Video of Kanye West freaking out at the MTV Europe VMAs

Just like the video of Matt Damon telling Jimmy Kimmel to f off, some people are saying Kanye West’s ego-fueled trip out at the MTV Europe awards was staged. I’m not so sure. Everyone’s reporting it like it was real, and West is known for his temper and ego.

West crashed the stage Thursday in Copenhagen when the best video award was being presented to Justice and Simian for ”We Are Your Friends.”

In a tirade riddled with expletives, West said he should have won the prize for his video ”Touch the Sky,” because it ”cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons.”

”If I don’t win, the awards show loses credibility,” West said.

The rapper grabbed the best hip-hop award earlier in the night in a star-studded event hosted by Justin Timberlake in the Danish capital.

West has a particular affinity for the ”Touch the Sky” video. In an interview with the Associated Press in August, he expressed his displeasure that the clip, an elaborate Evel Knievel spoof, didn’t get nominated for an MTV video music award.

”It didn’t get any nominations, but it’s one of the most memorable videos of the year for me,” he said then.

It’s also not the first time he’s had an awards-show meltdown. At the 2004 American Music Awards, West bitterly complained backstage that he was robbed when he didn’t win a trophy.

Here’s the video. Sorry your video cost a million to make, Kanye. You’re going to lose a hell of a lot more in future revenue by blowing your cool and your reputation.

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  1. Clarimonde says:

    What a wanker. Its one thing o be a bad sport bt to have a hissy fit and upstage the people who actually won the award is inexcuseable. Talk about pissing on someones parade. They should have taken back the award he won.

  2. Fleegle says:

    He is such a whiney baby idiot. He cares for nothing but hisseff.

  3. Bex says:

    I love how the guy holding the mic is trying not to laugh.. What a dweeb. That’s right, dweeb.

  4. Poor Boopie says:

    What a fucking ungrateful idiot. It’s not enough to be a successful millionaire recording artist, but he must have the awards to go with it? To prove what, he’s lovable? king of the world?

  5. DogRunner says:

    Gosh….I got up today and worked 12 hours. Wonder if he would like to trade places with me since he has it so bad??

  6. Mr. T says:

    Well I don’t think he’s that talented to begin with. For the life of me I do not know any people who buy his swill. He’s a world class whiner. They should have booted him off stage. Bragging he has Pam Anderson in his video is like saying Madonna will mock the church, again, 40 years later in her wheel chair.

  7. Rico says:

    Of course, the YouBoob video is missing now. What was an awesome website is now corporate garbage and will go the way of the Dodo, or Napster, or Kazaa, etc, etc…

  8. Toubrouk says:

    Here’s we go, another proof that Kanye West is an idiot. Kinda remember me the comment he made during the Katrina disaster. Talk about a hot air baloon.

    As far as Youtube goes, I can easily understand their reaction; That Mr. West bring too much money home to be shown as the arrogant twit he really is.

  9. metahustler says:

    What exactly is wrong with that Kanye Kid? Here is is losing it on flow 93.5 Toront