Vanessa Paradis is worried that Johnny Depp has fallen for Eva Green

This week’s tabloids are full of rumors and innuendo about Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’s relationship. These rumors have been swirling for about a month pretty consistently – first it was Johnny Depp is having a mid-life crisis and Vanessa is pissed and then it was Johnny is miserable and Vanessa is holding on and Johnny is consulting lawyers.” And now it’s “Johnny is miserable, consulting lawyers and Vanessa is a Jealous Monster who won’t let him bone Eva Green.” First up, Star Magazine’s story which is basically like last week’s Radar story:

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’s world has been crumbling behind the scenes!

“Johnny’s been having relationship problems with Vanessa that have been brewing behind the scenes for a while,” says a source close to Depp. “He started making phone calls to friends toward the end of last year, talking about how unhappy he’s been with Vanessa and how he wants out of the relationship.”

Johnny Depp’s longtime love is green with envy over his sexy young co-star in the upcoming horror movie Dark Shadows, sources say. Vanessa Paradis – who’s had two children with Depp during their 14-year-romance – is seething over his onscreen chemistry with Eva Green, according to insiders.

“They’ve always had a strange relationship, often spending weeks apart… now I think Johnny’s absences are more serious. His friends think he’s going through some sort of mini-midlife crisis.” The source adds that Johnny is “really struggling to deal with the crucial problems between himself and Vanessa.”

One of the biggest problems is Vanessa’s jealousy – “When you’re one of the sexiest men in the world, attractive women are constantly throwing themselves at you – and Johnny can be a bit of a flirt when he’s not home. That’s driven Vanessa crazy in the past, and I’m sure it’s just added to their troubled and helped push them to the brink.”

Meanwhile, “Johnny’s been drinking more over his unhappiness with his and Vanessa’s situation,” says the source. “His behavior is starting to raise some red flags. He just doesn’t seem to be handling this well at all, and it’s heartbreaking.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Vanessa is jealous, you say? Let’s see how she feels when Johnny starts taking breaks with Eva Green in his trailer! That’s the way to mend a 14-year-relationship with the mother of your children, right Johnny?

“Vanessa is afraid that Johnny has fallen head over heels for Eva,” a close source told the Enquirer. “Like Vanessa, Eva is a French actress and model, and Vanessa senses that she’s exactly Johnny’s type. Friends have even remarked that Eva looks like a younger Vanessa. Johnny has brushed off Vanessa’s fears, but it’s caused so much tension that rumors are flying they’re about to split up.”

Vanessa had originally lobbied for her younger sister Alysson to get the Dark Shadows role, but sources say “Johnny wanted Eva all along. He personally had her audition for Dark Shadows and they became close on the set. She spent lots of time in his trailer.”

“Vanessa’s worst fear is that Johnny wants someone new in his life,” added the source. “Even though it all seems to be in her head, it’s making Johnny sick.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Look, none of this paints a very attractive portrait of Johnny Depp. He seems like he’s knee-deep in some kind of mid-life crisis, or maybe he’s just so insanely rich, he’s completely lost perspective on everything. All I know is that it really does seem like he’s spending more time drinkin’ and sluttin’ up the world than he spends with his family. For shame, Johnny.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News & WENN.

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  1. DarkEmpress says:

    I can see Johnny falling for Eva. She is a prettier and younger version of what he may have wanted his wife to be. A broody, pale, slightly eccentric woman. I may be wrong but isnt the point of not getting married and being in a long time relationship, so that you can leave when you are no longer happy. Like you are not bonded by the so called piece of paper of marriage, just by love. So when the love is gone, you can leave.

    • mln76 says:

      Uhm no that’s not the point for everyone. Each person has their
      own reasons for not getting married. Blanket statements like that aren’t accurate.

      • atorontogal says:

        Depending on how long you’ve been together will also dictate how “easy” it is to walk away. Here in Canada after two years you are “common law” and your rights when the relationship ends are pretty equal to those who are actually married. All these comments about not marrying so a person can just walk away from the relationship are so narrow minded!

    • the cheetah says:

      It’s sad when people think families should just be broken because you are momentarily unhappy yet won’t try to solve problems like drop seems to be doing.

      • Roxy750 says:

        Right on, well said!

      • Kara Ann says:

        I agree with you. I know long-term relationships aren’t going to be all roses and hand-holding. Everyone has to know that. What makes people so willing to throw away years of…well, just years that define you, make you who you are. It seems so obvious that to be able to look into another’s persons eyes and see it all reflected back at you is a beautiful, meaningful, and irreplaceable thing. I do believe there are times when moving on, regardless of the time spent together, is the right thing to do. I just don’t see very much trying sometimes. It’s sad if it can’t be saved, truly sad but it sort of disgusts me when people won’t even try to save it, revive it, work on it. Anyway, just my maudlin take on it at 1 a.m.

    • Beep says:

      what stupid statement. You think the only reason some people don’t have the piece of paper is so that you can leave when you are no longer happy? Good god. Closed minded doofus.

    • priestess says:

      Prettier? Younger? how very shallow of a statement. If our Grandparents thought that way damn! As if a younger “prettier” version of his wife would fix all his problems inside. Actually many men go through the middle aged crisis experience especially successful and or beautiful men. They obssess “Do I still have it? Am I going to die without ever boinking a new young piece of ass? Better yet I rather die while I’m boinking a new young piece of ass” Whateva at the end of the day It is what it is. Just don’t come with the double standard when you see Madonna or Demi re-up on a new young sweetie afterall they’re just trying to fix what’s bothering them inside. It’s a Mid-life thing.

    • Newtsgal says:

      I don’t believe that’s true!
      A piece of paper doesn’t make a marriage.
      Me and my left brain have been together for 13 yrs. without being formally hitched. We have lasted longer than any of our friends marriages and a couple of them have more than 1. And all of our friends say that he & I are closer and more married than any of their relantionships.

      • bettyrose says:

        About the same length of time for us, and I really truly don’t know what an official ceremony would add to what we already have. Statistically speaking, that “piece of paper” offers you a 1 in 2 chance of making it long term. Surely your chances are just as good without it.

    • JuliaDomna says:

      Eva Green is not broody.

  2. RocketMerry says:

    I’d fall for Eva Green, and I’m straight. Just sayin’.

    As for Johnny, I don’t believe it. Maybe he IS going through something and maybe Vanessa IS jealous. What woman would not wonder, even briefly, about her mid-life-crising husband looking at younger women?
    But from talking to walkin’… I don’t think anybody is doing anything.

  3. Gwen says:

    I adore Eva too. She’s really something.

  4. Paola says:

    First of all johnny Depp is a scumbag ass*ole for not seeing how much like he has to have a woman that wants to be with him all the way down the road, the mother of his children and a refined and gracious person like Vanessa is ( and i really am not a fan of her).
    second, i hate, HATE, H.A.T.E women who are not able to find a man that is not somebody’s else!! Eva can find anybody, famous, rich and maybe free?! why be the bait of a father of two with a woman already on his side??

    • helvetica says:

      I think it’s too soon to judge johnny as a scumbag a-hole, nothing is proven yet. So far it’s just a gossip

    • Anon73 says:

      re: Vanessa Paradis as “refined and gracious”, LOL. more like a a grungey street urchin – at best — IMHO !!

      she’s also not super educated or well spoken if you have ever read an interview or see her speak.

      • Kate says:

        That’s interesting. I’ve always found it hard to tell with non-native speakers, because I’m always so impressed that they can communicate effectively in another tongue when I can’t, so to be able to read interviews with her in French must be really enlightening.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        I agree with Kate. Communicating in another language is an entirely different thing & tells you very little about how articulate someone is. They could be brilliant & just struggling with an unfamiliar language. I wouldn’t draw any conclusions from that.

      • Tibounet says:

        As a native French speaker, I have to confirm that Vanessa’s interviews (in French) are always nice to read, and when she speaks she definitely masters our language in all respects – unlike some younger popular actresses like Audrey Tautou…

    • Gigi says:

      Chill. First consider the sources of the story before you go calling anyone an a-hole. STAR? ENQUIRER? Seriously? We’ll just have to sit this one and see, but I’m not really sold. Smells like a studio publicity stunt on the verge of backfiring.

  5. helvetica says:

    Johnny Depp and Eva Green, what a perfect odd couple.
    I love Eva since Casino Royale, a great Vesper. Thank God they didn’t hire Angie Jolie, since she was offered that role first.

  6. Alexis says:

    I have always hated Johnny Depp, but Vanessa seems cool. Because I like Vanessa and Eva, I hope this isn’t true.

    Also, I hate how these stories are all like “the woman is worried” rather than “the man is an immature horndog who can’t keep it in his pants.”

    • Leigh says:

      How do you HATE Johnny Depp?! lol..
      What about him is there to hate (with the exception of these new stories about his drinking/relationship troubles) ??

      • Alexis says:

        Hate is a strong word from off the cuff, lol. Mildly annoyed by is probably better.

        Depp hasn’t taken an interesting role in years: they’re mostly “look at me (usually in weird makeup) acting weird for a huge paycheck.” He’s immature…the best example of this is when he made that comment about the paps being like rape. Dude, you’re a 40something, you should know better. He’s overrated, too. He’s not that attractive, nor that great of an actor, nor a big box office pull, but some journalists write about him like he’s Brad Pitt, Daniel Day Lewis and Adam Sandler rolled into one. C’mon. Finally, in interviews, he comes off like he buys into his own hype and thinks he’s really legit although he’s obviously something of a sellout.

        TL;DR = I think Depp comes off as pretentious, and I don’t like his work sufficiently or think he’s hot enough to let him off for it.

        Just my opinion, I don’t judge people who like him. :)

      • D says:

        Personally, I got turned off to Depp when he turned into an outspoken defender of Roman Polanski. It was pretty disappointing, but it taught me that reading interviews with actors is a good way to start disliking them.

      • GoodCapon says:

        Hey Alexis!

        I would have to disagree and say that Johnny IS a big box office pull. He’s along the same lines of Matt Damon/RDJ/Tom Cruise. Daniel Day Lewis beats them all talent-wise, but ask a person on the street and they wouldn’t know who he is. He’s just not on everyone’s radar.

    • irishserra says:


      I agree with you regarding the way the woman is always perceived. And what if she is a little worried? If nothing is going on, would it hurt JD to take a few extra steps to be more reassuring to Vanessa? Somehow, I doubt she’s suddenly become some paranoid bitch after all these years. As for JD, taking to the bottle is not the way to handle the situation. I’ve always liked JD as an actor, but of late I hate his behavior.

      However, where there’s smoke there’s fire, more often than not – especially in Hollywood where the “Look Out For No.1″ attitude reigns supreme.

  7. atlantapug says:

    Hmmm, I wonder what the French laws are regarding splitting of assests for non-married persons with a shit ton of $$$.

    I could totally see JDepp as the guy who keeps the finances separate and hides money away in secret accounts so Vanessa can’t get any when they split.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      So, first.
      Johnny is not the sexiest man in the world anymore, he’s jacked and bloated.
      Second, if this is or becomes a “home wrecking” scandal, isn’t it the same as JustJen and Heidi Bivens? 14 year relationships, albeit no children.
      Is Heidi or Vanessa entitled lawfully to alimony with a common law marriage? Any lawyers about?

      • mln76 says:

        Not a lawyer but I’ll say at the least she’s entitled to child support which would be so astronomical it amounts to alimony.

      • Pink Panther says:

        Both Depp and Parasite have the right to file a civil suit in California, if they qualify as a common-law couple. To avoid securing a bond as an out-of-state Plaintiff, Parasite would have to first establish residency in the State. For her to secure financial support for her offspring from Depp, she would have to prove that Johnny is, in fact, their biological father (should he contest that).

      • MW says:

        There is no common law in CA. I think if they split while living in CA, (and they live here much of the time) and she wanted to file some sort of suit to determine support or child support, etc., she can, cuz the cause of action (the main problem) would have arisen here in CA. That’s how you determine where to file a suit. It’s where the cause of action occurred. Not where they first laid eyes on each other. However, I bet they have their finances in order and have some type of agreement if any split should ever occur. I don’t think she’s some dumb pushover. And I don’t think he’d be some greedy jerk.

    • Wendy says:

      For the record, she’s wealthy in her own right.

    • Wendy says:

      The French laws are: what’s mine is mine, what’s your’s is your’s if you’re just living together with no formal agreement in place.

      • Pink Panther says:

        Actually, V. Parasite has been getting a hefty allowance from Johnny since day one (“Oh, I’m preggers, J.D.! Take care of me.”), which has been funding her vanity “career” ever since. Me thinks the witch is establishing residency in Los Angeles, sufficient to file a civil suit in California.

      • mln76 says:

        Why such hate for Vanessa??? She is famous in her own right separate from JD. Johnny of course SHOULD support his kids. He has always been open about his affection for her and since he’s been with her for 14 years he’s had ample time to leave if he’s unhappy. I personally am hoping these reports are crap.

      • Wendy says:

        Pink, what is your problem with Vanessa? She’s been famous since she was 16 or so, has a film career in France, a recoring contract for 25 odd years, she’s been one of the faces of Chanel for 20 years.

        Sounds to me like you resent like h*ll that she’s got Johnny and had his babies.

      • Pink Panther says:

        Hey Wendy: I have my father’s nose. My brother has similar, physical traits as one of our ancestors from 1812. You know, like, offspring have a tendency to look like BOTH of their parents? I can’t say anything concrete, but… I’m just saying…. Um, although I do understand that Parasite’s first-born was one month premature, based upon an insider’s calculation….

  8. Shaye says:

    Umm…off topic…Eva Green holy moly!

  9. brin says:

    Be afraid, Vanessa….Eva is gorgeous!

  10. dana says:

    its already happened i think…yikes

  11. Spugz says:

    Eva looks A LOT like Vanessa. Like a younger version. Poor VP. Still Johnny can do no wrong in my eyes because he just ooozes sex. I’d climb that like a tree.

  12. NM9005 says:

    Wasn’t Paradis in L.A. last week? Didn’t they collaborate on a French tribute song to S. Gainsbourg? Again, it’s not because they don’t pose for the paps for one of those “happy family” pictures that they aren’t one! It’s like with Bacon and Sedgwick, they’re splitting up for years now according to the gossip outlets yet are still together. And if it it truly that bad in their relationship, Paradis would have bolt it a long time ago. Girlfriend doesn’t mess around. I don’t know why they try to paint her as the “poor jealous girlfriend”. She is bad-ass and known for her “je m’en foutisme”. In French interviews she stated many times that Johnny is hers, that she doesn’t care about his sex symbol status because in the end, they are together etcetera…American gossips don’t know jack about her, it’s too funny. They don’t have any proof since Depp and Paradis lock their private crap up, where it belongs. Don’t.Believe.The.Gossips.

    • Wendy says:

      100% with you on that. Vanessa is the backbone in that relationship and he’d be picking his clothes up in the street if she seriously thought he was cheating on her.

      Not only that, but Depp’s type is “Waifish”, something Green is most certainly not.

  13. Eryn says:

    So he likes them French, then…

  14. Bite me says:

    Thank God the stupid tabloid are leaving La Jolie out of this … And Johnny and Vanessa might want to monitor what their 12 year old daughter wears out in public… There’s been a lot of pap pictures of the family lately

    • jinni says:

      I don’t think there have been more pap pics of his family than normal. It’s probably just that you and other bloggers are starting to play more attention to the pictures that were already being taken, when before when there wasn’t a scandal surrounding him, you and other didn’t pay attention to or seek out pictures of his family.

    • Sassenach says:

      I can not believe they would let their daughter dress like that knowing she is getting papped by grown men. No one really knows them personally or how they are as parents but I hope they get a hold of the situation because she looks like a wild one.

      • Andie B says:

        Saw pics of Vanessa and her daughter on the Daily Mail website. I come from a conservative town near Antarctica,so maybe I’m a bit of a prude, but I could not believe how her 12 year old daughter was dressed. She kinda looked like a 25 year old hooker. My daughter will not be leaving the house dressed like that.

      • Kate says:

        No, I agree. I’m not remotely conservative and I applaud girls on those slutwalks; a woman’s body is her own, how she dresses it is her business, and to imply anyone ever asks for sexual assault is vile. But that is NOT a woman, it’s an 11 year old kid, and hell would freeze over before any child of mine wore such overtly sexualised clothing before they were in their late teens and old enough to know what messages they were sending. That’s surely the point – a woman can say no, but a tweenie shouldn’t need to have to! It’s called being a damn parent.

  15. Monkey Jim says:

    I wouldn’t be happy if my hubs was working with Eva Green. She’s a saucy minx. Just sayin’

  16. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I hope this isn’t true, primarily because Johhny and Vanessa’s kids are old enough to read and see all of this ‘gossip’

    I also hope this isnt true as they seemed like a really low key couple living their lives away from all celeb land ..until now

  17. Naye in VA says:

    I dont think anyone starts to booze when they are being accused of cheating and are actually cheating. They guys that are faithful and accused take it the hardest i think. The guys that are dicking around just continue to dick around (AHEM Ashton Kutcher)

  18. TXCinderella says:

    Vanessa Paradis is a beautiful woman, I don’t know why she doesn’t get those nasty looking teeth fixed. Hell, even Jewel got her fangs fixed!

  19. Madpoe says:

    What’s with Johnny and Elfling /Elfish looking women? :/

  20. jinni says:

    Well, I guess the tabs got tried of writing that they were secretly getting married in a big gypsy wedding ever year.
    As of right now, I think that the tabs is going after them because they have reached the 14 year mark in their relationship and this is the year that many long term Hollywood relationship dissolve. So, the tabs are putting out stories about their relationship being on the rocks in the hopes that it turns out to be true.
    Plus, we haven’t seen any incriminating pictures of Johnny with other chicks or Eva to back this or any of the cheating story up.
    Lastly, if there were to all of a sudden be an influx of pap pic of him and his family everyone would simply start calling him a famewhore who called the paps in order to deflect from the tab stories.

  21. Maya says:

    All I can think is that he must have been drunk when he saw Paradis’ mouth open – her worst feature. And yeah, it would begin to bother me after a few years. You know the saying, in the beginning of a relationship the quirky things (including gappy teeth like hers) are novel, but as the years pass by, the bias/novelty fades and reality sets in. In this case, she needs to fix those terrible teeth.

    • Sara says:

      Time for Vanessa to get a good cosmetic dentist. And maybe gain a little weight to take off some years. Fix yourself up a little and Johnny will want you back.

      • Eleonor says:

        I googled for some Vanessa’s old photo, she used to be cute, but she is aging very bad. A few pound or two will help. For the mouth I don’t know, one side of me screams “For Godsake fix that mouth!” the other side thinks it’s a sort of brand, and she is right for not being obsessed by perfection.

      • Maya says:

        I didn’t mean to say it’s a looks issue.
        He isn’t anything special. She can do better than Depp, surely. But she has really gone down in looks. I remember her from the late Eighties/early Nineties and she was THE It girl. Now, since she shacked up with Mr Dirty/Shabby Depp, she has really gone off the rails in the appearance department.

    • D says:

      Are you American? I am, and I am also turned off by “bad” teeth for aesthetic reasons (obviously you can have healthy crooked teeth).

      But my European parents and friends are generally not all that bothered by what most Americans would consider bad teeth nor is having really white teeth a big deal for them like it is here. To them bad teeth are teeth that are unhealthy or causing you pain. So maybe this is just a culturally influenced sort of thing.

      • Astrid says:

        As a European , I do know from my experience that the obsession for the very white teeth and veneers crap is pretty strange and if I’m honest, sometimes absolutely hilarious (and blinding to the eyes).

        We do take care of our teeth. We just don’t want them perfect. =D

      • Kate says:

        Perfect teeth kind of have that mid-90s fake boob look to me, to be honest. Probably because they’re rare enough over here to be obvious!

      • ds says:

        I’m European; and have healthy teeth but do as well have a gap and would never consider doing anything with the way my teeth look. I think the gap looks great and I find it charming in others as well. It’s all about hygene and health. If you’re missing a tooth of course you should fill in the gap. And it’s supposed to bring good luck :) this kind of gap. (sorry for the spelling; am on the phone)

      • Maya says:

        I’m not American, but her teeth don’t do anything for her and by that I mean that each time she smiles or opens her mouth, it distorts her face.
        As for teeth, that too perfect Hollywood smile is ridiculous as well, but there is no nice photograph of Paradis smiling. She looks like a completely different person, and not for the better.
        As people do age, their gums shrink, which makes any problem look worse. At her age, Paradis does need to do something.

    • Jen34 says:

      Vanessa has taken some bad photos, but that photo here is the worst I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop laughing.

    • karojen says:

      If a man wants to go, a woman cannot make him stay. First she’s saying without a doubt he slept with Angelina, now it is Eva Green. Maybe she’s right but if everytime he comes home, she is screeching, that’s the death nell. I do not have a clue as to their relationshiop. But I know from experience those “Mid Life Crisis” come on quicker when the wife/girlfriend has aged 10-15 years and [unfairly] the guy and in Depp’s case, in spades, they guy looks better as he ages. It’s character lines or if he’s a slob he’s bohemian, etc.

      Face it, Depp is wanted by 75% of women from 10-89! Vanessa looks good with make up but older without it. I think if you are living with a man like Depp, you’d be keeping yourself up and improving your mind and giving him peace.

      From what I’ve read, no factual basis, When Depp went through his parent’s screaming and yelling for years, he was so relieved that they finally divorced when he was 15 but he began to cut himself and dropped out of school. I’d think if that story is true, he’d be horrified at the idea of having that life around his children.

      He’s not a scumbag. They aren’t married, he’s made no legal vows or vows in the eyes of God. It would be wondeful for him and his family if they were all to fall back in love and who knows, it could happen.

      However, more likely, he will date young beautiful 20-30 something models and in a odd quirk that I’ve often seen, while he wouldn’t marry Vanessa for 14 years, I predict he’ll marry someone within months of meeting her and she will have more children for him.

      I do no see that this is his fault and I do not see that it is Vanessa’s. It’s just a sad fact of life that at 48, he is just getting going while at 40 she is over the hill.

      I’m sure she’ll have millions upon millions lavished on her and estates and they’ll have family get togethers on the island and will be a civil as she is willing to be, because he will never leave those kids.

      I personally think Eva Green is breathtahking. I saw her in Camelot and was awestruck at her “fey-ness”.

      If Vanessa wanted to play it smart, knowing she is probably acting like a fishwife and she had the beauty of Green at work, if I were she, I’d do some major attitude adjustments, and some serious hair extensions, a little spray bronzing, lots of make up and clothes other than baggy jeans. I think her teeth are fine. Lauren Bacall had a space and she was a world famous actress and model.

      Good luck to the entire Paradi-Depp family and everyone remember, the kids are plenty old to be on the Internet..

  22. jinni says:

    Also, why does everyone automatically think that if the relationship is on the rocks that it’s all Johnny’s fault? Maybe he’s allegedly getting drunk all of the time because of something Vanessa did to him that has damaged their relationship.

    I know for years he’s had a bad boy reputation (tho I don’t recall at anytime he was accused of cheating by any of his past girlfriends, just that he had a temper and was self-destructive), but that doesn’t mean that he’s the source of the supposed breakdown of his relationship.

    Besides Eva doesn’t even look like his type, which are usually: small, delicate, doll-like, girlish women, with an edgy. Basically the female equivalent of himself.

  23. Gabrielle says:

    Dark Shadows has wrapped. If something was going to happen with Eva it would have happened already. I believe he drinks a lot, but he’s never had a reputation as a womanizer.

  24. LeeLoo says:

    I always took them for having am more open relationship and I still stand by that so I call bs on the article. I think Johnny comes with a requirement that he gets his strange on when it suits him provided he does it discreetly.

    • Sab says:

      I agree, Vanessa has never come off as the jealous type. She’s always done her own thing, has never insisted she be at EVERY RC event, etc. She’s pretty famous in Europe. And as far as her looks go she looks good when she feels like it. I don’t understand why people think that a FOURTEEN year relationship, including children, has survived based upon looks alone, or is easily broken because someone else is younger or prettier. Shallow.

  25. Amanda says:

    Funny thing is, I think Johnny and Eva would make a very good couple.

    • lol123 says:

      totally agree!

    • Kit says:

      Just curious, but what do you base that on? The way they look together or what you have read about them?
      If I was Eva Green, I wouldn’t start anything with someone who has a girlfriend and two kids. Because if he would cheat on Vanessa, he would eventually cheat on her.

  26. Victoria says:

    I thought Brad Pitt would go for Eva Green. She’s a sensation!

    French women are very different regarding affairs. She probably has a live-in lover.

  27. Birdix says:

    It’s hard to get older, isn’t it? Even if you are a beautiful French model/actress with a hot American actor and two lovely children. Or, for that matter, an attractive, wealthy American actress with a younger husband (and children, and a devoted fan base).

  28. Kalli says:

    First of all I’m not going to take anything serious that comes from toilet paper like The enquirer and star is turning just as dumb without proof this is all GARBAGE maybe they are going through a rough patch everyone does! But you can’t automatically assume Johnny is like every other loser and going to drop the mother of his children for a newer version he has A LOT more class than that for his children’s sake

  29. Lucinda says:

    For years no one covered Vanessa and Johnny because he wasn’t “A-list” even though he was an excellent actor. He stayed under the radar pretty well. So who knows what their relationship has been like up until now.

    But since he’s become a tabloid darling, they are constantly trying to attach him to his leading woman. In Public Enemy, there were reports that Vanessa was jealous of Marion Cotillard. With The Tourist, she was supposedly jealous of Angie. Now Eva Green?

    I’m not saying he isn’t messing around. He could be. I know I’m a Johnny defender. I love the guy. But there is definitely a pattern with the coverage. Just sayin’

  30. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Folks sayin that Vanessa should get her teefs fixed – so they can look like Grandmas dentures? Side eye to Demi moore.

  31. Tweakspotter says:

    What is up with this fixation he has with women who have large foreheads??? I’m sorry I never thought VP was very pretty.

  32. skuddles says:

    Yes, this would be the next logical step in the illogical male mid-life crisis… find younger babe to replace middle aged spouse. Sad.

    • Andie B says:

      What? I’m the same age as VP? Does that mean I’m middle aged? I am now sobbing and reaching for a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and the phone number of a good plastic surgeon.

  33. Amy says:

    I thought for a second the title of this article was Johnny Depp worried that Vanessa Paradis had fallen for Eva Green. Now that would be something else lol.

  34. Petunia says:

    If he’s spending a lot of time her in his trailer than Vanessa has reason to be worried, even if it’s not a sexual relationship yet. At the very least, spending all of that time closeted up with one another is an emotional affair, which means giving much of yourself to someone other than your partner. Not a good thing.

    I think he’s having a typical male mid-life crisis where he’ll swap the old model in for a new one and be on his way.

  35. hopeso says:


    • Wendy says:

      Let me guess… And come running to you instead? …eyeroll…

    • Kate says:

      They have 2 young kids. Leaving should always be a last resort in that situation. And she’s never been accused of kicking off before, has she? Hasn’t he acted with a lot of beautiful women? I dunno. If there’s any truth in it, then it isn’t childish to object to being cheated on, IMO. I just hope it isn’t, because of the fact they have kids.

  36. nan says:

    Eva doesn’t even come close to Vanessa’s natural beauty.

  37. Em says:

    Eva is not Johnny’s “type”, she’s like 15 pounds heavier than what he usually goes for! Johnny likes them stick thin, big eyes, etc…

  38. womanfromthenorth says:

    Ah, I do believe France has something to do with it. They want him to have dual citizenship and start paying TAXES since he lives there the most. He does not want to do that, as he pays taxes here already. (it’s nice he pays) He can only spend so many days there.

  39. Maritza says:

    Eva Green does look like a younger version of Vanessa! I definitely think he is having a midlife crisis but fighting with him won’t make him stay,she has the advantage that she knows him well, she should give him lots of tender loving care, that is if she wants to keep him.

  40. Anon73 says:

    if Depp is really over Paradis…well it’s about DARN TIME !! looks-wise… sorry she’s a complete WOOF in my book.

    also Depp seems like a serial monogamist. IE, he needs to rotate his lady every few years. I doubt he’s ever been truly “in love” with any of them.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Doesn’t look like it. In many interviews he has explained how he fell for V. across a room when he first saw “the back of her neck.” He relates this story with such warmth & is so sweet when he talks about her, that I think it would take something much more than a younger leading lady to break that up.

  41. Diane says:

    No. I have been a Johnny Depp fan for quite awhile, and I think he and Vanessa love each other deeply, not to mention have two kids together that they adore. May I also just add, I can’t wait to see him play Barnabas Collins…

  42. Gigi says:

    I feel like the only one in the world who finds Eva Green ugly. Sure she’s got a hot body, but her face is manly and hideous.

    • Funnylilou says:

      I saw her once in Paris walking her dog with her twin sister (but they look different) and she is very very bland, nothing special about her, she is not even cute, what you see on red carpets is very manufactured, she is a natural blond who dye her hair and eyebrows and in real life it shows a lot (doesn’t suit her complexion at all) and seems really strange since her coloring without makeup is very washed out (pale lips ans heavy dark circles!)
      so since then I am always amused when I see pictures of her on the red carpet!

      • Funnylilou says:

        But on the plus side, she seemed very cool and normal, dressed very casually, not pompuous or taking herself seriously, very normal and I found that very cool!

  43. charlotte says:

    Come on Celebitchy. Stop with the terrible photo of Vanessa running with a red carpet photo of Johnny’s latest rumored lady love. Vanessa is just as pretty when she’s dolled up. Use your own resources:

    If this story is true, Johnny needs to get a grip and count his blessings, stop working so much, and spend more time with his family!

  44. Olli says:

    I honestly have no idea what the attraction with Depp is. He is not a very talented actor, makes movies just he can collect a big pay check (it seems). No wit nor charm – he is just meh to me. Another stinking rich celeb who is going nuts.

  45. Celestine says:

    Agree with Pink Panther. V is not the angel many of you assume her to be, and you can look it up. She’s spoiled, arrogant and pretty dense. A jealous nag of average talent who’s been harrassing Depp to help her get a career in the states. He’s been wanting to leave for years, but has stuck around for the kids. A nanny reportedly said V is very controlling and so is her mother, making life insufferable. Johnny can be a screwup like everybody, but his reputation is that he’s a very kind, generous and sweet person who lets himself get taken advantage of.

    • Liz says:

      Celestine, thankyou for your post – one of the very few that isn’t fawning and genuflecting to the almost ‘divine’ Vanessa. No one can truly know what goes on in that household, of course, or really know the characters of either Johnny or V. But in the interviews she has given which I have seen, she comes across as very ‘twee’ – that breathy, little-girl voice – so irritating! And there is a natural arrogance about her that tells me she is completely up her own backside.
      Johnny, on the other hand, comes across as a sweet natured, somewhat sensitive man – strikingly loyal to his family and friends, and a person who needs affection. I know no one is perfect, and I also know that there must be an awful lot of temptations thrown in his path; but let’s face it, there has been no concrete proof that he’s been ‘playing away’, and I personally don’t believe it. I think he has a lot to put up with from Vanessa – her jealousy, her arrogance (she told him to ‘get rid’ of a lot of his hat collection or she would throw them out while he was away working!) and her controlling nature can’t be easy to live with.
      I hope he can get his problems sorted out, and I wish him the best of luck.

      • orrr says:

        You agree with Pink panther, or you are Pink Panther? Try harder, you sound bitter.

      • Liz says:

        No, I am not Pink Panther. And why should you think I’m bitter for voicing an opinion? As far as I’m aware, VP has not yet been canonised – though I’m sure you think she ought to be. None of us can know the truth about the situation, and until there’s an official announcement (if there ever is..) then it’s all speculation. But too many people are being quick to demonise Johnny Depp, and that’s not fair. There’s no evidence to say he’s in the wrong here..and I doubt there ever will be.

      • Pink Panther says:

        Yeah, and I’m not Liz. You think there is only one person in this world that knows the truth about The Witch? Whatever Johnny decides to do with his life is his own business, but for a c*unt to pull what I believe Parasite did–she gives women a bad name and belongs in jail. Johnny is an incredibly decent human being and a beautiful soul. He deserves far better than what that snake has put him through.

  46. Lola says:

    First, French ladies don’t tend to get jealous, as it’s not really the culture.

    Second – the notion anyone “owns” a man (or woman) or that he/she could be “stolen” is ridiculous. It’s called free will. Look it up.

  47. Ann says:

    Big deal, let him go. There must be other aging men losing their looks who dress like hipster doofuses she can shack up with instead. As for Vanessa supposedly being dense; anyone who’s seen Depp in interviews must know he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. While I applaud his “artistic” aspirations, it’s almost comical how his talent really doesn’t match up to what he claims to aspire in his pseudo-intellectual faux-euro-accented ramblings on “art”.

  48. blasted1 says:

    Are you kidding?! That snaggle-toothed mess wishes she looks like Eva Green!! Hey, when it’s over; it’s over…famous or not.

  49. Melissa says:

    sounds like Eva is on track to become a homewrecker.

  50. vale says:

    mm guys im sorry to break your bubble but the rumours of johnny and vanessa breaking up are false
    lily rose friend said on her facebook
    and here is that claire girl with lily she is lily old time friend she knows what happening, this is bullshit like the jolie rumours, plus vanessa is so much prettier than green, i dont see whats the appeal of eva plus i’ve never seen eva witout make up i think she must look crap and she looks like a ghost with make up on, while vanessa looks extremely gorgeous with make up on, i know it hurts but haters please, this is funny what people’s gonna do when johnny and vanessa appear together again LOL

    • Delta Juliet says:

      Vanessa is gorgeous? I don’t want to knock anyone based solely on looks but seriously, there is no way that woman is any better looking than “fug”

  51. Lady_Luck says:

    Both women are pretty meh to me. Typically french: boring and pretentiously arrogant.

    Don’t shoot: I’m European! :D

  52. Camille (The original) says:

    I don’t know if any of these stories about JD and VP are true, I hope they aren’t. But JD and Eva as a couple would be hot. I feel so ashamed saying that as he has a family with VP. Shame on me! :-\

  53. Nya Marasco says:

    I really liked your post. Will read on…

  54. Auelia Darcy says:

    Was Vanessa on

    Just asking

  55. Jenny says:

    At the end of the day V is the mother of his children and the woman who has been by his side for the last 14 years. It doesn’t matter how pretty or how much younger another woman is, nothing can compete with that.

  56. Henlluu says:

    Ask yourself this question why wasn’t Vanessa at the Rum Diary premier?? and yet, Eva was even though she wasn’t a cast in the movie.

    There might be some truth to this.

  57. Linda says:

    Oh my God! Eva went to the Rum Diary premiere with Johnny! That says one thing: the rumor is true and Vanessa did not tell the truth at the French TV!

  58. mano says:

    O Johnny don’t leave Venessa.I consider all these just’rumours’.

  59. linda says:

    Having been in a relationship where the other partner was extremely jealous of everything, it does in the end get you down and you DO start looking around.. Vanessa has always struck me as jealous. I remember watching a interview a few years back with her in France, some of the answers she gave were almost identical to the way my ex spoke. It was freaky!!!

    • karojen says:

      He is not “Going out on her” if he has moved out and owns separate residences as he has. He ust bought an estate in England “Close to Frace” which makes me think he wants to be separate but close to his kids. He’s also bought a condo very close to his Hollywood home. I’m think he’ll give that he V plus kids also.

      If it’s true that they’ve been living separately for 2 years, how is that going out on her?

      If she’s beeb harping for more years than that and he’s fallen out of love with her, then the best favor he could give her is to leave the situation and let them each keep the good memories of the life they’ve shared.

      I seriously think of all people, Depp could not mentally and emotionally take screaming matches and that is probably his drinking. He did that with Kate Moss and also Winona also.

      He needs a perpetually calm, charming and nurturing woman who will give him anothr 4 kids and who is content to be Mrs. J. Depp and not persue a career of her own.

      Maybe some of his movie choices were for the money so he could make sure that Vanessa is well taken care for but he still has a fortune to leave the kids and also has money to enjoy himself.

      I personally think he and Winona could try again. From what I’ve read, she is into his authors and arts like he and they have a lot in common. She’s from a very intellectual family which he loved. Drinking and fighting ended them. Maybe with age??

      Don’t forget Johnny dropped out at 15 and probably blew off his Freshman year while he was there. I greatly respect how he has self-educated and has met and become close friends with some great men of our times.

      • karojen says:

        I read that V was with Lenny Kravitz for quite awhile before Depp and that she basically slutted aroudn the Paris streets from the age of 15 on. She said once that they “Tamed each other”. Her past may attribute to the way she allows Lily to dress. I doubt the Depp would approve.

        I think Depp’s recent appearances and wearing the same attire show that he is very depressed. His hair is lanky and he just looks like he doesn’t care. His eyes aren’t happy at all and he’s said more than once that without his family, ‘He tends to go sideways”. I think he’s lonely, confused, angry and missing his kids so he parties.

        He’s probably trying to stay out of the pap’s eyes so as not to hurt his kids and so he can’t just come out in the open with someone new. It’s the gentlemany thing to do to allow the lady [V] t make the announcement and act like she dumped him.

        I predict once he is free of V and all is well with the kids, you’ll see a new Depp and he will make some intense movies. I think he’s the best actor in a decade or more and that he’s barely begun. I just pray that he stay safe and stop the drinking.

  60. Eve says:

    Eva Green is stunning and probably just what Johnny is looking for at the moment. But in the long run, it’ll always be Vanessa that will make his heart flutter. However, I do hope she kicks him out, because I believe she’s staying home with the kids, while Depp is having a blast. That’s not cool.