Sarah Palin spent much more than 150k on clothes

Newsweek has some pretty juicy insider gossip in the gratefully now over contentious US Presidential election. The Huffington Post and US Weekly focus on Sarah Palin’s indiscretions, and they’re pretty damning. There are some minor tidbits on the Democrat’s side too.

Newsweek claims Palin was like a kid in a candy store when the GOP started buying her clothing. She supposedly spent way more than just the $150,000 that was reported earlier, and even had her staffers buying stuff for her and her family on their credit cards. They also describe an incident in which she supposedly greeted male staffers while wearing just a towel after she had stepped out of the shower. It sounds seductive to hear it that way, but it could have been an innocent mistake in which she had to walk from the bathroom to another room and they just happened to be in the middle. McCain is described as a much more sympathetic figure who tried to tone down the attacks on Obama, only to be overridden by Palin. Do you think the GOP is trying to get the word out about her now that the election is over? They have to blame someone.

On Palin’s shopping spree – she went overboard and party officials kept it from McCain

NEWSWEEK has also learned that Palin’s shopping spree at high-end department stores was more extensive than previously reported. While publicly supporting Palin, McCain’s top advisers privately fumed at what they regarded as her outrageous profligacy. One senior aide said that Nicolle Wallace had told Palin to buy three suits for the convention and hire a stylist. But instead, the vice presidential nominee began buying for herself and her family—clothes and accessories from top stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. According to two knowledgeable sources, a vast majority of the clothes were bought by a wealthy donor, who was shocked when he got the bill. Palin also used low-level staffers to buy some of the clothes on their credit cards. The McCain campaign found out last week when the aides sought reimbursement. One aide estimated that she spent “tens of thousands” more than the reported $150,000, and that $20,000 to $40,000 went to buy clothes for her husband. Some articles of clothing have apparently been lost. An angry aide characterized the shopping spree as “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast,” and said the truth will eventually come out when the Republican Party audits its books.

A Palin aide said: “Governor Palin was not directing staffers to put anything on their personal credit cards, and anything that staffers put on their credit cards has been reimbursed, like an expense. Nasty and false accusations following a defeat say more about the person who made them than they do about Governor Palin.”

McCain himself rarely spoke to Palin during the campaign, and aides kept him in the dark about the details of her spending on clothes because they were sure he would be offended. Palin asked to speak along with McCain at his Arizona concession speech Tuesday night, but campaign strategist Steve Schmidt vetoed the request.

[From Newsweek via Huffington Post]

This isn’t surprising and Palin and McCain seemed to have little or no camaraderie when they were interviewed together. Maybe he was annoyed with how she took advantage of the situation at that point and was blaming her for the failures in their campaign. She was generally considered a liability in the later stages, and was said to be ignoring direction and going off topic while talking to the press.

On Palin greeting male staffers while wearing only a towel

At the GOP convention in St. Paul, Palin was completely unfazed by the boys’ club fraternity she had just joined. One night, Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter went to her hotel room to brief her. After a minute, Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel, with another on her wet hair. She told them to chat with her laconic husband, Todd. “I’ll be just a minute,” she said.

Palin’s attack on Obama associating with a “domestic terrorist” was her own idea and was not signed off on

Palin launched her attack on Obama’s association with William Ayers, the former Weather Underground bomber, before the campaign had finalized a plan to raise the issue. McCain’s advisers were working on a strategy that they hoped to unveil the following week, but McCain had not signed off on it, and top adviser Mark Salter was resisting.

McCain and his aids stepped back from some of harsher attacks on Obama

McCain also was reluctant to use Obama’s incendiary pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, as a campaign issue. The Republican had set firm boundaries: no Jeremiah Wright; no attacking Michelle Obama; no attacking Obama for not serving in the military. McCain balked at an ad using images of children that suggested that Obama might not protect them from terrorism. Schmidt vetoed ads suggesting that Obama was soft on crime (no Willie Hortons). And before word even got to McCain, Schmidt and Salter scuttled a “celebrity” ad of Obama dancing with talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres (the sight of a black man dancing with a lesbian was deemed too provocative).

[From Newsweek]

The gossip on the other side is not as incriminating, but it’s still pretty interesting. Newsweek’s reporters on the campaign trail must have dug up a lot of insider information. They have details about Hillary Clinton chatting with McCain after she dropped out of the race, and about Obama getting annoyed by the questions posed to him in the debates.

There are many more highlights on Newsweek’s website, and the segment online is just part of a larger article that will come out in the magazine. I’m interested to read it, because the part they’ve leaked is full of gossipy details.

More details of Palin’s bad behavior are leaking from other reporters. Fox News’ political correspondent told Bill O’Reilly on air that Palin was really mean to her staff, refused to prepare for interviews, and didn’t even know that Africa was a continent:

However, perhaps one of the most astounding and previously unknown tidbits about Sarah Palin has to do with her already dubious grasp of geography. According to Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron, there was great concern within the McCain campaign that Palin lacked “a degree of knowledgeability necessary to be a running mate, a vice president, a heartbeat away from the presidency,” in part because she didn’t know which countries were in NAFTA, and she “didn’t understand that Africa was a continent, rather than a series, a country just in itself.”

Palin was apparently a nightmare for her campaign staff to deal with. She refused preparation help for her interview with Katie Couric and then blamed her staff, specifically Nicole Wallace, when the interview was panned as a disaster. After the Couric interview, Fox News reported, Palin turned nasty with her staff and began to accuse them of mishandling her. Palin would view press clippings of herself in the morning and throw “tantrums” over the negative coverage. There were times when she would be so nasty and angry that her staff was reduced to tears.

[From The Huffington Post]

That’s ripe coming from a woman who attacked Obama for being well educated. You have to wonder what’s next for Palin. She’ll be going back to Alaska to go be governor for two more years, but she probably has designs on some sort of Washington career. Now that the Democrats have a solid majority and the Republicans know how hard she is to work with it seems like her options are much more limited.

Sarah Palin is shown at a rally on 10/21/08 in Henderson, NV. Credit: PRPhotos

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  1. Anni says:

    Go back to Alaska and knit socks.

  2. GrnMtGirl says:

    I am so Happy that she and her side-kick did not win the White House. :mrgreen:

  3. geronimo says:

    Congrats on managing to offend so offensively, on so many levels, in such a short space of time. Poor Alaska and Alaskans, saddled with this ignorant clown for another two years. 😥

  4. xiaoecho says:

    If Mc Cain had won, we’d never have known. What a relief!

    Here’s something I read about McCain that utterly shocked me

  5. kelly says:

    Gimme a break– the election is over and your site is about fluff, stick to that. Just another rabid democrat.

    Why nothing about Biden?

    In his own interview with Ms. Couric, Mr. Biden said: “When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.’”

    There are, of course, a few historical inaccuracies there. First, Herbert Hoover was president when the stock market crashed, in 1929. Roosevelt did not take office until March of 1933.

    When he did, Roosevelt communicated to the people over radio — not television.

  6. vdantev says:

    Sarah Palin was dubbed ‘the pitbull with lipstick’ for a reason.

  7. Jess says:

    Um…election is over, and so is her 15 minutes. Go back to Alaska, please, and spout abstinence only, because that works so well for your family.

    Oh, and of course she wouldn’t know about Africa, she can’t see it from her backyard! 😀

  8. Jeane says:

    I don’t like McCain much, but he does seem to me like he believes in what he stands for and takes it very seriously.

    It must be mortifying to see your running mate creating a media hype around her persona, and becoming the lauging stock of the election campain.

  9. Syko says:

    Sour grapes, Kelly? Hey, it’s okay to be a democrat and a liberal again. So stop condescending to us.

    Xiaoecho, that article was shocking. I imagine all sorts of horror stories will be coming out.

    Not that it matters, but does Sarah Palin ever carry her own baby? Seems like he’s always foisted off on a daughter.

  10. vdantev says:

    @Kelly: Why nothing about Biden?

    Because Biden was on the winning ticket. Feel the burn yet?

    Biden made flubs, but he wasn’t so stupid as to be unable to answer the question,”What newspapers do you read?”

  11. M.E. says:

    I think Palin was exactly what McCain was referring to when he said, “As for the mistakes of my campaign, I have only myself to blame.” She doesn’t have the discipline for serious Washington politics; she will get a talk show on Fox News, I bet, and will probably be extremely successful.

  12. daisy424 says:

    xiaoecho, I read your link also and scrolled down to the comment section and found this link, I thought you might find it interesting.
    The ‘author’ of that letter denies writing it or even meeting McCain.

    Kelly has a right to her opinion folks, just like you do.

  13. xiaoecho says:

    Syko….notice in his ‘gracious’ defeat speech he thanked everyone but his (skinny) wife? I feel sorry for her – no wonder she pours all her love out onto their adopted daughter
    (see below Syko)

    M.E…’ve hit the nail on the head

    daisy………thanx 4 that — don’t know what to think now….the article depicts an EXTREMELY unpleasant person., which is why I was so shocked. TT is a reliable website that often breaks (aussie) news before the mainstream media here —-who to believe??……reading the comments (which I hadn’t until now)it seems that it’s fake

    sorry folks – an honest mistake

  14. Shelly Shellz says:

    @ Kelly… much “fluff” yet u cant stop yourself from reading it either. Stop being so bitter and get over it.

  15. campylaura says:

    I love that CB has this story on Palin. She’s got more fluff between her ears than a lot of people I know, so it seems imperative that CB cover it, along with all the other fluff.

    That Biden quote has been heard and heard and heard – we’re over that. If that’s the most glaring error you can come up with your point is made for you – there’s nothing to discuss about Biden, but apparently there’s still a lot of fluff to uncover about Palin.

  16. wow says:

    I cannot believe Palin did not know Africa wasn’t a continent. Just don’t believe it folks. Her father is a school teacher and she is a college graduate. Give me a break. Maybe she mispoke and some vindictive moron ran with it.

    Regarding not answering what magazines she read? That was a hostile question and she handled it with grace – by refusing to answer it.

  17. Feebee says:

    I don’t like Palin but even I’m finding it hard to believe the Africa bit, even though there is a possibility it’s true. McCain’s temper was legendary but was kept very hush hush on this campaign. His campaign pointed to his having more women working for him than men (at equal pay) than Obama as meaning he would be a champion for women’s issues. I suspected that he just likes to be surrounded by attractive women and that unfortunate article bears some of that out.

  18. xiaoecho says:

    wow…I thought misspeaking was lying?

  19. Linda says:

    I hope Sarah Palin stays in Alaska and has a very happy life. I don’t think she will be a viable candidate for any national political office and Alaska can keep her.

    You do have to wonder about Alaska – they re-elect a convicted felon to the Senate and they have someone like Sarah Palin as govenor… YIKES!

  20. Syko says:

    I don’t see Katie Couric asking Palin what news media she read being a hostile question? Katie Couric hostile? Come on, now. I also don’t see why it would be so hard to name a couple of the magazines or newspapers you read. Palin wasn’t the brightest bulb in the marquee, face it. No more qualified to lead this country than I am, and I do not claim to be qualified.

    Xiaoecho, Snopes calls the story undetermined. Could be some truth in it. Could be all made up. He never struck me as a nice guy anyway, so it doesn’t matter to me.

    @Linda – maybe Alaska is the real maverick here? 😆

  21. Shelly Shellz says:

    @ Wow…I know of “stupid” people with college degrees, wtf does that mean? She’s obviously not book smart, not politically smart, not street smart, not even a little smart. Thank god Americans knew what they were doing in not voting for McCain, if he had gotten elected & had a heart attack we woulda had this older version of Paris Hilton leading us….geezis, that freaked me out a little bit.

  22. Kaiser says:

    It’s interesting because during the campaign, I wondered why no junior staffers fell on their swords for the Palin-shopping-spree stories. Now I get it – it was all Palin, and the staff decided to throw her under the bus.

    And for those of you whining about “liberals” and our anti-Palin agenda – this moron is still in elected office. This moron *might* get the chance to be appointed to Ted Steven’s Senate seat. This moron *might* be a presidential candidate in 2012.

  23. geekluva80 says:

    @ Syko & Xiaoecho:
    That snopes article also tried to explain that the original source of that story may have been lost due to the amount of times it was forwarded to different people.
    I know people like to make up stuff, but wasn’t it released approximatly 8 years ago? I’d think the Mccain Machine would of tried to clear it or prove it false somehow, someway pretty speedily…
    My gut tells me there is SOME truth to the story.

  24. elisha says:

    What commentators in the MSM are saying:

    1.) This is the McCain camp and other high-up GOPs throwing Palin under the bus and pointing fingers.
    2.) This stuff comes directly from the McCain camp to reporters who were saying it “off the record 😉 ”
    3.) This is retaliation from regular Washington types who don’t like political “outsiders” coming from out of nowhere (at least Sarah Palin got that right – that she’s no one of the “Washington Elites”)

    [BTW – MSM stands for mainstream media, I just realized I’m not sure if people outside my industry use that abbreviation or not.]

  25. Kaiser says:

    @Syko – I’m being moderated, I think because I called Palin a ZOMG MORON like four times in one post. I wanted to add this – did you know that Africa was a continent? Can you name at least two news sources that you read on a regular basis? Did you blow through more than $200 K of campaign and RNC money on clothes?

    If your answers are what I think they are, CONGRATS – you are more qualified than Palin to be Veep.

  26. Kaiser says:

    CB – I have one comment in moderation and one in spam. Sorry. 😳

  27. Shane says:

    I feel much safer now that Palin is back in Alaska to protect us from Putin’s gigantic head invading our airspace.

  28. elisha says:

    And I don’t care what you think about Palin (I can take her or leave her, doesn’t matter)… but this little girl is EFFIN CUTE:

  29. K El says:

    It’s funny, while there is so much hatred towards McCain and Palin, Barack promotes unity and respect for all people. We should imitate that. I love it how he wants to work with all people of all political views.
    I think it’s time now to put aside the dislike for people who you may not agree with. Just realize now it’s time to get over our high school mentality and be respectful.

  30. kate says:

    anyone who is bulldozed by katie couric (of all people!) is not strong enough or smart enouogh to be vice president. palin was a disaster from start to finish, and mc cain has only himself to thank. he picked her after not vetting her because he assumed that women are so dumb we will just vote for any old woman, regardless of her stand on the issues. i think the senator -and others who think the same way- has been schooled…thanks ladies!

  31. vdantev says:

    Regarding not answering what magazines she read? That was a hostile question and she handled it with grace – by refusing to answer it.

    Only in the weird alternate reality where the GOP thrive and multiply can discerning whether or not your candidate is informed about the outside world by reading a newspaper is considered a ‘hostile question’. I think the hostility is implied on her own constituency who by and large don’t read the newspapers or much anything else for that matter.

    It’s so odd, a candidate spends money like water on clothes and make-up, owns six houses and a fleet of cars and can STILL be straight-faced enough to crow about how you’re for spending cuts in government, and how you love the middle class and the GOP faithful won’t flinch. But sound like you’re well-read and informed, their hackles go up.

  32. Syko says:

    Kaiser, my only problem with being a candidate for VP is that I can’t shimmy, never could.

  33. danny says:

    Her buying clothes was all about communicating: “I’m a soccer mom, I’ve got to get a new wardrobe for this big job, isn’t that cute?”.

    150K was just the right PR figure. It’s very high but not incredibly high, for a public figure in that position, who’s got to be seen with top range new designer things every single day for weeks on ends.

    The figure strikes me as about right (in that very specific situation) but created a mini scandal. Mini scandals, as in “went a bit overboard” are actually good PR.

  34. aleach says:

    well this “mini scandal” backfired in a big way for them because it really turned people off to her.
    so….nice try.

  35. Ron says:

    She wanted a different outfit for EVERY DAY of the campaign. The reason you don’t hear this about Obama, McCain, or Biden, is because they wear their clothes more than once! And they pay for thier own clothes. She really is Caribou Barbie, with the Super Wardrobe kit and Jimmy Choo shoe pack.

  36. Bros says:

    kaiser, go read that entire newsweek story. its long, but incredibly good journalism and its not even all out yet. no one fell on their swords because the whole staff knew by the third debate the election was over. they were going back and forth on whether to tell mccain before his debate but decided not to while he still had some ‘juice’ left in him. its really edifying. the reporters couldnt publish anything until the election was over which is a great idea because they faded into the background and they got really juicy tidbits. and look for the whole special election project.

  37. Kaiser says:

    @Bros – I *know* – I was the one who posted the Newsweek link yesterday. 😆

    What I was saying in my first post was that, as the Neiman Marxist scandal was unfolding in real time, I didn’t understand why no junior staffer came out and declared himself/herself the sacrificial goat. Now I get it – the McCain campaign was imploding, and they wanted to make sure Caribou Barbie went down with the ship.

  38. Mairead says:

    @ Syko – but you do have a very fluffteh kitteh, which trumps the shimmy everytime. 😈

    Condoleeza Rice was always beautifully turned out, but it didn’t seem that she went through 365 different outfits everyday, same thing with Madeline Albright.

    Now, I’m not really doubting Newsweek – up to 2 years ago I used to read the European version religiously – but this just smacks of finding a very public scape-goat for a campaign that just ran out of puff near the end.

    Commentators here are saying the one bad thing that we’re left with is Palin (who terrifies the hell out of us) who may even be harbouring aspriations towards 2012. I don’t know about that – did Alaska’s Republican average go down this year? But yeah -there’s a special chair as a Fox News Pundit waiting for her. 🙄

  39. JaundiceMachine says:

    I wonder if she’s really going to donate her clothes to charity, or if she plans on being just as disingenuous after the election as she was on the campaign trail.

    I’m just concerned because I don’t think there’s a powerful enough industrial-strength detergent around that can remove the deeply saturated odors of (RNC bought) Chanel No. 5 and bull shit.

  40. Kim says:

    Yeah, so anyone know how much Obama spent on clothes? I’ll bet it was more than 150k.

    He spent MILLIONS on that greek column thing at the convention. But of course, Jesus can spend whatever he wants, he’s the savior after all. You Obama fart-sniffers are in for a tough 4 years 😉

  41. Mairead says:

    Kim, I think that the last time you mentioned the Greek Column backdrop I asked you for your sources – and whether you meant the whole Democratic convention (including hiring of venues, staff fees, catering, insurance, travel, building a mock-up of Air Force 1 etc etc) Or just millions on that one piece of set-dressing? Because if it’s millions on 20 polystyrene or plaster columns, then I’m afraid I don’t believe you.

    Any chance of you providing them now please? Thanks.

  42. JaundiceMachine says:

    Kim – He’s not our savior. He isn’t going to make water into wine or hand out hugs to foreign diplomats. He’s not the deus ex machina and he’s not going to change the world over night.

    But after the last farce of an administration, I can see how you’d be confused. W was fixin’ to bring back the Messiah and begin the End Times, after all. 😉

  43. Ellie says:


    I believe that the wardrobe expense HAVE came out for Obama and psst guess what….he resoles his shoes…

  44. REM says:

    Pretty interesting fact about the Palin Effect – “…But Election Day is looking like it was a turnout bust in Alaska. Voter turnout in the state stood at a measly 45.1 percent — well below the 69.1 percent turnout clocked in in the 2004 presidential race, according to state election officials.”

  45. aleach says:

    Kim- no one thinks he is the “savior”. the only people that say things like that are repubs that like to belittle us democrats…
    “obama fart sniffers”? really? are you like, 8? how ignorant can you be… 😆

  46. daisy424 says:

    Aleach, I agree that Kim’s obama fart sniffers comment was uncalled for.

    Let’s be honest here, the Dems have done their fair share of bashing and belittling also. Hard to see someone you like/admire get attacked, huh?

    If you dish it you should be big enough take it. 😉

    edit*Uh, well, you were referring to Kim’s belittling comment, so yes it is relevant.

  47. aleach says:

    uh, well, i didnt say they shouldnt “bash” him, did i? i said that it was an ignorant comment, because it was! lol. sure, i bash palin, mccain, and BUSH so i have no reason to think everyone will love obama. but i do!
    so really, your comment is not relevant to mine at all.

  48. Bros says:

    sorry kaiser, should have known you’d be on top of that. 😛

    hilarious jaundicmac! i dont think even salvation army wants her clothes. whatever palin has is probably considered a health hazard.

    and kim, you’ve obviously been drinking the republican uninformed haterade.
    obama didnt use campaign money to buy clothes. end of freaking story. im really sorry you can’t accept this story as super highly embarrassing on so many levels for the mccain/palin campaign, but it was.

    now she has to go back to alaska and my parents are so sad they have to keep dealing with her as gov. but happy that they dont have to deal with her as VP.

  49. cassie says:

    tsk tsk tsk. i think its time for all the neo conservative right wingers to realize something.

    your moment in the sun is over. the majority has spoken. we *still* have a democratic congress, and now have a democratic black man as our president.

    get used to it. and stop spouting off your petty bs about things that happened 6 months ago. the election is over. we won.

    so you can sit there sounding like a bunch of bitter old prudes, or get with the times.

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  50. BillieM says:

    Let’s not forget the radio prank from the comics at the radio station pretending to be French President, Sarkozy. Palin didn’t know that Quebec doesn’t have a prime minster. And she was completely clueless to the obvious goof that was being played on her. Scary.

    As for McCain wanting to tone down the hits on Obama; perhaps, but he ramped up the Ayers and “socialism” smears pretty hard. And he did nothing to tone down Palin’s hate-filled cheap shots at Obama.

    Palin’s behavior doesn’t surprise me. As far as her education is concerned, it took her years at several low-end colleges to get a communications degree. That’s okay, but it hardly means that she had acquired or sustained any knowledge about the world around her. I know people without a college education that are far more knowledgeable than Palin. It’s because they have a genuine interest in the world.

  51. lanette says:

    what magazines do you read is a hostile question??? wtf? give me a break..

    Palin was all bark and no bark. she got her ass handed to her by a former “community organizer”. as for Mccain he had her on the ticket and could have picked someone else. Also how about the stunt he pulled in putting his campaign on hold and tried to get Obama to do the same. Mccain didn’t know what the hell he was doing…and that is one of the many reasons why he lost. 8) so suck it!!

  52. lanette says:

    i for one made regular donations to the OBAMA i don’t give a damn what he spent it on.

    as soon as i saw Palin speak at the RNC i knew then i was going to commit my money to the Obama camp.

    to see Palin talking about the “real Americans” and me being from NYC where the twin towers came down…i decided to give to the Obama camp every time i got paid.

  53. Bodhi says:

    Buh-bye Caribou Barbie! Don’t let the igloo door hit you on the way out! (no offense to those who live in igloos)

    I think Scarah Palin is one of the dumbest politicians I’ve ever seen & should never set foot in the lower 48 as a politician again. BUT she also scares the shit out of me because she is seriously power hungry & she has a rabid following. :shudder:

  54. vdantev says:

    @Kim: You Obama fart-sniffers are in for a tough 4 years.

    Considering what 8 years of squinty-eyed, bible-humping, big oil fellatiating, pig ignorant, knee-jerk reactionary cowboy politics have rendered this nation into- I’ll count the trials ahead of us as a blessing from Heaven.

  55. hello says:

    I think what it comes down to is America made a good choice. I was a crazy Obama supporter, but I do have to say that I do respect John McCain pre and post election. He always struck me as a smart and experienced man who did what he thought was right. I think he’d admirable and his concession speech proved that. He got past his loss, and we should focus on bringing the USA back together and regaining our position in the international community.

    I actually feel a little sorry for McCain because I think that the GOP pushed him moving more right to appeal more, and he lost some of himself in doing that. I think he knows that and regrets it and will be back to his old non-partisan self soon. I’m personally quite excited to see what work he will do with Obama. They both respected each other and they’re both smart enough people to work for the benefit of the country, not themselves.

    Now is the time to grab on to hope for our future…it looks like we have a pretty bright one in ahead of us.

    Please everybody, when it comes down to it, we’re countrymen, and we should work together to make a CHANGE…regardless of party. While people are bickering like this over the election results this is the time to embrace the ideas of “Change,” and “Yes we can,” so that soon we can all say “Yes we did” across the country, like they did in Grant Park. That was an amazing picture to see. Imagine it nationally.

  56. Kaiser says:

    😆 Breaking news – The RNC is sending a lawyer up to Alaska to repo the clothes! 😆

    Kim & Daisy – You mean Obama spent campaign and DNC money on the Democratic Convention?!?!?!? With *actual* black people?!?!? Why don’t you call for his lynching and be done with it?

    Also, a friendly guide to The Grand McCain-Palin Clusterf-ck:

  57. drm says:

    Hey fundie whingers, the Democrats WON! Your lot is DONE! (bad poetry great sentiment).



  58. Mairead says:

    Dante – now don’t you hold back, tell us what you really think 😆

    Daisy, thanks for the links – it was something along the lines of the non-partisan seeming Weekly Standard article that I was looking for. It seems that the (frankly breathtaking) $5.3 million was spent on rebuilding works to the stadium as a whole, not just the podium. I’m hoping that the works will mean that that stadium is a better facility for its users and is therefore a capital investment in that community in the long-run – which could be why they didn’t just spend money on the Pepsi Convention Centre.

    It seems from that article that about $145,000 was spent on the colonnade itself. It’s still an amazing amount on such a nasty-looking pastiche – I would give anything to have that sort of budget to repair historic buildings. I can understand why they chose that design – the Doric column is meant to represent stability and longevity – which is why many official buildings and banks (har har) used it on their buildings.

  59. Callie says:

    You can make fun of Obama all you want. His campaign, as leading politicians from both parties have repeatedly stated, was the most impressive, well -managed campaign in our nation’s history. It was extraordinarily coordinated, professional, focused, and always on-message. In comparison, the McCain/Palin campaign was an erratic unruliness that appealed solely to the right-wing fundamentalist base that reveled in smear tactics and vituperative assaults. Its only claim to success was in its divisiveness by further fracturing an already troubled GOP, and forcing voters to seek more sensible, conscionable alternatives.

    The next time we hear John McCain talking about how much he loves this country, let us remember how he was willing to entrust this nation in the hands of Sarah Palin without giving a second thought to her qualifications for office. Palin’s hubris is a whole other topic for discussion. Of greater concern is McCain’s reckless disregard for the United States in his disdainful attempt to win the White House at any and all costs. His actions were less than honorable. Palin’s fierce ambitions and delusions of competence will undoubtedly bring her back into the political fray before long.

  60. Diane says:

    It’s so wonderful to see how the country is now united behind Obama. The Democrats have been nothing but gracious in their victory and have made the 55 million Americans who voted for McCain feel like Obama’s their President too. It’s the utopia we’ve all imagined.

  61. daisy424 says:

    Mairead, you’re welcome.

    Kaiser; Nothing I wrote has anything to do with race, only campaign funds.
    You’re making race an issue, not me.

  62. Kaiser says:

    No, Daisy, I was making two points. One – the Republicans’ assinine moral equivalence of Palin’s financial fraud to the DNC spending money on their convention.

    Two, the subtext of the Republicans’ attacks on the Democratic Convention set design played into their larger coded-word attacks of Barack being “uppity”.

    I get that many Republicans see Barack Obama as the true racist. 🙄 But go back to the Newsweek article and see how seriously the Secret Service took Palin’s Klan rallies.

  63. k says:

    All of you McCain supporters should just be quiet. It’s gonna be all sunshine and rainbows for EVERYONE now that Obama is in office. 🙂

  64. picopink says:

    What think is interesting is that the focus had been on Palin’s lack of experience because she would have been a heartbeat away from being president. What about Obama’s lack of political experience? I think Palin wasn’t a good choice at all for McCain’s running mate. But I think McCain seemed alot more sincere than Obama, and he definitely has experience. And I think he had seen the mistakes made by the Bush admin. and was genuinely going to change things. There is no way Obama can do all of the things that he promised. The stock market has plunged the last two days since he was elected. I think part of that plunge is the lack of confidence in the new president due to his inexperience.

  65. JaundiceMachine says:

    Daisy, Mairead: The excessive funding for the closing ceremonies was mainly money provided by the city of Denver. I ought to know – you couldn’t get anywhere on foot downtown without campaign supporters asking for donations. And I think $20 is a fair price to pay for a face lift on ol’ Mile High – and I’ll enjoy my investment should the Broncos ever play my beloved Packers.

    They really went overboard in sinking money into the fireworks display, though. I could see the display from my porch – it looked like Mile High Stadium was ejaculating for 15 mins straight.

    (Ps – Obama earned a lot of love in Colorado by referring to our stadium as “Mile High” as opposed to its corporate name “Invesco Field”. I guess it further illustrates his ability to listen and relate, unlike some former candidates . . .)

  66. Mairead says:

    Thanks for clearing that aspect of it up JaundiceMachine. It really is those little touches which help cement confidence.

    Speaking of confidence, could I recommend to Obama supporters that the triumphalism be kept in check a little bit. He’s in the media honeymoon phase right now and the real work won’t start until the 100 days after the inaugeration in January.

    All new presidents have their teething problems in those first days and baiting the Republicans isn’t going to get them to let him settle into his job any more easily and will make them enjoy the media backlash all the more.

  67. daisy424 says:

    Thanks Jaundice 🙂

    Mairead thanks for your wisdom, you’re spot on 😉

  68. bill says:


    The fact remains that Palin couldn’t hold her own in a serious conversation with Obama, or any other highly ranked politician for 5 minutes. I’m still amazed that people can’t see the difference. Try listening to the entire Sarkozy prank phone call. Not only did Palin not know the name of the Canadian Prime Minister, she thought Quebec had a prime minister. It sailed over her head with the speed of a 747. She was completely clueless and absolutely terrifying.


    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  69. bill says:


    The major reason for the “plunge” in the stock market was in anticipation of imminent reports of the huge job losses, as well as major companies (e.g., US auto industry) announcing the release of substantial quarterly losses. It’s part of the downward spiral that’s been happening for many weeks. The market is looking for its bottom point. (You might take a course in economics to give you a better understanding.)

    You obviously know little about Obama. Did you do any research on him at all, or just listen to campaign rhetoric?

  70. bill says:

    To mairead;

    I agree with you. However, Obama has yet to take office and the media Repubs (I used to be one before switching to Independent 3 years ago) are already slamming every decision he has made in the past 72 hours alone. He will be criticized for every step he takes, like vultures waiting on wing. The Hannitys and the O’Reillys are just as annoying as ever; and they aren’t going anywhere.

  71. Dan says:

    If MaCain has that quality of Judgment as to select Pallin as Veep, whom would he have chosen for other high-level posts in Washington ? Had he won, he would have fucked up the US big time, worse than G. W. Bush !

    God has just saved the US !

    Poor judgment has denied MaCain of the presidential position; with impressive history (Serving in the armed forces and passing through being a POW), he had a big chance of becoming a president, but he blew it up with his extremely poor judgment.

  72. Dan says:

    I am wondering how in the hell Sarah Pallin has succeeded in being Alaskan Governer. Are not there better people than her in Alaska ?

    How is she managing the day to day activities of gevornership ? Is she getting the work done through some surrogates, some educated individuals ?

    With her lack of knowledge, this woman has embarassed MaCain, the GOP, the Alaskan people and Americans as a whole !

    Alaskans’ choice of governer has shown to the American people how poor judgment Alaskans’ have !

  73. Shay says:

    Should be interesting how all of this pans out in the end. Fox news seems to be trashing the party they so dearly loved the last 8 years. I guess if you can’t beat em you join em.

  74. Mairead says:

    Shay – not really that surprising about Fox News as in Europe, Rupert Murdoch has always followed whoever is in power – apart from certain papers which are meant to be “papers of record”, the rest of his publications become right-wing when a conservative government is in power and left-wing when a more liberal or leftist group is in power.

    (I don’t have that channel at the moment so I really can’t say if they’ve changed loyalties or not

    Just on something completely different, does anyone else think it’s odd that Scott F hasn’t weighed in with his opinion yet? Hope everything is ok with him 😐

  75. Tanna Smith says:

    The election is over, the Democrats won so stop complaining about Republicans.

    And people, they gave a woman a credit card to go shopping! What woman wouldn’t go crazy with someone else’s money!

    If the media wasn’t so left they might report a little more unbiased information! I’m sure the Democrats have done their share of stupid things, we just don’t hear about them because most members of the media are democrats!

    I don’t care to know your opinions on politics. Someone who reports on celebrities all day long obviously isn’t intelligent enough to know much about politics.

  76. daisy424 says:

    Tanna 😉 Thanks.
    My moment of zen.

  77. vdantev says:

    @Tanna Smith:Someone who reports on celebrities all day long obviously isn’t intelligent enough to know much about politics.

    -and someone who reads the opinions of someone they have no respect for is even less intelligent.

    Yeah, the media is controlled by Democrats; which why 75% of the political news coverage was about John McCain and/or his pit-bull in lipstick Sarah Palin . Which is why 95% of all the major networks are owned by registered Republicans. Which is why Faux News exists. Which is why Rush Limbaugh is still on the radio. Which is why Phylis Schlaffly is still on the radio. Which is why Sean Hannity takes up 80% of the air time of the TV program and has his books heavily promoted while his sidekick’s are buried and unrecognized.

    Boo-hoo you are so oppressed.

    You can go back to your home planet now.

  78. Mairead says:

    Oh dear, my last comment was deleted, but the basic gist of it is that Rupert Murdoch is a weathervane; the media owned by Rupert Murdoch tends to follow whatever lead he gives them.

    Whilst he and they may be right wing in themselves, they will follow the political bias of whoever is in power. The exceptions would be the (whichever) Times, which is generally left to be neutral as it is established as a paper of record.

  79. daisy424 says:

    MSNBC stood out for having less negative coverage of Obama than the press generally (14% of stories vs. 29% in the press overall) and for having more negative stories about McCain (73% of its coverage vs. 57% in the press overall).

    On Fox News, in contrast, coverage of Obama was more negative than the norm (40% of stories vs. 29% overall) and less positive (25% of stories vs. 36% generally). For McCain, the news channel was somewhat more positive (22% vs. 14% in the press overall) and substantially less negative (40% vs. 57% in the press overall). Yet even here, his negative stories outweighed positive ones by almost 2 to 1.

    These findings augment what was learned from a broader report on campaign media coverage released a week earlier entitled “Winning the Media Campaign: How the Press Reported the 2008 General Election.” That study found that in the media overall—a sample of 43 outlets studied in the six weeks following the conventions through the last debate—Barack Obama’s coverage was somewhat more positive than negative (36% vs. 29%), while John McCain’s, in contrast, was substantially negative (57% vs. 14% positive). The report concluded that this, in significant part, reflected and magnified the horse race and direction of the polls.

    For the entire report click on this link;

    I agree Mairead;

  80. mags says:

    no offense there sweetheart who thinks that democrats control the media, but are you illiterate? or do you only get your news from celebrity blog sites and comedy central?

  81. picopink says:

    The factors for the stock market plunge that you gave have been happening for the past few weeks, they were not new events. Obama getting elected was a new event. And thanks for your advice about taking an economics class, but I have a Business degree and have taken several. Just because your opinion is different than mine doesn’t mean that I am ignorant. Also I have done research on Obama and have looked his stands on different issues. I agree with some of his ideas, but not all. I hope that he helps lessen the racial tension in the U.S. He is finding out that there are a lot more factors that drive the economy than he will be able to control.

    Also you didn’t address my comment about Obama’s lack of political experience, you just basically made comments implying that I must not be too smart since I questioned this.

    What is your justification to say that he is ready to lead the country based on his background and experience? I respect other people’s opinion even if I don’t agree. I questioned the ability of McCain to lead after he picked Palin for his VP. That didn’ reflect good judgement to say the least.

  82. zenbeer says:

    I’d like to see Sarah Palin on a reality show like VH1’s ‘The Surreal Life’.