a President to look to for leadership and guidance. I have often disagreed with Bush, but at least I always knew that he did love this country.
    We all have to regroup now…figure out where to go from here, and do like Big Mac said…Stand up for this country and fight! We have a 4 year battle ahead of us…we need to not act like the Dems, but rather be honorable, and remeber that it will take all of us to save this country for ourselves, and for our children.

  27. CC says:

    I know XXX i want a big group hug from the world. It is and isnt our fault that people hate us. LOVE US AGAIN PLEASE!!!!

  28. xxx says:

    When Louisa and Kelly start adopting all of those unwanted babies maybe I’ll care about what they have to say ๐Ÿ™„ You both know that there are over 200,000+ children right now in America needing homes, correct? Imagine that by the millions if abortion rights were to be revoked. And what will you do to place the discarded children? Hypocrites.

  29. EM says:

    @Sad1 – PLEASE go back on your meds. And in your case please don’t worry about mixing your meds with alcohol. Go at it!

  30. xxx says:

    CC, I think they will love us again. I can’t thank England enough for not losing their faith in us.

  31. MsA says:


    We sat through Bush making a mockery of the United States of America. We sat through newcasts where our friends, neighbors, classmates, sons, brothers, daughters, fathers and mothers LOST THEIR LIVES BECAUSE of President Bush and his actions. I don’t know how you found guidance in someone who choked on pretzels, couldn’t complete a sentence, and sent our kids to fight an unbeatable war. Or someone who hesitated when he heard our country was in attack on 9/11. John Mccain left his disabled wife for a rich younger woman. How many war veterans/pows have numerous homes and cars and have a steady job? The real heroes are those who fight and who didn’t recieve a thank you for their life or service.
    I researched Barack Obama and John Mccain. Keating Five? William Ayers? We all have skeletons in our closet.
    P.s Our country shattered a long time ago. It is time for my generation to start putting it back together again. We have shown we are capable. ๐Ÿ™‚ No matter the presidential decision we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Let’s start acting like it!
    sincerely, an educated 19 year old.

  32. xxx says:

    Sing it MsA!

  33. Nicole says:

    The downside of Obama being elected President is that Akon, Heidi Klum and Seal won’t be leaving America like they said they would if McCain was elected. Can we still kick them out?

  34. stellapurdy says:

    Thanks MsA ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. KDRockstar says:

    I’m relieved and hopeful. It has been a bitter battle, and obviously, from some of the posts, this bitterness will sit heavily in the hearts of many McCain supporters. You have my empathy… I went through the same thing for 8 years of Bush Jr.

    Perhaps now we can get our troops home and settle the financial crisis. Perhaps now we will find a way to help our neighbors without health care. Perhaps now we will have more opportunities for minorities and women. Perhaps now America will not be thought of in such a negative light globally.

    I have enough hope to spread it around.

  36. GO OBAMA says:

    YAY OBAMA!!!!

    McCain voters, research HIS record and you will see that he has flip floped on everything. He was not the right choice.

  37. History says:

    I am an OBama supporter and this is for the pro life posters…I am not for abortion but I hate to say it regardless of who would have been elected roe v wade will never be overturned. Bush was in office for 8 years and abortion is still legal so I don’t think this is a reason to hate Obama b/c even if McCain was elected tonight it’s not like all of the abortion clinics would have closed tomorrow. Think about it.

  38. Liana says:

    Congratulations America! I was so moved by his speech I teared up a little.

  39. breederina says:

    Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul,
    And sings the tune without the words,
    And never stops at all

    Emily Dickinson

    Congratulations President Obama and Vice President Biden. It won’t be easy but for the first time in a long time there’s hope.

  40. kath says:

    I have to agree with Alesha.

    Don’t get side-tracked by these wedge issues. These social issues (abortion, gay marriage), are meant to be a distraction. Republicans bring them up for votes – they wouldn’t have been able to reverse Roe v. Wade, or make gay marriage illegal. There are checks and balances for a reason (or at least there were before Bush). And thank god for that. Choice is an fundamental right. The choice to decide what to do with your body. The choice to marry whoever you love.

    What we really need now is for the country to come together.

    I truly believe Obama has the power to bring us all back together, to restore the view of our country in the world, to bring our courageous troops home, and to keep us safe. He will make us ALL proud of him and proud to be Americans.


  41. Jenna says:

    @Louisa: So you don’t support a woman having an abortion if she gets raped? That woman should walk around with a product of what was forced upon her inside of her. Even though it wasn’t the unborn child’s fault? If that happened to anyone and they were to become pregnant, I wouldn’t question them at all if they decided to abort it.

    BUT, serious stuff aside, OBAMA 08! I am thrilled he won though not thrilled for my mom’s reaction in the morning.

  42. Chun Li says:

    Lol @ Sad1. You really are SAD! But, um, don’t you think the country was shattered 7-8 years ago? Why are you so upset now after everything that’s happened??

    I heard the news at work and on my way home, a bright shooting star flashed across the highway. Maybe I HAVE been drinking the kool-aid, but I took it as a good omen!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  43. Ana' says says:

    YES WE Did!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    Did anyone notice how diverse, how much a reflection of America Obama’s chicago crowd was as opposed to McCain’s Arizona gathering? And, when McCain conceded some in his crowd booed the mention of Obama’s name; McCain, gracious in his defeat, actually shushed them. Now when Obama mentioned McCain, his supported clapped. Very telling. And for all those who said they were leaving the country if Obama won, pleez, give me a call, I’ll help ya pack!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜†

  44. mamafogle says:

    What a great poem. That really describes the feeling among a lot of people who expressed their voices tonight in support of Barack Obama.
    I know that some people are disappointed about John McCain’s loss, but he has a long history of service and really did come across as graciously as I think he could have. It was a step away from many of the awful things that we have heard in the last few weeks.
    Maybe one day we will be a more unified people in this country.

  45. mojoman says:

    Lets give everyone a big pat on the back ( for all republicans and democrats) for all the great work they have done. Let’s support President Obama for a brighter future!!

  46. Chun Li says:

    p.s. pro-lifers: Republicans will never overturn Roe v. Wade b/c then they would have nothing to run on during elections.

    Remember the second coming, Samuel Alito?

    Now, doesn’t it bother you that the party plays on your deepest emotions just to win another vote?

    And if you force the woman to have the baby, shouldn’t you at least promote social programs to help raise the child?

    I understand why people are pro-life, but the paradox of forcing people to have kids but not helping to rai$e them blows me away.

  47. RN says:

    Way to go MSA..
    I agree with your comments. I’m an employee of the federal gov. @ a VA hospital. I’m a RN who takes care of hundreds of veterans of our country & I believe the great HEROS are the one that don’t toot their own horn…McCain voted against many issues that would have helped this nations vets (why I dont know) but I do know that Obama has voted for all issues in favor of the vets. This shows me that you don’t have to fight in a war to show your love for your country.. Also I know very few vets that own thier own home & none who have multiple houses…seem a little greedy to me…anyway I hope Obama does a great job…this country is ready for change….. :

  48. alex says:

    I’m happy that Obama is our president!!!!!! it’s about time we the young people get together and make a difference. Change our future and become united!!!!! Change is good!!!! Bring our troops back, let our gay brothers and sisters have the right to marry. Allow woman to have the right to choose.

    YES WE CAN!!!!!!

  49. Orangejulius says:

    I’m blown away. The momentousness of it is very emotional. I’m so looking forward to being proud of this country again.

  50. emmma says:

    Obama woohoo!
    I’m so happy that americans are doing something smart for change. ๐Ÿ˜€

  51. drm says:

    I cried through his whole speech….it is such a happy day the world over…

    God Bless Barack and family!

  52. Bellatrix says:

    A quick message from France where almost everybody has been an Obama supporter for many, many months now : we were up until 4 o’clock in the morning although we have no american roots at all just to make sure he was elected president.

    Congratulations not only to President Obama but also to everybody who has so faithfully and with amazing energy supported his campaign.
    I even saw a couple of american tourists supporting Obama over here, in Marseilles, just two weeks ago (with a very bright : Firefighters support Obama T-shirt). There is something incredibly enthusiastic about having witnessed this true change.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next to the United States of American and the world. After all, it remains one of the leading countries in the world everybody looks at and hopes a change will come from.
    Yes, we can. It is something that is being shared overseas…

  53. Diane says:

    CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA!!!! You have just elected the smartest guy in the room.

    President Bush and Senator McCain are not not what America needs for 21st century problems.
    Smarter Government, smarter solutions.

  54. JaundiceMachine says:

    I teared up during his acceptance speech.


  55. DLR says:

    Congratulations to the USA on President Obama and Vice-President Biden! Too bad about Prop 8 passing in California. Time will overthrow that as remember those days of when African-Americans were told they couldn’t vote, couldn’t drink out of the same water fountains, couldn’t use the same bathrooms, couldn’t eat at the same restaurants, or sit in the same bus seats as Caucasians? Same thing with Prop 8. Give it time and it will be a hazy thing of the past in a few years. Meanwhile, here’s to positive changes for the USA over the next four years! Wish I could say the same for Canada.

  56. Mairead says:

    Congratulations America, this is a remarkable and momentous decision by your citizens which I honestly felt could have slipped away, even up until last week.

    I noted the same thing Ana’ Says. Obama was magnanimous in victory and McCain was admirably gracious and composed in defeat and deserves our respect for that, despite the appalling booing of Obama by some of his supporters.

    Although I am a Hillary fan, Obama was the correct choice for the Democrats for the Presidency and I am glad that she wasn’t selected as VP as, unfortunately, is a polarising figure and there wouldn’t have been such a decisive victory.

    EDIT: But again – well done America for a brave election of Obama, but I am greatly saddened by reading DLR’s post that Prop 8 passed. If it can’t pass in as liberal a state as California, I’m afraid there is a long road ahead.

  57. NAVS says:

    i’m not even an American but i am proud of the presidential results.

    America is a leader in the world and the rest of the world look upto them… if they can change, so can we.

    all the way from south africa

  58. sauvage says:

    My dearest Americans,

    as a non-American I have to tell you how incredibly proud I am of you. And I mean I’m proud of EVERYBODY who got their asses up and voted, no matter for whom. This is what democracy is about. It’s about participating, it’s about not just letting things happen to you, it’s about not letting politics just step on your heads. What you did tonight was raising your voices. You supported the idea of democracy. You made democracy work – you worked democracy. And you showed the world that there still IS an American dream, and that it is carried on the shoulders of the people of the United States, not only by some political speech writers. Thank you for bringing the US back as a nation of hope, and change, and possibilities. What you did tonight, was revitalize the values America stood for for a long time, values that seemed buried and forgotten already during the last years. You showed they are still alive. And did I mention how grateful I am?

  59. CB Rawks says:

    I am so happy that Obama won. I’m still drying tears and bouncing off the walls.

    I hate anyone that voted to ban gay marriages. Selfish SELFISH people.
    Gay people love as deeply as *you* supposedly do. They deserve every right that others have.
    Hmm, there’s a thought. Can a person that forbids other people from getting married actually know what love is?
    If you think gay marriage somehow diminishes your straight marriage, get a soul. And a psychiatrist.

  60. Spike says:

    I, too, sing America.

    I am the darker brother.
    They send me to eat in the kitchen
    When company comes,
    But I laugh,
    And eat well,
    And grow strong.

    I’ll be at the table
    When company comes.
    Nobody’ll dare
    Say to me,
    “Eat in the kitchen,”

    They’ll see how beautiful I am
    And be ashamed–

    I, too, am America.

    Langston Hughes

  61. geronimo says:

    Oh happy day! Congrats to all forward-thinking Americans on this result. Your joy is tangible, we can feel it from here!

    Although it’s your election, this beautiful, historic moment belongs to everyone. Heartfelt thanks for making it happen.

  62. Sharon k. says:

    For the first time I really, truely believe, that ANTYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
    Thank you Obama for being an inspiration to the world. To the non-believers, wait and see..

  63. Diva says:

    What a beautiful day, for this country, and for this world.

    One voice!

    I am so happy, and so proud that this country kept eyes open to the greater good of the United States, the world and fellow man.

    President Obama… my President!

  64. Ron says:

    I am thrilled by the overwhelming win for Obama! I was genuinely moved by McCain’s concession. It’s too bad that guy wasn’t there for the election, and his religious wingnut evil twin ran. I am thilled that the thoughtful, intelligent man won. Regarding Mr Bush, he and his party have been miserable failures. 9/11 (which I give him a pass on), Katrina, Iraq, deregulation related financial meltdown. These all happened under this administration, you can try to point fingers wherever you like, but those are the facts. However, Mr Bush, regardless of my feelings about him, was my President. And, although I didn;t agree with him many times, I stood with him as an American. Now, as Mr Obama gets ready to head to Washington, I expect the folks who did not support him in this election to do the same. We are not identified when we go overseas as Democrats, Republicans, or Independants. We are Americans and we walk together.

  65. xiaoecho says:

    Thank God Obama got over the line — it’s not only Americans who are breathing a sigh of relief

    Anyway, congrats to America YES YOU DID!

  66. Kelly says:

    I dont hate Obama i never said i did & i agree we all need to stand together as a country now but at all those people who talk about “choice” i dont want that choice! I dont want other women to have that choice! & how do you know i dont work at adoption agencys? You dont know that so dont talk about all the kids who need homes i know about those kids but i also know that killing your child doesnt do anything for all you know your child could have found the cure for cancer or become the next president!
    When was it announced Prop 8 passed? I voted against it because its true that gays love as deeply as anyone else im truly sorry for every gay person who has had that chance to get married taken away i really am

  67. Louisa says:

    @ Jenna
    No i believe that if a woman is the victim of rape or incest she should ABSOLUTLEY be given the chance to abort that child but i dont believe that women should use abortion as birth control because they didnt take precautions or because there scared of what their body will look like after baby!

  68. James says:

    I am so jealous of American people!

    You have selected a great president!


  69. Megan says:

    I’m from the UK, and we all wanted Obama to win! GO AMERICA!! YES YOU DID!

  70. Tim says:

    This is the best day of my life. Thank you Obama for making it so.

  71. Syko says:

    Kelly, you may not want that choice, but other women do. That isn’t an issue anyway.

    I tried to stay up late last night to make sure he made it. But by 10:30 I couldn’t focus my eyes, and it seemed fairly sure. I got up to find an e-mail from him saying “thank you, you are the one who did this” and I started crying. Finally, finally, I have hope for this country again.

    It is amazing to me that I, who went to segregated schools until I was 12, who remembers when blacks sat at the back of the bus and were called “colored people” to their faces and worse behind their backs – I now live in a country that finally had the intelligence to elect a black president, not because he was black, but because he is the best man we could get, and his skin has no importance. I could not be more thrilled. He’s going to do a great job!

  72. geronimo says:

    And now you’ve made me cry, Syko. But in a good way.

  73. Shannon says:


    Thank you, America!

  74. quid_iuris says:

    @Kelly: according to that logic, every child you DON’T abort may become a mass murderer or a dictator. Better yet, every child you DON’T conceive is being prived of its future potential. We should be procreating nonstop to make sure that exceptional leader/medical researcher/whatever has the opportunity to be born. Get off the web right now and start making babies stat!

    Now seriously, congratulations team Obama and America: you truly are the winners today. I’m not an American nor I have any American roots but I didn’t go to bed before 3 am following the polls closing. Also sucks about Prop 8 passing. Goes to show that some people go to lenghts to make sure hate is spreading. Makes me mad inside, yet I choose to be happy for Obama’s victory: one step at the time and I do expect time to overturn that poor decision.

  75. binary says:

    I WAS THERE!!! It was amazing! The crowd went insane … everyone screaming, jumping, hugging strangers. OMG, it was as if there were no individual people, we were all one entity. It was a night I’ll always remember. I’m so excited for our country! Once I get the photos we took sorted out I’ll post any that are worthwhile.

  76. Modesty says:

    Congratulations, Americans, you changed the world today…

    Not one more black child will grow up thinking he/she can’t be the most powerful leader in the world!
    This is joyous!

    Another South African

  77. Rose says:

    Kelly, there will alway be abortions whether you wish it or not, what you don’t want is for women to have the choice to have a legal and safe abortion. Grow up and stop thinking of yourself and your ideals. If you don’t want an abortion don’t have one, simple as.
    Congratulations America, may he live up to the hope he inspires

  78. RAN says:

    The best man won. I too was impressed by McCain’s classy speech but I was overwhelmed by Obama’s.

    Hopefully the extreme opinions against him won’t affect his presidency – which is something I’ve worried about.

    America now has hope for the future and I am truly blessed to live in the United States (for the first time since Reagan was president).

    Congratulations to my president, and thank you to John McCain for remaining classy in defeat.

  79. Danielle says:

    What’s popular isn’t always right and what’s right isn’t always popular.

  80. shadow says:

    I never comment on blogs but was compelled to do so after reading some of the comments.I live right here in the Middle East and let me tell you,America,we dont hate you-we just hated that you were powerless to stop Bush;and those who supported him,for your ignorance.
    I still remember meeting this soldier, pre-adolescent,carrying a gun far too big for him,going to war in neighbouring Iraq,asking me to point where we were at,on a map.I hope and pray he made it.
    So,basically,to all those people arguing if its right/wrong to abort a baby,ask yourselves if it is right to keep supporting a man who kills ours,ones we’ve held in our arms…..or yours,their guns too big for their shoulders.
    Again,America,today,you have made us proud.

  81. Wif says:

    Congratulations to you Americans, not only on your decisive voice last night, but also to the dignity which your representatives displayed. From Obama’s moving speech to McCain’s sincere and gracious concession, all the way to the hoardes of people who went to the White House last night and maintained a peaceful celebration. Good job you guys. (from a Canadian)

  82. WTF?!?! says:

    “It might be time for a change but Obama wasnโ€™t the change we needed.”

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    And while the support of non-Americans is appreciated, especially after the last 8 years, our election is not designed as an internat’l popularity contest.

    I am a lifelong Democrat, have never before cast a vote for a Republican, and as historic as this election is, this guy is not the person to take America back to the top. Once the euphoria has worn off, his true agenda will reveal itself and we will be sunk. McCain blew it by picking that moronic Nazi as a running mate, and the country will suffer for it.

    Obama’s campaign and Acorn used the Internet as none before, and Mickey Mouse and millions of other illegitimate votes WILL come to light, and he will deflect the fact that he is not an American citizen (whether or not he was born in Hawaii, he attended school in Indonesia during a time when ONLY Indonesian citizens had a right to do, so his mother and stepfather declared him an Indonesian citizen until he was shipped off to live with his grandmother. He can only be naturalized, regardless of the locale of his birth).

    His rampant disregard for disclosing the source of funds received just because he didn’t take Federal subsidy is tantamount to deregulation, which he pays lip service to not supporting. He’ll give our country to people who have neither worked for it nor deserve it, delivering speeches trying to channel MLK. He is no MLK, he had no business getting the nomination, but the fever caught on and carried him to the Oval Office.

    This only proves that black, white, yellow, green or blue, ANYONE, no matter how unqualified or dodgy, can be president, and that’s not a comforting thought.

    Oh, wait, anyone but a woman.

  83. Baholicious says:

    Dear American cousins,

    Most of us here in Canada are so proud of you all and your nation today. We share in your celebration and optimism for the future that this election has brought.

    The American people have finally been given the opportunity to speak. For the last eight years of your abominable government, the world’s been waiting to hear the real voice of the true United States and last night that happened.

    God Bless America,
    Love your Canadian family.

  84. Tim says:

    This moment will forever be remembered. This day is sacred. It is the day the world moved on. The day we all realised that any one, and I mean ANY ONE …..CAN. Thank you Obama. It is one thing to talk the talk but President Obama, you walked the walk. You are a hero to many. You will be forever.

  85. mel says:

    Go Obama!!! I thought John McCain’s speech last nite was well done….and let this be a lesson to the Republican party that when you play dirty it may come back to kick you in the you-know what!!!

    Change is coming!!!

  86. vdantev says:

    W00T!! So excited ๐Ÿ˜€

  87. Blondie says:

    Yay!!! As a UK resident with no chance to vote, I am soooo happy Obama won ;o)

    Definately time for a change ;o)

  88. WTF?!?! says:

    One last point to Californians: what does it say that your population will embrace a minority president (which, on its face, is a beautiful thing), but won’t let the gay population embrace the ones they love in a legal marriage?

  89. aleach says:

    this is like a dream! last nite, i thought i would wake up and see that mccain really won.
    i am so in love with my country right now. look how far we’ve come.
    about the abortion thing…i just have to throw my 2 cents in sorry…first, having an abortion is not “killing your kid”. its not a kid.
    second, abortion will never cease to exist. but wouldnt you want it performed SAFELY for women? thats a BIG deal! all the pro-lifers dont seem to care at all about anyone else. honestly.
    think about others, dont be selfish, and respect the VERY personal, and TOUGH choices of others.
    all life is scared, right? well, except when we are at war…or the death penalty…:roll:
    anyways…. OBAMA!!! yay!

  90. Anna says:

    I’m abroad right now but I have never felt so proud to be an American and have faith in our country again! I’m sorry to all the people who voted for McCain and aren’t happy about the outcome. But I still don’t understand how you were able to support the guy after he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate!

    As far as abortion issues go, I honestly think if you vote for someone solely based on their stance on abortion/woman’s right to choose, that is just pure ignorance! That is ONE issue, vote for the candidate you agree with on several issues not just one isolated topic!

  91. MonicaBee says:

    Yes we did, baby! Yes we did.

    I am so overwhelmed with emotion right now it’s not funny!

  92. GrnMtGirl says:

    YaY!! I am so happy to finally have an intelligent, articulate, and honorable man in office.

    Kelly: If the baby that you save by banning abortion turned out to be gay would you still support his rights? Just wondering… โ“

  93. CC says:

    Good Question GrnMtGirl!

    Another thought on gay marriage, this is what I tell my extremely conservative southern baptist family about my gay friends…..”There is so much hate in this world how can you tell 2 people they cant love each other freely??”

    I also say, “let them get married and be miserable like the rest of us, Haha”

  94. Baholicious says:

    @GrnMtGirl: You go! What a beautiful question/point.

  95. Baholicious says:

    I just wanted to clarify re: my comment above and that is to say we’re proud for you all, not “of” in a condescending way. Hopefully no-one took it that way. Needless to say, I’m a little excited ๐Ÿ˜€

  96. bisou says:

    I’m elated that Obama won.. FINALLY!!! Someone with a good head on his shoulders in the White House again…

    And as for the people against abortion, and saying Obama is a baby killer and what now, I’d like them to come live in a third world country where abortion is illegal even if the mother’s health is in danger… Come and see what it is like to see children in the streets begging for money because they’re parents don’t make enough money to support them. Come and see what it’s like to see children being abused by parents who didn’t want them.. Come and see what it’s like to read in the newspaper and see on tv that another woman died due to complications after self inflicted wounds while trying to abort the fetus herself without medical help… Then maybe you can have a balanced opinion…

    I’m not for abortion, but I believe that women have the right to choose.. It’s easy to be all high and mighty about the subject until you’re in a position where what you condemn so much becomes your only option, be it healthwise or not….

    And on that note.. YAY OBAMA!!!!! Makes me want to go visit America now… =D

  97. KDRockstar says:

    CC made me laugh and Syko made me cry… beautiful thread.

    A bit off topic, but maybe it will make some of those who are upset today laugh…

    My husband woke me up this morning with, “Did you see the final results?” Yes, I did, I saw the speeches, what? “There was a mix-up and McCain won Florida and California.” It was a straight shot of coffee in my veins. “What??”

    Yeah, he has never moved so quickly out of smacking distance. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  98. Rachel says:

    I cried tears of happiness at 5am here in England watching this be announced live. I’m so happy you guys made the right choice, not just for yourselves, but for the whole world. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thankyou. x

  99. Arvedia says:

    Where I live in Berlin, you canยดt say anything good about the USA because everyone was against the war in Iraq. Today everyone is crying and hugging. This is a proud day for Americans and for the rest of the world.

  100. Eileen says:

    I live in ATL and it’s like we won the super bowl, New Years, and Mardi Gras all rolled into one. Where I am -up in the northern part by Whitney’s old house and the wealthy (I pretty much live in the ghetto over here in my 4 brm home!) People are actually talking to each other at Starbucks and the grocery store-these people were waaaaaaay to good to talk to each other before. There’s hope in the air-and here color has nothing to do with it. Just hoping for a new day and give us back some dignity we’ve lost from the past two presidents. I don’t think this has anything to do with political party-which is so great. I voted for the first time EVER yesterday and I’m 34. I can say I’m proud to be an American today because no matter who won-there’s a good chance we can reclaim the American Way and maybe add some peace, end some racial strife, and fix our problems together rather than point fingers. I never thought the Bush administration was evil-but they will go down in the history books as scapegoats for the state of our economy- and I think in the state we are in one man couldn’t have done that alone. It takes decades of wrong choices. This is just a way for people to wipe the slate clean and try something new. Can’t hurt! YAY!

  101. Mairead says:

    GrnMtGirl, Kelly said that she voted against Prop 8, so I’m assuming that she’s not homophobic. (just to clarify, I’m not saying that everyone who voted for it is, as everyone has their own reasons for voting the way they do)

    I’m just looking forward to seeing who he selects as his main team and what likely effect they’ll have. He’s been so organised up to now that I’m confident that he won’t let the grass grow under his feet and will be able to hit the ground running in January. I hope it’ll be a group who will calm fears in the US and abroad and reassure his loyal supporters.

    But you know something, whatever else this is – it’s a whole new era in campaigning – from what I’ve heard since yesterday, using the energy of the young and tapping into technology really kept his momentum going and helped energise the youth vote especially.

  102. Codzilla says:

    I am so incredibly proud to be an American today, and thrilled beyond words that Mr. Obama is the first President my children will know.

  103. DarthVadersLoveChild says:

    Kelly. Supporting ones right to choose is not the same as being in favour or in support of abortion. It just means Obama thinks people should make the choice for themselves and not be told what to do by right wing religious fanatics who want to drag religion into the topic.

    For all those who say he is a socialist I say maybe we should give a bit of socialism a try. I think its far better to take a bit less for ourselves in order to help all of our neighbours than to only be looking out for ourselves.

  104. Linda says:

    I have never been so proud to be an American as I am right now. I cried last night as I watched history and forever saw the world we live in change for the better.

  105. Wif says:

    For those of you who are telling the McCain supporters to suck up the Obama win because you had to deal with Bush for 8 years, put it in perspective. You were not silent about your dislike, you all complained (as did I, and I’m not even American) and the McCain’ers don’t have to be silent either. This is that whole freedom of speech thing. Remember, both candidates called for a time of unity in their speeches. Although it feels good to have Obama in, there is no need to be all “na-na-na-na-poo-poo” about it.

  106. Syko says:

    I keep seeing all these posts saying how proud they are…and I think I am too, and this is amazing, because I really believed that the last eight years had killed my patriotism – me who used to cry at every fireworks display and got choked up every time the Navy helicopters flew along the beach, I was pretty darn close to being ashamed to be American, if our government was any indication of what American was.

    I have such hope now. It’s like a new lease on life. The next two months can not pass quickly enough! Can we just waive that and inaugurate him tomorrow?

    PS – Darthvaders, I think socialism is a lot less frightening than totalitarianism. I’m willing to try it if you are.

  107. Rosanna says:

    Good luck guys you are going to need it all. He might be black but so what? He knows nothing about politics, and you’ll soon witness it. Glad I don’t live there at the moment…. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

  108. caribassett says:

    I am so happy. I truly believe he will be a great leader. I just can not put into words how overwhelmed and happy I am.

  109. Syko says:

    Rosanna, he obviously knows enough about politics to run a tight campaign and get enough people to vote for him that he had a landslide, even among the racists and rednecks.

    As for needing experience to run the country – Bush had experience and he ran it into the ground. I’m thrilled to see an intelligent, articulate, reasonable man taking over.

  110. Linda says:

    I am absolutely amazed at people when they say that Barack Obama doesn’t have the experience or he’s not ready.

    He has proven time and time again that he is. After 9/11, Bush pushed us into a war where we didn’t belong – Barack Obama had the wisdom to vote no to the war. McCain didn’t, Clinton didn’t.

    Barack Obama created a grass roots force in American politics and you know what – he beat one of the most powerful political families – the Clinton’s. He then went on to appeal to the majority of people in America – not just republicans and not to just African Americans – but to everyone!

    Here is a man who represents the future and change in Washington, DC and it’s about time!

  111. Suzy Sunshine says:

    woo hoo! Life is great! Take that you haters. ๐Ÿ˜›

  112. JaundiceMachine says:

    Finally, finally, finally!! After years of fuckery, an honest to god President ELECT.

    Power to the People!!

  113. xxx says:

    You guys look at the stats for who voted for/against prop 8. 69% of blacks voted for the ban. Bizarre, isn’t it?

    I can’t find the exact article now with specific stats but here’s a general breakdown:

    Truly disappointing. But I trust Obama and America will bring us together hopefully against racism and bigotry.

  114. notprfect says:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    That’s all I’ve got to say about President(elect) Obama. Oh, and did I mention:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  115. what says:

    CB i honestly don’t understand why so many hate-filled comments were allowed through, but mine was removed.

    anyways, too bad we are so poor these days or it would be an amazing time to go abroad and no longer feel the need to say “but i’m from new york!” every time people found out i’m american. we can actually be proud of our country! i haven’t felt that way in a long time.

    as for prop 8, i don’t understand how it should be left to popular vote. why should the rights of a minority be left up to the majority? obviously their rights will be suppressed, they simply don’t have the numbers to vote. minority rights should be granted by the government regardless of the opinions of the bigoted majority.

    finally, GO OBAMA!

  116. prissa says:

    My little 2 cents…. I’m extremely elated at the historic even that took place last night. I laughed, I cried, I screamed. It was truly beautiful!!! TO all the doubters, only evidence to the contrary in Obama’s actions and deeds and the positive movement of this great country will change your minds… Then again maybe it won’t. But the fact of the matter is AMERICA has SPOKEN. It’s time to move forward in unity!!

  117. Anna says:

    I am amazed beyond words that this small miracle was made possible by the people of America. There is still hope in the world.
    I cried this morning when I heard the news and I’m not even American.
    To think that 53 years ago, a woman like Rosa Parks had to fight for her right to remain seated wherever she liked on a bus and not yield to segregational madness, this is unbelievable. Beautiful. Truly history in the making.

    Go Barack!

  118. jessieg says:

    I think, if Barack Obama was a woman, John McCain would have won for sure.

    Regardless of policies, ideals, charisma… racism is taboo in a campaign (as it should be), but sexism is rampant.

  119. tigerlille says:

    One of the things that makes me happiest about this election is that our president and first lady elect actually love each other! The children of this nation will actually see a healthy, loving marriage modeled for them! And that is no small thing.

  120. WTF?!?! says:

    “After 9/11, Bush pushed us into a war where we didnโ€™t belong – Barack Obama had the wisdom to vote no to the war.”

    Linda, Obama was nowhere near the Senate when that vote took place in 2001/2002.

  121. lanette says:

    he is not pro abortion he is for a women’s right to choose.
    i don’t want the government what to do with my body.
    he has always said we need to stop the number of unplanned pregnancies…

  122. mE says:

    I hope that now that this milestone has been reached the rights of unborn children will be recognized.

  123. The UK says:

    Well done America!! and a big thank you from me and my family in the UK (you do know you have a profound affect on the rest of the world)xxx

  124. caribassett says:

    @ WTF

    He entered the Illinois senate in 1996

  125. kate says:

    to all the obama haters (rosanna, kelly, louisa, etc): you guys had your 8 years of right wing rule and now the tide has turned…can you just please give those of us who voted for obama one damn day to celebrate and be happy? is that too much to ask? thanks.

  126. nay says:

    So Glad Obama won this election.Theres no guy better for the job!I’m sure he has his reasons for supporting abortions.He understands there could be certain curcumstances and situationsfor which people would choose that decision.Think about all the positive he plans.for instance bringing home our troops.Think about all the families who have lost loved ones in the stupid war.Or the fact he plans to make college more affordable so that each child nation wide would have the oppurtinity to go.He’s planing the future so that it benefits everyone in America. Now who wouldn’t vote for him!! OBAMA ROCKS ..LOOKING FOWARD TO MY FUTURE AND BARACKS MY PRESIDENT .I support him all the way. May god be with us!

  127. Kelly says:

    @quid_iuris Yes that is my logic & your right the child saved COULD be a mass murderer but the key word is COULD you will never know now because you killed them will you?

    @GrnMtGirl Yes even if the baby saved was gay i would still support his or her rights each person should be allowed to get married if they want

    Thank you Mairead

    Kate i really & truly am not an Obama hater i dont hate him i just think McCain would have run our country better but in no way do i hate him

  128. brista says:

    Obamaโ€™s campaign and Acorn used the Internet as none before, and Mickey Mouse and millions of other illegitimate votes WILL come to light,

    Oh, FFS! ACORN is not an evil agency designed by Barack Obama to defraud the voting system!

    They are LEGALLY REQUIRED to submit ALL REGISTRATIONS to the board of elections, even if they think the registration is FALSE. This is a GOOD thing because otherwise, a legitimate voter with a funny sounding name could get thrown out — both the people actually named Mickey Mouse (I’m sure there’s one! This is a great big country!) and the people with “not white” names. This is a GOOD thing because otherwise, there’s a possibility that someone with opposing political views could throw your registration form out just because they don’t like the way you want to vote. They submit ALL REGISTRATIONS and FLAG the ones that seem fishy so that the state makes it a point to double-check those. Their workers are not paid by how many people they registered so there is no incentive to fake-register a million people.

    Anyone can register to vote as many times as they want. A register to vote is NOT the same thing as a vote. I actually registered to vote twice by accident — I registered to vote in 2004 right after I turned 18. Then the voter registration deadline was coming up and I didn’t think I was registered so I registered again. And guess what? I only get to vote ONCE. The board of elections double-checked and noticed, “Oh, wait! This kid is already registered!” One vote. That’s it. Go on — try it yourself. Register again. You’ll only get to vote once, even if you SWEAR that the extra votes will go for the Democrats or whoever is running this conspiracy you’ve imagined.

    One more time for emphasis: ACORN is legally required to submit ALL voter registration forms. ACORN flags the ones that seem false. If a false registration gets through, it is NOT ACORN’s fault; all registrations are supposed to be double-checked by the state’s board of elections. ACORN has nothing to do with that.

  129. WTF?!?! says:

    Brista and nay, your enthusiasm is appreciated and refreshing, but you can’t accept everything you’re spoonfed at face value.
    Obama can’t just bring home the troops or lower college tuitions.
    And I never said ACORN was evil or started by Obama, but when dead people are deliberately registered and people show up to vote with the corpses’ names in those precincts, it’s fishy.

  130. WTF?!?! says:

    True, caribassett, but did not enter the US Senate where one actually gets to vote on such issues until 2005.

  131. westward ho says:

    “Iโ€™m forty years old and I am lost. I feel like my country is shattering before my eyes”

    i am 52 years old, and that’s how i’ve felt for the past 8 years. i put up with it and carried on, because i’m an american and my country comes first to me. now it’s your turn. suck it up. i’m hoping obama is the answer to my prayers. if all he does is restore the bill of rights, i’ll be grateful to him, and so should every other citizen of this nation be.

  132. westward ho says:

    “And I never said ACORN was evil or started by Obama, but when dead people are deliberately registered and people show up to vote with the corpsesโ€™ names in those precincts, itโ€™s fishy.”

    pffft. where were you when the chads were hanging in florida?

  133. smo says:

    I think the haters need to sit this one out. This is Obama’s time. This is our time. God bless America.

  134. WTF?!?! says:

    “pffft. where were you when the chads were hanging in florida?”

    Westward ho, um, I was in my state at a call center phoning my Democratic representatives encouraging them have their FLA counterparts down there ensure the count was fair.

    Where were you?

  135. Screwbini says:

    All of you Obama-haters are the silliest, pettiest bunch of numbskulls I’ve seen in a long time. Still spreading the same old tired lies, myths and distortions about President-elect Obama. That’s all the Republicans had to offer during the campaign and it DIDN’T WORK!!! Get over yourselves, folks, and let’s move on for the good of the country. Barack Obama has clearly demonstrated that he has the intelligence, judgment, temperment and political skill to be president. Let’s give him a chance.

  136. quid_iuris says:

    Still irrelevant. If you’re so worried about wasting the potential genius of an unborn child, you should throw away your birth control and start conceiving 24/7. Yes, your children can turn out to be mass murderers, but they can also be genius and you’re keeping them from being born! Doesn’t that eat you up?

  137. Kelly says:


    How do you know im not already pregnant? & besides that isnt what im saying at all im saying if your dumb enough to get pregnant because your not using birth control then that shouldnt mean you also have the right to get your child

  138. quid_iuris says:


    “How do you know im not already pregnant?”
    Irrelevant. It’s a purely hypothetic (sp?)
    position, both yours and mine, since we can’t know what our child is going to be like when it’s still unborn.

    “besides that isnt what im saying at all im saying if your dumb enough to get pregnant because your not using birth control then that shouldnt mean you also have the right to get your child”
    Oh, so now being pregnant is a punishment? “You failed at getting birth control and now you’re grounded and having that child! Suits you well so next time you won’t be such a dumb slut!”, yes, those are some family values right here.

    BTW, rights, you can wave them if you want.

  139. Kelly says:


    No it isnt a punishment whatsoever what im saying is that an innocent child shouldnt be killed because his or her parents are morons & if the person doesnt want the baby i guess its a good thing so many other people out there do huh?

  140. quid_iuris says:

    Legally it’s not a baby: it’s an unborn fetus. In many cases it lacks the ability to subsist by itself independently from the mother because it lacks several vital organs. It’s a possibility of a baby , an expenctancy, and it’s riddiculous to give it the same rights a fullblown born baby has. Many times it is given legal protection for successory matters almost exclusively. They’re not equal realities.

    The scientific community struggles with the definition of the beginning of life: for example, US law is inclined to protect life since birth. In other countries, such as my own, the state recognizes the existence of human life from the tenth gestation week, some others from the 12th or 13rd gestation week. This to say, it’s not linear when is the moment of creation of a new human being: if the scientist community can’t say it, why could you? It’s a morally acceptable option, and you simply don’t have the power to impose your morals onto other people.

  141. Kelly says:

    Legally my ass most of the laws here are ridiculous & i stand by the moment a baby is conceived is the moment he starts his life but you know what your right i cant force you to understand my beliefs & you cant make me understand yours i just wish i could understand your beliefs i really do i truly dont understand how someone can kill their own child their own flesh & blood the only way i could ever understand is if its the only possible way to save yourself (even then i might make the other choice) or if your a victim of rape or incest

  142. Yes We Did! says:

    Rosanna – I agree 100% with you….I’M GLAD YOU DON’T LIVE HERE EITHER….we have enough of your kind here as it is! :mrgreen:

  143. Yes We Did! says:

    Dear Sad1: STFU! oh yeah…and….HAVE A NICE DAY! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  144. There’s been a fair amount of media coverage of Obama and his election, but I’m anxious to get past all of the media hype and actually see how he’s planning to handle things like stability in the middle east. I had confidence in McCain regarding internation affairs, but I really don’t know how Obama, as a somewhat newer Senator from Illinois will handle these situations. Maybe things will go well, maybe not: but I want to get past the press and media and actually see some policy.

  145. JShane says:

    Willie Lynch is ROLLING OVER IN HIS GRAVE!!! Im Proud to call myself and African AMERICAN!!! After losing faith in this country for so long, its GREAT that people understand that CHANGE is NEEDED!!! We were not going to be able (as a Country) to survive another term of Republicans. Let the MAN get in there and Attempt to fix the Mess that the RNC and Dubya created!

  146. G. says:

    Kelly: A fetus is basically a parasite ; it lives off of you like a tick or leech would. It’s not a baby yet, seeing as babies can actually, oh, I don’t know, BREATHE on their own. ๐Ÿ™„

    And, as someone pointed out, republicans had 25 years to overturn the Roe vs Wade ruling, but did they? Nope. It’s not going to happen.

    In other news, GO OBAMA!

  147. Crux the Magic Dragon says:

    When the neighborhood crackhead got off the pipe and voted, I was truly inspired. People that never gave two farts about voting were excited, probably for the 1st time in their lives. Whatever your beliefs or reasons, this was history and it was made by the people. No President Shrub to rob the votes!

    Republican or Democrat, pro-life or choice, whatever creed or color or sexual preference, cat or dog lover, can’t we all just get the hell along?

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