Scientology spied on Tom Cruise for years to bring him back from defection

Last August, we covered an In Touch story that detailed Katie Holmes’ life of constant surveillance and control, which was based upon Scientology’s possession of “damaging” secrets gathered from extensive auditing of all celebrities who are dumb enough to become members. The story included details of Tom’s household staff, who are also all Scientologists and who are encouraged (even required) to report all of the ongoings within the Cruise home. There was also the implication that Tom and Katie were largely ignorant of their staff’s spying practices but that, to a degree, they also turned a blind eye because their lives are pretty comfortable, and why rock the boat?

Indeed, that boat will not be rocked. Cruise has reached OT Level VIII (and has gained amazing superpowers as a result!), so he’s basically a Scientologist lifer. Even though he underwent an emergency PR makeover to cover the crazy while promoting MI4, he’s still such a die hard that he “lovebombs” his own wife. At this point, even if he wanted to get out, the cult knows so much about him that it’s just not worth it. He’s staying put and enjoying his free slave labor that plants wheat fields and refurbishes vehicles just to keep Tom happy. In exchange? Scientology gets ownership of all of Tom’s filthy secrets. This happens at the behest of the current head of Scientology, David Miscavige, known to many simply as the “Tiny Tyrant”, which sort puts a new spin on why he and Tom get along so well. I mean, Tom even took the dude along on his honeymoon with Katie Holmes. To put it bluntly, Tom and David are thick as thieves:

Of course, Miscavige isn’t exactly a loyal friend (or whatever you want to call it) to Tom. The guy not only ordered all of Tom’s auditing sessions to be videotaped but also got drunk at parties and read Tom’s confessions aloud to all to hear. Then again, Scientology is an organization built upon spying on others for use in intimidation. Even the children of Scientology are programmed to tattle on their parents so that the CO$ automatically knows of potential defectors. It’s sketchy as hell in so many ways.

Now there’s a new article in today’s Village Voice that talks a lot about how Tom was brought back into Scientology after years of inactivity during his marriage to Nicole Kidman. To provide a bit of background (and I’m paraphrasing some findings from
Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion
, by Janet Reitman), Nicole was never really crazy about the CO$ to begin with, and she really didn’t like David Miscavige at all. It certainly didn’t help that Tom went OT Level III (and as such, was allowed to read the infamous Xenu story) and went batshit with rage. Supposedly, Tom was really angry about the whole experience and thought the alien story was utter crap. He couldn’t believe that he’d been promised so much knowledge and had ended up with a silly tale about volcanoes and aliens instead. So he quit the cult for a few years, and Miscavige decided that he’d do anything to get him back. This is where the Village Voice story comes into play:

​Three former Church of Scientology officials tell the Voice that for years — at least between 1991 and 2005 — church leader David Miscavige kept a close watch on Tom Cruise with the use of a man named Michael Doven, who served as Cruise’s personal assistant.

For much of that time, 1991 to 2001, Cruise, one of Scientology’s most famous faces, was actually estranged from the church (a closely-held secret until just a few years ago). While Cruise kept his distance from Scientology during that period, Miscavige still received detailed, daily reports about the Cruise household through Doven, the former officials say.

Doven was reached on the telephone Wednesday, but he hung up when he learned that it was the Voice calling. An e-mail was subsequently sent to him with specific questions about the allegation that he spied on his employer, Cruise, on behalf of the church, but he did not respond.

Part of the reason for the surveillance, says former church official Claire Headley, was that Miscavige and the church were worried that Cruise would cut ties entirely with Scientology. “Doven told us what Tom was complaining about, about what areas in his life he was having trouble with. Then we could use that information to tailor our approach to him,” she says.

​Thursday morning, the Voice published a story about Doven, who no longer works as Cruise’s assistant but photographs other Scientology celebrities for magazines. Our story was prompted by a mailer sent out recently by the church, which included a lengthy testimonial by Doven about how he had become the first Scientologist to complete testing on a corrected set of L. Ron Hubbard materials which were published in 2007, the “Golden Age of Knowledge for Eternity.”

After that story appeared, Marty Rathbun, formerly Scientology’s second-highest ranking executive, made public his allegation that for many years Doven had spied on Cruise for Miscavige. Since Rathbun made that allegation public at his blog Thursday afternoon, we have been confirming his statements with other church executives who worked with Miscavige, Cruise, and Doven.

Rathbun went through a detailed history with us of Tom Cruise’s involvement in Scientology, and his own role in helping to bring Cruise back into the fold in 2001.

“Doven was there the entire time, reporting to Miscavige everything that Tom was doing,” Rathbun told me. When I asked Rathbun how he knew that, he answered in Scientology jargon: “How do I know that? Because I was on that line.”

“Doven was personally reporting to you what Tom was doing?” I asked him, for clarification.

“Absolutely,” Rathbun answered. “He’d be telling me what was happening with Nic [Nicole Kidman], what was happening in the household, what was happening between Tom and Steven Spielberg. He had been reporting to us from the early 1990s.” After 1996, Rathbun says, Doven was making those reports directly to him, and Rathbun was in turn giving the information directly to Miscavige.

In 1998 or 1999, Claire Headley says she too became part of those communications while she worked with Rathbun at the Religious Technology Center, one of Scientology’s entities at the church’s secretive desert base.

“I was a party to the conversations that Doven was supposed to be, you know, feeding us information and getting Tom back on lines,” she says. “I do remember that Doven’s reporting led up to retrieving Tom. And subsequently I had a lot of involvement with Marty when he was running Tom on OT IV and OT V.” (We’ll explain that jargon later in the story. If you’re new to the subject, you might want to read our primer, “What is Scientology?”)

I asked Headley what kind of information Doven was turning over. “What was happening with Nicole and the divorce. And I remember hearing about problems with Nicole’s parents — or the problems that Tom perceived, with them not wanting Nicole to continue with Scientology,” she says.

In 1990, Cruise had begun dating Kidman. But if Miscavige was hoping that Cruise was going to become a more involved Scientologist, instead the actor pulled away. Late in 1990, Cruise and Kidman were married. In 1991, Cruise all but separated from Scientology, but the church managed to keep it quiet.

“Nicole was really sour on Scientology and kept pressing Tom to stay away from Int Base,” Marty Rathbun tells me. Until 2004, Rathbun was perhaps the highest-ranking official in the church after Miscavige. (He wore the title of the RTC’s Inspector General-Ethics, but all that really mattered was that he answered to only one person — Miscavige.) “Nicole spotted Miscavige and didn’t like what she saw. Her big issue was that Tom was becoming like Miscavige. Nicole didn’t like the relationship that was developing between them,” Rathbun says.

[From Village Voice's Runnin' Scared blog]

LMAO. So Nicole didn’t like the “relationship” between Tom and David Miscavige, and she wasn’t gung ho about Scientology to begin with, so the CO$ declared her a suppressive person. Now Nicole can’t even see her own children, Isabella and Connor, with Tom — although I do have hope that Connor will eventually leave the cult.

Anyway, the Village Voice article goes on at great length and is well worth a read when you can set aside some time to fully digest it. Of particular interest is more discussion on how the CO$ targeted South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, which turned into quite the convoluted matter. Long story short — since Comedy Central is owned by Viacom, which also owns Paramount Pictures, Miscavige dispatched Michael Doven to apply pressure on both Paramount and Viacom to shut up the South Park guys. Further, Miscavige attempted to use CAA to force the LA Times to actually stop associating Tom Cruise with Scientology. Seems odd, right? Well, this all occurred at the height of Tom’s 2005 crazy, but the LA Times reportedly stood firm. Miscavige’s demands turned an already huge mess into a collosal clusterf–k, and the “end result” was that Tom parted ways with Paramount in 2006. In other words, this was “yet another case of Miscavige creating enemies in his fervor to try and protect his image.”

So why is Miscavige still around when Scientology is clearly imploding under his leadership? Well, it will take awhile for the “mighty” to fall in this case because the CO$ still has tons of money and plenty of slave labor. However and thanks to the internet, recruits are way down, and it’s only a matter of time. Especally when fundraising emails are leaked in such an amusing manner. Now if only the IRS would again revoke the tax-free status of the CO$, this cult would fall much more quickly.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Freedom Magazine

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  1. mln76 says:

    How did I miss this story? Scieno conspiracy is always a good read.

  2. LeManda says:

    @Bedhead- Since it’s obvious Scientology is finally falling, are other celebrities still associating themselves with it? Like most the cast of the 70′s show, ect.?

    Though I still can’t for the life of me understand how anyone would have falling for this crap in the first place!

  3. RocketMerry says:

    $cientology is evil. I hope Anonymous tears it down!

    And I hope all the people who were brain washed into it manage to get out mentally and physically safe (Jenna Elfman, please come to your senses!).

  4. anon33 says:

    This shit is FASCINATING. Please keep these reports coming!

  5. aenflex says:

    Why stay? Because auditing is a form of hypnosis, self-audting is a form of self-hypnosis. They are literally brainwashed.

    • duncecap says:

      Exactly! You hear about auditing, and the people they are auditing wonder “Am I broken? I should be enlightened by now?” and the auditor is like “There’s something wrong with me. I’m in charge of auditing, but I’m no more enlightened than the newbies.” And then they smile at eachother and tell eachother/themselves that it’s really working. They live in constant fear that someone will see through the smile and point at them, declaring them unclear and a suppressive. Or worse, maybe gay and “hostile” or whatever they call it now.

      I am amazed that scientology is seen as a cult, but people don’t seem alarmed by it, like maybe its safer than others. I doubt there’s a mass-suicide failsafe measure, but if the members don’t feel safe there, its not safe. That’s all that matters.

    • Bambi says:

      Completely. Scientology involves brainwashing and being brainwashed is like zoning out in front of the television x 10.

      Your brain gets trained to a certain wavelength and passively starts accepting everything coming in on that wavelength with less critical judgement. It’s easy and it feels good.

  6. sukienow says:

    Connor and bella both have twitter account and from the things they write most times esp bella those kids are in deep in the religion, most of their friends are also members of the religion …

    • Anne de Vries says:

      Not most, *all*. No way are these guys allowed to have any contact with anybody outside the cult. I doubt they know any different, though I can only hope their resistance to the whole mess grows.

      • CandyKay says:

        Just looked at Connor’s Tweets back a few days and didn’t find anything about religion at all. Lots about getting his drivers’ license and going to fast food joints.

        Bella’s Tweets are more about TV and movies, plus she likes Michael Fassbender a lot.

  7. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    David Miscavige looks like the harper, I mean Canadian government’s Stephen Harper, who’s running Canada like this scientology cult, creepy. Tom is popular enough that, whatever secrets the cult is holding against him that he could get the fack out, now that would make him a real modern day super hero.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      You pro-rogue-ish devil! Yes, the PM does have a soul-eater stare, making him a literal green-eyed monster. Or Ogopogo, I haven’t had the opportunity to travel west from Ontario to investigate (drain) the waters (sand), yet and prove (hold up media outlets at gunpoint with a list of my tar-centric demands), yet.

      Miscavige’s eyes are something else, though–Rasputin-like, I’d say. We have to be more proactive this time, as DM doesn’t strike me as the type who would stop at just not showing up to parliament for…ages (have we learned nothing from Charles I?).

      You know why Harper’s out-sneaked us? Well, we learned from the last election that he’s only interested in pre-fabricated exchanges to appease the people, if not endear us to him, and if he’s got pre-fab in his heart, wouldn’t it have made more sense to perform a Monkees song while slapping at a piano instead of The Beatles? Sly Boots.

      We failed on that front and our ears were despoiled for it. Still, if public musical talent is an indicator of the evil within, David Miscavige has a better claim to that catalogue than does Mr. Harper.

      If we lived in a nation of SATs that were Canada-sensitive, no less, I could see this landing in print: David Miscavige is to The Beatles as Stephen Harper is to The Rutles. Our fine leader seems to hold a lot of contempt towards us, but it’s not like I’d fear for my life if I were in a room with him. I would fake conjunctivitus so I could put on my shades and not have to worry about looking him in the eyes, but beyond that I’d be able to maintain my wits. This other one would use me as jump rope.

      Still better than Rob Ford. Cripes, yaws is better than Rob Ford.

      • scotchy says:

        as a fellow canadian , western canadian( BC) at that, harper has single handedly made me leave the country.
        ill back in 3 years, hopefully my provinces will have resisted that damn pipeline, and there will still be natural resources and protected land.
        that man and his soul-less eyes..i am so so disappointed in my country. so so so so disappointed. i just want him to disappear. he embodies all the traits of satan…. that being said, perhaps him and miscavige are really two halves of one gigantic evil alien soul.

        anyhow both your posts are fantastic, and spot on might i add.

      • badrockandroll says:

        What a load of drivel from the three of you. Because god knows trudeau was humble and Chretien had principles. Hating Harper for his eyes- kinda like hating Chretien for his facial deformity or his ability to suck and blow in mangled versions of each of Canada’s official languages, isn’t it?
        Harper will have to go far to destroy Cda in the way that those 2 (and the lame ducks that followed them) did. And don’t get me started on the opportunistic Mr Rae. Please.

  8. merski says:

    I just finished reading Janet Reitman’s book. The way Scientology operates under Miscavige is just frightening. That Lisa McPherson story really shook me… And it’s not even about what they believe in that’s a problem, who cares. But the way they mentally terrorize people is just terrifying.

  9. dorothy says:

    If Cruise knew what kind of people this Cult has why would he expose and encourage his family, wife, kids, even his youngest daughter to them and their teachings? Especially after he found their whole alien, volcano beginning to be crazy? What kind of man, or father would do that? Cruise is a monster plain and simple. No one’s so ignorant not to realize this is just another Jonestown cult.

  10. Agnes says:

    These people are freaking whackos. Good lord. And Tommy Girl took his church boss on his honeymoon with Katie? WTF?!?!?!?

    • TG says:

      Just like JHo who took her manager on her honeymoon with Chris Judd. I think that is telling in both relationships. I find that photo of them on their motorbikes just freaking weird.

      • Agnes says:

        really?!?!?! that is like the weirdest thing i’ve ever heard. seriously.

      • traVail says:

        Actually in the pics where Tommy girl is together with Miscavidge, they look like gay boyfriends. Nothing against gays – to each his own, and be happy with it. But I hate liars, and protecting your own sexual persuasion from exposure purely for public image’s sake and for money is disgusting.
        No wonder Tommy took Miscavidge on his honeymoon – that way he ensured that he at least got some, after all Katie with all her thousands of $$ worth of La Perla undies does nothing for him.
        Now it all makes perfect sense.;)
        Another thing – they both seem TINY!!! That must add an extra layer of attachment betwen them – you know, us Napoleons against the whole wide world!
        They are ridiculous and pathetic – and honestly, HOW F-ING STOOOOOOOPID do you have to be to buy into all the BS they spoon-feed the members? I knew that celebrities (mainly actors, but not only) are not smart, but for this, the idiocy has to be boundless.

  11. Newtsgal says:

    Because of all the crazy & CO$ stuff, I haven’t enjoyed anything of TC for years…..take away all the crazy & CO$ stuff and I have to admit that TC is a talented actor who has done alot of good movies. It’s just really hard to get past the crazy & CO$.
    That being said….I don’t really care just what it is that CO$ has on him. (I do draw the line on bestiality…lol)
    I would have mad respect for him, if he flipped them a big “F*CK YOU” and lived his life and turned his back on them for good. That goes for JT too!

  12. Bobby the K says:

    I can’t believe they are given tax-free status and yet are allowed to remain completely secretive and abusive.
    This could and should become a political issue.

    The C.o.S. is a P.o.S.

    • dani says:

      It is my understanding that they bombarded the IRS with over 1200 lawsuits etc. It was taking a huge amount of time and money to fight them so they gave up. And, oh yes, they managed to get negative information on some heads in the IRS and Congress to blackmail, bribe etc. into their way of thinking. Not sure if this is all true, but it I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it is.

  13. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Someone is groping Nicole’s boob in that photo and it ain’t tom.

    • Minty says:

      Are you implying that Nicole is groping herself? LOL, that’s her right hand. If you look closely at the photo, both her hands are a bit red in contrast to the rest of her skin, which is pale.

  14. thebutlerdidit says:

    Waiting for someone to come along and declare Scieno no big deal, it’s no more a cult than any other religion. You can always tell the seriously uneducated, they make the same basic comment on every internet board. You know, I hate it when those Baptists and Catholics put people in my home I trust, to spy on me and my spouse. Then blackmail and degrade us with our deepest secrets, all the while extorting us for hundreds and hundreds of thousands, so we can become indentured slaves for life. It’s just exactly like Scientology!

    • Jo says:

      What?? I’m trying to make sense of what you wrote but its just a rambling series of words without any coherence.

      • GiaLulu says:

        What he’s trying to say Jan is that people sometimes say that other religions are like cults. But in fact they do not rifle thru people’s garbage and have a separate division just to stalk and threaten people.

    • Pia says:

      Yes they are extreme and I don’t consider other religions the same way, but at the end of the day if you believe in stories you are dumb.

      • TG says:

        And many of the other religions allow you to have friends outside of the religion. Though that man running for president is part of a freaking cult.

    • traVail says:

      And when was the last time that the Catholic church or Baprist ministry came to your home, set wire taps, ran background checks on you and your entire circle of family and friends? When was the last time they tried to stop you when you wanted to leave, told your family to cut ties with you and called you a subversive? When was the last time the Catholic church told you that you can not come thru this gate or that door into the temple because that one is only for the ‘enlightened’ and the CELEBS? When was the last time that they told you that you need to go into the house of somebody else and spend your days working there in indentured servitude, because you are nothing, and they are enlightened beings, and only by working slavishly for them will you ever have any hope of raising your awareness of the devine? When was the last time Catholic church told you that you can only read 1 chapter of the Bible per year, that you cannot try and pursue deeper understanding of the faith without paying huge sums of money to them first, and only then will you have the ‘knowledge’ doled out to you like a fricking toothpaste, one blob at a time? Whey did the Catholic church last tell you that you need to submit yourself to examinations, that you need to spy on you family and friends, that you have to – by all your slavish actions – HAVE TO EARN THE PRIVILEDGE OF GAINING MORE KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING?
      As far as I know anyone can read the Bible at any time, and make up their own mid. Anyone can make a choice to get involved and/or help out in the church, and anyone can make a choice to leave the church at any time – without fear of repraisals, blackmailing, and slander.
      If you still think that COS is the same kind of cult as a Catholic of Baptis church, then I feel sory for you. You obviously are either very limited intelectually or just so full of hate and spite that you’d call a sun a moon just to not agree with the obvious. Either way, I do feel sorry for you – enjoy your right to choose,
      Each religion is based on faith, and that in turn requires acceptance of , or acquiescence to some articles, some cornerstones of their belief.
      The fact that, for some people it is easy and blindly acceptable, but for others requires a willful suspension of disbelief, is not what makes a religion a CULT. What makes it a CULT is how its members are treated after they decide to cut ties, how they are hounded, how they are brainwashed, how they have to be quite often ‘broken out’ of such community and ‘de-programmed’ to be able to again function in a normal, FREE society. What makes it a CULT is that it depends on taking away your right to making a decision, and your right to questioning, to arguing, to denying, and to denouncing, if you so choose.
      So do not be so narrow minded, or just so stupidly chasing after a controversy as to write a statement like you did, when there is nothing you can say to actually back up your position. Makes you sound not only uneducated and narrow minded, but also hateful and contrary just for arguments sake.

      • LAK says:

        Perhaps you’ve had of a little thing called the Inquisition??

        The catholics were just as bad, worse because they declared any transgressors as heretics and that was a fate worse than a little blackmail.

        One of the central tenets of catholism involves the rule that only the priest can read the bible and tell his congregation the interpretation – why do you think they give the Pope’s pronouncements such weight, however nutty those might be? eg they can’t use contraception [not sure if this has been taken back by the current Pope but i do remember the previous one making that pronouncement.]

        It’s the protestants who broke away from all that and declared that they could read the bible in their own good time and interprete it any way they liked.

        CO$ might be nuts, but don’t start with the catholics. They are more subtle in their coersion.

      • miri says:

        catholics, baptists, etc … WERE is the operative word here. And I would say that it is not the religion itself what is wrong, but those humans who run the organization.
        I am catholic and never knew a fanatic until I visited an older half brother in the US who was some kind of protestant. It was a freaky experience, no freedom for me!, I was monitorized to whom I spoke to, or what radio station I had put the radio on when they were gone. I was so relieved when I came back to my country and my family. Many people were nice, yes, but some people just get it wrong. In every religion.

        Quite a few religions back in the day and today in some areas have commited those bigmistakes, usually when they are/were intermixed with the government. There are still many countries where people want to havea country or government run by some religion, in many cases that relates to extremism and punishing of those different to them. It has happened to quite a few big religions during the course of history.
        About Scientology… I do not like that is such a blatant business where richs and celebrities are catered to (in exchange of big donations, while the little people work and work, and pay what they do not have to grow up in their church circle.

        In many countries around the world, whatever donation tiny or big you give to your church is voluntary, not as a kind of payment. If you can only give/want to give a few cents, then that is OK, and noone has to know or judge or anything. I know some other countries where the churchgoers agree to pay certain quotas, but it is after all, voluntary, and they won’t close the doors to you, it is not a club.

  15. chloe says:

    This just makes me respect Nicole so much more, old Tommy Boy will never get out, they have to much dirt on him (and boy I would like to hear what it is). I always wondered about their divorce and how quickly it happened, from all accounts Nicole claimed to be pregnant and then suddenly miscarried! Seems weird to me.

    • Kimlee says:

      I don’t think it’s the durt they have on him that keeps him there but the power he hold with in the cult and I think he addicted to it the people in Scientology treat him like a god no way in hell is he giving that up.

      • traVail says:

        Completely agree – the way COS makes Tommy feel like a demi-god, and actually presents him as such to not only the internal members, but also to the external critics and observers is just creepy. and THE CREEPIEST is that he just sooooooo enjoys ethe attention. He is over the moon when he’s talking about or to COS members and philosophy, and the fact that HE, from all the thousands of people, had been graned access to the ‘secret knowledge’ makes it even more lofty and worthy to him. He ill never leave it as it fills the void in his dumb little brain – he feels like a Caesar, like a Napoleon, like a Peter the Great – he, alone, against the ‘unwashed’, i.e.uninitiated masses.
        What a sham

    • TG says:

      Almost enough to make me want to join then fake my way to the top so I can learn all these darn secrets.

      • duncecap says:

        I dunno… do you have lottery money to burn? I really wish someone would do that, an undercover agent, an author– someone!

      • Mari says:

        Thing is that, different from other religions, in scientology you HAVE to pay to have access to get to these levels-secrets-whatever. In other religions you can read and either do your own interpretations or study with someone, or have free anonymous confessions if you need to talk, etc. You do not have to pay like those audited with second thoughts about your secrets nor you have to pay to be better at your religion. Money, money, money.

  16. Esmom says:

    I don’t know much about the CO$ other than the recent New Yorker piece but I can imagine how Hollywood types get drawn in. It’s a crazy place/crazy business and the promise of spiritual meaning and community (which can be said about any church or religion) is probably pretty enticing. They prey on the lonely and the weak, it’s so sick and sad.

    • LAK says:

      Are you referring to the article with Paul Haggis?

      Edit: this one?

      what was scary for me in reading it, was how rational the whole thing sounds. Paul Haggis manages to make the audit sessions seem like therapy sessions. It’s crazy!!!

    • duncecap says:

      While I do agree that co$ DOES target the weak and lost among us, it’s a hazard to assume that that’s what separates them from us.

      We can’t assign an “otherness” to the victims of CO$. That’s just something people say to make themselves feel safe. Like “oh, that person’s weak/lonely, sad– that’s why they fall for this scam.” Every mind-game scientologists use against their lower ranked members targets qualities we all have, right? Like the case of auditing. It’s a classic case of the emperor has no clothes. Everyone feels that from time to time.

      Jason Beghe’s reasons for joining aren’t that far removed from reality, either. He took one of their personality tests and kept going in what seems like unchecked curiosity.

      I just feel it misses the point somehow to say that’s why anyone falls victim to anything. Not sure exactly why, but it doesn’t sit right with me.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Your chosen moniker belies the insight you’ve shown here. As a former LDS (aka Mormon) I know a little something about how easy it is to get sucked in.

  17. Nanea says:

    Things like these Village Voice findings etc should get many more readers.

    Thanks for staying on this, Bedhead!

    It’s sad that people not in the cult were actually trying to blackmail e.g. news outlets from reporting on the Cult of $cientology, people like the lawyer Bertram Fields, people formerly working for CAA like Paula Wagner and Rick Nicita. It must be nice to be able to suppress one’s conscience and peace of mind for money.

  18. lin234 says:

    I think it’s also the kids decision to not spend as much time with Nicole. I mean they grew up in this cult. The people they spent the most time with, most likely their nannies, are Scientologists so it’s more than a religion to them. Cults are known for isolating people and having strong relationships with each other. I’m sure the kids believe they are doing the right thing by distancing themselves from a suppressive person. Plus I think even Nicole admitted she wasn’t as hands on with her Isabella and Connor back in the day so they have less emotional attachment to her than they do with the Scientologists who actually raised them.

    It’s just a religion/cult but at the same time people have been willing to die for their religion. Religion can be a way of life for some people. I’m atheist but I grew up in a Christian church so I’ve met my share of religious zealots.

  19. Dana M says:


  20. AnnieC says:

    OMG! I just glossed over the intro to Xenu on wikipedia – WHO could believe that cr*p?? Haha! It reads like a REALLY bad script! Good luck Cruise, you need it!

  21. Kimlee says:

    They do  prey on the lonely and the weak I’ve have two cousin that have and are in cults (not Scientology) 

    they got my one cousin when she was in a ruff place in her life her cousin on her father side got her to join.  She almost lost her job, lost her boyfriend that took care of her when she was really sick and couldn’t do anything for herself and loved her daughter like his own and dump him because he didn’t want to join the cult and try to make her see it for what it really is, so they told her to brake up with him and she did.  She gives all her money to the cult, they tell her we’re to shop, what to wear, what to eat and when she can see  and talk to her family. It’s Crazy because we what to say something to her but when we do she goes M.I.A for months with no contact it a tuff spot for any family to want to help but afraid that your never going to see them again.

    Now my other cousin got into her cult after a very bad divorce she out of  the cult now only after she lost all her money, job, house and custody of her kids to her parents who she now lives with. She see a psychiatrist now to work on building back up her self confidence because that how the control you tearing you down and make up completely dependent on them and believing anything they say.

  22. Jan says:

    Come to think of it, have you ever seen Katie much less Suri out and about with a friend? Doesn’t a grown woman need girlfriends to lunch and shop with? Suspicious to me.

  23. Jackie says:

    this is crazy. can’t believe katie holmes married this guy and had his kid.

    that pic of them on the motorcycles would be funny if it weren’t so creepy.

    • Olli says:

      I also never understood why Nicole Kidman fell for him. He always seemed such a complete idiot and weird person even before the whole scientology thing. Why Hollywood still making movies with him is complete beyond me. He is a horrible actor.

      • Kate says:

        Kidman was 21, just off the boat from Sydney. She hadn’t a clue about what was normal or not in America.

        He swept her off her feet with jets, travel, etc. He was the most famous movie star at the time.

  24. duncecap says:

    Forgive me for missing the point of the entire article, but I’m endlessly amused and horrified by the “superpowers” scientologists get when they reach the highest levels of OT.
    I’m not mocking them when I say that. They believe it and pay real money for it. For a long time I wondered what that entailed.

    Then I found this:

    Kind of tragically funny, emphasis on tragic. So when Matt Laur was talking about psychology and Tom was saying “You don’t know what you’re talking about, I do.” Did he really mean “i’m reading your mind and that’s why I know you’re wrong!” ?

  25. Nan209 says:

    The story of the littlest Dictaor, that’s what Miscavige is to Scientology.

  26. duncecap says:

    The chumminess of Miscavige and Cruise is creepy. I’ve heard that high ranking members watch Tom’s confession tapes at parties for a good laugh. Miscavige included.

  27. Shy says:

    I don’t understand why US government won’t shut down that cult. It should be forbidden. So many stories.

    And it’s actually good story about Nicole. For the first time I understand her a little. I kind of respect her more. Because it looks like she tried to make Tom quit or at least slow down his Scientology participation. And then when Tom returned there and she understood that he will never live she just gave up and escaped. She basically ESCAPED and can live her own life. And they let her go but took away her children.

    And here comes the “biological” thing. Connor and Bella were adopted and we know that actors travel a lot and sometimes they don’t see their kids that often. And I guess that Nicole didn’t feel that connection to her children and she easily gave up. And there is now way if they were her biological children she would give up that easy. She would never give away her Sunday Rose now.

    Well I don’t think we should feel sorry for Connor and Bella. They are rich kids that had everything from their birth. And since they are now teens there is hope that they will rebel and escape. Teens love that stuff. Who knows. And they do have Internet and they read those stuff and see people who escaped.

    And again – this is evil cult that threatens people and spy on them. Why american law system does nothing?

    • Boo says:

      I don’t think we can say that it was “easy” for her to leave her children; I’m sure it broke her heart and continues to be a hole in her life that she likely will never fill. Also, the idea that she felt less connected to her adopted children seems terribly wrong to me–being a parent isn’t about biology; it is about love. Once TC filed for divorce, she had NO options…the cult would never let her have those kids as a “suppressive,” and she knew they were too dangerous to challenge, and she would likely end up dead-or they would target her family in some way. I don’t believe for a second she just tipped her hat and said adios to those children–she was forced out and likely threatened, which is why she has kept her mouth shut about all of it to this day.

    • duncecap says:

      I disagree about it being easy or even “easier” to leave adopted children just because they didn’t fall out of your vagina. Nicole has made it clear she loved her children– adopted or not. In fact, before the divorce she pointedly mentioned how she loved what little time she had with them, making them homecooked meals while still in costume for moulin rouge, for example. I think she was putting out seeds of doubt in the public and the spying eyes of CO$, knowing she couldn’t make a stand publicly– fighting in whatever way she could, however subtle. Maybe she even hoped the CO$ spies would have some sympathy, futile as that was.

      She knew there was a chance that the church would ostracize her. That’s what cults do. But the children were young enough to have been indoctrinated. In fact, they’re the most dangerous ones around people who want to escape cults. When Leo Ryan visited Jonestown, those who wanted freedom tried passing him notes for help. The children saw the bits of paper being passed and screamed accusations. (Cults encourage members to have kids early– they indoctrinate the kids and make them viciously loyal– even to the point of turning their own parents in if they think the parents are misbehaving).

      Scientology is no different (at least in that regard).

      Also, the saying “don’t drink the kool-aid” in regards to Jonestown is a misnomer. It’s said when you accuse someone of being brainwashed… The misunderstanding being that the people who drank it did so with obedient smiles on their faces. Not so. The cult made the children drink the poison first. Then later, when the parents saw their dead and dying children, they drank the kool-aid out of grief.

  28. Jaded says:

    They keep her from them because at one point she let herself be audited when she was flirting with Co$ – if those audit tapes are made public it will be hugely embarrassing for her and her family. So the Co$ is basically blackmailing her into silence.

  29. I’ve been inside their Clearwater, FL. location, It’s more a compound than a “spiritual oases”. They own prime real estate with video cameras watching EVERYTHING. There are armed thugs at all entryways and you are watched so closely you feel like you are in a 2nd rate spy novel.They all wear the same LL Bean type pants and button down shirts, and exhibit all the signs of a paranoid cult. My, “Oh my god, these people are bat shit crazy” radar just could not have sounded any louder if it wanted too.

  30. Amy says:

    It never ceases to amaze how people can re-write history in the space of 10 years. From the kids no longer calling Kidman “mum” (when what she said was they don’t call me MUMMY, they call me Mum or Nic) to Kidman abandoning her kids.

    Nicole Kidman was actually the primary custodian of Bella and Conor after the divorce, they lived with her in LA and then NY until 2005 and went to school in NY. They went back to live with their father in mid 2005 and have remained there since. The idea that Kidman divorced and immediately left her kids with their father is preposterous.

    What has happened since then is disconection. Kidman is not the only person who is now disconnected from those kids, they no longer see their maternal grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousins, who were major influences in their lives, you will find more pictures of those kids with Kidman’s family than Cruise’s. They hardly see their half-sisters, Sunday and Faith because they REFUSE to go to Nashville. Kidman has mentioned several times that they don’t go to Nashville. They don’t even bother to go to their stepfather’s gig when he is in LA.

    Disconnection has already happened, it probably happened no more than 2 years ago.
    And to be honest, if I were Kidman, I will be very wary of letting them into my home considering how indoctrinated they are.

    Scientology requires them to give reports of everything they are doing and with whoever so those kids will be spying on her and the rest of the family. Where is the security in that?

    • duncecap says:

      Could not have put it better myself.

      I do have hope that the eldest will see the light someday. Maybe with age they can look at their old memories of Nicole with a clarity and not see her as a “suppressive”.

      The thing with scientology is that denouncing family and friends who are not in CO$ is part of the ritual. It’s routine for every member. I forget what it’s called, but after a time they’re allowed to gradually re-introduce people back into their lives. That ritual has its own bullshit name that I fail to remember.

      Everything is a cruel mind-f^ck. I don’t know why this measure is put in place other than for the leaders to chuckle and rub their hands together in glee.

  31. SHump76 says:

    I love it when you guys cover the CO$. These are, IMHO, the single most important posts you make. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE celebrity gossip. It’s fun. But exposing this cult is really important.

  32. ViloDeMenus says:

    What’s hard to believe after reading the St Pete Times excellent article about the church and the on going coverage by the Village Voice is how everyone who is a Scientologist isn’t crawling under rocks out of pure embarrassment, it’s not just a cult, it’s pure lunacy! It would be funny except it’s destroyed so many lives financially and so many families have been left in ruins. Let’s hope the travesty of this cult’s status as a religion is at the very least revoked by the IRS, it’s unfair they pay no taxes because frankly there is no way anything the cult does can be called a religion. That’s just a joke at this point. Great article, you have a way of making all the jargon and mumbo jumbo of this group very understandable, which is almost impossible to do.

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